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  1. As an aspiring art student, i feel like it always comes down to the individual. There’s always this saying that you’re better off doing something that you love and it’s absolutely right. If every one of the wrestlers we see today see the wrestling world as a way to perform and share their art to the world, then it’s gonna be great. With that mindset, i think you become more driven and passionate about actually delivering in anything you’re doing. I don’t blame Randy for valuing longevity more than going all out every night he’s in those rings. It’s his job after all, and he has to provide. To see this world from his standpoint and excelling at his job is a privilege. But being happy knowing that you put everything and do the best you can in doing your job no matter what is a privilege too. And we as fans do appreciate the latter more i feel like. I feel like I’d appreciate seeing the likes of Andrade, Gargano, Styles, Bryan, Punk and Cena for 1 year more than watching the likes of idk Aiden English, Primo and Epico for 15 years.
  2. Valor is live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chants of "Valor! Valor! Valor!" can be heard echoing from the U.S. Bank Stadium. The BPZ Universe is ready for the matches to come from the A Show. But the lights went out. And exactly like weeks before, the name REEVES lights up on the titantron and the cheers and jeers erupt. In the middle of the darkness, the words disappear. The tron then showing images from earlier in the day, before the live event was scheduled to take place. The words "pre-recorded from earlier" plastered on the bottom right of the screen as the camera shows the backstage area, and there's the man himself in a grey suit, looking fancy as ever. Reeves. He sits there, wondering to himself. Meanwhile the crowd in attendance started chanting for the Cut Throat Crew. The group which Sheridan is a part of at this moment in time. He then stood up and looks straight into the camera. So you resorted to joining this collective of people who quote-unquote "know how to make it"? You gave up on being building this legacy of yours promised to be full of righteousness for these two people who you think will care about you once they've attained what they want from this group? Well I'm not one to judge, given our history. Reeves walks down the hallway of the stadium. The camera following him with every step. Sheridan, at Mayhem you won the United States Championship. You quote-unquote "shut down the critics". But that's all there is to you, isn't it Sher? Critics. Praise. The opinion of the masses. You are so far up your own ass that you broke down when the people started calling you a wasted potential. If there was anything that made me want to be in any form of relationship with you is your drive to be the best. And you blew it. When i laid you down on that mat at Revelation? I did that because you kept trying to do the impossible time after time again, making an absolute ass out of yourself and me as your former mentor. I had to put you down and put an end to the misery that you put me, yourself and the fans through. But then you won. You won and you account that as a result of aligning yourself with these goons. At that very moment, Sheridan? I died. This is who I'm fighting in my first match back? This is the one roadblock i have to put down to get rid of the chip on my shoulder? Don't make me laugh. Reeves walks through a hallway and past a corridor. Another camera now following him, but now he's carrying the Intercontinental Championship? I held this title a long time ago. It was one of the best periods of my life, and hell. One of the brightest moments in BPZ history. The day that The Ryan was coronated the ultimate workhorse. I gave my life for this championship. I actually made this title meant something. Of course, this is not mine anymore. There's a saying that a title doesn't make the man, the man makes the title. And don't you try to be quirky and tell me that you had setbacks because you're not a man. THAT DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE THING TO DO WITH ANYTHING, SHERIDAN. YOU JUST DIDN'T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE GOOD ENOUGH. Reeves walks through the gorilla area and brushes past the curtains. The camera takes a low angle shot of Reeves looking at the arena, with the stages being set up. Now he's holding the Premium Championship? Reeves walks down the aisle. (coughs) sorry there. Got a little bit of a uh... Delirious. But that's what you need sometimes. A little bit of guts, a little bit of jumping off the proverbial cliff. That's the one thing you never had, Sheridan. The guts. I watched you with my own set of eyeballs and I saw talent and potential. Had you just focused on that, maybe you could've won something like this. Reeves points at the championship resting on his shoulders. I had this on me along with the Intercontinental Championship at the same time in one point. Sure, I had the Shield. They had my back at that time. But I will drive your head straight down this mat if you dare say they won me this title. They did not groom me for this, I MADE this. For me. That group for me, was an opportunity. An opportunity of reigning over BPZ and becoming the absolute face of this company. And we did exactly that. We conquered BPZ by our own set of skills, by being the best among the rest. We joined forces because we were all capable of holding our own weight, i didn't need Flynn or White to propel me to any height. In fact, i pinned Flynn 1-2-3 in this very ring to be able to do this... Reeves climbs up the top rope and hoists the Premium Championship. But then the image turns into the Ryan Reeves who was World Heavyweight Champion. Reeves then heads down and stood in the middle of the ring. Now, my legacy. That is what I came back for. I wanted to put an end to this majestic run in this company with one final journey. That journey was supposed to start with you, Sheridan. That journey was supposed to be me cleansing my sins of creating you, creating this joke of a talent that will continue to disappoint her supporters all around the globe. But now you changed the entire question. And I have a different answer. The next time you stand across me on this ring. With the bell ringing 3 times and a referee stood between us. It will be me. Reeves. waking up a delusional champion to the reality that in order to be the best, you've got to beat the man. Sheridan, I will wake you up from the illusion that you are in the best possible place and expose the frail woman that you are once again. This time, it's not only for me. I'm doing this for you. So I can end you before you do it yourself. The question is... When are we going to do it? Sheridan, I don't care what anyone says. I don't care what the fans think, I don't care what Bart says, I don't care what the creative committee has in mind. I am going to get you in this ring sooner or later. But I don't see you trying to get up in my face to prove that you can hang with the man. So where the hell are you Sheridan? Where the hell are you?! The tron goes to black. The lights then finally come back on and all the spotlights are pointing to the one masked figure standing at the center of the ring. CAUSE I'M RIGHT HERE cheers and boos rain down on Reeves once more. Will Sheridan face this man finally?
  3. Rei Smith VS Bart is the way to go. The story is RIGHT THERE. MYTH will win the titles and MOTN was them VS Suplex Style Pro. I mean that match should prob be saved for the finals
  4. After this whole shooting debacle, i hope we’re getting an Owen title win at the main even in the next 3 years😤. And that Steiner thing is also interesting. I’d say give him a stable with Rick and other peeps in it to transition him as a top solo star, or have him become a Legend Killer of sort. You have some older guys that u can use to put him over like the 4 Horsemen, Diesel and Ramon.
  5. It's days following Valor's inaugural Pay-Per-View Event Revelation. Rumors have been filling up wrestling news site all over the internet regarding the actions of Reeves to Sheridan. And moreover, the surprising new look of the Hall of Famer. No one can forget that face underneath the mask. Red paint staining from cheek to cheek and also a drop of black ones on the eyes. Will Valor continue to be haunted by this pale ghost? The answer to that question is served tonight. As the show opens and everything went dark. The name that's been on everyone's lips appear on the titantron. REEVES. Out comes the man. Excitement filling the air on Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma as they await the presence of this new version of Reeves. Only to find a pleasant(?) surprise as he walks down the ramp in his white outfit. It was the very same man they saw a couple of weeks ago before he signed the contract to be a Valor superstar. The very same calm and collected man marching towards the ring despite boos aplenty raining onto him. Reeves makes it to the middle of the ring. A local talent by the name of Cobhead Meister stands across from him. They are scheduled to have a match but Reeves is having none of it. He quickly approaches Meister who tries to run away and... An elbow lays him out cold in the middle of the ring. Reeves just standing there, admiring his work. A microphone is handed to him and he addresses The Lioness. Do I need to continue to hurt to get your attention Sheridan? Does this please you? Days, it's been. Some of you might have caught on to what i did this past week at Revelation. Some of you might find it...disturbing. I stood here in the middle of this ring, mask on my hand and the truth on my face. The whole world knows. And the whole world run their mouths. "Did you hear about Reeves?" "Can you believe what Reeves did at Revelation" "Have you seen what Reeves looked like". Reeves, Reeves, REEVES! Reeves composes himself. Anger dissipating slowly from his face. The crowd dead silent. Reeves is speaking, they will listen. I do not listen to murmurs and prattles. I know what I did, I know exactly what I did. I don't need anyone telling me what a moment it was. What I need is for you to get down to this ring and tell me that you accept my challenge. Sheridan. Reeves now sits down on the side of the man he just put down. Medical staff are on the scene yet they aren't sure what to do. They are just surrounding the ring, waiting for Reeves to finish. A couple of weeks ago I said that I have a point to prove to myself. A chip on my shoulder. That's why I came back. But in order to do that, i need to banish the ghosts of my past. I need to right my wrongs and make sure the legacy i leave behind shall have no asterisks on it. And you, Sheri are that exact wrong that i will make right. Tell me, Sheridan. What good is it? For me to have created a star with potential as high as the sky and yet she will never realize it due to the kind of work she puts in when the big time starts calling in? It's like creating a cure to a virus, but I'm putting it on a display for people to only admire it not savor it's use. I've created something so meaningless and letting it free on this ring for however long its been. Oh, what a shame it was for Ryan Reeves. Having his protege turn out to be a massive disappointment. Reeves pauses. Twirling the microphone with his right hand as his left is playing with the hair of the fallen Cobhead Meister. Ringside staff are asking the medical personnel to attend to Meister but they are too afraid. I want you. Sheridan. At Chapter 2. If what you think what you saw at Revelation was your nightmare coming to life, then you will wish you didn't wake up at all when you witness with your own eyes what i have planned for Chapter 2. I am not hiding underneath a mask, Sheridan. I'm right here! Come out, Make me doubt my convictions of you being a failure and accept my challenge! Let me end this, Sheridan. This is a masquerade that has been going on for far too long. Let me take off your mask and reveal yourself as a fraud, and you can take off mine to reveal a man who was mistaken. In front of all these people with their eyes painting anguish, I stand here and challenge you to a match at Chapter 2. Sheridan. And these people might be the saving grace for your career when the lights are out and the seats are empty. But you won't come out. You won't walk those ramps to prove me wrong. Because i was spot on with what I know at this very moment. That you are a failure, Sheridan. You and I both don't want me to continue to hurt. So make sure your decision will be worth it, Sheridan. Reeves then stands up, paces around the ring a couple of times and leaves. Medical personnel now can attend to Meister, he seems to be hurt bad. Is this a preview of what Reeves is capable of doing to Sheridan? Or is this barely anything compared to the nightmare to come?
  6. The RAW midcard is interesting atm, cuz they've got a lot of talented names. Andrade and his feud with Crews looks solid. I do want Crews to turn heel and join MVP and Lashley tho. So idk maybe Andrade can have a go with Theory, Murphy, Aleister, Cedric and Ricochet next. Although i feel some of them shouldn't get a US title shot like Ricochet and Aleister. I'm in a weird position regarding Theory. I like him a lot in Zelina's stable, but it's also cool seeing him in Rollins' stable. I guess i prefer him being Andrade's lackey a bit more tho. But i want Andrade VS Murphy in the near future cuz that match is gonna be bomb af.
  7. I agree with Neb. Elias with the title would be so much more interesting than the rest. Bryan and AJ should be at the main event scene while i just dont like Jeff a lot. And then Elias can feud with Artists Collective and the likes of Gable, Ali, Robert Roode and Ziggler.
  8. As Sheridan slowly released her hug, Reeves grabs her hand once more. Raising it high in the air. The crowd still going crazy for this power duo. We might be seeing the dawn of a new era. After that Reeves picks up his microphone and addresses the newly reunited team. Once again, give it up for the Lioness! Sheridan! The crowd cheers once again. But Sheri, you need not worry. I came back to do what's right. For me and everyone around me. And that includes you. There's no need to worry one bit. You and Me, Sher. Together, we will stand together at the pinnacle of BPZ. Scratch that, we will be BPZ. The very thing that epitomizes the essence of a serial winner in BPZ; Hollywood Success. Reeves pause for a second. A smile painted across his masked face but joy can be seen clearly despite that. The crowd started chanting "Hollywood! Hollywood! Hollywood!" I don't care about whoever is standing in our path. May that be Bart, Smith, Slim, BrendenPlayz, hell even God himself. There's not a single being that can take this away from me and you, Sher. I believe in you. With everything that is in my heart, I believe in you. I believe in the Hollywood Success. So will you, Sheridan. Stand beside me on this long road and take our place as the best damn thing in the whole entire BPZ Wrestling? Reeves extends his arm. Sheridan is visibly impressed by the words that came out of Reeves' mouth. Without a second of hesitation, she grabs his arm and shakes it. That's when the lights went out. A single beam of light then shines down upon their hands. In between Reeves' and Sheridan's hands is now the black mask of Reeves. The spotlight slowly becomes bigger, enlightening the both of them for the whole world to see. Sheridan is shocked and borderline terrified. Because in front of him, there stood Reeves. One that she's never seen before. Beneath that mask was a fully face painted Reeves. His emotions as if sucked in and void underneath that face paint. Sheridan seems startled and speechless. She doesn't know what to make of this version of Reeves. In the midst of all that confusion, Reeves sends Sheridan flying with a Bicycle Kick! The crowd goes wild! Disbelief and vexation clearly shown by the fans towards Reeves. If that is even still himself. Reeves picks Sheridan up and sets her up. Calling The Prince (1916)! Reeves lays Sheridan out with his version of the Bloody Sunday DDT! Reeves then slithers atop the body of Sheridan. His right knee on the mat, left knee on the throat of the Lioness. I came back to do what's right. And you are one of those wrongs that i have to make right. You speak of personal desires getting in the way of us reforming this team. You are very much right on that matter. This can't happen. Hollywood Success can't happen. Because it's dead. And you will follow suit. Next Chapter. Reeves slithers out of the ring. Deafening sound of his theme song and also the jeer of the crowd fills up the room. In the middle of that ring is Sheridan, still on her back. Unable to move with tears streaming down her face.
  9. (Psychiatrist's Room) "So, Monsieur Reeves. What seems to be the problem?" "I don't know, doc. I think I'm losing my touch as a coach. My players don't listen to me anymore." "Why do you think that is?" "I don't know maybe they still don't think that Lyon is a full-fledged European Giant now." "Or maybe it's because you lack that influence on them due to your father having left you as a child and thus forcing you to grow up without an influential father figure?" "..........NO! That's stupid! You're stupid. I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING (turns face)" "What's that outside?" (Outside) Players: "We want Transfers! We want Transfers! We want Bigger Pay" (Back inside the room) "I TOLD YOU IT'S NOT ME, IT'S THEM!" Episode 2: Title On The Line and Rogue Players It's certainly not been an easy Pre-season for us. Bayer Leverkusen and FC Koln were interesting opponents and we had a Trophee des Champions match against PSG that was held in China. So to start today off, I'm gonna introduce to all of you the new faces in our squad. It's been a busy summer in the Groupama Stadium. We made a lot of profit, sure. But that Veretout deal was completed before last season ended. Udinese loaned him and we put in a clause that made them have to make the transfer permanent after a number of games. Huh, sucker. That Maier deal sticks out like a sore thumb. He's a great player no doubt but I wasn't able to get the best out of him with my system so I let him go. But damn, 75 Million Euros from Reserves players. I'm proud af at myself. But let's talk ins. Cancelo has been loaned in for 2 years, only 28 years old, and with his contributions (7 Goals/12 Assists/47 Starts) i think that warrants more years in the squad. I finally got Torreira for a cheap price of 15 Million Euros. I also got a new CB in Pongracic to be backup for Eric Bailly and Milenkovic, he'll be contending with Wallace and Tousart for those 2 spots. The big talk surely is Marcus goddamn Rashford on a free. I have no idea what United were doing not renewing his contract, but he's bound to be a starting left wing for me if Bergwijn doesn't play well. Jacques, Mora, Vargas, Puig, Moreira, and Stengs are all ones for the future. If they don't become a big name in my squad then surely i can sell them off for >20m Euros each. And with those transfers, here's what the Lineup looks like: There's not much in terms of Starting XI change, but i think we have a good core already and we only need backups to prepare us to fight in 4 fronts (Ligue 1, Champions League, Coupe de La Ligue, French Cup). Enough about business. Let's get down to business. Wait that didn't sound right. Although we tried to play as many players as possible, we managed to win every single one of our friendly matches. Even spank Bayer 6-2. We had a lot of players turning up, overall Lucas Lourenco and Wesley lead the line and scored 3 goals each. Havertz and Partey scored twice each and captain Fekir and vice captain Aouar scored once. New signings Rashford and Torreira also made their mark with a goal each. It's also nice to see academy products in Gouiri and Christian Ricard scoring 3 goals between them. But let's talk about the big game. Paris Saint- Germain. This game held in China turned out to be a very competitive game. Fighting for the Trophee des Champions, I opted to field the best XI available at my disposal and told them to fear not the club that is PSG. For God's sake we beat them 5-0 twice last season! So the lineup was that of the XI I showed you all earlier and I told them to play as offensive as possible. The gist of our 4-1-1-3-1 tactic is that the Box-To-Box Midfielder, Attacking Mid, and Flying Wing Backs are the main creative force to supply the Striker and 2 Inside Forwards (Wingers). In this game we played exceptionally well, holding down the fort against the likes of Neymar, Mbappe and Sergej Millinkovic-Savic. While the wing-backs weren't able to set up too many plays given the attacking prowess of this PSG squad, we managed to hit them on the counter a couple of times and we got rewarded with a goal after Le Capitaine - Nabil Fekir scored for us. 1-0! We need to keep this up and make sure they don't hit us back. In the 2nd an absolute Messiah descended upon us. Marcus Rashford, the sexy Mancunian beast shakes his wriggly ass down that left wing and got past 3 of PSG's men to score! 2-0! We have one hand on the cup and I can't be happier. PSG posed a serious threat with their deliveries into the box and also long shots, but Dominik Livakovic as the undisputed best GK in all of France kept us that Clean Sheet. We are Trophee des Champions' Winner! It was a great opening to our season. I couldn't be prouder of Rashford for sealing us that trophy on his debut. I hugged him on the locker room and paraded him around as he was lifting the first hardware you're seeing in this documentary. The board came in the room as well and congratulated the players and also my staff. They told us to enjoy the moment, but to get our focus back on what truly matters. The League. And speaking of, Ligue 1 is here. We have Clermont next. My assistant Bruno Lage told me not to worry much about them. They got promoted 2 seasons ago and haven't been able to make that big a splash in the league. I told him that I might want to swap in a couple of players to shake of their rustiness and get them match fit. So in place of Fekir, Partey, Simeone, Mendy, Milenkovic and Bailly i swapped in Bergwijn, Aouar, Wesley, Bard, Wallace and Pongracic. This is gonna be Pongracic's debut so that's exciting. And we did beat them comfortably. Rashford again being the hero by bagging 2 goals of his own down the left wing. Now I get why Mourinho wasn't able to utilize him to his full potential all those years ago because left wing is his best position! His dribbling and pace is his ultimate weapon and that finishing! Oh my god I can sit there watching him for days. But nevertheless, first 3 points of the season! Let's go on and try to win the whole damn thing. ----------- Ah, yeah I almost forgot about one thing. A couple of players have been getting on my nerves lately. Wesley wanted a contract at the end of last season and I forgot to give it to him. So he's been complaining about my man-management despite me giving him a new contract after all. Lourenco and Simeone have also been complaining about wanting to leave the club. I understand where Simeone is coming from but LUCAS! YOU'VE BEEN HERE 6 MONTHS! They have massive interests in them. A couple of Serie A clubs want him for around 50-70 Mil. I ain't having that cause i firmly believe that he's worth at least 80 Mil. Lourenco got a bid from Man City for, I think it was 60 Million. But he's a total machine for me and I'm not letting him go 6 months after I signed him. These two got me 30 goals last season! So yeah, I'm gonna have to deal with them (and my psychiatrist) in the next few days. I'll keep you all posted. -------------------------------- Blurry Lines presents: Player of the Day Marcus Rashford is a former Manchester United player who Ryan Reeves got for free this summer. In just 2 games, he has impressed the coach enough to warrant a starting berth in his matchday squad for the near future. With his dribbling and speed (and also the abundance of striker at his disposal) Reeves has decided to play Rashford on the left. Since he got in his value has shot up to 60 Million Euros. I'm sure in at least 2 years time Lyon can sell him for 90 Million Euros if necessary. But for the foreseeable future he will be an absolute weapon for Lyon. His traits of Cutting Inside from Left Wing, Knocking Ball Past Opponent and Beating Offside Trap do certainly help him in running past defenders and score with his devastating shots. Currently with the number 20, maybe coach Reeves will promote him to a Key Player in the future and a better number like 11 or 9 when Cancelo and/or Simeone moves on from the club.
  10. Reeves

    True Revelation

    Valor Chapter I: Revelation As the ring clears following the Triple Threat match, the crowd eagerly awaits for the final bout of the evening. The titantron suddenly shifted it's display of the PPV's designs to pitch black which brought upon the attention of the fans in attendance. And surely, one word at a time a bright gold lettering of a single name lights up the screen. REEVES. And the man once known as "The Greatest Export in BPZ History" arrives on Valor. He looks straight into the camera as the fans went wild. Similar to last time Reeves was on a BPZ show, mixed reactions comes with his presence in arenas like this. It doesn't faze him though. Valor. I'm here. The screen went to black once more and again the name Reeves lights up on the tron as his music plays from the sound system. Not long after out comes the very same Reeves. Well, not so similar i guess. He dons a sparkly black and white jacket with pants of similar pattern. But what catches people's attention the most is the fact that he's wearing a black mask. Reeves walks down the ramp as the crowd is still in awe of his apprearance. He makes his way to the top rope and his presence on that very stage screams confidence. No boos this time. The haters are silenced. Cheers from many corners of the arena alongside his music marks the arrival of Reeves to Revelation. Once more a mic is presented to himself in the center of the squared circle. He speaks. Revelation. A fitting name for the event that witnessed the return of Reeves - officially - to BPZ. I have been pondering with the options presented to me. Carnage or Valor. These two brands presented interesting and very serious propositions to me. In the end it didn't matter. Because at the end of the day, I can make a name for myself anywhere i step my foot onto. This very squared circle is my temple and you'd be better off believing that anyone who decides to step in this ring with me will be doubting their beliefs as they stand face to face with me. You and I both know very well what I'm capable of. And especially now, that I am a man with a chip on my shoulder? Reeves chuckles. Then he looks straight into the camera. I'm not here for fun and games. Valor will be the very brand that is blessed with the opportunity to watch first hand the return of Reeves. From the ashes of the snob he was once before to a true wrestling genius that will be apparent to every set of eyes laid upon this ring. And who knows? Maybe this ring... he points to the Hall of Fame ring decorating his ring finger Will have a bigger companion placed around my waist. Reeves moves his arm around his waist, showing a gesture that many will know that he means to chase after a title. What better way to the top than to become Champion right? But I can't just go for any title. The Undisputed Championship? It'd be no fun to play around with the likes of Necce and/or Hans. The World Heavyweight Championship? I don't think I wanna be caught up with the shenanigans between that 2 factions embarrassing themselves at the top of the card each and every week. No, I have to beat a champion who's been dominant for quite a while now. I have to beat them to show that I can still hang with the big boys. The real champions of Valor. Bart and Smith. Creed. You better keep your eyes on me, Mr. General Manager. In just any given moment you might just find yourselves lied down underneath my foot. Reeves takes a step back as he has been staring into a camera that has been zooming in to his face for a bit now. Of course, that would mean that I need to find a partner. Someone who's reliable and with the wrestling prowess to match that of mine. Someone who can rise with me up the ranks and stand alongside me at the pinnacle of Valor. And i have found you. I have 0 idea how this person is not on the show tonight. This person is one of the most talented member of the roster that I have met period. I do very much respect you. And I think you can do oh so much more than what you are doing right now. If you will allow me, then you will become an icon of this very industry. Leading the way for every single men in that roster room. And for a woman to do that? That'd be a tad bit too special. Cheers erupt from every single corner of the stadium. Everyone is chanting one single name. "Sheridan! Sheridan! Sheridan!" Sheridan. As proven right here, you are a star. Loved by these people. But you can be even more. We can be even more! We have had a bit of history, you and I. But I think that just means we know what we are doing this time around. So Sheri.... Reeves looks at the stage, addressing the Lioness as the crowd is still going wild chanting her name. What do you say you come out here, and then we can have a little bit of a uhm.... Hollywood Success Reunion. Reeves extends his arms to the side, demanding that Sheri comes down and give an answer straight to his face. Will she respond? reply planned
  11. Quest For Europe Presents: In Association with Blurry Lines: Football Manager Tips Star Rating. Trustworthy? If you are playing FM and decide to bring someone in, you probably look at their star rating to determine whether or not someone is good enough to be in your team. In the screenshots above, you can find the star ratings in the top right corner of your screen on the player profile page. So to answer the question. No. You shouldn't trust the star ratings with your life. Because the star ratings is the ability of someone in relation to your squad. An easy way to say it is, if you have a squad of 10 5 star Cristiano Ronaldo then maybe someone like John Stones might only be a 3 star player. Not to say that he's shit but in comparison to the overall ability of the 10 Ronaldos, he's got some way to go. Based on the example above you might think that Aouar is better than Torreira. But not necessarily. In the Deep Lying Playmaker position Aouar is rated higher than Torreira, but it depends on how you want them to operate in that role. If you look at the stats of both players, Aouar is better at going forward compared to Torreira who is better defensively (Aggresion, Anticipation, Positioning, Tackling). For me, I'd like my DLP to be able to defend the ball well and leave the playmaking duties to others such as my Wing Backs and Wingers. So in that regard, Torreira is better suited for my team than Aouar. Star Ratings is a good way to judge someone, but if you want to look for bargains and go into details on how someone will contribute to your team then you're better off comparing their stats from the Compare menu. Also you need to be careful because you might have a shit coach judging your players' Star Ratings so make sure that the coach doing the judging has Judging Player Stats and Judging Player Potential stats above 13. I think that's the bare minimum.
  12. Damn, i feel like Rei Smith should've ranked higher. Win-loss record is slightly worse than Julius' sure but one of that win is a Fatal 4 Way win where she performed well. And that Trios thing tho, hmmmm.
  13. A guaranteed star in Gravenberch nice. He’d definitely be a useful weapon once you go up to Prem. And with the academy players, maybe it was a good decision to wait until the summer window to open and reinvest the money to players who’d make their mark in Prem. Ofc I wouldn’t know cuz i never grow my academy players.
  14. To be the next Hogan you’ve got to be a larger than life character and capture the attention of everyone in the wrestling world and also outside it. So this means wrestling prowess and also the look/charisma to be a megastar. Most of you argue Velveteen Dream, but i dont think he’d be able to become that larger than life character. He will be a big star I’m sure of that but i think his peak is John Cena level superstardom which isn’t bad at all. From the current crop, i feel like Adam Cole has the most potential to reach that level. He’s got the look, charisma and wrestling ability to be a huge star. At the very least he could become the next HBK and if he plans his career well, and also factor in Vince and the company being high on him i think he’s the best bet rn.

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