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  1. Ark Universe


    "Or will you fucking fight back!" Ark's theme blares throught out the stadium as Ark makes his entrance. He walks calmly to the ring, grinning. He steps in and looks at bart before raising the microphone he had brought with him. I don't like you Bart. You have every trait that i despise in people. But none of that is important right now. Whats important was that air of condescendence don't try to downplay what i have done. What amazes me, is that you are a shining example of what i talk about. Ignoring all i have done and focusing on my failures. ITs almost....almost like your afraid and refuse to see the brillance that stands before, least it blind unworthy eyes. Could that be why you look forward to this match?So that i could beat the living shit out of someone but you? You say the outcome is predictable, yet here i am, here you are. So why not see how predictable that match would be. The audiance cheers at thought of the match happening now. Ark walks around Bart. He has a frown on his face as he talks and walks. Is it a excuse to say this company's management downplays every thing i do? Is it a excuse to mention that if you go to the Evolve Takeover homepage, am i advertise for the show? Me the GODDAMN NUMBER 1 CONTENDER!? No. Of course not. Cause i am treated with nothing but disrespect in this company. So now, thats changed. So say what you want, none of it matters. All that matters is what gets done in this ring. So call the ref, and lets settle this whole situation. Ark tosses the mic and leans in the corner, taunting Bart.
  2. Ark Universe

    They Will Be Crushed

    A masked man stands in the ring. Chair raised over Marker. Ark starts to way from behind the entrance. The crowd starts to cheer, thinking Ark has come to save Marker. Ark frowns and raises the mic he brought. Again. Once again the chair falls on the prone body of Marker. Again. The masked man raises the chair and hits Marker directly o the back. Ark gets in then ring and circles Marker. Again... the forth chair fall is met with a scream of pain from Marker. Ark takes the chair and sets it up directly over Marker. He then turns towards the Ramp. The clocks ticking Ross. I don’t want to do this, but your forcing my hand. Marker’s blood is on your hands. I’ll admit, Marker is a nice young talent. He could go far in this company. I would hate to have to end what could be a hall of fame worthy career here tonight all because you refuse to give me what I want Ross. All I want us to get what I EARNED I wasn’t given this match, I beat two of the best Evolve has to offer, and earned this match. Now what?I have to face 2 other people to gain what’s mine? No. No. This is a message Ross, and The message is clear. Either I get my 1v1 for that Grand title. or I MAKE it a one on one. Ark stands up and leans down. He pats Markers cheek and says under his breathe, ” I ’m sorry, it’s just business.” before leaving the ring with his masked enforcer. Who is this man and will Ross give Ark what he wants.
  3. Ark Universe

    Pay what you owe

    The Evolve crowd is getting ready for a night of excitement as the show gets ready to start. The opening pyro starts up but stops suddenly. The crowd is confused until “Fight Back” by Neffex starts to play and Ark comes out dragging the pyro technician by the back of his collar, a microphone in the other hand. His face conveys his annoyed attitude as he throw the technician in the ring and slides in afterwards. He places his foot in the back of the technicians head and quiets the crowd. So, let me get this straight. Let me make sure I understand the utter nonsense that are newly crowned GM has said. I put on the fight of my life. I go out and I win a number one contender triple threat match. A match that should have guaranteed me a 1 on 1 match against Bart. No, instead, the newly retired Ross decides to make me have to now fight in a Fatal-4-way. Are you shitting me!? Ark stomps down in the back of the technician. Every time I make ANY progress in this company, management always has to step in and take it away. I beat Prince in a number one contenders match, oh no, defend your NOC against FD. I cash in and beat FD for the Global Championship, oh no, defend it against the fucking Royal Rumble Winner, Who then just gifts the title to Bart. Oh your injuried? Enter a god damn elimination chamber. Day in and day out I give my all, and how am I repaid? With disrespect. Did I argue? Did I complain? No. When it was all over, was I told good job, you fought through it and took it all with your head raised high? No. I was told I was weak. That I was a failure. Weak? There isn’t a single person backstage who can go what I have been through and still have the strength that I have. I’m tired of everything I do being taken away and played down. I defeat Alyx and Sameer, and all everyone, even you traitorous assholes in the stands can talk about is how close it was between Me and Alyx. How Alyx almost had it. How I didn’t pin Alyx. Fuck You, and Fuck Alyx. My moment in the spotlight downplayed in front of my eyes, like I didn’t know it was a close fight, that I WON, not Alyx. Ark picks up the technician and throws him out the ring. The man scrambles up the ramp. Listen to me your bastard in the back called Ross. We started in this company around the same time. We fought tooth and nail for that NXT Championship. Don’t think I care idea your not cleared. I will go back there and fight you again if I don’t get my 1 on 1 for that title. What It seems like to me, as if your protecting Bart. It seems like your scared of me beating this man you all have called the King of Evolve. In fatal 4 way, I could win by pinning some other shumuck added in. No. I was promised Bart one on one. That is what I will get. So get out here Ross. And let’s negotiate whether or not I kick Bart’s ass or your ass. Ark looks towards the ramp, waiting for Ross to come out.
  4. Ark Universe

    The Golden Rule

    The Evolve crowd is in its usual frenzy, as once again Evolve shows why it is the home of one of a kind entertainment. The crowd reaches a fever pitch as Ark's new theme song, Fight Back by Neffex, starts to play. Ark comes out with a grin. He pauses near the ramp takes in the scene. Walks to the ring, high-fiving fans and moving to the beat of his song. He might have come back with a chip on his shoudlder, but he is making it clear that it doesn't extend to his fans. He gets in the ring and pulls out a mic. He looks around then waits for the audience to quiet before speaking. There was this poison inside myself that I have recently rid my body of. It was something I knew I had, but had come to look at it in a good light, as something helpful. In reality, it was hurting not only me, but my career. It ate at me, it tore me up and made me be hakf the man I was, and a quarter of the man I could be. What was this ill-perceived gift called? Humility. I looked at myself, and I said, your a work in progress. Your just getting better, your time will come. I fed myself this lies to make me stay humble, cause I so any form of bragging and flaunting as deadly arrogance. No. Arrogance will kill you slower then humbleness ever will. To be the best, is a mind state. I will not be the best one day. I am the best to day. I'm the best I what I do, and what I do, is put a show unlike anyone else to stand where I'm standing. The crowd cheers him on, chanting His name. People....I have told you that there is the weak and easy way up the ladder, but it isn't the right way. I stand by that, it isn't the right way, but for now, I have to put that aside. I was told to follow the yellow brick road, and that road wasn't easy. It held lions, tigers, and bears. I met people with no brains, no courage, and no heart. I've seen the wicked witch and the flying monkeys, and I have seen the false wizard. The yellow brick road was in shambles, yet every where my foot step, it was repaired and I made the path easier for those to come after me. I cleared the bramble and thorns, and how was I repaid. With spite from those who owe me naught but thanks. With those who see my work, and seek to use my name for their ill gotton gains. Well, that ends. I have come to speak the new golden rule onto this land. Ark chuckles at his use of the word golden, a callback to his first persona in the company. That rule is simply. Speak my name in disrespect, and face the wrath you won't forget. Its easy to follow, easy to grasp. And those who don't understand, and want to try me, they are more then welcome to. Examples aren't easy to come by. I already get to have a free two come next sunday. I have said what I have to say. Lets see who is the first to break rank and test the True King of the Underground, not that false one over on Carnage. Ark drops his mic as his theme starts to play and he walks out the ring. The rule has bee set, and all of Evolve waits to see who will be the first to test this new Ark's resolve.
  5. Ark Universe

    Speculation of next challenger for AJ Styles

    Styles and Joe would be good. Its almost like WWE is trying to show they kinda listen to fans.....after a year or so of us saying it. but it gets through eventually. I wish they gave it to Balor. So him and AJ could have a real feud
  6. Ark Universe

    Brock Lesnar Breaks Title Record At Money In The Bank

    i don't like this. I now feel like they are letting him keep the belt at this point to further spite CM Punk. He has barely been on Raw and i feel like the should not hold the record, as it will have no value since he was gone for most of it.
  7. Don't know who I want to win, I would be ok with whoever wins. I'm sure it will be a great match like always and I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Ark Universe

    Improve The User Above

    Win Ic, your close to it, i feel like you will win it soon Other then that, i got nothing not already said. your doing good Josh.
  9. read and rep if you have't yet, and even if you have read it again. Come on, i want the lines


  10. Ark Universe

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: April 30th 2018

    Titus almost died, but WWE turned into a angle instead of a mishap and its a good save on their part. They really need to have Lesnar drop the belt. The universal title is a joke at this point, and if anything i consider the IC the Main event tile of Raw. Braun has really grown on me and i love every match he has been in recently. Raw was good in all, and im starting to regain my love for watching it live.
  11. Ark Universe

    The Jagged Crown.

    As we come back from commercial Break, Ark is shown in the ring. He has a chair but he isn’t sitting in it, but next to it. The crowd is obviously confused as to why, and they wait patiently for a explaintion as to why Ark doesn’t sit on the seat he has Brought to the ring. Ark himself is silently waiting. When he finally speaks the arena quiets down to a hush. Alyx Wilde. He thinks that he has me all figured out. He thinks that I have lost everything that I am nothing if not a incompetent superstar. That, as he put it in so crude terms, all I do is lose. Alyx Wilde...Is a liar. Cause he doesn’t seem to realize that even in my defeats, I outshine most of the BPZ roster, and the majority of the Evolve one. Why don’t I say all, cause I am a humble man at the very least. The crowd is in shock at the moment. They didn’t expect Ark to speak with so much venom on his voice. Ark doesn’t give them a minute to think to much, moving on.It strikes a nerve you know? When you try your best to take the high road, to avoid the trash talk, the mind games, the ambushes, the outside help, when you do it all with nothing but your skill and body and mind. And those who have lied, betrayed, and cheated to prosper look down on you. Alyx thinks nothing has changed in the 6 or so months he has been gone from this company. And he is right. It’s still the shithole it is, with everyone looking for the easy way up, and not the right way. No one works anymore. Ark takes a deep breathe. He looks at the chair then stands up. He circles the chair. It is a crude analysis to say I lost my opportunities. I don’t lose anything. Every match, every time I step out here, I better myself and I make the most out of it. If anything, I have had more opportunities stolen from me then I just lost. Even when the odds aren’t in my favor I don’t just walk away, because the lost could effect my record, no. No. That, that’s bitch shit. I fight. Tooth. Claw. Nail. I didnt care of it was the biggest dog in the doghouse. I took the fight to Slim. To Flynn. To Elliot. To Brad. To FDS. I might not have won all of them, but I fought. I gave it my all and none can say I was utterly defeated. I gave each and everyone one of them a fight that didn’t disappoint. Me, a simple US division star, giving it to Former World Champions. You would think that was enough right? No. Haters didn’t like that. They didn’t like to see me doing better the they were, even when they were cheating. They discredited me. They made me defend my hard earned opportunities....against the top brass. And I still didn’t flinch. They made me fight in my weakened state. I was broken yet I still entered the chamber. Why? Cause I was willing to fight. I couldn’t just quit. Yeah I lost, but me, injured Ark Universe, was second elimination. Was that enough? No. No. Cause they don’t care about how much or how little work you put in. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. A friend in a high place gets your more then skill does. isn’t that the truth....Ark stops circling. He is facing the chair now. He looks at it, but his eyes seem to be focused on something under it, seeing through the chair. This chair. It is the metaphorical throne of the 96,of the underground, of the unheard, unseen, and unwanted that still lower their shoulders and charge toward their goal. Cause it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. All that matters is what they do. They can think that Arks nothing but a loser. They can think that Ark is nothing but a lovable underdog destined to fail. They can think Ark is whatever they want Ark to be, but what the truth is, is that Ark is unbroken. And I will not let what they think, alter reality. My entire career I humbled myself. It was prince of the underground, prince of the 96. No, I’m not a prince. I’m not next in line, I am the crowned king in his jagged helm. So now, what was nearly two years on the making. I sit the throne I refused to occupy. Cause I know better now. And soon so will they. With that Ark sits and is quiet as his theme song starts to play. The crowd is buzzing as they all talk about this Ark, who’s tired of the disrespect thrown his way. Now he has snapped back, and the Evolve landscape has changed because it. Ark sits quietly as Evolve fades to the next scene.
  12. Ark Universe

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Rebellion | May 11th 2018

    Im Back and I'm Better
  13. Ark Universe

    BPZ Inside Source

    I wouldn't mind being on BicTV
  14. Ark Universe


    The crowd begins cheering again as "Black Beatles" starts playing, signaling the arrival of Ark Universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGsPPeEClzk Sameer, thank you for your kind words. I can't say that they didn't move me a bit inside. However, there are a few errors and mistruths in your speech, that I feel like I have to come out and rectify. Ark steps int he ring and grins at Sameer. Your correct, I am not the Show-Stealer. I am the Show-maker. I come out and I amaze like none before me and set peaks for those after. I bring to life my words and my moves in this ring, because my matches are more then a brawlfest of fist of kicks, its a intricate play of high-flying and technical prowess. I don't steal the show, I make the show. It is you Sameer, who steals the show. Ark's face turns serious as he starts to circle Sameer. March, 2017. Ark Universe versus Sameer. The finals of the Evolve Tournament to determine the Number 1 contender for Yelich's loosely held title. Sameer, coming of a pair of underhanded wins, was the favorite against the fair player Ark. We put on a show. Then. it happened. You were right there, prone on the ground. I climbed up the top, ready to fly and win it all. When I...was...pushed. Who pushed me? Who had just cost me what was my mine, what I could have attained but was delayed by a full year? Alyx Wilde pushed me off the top I had claimed. through hard work I had made it only to be pushed from behind, and what did you do? You went straight for the cover, without a second thought. It didn't matter how you made it, it was the destination that mattered. Ark pauses behind Sameer, who had started straight ahead, not turning with Ark. Now, you mentioned Alyx. Seems you might be looking at this moment with lens of nostalgia, like I am. Your expecting Alyx to make a appearance, and insert himself in our match once again. Im waiting for it too. My path to the top has never been a straight line. So, even if he wants to come and join us in this ring. It won't be unexpected, he is just someone that i have had on my mind the past few weeks since he returned. Someone who has cost me not once, or even twice. but three times to many. So Sameer. this match will be my perfect return match, as not only do i get to return in style, i get to finish a chapter left on a cliffhanger for over a year. So fight your hardest, I won't give anything less.
  15. Ark Universe

    The Nest

    Hello, and welcome to the newest news show to grace your screens, The Nest, with your host Kyle Florence. We do tho shows every week. Sunday we do the Three Count, where we give you three new developments from the previous week, and on Friday, we do what we call The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Starting at Rebellion, we will do a Pre and Post show with a special guest if we can. So, let's get into the Three Count. 1! The Rebellion card is starting to be announced with the matches of Ark Universe versus Sameer in a NOC match, Zamasu versus Keiron Black, and Bart versus Smith for the Grand Championship. An exciting card without a doubt and I can't wait to see what else is in store for the event. 2! In a shocking event, BPZ up and comer Marker has put a stain on what was once a promising career after he failed a drug test a few days before rumors said he was booked to win gold with his partner Emperor. He has been Suspended indefinitely. More news is sure to come, and we will be there to give it to you. 3! The backlash was a big success. Notable events include Ross winning the IC championship, Toro defeating Brad, Ruin winning the Tag Team championships, and Slim, Julius, and Bart retaining World, NXT, and U.S respectfully. Well, that's it for today, ill see you This Friday for the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Im Kyle Florence, signing off

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