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  1. This is a *great* opinion and all but I have one counter argument: DREW WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE. I hate that the Royal Rumble has been denied it’s whole purpose. Winner Main Events WrestleMania. Drew gets main event.
  2. it makes sense and he is right on absence makes the heart grow fonder. Let Lynch and Rollins go enjoy the married life. It would be interesting to see a Baszler led Women's Division.
  3. AWE Plasma Episode 9 Ted Constant Center, Norfolk VA Time of Need La Familia chews out Carlito, saying his next chance is his last. He will be facing Lethal Next week for a number one contender spot for Garza’s title and he was to win. PJ Black Versus Humberto Carillo Carillo wins Hardy Boyz versus Street Profits Street Profits win, Matt Kayfabe injuryed. Balor claims he is the King. Balor hypes himself, Ricochet issues challenge at Blue Shift, Lio demands rematch. Angel Garza Vs. Rich Swann Garza Win’s due to interference AWE Plasma Episode 10 Ted Constant Center, Norfolk VA The Kabuki Warriors even the odds Alexa, Dakota and Liv Morgan make a promo claiming themselves to be the ones who will run the Kabukis out of AWE, Asuka and Sane respond and distract as a masked assailant attacks from behind and beats the three with a kendo stick. Matt Injury update Said to be out till after Perihelion. New Day versus Street Profits New Day win, but disputed due to ref not seeing rope break Carlito Vs Jay Lethal Carltio wins, but denies handshake from Chavo and walks away. Lio Rush Versus Ricochet Double count out following moonsault through announce table AWE Plasma Episode 11 Ted Constant Center, Norfolk VA Under the Mask Main Event hyped to be Kabuki Warriors and masked women versus Bliss, Dakota and Liv. Jeff Hardy Versus Montez Ford Match sparked from Jeff blaming Street Profits for Matt’s injury. Jeff wins Street Profits named New Day’s opponents New Day offers the match as peace offering from last week. Lio Rush and Ricochet brawl Following heated promo both brawl till separated by refs Kabuki Warriors Versus Bliss,Dakota, and Liv Io Shirai is revealed as the masked assailant and leads the warriors to victory. AWE Plasma Episode 12 Ted Constant Center, Norfolk VA Balor sets Triple Threat Lio and Ricochet to be the in the triple threat for the Universal Championship if they defeat the team Balor decides Io Shirai Vs Dakota Kai Vs Liv Morgan In what is a glorified handicap match, Io picks up the win and number one contender spot thanks to the Kabuki’s signature mist. Jeff Hardy Versus Angelo Dawkins Jeff wins Carlito leaves the Family Carlito leaves La Familia after being asked to forfeit his match. Sabu then comes out afterwards, making the match a I Quit match. Lio Rush and Ricochet Vs. Hybrid2 Rush and Ricochet almost lose due to arguing but pull it back for the win presents Blue Shift Kabuki Warriors Vs Dakota and Liv Dakota and Liv start out strong but Asuka starts to pick up steam and Sane soon follows as the Warriors outlast. However, as Sane goes for the win Mia Yim makes an appearance and turns the match into a no contest as she starts clearing the ring, claiming herself the next contender. No Contest Carlito Vs. Angel Garza(c) For the Solaris Championship I Quit Match win. Carlito would come out strong and dominate on offense however Garza would pull it back as the match soon became back and forth. It would carry on to the outside and eventually reach the Elizabeth River, where the rest of La Familia is waiting. They would not join the fray as Garza and Carlito brawled but eventually Garza would come out on top after using handcuffs to chain Carlito to a boats mast and proceed to beat on him for a solid 2 minutes before Carlito would finally say he quits. La Familia would unanchor the boat and let Carltio drift away as they would walk away Garza def. Carlito The Street Profits Vs The New Day(c) for the Binary Championships In a Solid back and forth bout The Street Profits would pick up the win and become the new Binary Champions. Street Profits def. The New Day Io Shirai Vs. Alexa Bliss(c) for the Galactic Championship With both sides help sidelined from the attack by Yim, this was a simple all out brawl from champion and challenger. In the end Bliss would secure her title defense. Alexa Bliss def. Io Shirai Spike announced the Lunar Tournament Next month, 8 men would face off in the Lunar Tournament with the winner being guaranteed a title shot at the Universal Championship at Blazar. Ricochet Vs. Lio Rush Vs. Finn Balor(c) for the Universal Championship In an amazing match Balor would retain due to constant in-fighting and targeting between Rush and Ricochet. It would end after a double Coup de Grace. Balor def. Rush and Ricochet
  4. Dr.X

    A Clown Refuted

    As the screen turns on we are shown Dr.Ax’s chair but it is empty. Eventually Dr.X walks into the frame but in his hands is wrench. He sets it on the armrest and sits down. I’m sure some guilty part of your brain suddenly jumped to alert Yelich, seeing this tool. Or as it really is. This murder weapon. You still claim Ark ruined your friendship. Well that’s the first mistake. Friendship. Was it ever a friendship Yelich? My investigation shows that you fought Ark every step of the way, doing your best to throw Nexus into the same state as your demented and fractured mind. A state of Chaos. But Yelich, fear not. The past won’t haunt you any longer. Next Carnage I get the pleasure of helping a patient move beyond their past trauma. I’m glad we can meet so soon. I should have helped at the Rumble, but at last, it was hard work lasting as long as I did from the number one spot. As I recall you let yourself get distracted by your past and found yourself over the rope. Maybe our meeting next week will help you focus on the task and not on your guilty conscience. A watch starts buzzing as Dr.X resets it. That is all the time I can allot to you, Yelich. Remember, the first step to clearing a guilty conscience is to admit you were the problem. Now, on to my next topic at hand. My date for valantines day. The Premium Championship Match. Hans, you have been a stagnant defender, that much is true. However at the Massacre of St.Valentines Day I will be the one to walk out with that gold. Then I will get to remodel that division and lift it out of the obscurity it has wallowed in since the reign of Sameer. You, Hans, will go down in history as the last premium champion in this period of its history. Because after I am crowned champion I will usher in its golden age and rebranding. Because the premium division needs a cure, it needs healing...and I’m it’s Doctor. So come one, come all. Any other challenger can name themselves but it is if little relevance. Honestly, it’s not a true massacre if only Hans is left broken in the ring now is it? Dr.X walks away leaving the wrench and leaving us wondering what he has in mind for the premium divisions “redesign” and who really is under that mask. Is Yelich right and it truly is Ark Universe or is it someone who is sick of being attached to that name? There is a chance that maybe, it is both.
  5. If this is indeed true it would be a great match. I would be turn on who I want to win, since the streak is over do they still protect Undertakers WrestleMania legacy or do we let Styles add his name to the short list of victors. Another thing to take into account is will this be Takers last match?
  6. Just one request very simple: Kieth Lee Vs Cena at Mania. That is all.
  7. I’m confused at all the hate at the HOF induction of the Bella Twins. They are definitely two of the most famous wrestlers, many none wrestling fans know of them and they did bring WWE into the reality tv scene(love it or hate it) and in their wrestling career they did play a important part of bringing women’s wrestling to its revolution.
  8. Women's Royal Rumble Match 30 WWE Female Superstars Shayna Baszler WWGP United Kingdom Championship Match WALTER (c) vs Buddy Murphy WWGP United States Championship Match Andrade 'Cien' Almas (c) vs Mustafa Ali WWGP Women's Tag Team Championship Unification Match The Kabuki Warriors (c) vs The IIconics WWGP Cruiserweight Championship Match Aleister Black (c) vs Humberto Carrillo WWGP Intercontinental Championship Match Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs The Miz WWGP Women's Championship Match Becky Lynch (c) vs Natalya WWGP Heavyweight Championship Match Brock Lesnar (c) vs AJ Styles Men's Royal Rumble Match 30 WWE Male Superstars Samoa Joe
  9. This is the best move. I just hope they really build for it, big spots, great feuds, make it more then just special, make it unique.
  10. You guys know me so I know there is no need for intros but this is basically where i am going to let you guys see me working and planning my game. This one will not have regular updates. I plan to have another diary running alongside which is me simply creating a story using the lore i plan to give the game. It might be the former history of the setting or even a simple side story. To start with ill give what i got so far. Name: Alter Academy Genre: Turn-Based RPG Planned Platform: PC(maybe console with enough support) Synopsis: The world of Eylasia lives in tandem with Earth, or Earthworld, and has for many centuries. They served as watchers, guardians, and if need be judges for the human race. It did this with “Alter Egos”, or simply called “Alters.” Alters were famous Earthlings who had made such an impact on the world that their soul’s energy manifested in Eylasia as a Alter. This allowed those born with them to control the mysterious Ma’ha that was used as both an energy source and a weapon to fight the forces that threatened both realms: The Id. Plot(Bare): The custom player character would get the Alter Ego “Hermes” one of the powerful “Super Egos” named after religious figures on Earthworld. Hermes is the jack of all trades, letting the player have full control over his stats, weapon choice, and magical abilities. They would enter as a first year at Alter Academy and play through the main story of 6 years at the academy, making new allies and enemies as the forces of Id grow stronger, lead by a new extremist group. Features: Real Time system. Time in the game would flow as the player played, with every minute in the real world with every minute in the real world being 6 in the game. Quest would have a time lost mechanic, letting the player do more in their day than a normal rpg like Persona. Friendship System: Like most JRPG’s, the player will need allies to face the forces of evil. As you go through your life as a student you can use that free time to make friends and unlock new team members then the ones given through the main story. I will be answering any questions and posting updates at least biweekly questions
  11. Dr.X

    When It Falls

    Dr.X is sitting in his usual chair. This time he sits in front of a fireplace. He is twirling something that resembles a armband in his fingers as he lackadaisical switches it from hand to hand, finger to finger. He starts humming the hook of “Shiny Happy People”, showing his mind is on the recent slander slung at him by Yelich. He stops and motions for the camera to be brought closer. It is set in a chair that was not there at first next to him on the fire. He looks into it, his face hidden behind his mask but even so a aura of contempt radiate so strongly from The Doctor that it was felt through the screen. I did some research, Yelich. You called me by a name that I have heard was very triggering for you, and it seems some of my actions have awaken some trauma that you are now projecting on to me. This is all natural occurrences when someone is reminded of something that has left a scar on the mind and now any sign of that trauma creates fear. I was curious so I did some digging, to find out why you were so afraid of a mister Ark Universe, why was he living in your head to the extent that even a simple sign makes you think of him so deeply. And it’s because you haven’t moved on from that time period. That you haven’t beaten Ark one on one ever since you betrayed him and left your partnership, your brotherhood... in ruin. You blame him for the fall, because he did what was right and took control of an unorganized mess of unchecked young egos. But you know what Yelich. I think it’s time you to remember, no even better, I think it’s time for everyone to hear all the backstage and behind the scenes drama of Nexus. Ark was nice, he protected those who betrayed him by letting them spin their own narrative as he kept the true narrative behind closed doors. I lack that sympathy. I dug around and I uncovered all the dark spaces you hide away the bad deeds and all the blame you leveled on to a stronger man's shoulders because you couldn’t carry the weight of your own sins. It’s time the world knew the true narrative, Yelich. The one you hid so far down in your memories that it won’t let you move on. I thank you for seeking me out. You have made the first step to being cured and it’s stepping into the Doctors Office. Unfortunately your not gonna like what the prescription is. It calls for a heavy dose of the truth. Something I’m afraid your severely allergic to. But as Ark knew..sacrifices have to be made. Now you will make them to. So how about you swallow the hardest lie of all. That Ark didn’t try take over your baby Nexus and ruin it. No, your EGO and you ruined Ark’s child. Considering it was Ark who started Nexus... Sure you got everyone together for your idea of some little all- NXT promo. However it was Ark who laid the foundation who turned the little get-together into a team. He proposed to lead but you couldn’t lower your pride enough to give into the common knowledge that a ship needs a captain. You said everyone would lead but it was Ark who went out of his way to find fueds to, it was he who promoted cohesion and stability and you Yelich. You didn’t like that. You didn’t like to see that Nexus was started to take off without you at the helm. You preached that it was never suppose to be a leader that everyone would lead equally but you did no work. The burden of steering the ship fell onto Ark and Ropati for the most part. and then out of envy that he could do what you couldn’t you dragged him down before he could rise above his station. You were the Judas, Yelich. You left him with scraps. You then wanted to humiliate him further and let him try and carry 2 dead weights in a match with you to try and kill his career...but you failed didn’t you Yelich. Because then Ark stole your title...then he beat you again. Now here we are, you still refusing to see that you are blaming Ark for the problems you caused and you just can’t think of anything but beating him finally. You are a fool Yelich. Unfortunately you won’t get your match with Ark. You will come see me in that ring and I am gonna have to be the good doctor I am and help guide you away from this self-destruction you are Dead Set on reaching. You...you claimed he ruined the brotherhood...why? Because he welcomed those who wanted to join? Because he gave the group cohesion, stability. That he saved you all from running around like headless chickens. You were just angry that he stepped up when you couldn’t and you punished him for it. Now, this is your punishment. Forced to be unable to move on. Stuck as you always were, Yelich. A clown. Ark just refused to join your circus. Dr.X throws the armband he was twirling in the fire and walks away briskly. The camera moves to try and get a closer look at it but it burns to fast. The armband burns and turns to ask in the fire, and maybe, just maybe...it once held a N in a yellow box.
  12. The Second Coming is a really good one and has my vote on what their name should be. Leaning into the biblical naming convention, "Revelation" would also be good. I like most of the ideas i heard, and any name that fits into the naming scheme wouldn't sound bad.
  13. AWE Plasma Episode 5 Ted Constant Center, Norfolk VA Kabuki Alliance Claim the Crown Following Sane and Tajiri’s win over Joey and Candice, The Kabuki Warriors open the show with a scathing promo ripping into the rest of the AWE women’s roster, with Asuka promising a title shot next week to however was bold enough to face Sane tonight. Alexa Bliss almost instantly answers the call, declaring herself the number one contender all ready if Sane was the challenger. After some harsh words from Sane resulted in a slap from Bliss a brawl ensued that saw the Kabuki Warriors tossing Bliss out of the ring with their numbers advantage. Primo and Epico w/ Carlito Vs. Hybrid2 Following a short promo from Chavo once again claiming AWE the soon to be territory of La Familia del Sol we are treated to a great match from the two teams. Following a close defeat at Star’s Align, Angelico and Jack put on a show trying to earn a shot at the Binary Championships but in the end it is not enough to overcome Primo and Epico’s quick offense and help from La Familia’s ring leader Chavo. The Colons pick up the win and start to mime title belts as Chavo calls for a title match. Primo and Epico def. Hybrid2 Balor’s Betrayal Lio Rush comes out and calls out the new Universal Champion for breaking the deal they had and claiming karma would collect it’s dues at Absolute Zero. Balor comes out and claims there was never a deal, that he was given the opportunity and he took it. The two staredown, Lio full of anger, Balor full of smugness and it looks like there is about to be brawl before Balor walks way with Lio fuming. Angelo w/ Montez versus JTG w/ Shad After a alledged attack from Cryme Tyme on Angelo made him miss the teams title opportunity and they subsquent distraction from him cost Cryme Tyme their qualifier match, tempers were at a high going into the match. Tempers might of flared to high as after a cheap shot from Shad went unnoticed by the ref, Ford responded by attacking Shad on the outside. It quickly dissolved into the two teams brawling on the outside and ref having to call no contest as a large team of refs and security had to break up the brawl before it reached the crowd. No Contest Alexa Bliss Vs.Kairi Sane w/Asuka In a back and forth match that saw many near falls Bliss was very close to victory before she was felled by a Acid Spit from the current Galactic Champion. Before Sane could capitalize however, a surprise attack from Dakota Kai on Asuka distracted Sane and Bliss was able to recover and score the win off a quick roll up, claiming her Number One contender spot. The Warriors retreat as Dakota and Bliss celebrate and taunt them from the ring. Bliss def. Sane AWE Plasma Episode 6 Ted Constant Center, Norfolk VA The Family before all The show starts with a shot with the entirety of La Familia del Sol. Chavo stands in the front, talking to the rest of the family. He goes over to say that soon, the family will be the strongest force in AWE, unchallenged by anyone. To make sure of this, Carlito would have to face Carrillo, ACH, and TJP tonight, to determine the number one contender for Garza’s title, to keep the championship in the family. He also confirmed that next week, Primo and Epico would face The Hardys next week to confirm their number one contender spot. Montez Ford w/ Angelo versus Shad Gaspard w/ JTG The second meeting of these two teams would be as malicious as the first, with tempers high. Just as the first, a brawl quickly broke out however refs were on standby and quickly broke it up, which saw JTG and Angelo kicked from ringside. After this Montez seemed to have the advantage until JTG still ran in and proceeded to beat him down, resulting in a DQ victory for Montez. Cryme Tyme proceeded to beat on Montex until Angelo would come as backup and fight them off. Cryme Tyme would retreat while calling insults as Angelo checked on Montez. Montez def Shad via DQ Humberto Carrillo Vs. ACH Vs. T.J Perkins Vs. Carlito Carltio would try his best to win, but from start to finish Carrillo and ACH would team up to beat him down, payback from the assault at Star’s Align. However, the winner would be TJP, having his focus be winning the match instead of pay back, scoring the win after the other 3 had beat each other senseless. A camera change would show the rest of La Familia watching TJP celebrate and would show Garza smiling, not threatened at all. TJP def. Carrillo, ACH, Carlito Finn Balor and Jay Lethal Vs Lio Rush and Rich Swann Following a backscene segment where Spike would have Balor and Rush assigned a partner and face off in a tag match to determine who got to chose the match type, the main event would begin. Rush and Swann were the better team, as to much in-fighting between Balor and Lethal would see them lose the match after Lethal walks away from Balor. Rush would quickly seal the win. Rush and Swann def. Balor and Lethal AWE Plasma Episode 7 Ted Constant Center, Norfolk VA Rush sets the rules Following his win last week, Rush would lay the rules for what he dubbed the Trifecta match. The rules were simply. The winner had to pin, submit, and count out their opponent in any order. Once won method has been counted it couldn’t be scored again, and of course, there it was no DQ point. He would go onto say that he would be crowned the first winner of the match type. Alexa Bliss and Dakota Kai Vs. Kabuki Warriors After feeling cheated that their plan was foiled by interference from Kai, Asuka and Sane both brought a new meaning to ferocious as they wasted no time beating on Kai as they kept her from tagging in Bliss. After a hot tag brought Bliss in and saw the momentum shift, Bliss was quickly able to pin the reigning champ and secure the win. Bliss and Kai def. Kabuki Warriors The New Day downplay the Family In a classic New Day promo, Kofi, Big E and Woods would go on to say how they were not afraid of Chavo and crew in the slightest and were hoping they won, to make it an easy first defense. The Colons Vs. Hardy Boys In a upset victory, the Colons are crowned the #1 contenders for the Binary Championships as they defeat Jeff and Matt in the main event. They celebrate their win as the rest of the familia joins them and call out their supremacy. The Colons def. The Hardy Boys. AWE Plasma Episode 8 Ted Constant Center, Norfolk VA Liv Morgan joins the fray We start the night with a promo from Bliss that warned Asuka that last week was a taste of whats to come at Absolute Zero which saw the Kabuki Warriors respond by coming to the stage. Before anything could happen Dakota Kai would come in from the crowd and stand on Bliss’s right. The Kabuki Warrior’s would still approach until Liv Morgan would join on the right. The outnumbered Warriors would retreat back as Bliss and co taunted them from the ring. Cryme Tyme and Street Profits match set Following repeated brawls between both teams, Sabu would set them against each other in AWE’s first Lock and Key Tag Team Match. A member of each team would be locked in a cage above the turnbuckles and the other had to grab one of two keys at ring side and unlock their partner then pin one of the opposing team to win. They wouldn’t be told which key was which. New Day vs Chavo and Carlito Following the insults from New Day, The Familia would challenge New Day as they claimed their honor had been defaced. In a hard-fought tag match, They New Day would still come away with the win after a Trouble in Paradise would fell Carlito. Afterwards Chavo would be seen denying Carlito’s hand to help him up. New Day def. Familia del Sol Balor and Rush promo video A video would promote the Trifecta match between the two, showing the two month history of the fued. TJP and Lio Rush Vs. Finn Balor and Angel Garza In a Challengers versus Champions tag match to end the last show before Absolute Zero, the champions would come away with the win, with Balor nailing TJP with a Coup de Grace to end the match. Balor and Garza would nod and end the show with both of them on the turnbuckles holding their titles. presents Absolute Zero Cryme Tyme Vs. Street Profits Lock and Key Tag Team Match To start the show we are treated to an excellent match by these two teams with bad blood past boiling. Ford and Shad with start with JTG and Angelo in the cage. The match would have many memorable spots, such as Shad suplexing Ford before he unlock Angelo, sending the key flying, JTG and Shad beating on Ford, who fought back with an intensity unseen and the best spot of the match. Unable to climb the turnbuckle as Shad and Jtg held him back he would toss the key to Angelo who unlocked himself and hit Cryme Tyme with a crossbody from the cage. With the momentum shifted the Street Profits picked up the win by pinning both of Cryme Tyme at the same time. Street Profits def. Cryme Tyme T.J Perkins Vs. Angel Garza(c) For the Solaris Championship Perkins would give is all in the back and forth technical masterpiece of this match but it wouldn’t be enough to put down Garza. Even tho Chavo set in the audience watching he would not interfere, as if he was there to test Garza. Garza would deliver, as he would hit the Wing Clipper and get the 3 count for the win. Garza def. TJP The Colons Vs The New Day(c) for the Binary Championships When the numbers are on your side, it's a safe bet to give you the win, however, this match was the exception, as despite interference from Carlito, which was quickly put down by Woods, New Day would secure the win, as in his botched attempt to help, Carlito has went down with Primo, leaving Epico all alone to take the Big Ending followed by a Trouble in Paradise to secure the New Day’s first defense. In the aftermath La Familia would stand over Carlito and then proceed to beat him down, before Chavo would say he would one more chance. Fail again, and he was out. New Day def. Colons Alexa Bliss Vs. Asuka(c) for the Galactic Championship Asuka and Sane would pull their usual tricks to try and secure the win, however Bliss fought through all of them. In an emotional match bliss would nearly fall after the second Acid Mist from Asuka but help in the form of Liv Morgan and Dakota Kai would help Bliss power through and win the Galactic Championship. The defeated Kabuki Warriors would stagger to the ramp, promising redemption and that the “numbers would be even again soon.” Alexa Bliss def. Asuka Lio Rush Vs. Finn Balor(c) for the Universal Championship Trifecta Match In the main event of Absolute Zero, fans would be treated to the match of the night, maybe the best match so far in AWE’s short history. Balor and Rush would go blow for blow as the fight quickly spilled to the outside. After Balor hit a Bloody Sunday off the barricade through the announcer table neither superstar could beat the 10 count, resulting in the first point for both. After more back and forth action, Rush would hit a springboard poisoned frankensteiner for the pin, scoring the second point, However Balor would fight back, refusing to submit. After more fighting he would score his submission off a reversed figure 4 from Rush’s attempt then finally hit the Coup de Grace for his pinfall point, successful defending his Championship. Absolute Zero would go off air as Balor celebrated his win. Balor def. Rush
  14. Dr.X is sitting in his chair as usual but this time it is turned, facing away from the camera. He instead faces a mirror. The light is dimmed and his face remains in the shadows. Upon closer inspection, you can see that his mask is in his lap as he leans back in mystery. Labels...how powerful are they really? Can a person ever truly be more than a label? If he is put in a box from the start, the only world he will ever know is that box. Would that person even truly believe in a world outside that box? Even then, would he want to leave his familiar world? Dr.X shifts, his face still hidden by the darkness, his mask now balled in his fist. This mask….it had a duel purpose. It was to hide my face to the world, hoping to trick fate into finally letting me prove myself, into finally shining like the star that i am. All this mask has seen is defeat after defeat. I have failed at all turns, and now I face a seemingly dead-end. The future hidden away behind walls that i cannot climb. When the way forward is block, what can a man due but think on how he arrived here. This was not a path he chose, this was a path forced onto him, a path that he had to follow because of the box he was placed in. Well, why was he placed in the box is going to be the next question. Why? Because no matter what he did, he was nothing more than his past ...So what does this man do? What is the only cure to a disease that has no name, no rhyme, no REASON.,,He comes to the only conclusion he can. He must destroy his past. Dr. X lifts his mask The other purpose...was to hide the world from myself. I am not ready to come back to this company in the name you once knew me as ...not until I have earned that name back. It is my penance if you will. I have to earn my right to go by that name again, the name has seen to many failures, and i do not want another under it. I am reminded of the 12 labors of Hercules. Well, i am about to undergo my own 12 labors...to earn a name at the moment i don’t deserve. The first few have been done...now we move on. No matter the outcome ...always forward. The Doctor slips back on his mask and leans forward into the mirror. And thus ends our time ...old friend. The light then flickers out as we fade back into the arena.
  15. While I do agree that they probably are keeping him solely to make sure others don’t have him I also feel like they see some value in him. Is he better and deserves more then what he’s been giving? Most definitely. I feel like they see him as a solid and dependable mid card guy and while it’s no Main event scene it’s definitely still a very important spot in the grand scheme.
  16. I have a interesting pick to win it and its Ziggler. Hopeful? More realistic is KO as the winner. Hoping for a Punk surprise entrance at around the 20s
  17. I hate it personally. I get why they did it, but the Rumble was, and still slightly is, my favorite event. As a kid my uncle had the royal rumble dvd set, so after I got into wrestling the first events I watched were Rumbles 96-02. The Rumble is the only event I have never missed and lately I feel it has lost that excitement and for awhile I didn't know why but I feel I have the answer. It's because the Rumble was rarely used to push only one feud. It told many storylines in one match. Lately it feels like the rumble is only used to promote one match and it feels empty until that one storyline is played. There isn't any real progression in other feuds or storylines, Rikishi turning on Too Cool, the Hardy's and Undertaker, The wonderfully done MULTI-superstar feud of Austin and Vince. Now its just who ever is currently fueding for the title already.
  18. don't need a match, but just a segment with DX and New Day would make this show great. Maybe even let New Day defeat them in a match, past the torch for a successful comedic stable.
  19. Dr.X


    "When It Falls" By Casey Lee Williams blast through the arena to a mixed reaction of loud cheers and a chorus of boos. Dr.X makes his entrance, microphone in hand as he looks towards the chaos in the ring. Can you all stop the measuring contest for a second? You all come out here, shouting your strawman fallacies and inflating your egos to ungodly highs when in reality deep down you don't really believe what you preach. How could you? I mean you all have made it to the top. You are simply fighting to keep it up, to protect what you believed you have earned. Look, how quickly you beat down Arrow, simply for having the guts, the arrogance, the ability to look you both in the eye and feel no fear, no real threat. He is learning but he's not there just yet. Dr.X steps in the ring and stares down his two seniors, two of the very best in BPZ today and even with the mask, you can see the contempt in his eyes, not awe and not admiration. You both will give it your all, but it won't be Arrow, it won't be you, Bailey...it won't be you Bart. It will be the only person who can CURE this company of the the parasites like you who run this company to the ground. I am taking the reigns, I'm done trying to grovel and beg and appease and keep the status quo in this looping state of the same tired old boring faces back to back to back. You ruled through fear, through power, through politics. I was a victim, I was the hunted. Now I am the hunter and I am the suspect. Bailey, I feel like we got distracted after Bart came out here and ignored the early request. You asked if someone wanted to fight you. Well, I am always ready to fight. Because I'm not afraid to prove what I'm about. Im not like those who wait and pick at the scraps left by the eagles. I, hunt, the eagles. So, time and place, Bailz. The Doctor will gladly set a appointment.
  20. AWE Plasma Episode 1 THE STAKES ARE SET Dvon and Spike come out to start the show and speak on how AWE is gonna be the home of the greatest acts of aerial ability in the business and how the first Universal champion should emphasize that, so to decided that, a beat the clock challenge has been set with the two fastest times facing off in a Ladder Match at Star’s Align, the first PPV. They are then interrupted by Sabu, who says that with aerial combat, it carries the Will of The Extreme, and the midcard would shoulder that will. The Solaris Title would be defended 24/7 starting tonight and who ever held the championship at the end of Star’s Align would be the official first champion. Angel Garza Vs Humberto Carrillo In the first match of AWE, Carrillo would come out victorious over Garza, claiming the Solaris Championship from Sabu who would hand him the title after his hard fought win. However, he would fall victim to a low blow and a quick roll up to see Garza quickly take it for himself and scurrying to the exit. Carrillo def. Garza via Pinfall in 10:21 Triangle Tag Team TLC Set for the Binary Championship at Stars Align A graphic shows that three teams will earn a spot to compete for the gold in a 3-way Tag Team match. Hybrid2 Vs. New Day(Binary Championship Qualifier) In an excellent tag team match, Kofi and Big E were able to secure their spot at Stars Align to compete in the TTT TLC. Hybrid2 took the defeat in grace and shook hands with New Day at the end of the match. Kofi pins Jake Evans in 13:48 TJ Perkins Vs. Lio Rush(Beat the Clock) The expectations were high for the first main event but TJP and Rush did not disappoint. Perkins would have the early advantage but it wasn’t enough as Rush was able to seal the win with the and set the benchmark at 10:01 for the Universal Beat-The-Clock Challenge. Rush def. TJP via Pinfall in 10:01. AWE Plasma Episode 2: TRIPLE THREAT FOR THE GALACTIC CHAMPIONSHIP TONIGHT Styles and Striker hype up the main event of the night, Alexa Bliss Vs. Asuka Vs. Candice LeRae to crown the first Galactic Champion. A-Kid Vs. Jay Lethal(Beat the Clock) In an amazing opening match, Lethal was victorious against A-Kid, however the match would take just shy of 15 minutes due to Garza suddenly running into the arena, chased by Carrillo. After Garza knocked out the referee by throwing him in the way of a Carrillo superkick, Lethal would hit Garza with a Lethal Injection followed by one to A-Kid. A new ref would come out to count both pins by Lethal and Carrillo, giving Lethal the dismal time of 14:51 and Carrillo the Solaris Championship. Lethal def. A-Kid via Pinfall in 14:51 Street Profits Vs. Cryme Tyme(Binary Championship Qualifier) A very charismatic tag match by both teams ended with a Street Profit victory. Unlike Hybrid2, JTG and Shad were not happy at the end, saying the ref had ignored the tag made before the pinfall. Both the ref and the replay show the tag is questionable and Cryme Tyme storm off upset at the lost. Angelo Dawkins pins JTG in 11:02 MVP Vs. PJ Black(Beat the Clock) In a wonderful match of technical prowess Black beats MVP in 10:59, claiming second place so far in the contest. P.J Black def. MVP via Pinfall in 10:59 Asuka Vs. Alexa Bliss Vs. Candice LeRae for the Galactic Championship In a hard-hitting match Asuka cheats her way to becoming the first Galactic Champion following a distraction from the other Kabuki Warrior Kairi Sane allowing Asuka to spit Mist in the face of LeRae and get the quick Roll-up for the win. During her Celebration, Joey Ryan and LeRae are seen arguing with Bliss and the ref over the decision on the stage as Asuka waves them goodbye. Asuka def. Bliss and LeRae via Pinfall in 15:32 AWE Plasma Episode 3 "ACID IS DISGUSTING" Joey Ryan is seen arguing with Dvon over last week's finish and yells out loud how Acid is disgusting and used by cowards just as Tajiri walks past. Dvon points at the death glaring Tajiri behind Joey who doesn’t back down and repeats it in Tajiri’s face, who then challenges him tonight. Hardy Boyz Vs. Primo and Epico(Binary Championship Qualifier) Matt and Jeff dominate The Colons, quickly cementing the Triangle Tag Team TLC for Star’s Align. After the win, a staredown ensues after the other teams make their presence in the ring. It ends after the belts are lowered, giving all teams a good look at the prize. Jeff pins Primo via Pinfall in 8:32(Total segment length 11:01) Carrillo Attacked. Humberto is found unconscious surrounded by medics and refs by ACH. After he presses for answers they say Garza and a masked man attacked him and Garza got the pin. ACH then goes looking for Garza. Joey Ryan w/ LeRae Vs. Tajiri Following the disagreement from earlier these two men wasted no time airing their grievances with hard strikes from both. The bout was close however the Kabuki Warriors make an appearance teasing LeRae, who starts to brawl with them both and catches a spit to the face from Asuka., Ryan and the ref are distracted by this and Ryan quickly falls victim to Tajiri’s own Mist and is quickly dispatched with a Buzzsaw Kick and pinned. Tajiri and the Kabuki Warriors leave smirking at the beaten LaRae and Ryan. Tajiri def Ryan via Pinfall in 10:47 ACH finds Garza ACH is seen chasing Garza who quickly escapes into a car with 4 other people inside. As they drive off the camera catches the plates,which read Familia. Ricochet vs Rich Swann(Beat the Clock) Ricochet stuns Swann and the crowd with lighting fast offense and quickly secures the win and beats the clock by a second for first for first. Swann is left stunned in the corner as Ricochet celebrates. Rush then comes out and claps his hands, claiming that no other could come close to their times. Lethal comes out and claims he could have beaten Rush’s time but his match was interrupted. Rush and Lethal argue back and forth until Spike comes out and claims Lethal will get a second shot but not against A-kid, but against someone of Rush’s choosing. Rush states he will choose next week. Ricochet def Swann via Pinfall in 10:00(total segment 15:58) AWE Plasma Episode 4 CRYME TYME UNHAPPY After arguing with the Dudley’s over their last match their rematch is rejected as the tag cannot be confirmed. JTG starts to speak up however is silenced by Shad who simply says “Ok. and ushers JTG away as he follows. ACH Vs. Angel Garza ACH and Garza go back and forth however as it the match nears it end with ACH seemingly in a good spot he is suddenly attacked by 3 men in masks. The ref calls for the DQ as the men and Garza proceed to beat down ACH. However ACH is saved by Carrillo he beats back the attackers however catches Garza with a quick roll up before sprinting and vaulting the barricade. ACH def. Garza by DQ in 9:45(total segment 12:02) Lio Rush chooses Lethal’s opponent. Lio Rush is in the ring and talks how Lethal won’t even beat his guy, let alone beat Rush’s time. They had also made an agreement that the guy would beat Lethal at 10:03, to make sure he doesn’t beat Rush. Angelo Dawkins injured Angelo has been attacked and early evals state he will miss Star’s Align. Because of this another match would be had to replace Street Profits. Cryme Tyme Vs. Hybrid2(Binary Championship Qualifer) This time around Hybrid2 are able to pick up the win to qualify. Their win comes with an asterisk, as Angelo Dawkins in a cast and Montez Ford appear and start to argue with Cryme Tyme claiming their attack was dirty. This allowed the momentum to swing to Hybrid2 and Angelico took advantage and was able to put JTG away for the win. Angelico pins JTG in 12:23 Finn Balor Vs Jay Lethal(Beat The Clock) Balor is revealed as the mystery opponent to the shock of the crowd and to an even bigger shock beats Lethal in 10:00 claiming the first place spot for Stars Align. He smirks at upset Lio Rush shouting at him from the stage and aims a finger gun at him as the show ends. Balor def Lethal via Pinfall in 10:26 AWE Star’s Align World’s Cutest Tag Team Vs. Tajiri and Sane w/ Asuka(Kabuki Alliance) Opening the night is the ongoing feud of Joey and Tajiri. The Kabuki Alliance keeps control the whole match, with the winning moment coming as Sane faked a Mist Spit into Joey’s face, who flinched and closed his eyes and was hit by a Buzzsaw kick. The newly formed alliance cheers as they leave the ring as LeRae checks on Joey. Kabuki Alliance def WCTT via Pinfall in 8:03 ACH Vs. Humberto Carrillo for the Solaris Championship Following confusion as ACH claimed he was champion since he had technically defeated Garza and Carrillo defending that titles don’t change hands via DQ they both decided to settle it in the ring. Everyone should be glad they did as it was a contender for match of the night with Carrillo picking up the win. However Garza and the 4 men surround the ring, with the 4 masked men coming form the crowd and Garza from the entrance. He states that the rule was whoever walked out Star’s Align was champion, and Carrillo was going nowhere. Garza and his allies proceed to beatdown Humberto and retake the title as the men finally un mask, revealing Carlito, Primo, Epico and the ring leader Chavo Guerrero who claims that this is the new faction of AWE, La Familia del Sol. they walk out as Garza is crowned the first official Solaris Champion. Carrillo def ACH via Pinfall in 9:34(total segment 12:45) Hardy Boyz Vs. New Day Vs. Hybrid2( TLC for Binary Championship) The match lived up to all expectations as all teams gave it their all. All teams had near victory moments all around, from Jack Evans inches from the titles before being pulled away by Matt to Jeff taking out Big E and Angelico, as well as himself, with a Swanton through a ladder and a table from a ladder to try and buy Matt time to climb up. However after a Trouble in Paradise with a chair to Matt and a S.O.S on a ladder to Jack, Kofi was able to climb the ladder and secure the titles for The New Day. New Day def. Hardyz and Hybrid2 in 19:24 Lio Rush Vs. PJ Black Vs. Jay Lethal( Universal Title Shot at Absolute Zero) To determine the number one contender, the winners of the Beat the Clock challenge who didn’t score high enough faced off in a triple threat match. It was a great match that saw Lio Rush pick up the victory to face the Universal Champion at Absolute Zero. Lio Rush def. P.J Black and Jay Lethal in 10:32 Finn Balor versus Ricochet for the Universal Championship As the main event for the first PPV, both stars put on their absolute best performances to try and win the championship everyone was coveting however despite his best efforts Ricochet would fall to the Coup De Grace and Finn Balor would be crowned the first AWE Universal Championship. Star’s Align would fade to black as Finn Balor raises his finger gun to the sky and the crowd follows. Finn Balor def. Ricochet via Pinfall in 13:21
  21. ASTRO Wrestling Entertainment Singles Finn Balor Ricochet Lio Rush Angel Garza Humberto Carillio Jay Lethal TJ Perkins ACH PJ Black Rich Swann Chavo Guerrero Carlito MVP Joaquin Wilde Tajiri La Park A-Kid Marko Stunt Tag Team Hybrid2(Angelico and Jack Evans) Joey Ryan andStreet Profits Hardy Boyz New Day Cryme Tyme Primo and Epico Injustice Womens Kabuki Warriors Candace LeRae Mia Yim Liv Morgan Alexa Bliss Personnel Dvon and Spike Dudley-General Managers Sabu-Advisor Joey Styles and Matt Striker- Commentary Titles AWE Universal Championship Main Event Singles AWE Solaris Championship Mid-Card Singles AWE Galactic Championship Womens AWE Binary Championships Tag Team PPVs January: AWE Star’s Align February: AWE Absolute Zero March: AWE Blue Shift April: AWE Total Eclipse May: AWE Blazar June: AWE Zodiac Rising July: AWE Cosmic Rebellion August: AWE Perihelion I September: AWE Lunar Bash October: AWE All Saints Masquerade November: AWE Atomic Meltdown December: AWE Third Rock
  22. WWF World Heavyweight Championship match Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels (c) - Hell in a Cell match Kane vs The Undertaker Owen Hart vs Triple H - WWF Intercontinental Championship match Ken Shamrock vs The Rock (c) - WWF European Championship match Dan Savern vs Steve Blackman (c) WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Marty Jannetty vs Brian Christopher (c) Cactus Jack vs Jeff Jarrett - WWF Tag Team Championships match New Age Outlaws vs Goldust/Mero vs Headbangers vs Los Boricuas Bonus Questions One of these matches will end in a No Contest, which match will that be? Kane vs Undertaker Which Superstar will get the highest in-ring performance? Shawn Michaels How many title changes will occur during the show? 1
  23. Dr.X

    Hidden Treasure

    We are back in the doctors office. Sitting in his chair as usual is Dr.X. In the background a somber tone plays. Next to him is a red spray can. He is looking towards his right. He slowly turns to face the camera after a short wait. I have been a bad host my friends. I don’t invite you as often as I should and I’m sorry, that is on me. I was deep in thought, contemplating. How I could make my statement as clear as possible, so direct there was no question as to my intent. Then it hit me. Dr.X waves to someone off camera and a women in a red and black nurse scrub comes in and takes the spray can and sprays a A X on The Doctors chest and back. She then walks off and Dr. X sits up so that the X is seen clearly on his chest. Thank you, Nurse X. You all see the X. As children we are told stories of pirates and how they would search for hidden treasure. Always on the map they would set away to one point, the X that marked the location of the hidden treasure. Well, this X marks the hidden treasure as well. It marks the target, the treasure that everyone is gonna want. It marks me, the person who is gonna do the distance and go from 1st Entrant to Winner. This X marks the target to all of you because none of you are with me, and that means every single one of you, no matter the accomplishments, the accolades, the relevance. From Arrow to Flynn you are all targets and will be treated as such, so I expect to be treated as one. I’ll take you all on at the rumble, and I’ll fight until there is only one man standing in the ring, the only cure to the BPZ world division. Me. So, anchors way folks....time to set sail. Dr.X grabs the spray can, turns around, and sprays on his wall a giant X and turns around. Because X marks the Winner. He then walks away briskly as the camera zooms in to the X while fading away
  24. there gonna let him make it, but they aren't going to sponsor it or be affiliated with it.

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