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Everything posted by Karico

  1. Just got 100 subs on YouTube. Very happy as for 3 months i was stuck on 13 subs, but thanks to everyone here who has subbed and supported me.

    1. STSMVs


      Well done! I am stuck at 249 :(

    2. Karico


      lol thanks man i just subbed 

  2. Hi guys when Jericho and Owens eventually have a match for the Universal belt. Is there any chance Jericho wins? Would be nice for a reward for a brilliant year since his return but i am 50/50 on the idea.

    1. Karico


      Yeah totally agree, but do you think there match wlll be at the Rumble or Mania? 

    2. The Neb

      The Neb

      I have read rumors that Jericho would be leaving for a while with Fozzy after SS but then again other rumors are saying that Jericho will be facing Rollins at Roadblock this December. Also I think that Balor will be back for Mania so he'd probably be in the title match no matter who the champ is. If it ain't happening at the Rumble then I can't see it happening at all.

    3. Bizzy


      I really would love to see Jericho with the Universal Title but I doubt they would let him get a run with it. I'd be content with him winning and losing it on a house show just for him to say he was Universal Champion.

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  3. Just watched The Shining yesterday. Very good film, one of the best dunno if i would watch it again though. The use of sound is used brilliantly and would highly recommend it if you if you are interested in film and media studies.
  4. Karico Fued: Brad Blood vs Karico Event: NXT Takeover Storyline: My debut match vs Brad which ultimately retired Brad for a couple of weeks. Also the match was considered upset of the year by my victory at Takeover Win or loss: Win Fued: Doc vs Karico Event: Bad Blood Storyline: A heel tun after believing that the fans didnt believe in him and claming he retired Brad Blood on purpose. Karico had his sights on the NXT Chammpionship, however the debut of Doc was too good for Karico Win or loss: loss Extra notes: 18-0. Bruh
  5. Sorry to tell you Man City are winning the league. He has made Sterling play like Messi this season. No chance and i am saying this as a Chelsea supporter
  6. Turns out i am ow getting better internet at my house. This means i can upload Youtube Videos without waiting till weekends to get to my dads and do it

  7. Miz is my favourite wrestler who doesnt take time off since 2009 (I only like The Rock and Y2J more). I was not a fan of Daniel Bryan beating all of Evolution in one night at the time (I understand now it was great). Brock beating the streak was a great idea in making him a megastar. The montreal screwjob was best for business and i feel Bret screwed Bret. I've never been a fan of the Undertaker. Samoa Joe should be pushed straight to the main event when he comes up. Zayn vs Nakurmora was only an ok match compared too Zayn vs owens, the fatal 4 way for IC Championship at Extreme Rules and Ibushi vs Alexander. I think Randy is better face.
  8. Hi guys George forgot to post the matches on the BPL predictions but i put up my results so do not forget to post your predictions. 

  9. Back at college Thursday and just realised i have 4 history essay's to do about something i completely forgot about. If only I had the same amount of knowledge in the Napoleonic wars, as i did with Wrestling and life would be so much easier.

    1. Dr.X


      if you want i can help, i love history and i know a good amount about the Napoleonic Wars

    2. Karico


      oh right man that  would  really help, i've done 1 essay today and got 3 more to do however will be doing them on Wednesday now as i have to work tomorrow, but yeah that would be very helpful thanks 

    3. Dr.X


      ok, i will try to be online wednesday to help you. 

  10. Hi does anyone know how to remove the images you have put up before as i cannot put my Photoshop photo's in for my diary i am doing with George 

    1. Prince


      Pretty sure you highlight the image and backspace or you right click and cut

    2. Karico


      no that doesnt work cause it is still on existing attachment and so i cant upload any other photos

  11. Hi guys i know this forums is mostly wrestling but just wanted to put my exams at college was good so i get to do another year there so i feel pretty happy right now.

    1. Jonathan
    2. Karico


      Cheers man means a lot

  12. Is it just me or was smackdown awesome yesterday. Much better then Raw

  13. Name: Tyrone Karico Shortened Name: Technically Supior Nationality: English Age: 26 Height: 5'9 Weight Class: Cruiserweight Allegiance: Face Speaks: Yes Gimmick (No Unique): Sterotypical Englishmen Role: Midcard Alliance (If Any) : None Fighting Style :Technician, Submission Specialist Attributes: Shooting Ability, Trainer, Booker Vintage Moves: 450 Splash, Slingblade, Superkick, Rope Assist Arm Drag,Crosface Signature 1: Deadlift Suplex Signature 2: Pele Kick Finisher 1: Armbar Finisher 2: Dropkick to the face at the corner of the ring (The Gentlemen Dropkick) Tag Team Finisher: None
  14. You know when the draft happens can you just choose like one member off a tag team? If so i think it could be a great time for people like big E and Xavier Woods to be single stars. However my predictions in the coming months Ziggler to win the royal rumble or Bryan if Undertaker beats KO and DB at Survivor Series but my predicted card at Mania Daniel Bryan Vs Undertaker Finn Balor Vs Dolph Ziggler (WWE Championship) Kevin Owens Vs Seth Rollins (WHC Championship)
  15. I'm thinking of watching Stranger Things people say it's really good but these are all the series i watched and really enjoyed Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Dexter,, Sherlock, OITNB, Heroes, Prison Break, Halfway through season 2 of Gotham, Ont he last 2 episode of Better Call Saul, Mr Robot, Bojack Horsemen, Archer, Brooklyn 99, Community and i've watched that thing with James Franco about going back in tiime to save JFK i think it's called 11/22/63 Also House of cards is amazing i recommend that
  16. Sting is my guess. Or Goldberg but unlikely as he is not in this game
  17. Smackdown beat Raw this week imo, Ziggler has stepped up big time and has almost made me forget the Baron Corbin thing

  18. I've been playing COD Bo1 and red dead, as it is now backwards compatible and my god it's made my gaming fun again
  19. Raw was the best raw in years imo, but makes me doubt Smackdown, i cannot see them topping that and i want them to succeed, but Raw looks too good. 

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