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Everything posted by Steve

  1. yeah!! this year is englands year!! Harbhajan Singh Is Back To Test Team And My Favourite Virat Kohli Is India Test Captain!!!
  2. yipee my topic is pinned by the way yesterday s match was amazing Pakistan vs Zimbabwe and pakistan won and pakistan socred nearly 346 target. and what about eng vs nz i think england won thaf match because when i saw englang want to take one wicket in 15 overs! !
  3. hey friends can anyone unlock my gfc topic.
  4. I would like to visit world tour with my family if my GF..
  5. Won the second lottery!!!!!!!!11

  6. Bashka cheater cock!! No problem you are my brother!!
  7. I am now preminum

  8. Why My Avy Is Looking So Small!!

  9. yes i was really forgetten about the test series,thank you for reminding me!!
  10. You Can Dicuss Anything related to cricket.at the time i want to dicuss on IPL!!
  11. I Am Confuesd

    1. Bashka


      Confused about what?

    2. Steve


      Nothing!! confuseion is Now Finish!!!

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