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  1. TheGRVOfLightning

    I... Will.

    Slim. Are you for fucking real. I left Kayfabe and YOU THROW ME BACK IN WITHOUT ASKING. I will state it now if I haven’t before. I don’t want to be part of Kayfabe at this time. I haven’t wanted to be for some time, I’m on no brand for a reason. Now Slim and ANYONE ELSE. FUCKING ASK BEFORE INVOLVING ME IN ANYTHING TO DO WITH KAYFABE. Got it? Good. Now leave me alone with my NHL Diary and Collaborative WWE Diary. Thank you. Ty Kelly (TheGRVOfLightning)
  2. TheGRVOfLightning

    BPZ Predictions League

    Alright. Let’s do this. 1. Mojo Rawley by Pinfall 2. AJ Styles by DQ 3. Bobby Roode by pinfall 4. Charlotte Flair by submission 5. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable by pinfall 6. KO and Sami Zayn by pinfall 7. The Bludgeon Brothers by pinfall No surprise returns or debuts Carmella will cash in No new matches will be added and none will be changed
  3. TheGRVOfLightning

    John Cena vs Roman Reigns

    Consider this a return. I'm floored by this. You're way of writing is non-sensical. You aren't writing a good argument at all. Fix your writing Bullet. I can't even come up with a decent argument to counter you it's so horribly written. That is all.

    1. Slim
    2. Apex


      can't wait for charlotte to win at fastlane


    3. Aidanator


      I sure am excited to see how long her title reign is gonna last! Maybe she'll lose it at Fastlane, maybe she'll lose it on a Raw before that Hell, she might even lose it at a house show.

  5. Happy birthday.. hope you have a great day

  6. TheGRVOfLightning

    WWE Brand Split Official Discussion

    While I do enjoy the idea of a new brand split, I am hoping that Raw is trimmed down to two hours. Because if it isn't then the brand split won't seem equal & Raw may end up being more of a chore for viewers to sit through then it currently is.
  7. May do a Lightning Radio tonight. 

  8. Happy Birthday Joh!

  9. I've never had people be so stupid.

    1. Slim
    2. Keirso


      U mad bro /l___/l

      lo o l

      l < l


      l v v l


  10. TheGRVOfLightning

    BrendenPlayz Chat Epic Moments

    A discord call leads to some of the funniest arguments to date.
  11. Well. I guess the NXT Quest ends here.

    1. Keirso


      Who knows if we'll ever have a great NXT division again.

  12. Slim vs. Me vs. Bizzy vs. Blade in an NXT Championship match!