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  1. Just reached 250 subscribers on YouTube. This time last year I only had 20 subscribers and so this shows hard work does pay off!!!

    1. Nebakos7


      Congrats Karico, keep grinding!

  2. It's coming....

  3. Hi guys big update on the UK Promotion diary. LeeHam has still not completed his episode and I want him to complete it. So if you are at all interested in this diary at all  message him or something and he may be motivated enough to complete it!

  4. Swagger has left WWE. Think he has been reading my British Wrestling diary!

  5. Before the season I did not think Man City would get top 4. After the first month I thought they would win the league. I spoke too soon. Pep is a fraud and Conte is the best manager in the world right now. Also Ranieri it is a disgrace, however I feel it will keep Leicester in the Premiership. Look at Chelsea, I did not want Mourinho to go, but in the end it was the right decision. He lost the players and I hope they go down, but I can see why they did it.
  6. Thats how you turn someone face! #ThankYouSheamus 

  7. Hello my good friends. Just a heads up that on Monday it will be my first episode of my British wrestling company diary. Hopefully you check it out!

  8. RIP JeriKO (2016-2017)

    1. Aidanator


      They will be missed.

  9. Would appreciate it if you checked out me and LeeHam draft for the upcoming British wrestling promotion we are doing he on the forums. Took a lot of time. Hopefully we get an episode once every fortnight! 

  10. WWE Championship- Bray Wyatt vs Luke Harper vs Randy Orton Universal Championship- Goldberg vs Lesnar US Championship- Jericho vs Owens Balor or Shane vs Triple H Joe vs Cena (Dunno how it could happen, maybe winner gets first pick in draft?) IC Championship- Dean Ambrose vs The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin Roman vs Undertaker Cruiserweight Championship Ladder match- Neville vs Aries vs Swann vs Gallagher vs TJP vs Nese vs Alexander Brawn vs Big Show (I know this is not going to happen, but would have loved this to be Big Shows last match) A
  11. 66 up reputation. You know what that means. Execute Order 66!

  12. Hi guys would appreciate if you check out my recent promo. Also the lyrics I use in the promo use it behind Johnny Cash 'Hurt' and I think it goes well with the beat. Maybe I am wrong! But would still appreciate you checking it out!

  13. Not a happy man being picked so low down in the draft. Blatant disrespect for the man you will soon be calling the NXT Champion. I do not forget. Remember this.
  14. The Miz is the best wrestling character in the world right now and I don't care if you disagree. It is true!

  15. The Miz on talking Smack this week as the host was gold. Hope he stays wrestling for next 10 years, but cannot wait for him to be a presenter or commentator for the WWE in the  near future. He will be AWESOME.

  16. Just got 100 subs on YouTube. Very happy as for 3 months i was stuck on 13 subs, but thanks to everyone here who has subbed and supported me.

    1. STSMVs


      Well done! I am stuck at 249 :(

    2. Karico


      lol thanks man i just subbed 

  17. Hi guys when Jericho and Owens eventually have a match for the Universal belt. Is there any chance Jericho wins? Would be nice for a reward for a brilliant year since his return but i am 50/50 on the idea.

    1. Karico


      Yeah totally agree, but do you think there match wlll be at the Rumble or Mania? 

    2. Nebakos7


      I have read rumors that Jericho would be leaving for a while with Fozzy after SS but then again other rumors are saying that Jericho will be facing Rollins at Roadblock this December. Also I think that Balor will be back for Mania so he'd probably be in the title match no matter who the champ is. If it ain't happening at the Rumble then I can't see it happening at all.

    3. Bizzy


      I really would love to see Jericho with the Universal Title but I doubt they would let him get a run with it. I'd be content with him winning and losing it on a house show just for him to say he was Universal Champion.

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  18. Just watched The Shining yesterday. Very good film, one of the best dunno if i would watch it again though. The use of sound is used brilliantly and would highly recommend it if you if you are interested in film and media studies.
  19. Karico Fued: Brad Blood vs Karico Event: NXT Takeover Storyline: My debut match vs Brad which ultimately retired Brad for a couple of weeks. Also the match was considered upset of the year by my victory at Takeover Win or loss: Win Fued: Doc vs Karico Event: Bad Blood Storyline: A heel tun after believing that the fans didnt believe in him and claming he retired Brad Blood on purpose. Karico had his sights on the NXT Chammpionship, however the debut of Doc was too good for Karico Win or loss: loss Extra notes: 18-0. Bruh
  20. Sorry to tell you Man City are winning the league. He has made Sterling play like Messi this season. No chance and i am saying this as a Chelsea supporter
  21. Turns out i am ow getting better internet at my house. This means i can upload Youtube Videos without waiting till weekends to get to my dads and do it

  22. Miz is my favourite wrestler who doesnt take time off since 2009 (I only like The Rock and Y2J more). I was not a fan of Daniel Bryan beating all of Evolution in one night at the time (I understand now it was great). Brock beating the streak was a great idea in making him a megastar. The montreal screwjob was best for business and i feel Bret screwed Bret. I've never been a fan of the Undertaker. Samoa Joe should be pushed straight to the main event when he comes up. Zayn vs Nakurmora was only an ok match compared too Zayn vs owens, the fatal 4 way for IC Championship at Extreme Rules and Ibus
  23. Hi guys George forgot to post the matches on the BPL predictions but i put up my results so do not forget to post your predictions. 

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