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  1. Ark stays silent for a bit longer. Him and Echo continue to drive in silence. You know, I didn’t hijack the car, I actually did request to be your driver. Decided to make sure you got the arena well and on time. Thank you however, for your brilliant rant, it allows me to Segway perfectly into what I was going to say first. It’s a shame you know, that the culture, the environment here in this company is so hostile. To where the simple act of carpooling can be misread as a attempted ambush. Your first thought when seeing me was of fear, fear that you would be attack. You can try and hide it, but only fools truly don’t feel fear. Ark turns to look at Echo out of the side of his eye. I wanted to just have a little chat, maybe make some small talk while you were here but you have made your feelings known so I shall do likewise When you first returned here Echo, I was happy. I was joyful really, another rival coming back, ready to duke it out and redeem himself and work his way back to the top. Then you were given the number one contender spot instantly and that joy, quickly joined to hatred. That’s the truth as you said, Echo. I can’t stand you, because we both were out there doing the same amount of work, creating the same amount of waves, and yet time after time again you got the nod over me. So yeah, it would be easy wouldn’t. Beat up the already broken guy, dump you in the desert, see if you even make it to Bad Blood. All it would take is parking the car. So why don’t I you wonder? Cause would that even be a win? What did I prove? What would I gain? Nothing. Even now, when I do win at Bad Blood, it’s gonna be a hollow victory, cause all I would be proving is that I’m better then a hobbled Echo. On the bright side, maybe that would make them see that I deserve the chance to face Flynn over you. Cause that’s the thing Echo, i do deserve it over you. You sit there, saying you are gonna end my career, speaking as if you have me all figured out. You know nothing Echo. You talk to me about no one getting handed anything, and it’s easy for you to say, as you eat the seeds from their hands. You were handed that number one contender spot, so I’m going to give you my own a hand out, it’s called a ass beating and it’s on the house, free of charge. Ark takes a deep breathe and turns the radio on. It starts on a commercial then changes to “Sunflower.” Ark smirks. “People who never win and never quit, they are the true fools.” A very deep quote Echo. Yes I am a fool. But I do win, and I never quit. Sure some of my endeavors have been unsuccessful, however so has a lot of people. Even you are about start a rough patch Echo, and it starts at Bad Blood. Cause though you may be beaten and bruised, I won’t treat you any less then you at your best. You said it was like fate put me in front of you, well it’s quite the opposite. Fate put you in front of a train, in front of a good man, going to war. You are right in one regard Echo, that this isn’t a through away match. This is a message. From me to who ever decided to give you the number one contender spot over me. A message. That maybe they need to rethink their choice. Cause a desperate man I may be, but not for your sake, for yours Echo. Cause I don’t want recognition from you, I couldn’t care less about what you think of me, no no, I want more then recognition. I want you to look at me and stop seeing the young lion fresh out of Dragons Gate back in 2016. I want people to start seeing your former NXT, former, Former Top 6 in the Rumble, former Carnage TV, former Global, and future champion. I want you to see why you shouldn’t have continued with this match.Demons run when a good man goes to war. But I know you won’t run Echo. You will fight, you will push yourself beyond those injuries. You won’t win, you won’t quit...so you tell me who’s the fool? Ark goes back to being silent, and starts humming along to the song on the radio.
  2. Team Psychic Gym Leader: Dr.Universe Starters: Hoopa-Unbound Gardivore-Mega Metagross Espeon Alakazam Claydoll Subs: Starmie Reniuclus
  3. Ark Universe

    I Quit

    Ark comes out to his theme song, still as somber as his last, maybe even more so. He gets into the ring and simply asks for the Mic. He takes it and starts to speak, with an air of defeat unlike that heard in Ark. Do you remember back then, 2 whole years ago, when you called me a parody, Echo? I do, it was for the build-up to that Elimination Chamber match. Ark Universe and Echo Wilson, at that time two of the hottest young superstars, both of us coming off hot summers, wondering who would make the biggest splash, the biggest line in the BPZ history books. Remember what i said back then? That one day, we would face-off, and it...it would headline a PPV? Ark faces start to light up and a smile appears for a brief second, before faltering back to his face of near neutrality. As per usual, look how wrong I was. Both of us, meeting in some throwaway match at Bad Blood, no stakes, no consequences, just two names that are known enough to fill the time. Story of my life according to some people. You, however, look at you. You have got bigger things already lined up. You came back and they handed you what I have been asking for since I got back here: A title shot at the two new titles. Based off that, guess its plan to see which of our stars shined brighter two years ago. When you can go off and come back to management giving you the star treatment, whereas I have to read and listen as people backstage forget im carded for the Premium Championship match. But hey, now they dont have to recall me being in it, cause i asked to be taken out of it. No point in even working for something if no one sees me winning it, not even me at this point. Guess it turns out negative reinforcement will always win out in the end, a nice lesson to leave as my legacy i guess. I said i scream my success to the masses, that i would make sure they were remember, but it seems like im the Silence from Doctor Who; The moment i leave your eyesight, im forgotten. Just like that. It gets annoying at times you know? Having to constantly answer the same questions, respond to the same insults. At least you came out here and didn't mention my name and Nexus within the next minute. However, since you have humored me, allow me to humor you, Echo. I see you there, beaten, bruised, hurt...and I dont care. Cause no one cared, when i was in the same position before i left, when i was beaten down, almost every week. Ark's voice starts to crack with emotion. All i wanted, was to entertain, to have some fun, make some people feel better. What was i reward with, i was rewarded week after week with being called a failure, with being called a flop, a loser, and when ever I tried to speak out against it I was told I didn’t get to brag about my success, that I my points and arguments, the actually lost points because I mentioned my good times, however, if I spoke about the bad I was just whining and complaining and should just work harder. So I did, I worked as hard as I could, I worked and i worked, and what was my reward then, surely I would be graced with something? I was rewarded with no one even knowing I was working. You think someone surrounded by so much negativity would have been snapped been lost it, would have quit oh so long ago. Well here it is. I have snapped, I have lost it....and I quit. Ark puts the mic down and let’s the arena go silent. He then slowly raises it back up. Then almost as if the previous mood was all a act, he snaps back with more fire and ferocity then before into his speech. That’s right I quit. I quit remaining silent and being oppressed when ever I try to speak, I quit, watching others get handed things that I deserve, that they don’t. I quit being the nice guy that always finishes last, gets ignored, loses the girl. So Echo, unfortunately you, my former rival and friend, I don’t care that you are hurt. I don’t give two shits that you got attacked. I’m not gonna let you just Waltz back from you fall from grace and take what should rightfully be mine! I deserve that number one contender spot, not you, not Josh not Mikey. So I hope you meant every word you said, cause I mean it when I say I’m treating you like your at your 110%, so you better be. Cause Bad Blood, our match may be a throwaway, everyone might treat it as just a welcoming mat for the returning Echo, but I refuse to be quiet and humble anymore. I’m better then You, I’m better then Josh and I’m better then Mickey Mouse, and for you all to get the nod over me, just might be the biggest insult I have ever had thrown at me. Why make you a enemy, because simply put you are one Echo. You and every one else back there, all enemies. I have come to terms with the fact it seems like the entire BPZ locker room is my enemy. I’m tired of playing the good kid who waits, now I take what’s mine and I speak the truth and the truth is Echo, I am the Ally to Justice! The crowd roars to its feet and shouts the last line along with Ark as he throws his head back and shouts NIGHTMARE TO YOU! Ark slowly brings his head back done as the camera zooms into him as he finishes up. basically....Run. Ark drops the mic and runs to pose atop the turnbuckle. We thought Ark had run out is steam, that his doubters and naysayers had finally broken him, but Ark Universe has shown he refuses to let them win, and fights on. One does have to wonder, to what extent will Ark take his declared rebellion to the status quo and where will it take him.
  4. I agree with Flynn, having Orton win here, maybe tainted, maybe even clean, lets the story progress and keep momentum. Another no contest wouldn't go over well, and having Kofi win clean would signal( or atleast should) the end of the feud. Would also help stat boost Kofi to become a two-time world champion already, and i would love that. I personally just want it to go on because Kofi is one of my favorites in wwe, and Orton is my favorite heel so seeing them feud for the World title is just so satisfying.
  5. Im actually getting a feeling WWE might give the belt to Cedric here, and have his first defense be AJ. Ignoring storylines however, this could be one of the best, if not the best, match of the night from just a wrestling standpoint. I am a fan of both wrestlers, and no matter who wins ill be satisfied and content.
  6. Many classic horror icons, such as Giger’s Xenomorphs, Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, and other disturbing creatures, share common characteristics. Pale skin, dark, sunken eyes, elongated faces, sharp teeth, and the like. These images inspire horror and revulsion in many, and with good reason. The characteristics shared by these faces are imprinted in the human mind. Many things frighten humans instinctively. The fear is natural, and does not need to be reinforced in order to terrify. The fears are species-wide, stemming from dark times in the past when lightning could mean the burning of your tree home, thunder could be the approaching gallops of a stampede, predators could hide in darkness, and heights could make poor footing lethal. The question you have to ask yourself is this: What happened, deep in the hidden eras before history began, that could effect the entire human race so evenly as to give the entire species a deep, instinctual, and lasting fear of pale beings with dark, sunken eyes, razor sharp teeth, and elongated faces?
  7. I see this years Royal Rumble might have some spicy returns, as i dont see them returning to TV just to return, and the only person who could return into a good feud is Samoa Joe, unless they want to bring Gargano up with Ciampa
  8. Hart versus Austin no contest
  9. Nintendo 64: LoZ: Ocarina of Time Game Cube: Yu-gi-oh: Falsebound Kingdom Game Boy Advance: Dragon ball Z: Legacy of Goku 2 PS2: Smackdown versus Raw: 2007 Nintendo DS: Pokémon Emerald edition Xbox 360: Halo 3 PS3: Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock PS4: Assassin Creed Odyssey(about to be Borderlands 3)
  10. Steve (Minecraft) vs Ezio Auditore (Assassins Creed) Sora (Kingdom Hearts) vs Master Chief Scorpion vs Pikachu Spyro the Dragon vs Pac-Man John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) vs Agent 47 (Hitman) Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) vs Banjo-Kazooie Sonic the Hedgehog vs Crash Bandicoot Mario vs GLaDoS (Portal)
  11. Gable was not someone I expected getting a push late 2019, but I’m glad to see it. He’s proving that he is ready, willing, and gable to win this KOTR.
  12. Always good news to me when more Lucha Libre talent gets signed. I do hope Ivelisse gets a break as well, she was enjoyable to watch on LU, i could see her on NXT definitely.
  13. 2012/2013 Punk gets the nod from me. I enjoyed every part of it, every segment. It was one of the best things WWE has done to this day, and even now i find myself rewatching past matches from his run with the WWE championship, and i still recall how mad i was when it finally ended.
  14. Jonathan vs. FDS Prince vs. Bart Julius vs. Kenji Group B: Smith vs. Hans Blade vs. Slim Bashka vs. Sameer
  15. Ark is shown to already be on the ring when BPZ returns from commercial break. He doesn’t seem to be in a good mood and is pacing the ring. He waits a bit then launch’s right into why he’s out here So there I was, relaxing after a nice training session when my phone gets a notification. Some announcements for the card of Bad Blood. Now, I expected to be there, as I am not done chasing that Premium Championship. So I look through the matches, see that Josh is in the Money in the Bank, really proud of him, honestly believe this is his year to win it. I see Yelich versus Arius, 2 out of 3 falls, looking to be a Match of the Year candidate folks, I’m not going to lie to you, even I would be hard pressed to put on a better match then that one. Then I see what might be the biggest insult of my career. I see that the Number one contender match for the North American championship, something I have expressed Interest in, even more so now knowing that there’s a real chance I could face Yelich again, and yet I look at who that chance was given to and it’s Josh and Mikey. Ark laughs sarcastically. Josh and Mikey?? That’s who they give it to. Josh is great and all, and I do give him the edge in that MITB match... and Mikey is Mikey. Once again, I am skated over. Where am I put? To be the welcoming mat to my old pal Echo! Not only was I skipped over for the number 1 contended spot, I am shoved to play with someone who is returning from disgrace. Not only is that a wound, but then salt is poured on in copious amounts! Come to find out, Echo even puts our match on the back burner. He’s off playing with Flynn and even gets a god damn number 1 contenders match! Ark has stopped pacing and takes a deep breath. Then Jason Ryan opens his mouth, challenges Echo to a match and utters the words “after you take care of Ark.” Ark opens his hands in feign disbelief What!? I come out, work my ass off, and for what? To be a afterthought to people who aren’t even half way at my level? to simple be written of as soon as im announced for a match? I took a break for my health after working hard, come back ready to work and what do I get? I wonder around aimlessly just being thrown into to fill spaces. Yet Echo comes back like some god damn hero after being suspended and he’s gifted a free fucking ticket to the Undisputed Championship? That was the last straw, the last piece of evidence I needed, the last stroke on the masterpiece of a painting where the message is clear: No one back there respects me. No one back there notices my work. They probably are already just dismissing this as me just whining and not working. Well. You know what they say squeaky wheel gets the grease. Ark drops the mic and rolls under the ring. He is seen walking towards the entrance. His abrupt stop shocks the crowd out of their silence and they start to chant” Fuck BPZ” Ark smiles and pauses and starts to orchestrate the chants for a bit. He then bows and pulls out a can of spray paint. He turns towards the minitron and sprays “Last Warning” before storming of the stage. Ark is visible getting tired of being overlooked by everyone, and the chilling message, last warning, makes one wonder what will happen next, and who is this warning to.
  16. Mine would be God of War 2. It was one of the first games of that genre i played, and was the first game i played when i got my PS3. Still a big fan of the series, loved the new one and the take on Norse mythology this time, but 2 will always hold that special place in my heart.
  17. gonna have to be Ups and Downs by Kyle, just a nice relaxing song that i have a connection to.
  18. why is this more interesting then any other drama i have watched. Just got caught up and i feel like i just binged a netflix series. Keep it up Bob, im looking forward to the next one.
  19. I agree with Josh, a Kayfabe GM would be a great asset. My suggestion is to somehow bring back BPZ cash and implement it into our kayfabe contracts. what the cash would be used for? i have no idea.Maybe special colors or borders for your profile picture.
  20. the new showcase does actually look fun to play, i enjoyed watching the Women's revolution, i wouldn't mind reliving the big moments. While i still wont be preordering the game, it is shaping up to be better then the other attempts and may just be added on to the Christmas list.
  21. I was worried at first, good to hear its just minor and he should be back soon.
  22. 8 year old me was floored at this car crash of an arena. Still love it to this day. Close second would be honestly be the 2000 Royal Rumble arena. Small and concise, really focused on the action and made the rumble more fast pace.
  23. i would love to see is the newer guys reform Nexus and give it the proper run it deserves
  24. a Corvette. They just have the best design out of any car to me, and one of my mentors in middle school had one. The moment i saw it i knew that was the car i wanted.

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