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Status Updates posted by Reeves

  1. 6th year anniversary of me here. Man i need to stop coming back.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Flynn


      That goes to both of you. 

    3. Epic1237_


      That goes to all three of you

    4. Smith


      I hope you all leave

  2. Idk if anyone remembered, but we made TakeOvers and Power Trips to keep votings outside of the main PPVs to the minimum.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Reeves


      doesnt have to be through a round robin tournament. Here's a great idea. Pick one guy.

    3. Slim


      Okay well multiple people are deserving, this is a way to determine it. Soz for not just picking one guy who I would think could do good and instead letting them prove who deserves it. My bad.

    4. Reeves


      make it multi man. or make a #1 contender at the Takeover.

  3. Congrats to @King Flynn and @King Slim for becoming the new Global Mods. Surely the forums can only grow better under your leaderships. #NewBluesInTheHouse

  4. Take Me Holm!


  5. Everytime i click on the BPZ Forums logo on the top left it directed me to the main forums page and then redirects me to Alyx's status update below. Wtf.

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    2. Flynn


      Why believe in God when you can believe in Alyx 

    3. Alyx Wilde

      Alyx Wilde

      ^ can confirm all posts 


  6. This is why i love SmackDown Live.


  7. Lately I've been shooting a short movie with my peers, and acting as a director and also script writer has given me little to no time to socialize on my free time. So i apologize, but i will be busy yet again for the next week or so maybe. Sorry to disappoint.

  8. That moment when you wanted to be active but sickness hits. Oh well, check out this one promo. People say it's lit. So maybe u shud check it out ;)



    1. Nebakos7


      Guess you are more like Randy Orton cause you hear voices in your head, I for one haven't heard anyone say it's lit :cena2 

  9. Heyman cut one of his best promos in recent times on RAW. Glad to see that he's still got it.

    1. Flynn


      I thought Owens was amazing last night. 

  10. So apparently the UK Guys - Tyler Bate, Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, Wolfgang, and possibly Trent Seven - are in San Antonio for the weekend. No words on whether they're there for the Rumble or TakeOver. But i'm guessing they'll be in the crowd for TakeOver like a lot of the guys from the past TakeOvers.

    1. Ross


      May not happen but would be nice for Bate Vs Dunne for the title 

  11. How do you delete attachments? Especially on mobile? I've got a graphics ready to fulfill a request but i can't upload the image.

  12. So, i've been thinking recently. More often than not, i'll come across a news that'd prob not get that much discussion going but i still think it's worth sharing with you guys. So i wanna ask you guys, what should we do with these kind of news like the recent engangement of Alexa/Murphy and stuff like AJ Styles' possible WM opponent.

    1. Nebakos7


      It's up to you, if you think it's useless (for example Alexass engagement) then a status update or mentioning it in the chat would work better. Remember you are always free to post whatever you want as long as it's not offensive, but sometimes something thatyou find interesting and worthy of reporting may not be viewed the same from other members.

    2. Reeves


      That's exactly it. I'm thinking of sharing this news of a possible Styles V Shane match at Mania, where maybe some people would prob think that's a topic worth discussing but then again it's just speculation. The Chat isn't always filled with people, so that's gonna be a situation when i'm thinking of sharing these kind of news. And Status Updates are easy to be ignored as there's only a space of 5 statuses in the window and like in about 2 hours, your status might not be there anymore as others have updated their status as well. @Nebakos7

    3. Nebakos7


      Well like I said it's up to you, if you think you should open the topic open it and people will decide if they want to discuss about it or not. Even if they don't it's not like you'll get punished lol

  13. So Apparently Alexa Bliss is engaged to Buddy Murphy. Am so glad for the pair. And all of you can cry yourselves to bed cuz you're missing out on dat ass :hbk2

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bailey14


      shes fuckin stunning

    3. Nebakos7


      Don't act like you don't cry as well because you can't have Alexass

    4. Angelo


      I'm crying right now 

  14. Goddamn, Mickie James is gold. That promo was just magic.

    1. Tamer


      Her Talking Smack promo was even better.

  15. Om telolet om.



  16. Posted one of the better ones and one of the worst promo I've made imo here. But check out this topic as Flynn did an absolutely great job at his promos here.


  17. The reason to why i haven't been active is that I'm really enjoying life right now. School has been amazing (even though we're doing the Mid Term test rn), and I've been socializing with my friends a lot. And those reasons give me little to no time to focus on the forums. I'm so sorry. I'm not back for the time being as i might not be very active, but i can try. What do you guys think?

    1. Bashka


      Honestly, I'm going through the exact same thing

    2. Nebakos7


      Take your time and come back whenever you want/ need to, your social life with the people close to you should be a priority compared to the forums.

  18. Good job on diminishing the RAW Women's Title's already inexistent prestige, WWE. Good job. Proud of ya.

    1. Angelo


      It's called Raws Womens title for a reason. It's switched on Raw the most 

  19. Good job on diminishing the RAW Women's Title's already inexistent prestige, WWE. Good job. Proud of ya.

  20. Survivor Series was a forgettable shit.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Flynn


      At least it'll have more long term ramifications then Wrestlemania.

    3. Aidanator


      This is a very forgettable ppv. None of this will be remembered 1, 2 years later after tonight. The finish was terrible and while the men's elimination match was good there was no backlash. Sami Zayn just took all the punishment for the whole team and everyone went on their way.

    4. Landon


      I will disagree with that

  21. Survivor Series was a forgettable shit.

  22. I hereby announce that i am resigning from the General Management of Evolve. Due to my injury (inactivity)(and also kayfabe injury), i am forced to forfeit my position permanently to Slim. I apologize to the Evolve fans and roster, and i wish you luck for the future.

    1. Angelo


      Best of luck 

    2. Slim


      Sucks to see you resign a few days after Bash, but whenever you want the job back, I'm a PM away.

    3. Bashka


      I can see where you are coming from, it's a difficult job that requires a lot of activity and work. 

  23. Please check out the new How I Would Book Survivor Series thread i uploaded earlier in the General WWE section. Read it, like it, rep it, comment on it. 😄



    1. Flynn


      I would book it better 

  24. Brad (Nanovirus) or SummerGamz?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Slim


      Plus its pretty clear Summer will win at Survivor Series, so don't ruin his moment.

    3. Flynn


      John Cena 

    4. gill

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