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Status Updates posted by Dr.X

  1. Come, Come. Walk with me, walk and become one with the Universe. 


  2. read and rep if you have't yet, and even if you have read it again. Come on, i want the lines


  3. Ok, after my promo was erased because of my bad luck, i have almost finished rewriting it and soon the world will know what is in a name. 

  4. 2018 has already started different then 2017; i don't have to vacate my title within a day. 

  5. Another stumble on the road to the top, but i will make it none-the-less.

  6. I Fuck with your soul like ether
    Will Teach you, the king , you know u
    Not God's Son across the belly
    Lose I prove you lost already.......

  7. Wish me luck guys. Im applying to my #1 college next week for early action. 

    1. Prince


      Best of luck mate

    2. Ropati4


      hope you get in ark

    3. BrendenPlayz


      all the best, hope you get what you're after

  8. All This coming weekend is Ark getting to commit Assault and Battery without the charge. Get ready, because this Sunday a new movement starts....


    1. Brad


      Once again copying me. God you're still unoriginal. 

    2. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      Ark > Brad


  9. When you have pre-ordered 4 games and are thinking how to fit them all on your 500gb PS4.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dr.X


      I would but I don't want to do it myself and the companies near me who would do it charge high for no reason. 

    3. BrendenPlayz


      honestly its so easy you would be surprised. Its a matter of unscrewing 4 screws, switching hardrives, screw the screws in again and youre done. If you can't do it, buy an external hardrive. Plug it in and boom more data.

    4. The Neb

      The Neb

      I'm pre-ordering FIFA 18 and NBA 2k18 on Monday, what did u get?

  10. The things i am hyped for this coming SummerSlam:  Universal Championship match(BPZ and WWE) WWE championship match, and more WWE2k18 reveals. 

  11. Today at 8 pm, catch the the 1st episode of the Carnage Corner weekly Podcast! 

  12. Happy bday Prince

  13. ok, summer life kicked in last few days as my family started going everywhere. its chilled out now and im back

  14. it has been awhile but tonight on Carnage, Ark Universe comes back and opens up on his recent disapperance from T.V

  15. Like the forum update, looks nice except for Carnage's screen. has 4 old timers who have to cheat to stay on top. but hey. if you don't want to pass the torch, then i don't have any problem ripping it from your hands. #FightandFlight

  16. FINALLY! after three years I'm finally Captain of the soccer team at my school. 

    1. Slim


      Congrats bro.

  17. Wanted: Partner for the Tag Team Classic. 

  18. forgot that while my school doesnt block the forums, it does block chat

  19. Ok, im finally able to be active again, yay. new kayfabe coming out soon


  20. laptop is backkkk

  21. "How come my names on this?" 

    I almost shed a effing tear!

  22. Update on Ark's Injury!?

    it was reported on BPZ.com that on tonights Evolve Show there would be a update on the injury of Ark and the future of his Mania run

  23. #BradMovement

    1. Alyx Wilde

      Alyx Wilde


  24. i have been thinking...it would be nice to add 1x BPZ United States champion to my sig....


  25. Error joining chat.


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