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  1. Since when do the NXT guys get to make and announce shows freely? I mean, i get how it's supposedly giving them more publicity. But we already have Power Trip/Anarchy TakeOver. And what happens when the current NXT guys move up the rank? NXT would be less crowded and it'd be harder to fill up a whole show.

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    2. Ryan Reeves

      Ryan Reeves

      And in 2 months at "Takeover: Wall Street" all of the 7 guys in the NXT division would've already moved up to the US division. Why not just hold it until you're sure that it can be done?

    3. Yelich


      I didn't do that, that was not my idea and I'm as surprised as you are right now

    4. Dr.X


      it was already cleared, and you forget that we won't be the only NXT superstars ever. their will be more, and since no one else has really cared, i consider my self the de facto director of NXT operations since no one else really helps the developmental brand ,which we should use it as, a place where those new to kayfabe can train their skills to that of the main roster. Already their are three new nxt guys who hold great potential, George, Big Dog, and CBA.

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