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  1. The Ryan

    A Moneymaker Studios Production

    As we close in to the second round matches of the King Of The Ring, in a jam packed Carnage live show "You Want Me" blast over the sound sytem and outcomes one of the 16 participants of the annual tournament. The Ryan comes out looking like a million dollar yet a content and collected look is plastered on his face. He is in his elements, the spotlight is shining down upon him and it's time to go to work. Inside that ring, Ryan collects a microphone from the arena staff and looks over to the audience. Some are cheering him on, some are chanting "We Want Sheridan". But Ryan keeps his cool. A smirk accessorizing his face as he lifts the microphone to his lips. Carnage Live. Breathe this in. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! Feast your eyes upon the Most-Must See individual on the face of the planet, The Premiere Personification Of Ultimate Entertainment, The Greatest Export Of Wrestling Entertainment history, The A-Lister, The one and only... "THE RYAN!" shouts all of the fans in attendance. Cheers and boos raining upon this man. The Ryan. Unlike the other talents you see regularly standing on this canvas working from rope to rope, I am a man. A man who look at failure in the face and spit right at it in defiance, A man who can own up to any of my shortcomings and rebound. And with that being said, I'd like to congratulate a certain Mr. Now. A certain Mr. Now who provides a so called "Entertainment" by holding a tea party for the world to see in his study. Now I've never had a problem with English Men before, but you blokes sure have GREAT taste in finding things to accomplish during your free time. But nevertheless, It is my intention to right now congratulate Mr. Now. Congratulations for being able to pin me down to the mat with one hand tied behind my back and a jet lag bothering this Superstar after so many meetings with the big shots down at Central LA, Bangkok, and also Macau. Congratulations for being able to keep up with 50% of me, I'm sure you'd amount to great things in the future. And hopefully none of those involve dreadful tea party segments. And you wonder why this place isn't making any money. Now that that's out of the way, I'd also like to point out just exactly what it is that i mean by the word "rebound". The word rebound to me, it doesn't mean getting back to where you peaked before your failures. It doesn't mean rekindling with your former self and making people think "That's the guy we know and love.". No, that is the mindset of the talents you see back there who's dragging down this business to the ground. My act of rebounding, is breaking whatever glass ceiling that was there even before the downfall. That is how i went from a BPZ Superstar to The Most-Must See Man In The Entire World. That is why like a fine bottle of wine, i come back here every single damn time after each and every hiatus and your eyes would not move from looking at this figure right in front of your screens with your jaws dropped to the floor. That is why I am Gold. The A-Lister pauses to a haunting silence. Audience mesmerized in his final words. But this time I will not hog the attentions all to myself, however impossible that may be. This time, it is written in the stars how I am going to pass my knowledge and expertise onto this industry how to resurrect a forgotten masterpiece. Like The Shining to the modern day Insidiouses and Conjurings, it is my obligation, my calling to resurrect what is buried deep in irrelevancy by the incompetent fools you see today. The Tag Team Championship. This thing was very much coveted. It was fought for, multitudes of partnerships would emerge because of the thirst for the then prestigious double strap. I've held it during the highs of my stay in this company and it never looked better than when it was around my waist and the old friend. But now it's dead, long forgotten with the so called "champs" addressing them as just another accessory to wear. And the fear long rooted in that locker room, scared for their life to even amount a proper challenge for the titles. "I need to retain my momentum, I can't go against Slim's boys", well then sit the hell down and watch a real men step up to the plate. A championship is only worth vying for if you're willing to die for them, breaking your goddamn bones from your limbs to savor the final scenes of holding those belts above your heads. The kind of mentality I'm seeing from the teams around here are pathetic, go ahead collect your pay and get your trash off of my arenas! I stand right here right now, declaring the Revolution Of Mentalities. Ladies and Gentlemen, at this very second you are witnessing history. Because I am proclaiming that tonight is the start of a change in scenery around here. And yes, this one will be a moment etched in history as the first ever intergender tag team is born with me and the very capable, young, hungry lion in Sheridan coming together as one to claim our place in history. I could care less who we are facing, Slim, Bart, Echo, Julius? Hell, bring on the entire roster let's make this fun. Slim, pick your stooges. If you're listening right now, decide which one of them will be the victim of the revolution right now. Because Sheridan and I are kicking the door down and coming for 'em. This is for all of you all pathetic asses who needs to see for yourself how to get the job done. This is for all of you people watching the same old repetitive trash from the absolute joke that is the Tag Team Division. This is for BPZ. This is for the Hollywood Success.
  2. The Ryan

    It’s Coming Home

    Much to Josh's surprise, The Ryan enters the premises. A grin decorates his face as he looks amused by what Josh had just said. He stood there on the stage with a microphone. Is that all that you have to say? "Hello, I should've done this because I wanted that. But don't worry, I'll do it for the Queen! Yayy, Football is coming home!". How long did that take? Like 5 minutes? Is that all the air time the guys back there gave you? I don't understand, actually I'm quite amazed. Are they finally beginning to see that you can't even bring people to their seats even if you beg them to? Because damn, that took quite a bit for something so obvious. See, Josh. This is how you and me differ. You come out here, multiple failures behind you spurring you on to finally accomplish something. And that's great and all. But we've seen something like that back in 2014, we don't need another little man overcoming the odds to become successful. Especially with someone who couldn't even begin to do 1% of what he was capable of doing filling in the role, and yes I'm talking about you Humble-Gentleman-Who-Does-Absolutely-Everything-By-The-Book. It's like trying to redo Twilight with Amy Schumer being the lead. It's already terrible, son. We don't need you to make it any worse. While that was you, I am a man who stands on any stage i am given and know that I am very much capable of outdoing any of the extras my employers provide to me. Whether it be Hollywood or BPZ, might it be DiCaprio or someone who calls himself Mr.Now. I don't have any regrets over what i have done in my career because whatever it is that happened before this second, it has propelled me to become this big of a star that you will never be able to even try to replicate. I am a goddamn Hall Of Famer, a living legend who has done it all. And I am above you. I am above this King Of The Ring Tournament. I don't even know why they try to put me up against all these 15 other low class talents that couldn't even lace my boots. Josh I will give you a chance. A chance to feel better about yourself when you're standing across the biggest name that you have and will ever meet across the ring from where you're standing right there. I will perform with one hand tied behind my back, and I'd be amazed if you're able to get me off my feet. So try as you might, Gentleman. I have starring role in the next movie Universal is making and this pretty face needs to stay fresh, so I'll try to end you early. Okay little bud? And to you people in attendance. You're welcome for me salvaging this segment that was originally going to be just that man talking about how great his country is. Yayyy England. Take your 5 minutes in the spotlight. In the end, I will always be the man on focus when this little match up ends. And You're also welcome BPZ, for me raising the usual rating to be higher than what you usually get by appearing here. But I'm on a schedule now. Try not to be too starstrucked and walk off the arena a bit faster, okay Josh? Because let's face it, these people would kill for anyone who can work to stand on that ring instead of you. Aight, lad? Greatest Export, Out.
  3. The Ryan

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    Ziggler would be a good Main Event fixture with someone by his side as that match on RAW showed us. KO and Strowman seemed like they'd make a good team in ring wise. Not sure about their angles cuz so far i have not been impressed. Lars Sullivan is overrated. TOMASSO CIAMPA VS JOHNNY GARGANO MATCHES HAVEN'T BEEN GREAT AT ALL.
  4. The Ryan

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: June 25th 2018

    Great. They're turning Strowman into a joke before his cash in against Lesnar. Thanks WWE. maybe Strowman will feel bad for cashing in and then give the title back to Lesnar if he wins it. That's a good move from WWE turning Bayley heel. Her stock would defo rise now and I think it'd be nice if down the line Sasha also turns heel and reunite with Bayley to take on someone like Ronda. And i think we are getting a multi men match after all. Fatal 5 Way with Roman, Seth, Dolph, Drew and Lashley. IC not getting its own spotlight. This is what happens when you drop the belt to a Dolph smh. Altho his match with Seth was great. I'd probably skip Corbin VS Finn and Bliss VS Jax at ER. Corbin doing that Corporate Kane 2.0 look and that 3rd match really putting me off.
  5. I'm taking CHAOS for the 5 on 5 cuz this'll pretty much be BC's night with them getting the main event and also Bucks defending their title, so maybe CHAOS gets their moment of the night. Suzuki and Sabre and on a roll here and i expect them to keep the momentum going and beat Yano and Ishii again Scurll just got this Legend Killer thing going and i can see him continuing the trend until he gets a major opponent 1v1, so I'm taking Page and Scurll. Surely Goto won't lose the title again after winning it back from Elgin post- Dominion. MATANZA CUETO to lose. Bucks just won it, going to retain. They'd probably want to keep their former champions who fell at Dominion strong. Ospreay and Okada ftw. I like this match, rivals going at it again this time with the title on the line after (i heard) both guys put a strong showing against each other at BOSJ. But Hiromu just won it so yeah. Idk too much about the storyline going into this match. But Juice might pick up the win as that plucky underdog. I would love for Cody to win it and to continue this civil war story. He can win it and then Bucks would take Kenny's side with Page and Scurll taking Cody's. That's how you do a proper Civil War story. However Kenny will win just cause he just won the title and he lost at Supercard Of Honor.
  6. Well, this one had potential. RIP.
  7. The Ryan

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: June 11th 2018

    Mahal VS Reigns will prob never start due to wild brawl or cut short from DQ. Just hope it doesn't result in a tag match. And hopefully the Rousey segment will let her do something other than stare at Nia or playing tug of war with her over who's the better friend to Nattie. Both F4Ws might be good tho, can't wait.
  8. The Ryan

    NJPW Dominion 6.9 Discussion

    Match 1 IWGP JR Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: SUZUKI-GUN (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) (c) VS Roppongi 3K (Sho & Yoh) Match 2: David Finlay & Juice Robinson VS CHAOS (Jay White & Yoshi-Hashi) Match 3: CHAOS (Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii) VS SUZUKI-GUN (Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre JR) Match 4 NEVER Openweight Championship: Hirooki Goto (c) VS Michael Elgin VS Taichi Match 5 IWGP Tag Team Championship: Los Ingobernables De Japon (EVIL & SANADA) (c) VS The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) Match 6: Rey Mysterio, Jyushin Thunder Liger & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Bullet Club (Marty Scurll, Hangman Page & Cody) Match 7 IWGP Jr Heavyweight Championship: Will Ospreay (c) VS Hiromu Takahashi Match 8 IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Tetsuya Naito (c) VS Chris Jericho Main Event IWGP Heavyweight Championship, 2 out of 3 falls No Time Limit: Kazuchika Okada (c) VS Kenny Omega
  9. Ayako's the hot property rn so defo her. Ima bet Trish and Lerae's got higher pop and you'd want to maintain that, so I'll bet on them both. And I'll pick the Beautiful People simply because i like em better lol.
  10. The Ryan

    Cruiserweight Championship Discussion

    I read that they're no longer gonna showcase the cruiserweights on RAW so idk if this thread still warrants it's place in the RAW page. They're still with RAW but only at Live Events. Things are looking up recently with all the improvements we've heard about. The more regular addition of UK guys like Bate has also helped the quality of the product. I'd like to see TJP go back in the running as his technical work is looking fine again but his obvious weakness is his boring character. And i think they're right to set up Gulak to challenge and possibly win the title as Gulak rn looks great and would do great things as CW Champ.
  11. The Ryan

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    Elias' guitar segments are wastes of TV Time Aside from that Mania SD Women's match, Carmella has been more entertaining as champion compared to Charlotte. (Mostly due to programs with Riott and Nattie) Sonya Deville is great, would make a great title contender if booked right. Bobby Roode hasn't been good ever since he got called up and turned face.
  12. The Ryan

    World Cup Sweepstake

  13. I still don't get how Elias is over. But even so, Rollins should win this match. Tc4 made a good point, Seth should go to the main event and challenge Brock as there's no other good face that he's yet to beat. But i just see Seth retaining here.
  14. The Ryan

    Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    Josh has got a point actually, it's a bit too early for Ronda to win the title now so it'd make sense for Nattie to interject herself in the match and win the title off of Nia (to protect Ronda). Plus it's been said that RAW will be getting the Women's MITB and it'd make sense there. Although maybe anyone else could've done that as well. Alexa is a very good option but to match the scenario I've set earlier, Sasha would be a great pick. I know that everyone's prob sick to death by Sasha rn but it might reinvigorate her career and winning the title and actually keeping it would be good for her. And before a WM Main Event worthy showdown with Charlotte, i bet y'all wont mind seeing a Ronda VS Sasha feud for the title.
  15. The Ryan

    Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    You're missing the plot,again. Everyone wants Miz to win, not just the WWE but the fans. Even the fans are more behind him than WWE. I haven't seen a lot if any criticism towards Miz in the past year. And the pop when he won the IC title off of Roman is one of the proof to that. And he's not over because of his ring skills we all know that (although he has been excellent in his role imo) but the way he carries himself in the ring that's always captivated the fans to give reactions to everything he's doing. With the way they're going I don't think even WWE can make Miz go stale anytime soon. And WWE hasn't even touched on Bryan V Miz apart from that one time Kurt mentioned Bryan wanted Miz on SmackDown, what are you on about. Explaining how and why Miz is over, yeezus christ.