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  1. As an aspiring art student, i feel like it always comes down to the individual. There’s always this saying that you’re better off doing something that you love and it’s absolutely right. If every one of the wrestlers we see today see the wrestling world as a way to perform and share their art to the world, then it’s gonna be great. With that mindset, i think you become more driven and passionate about actually delivering in anything you’re doing. I don’t blame Randy for valuing longevity more than going all out every night he’s in those rings. It’s his job after all, and he has to provide
  2. Valor is live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chants of "Valor! Valor! Valor!" can be heard echoing from the U.S. Bank Stadium. The BPZ Universe is ready for the matches to come from the A Show. But the lights went out. And exactly like weeks before, the name REEVES lights up on the titantron and the cheers and jeers erupt. In the middle of the darkness, the words disappear. The tron then showing images from earlier in the day, before the live event was scheduled to take place. The words "pre-recorded from earlier" plastered on the bottom right of the screen as the camera shows the backstag
  3. Rei Smith VS Bart is the way to go. The story is RIGHT THERE. MYTH will win the titles and MOTN was them VS Suplex Style Pro. I mean that match should prob be saved for the finals
  4. After this whole shooting debacle, i hope we’re getting an Owen title win at the main even in the next 3 years😤. And that Steiner thing is also interesting. I’d say give him a stable with Rick and other peeps in it to transition him as a top solo star, or have him become a Legend Killer of sort. You have some older guys that u can use to put him over like the 4 Horsemen, Diesel and Ramon.
  5. It's days following Valor's inaugural Pay-Per-View Event Revelation. Rumors have been filling up wrestling news site all over the internet regarding the actions of Reeves to Sheridan. And moreover, the surprising new look of the Hall of Famer. No one can forget that face underneath the mask. Red paint staining from cheek to cheek and also a drop of black ones on the eyes. Will Valor continue to be haunted by this pale ghost? The answer to that question is served tonight. As the show opens and everything went dark. The name that's been on everyone's lips appear on the titantron. REEVES.
  6. The RAW midcard is interesting atm, cuz they've got a lot of talented names. Andrade and his feud with Crews looks solid. I do want Crews to turn heel and join MVP and Lashley tho. So idk maybe Andrade can have a go with Theory, Murphy, Aleister, Cedric and Ricochet next. Although i feel some of them shouldn't get a US title shot like Ricochet and Aleister. I'm in a weird position regarding Theory. I like him a lot in Zelina's stable, but it's also cool seeing him in Rollins' stable. I guess i prefer him being Andrade's lackey a bit more tho. But i want Andrade VS Murphy in the near futur
  7. I agree with Neb. Elias with the title would be so much more interesting than the rest. Bryan and AJ should be at the main event scene while i just dont like Jeff a lot. And then Elias can feud with Artists Collective and the likes of Gable, Ali, Robert Roode and Ziggler.
  8. As Sheridan slowly released her hug, Reeves grabs her hand once more. Raising it high in the air. The crowd still going crazy for this power duo. We might be seeing the dawn of a new era. After that Reeves picks up his microphone and addresses the newly reunited team. Once again, give it up for the Lioness! Sheridan! The crowd cheers once again. But Sheri, you need not worry. I came back to do what's right. For me and everyone around me. And that includes you. There's no need to worry one bit. You and Me, Sher. Together, we will stand together at the pi
  9. (Psychiatrist's Room) "So, Monsieur Reeves. What seems to be the problem?" "I don't know, doc. I think I'm losing my touch as a coach. My players don't listen to me anymore." "Why do you think that is?" "I don't know maybe they still don't think that Lyon is a full-fledged European Giant now." "Or maybe it's because you lack that influence on them due to your father having left you as a child and thus forcing you to grow up without an influential father figure?" "..........NO! That's stupid! You're stupid. I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING (turns face)" "What's t
  10. Valor Chapter I: Revelation As the ring clears following the Triple Threat match, the crowd eagerly awaits for the final bout of the evening. The titantron suddenly shifted it's display of the PPV's designs to pitch black which brought upon the attention of the fans in attendance. And surely, one word at a time a bright gold lettering of a single name lights up the screen. REEVES. And the man once known as "The Greatest Export in BPZ History" arrives on Valor. He looks straight into the camera as the fans went wild. Similar to last time Reeves was on a BPZ show
  11. Quest For Europe Presents: In Association with Blurry Lines: Football Manager Tips Star Rating. Trustworthy? If you are playing FM and decide to bring someone in, you probably look at their star rating to determine whether or not someone is good enough to be in your team. In the screenshots above, you can find the star ratings in the top right corner of your screen on the player profile page. So to answer the question. No. You shouldn't trust the star ratings with your life.
  12. Damn, i feel like Rei Smith should've ranked higher. Win-loss record is slightly worse than Julius' sure but one of that win is a Fatal 4 Way win where she performed well. And that Trios thing tho, hmmmm.
  13. A guaranteed star in Gravenberch nice. He’d definitely be a useful weapon once you go up to Prem. And with the academy players, maybe it was a good decision to wait until the summer window to open and reinvest the money to players who’d make their mark in Prem. Ofc I wouldn’t know cuz i never grow my academy players.
  14. To be the next Hogan you’ve got to be a larger than life character and capture the attention of everyone in the wrestling world and also outside it. So this means wrestling prowess and also the look/charisma to be a megastar. Most of you argue Velveteen Dream, but i dont think he’d be able to become that larger than life character. He will be a big star I’m sure of that but i think his peak is John Cena level superstardom which isn’t bad at all. From the current crop, i feel like Adam Cole has the most potential to reach that level. He’s got the look, charisma and wrestling ability to be

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