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  1. Not at all interested in Zayn vs Owens at Mania. Maybe a tag match with Shane could be bearable, but no way should they get a singles match at Mania.
  2. Burning The Past

    Karico seems to look at Prince with a sense of confusion but stares directly at the Queen Vic before he begins to speak. “You supported him as well Prince. The brand died and you stayed with him. I did not ask you two to stay together, but you did. You know what I am thinking right now Prince? I think you are trying to justify yourself for the heinous act you did to your PARTNER. You need to look in the mirror and see who you are. Are you like the rest of BPZ who just turn on their partners repeatedly or are you above it. I think I know the answer. You and Bart were a great team going through a rough path. Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. Winston Churchill that. Very intellectual and also true. Look Prince, you are going down a dark road if you continue and someone needs to stop you. That’s why I brought you here, do you really want to destroy the past?”
  3. Burning The Past

    Prince wakes up with a black bag over his head “Take this off me right now!” “Ok, okay, take it off him guys” Prince recognises the voice, however cannot pinpoint whose voice it is. The bag is taken off Princes head. His eyes slowly adjust to the harsh light but as they do he is surprised by who is in front of him. “Karico? Are you actually kidding me right now? What the hell are you doing!?” “First thing you say to me after six months. I have missed your straight to the point attitude Prince.” Prince scoffs at Karico’s comment as he can see the clear sarcasm that is pouring out of him, he shakes his head in disgust. “Hey if you missed me so badly why didn't you just send me a postcard? I don't have time for this…first I need to find the exit for wherever the hell I am.” Prince begins to get up buy a large man walks in front of him, backing Prince up and making him sit back down in an instant. “What do you want Karico?” “You know me Prince. I do things in the spectacle. Look enjoy yourself, have a beer. I brought you here to have fun.” Prince goes to reach for a beer and smirks before he “accidentally” knocks it across Karico’s limo floor much to his shock and annoyance. “Oh my goodness! How clumsy of me, deeply sorry Karico - I'll pay for all the damages.” Now Prince is being the sarcastic one. “I am just having some fun with yer Prince. No need to be rude. Anyway we are nearly here anyway.” “Nearly where exactly?”
  4. The Royal Rumble Pool

    I'm in
  5. BPZ Predictions League

    Bobby Roode (c) vs. ??? for the WWE United States Championship - ROODE Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. The Revival - THE REVIVAL Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik vs. TJP, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, and Drew Gulak - TJP, GALLAGHER, GULAK 2018 Men's Royal Rumble match - Neville 2018 Women's Royal Rumble match - Rousey Brock Lesnar (c) (with Paul Heyman) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane for the WWE Universal Championship - BROCK LESNAR AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the WWE Championship - AJ STYLES Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (c) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship - Rollins & Jordan The Usos (c) vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin 2-out-of-3-falls match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship - GABLE & BENJAMIN Bonus Questions who will answer Roode's open challenge - Ruzev Who Will be in the final 4 of both rumbles (bonus point for each one you get right) - Reigns, Nakamura, Neville, Cena | Rousey, Banks, Asuka, Naomi What number will win the each rumble - MENS: 24 WOMENS: 30 will there be any surprise entrances (for each person you get right you get a point but for each person, you get wrong you lose a point) Lashley, Rousey & Neville
  6. Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen?

    Jack & Jill. No more needed to be said
  7. BPZ Predictions League

    Neville vs Enzo Amore Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt Apollo Crews vs Elias Ambrose & Rollins vs Cesaro & Sheamus Alexa Bliss vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Emma The Miz vs Jason Jordan Roman Reigns vs John Cena Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowmen
  8. Top 5 wrestlers of the month

    August 2017: 5: Jinder Mahal I am not a fan of Jinder winning the WWE title and never have been unlike others. However I may despise him as champ, but he has had a good month. Beating Corbin cash in and Nakurmora at Summerslam has helped him feel somewhat like a champion. His feud with Randy has helped him a lot in some ways, as bwhen he won the title I could not see Mahal even beat Sami Zayn, however now I believe Jinder has 'kayfabe' wise a chance to beat anyone. Also I love long title reigns and he has reached over 100 days. 4: The Miz This was a very hard decision, as The Miz did not even defend his championship at Summerslam, however I believe the promos he has been cutting this month has been amazing. Such as the promo the night after Summerslam when he vented at Roman and Cena. I believe that will be promo of the year and hopefully his upcoming match with Jeff Hardy will live up to the prestige The Miz is giving the IC belt. 3: Brock Lesnar Great program for Summerslam and the beast has the right to claim responsibility for that. Brock brings legitimacy to the belt, when he is around you know something is going to go down. He was a key factor in the match at summerslam which i think will end as MOTY. Hopefully this carries on next month with his program with Braun Strowmen. 2: Ambrose & Rollins Great story heading into Summerslam. Even though they hugged on there first tag match back I just forget that ever happened and so when they finally fist bumped it was a nice moment. Also had a great tag match with Sheamus & Cesaro and deserve to be on this list. 1: Brawn Strowmen Was the MVP in the Summerslam match and has been the best built up character on RAW for some time now. His match against Brock will be a lot of fun. Obviously not as good as Summerslam, however if we can have a wild brawl with Lesnar and Braun I will sleep happy!
  9. We're Not A Team, We're A Brand

    “HAHAHA Bart is just kidding. He can’t wait to start this and so should you and it is only for £55.99 a month!” “I will tell you a risk though, one of the most important dates for me is coming up. The chance to become Mr. Money In The Bank. A ticket to the main event, you really want to help us improve? Then why the hell are willing to work with the enemy? The competition? Brad and I, we are both going for Money In The Bank. It's an opportunity we both need, so how do I know that you will be focused on helping me improve to win that match or whether I'm just a side piece to this little guinea pig project you have with Brad?” “Prince do you remember a couple weeks ago that Bart was your enemy, do you remember that you was my enemy. I know what I am doing Prince. Why walk in to MITB with only one member in the match when you can have two? It gives us more a chance. That is why I am here tonight with a very special guest. I pulled a lot of strings to get this man here tonight. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you Brad!”
  10. We're Not A Team, We're A Brand

    A camera pans to a door backstage, with the words “Karico Brand” plated on the wall. Another camera now transitions to Prince & NXT Champion Bart all gathered around a table with leader Karico standing up front and centre. They all nod to each other as they begin to make their way out of the door, then through the backstage area and out from the behind the curtain as “I Come From Money” plays. All three men look at each other with stern expressions, as they make their way into the ring all suited up. Eventually they do and all grab a microphone. “What a PPV Summerslam was, however you can argue that it was not one of the Karico Brand’s most successful outings. Prince lost his US title to a no name. Bart did win his match to keep his NXT title, however lost the tag match later on in the night. It was also not a successful night for a man ,who could be joining the brand, Brad, as he lost his chance to become BPZ World Champion once again. But this is okay, because sometimes you hit a bump on the road, however the question is how are you going to bounce back and I can tell you this the Karico Brand are striking back with a bang. That is why I am happy to announce that the Karico Brand are pleased to join the Bad Bullet Healthy Lifestyle Program. With this program we are going to be taking away bad habits away like complaining, arguing and being dumb! Also other bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and eating way too many sugary foods. This is sure to rectify our disappointments at Summerslam and let the Brand go back to winning ways".
  11. An Offer From The Brand

    “No no no listen. I don’t want to upset you. But I have to tell you the truth. I have to tell you that you need to change your ways. Because right now you are the guy who loses to Slim. Why not be the guy who Slim is afraid to fight. Why not be the guy who finally wins the big one. Why not be the guy you always dreamed of being?” “And how can I do that?” “It is simple, you need to find yourself. You need to forget about championships, you need to forget about Slim and everyone else on this forums and finally focus on yourself. Only then will you be complete. Only then can you achieve championship gold” Brad looks at Karico, he then turns his head to the locker. After a brief moment of silence, Brad speaks. “The last time I trusted someone, I got a knife to the back. So why should I trust you?” “Brad this is not a team this is a brand. We don’t like each other but we fight for each other for the common interest. It might be money. It might be championship gold. I don’t really know, but we fight and we fight together. Listen, I got this new training program for Bart and Prince and you are invited to come. Maybe that could be a way to help find yourself. You don’t have to come. But the offer is there and Brad what do you have to lose?” Karico walks out making Brad think over what he has just said before packing his bag up. On the flipped table is a card with a location and time. Brad smirks and then puts it in his pocket.
  12. The Great Queen Vic Fire

    “Let’s heat things up!” George then throws the molotov onto the floor of the bar and suddenly everyone stops fighting and starts to panic as the fire spreads in the bar. Most men are now running out the bar which also include Bart and George. Karico is about to join them, however then he hears Prince. “KARICO! PLEASE, I’M TRAPPED” At this moment Karico was in a dilemma, the fire was spreading rapidly in the bar and every second wasted gave him less and less time to survive. Karico did not know what to do, does he sacrifice his life for a man he barely likes and have nothing in common with? It appeared that Karico made his choice as he was closer to the door than to Prince, however Karico turned back and ran to Prince. Prince was stuck from a massive wooden plank that fell on him when the fire started. Karico with all his strength managed to raise the wooden plank enough so Prince could roll out the way. As Prince tries to catch his breath, a faint thank you comes from his mouth as Karico helps him back to his feet and the two stare for a meer second before the realisation of the fire kicks in. As Karico and Prince look around desperately, Karico looks on the distance. His eyes widen. “LOOK OUT!” An explosion can be seen from the outside of the pub...
  13. The Great Queen Vic Fire

    Bart opens the conversation by saying: “Good drink fellas, hope you will still be able to pay the hospital after spending your money on this shit” Karico gazes eyes on George AK who has not taken his eyes of Karico since they came into the bar. “Something wrong kid?” Karico laughs with what he just said, however George does not see the funny side to it “YOU. YOU cost me months of my career. YOU made my family leave me. They say I’ve gone mad. DO I LOOK LIKE I’VE GONE MAD?” Karico takes a massive gulp of his beer “No Sir you do not” “My wife has divorced me. My children are scared of me. WHY? Because of YOU. And they sent me to the doctors to get help. HAHAHA that did not last long. I am very sane can you see?” “Yes sir” Bart puts an arm on George pulling him back, however George does not obliged and is still right in front of Karico where his saliva goes right on Karico face. Prince downs nearly a whole bottle. “What? So I drink a lot before a fight” Prince then suddenly jumps on Bart and starts hammering away on him.
  14. The Great Queen Vic Fire

    “Yeah no thanks Prince, you were the one who lost me my big deal remember?” “True, but I have no money and unless you want the same outcome as last time I suggest you pay for what you promised the guys”. Karico takes a big sigh and nods his head “Fine, everyone here can get 1 drink off me that is ALL!” The crowd cheers when Karico says this, as a massive queue takes place in the bar “Ok Karico I need to know if you are 100% ready for the tag match at Destiny. There is a lot riding in this match and I need to know if you got what it takes to beat the scum of the earth. “That is a very nice British term. Fan of Lord Wellington, I see” “What the hell is a Lord Wellington?” Before Karico can explain, Bart and George AK walk into the bar. The opponents meet eyes for the first time since the attack by Bart and a clearly unstable George pushes through the queue.
  15. A Trip To The Dentist

    “Funny thing Prince is that I don’t care about the NXT Championship. I care about one thing and one thing only and that is making a shed load of freakin money. The NXT Championship was a gateway to more money. It worked, however you screwing me over couple days ago put a big hit in my financial endeavours. So you can say I was going easy on the kid, because I ain't cashing in a rematch clause. I am now too big for the NXT Championship. Maybe I will get that US belt off you Prince that would make me much more money, maybe enough to retire on. Facts remain that yes I did have fun at the bar the other day with you, but I ain’t in this business to make friends I am here to make money and my magic smile is tarnished because I lost this tooth. With no future client looking to join the brand I feel that maybe Destiny is the last chance for the Karico Brand to take off so yes I will actually try at Destiny” “Karico no one believes your lies, we all know you loved that NXT Championship.” “You are fake news” The dentist Issac Yankeem suddenly tightens karico tooth where a loud scream from Karico can be heard

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