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  1. Dr.X is once again sitting in his room. The lights are dimmed and a soft piano plays in the background. He sits quiet for a bit as it plays before a chime goes off and he sits up slightly. We should give this spot a name shouldn’t we. I think the Doctors Office sounds fitting, doesn’t it? Yes, it fits as you all come and see me and I am here to give you the diagnosis and the prescription for the...cure. Dr.X chuckles The Cure, the call themselves. Jason Ryan....Aaron North...and Gunner. That’s all I will call you. Someone who didn’t earn their fame through action, but through name and name alone. Because you were the brother of a beast all assumed you had the DNA of one. Seems a name is all you to share, cause it’s painfully obvious to see where the skill of the family went. You all call your self the cure of BPZ, but thats ironic. The so called Cure of BPZ is the very root of the parasite that plagues it. Gunner, Aaron, you both are in the NOC match, me? I have to face Prince. Don’t worry Prince, you aren’t forgotten. But you are far from a important matter. Don’t worry, your appointment with The Doctor will come, just not today. Today, we talk about the The Cure, the next flash in the pan stable of BPZ. You all gunning for the same titles, surrounded by bigger, better team in BulletProof, Creed, And Descent? About to take on a heavy loss, when despite both your efforts neither of you will win that NOC match. It’s going to be funny, when I beat you both and you all start pointing fingers. Let’s see how long that cohesion last when it’s pulling at the seems. Maybe I’ll speed it up, and offer you both a shot at my title after I prove that you all aren’t the cure to BPZ, that there is only one cure, and it’s prescribed straight from the doctor. The cure is very simple: Me. So, that’s the diagnose. Now the prescription. I recommend you all go home, you take a good look in the mirror and you look deep down in yourself a and you ask yourself this one simple question. Why do I need help? You see there’s only person I need to rely on, only one person that’s going to tell me what’s right for me, what the plan is. There is only one person giving me orders and that one person giving the orders is the same person following them. With you three, it’s monkey see. Monkey Do. And monkeys don’t win. Monkeys...lose. Once again the short soft whistle chirps and Dr.X leans back into his chair. I’m afraid our time is up, Cure. Prince....the Doctor will see you know. And you know what I see? I see the epitome of failure. It’s amazing that out of all the people they feel I am on the same field of a chance at the title is you, and honestly is insulting. Some, they get the opportunity and they fail at the last moment, inches from success. Those people...they were ridicule. Told they weren’t made to be a champion, that they earned opportunities and failed at them so they didn’t deserve the CHANCE to earn more....and some. They fail at the starting line. The fail to even earn the chance to get the opportunity and yet they are still giving chance after chance after chance and it’s just failure after failure after...failure. No one calls them out. No one says anything. I wondered why, pondered it. I slept on it. And I came to the only conclusion that makes sense. You simply are such a failure, you fail at even being on the radar. You fail so much, people have become use to it, desensitized to it. This coming Carnage it will be no different. You will fail to earn this shot, you will be laid out in the middle of the Carnage ring. And in the aftermath I will be crowned the number one contender at Winter Warfare and you will be watching me from backstage, maybe even from home. Then, when you see me hoist that North American Championship, when they call me the new champion, I’m going to ask for a mic. And I’m going to make sure that out of all your failures, out of all the times you didn’t make it past the preliminary stage of the race, that our meeting at Carnage is the one you don’t forget, that you don’t become desensitized to. Then maybe, maybe then you’ll get the message, and the next time we see you will be in 4-5 years when they run out of veterans to induct into the Hall of Fame so they induct you to be nice. The whistle chirps and Dr. X chuckles. And just like that...our time is up Prince. And come out match...so will yours. The screen fades to black as Dr.X leans back in his chair. His face is hidden by the mask, but the aura of smugness is sensed even though the screen.
  2. Dr.Universe's Fight Club Scraggy Riolu Croagunk Timburr Machop Makuhita Stuffal Mankey
  3. Titanfall 2 yay...another game this year that i already owned. So this year falls to 6 games that were on plus that i already owned....half the year.
  4. I loved this podcast. It was no hods barred and really let you get the actual experience of being a wrestler in that ring. The part that still sticks with me is that Taker didn't remember his Lesnar match, what was suppose to be his final time. I wouldn't want to leave it there as well, but to wake up the next day after match, not remember what happened, to not even know your own name for a spell? It made me have that much more respect for all superstars and just make me want to smack those who downplay wrestling because its "fake" even more.
  5. Dr.X

    Why Wait

    Dr.X comes out to a mixture of cheers and boos, the crowd torn on how it should act towards him. Some loving the sadistic self-tilted masked hero, others disenfranchised with the condescending loud mouth. He slides in the ring and this time the time keeper promptly hands him a mic before he even asks. Thank you, at-least some people here can do their jobs right. Now, im not gonna beat around the bush, im not gonna act like there is someone here who doesn't know why i am out here right now. Aaron, i got to say i am impressed. You weren't the intended target, but none the less you came out ready to defending your NXT class. You are so ready you challenged me to a match. Now, of course i am going to accept, who would i be to deny the sacrifice to prove my point that the latest NXT class just doesn't have the cut to even grace this ring with us. All you guys are are more clutter on the card, with mediocre matches taken the space for the matches that puts asses in seats. So, let's negotiate the terms to this match. I do have some conditions for this match. Condition 1: This takes place here on Carnage. I have plans for Winter Warfare, as you should already know. I either have a NA title match, as i should, or I will be busy dismantling who ever actually wants to challenge my claim as number one contender, and so ill be defending MY number one contender spot that night. So, if you dont mind, ill prove to you my words on Carnage, and why wait? Let's settle this the Carnage after Survivor Series. I'll be all warmed up and ready to go. Condition 2: This match is a No-Disqualifications Match. See, this one is because you disrespected the mask. This mask is more then just away to hide my face as you say. This mask has meaning, every mask has a story. This mask has the story of being my first, the mask i wore while training and in my younger days. It carried a different name then, but its history is still around. Now, i don it again to add on to that story, to use it to exact my revenge and turn this place on its head. This masks doesn’t hide my face, it hides a wrath that won’t fade. So, come on out, say your spiel about how im wrong, and let’s set the date to prove you wrong you wrong. Aaron North!....The Doctor will see you know.
  6. In the love to hate, for me it has to be Seth Rollins. Even before his push he was my favorite member, and he was part of reason i didn't like Roman's push. Now however, a mixture of bad booking, egoism, and just plan burnout has made me not like to watch Seth as much as i use to. From hate to love, that has to be MVP. As a kid i hated him, mostly cause i was a kid and it all seemed real to me. However around 2009 i started to love his matches and sing along to his theme randomly.
  7. Lets Goooo, i miss Jimmy Wang Yang
  8. Love that you kept it up Mecko and I would love a mod like this, would help me as when i play i always want to try and take a smaller known wrestler whos look and style i like and try and build them up but find it almost impossible. I would say if its not to much add Lucha Underground in as well.
  9. Had a shaky start but it picked up fast in the middle and by the end was a great match for the PPV. Some interesting decisions here and there, the quick exit of Walter was surprising and disliked by many im sure, but Keith Lee being the last to be eliminated and pinning Seth AND hanging with Roman? It's refreshing to see him getting the spotlight. Loved the match after the shaky start and was one of the best matches on the card in my opinion
  10. should have really been higher on the card. Killed most of the hype, and there wasn't much left, leading into the ME. It was setting up for a good ending, having Rey and Dominic gang up and bear him down, but as always, Lesnar can't look weak at all cost unless its to a guest star or the top star, so he springs up, hits one F-5 and thats the match. Predictable ending plus bad ending, and card spot means terrible match.
  11. Was a overall disappointing match. Was very lackluster from expectations, Bayley from the jump was underwhelming and overshadowed by Becky and Shayna, and was already pegged as the pin. Becky and Shayna was the match for the most part. Shayna winning was great but even that was ruined in the end by having Becky still be the one standing strong.
  12. Dr.X

    Be You Cowards?

    We are shown that familiar dark room of The Doctor of Animus. It remains empty until Dr.X walks into the frame. He sits slowly in his chair. Here I sit and am forced to ponder again, why will no one answer my call. I went out there and i insulted you all, I declared myself the next contender to the world, and challenged anyone to come out and I'd prove my words at the next Carnage. No one came, no one responded, no one answer my challenge. Its the same for the Intercontinental match. No one stepped up, no one answered the Challenger, me. Now at first, when no one answered me, when no one regarded my claim, i assumed you all thought that i was not a threat. That I was nothing to take serious. Then I remembered: That can't be true. Otherwise, someone would have come out, or said that. Then it hit me. You all are cowards. I could call you all out by name and you all wouldn't do anything. Mikey was the worst person to give a title shot to, you almost gave it to Josh, thankful Mikey isn't that in competent. Raven is said to be the favorite, but he couldn't beat a deteriorating FD. Yelich, the former champion, paled in the moonlight that Arius danced in when he made his mark with that title. We the turn to Kenji...the current champion. The Resonator, the Dragon, the.....soon to no longer be...champion. Take a good long look at the title you have Kenji. Because you will only have that championship till we finally meet in that ring. Because you are simply...inferior. You had your moment, you had a shining moment and highlight in that Survival Games, but if you think beating Yelich is a accomplishment, then you don't know anything. Don't worry your little egos are somewhat safe, You aren't the only cowards who hide behind their oh-so-important stats. The entire Intercontinental Division are simply put, scared shitless of Arius. I just got here, and yet i already get my shot at him, due to a empty room of those with the strength to stand across from him in the ring. You know why? Cause win or lose, I am out there busting my ass to improve. To be better. That is why, unlike you all who snivel and grovel and hide and wait in line for the top 1% to throw you a bone don't deserve to challenge for anything but the NXT championship. Maybe you would be less afraid when facing Arrow and Aidan. I am the only one who had the courage, who had the drive to not only go for IC, but to STATE that i was the next contender. You all heard me, and did nothing. So you deserve nothing. Hopefully, by calling you all by name, something stirred. I hope so, so that way i can make sure that my words aren't the only proof to my claim. Your broken bodies will aid in my claim. If any of you want to try and prove me wrong, then we have next Carnage to make sure that you don't step out of line again. You have already shown where you belong, now stay there. Don't worry, after I defeat Kenji at Winter Warfare, I'll throw one of you waiting cowards a bone, a chance. at the Rumble. I have learned that when a dominate force takes the throne, the peasants run in fear. So i need to give you guys some kind of false hope, other wise i fear ill have a reign like BiC or Arius, where no one wants to fight. Well, almost no one. I'll be the one to keep them on their toes, since no one else has the balls to fight when they don't have that advantage, the numbers, and most importantly the skill. What this is shown me, is that NXT is to lenient since my day...and some of you have been called up to soon. With that scathing, venomous tirade from Dr.X, he stands and walks away, his footsteps growing fainter as the screen fades to black. Will any of those insulted finally take a stand, or will they all stand to the side and let Dr.X walk through freely?
  13. Again, to not repeat names, I would also say Kevin Owens. It was his first main roster title and i have fond memories of his tenure with the belt, especially the Ambrose feud and that and his second reign were amazing moments in the Road to Wrestlemania 32
  14. This is a really good one that i will also second, if not this one then i propose my favorite Royal Rumble, Royal Rumble 2000. It has my favorite match(Hardys versus Dudleys) and the best mid rumble spot(Rikishi dancing)

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