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  1. Is there any chance of Returning this Division? I will be happly Joining it @BrendenPlayz
  2. Steve

    Hans Graphics

    Your work has been quite improved. Nice work on Summer Slam cards.😊
  3. Good to see you too. Thanks bro, you may not know me, but i remember you.😁
  4. Ya dude, i made RDR 2 Concept, actually i recently played that game and i already in love with this game, so thought to make a concept on how wwe 2k20 would look if it was made by RDR2 Creaters.😊
  5. What if WWE 2K20 was Made by Rockstar Games | Red Dead Redemption 2 (notion) https://youtu.be/hnfxPmvj9Y0 You ever thought how WWE 2K20 or Other WWE Games would look like if Red Dead Redemption 2 Creaters made it. Well, here you go, i made a small concept/notion feat. WWE 2K20. Let me know your thought's below in comment section.
  6. Hey guys, i made a lot GFX in last few years, so here i am showing some of them, which i created.😊 I can't post all of them, which i created, but here are some of those.😊 Hope you like it. They are Concepts for my channel.
  7. Same to you bro, i have made some amazing graphics, will be posting in my thread in some time 😊 Looking forward to meet you soon.😊 Thanks brother.😊 Cool.πŸ‘ Glad to see you too bro 😊
  8. Hey guys, Its Steve, i know for some of you i am new, but for many others who have been in this forum for long time, they know. Well i made this topic to just announce that its good to be back on the forums.i missed all of you, i still miss those some work i did for forum.😊 That GFX Requests and all. I'll try be to as active as i can. Thanks😊
  9. Its Nice to be back! Here are some of my WWE 2K19 Custom Covers! Let me know about it. Thanks ---- Sorry if i bumped this topic. I Hope haven't broke any rule
  10. Steve

    Smith's Graphics

    Nice One bro! Just Try to add some Curves, Brightness & Contrast to it!
  11. WWE 2K18 ANDROID FULL GAMEPLAY | Main Menu, GM Mode & Much More | Concept/Notion | iOS / Android #WWE2K17 #WWE2K18 #BeLikeNoOne #WWE2K18Android
  12. Just saw i got 2 Awards! Thank you

  13. After a long time! Hope i Didn't Disappointed, Best of luck to all!
  14. yaa i made for him. i am creater of his elementwrestling channel
  15. Guys! Its Happy to be back! Well I Have Made some Of the #WWE2K18 Covers! Hope you like it, Comment below your views!

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