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  1. I feel the issue with Seth is, as said above, They are trying to push him as the top of the company when Becky and The Fiend are the ones the fans love right now. I feel WWE needs to know when they are pushing against the grain and try to switch Seth to a heel and maybe have the Fiend be that chaotic good babyface.
  2. Bryan winning the rumble and having this match at Mania would a dream match to start the new decade off strong. It would be such a good decision, i dont see it happening. Here's hoping tho.
  3. I have always enjoyed Sin Cara, and yeah i feel he should have been given more of a chance. I wonder if they drop the gimmick or have someone else take the mask and name. Im hoping that they drop it since the only options are another wrestler is squandered in the mask OR they give the mask and a push to the new Sin Cara and would rub salt in the wound for the current.
  4. Dr.X

    Hans Graphics

    Im loving that Survivor Series poster, It looks better then other official posters for PPVS.
  5. Next game will either be Persona 5: The Royal or Watch Dogs Legion, which ever release first.
  6. Ricochet on the main roster was everything teenage me wanted and i can't say i was let down. Im trying to get back into my love of watching wrestling on a weekly basis and this Raw was a good foot forward. If i get that Orton/Ricochet feud its all im gonna talk about for weeks. I was skeptical at first at the women's tag division but i haven't been let down yet as the matches are interesting to watch. At the end of the day its Kairi Sane and Asuka with hints of Tajiri so thats to be expected.
  7. Punk coming back would be a breath of fresh air into WWE. On the other hand, I feel like he might have fast exit if he has to join the list of main eventers jobbing to Lesnar.
  8. Dr.X

    Marks the Spot

    Demons run when a good man goes to war Night will fall and drown the sun When a good man goes to war Friendship dies and true love lies Night will fall and the dark will rise When a good man goes to war Demons run, but count the cost The battle’s won, but the child is lost When a good man goes to war We are shown a darken room with a single chair. A masked man walks in and sits in it. His outfit is nearly all black save for a white skull on his face with a red X embolden in the center. He shifts in the chair before laughing. He goes on for a bit before his laughs drifts away into a serious tone. It;s funny. Because this is the first time any of you would have seen me. Yet from my point of view, i have seen all of you, and if i don't know you, i know the type. You all sicken me.... you play your reindeer games, you follow your self made hierarchy and you bite, stomp, and claw your way to the next rung no matter who's back your knife finds, be it friend, foe, ally, enemy, cousin...brother. You fight and bleed and shed sweat and tears and for what? So you can be second best to those at the top who sit and drink wine as opportunities fall into their lap while you sit and wait for those same opportunities to eventually spill from their hands so the scraps land in yours. Well...this reindeer is done with your games...now, we play mine. So, lets play a game called Head Hunter. See, I made a list, and while i wont check it, I sure will scratch of the names twice. Let's see of the targets can crack the code...before i crack their skull. Let's see if you guys can find me, Dr.X....before i find you... The screen crackles again, with the image of a broken crown barely visible through the static.
  9. Dr.X

    Clock ticks

    Ark is seen backstage. He is pacing his room back and forth. He stops and nods and walks out. On his way out he’s sees the camera. You, follow me. You rolling? Good. Let me tell what is happening right now. Right now despite my best efforts, despite the roaring crowd and the verbal response, management once again turned a deaf ear to my words and once again turned a blind eye to my worth and what I am owed. I bust my ass, and put on quality match after quality match and not even make the card twice. Once was fine, but to have me as active option and still not give me a title shot, a number one contender match, to not even give me a throwaway match, but to completely ignore what I have been saying for the last month...no. The last YEAR? That’s the straw that breaks the camels back. So what happens now? I’m gonna go have a talk to Flynn. If he isn’t home I’m gonna be waiting in his office. I Know he can see and hear this, so let him know every hour I wait for him, something in there breaks. Thanks to his terrible scheduling, I quite literally have nothing else to do. Ark goes to open the door to the office, sees it’s locked so kicks it open. He turns to the camera. Clock started awhile ago. He then enters the room and closes the door behind him.
  10. Ospreay White Golden Lovers Jericho Lynch Fiend
  11. LETS GO! 205 stays for longer!!
  12. Dr.X

    Second Chance

    Ark comes out to cheers as his theme song starts to play. He looks more serious then usual and already has a mic in hand. He pauses at the top of the stage and ask for the music to stop. As you all are fully aware, I am in a campaign. A movement, a protest if you will. The demand is simple: Give me a Title shot. A week has passed since then. We have heard...nothing. No announcement. No message. Not even a mention of me. So...I think its time I gave a taste of what happens when you do that. Ark leaves again and comes back shortly with-WHAT IS THIS? ARK HAS A BAT! He walks towards the mini-tron and winds up! My GOD! Ark has just smashed the mini-tron! That's a nice look isn't it? Now that that is out the way, dont need you anymore Ark tosses the bat off the stage and starts to walk to the ring. I did warn that the messages would be coming stronger. The longer i go without hearing the correct answer to my demand, well....be a shame to replace the big tron wouldn't? Got to be careful tho. So many clowns running around BPZ i dont want to join the circus of freaks. Unlike them, there is reason and order to my chaos. I don't want to break things, i really don't. However, words aren't working anymore, and i would hate it even more if i had to say, pay my old friend Flynn's office a visit with a hammer and spray paint. That would just heart my heart, you know. You know what would fix that? Maybe to stop playing favorites with your butt buddies in Bulletproof and let someone who can beat Yelich without help. Your boy couldn't even do it with help. Granted the help was BiC, or Isaiah, or whatever he goes by now. He's about as useful as a dried up ball-point pen. Now, you know what would be great? You know what would make up for the months of being ignored? Fixing the past mistake of giving the TTT to a part-timer. Call them in, and make them defend it. I don't know what BPZ's fascination is for giving important things to unimportant people, but its never to late to fix the issue. You could kill two birds with one stone. Have a actual threat hold the TTT briefcase and at the same time fixing one of the bigger issues: Not having me on a single card this entire month. Why would you deny the fans me? It's just a bad business decision really. Well, Ark vs Joh would look nice for the advertisement posters, don't you think? It would also let me add him to the list. It's been a while and i would hate for Elliot to be the last one on it, you know? Oops. Said Elliot's name, now im going to have to deal with people whining backstage about how i mention my old wins and big moments. Forgot, im not suppose to talk about the time i beat Elliot....or Necce as well, but that one was ages ago, doesn't count right? Im going on a tangent here, you guys backstage get the picture right? Ark, Joh, TTT defense match. Alright cool, i expect a answer soon, if not well....i do have that hammer. Ark smiles and starts to walk towards the stage, He could be heard singing along to his theme song as he interacts with the fans on his way back. He has giving management his preposition, will they answer it or will it be ignored?
  13. i dislike Brock,not only as champion, but as a wrestler. I find the majority of his matches boring.
  14. Dr.X

    BPZ Whatculture

    Yes, you all aren't imagining things. Over a year in the making, but I am back! I am Rashid Jones and this is the grand return of BPZ Whatculture! Run by me at the moment, with help from Rashid and Mr.Jones. We are gonna kick things of by announcing the new format. That will be edited into my fingers here!....Oh we are live? Well, come back in a day or two and it should be in this box! Moving on from that awkward moment, We go into today's segment, What Just Happened! Survival Games was the center of attention this weekend, but it might just be overshadowed by the startling news that reigning World Champion Slim might be stripped and suspended. For reasons still pending, as no official statement or comment has been made by BPZ management, it is rumored that it may be because Slim's alleged heavy hand in booking decisions and that he is accused of pressuring the creative team into making him the victor. I for one, do not trust the credibility of these claims and feel there may be a more personal reason behind this ruling. I will keep you updated on how that turns out. Back to happier topics, Survival Games! It was a wonderful night, with some good calls, some bad ones, and some questionable ones. I won't go into a full breakdown pf the card, that is for Ups and Downs. Got to squeeze as much content as i can out from this event. But yeah, one good call here was giving Slim the win over Smith. Many agree that Smith may be suffering from a overt amount of favoritism and it is time to allow some new, fresher story lines to flow into BPZ. Slim may not be the freshest fruit in the basket, but he is definitely one of the sweetest. One bad call was the placement of Aidan and Arrow. While the match was good in all rights, to be placed before the main event and after the North American match from heaven, it was a good match that suffered from bad placement. On to one of the more questionable calls, Alex not winning. We all thought Alex was a rising star, he was built like such up to the event, so his lost comes at a lost to us. We fear he may be in route to be the next Ark Universe or Brad, talent built to seem likely to win only to never have the trigger pulled on their run. Alex needs to rebound from this and maybe he will, but this lost is hard one to understand. On to the Survival games themselves, after weeks of thrilling matches,the Finals have been decided. Slim and Julius is going to be a hella of a match, and it will cap off what might have been the best series done by BPZ. It was a joy to watch and alot of superstars are coming out of it better then when it started, win or lose, Kenji and Hans especially. That's all for today, its nice to be back. I will see you all next time, Rashid Jones sighing off, now you know: What Just Happened.

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