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Everything posted by Steve

  1. Its Nice to be back! Here are some of my WWE 2K19 Custom Covers! Let me know about it. Thanks ---- Sorry if i bumped this topic. I Hope haven't broke any rule
  2. Steve

    Smith's Graphics

    Nice One bro! Just Try to add some Curves, Brightness & Contrast to it!
  3. WWE 2K18 NEW SCREENSHOTS : Bray Wyatt, Ziggler, Jinder, Akira and more! | Roster Reveal Week #1 List of Superstars and Women Confirmed in the WWE 2K18 Roster Reveal Week #1: Akira Tozawa Jinder Mahal Eric Young Alexander Wolfe Killian Dain Nikki Cross Luke Gallows Karl Anderson Baron Corbin Sheamus Cesaro Dolph Ziggler Bray Wyatt MORE COMING! CREDIT GOES TO THE SMACKDOWNHOTEL MORE INFO HERE - https://www.thesmackdownhotel.com/news/wwe2k18/wwe-2k18-roster-reveal-week-1-with-screenshots-jinder-mahal-sanity-akira-tozawa-and-more# #WWE2K17 #WWE2K18 #LegendsOfAllstars #BeLikeNoOne
  4. WWE 2K18 ANDROID FULL GAMEPLAY | Main Menu, GM Mode & Much More | Concept/Notion | iOS / Android #WWE2K17 #WWE2K18 #BeLikeNoOne #WWE2K18Android
  5. Just saw i got 2 Awards! Thank you

  6. After a long time! Hope i Didn't Disappointed, Best of luck to all!
  7. yaa i made for him. i am creater of his elementwrestling channel
  8. Guys! Its Happy to be back! Well I Have Made some Of the #WWE2K18 Covers! Hope you like it, Comment below your views!
  9. Its Time To RETURN!!! Add me on Next Competition! Be Ready PEEPS!
  10. Awesome job as always @Elliot
  11. Loving the new look of forums! Good job @BrendenPlayz

  12. OMG! I Got About 60+ Notifications

    1. Steve


      Well @Smith I am Happy to Back! Oh YES! Its True, ITS DAMN TRUE!

  13. Guys here are some of work i have done so far Hope you like it guys.
  14. Do you want me to come back FINALLY ? :)

  15. Miz Promos Are Becoming Awesome day by day!

  16. Btw, Its Been So Many Days And I Am Happy To Show You Some Of My Work So Far..
  17. Hey Dude, Want to talk privately

    1. The Akki

      The Akki

      Hmmm.....is there a love story coming up here?!

  18. I promise next time tag me for my match i will try my best.
  19. Guys Check Out The EPIC Promo 


  20. Thanks Bro..It Feels So Happy
  21. Here is The Recent Work I Did Banner For Forum Twitter Header For Element Games Banner And PP For My Channel Tell Me How They Are, Suggestions Are Accepted! Will Make Soon Another DRINK IT MAN!!!!
  22. OMG!! I missed  the Slammies .. :(

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