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  1. Ark Universe

    Huge name appearing at Crown Jewel

    WWE made the choice between morals and money. They chose money and decided if they are going for it might as well go all in.
  2. Ark Universe

    Who's Your BPZ Mentor?

    I have had a few people help me directly or indirectly. The big one would have to be Slim for really helping me make a name for myself. Kayfabe wise it was he who must not be named and FDS who helped me shape my kayfabe in my early stages.
  3. My "They are going to eff this up" senses are tingling. I feel like they are going to rush this match and end up giving Brock the title to hold again while they think of a plan. I hope I'm wrong, but
  4. Ark Universe

    Smarks Daily

    Hello all you BPZ fans! I am the host with the most to boast, Ryan Jones! You might remember me from Whatculture! well, after a hefty buyout, you will now find me here, on Smarks Daily, giving you the news every Sunday. I'll think of a cool name for the segment later, but let's get right into it shall we? Evolve Global Series The Evolve PPV was a smash hit, with the most profit of any Evolve show this year. The show itself was very well done, with a great match after great match. Ark defeated Gill, returning with the flashy moveset we all got used to before making Gill submit to what he has rechristening as the Arsene Kneebar. The rest of the night consisted of the Flock proving that Evolve was theirs, with Marker and Storm being a match where Marker shows just how ruthless he is. After nearly breaking Storm's neck, which by the way is rumored to actually put Storm out of action for months maybe, he proceeded to beat him after the bell, throwing him from the top of the stage out to the floor. An absolute madman. In the nights most hyped showdown, The Flock versus Kingdom for the Tag belts resulted in the Flock just oh so barely pull ahead and get the victory. Even though that match was a Flock victory, I have a feeling the war is only just begun. Finally, Jason Ryan has crowned the Global Champion, a fitting end to Flock's devastating night. With the Flock on full throttle, who can stop them? Evolve or Die Evolution has made its return to BPZ. The Faction war heats up as now The Flock and The Kingdom have a group of hardened vets. I'm excited to see this Necce versus Flynn ending predicted? So, with the Evolution created, people are saying that Flynn might be being built to win, with Necce retiring. The theroy fits, as it is said that Necce used his name to build up the Flock before passing it on. This would fit for the 3 factions to each have 3 members. I don't know about you guys, but it makes sense to me. And that's all that I care to talk about today, I will see you next week! Before I go allow me to say, fuck BPZ Commentaries.
  5. Ark chuckles at the altercation. You can ask them all you want Storm, they are going to make themselves present in the match no matter what you say. That's how factions work. You got to just expect every match against them to be a handicap match...And Marker, please come on. Its 2018 man, we don't use queer as an insult anymore. If you wanted to insult me just called me a sheep, flocking...to...its...shepherd....hey Necce. Ark laughs and points to a reporter. Reporter: So you understand that you don't have the best track record this year. What is different now than last time Well, I guess I simply realized what I'm fighting for. I lost hope honestly. I said things I honestly didn't believe deeply. I had accepted my fate of being obsolete in this faction based time, given in to evil. However, Henrico snapped me out of it. He relit an old flame. Now, I am once again fighting to be the best, and I will have fun all the way there no matter how bumpy the ride. Reporter: So what is this match with Gill to you? This match....is just a match. I don't have any hard feelings to Gill, I was kinda shocked how dead set he was to 'dismantle my career" I wouldn't say we were friends but I thought we were closer than that. However, if he is treating it like that, then I guess Gill is just another one to add to my list. A list that started with Necce... Ark looks over and waves Needless to say, I honestly see this match, a training match, a warm-up to bigger fish to fry. I aim to win of course but this match and Gill himself holds no interest to me. He is just someone else thinking little of me. A dime a dozen. I get nothing but satisfaction from seeing the looks on everyone's face that I am truly back, but that matters little to me. Satisfaction won't put that Global Title back in my hands. Satisfaction won't help me find out who drove the car... Reporter: Thank you for your time. The pleasure was all mine.
  6. Ark comes out to a chorus of cheer and does a theatrical bow before taking a seat, a complete 180 from his opponent's entrance. He winks at the audience before grabbing the mic. Don't mind Gilly over there. You can rest assured ill make sure this panel and our match is as "flashy" as it can be. Ark chuckles then leans his chair back as he waits for the panel to start.
  7. Ark Universe

    Against Me

    Evolve opens up to its usual fireworks and fanfare. The commentary team is hyping the show as usual and the fans are ready for a night of action that can only be found here on Evolve. Suddenly the lights dim and the Tron lights up. It has an old-time static effect before turning clear. It shows scenes of old riots and anarchy. A voiceover from Ark can be heard while the clips play. For months now I have had to sit and watch as my name, my legacy, my career was slowly disregarded and forgotten. I had become too passive, I had lost that spark, I had lost.....my way. I had forgotten who I was. Now, I remember. Seeing the rise of factions once again, just like that of last year, showed me what my purpose was. It showed me why I had gotten to where I was in the first place. To hear about those ushering in a new era, to hear about the greats of the old era, to not hear my name mentioned once in either... struck a nerve in me that woke up that sleeping beast, it lit that flame inside me once more. I remembered why I was here in BPZ, how I got here...by following my code. To get the spotlight, I had to take it. I had to dazzle, to not just be at the show, but BE the show. A new era is coming, and I want my name at the forefront...so I'm going to put it there. History isn't made by the losers, nor the winners. Its made by the determined! The video ends and we return to Ark in the ring, mic in hand. He waits for the crowd to quiet down before beginning to speak. It feels like I have woken up from a long dream. It feels like I was in a faraway place and now suddenly I'm back. I don't know how or why, but losing that belt earlier this year through me off course so much that I wasted this year. I have two months to salvage it. And you can bet that I'm going to give it a run for all its money. First and foremost, my match at the Global Series Finale. I have to redeem my past self of its passiveness and show you all why I am THE Show. Expect an entrance to be remembered and a performance to give it at the very least 4 stars. That other star relies on Gill really. Hopefully, he comes with his fire and his fight, but I'm coming harder. Stronger. Faster. I'm going to fly even higher, soar even longer, and remind everyone backstage, at home watching, and in the crowd, why I am one of the best to run this ropes and touch this sky. We don't have long Gill, but a woman scorned doesn't bring the worst fury in the world, it's an Ark that's been forgotten. I have to reestablish Ark's Army. I have to rebuild the loyal fans of the 96, I have to show everyone backstage that finally, Ark has reawoken and that a new challenger approaches. Ark pauses and smirks before sliding out of the ring. He reaches under it and pulls out a flagpole. attached to the top is a flag with a red A in a circle. He slides in the ring and plants it on a turnbuckle. It is customary to raise your colors before the war. Well, I'm declaring war. Why? Because there is something more pressing then Gill. It's not letting snakes slither way. I have not forgotten. I was viciously attacked and hounded by one faction. The Frontier. The Flock, whatever they call themselves now. I was hit by a car, beat down not once but twice, I was disrespected and called out by name. Well, here's my response. You wanted to break me, you wanted to end my career, and that failed. You tried to use a car, and that failed. You beat me down as a unit twice, and that failed. Well, here I stand. Ready. Willing, and Able. Everyone is talking about Flock versus Kingdom. That's the war splitting BPZ. Everyone is taking sides. Well, I'm drawing my own line. It's Flock versus Kingdom...Versus Ark. I don't care who, how or what happens. I am fighting for my own spot in history. I don't see friends. I only see enemies. Enemies are better to have then friends. At least enemies have the decency to stab you in the chest. Friends are just enemies that stab you in the back. I learned that the hard way. Ark looks around then glances at the stage. I have to claim my spot at the top. If that means going through the two warring factions, then so be it. Gone are the days of playing nice. I'll play by the rules, but now I fight to end. The saying for most factions goes you're either with me or against me. Well...no one is with me so that only leaves one conclusion. Ark drops the mic and salutes his flag before sliding out the ring and walking towards the entrance. The camera zooms in on Ark's flag, still there, as if claiming the ring, no, as if claiming Evolve as his territory.
  8. Ark Universe

    Swan Song

    Evolve comes back from commercial break with a closed casket in the ring. The crowd is confused until the lights dim and Henrico walks out with a covered canvas and a stand. He enters the ring and sets the stand a canvas next to the casket. He turns and takes a deep breath before removing the cover and revealing the canvas to be a picture of Ark. The crowd is speechless, clueless to what is going on. You all know who I am. I was Ark's mentor, his tutor, the one who led him during his younger days at Dragon's Gate. I was his coach, his father figure...his friend. I have been with Ark his entire career. I knew what he was feeling the entire time, and I was forced to watch as bit by bit as BPZ destroyed his smile. I watched him grow from the little kid doing flips and tricks to the underdog...to this. He was so excited when he received that call fro, BPZ. He thought he had finally done it, he had made it big. We at Dragon's Gate were happy for him. We knew he was a young prodigy, one of the best high-flyers to run these ropes. He did come with a bit of a cocky attitude but that was wrinkled out soon enough. He fought for fun, to make other people smile and feel good. He saw the darkness, the despair, he saw the low roads that some people took to make to the top he made an oath to himself to prove that you could make it with your soul intact. He fought to bring light to a world shrouded in darkness. He thought that people would respect that, that he could find friends willing to take the hard road. He was met with ridicule, with honeyed words followed by toxic daggers. by beatings at the hands of not one or two, but upwards of three and four men....to getting hit by a car then beat down the next week. Then the week after that. Then expected to suck it up and go out again. And he tried to keep that smile. He tried his best to keep his smile in front of you all that is. He had lost it long ago. Now, the Ark that you knew is dead. The Ark that struggled with keeping his demon happy when he wanted to collapse in despair is gone. He is in this casket right here. Shall I open it for you? Henrico walks over and grabs the lid of the casket. He unlatches the top then slowly opens it revealing.....a nothing. The Ark that was labeled a loser, a wash-up, a failure, that Ark is gone. The Ark that was made to seem like the worst thing to step in this ring, even though he was better than half the roster, is gone. The Ark that was labeled the worst of his generation is gone. Why is he gone? Because it had to die. It had to be erased, it had to be burned to ashes so that from the ashes, Ark could be reborn! Ark is back! Ark looks around, straight-faced. He pauses then smiles to deafening applause and cheers before posing then making his way the ring. He hugs Henrico before taking the mic from him. He quiets the crowd who are chanting for him, having missed him in the past weeks. I have not been me the past weeks. I have been in a dark place. I was face to face with my demons. I looked each one in the eye and called them by name. Regret, Revenge, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Anger, Futility. I looked them all in the eye and told them to get out. That they had NO control over me. I dealt with my inner demons and cleansed myself of them. They, however, are only half of the reason my smile was lost. I have to announce my new resolve to my outer demons as well. So. Buddy, Jason, Marker. Necce now I guess. I now know for sure, one of you hit me with that car. I know without a fact you all had no remorse as you all beat me down in this ring for no reason but to try and break me! Well...Im haven't given up, and I'm not broken! So consider that attack a declaration of war. I might not have any allies, but ill fight all the same. First, I have to face Gill, but ill talk more about that another time. I came here to say one thing. I won't lose this smile no matter what. No matter how bad the defeat, how bad the beating, I'm going to get up and smile. Each defeat only leads to more experience. Each beatdown only means I am becoming more and more of a threat. So come all you weak and wicked. Ark stands before with a light you can't extinguish. You are all welcome to try your hardest, but one by one you will all fall. It might take a day, a month, a year. But I am here. And I'm not leaving! Ark tosses Henrico back the mic and poses atop the turnbuckle. He has a big smile on his face and according to him, it's not leaving anytime soon. Ark is back with a passion and he has declared war on the Flock. A bold claim and we all have to wonder how he plans to back that up with no allies and enemies all around. If there is one person you can bet on to fight on when the odds are against them, its Ark!
  9. Ark Universe


    Ark is shown in room, sitting in a chair. He has his head in his hands and remains that way until a door opens and Henrico walks in. He sees Ark and opens his mouth to speak but Ark cuts him off, his head still looking down. You said you knew the way. The Drifter. Block Ark. You said I had to change my look, change my way of doing things. Ark, there is- No! You knew nothing. It is ok. I know things are looking bad- I know what you're going to say. You are going to say I didn't change enough. That I was still good mannered Ark who refused to trash talk, to treat everyone with even a grain of respect, Ark, who refused to lower himself to dig for the truffles like the other pigs in BPZ....but you were right.. it doesn't matter. Cause no matter what I say or do, Ark is branded in this fucking company. He is a loser. Ark looks up at Henrico. Where you would expect a sad expression, his is one of anger. Henrico, I told you. I refused to change because I want to do this for fun. Fun. You know what doing this for fun gets you? Hit by a car and then beat down in your first match back. That's what fun gets you. It means people ignore all the great things you have done, ignore you obvious growth, ignore that everyone's saying the same things, ignore that I held my chin how after it got hit hundreds upon hundreds of times, and only see the picture painted by the greats. A loser. Someone who was "given" a chance a blew it. I was given nothing. I earned my chances, and sometimes I failed, sometimes I succeed. I was given nothing. I tried your way. Take it. That's not me Henrico. I just want to make people smile, make people happy. Have someone turn on their TV and have their day get brighten just from seeing me on screen. You know what they see instead. Me getting beat down before, during, and after the match, then afterward getting blamed for blowing the opportunity. Around here Henrico, bad deeds go unpunished good ones are returned along with a death threat. I wrestled for fun, to entertain, to have a good time. Not to sit here, nursing half a dozen broken ribs and a concussion from being maliciously hit from a car. I can't succeed here. They refuse to let me. They don't want a light, they want a world of darkness, backstabbing, and betrayal. I wanted to show people that this place isn't bad, that it could be saved, that all you need is hard work. I found out I couldn't do it alone. However, whenever I find friends, they stab me in the back, they turn away from the hard way and do it the easy way. Light cant survives in crushing darkness. I think I need to admit that....light can't win this time... Henrico once again tries to speak but stops himself. I will finish this Global Series. Try to end on a high note. After that...I think Ark will have to hang up his boots. Ark stands up and walks out of the room, brushing pass Henrico. Henrico sighs and shakes his head. He just needs a push. A lighter to reignite the flame.
  10. Ark Universe


    Evolve is in high spirits following the start of the global series, however, the mood changes as Ark walks out, limping and bandaged. Within the span of a week, he has been hit by a car then beat down after his day one lost against Buddy Ace. He still has his guitar on his back and his unique earpiece mic. He gets in the ring and stands in the middle. The crowd is all chanting his name, however, Ark hears it. Pity. He hears the pity in their voice. He sighs and opens his mouth to speak but says nothing and closes it. He takes his guitar off his back. He looks at it, tears at the corner of his eyes...then sets it down. He then takes off his earpiece and sets it on top of the guitar. He looks around, Bows then limps out of the ring and down the ramp. He limps all the way to the entrance where he pauses for a second. He takes a deep breath, ragged and painful, before limping out the arena, not turning back at all.
  11. Ark Universe

    EVOLVE Global Series: 7th September (Votings)

    Feel I should win because my Kayfabe had both quality and quantity over the entire feud, even turning a mishap into a storyline
  12. Ark Universe

    Snakes in the Grass

    We are the here the Evolve after SummerSlam, and everyone is waiting to hear the backlash of what occurred off camera backstage during Summerslam. The titantron then flickers and We see Ark, sitting in his usual room. He has bandages around his head and his open shirt shows yet more bandages. He has his eyes closes but opens time after a short period of time. I made it clear, that I wanted the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. I made it clear that it was to be a message, the warning bell for Block Ark in the Global Series. However, when the IC match started. Ark wasn't present. It's crazy how fast rumors circle. The first big theory was that Ark had simply realized he couldn't win. Until the actual news came out. Preceding Summerslam, I was entering the arena. As I was leaving the parking garage, I was hit by a car. The crowd is stunned at the confirmation of what had been announced prior. Now, this a BPZ parking garage, so there are no random people in the garage. Only.BPZ.Superstars. I did see a face. However....i can't remember it. I cannot recall the features of the face. I try so hard, but i cannot. However. I don't think I stand alone on who the first suspect is. Buddy Ace. My Day One opponent. Well, Buddy does have the motive to take me out, with our match approaching so soon. It would be almost to easy to place the blame on him. The Crowd roars for Ark to beat Buddy for what he has done. Now, Now. Please. We don't know for sure it was him. No mob mentaility. However, I will ask him, or whoever the attacker was, to just come out and admit. Don't hide. Don't attack from the shadows. You all think I'm all talk anyway, well, why did you find yourself having to hit me with a car. You sought to take me out, to get rid of what you perecied as a threat. However, this next part is going to hurt your feelings. If you thought this could make me drop the Global series, your dead wrong. This, this just gave me the motivation to push even harder, cause it means my message has gotten through, and that I am making my point loud in clear in someone's head that I am the threat, I am not a failure, and they don't like that idea, that someone they thought they were better then, has now turned the tables. Well, to quote a certain titan. You did all that, for a drop of blood. So However attacked me, beware, because you have allowed me to go even further beyond and have only accepted my growth, not stunt it as you had set out to do. Day One approaches, and I am more than ready. And to my attacker, your not forgotten, but I'm not going to exceed the energy right now to find you. However, if you would like to come out and admit to it, by all means, do so. If not, well, I'll be going on a snake hunt, and don't think I don't know how to weed them out. Ark closes his eyes and takes a deep breath that causes him to flinch ever so slightly. The camera then goes off.
  13. Ark Universe

    KSI vs. Logan Paul & Deji vs. Jake Paul: Discussion

    The match is set to happen the day after I move in, and my entire dorm room has agreed to stream the match and watch it. I think KSI to win, but i honestly want Logan to win, only cause I feel like KSI has made this extremely personal and it would be extremely funny to see Logan knock out KSI and watch everyone just get quiet. I haven't kept up with the undercard, but the same applies to Deji versus Jake.
  14. Ark Universe

    Broken Record

    The Evolve fireworks go off, signaling the start of the best show in BPZ. The commentary team is hyping up the show tonight when Ark's theme starts playing. Ark makes his entrance, no guitar in his hands. He steps into the ring and turns on his headset. He is quiet for a moment then begins to talk. Lately, it seems a lot of people have been very venomous with their words, yet each one says the same thing. Not a single person has said something different to me since I have returned. "Ark you're a failure, Ark you blew your opportunities, Ark you failed as champion. Let's backtrack a little bit. Ark, you're a failure who has main event more shows then I have. Ark, you blew impurities by not giving up no matter how hard it seemed and accepted the loss, whereas my punk ass would have complained about the match being unfair and then made excuses after losing, Ark you failed as champion because you won the title right before being traded, moved up, or by losing it to the same man who beat me. What it sounds like to me, is people trying to make themselves feel better and more confident by feeding into the lies to make some better than them, seem worst then them. Let's set some facts right now. I am the only person in Block A who has held more than one title, fact. I am the only person in Block A to main event two or more shows. Fact. I am the only person in Block A who has beaten the so-called legends of BPZ. fact. So now, let's have a talk. Buddy and Jason. I see that I need to beat some respect into you. I tried to tell you, to share my wisdom of why being a rude little shit as a rookie only works at first. Yeah sure, you get some attention for calling out established superstars, but one by one, you end up biting off more then you can chew, then you make excuses. Well, after I win Block Ark. I want all of you to come out to this ring, and I want you all to apologize. I want you all to man-up and say Ark Universe, the failure, the opportunity waster, the paper champion, beat you clean in the middle of the ring. Maybe then a little humility will seek into your skin. Ark stops talking as the crowd has gotten worked up. He silences them then chuckles. I bet your all fuming backstage. I'm sure one of you, or even all of you want to run down here, still spouting off some nonsense about how you'll beat me and show me how much of a failure I am, further proving my point without realizing it. So I say to you, get mad. train up, and bring me a fight. In the end, I don't care if I win or lose, but I care about one thing. You will NOT downplay the skill and heart I show in this ring. You will NOT act like my entire career has been nothing but fuck-ups. You will respect me, and I don't care if I have to make sure that none of you walk out of Block A healthy, so even if you win, you still go into that match beaten, bruised and battered from the hell on earth Ark had unleashed in that ring. So be prepared, cause, at the end of the day, you will respect. or you will be left adrift. The same goes for whoever else answers the Sameer Invitational. That is the first step, the first call that I am back when I walk away with that belt, it will the warning sign to Block A that I am back. So Sameer, you should be on your guard, and however else wants to answer it, remember that Ark will be there in full strength. Ark turns off his headset and looks around before turning to walk out the ring towards the ramp. Ark has spoken his mind and has laid his terms plan.
  15. Ark Universe

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: August 13th 2018

    Letting Heyman talk for Roman is best for business. I will say, Roman has shown improvement on the mic, but i feel like having Paul Heyman hype him up will make him more likable.