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  1. Name: Cal Williams known as Hax Born: July 2nd 1995 Set to debut: May 2016 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: British Based in: USA Status: Active Wrestler Style: Brawler Body Type: Average Size: Light Heavyweight Min size: Light Heavyweight Max size: Heavyweight Move Set: Best Moonsault Ever (BME) - Superkick - Kairopractor Face Gimmick: DareDevil Heel Gimmick - Egomaniac (Cocky) Mask: No Hair: Yes Favoured Roles: Wrestler: Usually Occasional Wrestler: Never Manager: Sometimes Referee: Never Announcer: Never Pictures: Almas or Adam Cole
  2. IGN are doing Roster Reveals again for WWE 2K17

  3. Happy birthday 

  4. Congratulations to Brenden on reaching 40,000 subs on Youtube

  5. BIG Surprise set for RAW #CHICAGO

    1. Nebakos7



    2. TheLunaticGinge



  6. 2K are fixing title matches in Universe Mode #WWE2K16

    1. Tamer


      Pretty great knowing 2K actually care. Things have changed for the better.

  7. NOOOO 4 Horsewomen in WWE 2K16 = Shameful

  8. i can't seem to get along with anyone on here....because somehow im ganged up on and im always to blame because no-one helps me fight back :/

    1. CPE


      You get on with me just fine

    2. Tamer


      You start 95% of the fights you're in. Maybe if you cut back on the arrogance and disrespect towards others the forums would feel less hostile.

  9. the time is dawning.......its time to rise up........14.09.15

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Keirso


      Where's slim to say "WHAT!?"

    3. Necce


      oh god,this is going to flop.

    4. "The New" Mae

      "The New" Mae

      *Comes in wearing a bald cap* WHAT?

  10. i give in with petty little shit heads........i gotta take a break or something

  11. it needs to be Sting vs Taker the fans want it but it must be both guys last match

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