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  1. The Divine Powers

    Love the DBS reference
  2. Failed to meet expectations

    Hello, welcome to the hottest wrestling podcast The Turnbuckle. I'm your host Davi, and We are here with Evolve Superstar, Former Global Champion Ark Universe. Hello Davi Hello Ark. Now Ark, straight to the point here, Bragging rights is right around the corner. Your opponent Andrew has been dragging your name through the mud lately, and you haven't made a official appearance to counter him. Is there a reason for this? Yeah, its because he was not what i expected. I thought Carnage wanted to prove they were the best brand, and they send me this clown. I have better things to do during my road to BPZmania then to entertain someone who can't even write their own material. Yeah, his first little stunt, it came out he had copied it almost word for word from another promotion at that. Then he tried again. came out and talked about who knows what, and the only thing that people talked about afterwards was how he had bought to attention that Slim was impressive to be so young yet at such a high level. He came out trying to talk about me and him, and only made his brands captain's opponent look even stronger. Little harsh, don't you think? Harsh is life, Davi. I would respect him if he took this seriously, but based on his past actions, he isn't taking this seriously at all. Hell, i'm surprised no one didn't call him out for copying what Slim said in his Last Stand press-conference. "Where's Ark?" I'll tell you where he is, preparing for his premium match at mania, not for the "copy-cat" Andrew Richards. I was excited, facing someone on a losing streak. He took a hard lost at December to Dismember and Night of Legends. I thought he would bounce up and give me a fight. He failed to meet my expectations. So now, i follow the most known art of war. Take out the weakest link of a chain, so sorry Carnage, but Andrew is your weakest link. Well, strong wards Ark. That is all the time we have for this segment, im looking forward to seeing you at Bragging Rights. Any last words before we go? None to the Deadpool of BPZ. However, tell Carnage that when i said i wanted Ross, i didn't mean the dollar-store version. With that Ark walks of camera.
  3. Warrior

    Ark comes out to roaring fan fanfare. He is coming off a hard lost to Slim at Last Stand, but during a small promo during SVDM, Ark had said to be ready for a change and some big news. That same night he was advertised for Bragging Rights to face Carnage superstar Razor. Ark pauses and spins around as the fans yell his theme song, which had been debuted at a house show. "We are the Warriors who built this town!" Ark slides into the ring and pulls out a mic.Last Stand, I gave it my all. I went in and I fought and I flew, and I put on just another 5-star match like I always do. Unfortunately, it couldn't keep up with the utter destruction that Slim had in mind. He saught break me and end my career. He wanted to be the one to put down Ark Universe, what he fails to realize is that he can beat me down as much as he wants, but I won't be broken. I fall sometimes, but when I fall, I fall forward, even in my defeats, I make progress towards my goals, cause win or lose, my matches are some of the best of the night. That's been my focus, putting on a show. Well, that focus has changed. Ark looks up at Mania. My new focus is to walk out of Mania a champion. I sat and I thought long and hard about which title to pursue. U.S, Global, I.C. But I have decided, to pay a old friend back plus interest. At BPZ Mania I will be going after The Premium championship.The crowd cheers at the fact that their hero Ark was going to be going for a championship at Mania, after rumors started circulating he would miss the event. He then holds up a finger. Before Mania, however, I must once again represent Evolve in the Brand warfare that must happen once a year. I have been selected to face Andrew Richards. Now, a few days ago Andrew had the audacity to attack me during my match and slew rubbish calling it his ring. Now crowd, what lesson is our good friend Andrew not learning? if you beat Ark down....?The crowd yells “He gets back up stronger!”Exactly! See you guys have learned it, so tell me, why can nobody backstage no matter Evolve or Carnage, learn that? Andrew thinks he has been given a free victory from the GMs. He thinks he can just come out and overpower me. Which could be true, maybe he has more physical strength, but I know I’m stronger then him in ever other way. Ark pauses and stretches his neck, obviously not fully healed from Last Stand. Ark notices the crowd going silent. No, No. this is nothing, simply couldn’t find my pillow last night, and I sleep on my side so my neck was stretched all night. What Slim did was gone after a night. I have had and will have worst, I’m sure. I have hurt my own body more they ever can. Now back on track Richard, do not go in to this match unprepared. Many have done that and many have payed the price. It’s even more deadly with me now. I don’t care about brand warfare, and pricing which brand is better, in and outcast, I have been on both brands twice and both of them are the same. Filled with those who think there better then everyone, those who once thought they were better then everyone and are now broken men, and those who fight and never give up, and more often then not I make up the entirety of the latter. You say I let down these fans, however the cheers I ger everytime I step out to the crowd proves you wrong. The only people I let down are those who bet on me quitting, on me breaking, and if your betting of that, then you deserve to be let down. So Andrew Richards, get ready, cause your about to be introduced to something you truly aren't prepared for, and that is evident on how you have started this.Ark drops the mic and points to the Mania sign
  4. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    Ok This is false. I didn’t just promo. I promo’d a bit after Rumble when I won the title, and I told you this so please stop telling false information. Anyway I feel like I played my part as good as possible and feel I should get the win here.my other votes were Bart, Prince, Marker, and FDS
  5. What’s in a name?

    Ark looks as Slim goes up the ramp. He lifts his mic and looks at the sign of BpzMania 3. In one month Slim, you will be headlining Mania. Me? My future is undertermined, it will be crafted into whatever I make it. But let’s not even get into the deep stuff , you want to get shallow ok. Ark turns to Slim, the crowd seeing how visible angry Ark has become. You want to talk about over used gimmicks? I can listen to you and Flynn talk blindfolded and the only way I would know the difference isI you both think your Kings of different shows. I put effort and time in to what I have to say to to these people. You cone out here and just say “I’m the best, I’m the greatest, you all should bow to me.” People have tried to do what I do! they don’t get far. It’s A lot of pressure and hardships that comes with being the face, the underdog, when everyone else cheats, you got to stay on the right path and work harder to overcome ill-gotten gains. I put care into what I do. This isn’t just a source of income to me. You can insult my past, you can brag all you want. But never fucking again do you ever try to imply that what I do out here on this mic is subpar. The fact that you even think you have been ripping me on this mic speaks volumes of itself on the state of your arrogance. No! At this point is gone pass arrogance. This full blown dementia. You refuse to see anything else but you on top and it’s gotten to the point where your mind rejects reality. Well it’s time to face the truth Slim. The once feeble Ark you once knew a year ago is gone. Your looking at a Ark who is a threat, Ark who can and will beat you in this ring and on this mic and you don’t know how to handle that do you? Yeah I am Global Champion, and thats a fact that won’t change post-Last Stand. Keep on thinking your the greatest, it will make it that much sweeter when I hit you with the Blue Shell and pin you for the three and walk out still champion. Ark throws his mic and holds his hands at a says “Get a good look at this title Slim. It ain’t leaving soon!”
  6. What’s in a name?

    Ark laughs a Slim. Slim, just the man I was dying to see. I don’t know which to address first. Your thick, arrogant aura suffocating me from you being this close, or the bullshit you have been telling people about me. Ark’s voice had gotten serious near the end as the fans start to cheer again. “Partying in Miami? I’ll admit the night after I beat FDS I did go party, in LA not Miami, but that was one night. You want to know what I have been doing? I have been mentally prepping myself, because unlike you, I don’t have a overwhelming god-complex, and I know that things go wrong. I could lose. Yet, it’s the uncertainty of the outcome that gives way to the fighting sprit of the Underdog that has lead me here today. Win or lose, I will fight and I will fly, and even after my second wind as come and gone, when a normal man wouldn’t have been able to stand up, I will stand up, my shoulders won’t be done longer except for a quick break before I kick out at two. Ark goes the turnbuckle and sits on top of it. I never said you were Tom Brady Slim. I said you were the patriots, no I in team although based on your past stables, I don’t think you have grasped that concept. Let’s go with you are Tom for now however. And now, whoops. You missed the catch. You thought you had it, but you under..estimated the throw. Now I am up. Remember what happened? The crowd yells”Touchdown!” Ark nods and laughs before looking back at Slim. Slim, you say it’s a tired phrase, one you say shouldn’t be said, but it doesn’t make it any less true. A god has only as much power as you give him. And you Slim, have no power over me. You can bark and bite all you want but I’ll get back up. And up. And up Ark jumps down from the turnbuckle and gets in Slim’s face, Their size different evident And up again. Remenber what I warned FD? Look down however much you like, but look down with caution. Are you doing that Slim?
  7. What’s in a name?

    Ark comes out to the usual fanfare. He pauses at the end of the ramp and holds up his Global Championship as the crowd cheers. He slides on the ring and pulls out a mic. He has to wait for the crowd to quiet it down before starting. Hello philly! I have been in the city a few days and let me tell you, this city can party. Good job, you guys did it and proved that it’s bad to count out the underdogs. Everyone said Patriots had it, but you guys were ready to fight and fight you did. Now, the NFC East can claim to be the first division where every one holds a ring. So good job, keep on flying Eagles! The crowd breaks down again into cheers as Ark smiles. He holds up a finger. Now, we all know I didn’t mention that for no reason. As much as I love you all, I didn’t come out here to talk about the fantastic job done at LII. I care out to say that what we all saw Last Sunday, is what we will see Next Sunday. The patriots and Slim have a lot on coming. The so called Kings of there fields, everyone has their money on them. Why? Because of the name. And I wondered, why is that. Why do people shiver and have fear and self-doubt when they here the name Slim. I wondered, What is in a Name. Slim is unarguably a soon to be hall of famer. He has done a lot. I remember when I first came into this company I looked up to Slim. Then, I saw his true colors. I saw Slim’a true name. Inside a name is what you are, so what is in Slim’a name? Spite, Deceit, Malice, Treachery. That is what is in Slim’s name, that is what people fear, they don’t fear Slim, they fear what he is willing to do to win, and what he is willing to do is lie, cheat, steal, and so much more to accomplish his goal. Last year, I felt that aura, the aura of a man hell bent on writing his name into the history book with the blood of those who stood in his way. Now, I sense a egotistical man with a god-complex. Slim has bought into his own hype, he has fashioned himself this self image of a god inside his mind. Well it’s time to give meaning to the phrase, that A god is nothing to a non believer. Ark pauses, yet the crowd is silent, listening intently to his every word. What is the name Ark? Determination. Courage. A will to fight no matter how many say he can’t, all that matters is that he says he will. Next Sunday, it will be my turn to do what the eagles did. Stay calm, stay cool and fly. I don’t care how many people say that Slim is walking out champion, that just means it’s more people to prove wrong, it’s more people I can say doubted me and were forced to eat their words. At Last Stand, Ark! Will! Fly! The crowd breaks down into cheers. Then a chant breaks out. It starts small, only one section, until the entire arena is chanting one phrase over and over. FLY ARK FLY FLY ARK FLY FLY ARK FLY Ark takes in the cheers as he drops his mic and poses on the turnbuckle as the fans continue to chant. Ark is ready to Fly.
  8. Ok, after my promo was erased because of my bad luck, i have almost finished rewriting it and soon the world will know what is in a name. 

  9. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    Quality 7 Story 9 while his promos are rare, he has embraced his losing streak and turned it into something more.
  10. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand | February 13th 2018

    As I look towards this ppv, a story from a book I read once comes to mind, it was story about a boy....slaying a giant
  11. A theme song then starts to play, one the fans do not recognize Ark comes at and the fans lose there mind, chanting “Cash in!” Ark makes his way to the ring and sits on the turnbuckle. He looks down at FDS, who is trying to drag himself into the opposite corner. Ark shakes his head and goes to give him a hand up. FDS stares at it then goes to accept it. Ark then dabs instead as the fans start to cheer even louder. He lowers his hand with a smirk then, BLUE SHELL! right to the face of the sitting FDS. Ark nods at the ref who rings the bell. Ark then once again turns to the prone FD and shakes his head saying “I warned you. You will now leave Royal Rumble with nothing.” Ark then picks him up. FDS tries to throw a groggy punch but Ark catches it, turns him around pushes him off then pulls him back to hit FDS what was once Regicide during the time of CHAOS. Now, it was called Blue Shell. Ark goes for the cover and the three count. The crowd breaks down as Ark is handed the Global Championship. He falls to his knees and places the title against his forehead as the fans chant “You deserve it!” Ark looks towards FDS and does a mocking bow before sliding out of the ring and going back up the ramp. He stops at the entrance and lifts the title high into the air
  12. Around the World

    We are live at the Evolve after Royal Rumble. The crowd is ready for a night of action unlike anything else in BPZ. Their cheers turn to screams of excitement as a theme song they remember from last night. The crowd is loud, cheering as Ark, the new Evolve Global Champion makes his entrance just nights after cashing in his TTT briefcase on former champion FDS. Ark is all smiles as he makes his way to the ring, the title firmly secured on his waist. Ark slides in the ring and does a spin in the middle. He grabs a mic from the timekeeper and raises it to speak. He waits as the crowd erupts into chants of "You deserve it!" He smiles and waves his hand to quiet them. I told you all, and I do mean you all. I told you fans, I told ever superstar backstage, and I came down to the ring nights before Roya Rumble and I told FDS. If you're going to look down, look down with caution. They didn't listen, and now, for the first time in a year, Ark Universe is once again a champion! The crowd once again breaks down into a multitude of chants and cheers, the loudest of which being "96!" Ark silences them for a second. You know, I think Echo got a louder pop for his return. Why don't we at Evolve show Carnage how a loud pop should sound! Now, let us try that again. I said for the first time in a year, Ark Universe is once again your champion! Legend says that some of the crowd's hearing was impaired and voices gone for a few days after the show, one lady recounts Ark himself covering his ears during the cheer before silencing the crowd. 96! 96 is exactly right. The very best of the unknown, underrated, and unappreciated. Well, I didn't feel like waiting for another chance at a #1 contender match that even if I win, I would be forced to defend like a championship. No, I won the TTT match and I took this title, cause waiting for it is for those who don't want it bad enough. When I set out on this road to this Global title, I was thrown obstacle after obstacle. If you remember, I was in a tournament, around this time last year. It was for a shot at the global championship. I made it through to the finals before I was attacked and that attack cost me the match. I then put on what some called my best performance in a losing effort against Slim, but we will come back to that. Then I was inside an Elimination Chamber, but I was still not at 100% after that match with Slim, and I lost that match. Then I ended back up in Carnage. Then, after the draft last year, I made my return to Evolve. I beat Prince fair and square and was given the #1 contendership. Then Slim made me defend that against FDS. I lost. After all these defeats, you think a person's spirit would be crushed, you would think he would go the route that so many other BPZ superstars took after losing so many times. You think he would snap, go crazy and think he was some monster that had to kill those weaker than him or some Anti-Authority man that felt that the source of his problems lay backstage behind desks, and not within his attitude and outlook on life. That was not me. I kept my head up, and I kept fighting. Now, after all those defeats, after all those long nights staying up and training, after all the speeches about never quitting, and all the nay-sayers and haters, doubters and unbelievers, after all of that. I stand before you as Ark Universe, your Evolve! Global! CHAMPION! The crowd got louder as he shouted those last three powerful words. Ark nodded as the crowd cheered and let them go on for some time before quieting them again. Now, don't think I forgot. There a common pattern for my hardships to this title. He is our current IC champion, the BPZ Royal Rumble winner for 2018, Slim. Now Slim, he is on a tear. 2 for 3 on his goals. His last one? This heard title around my waist. Now Slim, Slim must have forgotten our match from last year. Why do I say this? Because he thinks that he can easily beat me, that just because he said he was going to win it, it will. Well Slim, I would like you to keep that same mentality while you're looking up from the ground and hear "And STILL your Global Champion, Ark Universe!" Cause I am anything, but easy. I have put in too much effort, to much blood, to much sweat, and to many tears into holding this title, I don't plan to let go for a long time. So if you want this title, you're going to need a lot more then words, and a lot more then your name. Last Stand 2017 saw Ark Universe succumb to Slim and his "Top Guys". Last Stand 2018 will see Ark Universe walk out still champion. Ark drops his mic and hops on the turnbuckle. He has achieved his goal of winning the championship, now he is ready to start part two, defending and retaining.
  13. 2018 has already started different then 2017; i don't have to vacate my title within a day. 

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