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    The titantron cuts to a well-lit office where we can see a man who is in the middle of a phone call sitting behind his desk. That man is Ryan Reeves. He hangs up and looks directly into the camera to address the crowd in attendance. This is Ryan Reeves speaking to you from the comfort of my own office that the BPZ head honchos have kindly provided to me in this very arena. While I would very much love to greet all of you in person, I’d hate to interrupt the programming and hog all the spotlight from the talents that well and truly deserve and should be showcased in front of all of you. Yes, these talents that you are seeing each and every week need to be in that ring more than I do. They are the future of this company and their abilities should be nurtured and shown for each and every one of us to enjoy. And thus, I think it would be deplorable for those who have constantly been given the opportunity to be a pillar of this very company yet continue to fail day after day to stand in the way of the up and coming stars of tomorrow. Reeves pauses for a moment to let the crowd digest his every word and continues to speak. Indeed I am talking about one FDS, the person that I will be facing once again at Judgement Day. You see, FD. I’ve given it a lot more thought recently to why I am doing this. I’ve been searching inside of me for the true reason that I am back in BPZ, talking right at this very moment in front of this camera and facing you at Judgement Day. While I did reveal a couple of reasons as to why I’m back during my first reappearance, what I said didn’t truly expose the reason that I hold in that tiny spot in my heart. I, FD, am a pioneer in this industry and it would be a shame for my talents and network to go to waste by using it all for my own benefits. I have a broader vision inside this head. I plan to revolutionize this very industry and truly showcase masterpiece ala Hollywood in every step of the way, to shape this industry to my own image. And to do that, FD, my first act will be to eradicate those who do not make the cut in the Gold Standard that I envision. You will be the first of many to stand in my way and you definitely won’t be the last to fall. FDS, I will be damned if my grand ambition were to be failed by the likes of you. Like I said last time, I have no need to intimidate you to win this battle. I am only showing you why I will be winning. Because I have a purpose, FD. And I my will to see it through will be clearly visible in that ring with my pure veteran in-ring work. Best in The World is a term used too loosely lately. But you will experience what it truly means to be breathing the same air as a Man with a Plan. Breathing the same air as the Best.
  2. Still with a calm look plastered on his face, Reeves picks up his microphone. “FDS. For you this is all a big deal. An old friend, an old “brother in arms” coming back and trying to have a go at you. As you stand right there spewing your words, your mind is rushing down memory lane and thinking about all that you and I have been through. Our battles and our struggles, side by side or across the ring from each other.” “What I see right now is you standing over there startled, angry even that someone has stepped over your comfort zone and you’re there readying yourself to protect whatever it is that belongs to you that this “someone” may want to take from you.” “I stand here today challenging you simply because I’m trying to make a point. And that point I’m trying to make will be heard loud and clear through you. You see, that’s the biggest the difference between the two of us. You’re emotional. This is all business for me. All of that vicious monster talk of yours? Your harvesting power thingy you gained from experience? I don’t do that anymore, FD. My abilities speak for themselves.” Ryan Reeves takes a step forward in order to truly get his point across to FD. “I don’t need to intimidate you, FD. Because even though as sad as it is for me to say, you don’t look too confident as it is. You can talk all you want about what you think about me, your petty insults about me being a shell of my former self. You can go on and on with the same old shots we’d all still hear if we watch old BPZ programs from 2 years prior. I only have one thing to say to you right now. This is about something bigger than you and I, so I will make this a quick one and continue to help shape this company to the image that myself and all of the viewers all deem fit. Once I’m done with you, you will be weeded away and you’re gonna make room for someone that’s more capable and worthy of bringing this company forward.” Reeves walks away from FD and makes his way out of the ring. But as he reaches the apron, he turns back. It’s as if he remembered something. “Make that 2 things actually. Whatever it is you want the terms of our match to be, I accept. But if you do lose, Mr. Champ. Your next title match? If you are so sure that you have a place here in BPZ, you can try and put your money where your mouth is by facing an opponent of my choosing. But until then, you’ve got me to worry about.” Reeves hands his microphone to the staff and walks away as his theme music plays. Who will own whose fate ate Judgement Day?
  3. As the music suddenly plays following the commercial break, Ryan Reeves walks out into a chorus of cheer from the ever faithful BPZ Universe. A big smile decorates the face of the one A-Lister as he struts towards the ring while pointing towards the fans in attendance. Chants of “Welcome Back” would follow every step the Hall of Famer takes as he makes his way to the ring for the first time in forever. As he gets in the ring, a microphone was presented to him and he breathes in the sheer excitement in the room before speaking into what’s always been known to be one of his best weapon throughout his career. It’s been quite a bit, and I don’t wanna gloat but for old time’s sake. Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls of all ages, feast your eyes upon The Greatest Export In BPZ History, the Father of Talk Shows, the Hall of Famer, the multi-time BPZ Champion, The A-Lister himself, welcome…. THE RYAN. Reeves pauses as the crowd continues to cheer him on. But at this very moment, I am no longer The Ryan and you all may address me as Ryan Reeves. So to get right down into business. I have left this company for quite a while now as you may have noticed. I can see that this place has really been thriving with the pool of new, entertaining talents to watch and enjoy. With the likes of Arius, Kenji, Aaron North and every single guy that has stepped into this squared circle since I left. Well I can pretty much say that you all are in good company. With that being said, I am still yet to reveal the purpose of my return to this ring. Well it’s quite simple. Ryan Reeves is here to once again offer my talents to the BPZ Universe and shoot that extra dose of competition into the mix. That is one reason. The other is to keep the product that we are currently putting out as good as it can be and weeding out those who are not up to par with the standards that we have here. And I’m sorry, but my standard is the Gold Standard and I do plan to get everyone up to that level or kick them out of the picture for the greater good. So right now the question is, who’s up first? Multitudes of names are being shouted aloud from every seat in the venue that night. From the newcomers to the veterans who would make a dream match come into reality, the crowd spews out name they want Ryan Reeves to face. Let’s go with someone a little more familiar, ok? FDS. You my friend, I am challenging you to a match at Judgement Day to not only gauge if you are good enough to be in the same ring as me in this day and age. But also because I need to make a statement that I’m not here to spew empty promises. I fully understand that you are currently holding the Premium Championship but that is not the prize that I seek at this very moment. Because at this very moment, the prize I want is to look into that locker room backstage and find a great bunch of performers led by yours truly. Are you good enough to be among them, champ? Time to do right by that strap and see if you’re Gold Material.
  4. Well i mean, the arc for Cap is over. He's lived the tough time in his life being frozen away from Peggy and then got back to the real life to find that Peggy's old and sick (And also all of the drama with the avengers). By going back to the past and reliving his life with Peggy again he's achieved that Happy ending and i don't think we need anymore of Cap after that.
  5. Like Jules, i didn't think much of it when i saw this thread but damn they have got some talents in there. And with El Patron and Chavo being the driving force they surely would get at least some attention to this promotion. Mexican Wrestling scenes have been meh at best in the past few years but maybe this will kickstart something for the scenes over there. But I just can't help but think that this is an attempt to do what AEW's tryna do and I'm sure many of us do. They prob wouldnt get that major international exposure but at least they're spicing things up and im all up for it.
  6. I'm actually looking forward to this match now cause i think for sure they're gonna give more minutes to this match and it won't be overlooked (at least not as much as last time when the attention was on Becky VS Flair) this time around. Lacey just looks good to me in the ring and it's not like they have any other choice. I'd defo take this over Becks VS Nia or Ruby. Becks VS Bliss again would be sort of okay but i feel like Becky should face someone who looks like a legit threat compared to a scaredy heel. Like a heel Asuka or someone like Baszler.
  7. I've only been watching WWE Weekly from the 1.5 hour vid they release the day after and i cant believe they cut the Miz TV segment from that vid. US Scene looking real cool now and would be awesome to see a 6 pack challenge at stomping ground. I enjoyed the women's tag match a lot tbh. Lacey seems to know her role in the main roster now and she looks like a legit contender to me now. And it's always entertaining to see Alexa in the ring and also Bayley with the belt now. Got me pretty hyped up about the women's matches at stomping ground.
  8. It's gonna be pretty bittersweet if he does retire. It's sort of a shame i think that he is now a movie star that's bound to get jobs left right and center. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for the guy but this man I feel like is a smart man who knows the business inside and out. He knows how to promote the company with his extended set of skills and knowledge and having him be a part of the WWE staff would be very exciting. Just imagine Cena in a position like HHH is at rn and help build an actually entertaining content to us. Would LOVE for him to once again be an active on-screen figure like an authority figure or something because having John Freaking Cena, Mr. Charisma himself "leading" the company would look awesome. But like I said, he's probably going to be happier doing Hollywood until he eventually retires. Hope I'm wrong though.
  9. The level where there's lots of clickers in empty buildings got me too claustrophobic to finish Last of Us. And also Spiderman Web of Shadows a couple of years ago when my cousin got it but somehow it was in russian and 1. Can't answer Wolverine's questions correctly 2. Can't figure out how to save that thing. Shame. Really good game and enjoyed it for a bit.
  10. This would definitely get the heat back on Roman lmao. This rumor has been going around for months if not more than a year(s?) now. And even with the leukemia thing people would still turn on him i think. And wtf is up with Reigns always doing main events with part timers/legends. I'd be fine with him main eventing VS someone like Drew or AJ. But then again this would probably happen and i hope if it does they give the same treatment they gave to the Seth/Brock match and not make this the headline. Which is also prob not gonna happen with Dwayne Johnson's ring name decorating the promotional posters.
  11. Welp so Madrid'a officially got their Galactico signings underway with Militao, Rodrygo, Jovic and Hazard joining them. While United got Daniel James. Could be cool kid for the future, no idea what he's capable of tho. As of wishlist, I'd like Wan-Bissaka/Cancelo, Maguire, Bruno Fernandes, and another winger (James Rodriguez? Or i wouldn't mind Dybala playing center with Rashford out wide). Hopefully we can get at least 3 of our targets.
  12. Toxik had a point tho. She's not THAT important to the current women's roster. She is a huge talent for sure but as of right now WWE can afford to lose Sasha. It's not like missing a Charlotte or a Becky. Not to mention there'd be replacements from down in NXT and NXT UK. It'd be great seeing the likes of Toni Storm, Rhea Ripley or Shayna Baszler on the main roster. And if you're a neutral, seeing her move to AEW or other companies would only spice up the rivalries between them and WWE.
  13. Moment of bliss on the show makes more sense. And i doubt the arabians would allow Alexa to wrestle in her usual gear so it's either that or they'll have to come up with something new for her. The show's gonna be shit either way tho so....
  14. Don't expect a lot of guys to follow him and come up with their own promos cuz WWE can't risk having their top stars they want to push cut a shit promo. The only reason they agreed to that clause is because Goldberg's presence alone would boost up ratings and views, besides he's a part timer which means that if the fans turn on him they'll just keep him on the sidelines for a bit until they can use him again.
  15. Jokes on you, i read that bit you wrote abt me lol. A little late but welcome to the big leagues lads.
  16. "Episode 3: Training Camp" July 2nd, 2017 We're a week away from starting the Pre-season and the players had just arrived to the training ground here at the Sir Jack Hayward Training Ground. Now I am once again regretting doing the team meeting too early because the atmosphere right now is a healthy one with all the mainstays of the club present and bringing a lot of enthusiasm into the locker room. Captain Danny Batth (CB) commands the respect from everyone in the room, and he's done wonders welcoming the new signings as I've asked him to. Truly the rightful captain of this club. And Ivan Cavaleiro (LM/LW) is really picking up the mood with his Angolian friend Helder Costa (RM/RW), those two seem to just be giving off good vibes and everyone is enjoying it as well. I was slightly concerned with the new guys as they're like the ones of a kind in the group. Borja Baston (ST) being the only Spanish lad, Torreira (CM) is an Uruguayan, Kolasinac (LB) the only Bosnian as well as the Brazilian Rafael Toloi (CB). Hopefully the togetherness of this bunch will help them settle into this club nevertheless. And have I already mentioned that we got this Torreira guy? Yeah, a couple of days ago we finalized his loan deal and cancelled the Barkley deal. Both of them might be similarly good, but Torreira was a beast at Sampdoria and was the hot topic on everyone's lips whilst Barkley had a bad season at Chelsea and sat out the one before that due to injury at Everton. So I might have got a bargain, but then again it could bite me in the ass later on. And I'm also still ruing the fact that I had missed the chance to sign Van Ginkel because I personally am a big fan of the dutch. But we've already got 4 top class midfielders (Neves, Horta, Rossiter and Torreira) fighting for 2 spots in the middle I can't possibly sign one more and limit the others' minutes even more. I just have to let him go as the news came in about him signing with Shakhtar Donetsk on a free transfer.:) But now that we've attained these new players I've got to find a way to integrate them into our team. I still haven't figured out my Starting XI for the season ahead. The ones that are probably safer than the other are Baston (seeing he's the best striker I have), Neves and Jota. Neves was the backbone of this club last year and I will not do him nor the fans dirty by not playing him after that transfer fiasco, Jota on the other hand is someone i see a lot of potential in. I can see him being a future De Bruyne and Hazard if he works hard enough. Helder Costa (RW/LW) is also another guy that's on my mind right now but for a whole different reason. I've just got an offer from West Ham who wants to sign him for a good amount of money. Now I have got a good amount of versatile wingers who can play on either side on the field. I was thinking I could let him go and invest in a new Playmaker with only Horta(CAM/CM) and Jota(LM/CAM) being able to play in that position. The fans seem like they want Helder to stay, but I still haven't made my mind up yet. And after pointing out all that decisions to make, I missed the first chance of looking at them in action for the first time in my tenure here. Oh boy. We were scheduled to come to Netherlands for the Pre-season Training Camp and face a host of teams in FC Den Bosch, FC Volendam, Telstar and RKC. But i couldn't make the first game and had to leave the managing to my assistant Rui Silva as I was welcoming my first daughter into the world. Phoebe Reeves breathes her first breath as Wolves beat FC Den Bosch 1-0 after a goal from Willy Boly (CB). Decent start to your life there, kiddo. We were only going to Netherlands for 10 days so the big family let me go to finish the camp and come back right after to see the kid. This is the line up i decided to go with for our 2nd (and my 1st) Preseason match against FC Volendam. They currently ply their trades in the 2nd division of the dutch league, so I expect the boys to perform and dominate this match. I didn't really mess things around after looking at our opponents, I have full confidence in this starting lineup to be able to perform and hopefully showcase what they will be doing for the next season. 4-2-3-1 has always been my go to formation. I like to have my CMs build the attack with my CAM as the playmaker for the wingers and striker to pounce on once an opening is created. But when I look at Jordan Graham, I feel like he's more comfortable hooking up passes and dribbling the ball so the finishing duty will be given to both Helder Costa and Borja Baston. Jota is playing out of his position (He's more comfortable as a LW/LM) but this is his opportunity to prove to me how versatile he is and he might get even more chance of being in my team. Rossiter and Torreira are for now the 2nd choice CMs (as i prefer Neves and Horta(Altho Horta might be playing CAM this season)), but I'm looking forward to see how my new signing would fare in the middle and also if Rossiter would give me a selection headache. Anyway, let's go. Pre-season Match 2 FC Volendam VS Wolverhampton Wanderers VS Pre-season Match 3 Telstar VS Wolverhampton Wanderers VS Pre-season Match 4 RKC Waalwijk VS Wolverhampton Wanderers VS
  17. working on this as I'm writing this. Hopefully in the next 24 hours.
  18. As we close in to the second round matches of the King Of The Ring, in a jam packed Carnage live show "You Want Me" blast over the sound sytem and outcomes one of the 16 participants of the annual tournament. The Ryan comes out looking like a million dollar yet a content and collected look is plastered on his face. He is in his elements, the spotlight is shining down upon him and it's time to go to work. Inside that ring, Ryan collects a microphone from the arena staff and looks over to the audience. Some are cheering him on, some are chanting "We Want Sheridan". But Ryan keeps his cool. A smirk accessorizing his face as he lifts the microphone to his lips. Carnage Live. Breathe this in. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! Feast your eyes upon the Most-Must See individual on the face of the planet, The Premiere Personification Of Ultimate Entertainment, The Greatest Export Of Wrestling Entertainment history, The A-Lister, The one and only... "THE RYAN!" shouts all of the fans in attendance. Cheers and boos raining upon this man. The Ryan. Unlike the other talents you see regularly standing on this canvas working from rope to rope, I am a man. A man who look at failure in the face and spit right at it in defiance, A man who can own up to any of my shortcomings and rebound. And with that being said, I'd like to congratulate a certain Mr. Now. A certain Mr. Now who provides a so called "Entertainment" by holding a tea party for the world to see in his study. Now I've never had a problem with English Men before, but you blokes sure have GREAT taste in finding things to accomplish during your free time. But nevertheless, It is my intention to right now congratulate Mr. Now. Congratulations for being able to pin me down to the mat with one hand tied behind my back and a jet lag bothering this Superstar after so many meetings with the big shots down at Central LA, Bangkok, and also Macau. Congratulations for being able to keep up with 50% of me, I'm sure you'd amount to great things in the future. And hopefully none of those involve dreadful tea party segments. And you wonder why this place isn't making any money. Now that that's out of the way, I'd also like to point out just exactly what it is that i mean by the word "rebound". The word rebound to me, it doesn't mean getting back to where you peaked before your failures. It doesn't mean rekindling with your former self and making people think "That's the guy we know and love.". No, that is the mindset of the talents you see back there who's dragging down this business to the ground. My act of rebounding, is breaking whatever glass ceiling that was there even before the downfall. That is how i went from a BPZ Superstar to The Most-Must See Man In The Entire World. That is why like a fine bottle of wine, i come back here every single damn time after each and every hiatus and your eyes would not move from looking at this figure right in front of your screens with your jaws dropped to the floor. That is why I am Gold. The A-Lister pauses to a haunting silence. Audience mesmerized in his final words. But this time I will not hog the attentions all to myself, however impossible that may be. This time, it is written in the stars how I am going to pass my knowledge and expertise onto this industry how to resurrect a forgotten masterpiece. Like The Shining to the modern day Insidiouses and Conjurings, it is my obligation, my calling to resurrect what is buried deep in irrelevancy by the incompetent fools you see today. The Tag Team Championship. This thing was very much coveted. It was fought for, multitudes of partnerships would emerge because of the thirst for the then prestigious double strap. I've held it during the highs of my stay in this company and it never looked better than when it was around my waist and the old friend. But now it's dead, long forgotten with the so called "champs" addressing them as just another accessory to wear. And the fear long rooted in that locker room, scared for their life to even amount a proper challenge for the titles. "I need to retain my momentum, I can't go against Slim's boys", well then sit the hell down and watch a real men step up to the plate. A championship is only worth vying for if you're willing to die for them, breaking your goddamn bones from your limbs to savor the final scenes of holding those belts above your heads. The kind of mentality I'm seeing from the teams around here are pathetic, go ahead collect your pay and get your trash off of my arenas! I stand right here right now, declaring the Revolution Of Mentalities. Ladies and Gentlemen, at this very second you are witnessing history. Because I am proclaiming that tonight is the start of a change in scenery around here. And yes, this one will be a moment etched in history as the first ever intergender tag team is born with me and the very capable, young, hungry lion in Sheridan coming together as one to claim our place in history. I could care less who we are facing, Slim, Bart, Echo, Julius? Hell, bring on the entire roster let's make this fun. Slim, pick your stooges. If you're listening right now, decide which one of them will be the victim of the revolution right now. Because Sheridan and I are kicking the door down and coming for 'em. This is for all of you all pathetic asses who needs to see for yourself how to get the job done. This is for all of you people watching the same old repetitive trash from the absolute joke that is the Tag Team Division. This is for BPZ. This is for the Hollywood Success.
  19. Episode 2: "Reinforcements" June 17th, 2018 It was quite a hectic first two weeks here at Wolves for me. The press keeps contacting me and the club about some players that we are reportedly targeting. Some are completely false, Like this one time The Sun wrote an article saying a certain Andres Iniesta is considering coming to the club with his time at Barcelona coming to an end. I was like, "What? Do you know how much salary we'd have to pay him a year? The board would kill me and sell all my belongings and it still won't be enough to get him." Okay, i definitely was exaggerating but with our current wage structure? Signing one World Cup Hero is not exactly ideal. Other pieces of news have a bit of truth to them. For example this one time a FourFourTwo journalist caught me hanging around the Berkshire area and immediately rumors about us signing John Swift from Reading came swirling. I was actually in the area to take a look at John, but I couldn't found him so i decided to check out the local restaurants instead and they caught me there. Now i'm kinda regretting telling them I'm looking to sign big players for the squad. Today i got the news that our versatile Fullback Matt Doherty just signed another contract like his colleagues have in the past weeks. He'll be signing with us for another 3 years. It'd be his 12th year if he sees out his contract with us then. His loyalty is much appreciated. 2 days later, I was called in to the office to do a press conference. I asked my assistant coach Rui what would i be talking about and he sent me a picture of 2 guys who haven't worn our jerseys before but will be in the near future up to years ahead. And I was ecstatic. I got in the car and drove as fast as i could, almost running over a bunch of blokes wearing Manchester City shirts. It was mostly unintentional, but then again Citizens may as well die. Oh, i can already draw it in my head what tomorrow's headline will be. And there I met them at last. For once, I didn't have to dive into the contract negotiations and General Manager Thelwell actually did a great job getting these two to sign on our dotted lines. Rafael Toloi - 28 year old CB from Atalanta - signed a free contract for 4 years and Borja Baston - 26 year old ST from Swansea - joined us for 15 Million Euros plus bonuses. I could not be happier, they will add depth to the squad with Toloi joining our other solid CBs and Baston replacing Jimenez whose loan period with us will be over soon. Thelwell told me he promised them key roles at the club. I can see them doing that, but Toloi might not be pleased with my rotation system if Thelwell did say he'll be starting games with us (he did). And as we shook hands and got formally intoduced, I told them how much I admired their talents and look forward to working with them. But not everything is going as well as these two's signing. Thelwell told me he did not like what he heard when Rui told him I was going to handle Marcos Rojo's contract personally and went ahead to negotiate another deal.....and failed again. Oh, GM Thelwell. How lovely you are . I was about to throw a fit of rage but then Rui showed me an email from one Andre Deutinger. He said he's the agent of Arsenal's Sead Kolasinac and they've transfer listed him and asked for a low price of 7.5 Million Euro. I couldn't believe it and told both of them to get this man to my team. Thelwell said he already did. He submitted an offer of 5.75 Million Euro with bonuses and Arsenal have agreed to let us begin contract negotiations with Kolasinac. I guess Thelwell's not that useless after all. On the other side of the field, I was stressed the hell out because we actually have agreed a transfer for Ross Barkley from Chelsea in a deal worth 15 million Euro, but apparently that'd exceed the funds i was given to as i only have 12 million left to spend. And then the board called me in to their office. Rui told me they'd probably want to discuss season goals and thus adjust the transfer budget in order to achieve that. And I was quite desperate at this time to get Barkley at this time because I value him a lot. So i convinced them that we'd achieve top half finish (1-10) and also at least the Quarterfinals of both the FA and League Cup. They weren't sure about it but said okay anyway and increased my budget to ONLY 13.5 MIL. At this point i had begged them to adjust the payroll to get more money for transfers as well so i can't possibly ask for more. And I might have dug myself a hole. And the day after that i was very depressed. I couldn't possibly find a way to finish that Barkley talk. The lad's literally got his stuff packed ready to move from London to Wolves waiting for us to finalize the payment. But then i started looking at the squads of some of the Premier League team. And then i found out that Arsenal with Unai Emery had signed a number of major names like Sokratis Papastathopoulos, William Carvalho, Jorginho, and Ivan Perisic. I almost started drooling thinking if i had that kind of money to spend. And then I saw this interview of Unai Emery's at Arsenal TV. I listened to what he said and then left my room as quickly as i could and started looking for Rui. He was dumbfounded when i caught on to him talking to Ruben Neves near the locker room, i grabbed him and stared into his eyes. "Forget the Barkley deal. Lucas Torreira is available on loan and we are getting him. Period." Not even 24 hours had past after i found out about the Torreira availability, yet another good news arrive as GM Thelwell told me negotiations went well and Sead Kolasinac had agreed to sign with us for the next 4 years. We did however splashed the cash on him as he will now be our highest paid player with 5.4 Million Euro to be paid to him for every year that he stays with us. Now i don't know how the other player will react to the kind of payday in our new signing's future but hopefully they are mature enough and will be excited with the prospect of teaming up with him. Rui then told me that when he was talking to Neves, Neves told him that Neves' agent had received word that Real Madrid is no longer interested in his services and they have decided that it'd be best for him to stay at the club for now. I almost chuckled at how this drama had ended but satisfied all the same time. This is turning out to be a great first month in charge. At the same day Rui told me that some players had return from vacation early for preseason and I should hold a team meeting with them to discuss the future of Wolves under my guidance. I agreed, so then i walked into the locker room and did. And then not long after that, July rolls around. All of the players we loaned from the previous season in Jimenez, Isaac Hayden and Paul Gaztanaga all returned to their parent clubs. Lots of stuff then suddenly became a thing. The major headline being that the 2022 World Cup will now be held in Argentina instead of Qatar due to fan protests. I think everyone was shocked but can accept this quite well. It won't be that hot playing in South America compared to the Middle East i guess. And the transfer windows as always have been hectic in the Premier League. Man United signed Harry Kane from Spurs for 103 Million Euros. Guess Pogba's no longer the priciest lad in that group. Not only that but somehow they also got Gonzalo Higuain for 25 Mil after Juve broke their bank to sign him for 90 Mil some years ago. Now they have Lukaku, Kane, Sanchez, Rashford, Higuain, and Anthony Martial who can play ST. What?! John Stones shockingly was sold to Southampton for 17 Mil, and Benteke went to Stoke City for 12 Mil. And it wouldn't be Manchester City if they don't sign anyone. They signed Alex Sandro from Juve for 42 Mil. Kevin Volland also joined the blue side of Manchester with a whooping 50 Million sent to Bayer Leverkusen. Then I saw that some clubs had been releasing players. Everton released Wayne Rooney, Arsenal release David Ospina ,and Man United released Ashley Young. I wasn't interested in any of them until i saw this news. Chelsea had released Marco Van Ginkel (3.5 Stars CM) and he is now available for free. I almost threw the mug of coffee i had in my hand at the time after knowing i had done a stupid move not waiting for these players to be released. And now I've got almost nothing in the bank with a great player who'd suit my team sitting out there with the sign "Sign Me" in hand while i have a loan guy taking a spot in my team which coulda been Van GInkel's. Great job, Reeves. -------------------- And that was yet another episode. I keep feeling that I'm writing these things too long. You can vote on whether or not i should change the length of the entries. And as i said, I've got nothing left to spend (5 Mil aint gonna do much) so that maybe it for transfers. Friendlies are coming up next so you can also vote on how you wanna see me write those. And I'm also still open to suggestions so please do leave them if you want to. Toodaloo.
  20. Booooo. Get your own damn ideas. At least try to debut and turn young player to some regular main fixtures. Idk how good the Mexico team outside the Starting XI is, but hopefully you've got some good young boys other than Hirving Lozano.
  21. I wanted to vote for PSG, but given the money they have you'd prob be able to buy the entire france team and the reserves to get you the title lol. So I think Galway in Premier would be good. Bit concerned on how hyped i'd be with the talents in that club, so i do hope you can loan some good players if not buy.
  22. Much to Josh's surprise, The Ryan enters the premises. A grin decorates his face as he looks amused by what Josh had just said. He stood there on the stage with a microphone. Is that all that you have to say? "Hello, I should've done this because I wanted that. But don't worry, I'll do it for the Queen! Yayy, Football is coming home!". How long did that take? Like 5 minutes? Is that all the air time the guys back there gave you? I don't understand, actually I'm quite amazed. Are they finally beginning to see that you can't even bring people to their seats even if you beg them to? Because damn, that took quite a bit for something so obvious. See, Josh. This is how you and me differ. You come out here, multiple failures behind you spurring you on to finally accomplish something. And that's great and all. But we've seen something like that back in 2014, we don't need another little man overcoming the odds to become successful. Especially with someone who couldn't even begin to do 1% of what he was capable of doing filling in the role, and yes I'm talking about you Humble-Gentleman-Who-Does-Absolutely-Everything-By-The-Book. It's like trying to redo Twilight with Amy Schumer being the lead. It's already terrible, son. We don't need you to make it any worse. While that was you, I am a man who stands on any stage i am given and know that I am very much capable of outdoing any of the extras my employers provide to me. Whether it be Hollywood or BPZ, might it be DiCaprio or someone who calls himself Mr.Now. I don't have any regrets over what i have done in my career because whatever it is that happened before this second, it has propelled me to become this big of a star that you will never be able to even try to replicate. I am a goddamn Hall Of Famer, a living legend who has done it all. And I am above you. I am above this King Of The Ring Tournament. I don't even know why they try to put me up against all these 15 other low class talents that couldn't even lace my boots. Josh I will give you a chance. A chance to feel better about yourself when you're standing across the biggest name that you have and will ever meet across the ring from where you're standing right there. I will perform with one hand tied behind my back, and I'd be amazed if you're able to get me off my feet. So try as you might, Gentleman. I have starring role in the next movie Universal is making and this pretty face needs to stay fresh, so I'll try to end you early. Okay little bud? And to you people in attendance. You're welcome for me salvaging this segment that was originally going to be just that man talking about how great his country is. Yayyy England. Take your 5 minutes in the spotlight. In the end, I will always be the man on focus when this little match up ends. And You're also welcome BPZ, for me raising the usual rating to be higher than what you usually get by appearing here. But I'm on a schedule now. Try not to be too starstrucked and walk off the arena a bit faster, okay Josh? Because let's face it, these people would kill for anyone who can work to stand on that ring instead of you. Aight, lad? Greatest Export, Out.
  23. Ziggler would be a good Main Event fixture with someone by his side as that match on RAW showed us. KO and Strowman seemed like they'd make a good team in ring wise. Not sure about their angles cuz so far i have not been impressed. Lars Sullivan is overrated. TOMASSO CIAMPA VS JOHNNY GARGANO MATCHES HAVEN'T BEEN GREAT AT ALL.
  24. Great. They're turning Strowman into a joke before his cash in against Lesnar. Thanks WWE. maybe Strowman will feel bad for cashing in and then give the title back to Lesnar if he wins it. That's a good move from WWE turning Bayley heel. Her stock would defo rise now and I think it'd be nice if down the line Sasha also turns heel and reunite with Bayley to take on someone like Ronda. And i think we are getting a multi men match after all. Fatal 5 Way with Roman, Seth, Dolph, Drew and Lashley. IC not getting its own spotlight. This is what happens when you drop the belt to a Dolph smh. Altho his match with Seth was great. I'd probably skip Corbin VS Finn and Bliss VS Jax at ER. Corbin doing that Corporate Kane 2.0 look and that 3rd match really putting me off.

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