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  1. Past, Present, Future

    Ark is shown sitting in a chair. He is in a all white suit, a red flower tucked into the chest pocket. He has his eyes close. fingers locked under his eyes. He opens his eyes slowly and looks into the lens. He grins then leans back in the chair. This coming Sunday, the Future is on the line. It is not a matter of who is number one contender, or who is better. This is me defending the future, from a relic of the past. FDS, this new attitude of yours has given you these false sense of being the best. You think you out fear in my heart every time you come out and show dead bodies and blood. All i see is a man tired of being at the bottom, and wants to feel like he has some power in his hands, when in reality all he is doing is losing it letting it slip through your hands with all the innocent blood you spill. All you have left to your name FD, is that you were. You were IC champion, you were Tag, were U.S were, were, were! Ark sits up I already know what your thinking. "Ark, you were Carnage and Tag!" Yes, i was. Keep word. Was. That is past. I don't go out, and throw out my past accolades cause they don't matter. All that matters is that i am going to beat you at Survivor Series in your little No DQ match, and i will beat Nate at TakeOver: Pride. The Future is clear, FD. It has Ark Universe giving FDS another screw loose after the best 8-bit Knee in 2017 and getting the three count. No amount of blood and threats will faze me. See you soon, you Fatally Deranged Superstar.
  2. BPZ Whatculture

    MY GOD! He's back from the dead! that's right, my name is Rashid Jones and Im back here on BPZ WhatCulture to bring you WHAT....JUST....HAPPENED! Now, did miss a lot of the past two weeks, so i'm going to cover both Paranoia and Redemption in a two day period. Paranoia is up first and it was a good night overall. Smith and Echo opened up and it was good match, Echo really proving himself in this classic match. Smith, however, pulled out the victory against the Ca range Supernova. Akki's victory was a nice one, really starting to build himself up more and more. He seem's to be a threat to Summer's US Championship. Akki versus Fear did have some controversy, with the squash of Fear being seen as a bad move. In the events afterward it was rumored that the squash was Akki's idea and he pushed for the creative team to make it. Nate and Bart was a good match. For awhile it seemed like Bart would win, and alot of fans thought so too, but Nate pulled through with the victory. A good match, Bart is really starting to come in to the BPZ spotlight. Slim versus Sameer was a bloody good match. It met ever expectation set and really exceed on some. Slim once again proved why he calls him self the King. Ark versus Prince was a good main event and both men did very well. No one expected the match to Main Event, but both men showed why the deserved. Ark picked up the win, and he was named number 1 contender. Thanks for tuning in, i will see you tomorrow for Redemption.
  3. Lies of a Sinner

    Ark comes out to his theme song. He looks at FD with a calm expression. He walks past him and lifts the mask off the camera and looks at it. He grins then turns to FD FD, I'm not going to come out here and speak for a long time. I just want to say a few things and ask a few questions. You say everything I did was destroyed the moment I put this piece of plastic over my face? Then look at you FD. What about your mask? I'm not even talking about the one you were every time you step foot in this ring, no, I mean the the one you wear to hide behind. You don't do all this cause you hate everyone and everything, no matter how many times you tell yourself that. An old saying states that if a blind man offers to throw stones, be assured that he has stepped on one. You, FD, have stepped on a lot of stones, and your throwing them all. Why? Because deep down you didn't feel like you wear good enough. Now, now that you have a flawless record...against most of the BPZ staff and faculty, you feel like the man. You feel like you have succeed, like your good enough now. However you were good enough, FD. Before the mask. So was I. So I took my mask off. Can you do the same? Ark walks up the stage and hands FDS the mask before walking past him You say you have succeeded? Then this it it. You have peaked and capped here tonight. Me, i haven;t succeed yet. And that fact alone, means Survivor Series is already decided. The winner is the man who hasn't reached his peak, who is still growing and getting better. Not the man who has reached the limit of all he can do. The saddest part, i reached what you called your limit last month. Ark leaves on the note, the mask still in FDS's hand as his theme song plays.
  4. The Hard Truth

    Ark comes out to his usual fan fare. He is all smiles as he high fives fans as walks down the ramp. He hops in the ring and ask for a mic from the time keeper. He is about to speak, but first goes under the ring and grabs a chair. He sits it in the center of the ring then sits and starts to talk. Why did I sit down? Because I can't stand this façade that FD puts on. He goes out there and tries is utmost best to just seem as crazy as possible. I see less blood in a slasher film when I compare it to a recent FD promo. It seems the recent promo triggered the wannabe Jigsaw cause I said "bury." Even though I didn't mean it in the term that we all know about, he got so scared at the word he automatically jumped and had to make a scene where he could actually kill me. FD is doing everything in his power to seem like a crazy psychopath, when all he really had to say was "I can beat Ark at Survivor Series" and that alone is the craziest thing he has said. Ark leans forward in the chair Listen up FD, I don't care how much fake blood you show in your videos, I have been through much worst then anything you could do to me, and I survived it then. You might scare other people, but I don't fear you. If anything, I pity you. Look at you. A broken man, broken cause all his dreams fail to pieces at his feet. Broken because under the pressure he broke apart. From the pressure, I became a diamond. I said I regret attacking you then FD, but now that I think about it...I don't. If this is the man you truly are then I stopped a pitiful and broken man from becoming champion, and I will do it again, and again, and again FD. I hope a few knee's to your head snaps you back to the harsh reality that the past is on thin ice. You FD, out of all the legends still in this company, you are on ice a centimeter thick. If I have to break the ice, I will FD. Don't make me. I want you to succeed, to become World Champion finally. But not like this. Not as this twisted man, I want you to do it as someone with a ounce of self respect and dignity left in you. Right now, you have nothing worth noting inside you. Ark stands up Survivor Series draws closer and closer FD. So to does the day where I firmly plant my feet and get what I deserve. No longer will I get handed a chance and let it get snatched from my hands again. This time, its different. Ark throws the mic and leaves the ring, walking up the ramp as his theme song plays
  5. No More

    Ark comes down to the ring, his usual energetic self. He steps on to the apron and then once again, starts to lead the crowd in chanting his theme song. He ask for a mic then starts to talk. A lot of people have asked me, "Are you still the good guy?" The answer is yes my friends. I'm still the fan favorite Ark Universe. It's just, i have come to realize that not everyone in this company is deserving of the respect and high standing i give them. Very few in fact. So, thats changed. Now, anyone who lies, who cheats, who steals.....they all are treated the way they are...beneath me. If you follow the way of the light, then i respect you. Will i like you? Maybe, but i will none the less respect you. Those who either wallow or lead in the dark, get nothing but my utmost contempt. People, People are mistaking my kindness, for weakness. They keep trying to denounce my victories because of my defeats. They don't want to see me winning in this company. Well, thats all they will see me doing soon. I will beat FD, at his own game and prove that the I'M the Future of BPZ and he is a failure three years in the making. Elliot and the other guy, they wanted to encroach on the future that i was building, they wanted to try and stop the future before it erased the past, well they got erased them selves. FDS, unless you get out of my way you will be soon be erased as well. I'm not looking at Survivor Series FDS, im looking at Pride, at Nate and that Global Championship. I started this year chasing that damn belt, and i will have it, even if i have to go through a former friend. So FD. Survivor Series is nothing personal. Just know i plan to bury you and your chances 6 feet into the ground. Ark drops the mic and hopes on the turnbuckle as his theme song starts to to play again.
  6. Unearned Glory

    (Tron still being transferred over.) Ark comes out slowly, a edited look. He now has a half mask over half his mouth as he stares towards the ring, looking at FD. He walks down the ramp slowly high fiving fans when he passed them. He stops at the apron then turns towards the crowd and stars having them chant the chorus. "6 Feet!" He climbs the turnbuckle and flips over it like usual, looking up to FDS as he rises slowly. He plucks the mic out of FD's hand and pulls down the face mask. I might not have earned shit according to you FD, but you...aren't...shit. The crowd starts to cheer and yell, chanting "you aren't shit!" FD, i respected you. dare i say i looked up to you. Now I'm looking back I'm seeing what you truly are on the inside. A sad man who takes out his trouble past on others. You talk about me, look at your damn self FD. You greatest fame is coming from you beating the shit out of staff of BPZ. before that, your last moment in the spotlight involved you taking the piss in the KOTR. Which again, i regret letting you pass, but i really wanted to believe that you could finally achieved that dream of being BPZ World Champion. Now i see, you will NEVER achieve that dream. I have retired two has-beens who over stayed the welcome already FD, and I'm about to put down a third behind the shed come Survivor Series. FD starts to get mad, but Ark stops him Don't speak, I'm not done yet FD. Did I love every moment of the attack? No. Being honest, at the time I felt nothing, and i do regret felling nothing. Now, However, i will love beating you down next time. Now back to why I'm really out here. To point out the three dumbass things you said earlier. Dumbass remark number uno. I didn't earn my way into the GCC finals. Well, i didn't. Because there was no GCC anymore. It was a normal number one contender match. So, nice try, follow the program man. Hard to miss whats going on in the A-Show. Dumbass remark number dos That I am lying through my teeth. I'm not lying when i say that You and Brad would make a great team called Third Year Failures. FD, don't be mad at me, cause i am on route to do what you couldn't do in three years. Unlike you, when i say i will succeed i will, no matter how many setbacks, or how many old timers who couldn't hack it try to drag me down. Dumbass remark number tres I won't beat you. That might have been the dumbest thing anyone has said all year. I won't even give that remark a clever response. All I'm going to say is, At survivor Series, i will prove why i am the Future of BPZ. Ark turns to leave he pauses before exiting and laughs. Whats the dumb thing you have on your shirts? Die FD Die? Ha....Since you ask nicely, sure why not. Ark leaves the ring, tossing the mic back in towards FD. He walks up the ramp, slipping the half-mask back on.
  7. Earned it

    Ark comes to the ring with his usual smile. He hops into the ring, mic in hand. He quiets the crowd then begins to speak. FDS. You attacked me last time in was out here. I understand why, as I apologized for what I did not soon after. However, I'm disappointed in you. I understand I took the low road that day. I still regret doing it, but what is not okay, FD, is the lower road your taking now. Beating up not only BPZ superstars but staff as well? That is not the FD I respected. That is not the FD that I apologized to. The FD that attacked me can be as angry as he wants about what I did 3 months ago. You know why? Cause thsg FD is just someone who caved into the desperation and desire of being champion. We all have had are moments, us Underdogs. We have entered the dark in exchange for a chance at glory, but glory won that way is tainted. I pulled my self out of the darkness, but you FD, it looks like I have to pull you out myself. Its funny, cause the perfect opportunity arises soon. You come to Evolve with your maniacal act, and now I have to defend my number one contendership against you. I'm not surprised. In this company I almost never get a one on one straight forward shot against the champion. Its because the champion is almost always aligned with the GM, and the GM to the best of their abilities protects their champion from the Future of BPZ. So they throw a schizoid in front of me, but unfortunately it won't stop me, all it will lead to is me kneeing a few more screws loose in FD's head. The crowd cheers and Ark starts to ride their momentum. I earned this shot! And I will be damned of I let this chance go. We may have a past FD, but that is behind us. Me, I'm looking forward, and all i see is me as global champion, and if your in my way, I will personally move you out of it. So FD, your aren't my former friend in this match. You aren't my enemy either. You are just one more person standing in my way. And I will beat you as such. You can attack me all you want, but you will only serve to assure your own defeat. Ark drops the mic and starts to walk up the ramp. The crowd is cheering and shouting his name. He is ready to defend his contendership as he is shown here today.
  8. What You Did.

    Fade to white.... The scene is now Ark sitting in a pure white room, a polar opposite to FD's moments ago. with a white recliner in the middle. He is standing, his back against the back of the recliner in a white suit, twirling a blood-red rose. He looks away form the camera, the angle only getting his back. I can not deny anything that you have said. Me before SummerSlam,was my second lowest point in my entire career. i was at the very edge of my hope, my desires, and i was willing to do anything. I turned on not only you, but every friend that i had in the BPZ crowd. That was why i lost that Cell match, cause i was not worthy of winning. I took a good look at myself....and woke up. In that moment, i realized something. This is who i was meant to be, not a yes-man, not someone who turned on their friends. So, i apologized to everyone. When i did, it was a blanket statement. Now i see that for you i have to be a bit personal. Ark circles the chair. He sits in it and looks into the camera. I'm sorry, FD. I made mistakes, mistakes that i regret to this day. Your attack, it made us even. You know what that means, FD? It means i owe you nothing going into Survivor Series. That means, no matter what you might think, you are just...one...of...my...opponents. You are just another man in this company, with a twisted mindset that enjoys stepping over other's bodies on your climb to the Iron Throne. So the man who was, no is, my friend. I apologize to. You, however, aren't him. FD was a fighter, he did what he could do, and he did nothing that was beneath him. You? You are beneath him. You are someone who takes out their frustration from their own repeated failures on others. FD, you aren't the man you use to be. So as a friend, as my apology, i'm going to give you a few more knees to the head to undo the blow you took to start this madness. Ark stands and sets the rose on the chair. He talks as he walks away. I'm going to remind you, FD, who you are. You are better then what you have become. You are now nothing but a monster in a man's clothing. Me, i plan to save my friend, as my final apology to him. The camera zoom's into see that the rose is starting to bleed into the chair, staining it a deep, blood red.... Fade to White
  9. BPZ Music League 2

    I'm in it to win it
  10. Taking the Throne

    Ark comes out in a great mood following his win against Prince at Paranoia. He is now the number 1 contender for the retaining Global Champion Nate. He smiles as he enters the ring, mic already in hand. He raises the mic and starts to talk. Prince doubted me. That is all i have to say about that. Prince thought i was weak, that i was all talk. He thinks because i lost to Brad, to Slim, to Flynn, he thought i would be easy. What he failed to think, was that not a single one of those matches were squash matches. I went toe to toe with legends of this company, and each one had to take me seriously or risk losing. Prince failed to see that, and he paid the price, making the same mistake many this year have made....doubting the Future of BPZ. Now, i have set my sights on the next man, and hopefully he won't make Prince's mistake and doubt me. Nate, you have enjoyed having that Global title, ever since Mania. You won that chamber match. The crowd might not remember, but i was there, in a losing effort obviously. However, 7 months have passed since then. 7 months of me growing, while you? You rested on a weak division, and joined The Order. It's funny, you are a member of Order and me? I'm a former member of Chaos. and thats what i will bring onto you. Chaos, to disrupt this your oh-so-precious Order. Your buddy Smith gave me a shot at your title, so when i take it and become the new champion, blame it on him. The future is here and now, and at No Rules, I will- Ark is cut off as a theme the fans no well starts to play, Ark spoke of Chaos and now....
  11. Prince comes out to his theme song, he is all business, methodical as he enters the ring. He steps in the ring and signals for Ark to come out as he sits in the corner, waiting. The fans start to go crazy as the leaked song for Ark universe starts to play. The spotlight is looking for him, and he is finally found at the top of steps in the crowd, on one knee with his hood up. He stands up and flips his hood off as the beat comes in and takes in the cheers. He starts to dance with the crowd as he walks down the steps to the barricade. The crowd is singing along as he climbs the barricade and looks up at Prince. He grins as he enters the ring and takes off his jacket. The ref rings the bell and we are off. Ark and Prince circle each other, Ark dashes in for a feint jab but he turns it into a roundhouse kick, nailing Prince in his head. Ark quickly follows up with a snap suplex, then he rolls over into a pin, only gets a one count as Prince pushes him off. Ark grins at Prince, as Prince is angry at the quick offensive. Ark runs for a dropkick, but Prince ducks and gets up in time to dodge a super kick attempt by Ark. Prince runs forward and hits a big clothesline on Ark. Prince lifts Ark up and sets him in the corner. He steps back and lines up the shot…..big corner dropkick there by Prince. He isn’t done yet. Prince starts to stomp away at Ark, yelling “My show!” Ark rolls out of the ring to avoid the stomps, but Prince exits and goes to Ark, but Ark reverse it, flipping Prince over his shoulders into the Steel steps back first. The Ref has reached a count of 4 as Ark slides in the ring, as Prince staggers back to his feet and enter’s the ring, breaking the ten count. Ark smiles and signals for Prince to bring it. Prince accepts the challange, running at Ark, right into a drop toe hold. Wait, Ark’s not done! He floats over and locks in...That’s Echo’s move! Ark has that crossface locked in tight! Prince flails and hooks a foot on the rope, forcing the rope break. Ark lets go and drags Prince to the center of the ring, into a figure 4 leglock now! Ark wants to see Prince tap! Prince refuses, and starts to beat at the legs of Ark, then he starts landing punches on the head of Ark forcing the hold to be removed. Prince staggers to his feet, his legs hurt from the ferocious figure 4. He catches a punch from Ark and lifts him up for a massive power bomb, but Ark reverses into a hurricanrana onto the second rope! He looks at Prince, then the crowd. He grins then runs to the adjacent ropes, springboards up and over for the Death from Above! He keeps going, running up the turnbuckle, he signals to the back and motions for the championship, then he looks down, RED ARROW! That was Nate’s Red arrow! He goes for the pin 1,2, kick out! Prince refusing to go done. Ark snaps up and aims a kick for Prince, but Prince rolls out the ring, but lighting fast Ark keeps going and hits a superman plancha! He stands up and bows to the crowd before rolling Prince back in the ring. He steps in, but wait! Prince with a pin out of nowhere!He rolls Ark up, 1,2, Ark rolls it into a pin of is own! 1,2, Prince slips out, aims a super kick at Ark’s head! Ark ducks and catches the knee, Triforce Kneebar! It’s locked in, center of the ring! Prince is trying to not tap! He is fighting it, he is crawling to the ropes! Ark lets go and rolls back,Prince rolls over and stands up, right into a 8-bit Knee! Ark catches him before he falls and once again, that Triforce Kneebar locked in, Center of the ring! HE TAPS! Prince has tapped out! Ark releases the hold and celebrates! He lets the ref raises his hand, then he jumps the barricade and celebrates with the fans. He is singing along to his song as he is patted on the back. As the show closes off, Ark is signalling the global title is his into the camera.
  12. EVOLVE TakeOver: Paranoia (Votings)

    Thanks to Prince for a great fued, we made it work for the time we had. I hope my kayfabe was enough to impress
  13. "One Step Ahead"

    Ark steps up behind Prince who has gone quiet. He circles Prince and grins. You not afraid, are ya Prince? You seem a little pale. Look at you. You were so tough, so strong when you attacked me in the ring last time, what happened? Did you feel it? As you were beating me down, did you feel that sense of regret creeping into your skin, cause deep down, you knew that beating me down only made me stronger. Now look at you. Paranoid. You were pretty much rushing this interview. Go ahead. Finish it. Prince starts to talk but Ark hushes him. Prince, huh? What Prince takes orders from someone he once called below him? Paranoia is in a few days....and deep down you feel that that sense of paranoia that everything you got from lying, cheating, and stealing. You know that it is all about to be washed away. You will soon be cursing the name Ark Universe, cause i came to this show, and I prove to you that Hard work will conquer all, no matter how vile, how evil. Sure, it might have taken some bumps on the road, but when its all Said and done. Ark charges forward suddenly and hits a 8-bit Knee on to Prince who is out cold. He leans down and looks at Prince. Evil will always fall to good, Darkness will always be torn away by the shining light, and a false prince will always lose is crown. At Paranoia, not only am i taking the number 1 contender spot, I'm taking your crown. This Sunday, i will be the only True Prince on Evolve. Also, that knee was payback. Or rather, the start of it. The rest will come at Paranoia. So see you there. Ark turns to leave but then looks towards the camera, he smiles mouths the words "Future is Now." then he leaves the room as the camera looks to the still prone body of Prince.
  14. Nia Jax Walk Out Update

    Not going to lie, wasn't the biggest Nia fan, so this doesn't impact me as much, however, its alarming to see so many superstars walking out from WWE of all places. Austin Aires, Neville, now Jax.
  15. Who are your biggest BPZ rivals?

    1: @Alyxander Cuddlezworth....make your return. 2: @SummerGamz As he said, its all a friendly rivalry 3: @BiC Still need to have Ark versus BiC II that got cancelled.

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