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  1. Ark Universe


    Ark is shown in room, sitting in a chair. He has his head in his hands and remains that way until a door opens and Henrico walks in. He sees Ark and opens his mouth to speak but Ark cuts him off, his head still looking down. You said you knew the way. The Drifter. Block Ark. You said I had to change my look, change my way of doing things. Ark, there is- No! You knew nothing. It is ok. I know things are looking bad- I know what you're going to say. You are going to say I didn't change enough. That I was still good mannered Ark who refused to trash talk, to treat everyone with even a grain of respect, Ark, who refused to lower himself to dig for the truffles like the other pigs in BPZ....but you were right.. it doesn't matter. Cause no matter what I say or do, Ark is branded in this fucking company. He is a loser. Ark looks up at Henrico. Where you would expect a sad expression, his is one of anger. Henrico, I told you. I refused to change because I want to do this for fun. Fun. You know what doing this for fun gets you? Hit by a car and then beat down in your first match back. That's what fun gets you. It means people ignore all the great things you have done, ignore you obvious growth, ignore that everyone's saying the same things, ignore that I held my chin how after it got hit hundreds upon hundreds of times, and only see the picture painted by the greats. A loser. Someone who was "given" a chance a blew it. I was given nothing. I earned my chances, and sometimes I failed, sometimes I succeed. I was given nothing. I tried your way. Take it. That's not me Henrico. I just want to make people smile, make people happy. Have someone turn on their TV and have their day get brighten just from seeing me on screen. You know what they see instead. Me getting beat down before, during, and after the match, then afterward getting blamed for blowing the opportunity. Around here Henrico, bad deeds go unpunished good ones are returned along with a death threat. I wrestled for fun, to entertain, to have a good time. Not to sit here, nursing half a dozen broken ribs and a concussion from being maliciously hit from a car. I can't succeed here. They refuse to let me. They don't want a light, they want a world of darkness, backstabbing, and betrayal. I wanted to show people that this place isn't bad, that it could be saved, that all you need is hard work. I found out I couldn't do it alone. However, whenever I find friends, they stab me in the back, they turn away from the hard way and do it the easy way. Light cant survives in crushing darkness. I think I need to admit that....light can't win this time... Henrico once again tries to speak but stops himself. I will finish this Global Series. Try to end on a high note. After that...I think Ark will have to hang up his boots. Ark stands up and walks out of the room, brushing pass Henrico. Henrico sighs and shakes his head. He just needs a push. A lighter to reignite the flame.
  2. Ark Universe


    Evolve is in high spirits following the start of the global series, however, the mood changes as Ark walks out, limping and bandaged. Within the span of a week, he has been hit by a car then beat down after his day one lost against Buddy Ace. He still has his guitar on his back and his unique earpiece mic. He gets in the ring and stands in the middle. The crowd is all chanting his name, however, Ark hears it. Pity. He hears the pity in their voice. He sighs and opens his mouth to speak but says nothing and closes it. He takes his guitar off his back. He looks at it, tears at the corner of his eyes...then sets it down. He then takes off his earpiece and sets it on top of the guitar. He looks around, Bows then limps out of the ring and down the ramp. He limps all the way to the entrance where he pauses for a second. He takes a deep breath, ragged and painful, before limping out the arena, not turning back at all.
  3. Ark Universe

    EVOLVE Global Series: 7th September (Votings)

    Feel I should win because my Kayfabe had both quality and quantity over the entire feud, even turning a mishap into a storyline
  4. Ark Universe

    Snakes in the Grass

    We are the here the Evolve after SummerSlam, and everyone is waiting to hear the backlash of what occurred off camera backstage during Summerslam. The titantron then flickers and We see Ark, sitting in his usual room. He has bandages around his head and his open shirt shows yet more bandages. He has his eyes closes but opens time after a short period of time. I made it clear, that I wanted the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. I made it clear that it was to be a message, the warning bell for Block Ark in the Global Series. However, when the IC match started. Ark wasn't present. It's crazy how fast rumors circle. The first big theory was that Ark had simply realized he couldn't win. Until the actual news came out. Preceding Summerslam, I was entering the arena. As I was leaving the parking garage, I was hit by a car. The crowd is stunned at the confirmation of what had been announced prior. Now, this a BPZ parking garage, so there are no random people in the garage. Only.BPZ.Superstars. I did see a face. However....i can't remember it. I cannot recall the features of the face. I try so hard, but i cannot. However. I don't think I stand alone on who the first suspect is. Buddy Ace. My Day One opponent. Well, Buddy does have the motive to take me out, with our match approaching so soon. It would be almost to easy to place the blame on him. The Crowd roars for Ark to beat Buddy for what he has done. Now, Now. Please. We don't know for sure it was him. No mob mentaility. However, I will ask him, or whoever the attacker was, to just come out and admit. Don't hide. Don't attack from the shadows. You all think I'm all talk anyway, well, why did you find yourself having to hit me with a car. You sought to take me out, to get rid of what you perecied as a threat. However, this next part is going to hurt your feelings. If you thought this could make me drop the Global series, your dead wrong. This, this just gave me the motivation to push even harder, cause it means my message has gotten through, and that I am making my point loud in clear in someone's head that I am the threat, I am not a failure, and they don't like that idea, that someone they thought they were better then, has now turned the tables. Well, to quote a certain titan. You did all that, for a drop of blood. So However attacked me, beware, because you have allowed me to go even further beyond and have only accepted my growth, not stunt it as you had set out to do. Day One approaches, and I am more than ready. And to my attacker, your not forgotten, but I'm not going to exceed the energy right now to find you. However, if you would like to come out and admit to it, by all means, do so. If not, well, I'll be going on a snake hunt, and don't think I don't know how to weed them out. Ark closes his eyes and takes a deep breath that causes him to flinch ever so slightly. The camera then goes off.
  5. Ark Universe

    KSI vs. Logan Paul & Deji vs. Jake Paul: Discussion

    The match is set to happen the day after I move in, and my entire dorm room has agreed to stream the match and watch it. I think KSI to win, but i honestly want Logan to win, only cause I feel like KSI has made this extremely personal and it would be extremely funny to see Logan knock out KSI and watch everyone just get quiet. I haven't kept up with the undercard, but the same applies to Deji versus Jake.
  6. Ark Universe

    Broken Record

    The Evolve fireworks go off, signaling the start of the best show in BPZ. The commentary team is hyping up the show tonight when Ark's theme starts playing. Ark makes his entrance, no guitar in his hands. He steps into the ring and turns on his headset. He is quiet for a moment then begins to talk. Lately, it seems a lot of people have been very venomous with their words, yet each one says the same thing. Not a single person has said something different to me since I have returned. "Ark you're a failure, Ark you blew your opportunities, Ark you failed as champion. Let's backtrack a little bit. Ark, you're a failure who has main event more shows then I have. Ark, you blew impurities by not giving up no matter how hard it seemed and accepted the loss, whereas my punk ass would have complained about the match being unfair and then made excuses after losing, Ark you failed as champion because you won the title right before being traded, moved up, or by losing it to the same man who beat me. What it sounds like to me, is people trying to make themselves feel better and more confident by feeding into the lies to make some better than them, seem worst then them. Let's set some facts right now. I am the only person in Block A who has held more than one title, fact. I am the only person in Block A to main event two or more shows. Fact. I am the only person in Block A who has beaten the so-called legends of BPZ. fact. So now, let's have a talk. Buddy and Jason. I see that I need to beat some respect into you. I tried to tell you, to share my wisdom of why being a rude little shit as a rookie only works at first. Yeah sure, you get some attention for calling out established superstars, but one by one, you end up biting off more then you can chew, then you make excuses. Well, after I win Block Ark. I want all of you to come out to this ring, and I want you all to apologize. I want you all to man-up and say Ark Universe, the failure, the opportunity waster, the paper champion, beat you clean in the middle of the ring. Maybe then a little humility will seek into your skin. Ark stops talking as the crowd has gotten worked up. He silences them then chuckles. I bet your all fuming backstage. I'm sure one of you, or even all of you want to run down here, still spouting off some nonsense about how you'll beat me and show me how much of a failure I am, further proving my point without realizing it. So I say to you, get mad. train up, and bring me a fight. In the end, I don't care if I win or lose, but I care about one thing. You will NOT downplay the skill and heart I show in this ring. You will NOT act like my entire career has been nothing but fuck-ups. You will respect me, and I don't care if I have to make sure that none of you walk out of Block A healthy, so even if you win, you still go into that match beaten, bruised and battered from the hell on earth Ark had unleashed in that ring. So be prepared, cause, at the end of the day, you will respect. or you will be left adrift. The same goes for whoever else answers the Sameer Invitational. That is the first step, the first call that I am back when I walk away with that belt, it will the warning sign to Block A that I am back. So Sameer, you should be on your guard, and however else wants to answer it, remember that Ark will be there in full strength. Ark turns off his headset and looks around before turning to walk out the ring towards the ramp. Ark has spoken his mind and has laid his terms plan.
  7. Ark Universe

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: August 13th 2018

    Letting Heyman talk for Roman is best for business. I will say, Roman has shown improvement on the mic, but i feel like having Paul Heyman hype him up will make him more likable.
  8. Ark Universe

    Change of Pace

    Ark is seen in the Deadsec compound, meditating. In the room sits Henrico, watching a wrestling podcast. He is shaking his head and turns the TV up so Ark can hear. "I'm just saying, Buddy has been on a role and Ark...Ark has yet to really prove to me that he is the next best thing. He hasn't won a match since early this year, and on top of that, he has been gone for 2 months. My prediction is for Buddy to win. " Henrico changes to another tab, another podcast. "Buddy to win. " "Buddy Ace to become the finalist for Block A." Henrico turns off the T.V and turns to Ark. I know what you're going to say, Ark. You are going to say that this is only more motivation and more fuel for your fire. That's not going to change how people few you. They see what they want, or to be exact, they see what the top want them to. I know. First, they watch, then the wait, then the copy. I am surprised no one has caught on that they put on the same promo every time. It's getting old, having to think of a new song and dance when they play the same one over and over. But no, I wasn't going to say that Henrico. I know. They are right to place their money on Buddy. You forget I have been gone for two months. Nevertheless, they are right. I need to prove that I'm back and better. I need to show them that this time won't be a repeat of the boy who cries wolf. So at SummerSlam, I will make an appearance. Going for the United States Championship? A good choice, Julius is only the World Champion, who better to make your return match against. Not to mention Yelich will be there, and we all know how much he loves to throw a wrench in your plans. Funny....but no. I hear there is an Intercontinental Invitation. I plan to accept it. I think I have walked the path for the red, white, and blue often enough. It is tiring and I feel is a part of the loop I struggled to break. So now I break it. Oh. Well. Sameer and Bart are the only two so far. Yes, Sameer and Bart. To people who both have had a hand in the downfall of Ark. Two people who once stood, stout roadblocks on my path to the Global Championship. Its poetic in a way. What a better way to restart my new path, but to beat the ones who blocked my old one. Let it be known, Henrico, that Ark will be at SummerSlam...and I plan to walk off with a white belt across my waist. So it will be Ark. Ark sighs. It saddens me sometimes. How quick the tides will change. How one day you everyone's favorite, then suddenly your last week's trash. How quick people are to tear others down for their own gain. They see a defeat at the end of everything. I have seen it turn men mad. I have felt the pull into the darkness and at a time felt the embrace and sweet release of giving into the rage. However, I have paid the price, and even now I make my walk for repentance. Even know the bells clang and shouts of shame rain down. I walk to forgive myself and absolve myself of the sins I committed while under the influence of fear. I try to share my message, so stop seeing defeat as the career killer, and see it as a platform to use for self-reflection, and self-bettering. I might lose at SummerSlam, but that loss will still make me stronger on Day One. I might win at SummerSlam, but that win will only make me stronger on Day One. Win or lose, a match only makes you stronger for the next, but only once you control that fear, and stop seeing it as the devil incarnate. Everything I do from now till then is all for one true goal, one true purpose, I work towards not the end, but the checkpoint of my path: That Global Championship. Ark falls silent and begins his medication anew as Henrico bows and exits the room. Ark mumbles one thing under him breathe before the cameras fade to black. One thing is not like the other....Three people want to win, and one...wants to succeed.
  9. Ark Universe

    Smackdown LIVE Discussion: August 14th 2018

    looking forward to seeing more build for Styles and Joe, and I'm actually looking forward to New Day versus Sanity. I haven't been as diligent about watching the live shows, but Smackdown is slowly pulling me back into watching them live. I will definitely be watching tonight.
  10. Ark Universe

    Kayfabe Moveset Thread

    New Moveset for Ark Style: Technical/submission Signatures: The Jagged Path( Shining Wizard, preceded by a taunt from the corner.) They All Fall(Shuri Knee) Finishers: Duality(Hook Leg DDT. usual finisher) Adrift(Last Chancery. submission)
  11. Ark Universe

    The Global Series

    You don't think failed Global champion....is a bit much, Ace? Ark makes his entrance, talking through his signature headset. I wouldn't call myself a failed Global Champion. a bit of an over exaggeration from those who think the only way to the top is to plunge the spike into someones back and climb up. I think that way is overdone, that path...over walked. I was thrown to the wolves my first reign, and unlike some people, I didn't shy away, complain, and cry about having my first ever title defense be against the then 2018 Royal Rumble Winner and current most dominant superstar in BPZ. I stood by, stared him in the eye, and said I would give him a fight. I fought, and I lost. and I.Moved. On. It seems to me like a lot of my opponents are keen to have this idea, that Ark has done nothing, that Ark is a failure, That Ark is a failed superstar cause he lost that main event on the same card I opened. That Ark will never succeed cause he cant beat Slim and Flynn, even though he can, and at this point, probably has made me tap out or pinned me. Ace, Storm, Ryan. I suggest you all start to think about exactly who your steeping in the ring with. Ark looks at Buddy Ace and grins. He sits on the apron and chuckles. Buddy Ace. NXT Champion. You think your the next big thing, that nothing can beat you, that your whats hot, and ready to blaze your way to the top. I know how you feel. It's a rush. It's an amazing feeling. and its a drug. It's called arrogance. the forbidden fruit that has sent many kicked out of Eden. Calling for my disqulification sounds to me like you could be afraid. I have already given my tirade on fear. but ill extend on it, give more detail on what transpired during my stay with DeadSec. I feel fear too, Buddy. However, the fear I'm afraid of doesn't stem from you. It is my power source. It is my curse, it is what holds me back, yet pushes me forward. The Duality of Fear. It was what I learned and what I trained in the two months I disappeared. What do I fear? why do I fear it. Because I'm afraid to fail, I work hard to avoid it. Fear is my motivator. Fear is my warden. Fear is that feeling in your chest, your feeling right now Buddy...Storm....Ryan. Cause with my words, the clouded memory of what I am, and what I was clearing up. No longer do you see Ark Universe, the failure, Ark the inconsistent, Ark the loser. You see the Ark that went and beat Necce, Elliot, Who eliminated Nebakos and was in the final 6 in the 2017 Royal Rumble, Who has main event sold out events, who had Flynn in the middle of the ring, about to tap but was saved by Bailey, who had the entire Top Guy faction stand in my way, and still nearly overcome them alone. You are finally seeing the Ark who has taken all your shit, all your jabs, insults, and retorts....and walked right through it...and I will keeping walking...and walking. So heed my words, and take notice. Ark leans on the turnbuckle and simply starts to strum his guitar.
  12. Ark Universe

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Global Series | 26th October 2018

    Oh ho ho, snarky isn’t he. I disappear for a bit and people seem to forget that all they get are results, but C’est la vie. I’ll show you results. Again.
  13. Ark Universe

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Global Series | 26th October 2018

    Yeah no, I haven’t seen a prediction this far off ever.
  14. Ark Universe

    BPZ Whatculture

    Hello again my loyal viewers. The draft has recently happen and do we have something to tell you. So, sit back, relax, go get your drink out the cooler. You going to need it when i tell you, WHAT JUST HAPPENED. So draft day. All the super big names, such as Slim, Flynn, Bart, Julius. All those guys have been saved. So, when it got to first pick, no one knew who it could be. We here at Whatculture, really assumed Josh. It was Prince....you did get that drink right? Yes, Prince was Carnage's first pick, with a much more expected Buddy Ace as Evolve's. We move on now, and for the record will only cover the first 10 overall picks, to 3rd pick of the night Yelich, and finally at 4th we get, duh duhduh duh! Joshsnow. Top 5 so we will take that. Next Ropati joins Yelich on Carnage and Evolve uses its 3rd pick, 6th overall to keep the recently returned Ark Universe. the 7th spot caused some problems it seems, as while Brad was drafted, rumors swirled that his former friend Necce, who was saved by Evolve, pulled some strings to make sure Brad was not drafted to Evolve. Brad has subsequently announced his retirement, however.....its Brad. No offense man, but a running joke on many wrestling forums is that Brad retired, so we wont seem him till next ppv. If this is a actual retirement then we wish you the best in your future endeavors, and thank you for the years of therapy needed after witnessing your promo's at young age. Its thanks you BPZ was forced to stay TV-14 so you saved us from a PG BPZ. Thank you. moving on Natedog takes 8th to Evolve, Bashka takes 9th and Sheridan trail blazes her way into the Top 10. \ Overall, i feel the draft was decent. There was enough changes to strengthen both rosters. One problem that might arise is that Evolve has the majority of the world title scene, so Carnage might have to hope Julius can keep them back and retain his title. That is all for today, ill see you guys after Cyber Sunday. im Rashid Jones from Whatculture, and now you know, What just happened.
  15. Ark Universe

    The King who Talks.

    Evolve comes back from commercial break following a great match showcasing Evolve talent to a dark arena. Suddenly a spotlight hits the center of the ring, showing Ark sitting in a chair. Ark has a headset and guitar in hand. Now. Now. Here we are. Evolve. I know some of you were watching that draft with fear and nervousness. You were scared that Ross had lost his way, and would let Ark go to that place on the other side of talent, and you were worried i would get picked low, barely a footnote. I knew. I knew while Ross is many things, a fool he is not. He might put himself before others, but he puts this show before himself. He knew Evolve had to Walk with Ark. The fans break into cheers and chants of "Walk!Walk!" Ark waits for them to quiet down before playing a short chord on his guitar. you didn't have to wait long my companions on the path to success. I was their third pick. Not bad for someone who is walking a path of rejuvenation and renovation. I am satisfied with my place. It gives me room to build my way to the top, and gives me time to make sure people start thinking "why wasn't he first pick?" The fans cheer again, but quiet themselves. Speaking of first pick. Ross has gone even further beyond my expectations. He has created the Global Series. A chance for me to outshine and out-perform everyone in my block. Block A. My first opponent is none other than Evolve's first pick Buddy Ace. Now Buddy. Buddy is on a tear. He is being predicted as the winner, and was predicted as a possible finalist before the matches were even made. Now that. That is something i can not tolerate.I'll get back to you, Ace, another time, cause there is a more pressing matter. How fickle is the crowd who turns on the one who stayed with them? To think that half of all i have done, all the blood,sweat, tears.... can be forgotten. Ark snaps. Just like that...I'm not gonna lie. It awaken that fire inside of me. it awoke old temptations. It showed me that as i try to control it, so to does it try to control me. That fire that hates to be looked over, that hates to not be seen as even a threat. I needed to tap into that fire, to control that energy, without overdoing it and following into that loop of mediocrity again. I pondered how best to subdue this fire, when help came from a unexpected source. It cam from a little king on his crumbling throne who can’t seem to keep my name out of their mouth. The crowd is in a hush. Everyone knows he is talking about. Two times now since my return have you decided to take a shot at me. The first i ignored it, it was petty, and very ill-fitting for someone of such high standing, so why should i even give you recognition. Then you had to dig again. You had to speak my name again. Names are power. It's why i refuse to say yours. Cause you aren't even worth the breath. To speak someone's name is to summon their energy. They can feel the positive, the negative, and i felt rage. To reword another man, why so angry? Is it because you are finally seeing what i predicted a year and a half ago, the end of your era, the crumbling of your castle walls? Is it because you know your true strength no longer lies in the words you say, or the actions you take, but the people you know behind that stage? You think being spiteful will save the day? Suffice to say, you know...nothing. You think the loudest gets the spotlight. It's as they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, right? Well, no. the squeaky will may get the grease, but the Talking King gets replaced. I tapped into that fire. I now have a far greater goal than just winning that Global Championship. Its shutting the mouth of the King who Talks. Cause a King who talks….is not a King who walks. Ark slides out of the ring and starts walking up the ramp, strumming and talking as he goes. Block A. you know what A stands for? Ark. Block Ark. Buddy, Storm, Jason. You guys have better bring 110% percent. If you aren't taking this serious yet, start. I cannot afford to let this chance slip by again. To he whose name is irrelevant, You better win your block. I don't want anyone else to be the one to show you that your arrogance is your fatal flaw cause i will be the one. Ill care the one in 2-1. I will show you that you didn't send me to irrelevance, you sent me on a path, a path that i know walk, cause on this path iI will be the one who makes you see that no matter what you do, you can't break me, and no matter what you say, one day soon, you will fade...away. Ark finshes his rant at the entrance and stops playing. He looks back, nods, then leaves the arena as the fans are cheering and calling out one thing in near union “The King who Walks.”

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