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    Karico got a reaction from Arius in What was the last movie you watched?   
    A film I watched recently is 'City of God'. The film may not be in English but that doesn't hinder from the cinematic viewing of the film. If you like any of the gangster film genres for example 'The Godfather' and 'Goodfellows' then this is the film for you. It is set in the Brazilian favelas and gives you a glimpse of reality in the favelas. I enjoyed this film so much that I wrote about it for one of my assignments and got a first (My only second first at uni).  
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    Karico got a reaction from I Can't Odd in Smackdown LIVE Discussion: March 26th 2019   
    I am guessing they put the belt on Charlotte to have the final shot of Mania with all the 4 horsewomen holding all the belts? Despite this being a nice moment in the making they are sacrificing the other women as a result. This does not make sense for Charlotte to even have a title match with her headlining a WM. Charlotte is the GOAT of the women's division but sometimes we don't have to have it shoved down our faces. 2 months ago I wanted this match to be the main event, but the feud has become really dwindled recently. This match still has real potential, but this sudden title change makes it more obvious that Becky is going to win. 
    I am happy that Kofi is getting his 1 on 1 match with Daniel Bryan at Mania. I have no idea on who is actually going to be victorious in that match, which makes it to me a must see match.
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    Karico got a reaction from Arius in Smackdown LIVE Discussion: March 26th 2019   
    I am guessing they put the belt on Charlotte to have the final shot of Mania with all the 4 horsewomen holding all the belts? Despite this being a nice moment in the making they are sacrificing the other women as a result. This does not make sense for Charlotte to even have a title match with her headlining a WM. Charlotte is the GOAT of the women's division but sometimes we don't have to have it shoved down our faces. 2 months ago I wanted this match to be the main event, but the feud has become really dwindled recently. This match still has real potential, but this sudden title change makes it more obvious that Becky is going to win. 
    I am happy that Kofi is getting his 1 on 1 match with Daniel Bryan at Mania. I have no idea on who is actually going to be victorious in that match, which makes it to me a must see match.
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    Karico got a reaction from BrendenPlayz in BrendenPlayz vs Twitch TEW2020 Mod Sign Up   
    Karico Time
    Born May 26 1999
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Nationality: English
    Based In: England
    Status: Active Wrestler
    Style: Brawler
    Body Type: Stocky
    Size: Heavyweight
    Minimum Size: Middleweight
    Maximum Size: Super Heavyweight
    Moves: Fastball Punch, Crucifix Powerbomb & Dragon Sleeper
    Face Gimmick: No Way Jose (Dancing)
    Heel Gimmick: Mojo Rawley heel 
    Mask: No mask
    Hair: Yes
    Wrestler: Usually
    Manager: sometimes
    Colour Commentator: Sometimes
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    Karico reacted to Julius in NECW (New Era Championship Wrestling)   
    Welcome to NECW LIVE Week 4 and what an action packed night we have for you tonight, with Slim vs George AK in our Main Event while Frank Cage takes on Kieron Black in the other Semi-Final match. We also have the contract signing between Yelich and Bart for this Sunday's World Championship. Stay tuned because we have another great night of Wrestling for you here at Full Sail University.

    But starting us off tonight is the Hardcore Maniac Daniel Vice who just flips off the crowd to a chorus of boos. Tonight Vice will do battle with our resident Jobber Bobby Balloon as a warmup for his Texas Death Match this Sunday at Hard Justice against his bitter rival RedArrow

    And here he is Bobby Balloon who has an outstanding 0-3 win loss record here at NECW and it may just be 4 losses on the trot because tonight Daniel Vice means business. 
    We get thing started with Daniel Vice immediately rushing up to Balloon before delivering rights and lefts to his chinless face in the corner. The referee breaks it up and Balloon just collapses to the floor. Vice then picks him up and delivers some knife edge chops which can be heard all the way from Australia, leaving a nasty red mark on Balloon's body. Vice again picks him up and delivers a knee to the head sending Balloon down. He then picks him up and goes for the Breakneck Driver 

    Daniel Vice just ran through Balloon here tonight. He goes and grabs a steel chair from outside the ring and places it over Balloons neck. He then grabs the microphone and starts to speak 
    Daniel Vice: Listen here MotherFucker, yes i am talking to you RedArrow you piece of shit. This Sunday at HARD JUSTICE, i am going to break your bones and leave you a bloodied mess here in the middle of this ring after i am announced as the victor of our Texas Death Match. I will make it my goal to see you put in the hospital which then i will track you down and make sure you never return here to NECW because this is Daniel Vice's company and no one can take that away from me"
    Bobby Balloon starts to move realising their is a steel chair wrapped around his neck. Daniel Vice then steps on the steel chair making a huge cracking sound as Balloon screams in agony. The medical team quickly rushes to the ring to help out Bobby
    Daniel Vice: See you this Sunday RedArrow
    He then flips off the crowd once again before making his way to the back.
    Well we will keep you updated with Bobby Balloon's situation over the coming weeks, but up next is the first of our two semi-final matches and it is between "The Enigma" Kieron Black and MMA Specialist and Killing Machine Frank Cage

    And here he is Kieron Black who had to get through his bitter enemy Joshua Scott to get here tonight, and Kieron Black is one of the best in ring workers we have here in NECW and he is one for one hell of a match tonight against the former Mixed Martial Arts star Frank Cage.
    And here he is Frank Cage who defeated Bobby Balloon in record time two weeks ago here on NECW LIVE, it took him 45 seconds to take down Bobby Balloon and Kieron Black tonight may suffer the same fate if he can't counter the dangerous submission game of Frank Cage. 
    And we are off here in our first Semi-Final match of the night. And immediately Frank Cage goes for the kneebar but Kieron Black immediately grabs the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Kieron Black looks shocked at what had just transpired in the ring as the crowd chant for Frank Cage. Black rolls back into the ring and goes for Cage but his just pushed back onto the mat. Cage lifts up Black and delivers a spinning Hammer fist which knock him to the ground. 1..2.. No Black kicks out. Cage again lifts him up, he goes for a roundhouse kick but Black evades it and starts unloading with rights and lefts before clothes lining the big man to the outside. Black gets the crowd fired up and goes for a suicide dive to the outside but no, Cage struck him with a vicious forearm right to the head leaving Black down on the ground. 

    Cage then takes the action to the outside and starts throwing Black into the ringside metal barriers targeting Black's right shoulder. He then rolls Black into the ring and sets up for the roundhouse kick but again he misses and Black connects with an enziguri. Black rushes to the top rope and delivers a frog splash 1..2.. no kick out by Cage as this match continues. Kieron Black sets up for Sister Sophie in the corner, but no its reversed into a Triangle submission in the centre of the ring he has no where to go. He starts to hit Frank Cage with his fists but it doesn't work as he fades away. The referee calls for the end of the match. Cage stands tall above Kieron Black and taunts the crowd before exiting the ring 
    Winner: Frank Cage via submission
    Well there you have it Frank Cage is into the final of the TV Title tournament and he will face the winner of tonight's main event, but we are getting news that something is happening backstage. Oh my God it's Kurt Sanchez and he is running wild on the security guards here at Full Sail University. Someone needs to stop this man he is battering security guards all-around the place. 
    Julius Jones: Kurt! Kurt stop, stop what do you wan't, what do you wan't Kurt
    Kurt Sanchez: This Sunday at HARD JUSTICE, i want some competition and i don't care if you have to search the world to find me someone who will challenge me. And if you don't Julius, if you don't succumb to my demands... ALL WILL FALL!
    Well ladies and Gentleman, just announced that this Sunday at the Wells Fargo Centre in Philadelphia the Kurt Sanchez open challenge will continue, and i feel sorry for the poor soul that GM Julius selects to face that monster. Onto a better note up next is the Contract signing between Bart and World Champion Yelich for their match this Sunday, here is a quick recap of their rivalry so far. 

    Out first is the challenger Bart, and let me tell you he does not look like he is in a good mood after he was screwed by World Champ Yelich in his match against Echo Wilson. And out next your NECW Heavyweight champion, the king of dong style, the one and only Yelich.

    The two men stare each other down, until Bart grabs the pen and signs the contract leaving the ring without saying any words. As Bart reaches halfway up the ramp Yelich picks up a mic and starts to talk. 
    Yelich: So this is my opponent for this weekends PPV, this is the man that's challenging me for this title. Look at me when I'm talking to you, you Punk Ass Bitch!! For 5 years i have worked my ass of to get here to finally get my moment and hold this title, for 5 years i have travelled the world working at every independent promotion there is sleeping on peoples couches barely making a living so i could get here. But you, you're everything that i hate, you're a corporate rich scumbag who thinks everything should be about him and that he should get all the titles and all the glory that he so rightfully deserves. Well welcome to the independent scene Where kissing Vince McMahon's ass gets you nowhere. This Sunday i will prove to you that i am the better wrestler, i am the better champion and i am the future of this company. So this Sunday Bart, you better turn up ready for a fight because Hell i ain't letting this title go
    Bart looking frustrated and angry walks to the back as Yelich celebrates in the ring. Up next is our Main Event of the evening where George AK will take on Slim with the winner booking their place in the TV Title tournament final. 

    Here he is the fan-favourite, NECW'S resident Underdog, George AK and he is in for a big match tonight coming up against the ever dangerous upstart Slim. In the first round George got through the vicious kicks of the Kiwi Buzzsaw Ropati and tonight he will try to continue on his winning ways.

    And here comes his challenger, the always focused Slim who upset Storm en route to getting here tonight. His powerhouse style is definitely one to look out for as he aims to get to the tournament final.
    The referee signals for the bell and George out of respect, leans his hand forward and goes for the handshake. Slim just laughs and delivers a clothesline taking him out. The crows Boo as Slim taunts. Slim picks up George and sends him to the corner. He starts delivering lefts and right to to the midsection until the referee breaks it up. Slim then goes for a shoulder tackle but George evades it sending slim shoulder first into the turnbuckle. As Slim regathers himself he again runs towards George, but George's quickness allows him to evade it before hitting a dropkick which sends Slim down to the ground. George immediately goes to the top rope to finish the match off quickly but Slim gets up just in time to push George off sending him to the outside. Slim follows him to the outside and picks George up for a buckle bomb 

    Slim again starts to taunt as the crowd chant "Holy Shit". Slim picks him up and throws him into the steel steps, sending George into agony. Slim rolls him back into the ring and delivers a crucifix powerbomb. 1..2.. Kick at two by George. Slim again lifts him up and delivers a running clothesline. He again goes for the cover 1..2.. again George kicks out. You can see the frustration on Slim's face as he just can't put George away. He starts arguing with the ref but as he turns back around George rolls him up. 1..2.. Slim kicks at and that just angers him as he nearly took George's head off with another vicious clothesline. Slim sets up George up for the Essential Eliminator but George rolls out of it and hits an enziguri taking Slim down to one knee. He then goes for a shining Wizards but Slim turns it into a powerbomb.

    Slim goes for the cover 1..2.. NO at the last millisecond George kicks out. Slim then picks him up and throws him into the turnbuckle. As the ref is checking on George a hooded figure appears on the apron and hits Slim square in the head with a steel chair. George then comes back to consciousness and goes to the top rope for the 450 SPLASH!!

    He then goes for the cover 1..2..3
    Winner: Via Pinfall George AK
    And what a turn of events here for our go home show, and wait a minute the hooded figure reveals himself to be... STORM!! Storm still furious about his loss to Slim has just cost Slim a chance to reach the finals. 
    Well tune in this Sunday for NECW HARD JUSTICE where we have a stacked card for you 
    1. Bart vs Yelich (NECW World Heavyweight Championship match)
    2. George AK vs Frank Cage (NECW TV Title Match)
    3. RedArrow vs Daniel Vice (Texas Death Match)
    4. Kurt Sanchez open Challenge
    Please vote in the poll below to decide what other match should be featured on the card 
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    Karico reacted to Julius in Rebuilding Impact Wrestling   
    Thursday Week 1 April 2018 
    Segment one 
    Austin Aries makes his way out to the ring, to address the new era of Impact Wrestling, and as the world champ he is the rightful man to lead Impact to it's glory days once again. This then brought out former Global Champion, Eli Drake who spoke about how Austin Aries wasn't a loyal Impact Wrestler, wrestling for other promotions such as WWE and that the people should believe in the one and only Eli Drake. They then continued to go back and forth, before Drake's lackey Chris Adonis showed up and attacked Aries from behind leaving him down and out.
    Segment Rating- 71
    Segment two
    Interim GM Gail Kim came out and announced that Impact Wrestling had signed Matt Morgan, he then came out to cheers from the crowd and announced he will have his debut match next week on Impact.
    Segment rating- 78
    Segment three
                            VS                                  VS             
    Number one contender match for the X-Division title between Lee, Williams and Everett. Lee gets the win after pinning Williams with a handful of tights. Everett and Lee then beat up Williams after the match which brings out X-Division champion Tajii Ishimori for the save who chases away Everett and Lee. 
    Segment Rating- 66
    Segment four
    Alberto El Patron makes his way down to the ring not looking impressed. He complains about not being in the title picture and that he is the greatest performer in all of the world, he then starts to run down management saying that they don't see the talent that Alberto has and that he should be handed the Impact title. Johnny Impact then comes out and tells Alberto to shut up because he hasn't done anything to deserve a title opportunity. Alberto then says that he could beat Johnny within two minutes. Impact then challenges him then and there but Alberto denies and walks to the back. 
    Segment Rating- 80
    Segment five
    Already in the ring Braxton Sutter is waiting for his opponent, and it's none other than the monster Kongo Kong flanked by his manager the bizarre Jimmy Jacobs. Kongo defeats Sutter after about 3 minutes showing his dominance. After the match, Jacobs commands Kong to continue the beatdown of Braxton Sutter. Jimmy Jacobs then picks up a microphone and says that Kongo Kong is the future of Impact and that he is putting everyone in the locker room on notice
    Segment Rating- 49
    Segment six
    There was a video hyping up Bobby Lashley showing his destrution during his sting with the company. The video then ended with the graphic reading coming soon
    Segment Rating- 75
    Segment seven 
    Number one contender match between Sienna and Allie for Laurel Van Ness' Knockout Championship. Just as Sienna is going for her finishing manoeuvre the newest signing to Impact wrestling Tenille storms into the ring and takes out both Allie and Sienna. She then continues to attack them before we go to commercial break. 
    Segment Rating-  55
    Segment eight
    Matt Sydal is being interviewed by Josh Matthews about the Grand championship and what's next for him here in Impact Wrestling. Sydal then announces from next week he will be starting the Grand Championship open challenge for anyone from any company to answer. He then walks off telling the world that it's Sydal time.
    Segment Rating- 65
    Segment nine 
    LAX defeated the team of Laredo Kid and Garza Jr after Santana defeated Laredo Kid via pinfall. After the match Konnan ran down the Impact Division saying that no one can touch them and that they will always be champions. OVE then appeared on the Titantron challenging LAX at the upcoming PPV
    Segment Rating- 64
    Segment ten 
     In our Main Event of the evening, Global Champion Austin Aries defeated Chris Adonis after making him submit to the last chancery. Eli Drake tried to attack Aries after the match but failed and was also put into the Last Chancery. Aries ended the first Impact of the new era as a victor
    Segment Rating- 72
    Overall Show Rating- 67
    Please leave a comment on what you liked and what you would you improve as well as predicting who will answer Matt Sydal's open challenge on next weeks Impact.  
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    Karico reacted to Julius in Rebuilding Impact Wrestling   
    Head Booker Julius Jones and Anthem Sport have started the company rebuild by announcing the signing of three workers

    The first of the three workers is Giant Matt Morgan who was once labelled "The Future of the Business". However Morgan could never put it together, but it seems that Impact management see something in Morgan signing him to a written contract rumoured to be a 1-year deal. 

    Next is recently released WWE wrestler Tenille Dashwood, who previously performed under the ring name of "Emma" whilst working in the WWE. It is reported that the decision to bring Emma in was to bolster the depleted Knockouts Division who are struggling with star power since the retirement of Gail Kim. Expect Tenille to be featured heavily in the coming months on Impact TV.

    The third and final signing is none other than the ever controversial Jim Cornette who is said to have agreed to a short-term deal to help with the creative department and may even be used as an on-screen character. Cornette, has worked for Impact Wrestling in previous years, and management hope that Cornette can help with the creative side of things for the company.
    Tune in for more developments on all the signings and departures of Impact Wrestling
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    Karico reacted to Julius in NECW (New Era Championship Wrestling)   
    Welcome to the third instalment of NECW LIVE and man do we have a jam packed show for you tonight with one stellar Main Event featuring The Number one contender Bart and the debuting Echo Wilson. We will also have a Hardcore match between RedArrow and our resident Lunatic Curtis Crane. All this plus much more on NECW LIVE tonight as we continue the build to 'HARD JUSTICE'

    And we open tonight with Curtis Crane who is maybe the most mysterious superstar on our roster right now, but hold on a second i know that this is a Hardcore match and all but why in God's name does this man have a f***ing staple gun in his hand. Let me tell you folks bad things are about to go down.

    And his opponent RedArrow with Baseball bat in hand is ready for this brutal contest tonight, what a way to open NECW LIVE
    The bell rings and the two men immediately rush outside to pick an object up from under the ring. They slide back into the ring at the same time both wielding Kendo sticks. They swing at each other and both Kendo Sticks snap in half. RedArrow runs at Crane and delivers a clothesline to the outside and delivers a nice suicide dive which gets the crowd on their feet. RedArrow then rolls Crane back into the ring and throws half a dozen chairs in as well. RedArrow rolls into the ring and delivers chair shot after chair shot after chair shot to crane before delivering one right to the head. RedArrow then signals to the crowd that he is finished and climbs to the top rope to deliver his trademark Red Arrow, but Curtis Crane rolls out of the ring to a chorus of Boo's. RedArrow infuriated by what has happened goes to the outside to meet crane but is encountered by a fire extinguisher to the head knocking him down to the ground. Crane lifts up Arrow and delivers a snap suplex to the concrete floor on the outside. He picks up RedArrow and throws him into the steel barricade. He grabs a table and sets it up on the outside. He lifts up RedArrow and places him on the table he quickly moves to the top rope and jumps off but NO! RedArrow moves out of the way and Crane goes crashing through the table. The crowd is going absolutely mental. Both men are down and RedArrow is the first man to get to his feet. He sees his opportunity and immediately drags Crane back into the ring. 1..2.. no kick out and we are still going here in our opening match of the night. RedArrow picks up one of he steel chairs and continues to batter Crane. Arrow then rolls to the outside and looks for something else under the ring and oh my RedArrow has pulled out a cheese grater from under the ring. RedArrow shows the crowd and when he turns around he is shot by the staple gun in Crane's hand. The blood is now pouring from RedArrow's head and know Crane is looking to end it right now he goes for the clothesline from hell, but no it's countered into the BOW AND ARROW there is no escape but wait he picks up steel chair and brutally starts battering RedArrow with chair shots to the head until he breaks the hold. Crane then gets to his feet and goes to the top rope, he goes for the flying headbutt but misses and faceplants onto the cheese grater. Arrow goes to the top rope and delivers a RED ARROW. 

    1..2..3.. RedArrow is your winner in our first ever Hardcore match
    RedArrow celebrates but is rushed from behind by Daniel Vice and the crowd boo. Vice continues to beat down the bloodied RedArrow and then delivers a breakneck driver to add insult to injury. RedArrow is left bloodied and bruised on the floor 
    Up Next we have the debut of Scott TV a talk show hosted by none other than Joshua Scott, featuring 'The Enigma' Kieron Black and MMA Star Frank Cage. Stay tuned for that coming up next

    Joshua Scott comes out with his gorgeous valet Blondie getting ready for the debut of Scott TV
    Joshua Scott: Welcome to the most must see talk show in professional wrestling, welcome too... Scott TV and tonight we have a controversial look into the second round of the TV Title tournament, the tournament in which your's truly was royally screwed out of. But tonight it's not about me please welcome 'The Enigma' Kieron Black
    Kieron Black makes his way to the ring to cheers from the fans
    Joshua Scott: Welcome Kieron, you must be honoured to be in the ring with the Power Couple of professional wrestling, but next week right here on NECW Live you take on MMA crossover Frank Cage. How do you feel heading into that contest next week?
    Kieron Black: Not like you care at all, but i am ready for Frank Cage, i have been spending every minute of the last week watching his MMA fights to see if i can scout out any of his weaknesses. And i can say that i am prep-
    Joshua Scott: Sorry mate we are running on a time limit and i just can't afford you to babble on whenever i ask an A-list question. Now last week Bobby Balloon was demolished at the hands of this man last week. What makes you think that you won't suffer the same fate as him?
    Kieron Black: First of all, i am not a 40 pound Bitch like him and i know how to defeat anyone in this ring, and you had a first class ticket to my show last week right here in this ring.
    The crowd start to cheer
    Joshua Scott: Shut up! All of you shut up! You know very well that i can beat your ass on any given day
    Kieron Black: Really? how about we show these fans just how much of a sorry ass bitch you really are.
    Just as Kieron is about to get up he is attacked by Frank Cage from behind who delivered a wicked roundhouse kick knocking Kieron Black out. Joshua Scott walks over to him and shakes his hand before suffering the same fate as Kieron Black. We finish with Frank Cage standing over Scott and Black to boos from the crowd.
     Already standing in the ring is Bobby Balloon with a neck brace on after he was brutally punished by Frank Cage last week

    His opponent for tonight is none other than the Kiwi Buzzsaw Ropati
    The match starts with Bobby Balloon protesting to the referee that this match should be thrown out because of the injuries he sustained last week. He turns around into a devastating running knee by Ropati. Bobby Balloon gets back up and is met with a Kiwi Kick!

    That's it 1..2..3
    Dominant win for Ropati here tonight which will give him some momentum heading into the coming months
    Up next is our main event featuring Bart and the debuting Echo Wilson 

    Up first is the Number one contender to Yelich's World Championship Bart who is looking very intense and focused heading into his match tonight. As he walks down the ramp he spits his water into a young fans face in the front row

    And his opponent the debuting Echo Wilson, and man this man has made his name all over the world and now he has taken his talents to NECW. 
    The bell rings and we are underway with our main event of the evening. Both men lock up to start the match and it is the powerful Bart who gains the upper hand and delivers a snap mare takedown before taunting the crowd when Echo kips up and delivers a hurricanrana to Bart. Echo then taunts which only infuriates Bart. They lock up once again and Bart delivers a clothesline to Echo putting him on the ground. Bart then lifts him up into a sidewalk slam. 1.. no kick out by Echo. Bart starts stomping away on the mid section of Echo Wilson and then delivers a knee to the head. He again goes for the cover 1..2.. kick out by Echo. Bart sends him into the corner and misses a shoulder tackle, Echo then delivers a pele kick and then a clothesline to the outside before delivering a crazy senton over the top rope 

    The crowd now starts to chant Echo in support for the Supernova. Echo picks up Bart and tries to throw him into the steel steps but his reversed and Echo is the one sent into the steel steps. When he gets back up he is met with spinebuster to the outside. He rolls him back into the ring and delivers another spinebuster he cover him 1..2..2.5.. no he kicks out at the last second. Bart is getting ready to deliver the pedigree but it's reversed into a BLOODY SUNDAY.

    1..2.. NO Bart got his foot on the ropes and Echo Wilson cannot believe it. He climbs the top rope and goes for the missile dropkick but Bart pushes the referee in the way and the referee is taken out. Echo turns around into a Pedigree but wait that's Yelich running down the ramp he runs into the ring and delivers a dropkick before throwing a barrage of Gummy bears which impairs Bart's finish but Echo Wilson delivers a school boy roll up the referee gets up 1..2..3
    That's it Echo Wilson has done the impossible and defeated Bart and he can't believe it and it is all thanks to the NECW heavyweight champion Yelich
    That will do us for tonight and make sure to check in next week for the go home show before Hard Justice featuring the semi-finals of the TV Title tournament. See you next week. NECW Signing out. 
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    Karico reacted to Julius in NECW (New Era Championship Wrestling)   
    As the pyro goes off a the top of the show, we have a sold out arena here at Full Sail University for NECW's first ever show
    NECW General Manager Julius heads to the Ring to address the fans regarding the show tonight
    "Welcome everybody to NECW's first every show INJUSTICE. And as you all know by now the NECW World Heavyweight title will be on the line in a fatal-4 way elimination match. We will also see the debut of Former WWE Superstar Bart as he takes on the High-Flying always exciting 2 Shot Jackson. Before I go want to leave you with this. Without you the fans, NECW would be nothing, and i would like to thank you all for coming to this Historic eve..."

    NECW'S resident pest Bobby Balloon makes his way down to the ring with mic in hand looking agitated and shocked while being received by a chorus of boos
    BOBBY BALLOON- "Hey Hey, wait a minute, you cant be serious, i am the main reason this company came into existence, wheres my match"
    JULIUS- "Bobby you are not getting a match tonight i simply cant book you a spot on this show, you aren't worth it"
    BOBBY BALLOON- "Really after everything i have done for this company, hell i should be in the main event, i am going to soar to the sky like a Balloon"
    JULIUS- "You know what fine please welcome NECW'S newest signing GEORGE AK"

    Out comes George AK as he is cheered by the crowd here at Full Sail University
    The bell rings and we are ready to start our first contest of the night. Straight out of the gate Bobby Balloon rushes at George but misses with a wayward clothesline that connects with the turnbuckle pad, gifting George with an opportunity to deliver a dropkick to the back of Balloon's head sending him to the outside of the ring. Bobby Balloon is livid kicking the barricade and screaming at the time keeper, not knowing that George is setting up for his trademark SUICIDE PLANCHA, knocking Bobby to the ground. George goes to the turnbuckle and celebrates while getting an amazing response from the audience. George then goes to the outside and rolls Bobby back into the ring, he lifts him up and delivers a buckle bomb to the lifeless body of Bobby Balloon. He then climbs the turnbuckle and delivers a Phoenix Splash for the 1..2..3..
    Winner: George AK
    George is quickly becoming one of the fan favourites here in NECW starting his career here with a good victory over Bobby Balloon. Up next is the debut of former WWE Superstar Bart 

    Here comes The Game, The Cerebral Assassin Bart carrying is infamous Sledgehammer in his right hand. He looks very focused ahead of his debut here tonight against the High-Flying 2 Shot Jackson

    Here comes his opponent the well respected "King of Flight" 2 Shot Jackson who gets cheered by the fans here at Full Sail University, He runs down to the ring getting ready to do a somersault over the ring ropes when as he gets over the ropes he is attacked by the Sledgehammer that Bart was carrying. Bart continues to unload on Jackson delivering multiple hammer shots to the face and the ribs. His face all bloodied after the hammer shots, Bart picks up the bloodied Jackson and delivers a pedigree leaving a huge bloodstain in the middle of the ring. He picks him up again and delivers another pedigree leaving Jackson unconscious with a barrage of medical staff running to the aid of Jackson and lifting him on a stretcher getting him ready to be tested for a possible concussion or internal bleeding of the brain.
    Bart smirks as he watches his opponent getting stretchered out of the arena, he then picks up a mic and starts to talk
    BART: "See, he was a worthless so called indie darling that you all love and praise whereas i am the big deal i am the main event. I have been to the Mecca of professional wrestling the WWE and i can tell you i am head and shoulders above anyone in this company, and whoever is the champion after tonight i will be waiting for them as i announce myself the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship"
    He drops the mic and walks out of the ring to the back to complete silence from the crowd, due to the shocking events that had just unfolded unfolded.
    Out comes "The Enigma" Kieron Black for his debut tonight to a positive fan response

    The "A-Lister" Joshua Scott is Black's opponent for tonight and he walks down the ramp and offers to give a young fan in the front row his sunglasses but immediately takes them back to many boos from the audience
    The Bell rings and we are off with our second match of the night with a face off between the two before Josh slaps the taste out of Black's mouth leaving him enraged. Black sends Josh into the corner and delivers with a splash before sending him to the other corner and delivering another Splash, The Enigma is really firing now. Josh cautiously rolls out of the ring and proceeds to exchange in a back and forth argument with a fan in the front row. Black also goes to the outside and hits josh with a flurry of forearms leaving him down on the ground. Black then rolls him into the ring and puts a Boston Crab on Josh. Josh eventually gets to the ropes and the referee breaks the hold. As Josh is getting back up Black tries to again apply the Boston Crab but Josh hangs onto the ropes for dear life and the referee has to hold Black back allowing Josh to deliver a thumb to the eye dazing Black before delivering a ddt of his own. He goes for the cover 1...2.. Kick out by Black and Josh starts arguing with the ref. Josh picks up black and delivers a nasty vertical suplex before taunting the crowd and saying "And that's why i am the best". Josh then applies a chin lock to slow the pace of the match before the crowd will Black on to break out of the hold by delivering a blow to Josh's gut. He then starts to delivery heavy hitting fast striking kicks which makes Josh fall to his knees and Black delivers a Shining Wizard. That's it 1..2..kick out at the last second and Kieron Black cannot believe it. He goes to the top rope and delivers an amazing 450 Splash which may have winded Josh and he again goes for the cover. 1..2.. Kick out again and Kieron is struggling to find out how to put this man away. Kieron sets up for the Sister Sophie when a Mysterious Blonde Haired female runs out from the back and distracts Kieron and the Referee, allowing Josh to deliver a low blow and then the Great Scott pinning Black 1..2..3..
    Winner: Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott celebrates with this mysterious woman and Kieron sits up in disbelief over what just happened

    Kurt Sanchez is out for his open challenge who will accept
    A young middle aged man walks to the ring with no entrance music and with the name Collins on his trunks 
    As soon as the match starts, Sanchez rushes to Collins and takes him down with a ferocious big boot. He then picks him up and hurls him across the ring and then roars to the crowd. Sanchez picks him up lifts him on his soldiers and delivers a Minchinoku driver which leaves him down and out. 1..2.. but now Sanchez roars "I'm not finished with you" and again picks him up for the Running Powerslam, he again picks him up and delivers another Running Powerslam and goes for the cover 1..2..3..
    Winner: Kurt Sanchez
    What a win by NECW'S resident monster Kurt Sanchez, he will definitely be a big player in the future of this company.
    General manager Julius walks out to the ring holding the prestigious NECW World Heavyweight title. He grabs a chair next to the timekeepers area and waits on his the superstars to come out

    Alex Storm is the first of all the competitors to make his way out 

    Next is "The King of Dong Style", one of NECW's most bizarre competitors on the roster

    The always dangerous and one of the favourites to take out this match is Daniel Vice carrying Kendo Sticks in both hands to the amazement of the crowd

    The surprise package of this match RedArrow makes his way to the ring and all 4 superstars face off in the middle of the ring before the start of this Historic main event matchup
    The Bell rings and it is on with RedArrow going after Daniel Vice and Yelich going after Alex Hunter. RedArrow and Daniel Vice immediately take it out of the ring and Vice immediately goes for his kendo sticks leaving RedArrow at a disadvantage. Vice strikes repetitively at RedArrow forcing RedArrow to fall to the floor. Vice then goes back into the ring and delivers a flurry of German Suplexes to both Yelich and Alex Storm. Vice goes back and forth delivering stiff chops to his opponents and the handmarks are visible all over both Yelich and Alex Storm. Vice waits for Yelich to get up and he delivers the Breakneck driver. 1..2.. The fall is broken up by Alex Storm who screams "Come On!" right in the face of Vice. Vice then smirks and delivers an amazing superkick leaving Storm down and out in the corner of the ring. Vice taunts the crowd who start cheering much to the surprise of Vice and when he turns around RedArrow clobbers him with a sickening shot to the head with his baseball bat busting him wide open. RedArrow then goes out of the ring and throws a large amount of chairs back in the ring, he grabs one and delivers a chair shot to Yelich before delivering another one to Alex Storm. He isn't finished yet as he waits for Vice to get up and he delivers another chair shot to the already bloodied Daniel Vice. He goes for the cover 1..2.. kick out by Vice. RedArrow is shocked at Vice's kick out. He goes back out side the ring and brings in another baseball bat this time covered in barbed wire. He looks to hit Vice in the head but his met by an insiguri from Alex Storm. Storm then goes over to Yelich and starts delivering punches to his head. And the crowd goes nuts for their hero. Alex Storm sets up for his patent Storm Bomb but his evaded by Yelich who delivers a low blow leaving Storm on the floor. Vice and RedArrow get up and continue their fight and Yelich delivers a double clothesline to the outside of the ring. Yelich Starts celebrating and goes for the cover on Storm 1..2..kick out by storm. On the outside Vice and RedArrow are going back and forth with the stiff punches now with both men busted open. RedArrow then surprises Vice with quick kick combination leaving him dazed, RedArrow then delivers a Hurricanrana to Vice sending him into the barricade. RedArrow picks up Vice and lays him on the announce desk. He looks up at the lighting rig and the crowd go berserk. He slowly climbs up the lighting rig and signals the time for his trademark RedArrow finisher. He leaps off the 20 foot rig delivering a RedArrow onto Daniel Vice leaving them both down and out with Julius ushering medical saff to their aid. Back in the ring Alex Storm is shocked by what just happened he turns around and is deliverd with a Mustache Ride by Yelich who goes for the cover 1..2..3..
    Winner and NECW World Heavyweight Champion: Yelich
    Yelich celebrates and grabs the belt of Julius. We are left with the final image of Yelich Standing atop the turnbuckle with title in hand. Signalling the beginning of the Era of Dong Style.
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    Karico reacted to Angelo in Down With The Shoot   
    Hello everyone. You all know me as Brad and today I'm changing up Talking Smack into my new show "Down With The Shoot". This is a out of character interviews that will have a few different segments added into each one. First up is current NXT Champion Karico. 
    "Now Karico to start this off we're going to play a game called What's in the Bag. I'm going to pull a object out of the beg and i want the first name that comes to mind. You set to go?"
    Yeah lets do it. 
     Pulls out a empty bottle of Jack Daniels "These are all props by the way. Hate to get pulled over with this."
    My life.
     Pulls out a bag of weed "Green stuff."
    To be honest with you the person I think of when you say weed has to be Nate. Not because I think he smokes the stuff, but because of the colour green and Nate is from Ireland. Just imagine his room being fully  green with a pot of gold behind his bed.
     Chuckles a bit then pulls out a bag of Cocaine "White stuff"
    Ross, he does speak some shit some times. He is one of the guys I like the most in the fourms, but he does speak a lot of shit and he probably can admit that as well. Well I hope.
    Nods and pulls out a bottle and shakes it "Familiar sound?"
    Yes a very familiar sound in the darkness at home.
    Looks at the camera for a second before the bag and pulls out a vile of white stuff "Rock. Crack is the correct name"  
    Has to be Nate again. The irish do sell a lot of crack. By the way Nate hook me up bro.
     Laughing comes from behind the camera and I hold up a needle "Anyone?"
    Nah not me fam. I smoke my crack.
    I then pull out a pink plastic dick "Go ahead."
    Get that from your mama Brad?
    "Just give me a name of someone in BPZ who reminds you of this"
     erm who else but Akki. He is a right dick is he not.
    I put the object down then holds up a black dick.
    crikey... has to be Prince after he destroyed me in votings last week.
    I put the objects away "I have a degree. Now first question. You recently got into a story with Prince, who's been known to put on some great stories in the past. What's your opinion of Prince and his work?"
    Well when I first joined the fourms Prince, Rop and George AK were my main friends on the fourms and well in the end I realised me and Prince have more in common. He is doing a media course at school and at the tiime I was doing my A levels in media as well. So when he came back, I pitched this idea to him inspired with the recent Titus brand gimmick and he liked the idea. Saying he wanted to come back to kayfabe and do something fun. I feel what we are doing in kayfabe is fun and original. It has helped me become NXT Champ and it will help Prince become teh KOTR winner, as having fun doing kayfabe has helped us become better on the fourms. Prince work is also very good, he is no pushover and probably better than me at writing. Starting this feud I was worried that maybe Prince would not be good enough to write an engaging story, but I was very wrong and this has led to me asking Prince help for promos on my Universe Mode for my YouTube channel.
     "Now you are known for some controversy since you arrived. Can you tell me what your beginning of your time on the forums was like all the way up to now?"
    At the start people probably assumed I was going to be around for a couple of weeks and never be on the forums again, but nearly a year has passed and I would say that I have been moderatly active throughout this period of time. Maybe not with posts but being on chat and everything else. So now I feel more people are willing to get to know me more and willing to have more conversations with me which I am pleased about.
     "Now the gimmick you have, "The Karico Brand", has became a huge hit in Kayfabe. Did planning this gimmick take months or was it a "Let me try this out" kind of situation?"
    Well funny story, before the Karico Brand gimmick came through I was going to do a kind of Bray Wyatt gimmick, as in doing a born again christian, as playing of the fact Ferb deleted me. At the time however Slim was playing Bray Wyatt, so there was a lot of similarities and decided not to go through with the gimmick. I was in a slump once again, I did not really know what to do and then I saw this segment with Titus O'Neil doing a backstage conference asking him question on trying to get Apollo to join his brand. I have alwways been a fan of Titus since his PTP days so I found this great and figured this could be a great idea. This gimmick is also quite similar to my other gimmick where I played a lawyer and that proved to be quite successful. So I figured out this gimmick but the problem was I needed to feud with somebody and so for 2 weeks I was hyping this gimmick, however I had no idea how to make it a success without another partner. Fortunatly Prince just returned and we figured to work together and it has taken off from there.
     "With the promoers of today's Kayfabe world, who's in your top ten list of best Kayfabe players?"
    Slim & Flynn ae defentely the top 2 in my opinion. Obviously Prince has proven he is great, also Smith it was quite a shock on what he could, as when I joined he never did kayfabe I knew him as the Bo Dallas AVI so taht was a shock especially his UK diary. Ross does some very good work and even you Brad over the last couple of months I've enjoyed your promos a lot especially your promos on Pride. Nate is very good at what he does and gets his message loud and clear. The same with BiC I'm loving this EC3 thing and hpefully leads him somewhere. Josh is also very underrated in my opinion he does a lot of good work and feel he gets overlooked a lot. I also enjoy reading FDS work quite often as well.
     "Karico with the King Of The Ring payperview coming up, can you post a earlier prediction for us of who seeing winning at the event?"
    Prince. 100%
     "If he does become King Of The Ring, do you see him cashing in immedalty of the winner of me vs Slim vs Bizzy?"
    I don't think so. He still needs to do some more work to be considered a world champ. Patience will make Prince world champ. And I will make sure he has it.
     "Final question before we play our last game. With all the votings at King Of The Ring, which ones has your interests the most?"
    Has to be Nate vs Prince. I feel Prince has done enough to get the W, however I do not know how the rest of the fourms feel. Could go either way in my opinion.
     "Now this game is called "The Dick Bag". The purpose of this game is ill give you a name. If they are cool, say their cool. If they are a dick, say their a dick. Simple?"
    Very simple.
    Both. Leaning towards cool however.
    Haha both once again but in a cool kind of way.
    Oh no... Most altercations I would say dick, the last month I would lean more towards cool, but to stay in character dick.
    Is it possible to be the biggest dick, but be a pussy at the same time? Cause if so Akki is that.
     "Two more names. Bailey"  
    dick. He underestimated me and Prince . Seems like a cool guy, but I never forget.
    "Finally. Necce"
    Never personally had a conversation with the guy but he seems cool.
     "And that wraps it up. Thank you for your time Karico."
    Thank you.
    This is Brad signing off and saying see you next time on "Down With The Shoot".
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    Karico reacted to Slim in #BrandWarfare   
    SummerSlam: August 21st, 2016 - Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York (Part 2) As we're welcomed back to SummerSlam, Michael Cole, Mauro Ranallo, and Corey Graves now sit together as they inform us it's time for the match where both brands collide... The Brand Warfare Match. As the video package finishes playing, "Break The Walls Down" blasts throughout the Barclays Center in Brooklyn as the lights dim, and out walks "Y2J" Chris Jericho, as his jacket lights up before the lights turn up, now revealing Chris Jericho on the stage, and now Jericho walks down the ramp, getting into the ring as he awaits the arrival of the SmackDown LIVE representative...
    "Fight" by CFO$, as "The Prizefighter" Kevin Owens makes his way out to the ring. Owens walks down the ramp, getting into the ring as he and Jericho staredown, before Owens puts his head through the middle rope, now backing out as he and Jericho once again lock eyes, awaiting the bell.

    Brand Warfare
    Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho
    As the bell rings, Owens & Jericho lock up, as Owens takes Jericho into a headlock, as Owens now works over Jericho, but Jericho elbows his way out before hitting forearms to the face of Owens and jumping up... and connecting on a Dropkick! Jericho now runs towards the ropes... No! He was going for the Lionsault but Kevin Owens got the knees up! KO now goes for it.... No! Jericho reverses the Pumphandle Neckbreaker and now hits a gutkick before grabbing KO's neck and forcing him to the corner and begins to smash his head into the turnbuckle: 1... 2... 3.... 4... and now Jericho hits a Snap Suplex! Jericho flips into a cover: 1... 2... NO! Kevin Owens kicks out, and now Chris Jericho goes to lock in the Walls of Jericho... But KO flips out and hits a Superkick to the chin of Jericho, dropping down into the last turnbuckle as KO sets up in the opposite corner, and he sprints at KO... CANNONBALL SENTON! Kevin Owens spreads his arms out, taunting the fans as he now picks Jericho up, going for the Pop-Up Powerbomb... as he bounces off of the ropes... pops him up into the air... CODEBREAKER FROM JERICHO! Jericho hit the Codebreaker on Owens!

    POP-UP POWERBOMB REVERSED INTO A CODEBREAKER! Jericho did this a few weeks ago when he invaded SmackDown LIVE! Jericho goes to crawl into the cover... But KO rolls out of the ring! Kevin Owens was smart and rolled out of the ring, stopping Jericho from being able to captialize on the pin! Chris Jericho now looks on, a mixture of shock and pure emotion on his face as he now goes to the top rope, but Owens scurries up the apron, getting on as he now tosses Jericho off, throwing him back into the ring. Owens now drags Jericho out onto the apron, as he's stunned before he sets him up on the ringpost, before Owens backs into the opposite ringpost, running at Jericho... AND HITTING A CANNONBALL SENTON INTO THE RINGPOST ON JERICHO! Wow!

    Now, the adrenaline in Kevin Owens is pumping as he smacks his hands on the table, grabbing Chris Jericho, and putting him back into the ring as KO slides in behind him, as Owens now grabs Jericho, lifting him up, setting it up... GO-HOME DRIVER! Kevin Oowens covers: One.. Two.. NO! Chris Jericho kicks out, keeping the match alive as Kevin Owens continues to look enraged as now he now picks Chris Jericho up, but Jericho reverses out and hits an Enzugiri to the side of Owens' head! Jericho rushes over to Owens, turning to turn him off to the Walls of Jericho... AND HE GETS IT LOCKED IN! Kevin Owens is struggling now as Chris Jericho keeps it in, before Owens tries to crawl to the ropes... but Jericho brings him back to the middle! Owens now yelps in pain, before reversing the pressure and sending Jericho flying across the ring! Chris Jericho runs at Kevin Owens.... NO!

    Kevin Owens drops down into the cover, as this has to be it: One... Two.... THREE-NO! CHRIS JERICHO KICKS OUT BEFORE 3! Jericho kicked out! How did he do it!? Owens now looks on, at Jericho, shocked as "The Savior of the WWE" somehow found a way to kick out and save Team Red's chances at Brand Warfare... And now Kevin Owens picks up Chris Jericho, but Jericho hits a forearm to the face before backing up.... GOING FOR THE CODEBREAKER... NO! KEVIN OWENS POPS HIM UP INTO THE AIR... POP-UP POWERBOMB! Kevin Owens now slashes the throat, as he picks up Chris Jericho, putting him under his legs.... AND HITTING A PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! OH MY GOD! Kevin Owens into the cover: One... Two.... THREE! SmackDown LIVE has won Brand Warfare!
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Package Piledriver) @ 14:30, "The Prizefighter", Kevin Owens!
    As Kevin Owens' hand is raised, "Here Comes The Money" hits, as SmackDown LIVE Comissioner Shane McMahon walks down the ramp, getting into the ring with Kevin Owens as he gets into the ring, holding up Kevin Owens' hand as Owens now takes a microphone and begins to speak to Shane McMahon.
    Kevin Owens: Yeah, yeah. I beat Chris Jericho, I beat RAW. So Shane, after all, I am a PRIZEFIGHTER. And now, this is the fun part. Where's my prize? Because I know what I want. In a little over a month, Judgement Day for SmackDown LIVE will commence... And Kevin Owens, deserves a WWE Championship Match.
    Shane McMahon nods, saying off-camera that KO will get his WWE Championship Match, before KO nods... AND HITS SHANE MCMAHON! Kevin Owens strikes Shane McMahon in the back of the head, and now picks him up, hitting punch after punch before he hits a huge Superkick on the Commissioner, sending him out of the ring! Shane McMahon lays there on the floor, on the outside, as Kevin Owens follows, now setting it up...

    APRON POWERBOMB TO SHANE MCMAHON! Why is Kevin Owens doing this?! And now, here comes Daniel Bryan and secruity, as they now back Owens ahead from Shane as he smiles with evil intentions on his mind, and begins walking up the stage as he laughs and walks to the back, as Bryan looks at him, enraged. Either way, Kevin Owens got what he wants. On September 25th, Kevin Owens will challenge for the WWE Championship at Judgement Day.
    As we're welcomed back to SummerSlam, Mauro Ranallo is now back with Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Renee Young as they tell us that next, the SmackDown Tag Team Championships will be on the line, as Enzo Amore & Big Cass face Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, The Club. 
    "SAWFT is a Sin" begins to blast throughout the arena, as the arena explodes for the arrival of Enzo Amore & Big Cass. The two come out with microphones, doing their usual catchphrases as the crowd chants along, completely in love with their hometown boys, before Gallows & Anderson would assault them from behind!
    Gallows & Anderson would throw each into the barricade, as The Good Brothers would then throw their titles into the ring, as Gallows grabbed Big Cass, with Karl Anderson now grabbing a steel chair, as he then hit Big Cass in the face! Cass now laid there, before Anderson would begin to drive the Steel Chair into the leg of Big Cass, before Karl Anderson does it again, before Gallows places the chair there...  AND STOMPS ON IT! Big Cass holds his leg in agony as EMTs rush over to him, before Gallows & Anderson get in the ring, demanding that they be announced as the winners.
    And as the referee rings the bell, a gutsy Enzo Amore crawls into the ring, willing himself to his feet! Enzo Amore is gonna fight Gallows & Anderson on his own! G&A laugh at Enzo, and now they await the timekeeper to ring the bell.

    SmackDown Tag Team Championships
    Enzo & Cass vs Gallows & Anderson
    As Enzo forces himself to his feet, the bell rings as Enzo now sprints at Karl Anderson... BUT IS DROPPED WITH A SPINEBUSTER! Karl Anderson gets Enzo Amore up, as he goes to the top rope... HITTING A DIVING NECKBREAKER! Karl Anderson now slaps the tag to Luke Gallows, as Gallows & Anderson now set it up...

    BOOT OF DOOM! Anderson & Gallows just hit the Boot of Doom, as Gallows now covers Enzo Amore: One... Two... THREE! Gallows & Anderson have stolen Enzo & Cass' opportunity, and retained their SmackDown Tag Team Championships!
    Your Winners Via Pinfall (Boot of Doom) @ 0:34, and STILL SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Gallows & Anderson!
    The Good Brothers are given their Tag Team Championships, as they raise them to huge boos. Gallows & Anderson just robbed Enzo & Cass of what would have been the biggest match in both of these men's careers.
    As we're welcomed back from advertisements hyping Clash of Champions on September 11th, and Judgement Day on September 25th, Mauro Ranallo now tells us that it's time for one of the most intruging matches of the night... The United States Championship Match. It will be the Champion, Sami Zayn, defending against "The Ace" Finn Balor, "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman, "The Perfect Ten" Tye Dillinger, "The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler, and "The Psycho Killer" Tommaso Ciampa in a Guantlet Match.
    And the person who drew number one is... None other than the current champion Sami Zayn! "Worlds Apart" plays, as the champion makes his way out to the ring with the United States Championship in hand, holding it up for the crowd to see as he now gets into the ring, awaiting his second opponent...
    And then... "I Am Stronger" hits, as "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman makes his way onto the stage with a smile on his face, before Strowman paces down to the ring, getting in with Sami Zayn as these two have battled countless times over the past month, with Sami being able to avoid Strowman each, and now they kick off the United States Championship Guantlet Match.

    United States Championship | Guantlet Match
    Zayn(c) vs Balor vs Strowman vs Ciampa vs Ziggler vs Dillinger
    As the bell rung, Sami Zayn charged Braun Strowman, knowing he would have to get the big man off of his feet to put him down. Zayn would hit him with multiple punches, not even stunning Strowman as Strowman would just hit Sami Zayn with a couple of body blows in the corner, as the size advantage for Strowman began to work in his favor, before he just picked up Zayn and threw him over the top rope!

    Strowman now follows Zayn, as Strowman charges at Zayn, knocking him down with brute force! Strowman looks down at Zayn, now picking him up as he begins to repeatedly hit him, knocking him back before grabbing Zayn and tossing him into the barricade, now stopping away at "The Underdog From The Underground", and now Strowman would get into the ring, before rolling back out, restarting the count as he now charges at Zayn, big booting him back as Zayn folds backwards, crashing into the barricade! Strowman now picks up Zayn, looking to hit a Running Powerslam into the barricade.... But Zayn reverses before dropkicking Strowman into the announce table! Zayn now charges, hitting a Helluva Kick, knocking Strowman onto the announce table as he now gets Strowman up, going for a Death Valley Driver... NO! Strowman elbows Zayn in the head... REVERSE CHOKESLAM ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! The Announce Table doesn't break! Strowman yells in annoyance, as he now gets onto the other announce table, with Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves, and Bryon Saxton screaming.... BEFORE STROWMAN RUNS AND JUMPS!

    ZAYN MOVES! Sami Zayn moved out of the way. Zayn now fighting, crawling back to his feet as he grabs onto the apron, with Braun Strowman just completely out of comission, and Zayn fights his way back into the ring! The count from the referee now reaches 5, as Strowman has still NOT MOVED! 6.... 7... 8...  Strowman back to his feet... 9.... 10! Strowman couldn't beat the count! Braun Strowman is eliminated @ 5:47. Braun Strowman's eyes widen as he realizes what has happened, as Sami Zayn now celebrates in the ring... AND BRAUN STROWMAN TAKES HIM DOWN FROM BEHIND! Stomping away at him, Strowman now picks Sami Zayn, putting him in position.... RUNNING POWERSLAM! Strowman now picks up Sami Zayn again, grasping his throat... CHOKESLAM! Braun Strowman may be eiminated, but he just may have guarnateed a NEW United States Champion. "Here To Show The World" hits, as "The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler makes his way out to the stage, with Eva Marie by his side. Ziggler and Eva pass by Strowman as fast as possible, as Zayn just now begins to get to his feet, as Ziggler now stands by the broken announce table, now sliding into the ring from behind, as Zayn turns around...

    SUPERKICK FROM DOLPH ZIGGLER! Sami Zayn is eliminated @ 6:21. WE'RE GUARANTEED A NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION! And now, "Chrome Hearts" by CFO$ hits, and now the man who pinned Dolph Ziggler in the Super SmackDown Tournament, as these two once again face off, with them having the chance to become the new United States Champion, as Ziggler and Ciampa lock up, with Ciampa pushing Ziggler into the ropes, leapfrogging him before dropping down under and catching The Showoff with a DROPKICK! Ciampa now picks up Ziggler, going for a Snap Suplex, but Ziggler counters before going for a Jumping DDT... NO! Ciampa pushes him off and catches him with a brutal knee to the face! Cover by Ciampa: One... Two... No! Ziggler kicks out! Ciampa now looks for the "Project Ciampa" but ZIGGLER REVERSES! JUMPING DDT FROM ZIGGLER!

    Ziggler crawls into the cover: One... Two... NO! Tommaso Ciampa kicks out! Ziggler now looks frustrated, as the Jumping DDT is one of the best moves in Dolph Ziggler's arsenal, and "The Psycho Killer" kicked out! Dolph Ziggler now tunes up the band in the corner, awaiting Tommaso Ciampa to make it to his feet... And as he does, Ciampa avoids the Superkick before hitting a huge Backstabber, putting his knees straight into the back of Ziggler, as Ciampa gets right back to his feet, trying to lock in the Bridging Armbar.... YES! Tommaso Ciampa has it locked in! Dolph Ziggler is struggling! Ziggler crawling to the ropes... AND HE SOMEHOW GETS THERE! Dolph Ziggler outstretches and grabs the ropes, how did he do it?! Ciampa puts his hands on his head, shocked as he now picks Ziggler up, lining him up, as he bounces off of the ropes...

    SUPERKICK! Dolph Ziggler with a Superkick out of nowhere! Dolph into the cover: One... Two... THREE! "The Showoff" defeats Ciampa, and now Ziggler just has two more men to go through... Tommaso Ciampa is eliminated @ 9:48. Now, with Ciampa eliminating, Eva Marie and Dolph Ziggler talk before the next man's music hits... and it's Dolph Ziggler's arch-rival, "The Perfect Ten", Tye Dillinger! Dillinger runs down to the ring, sliding in as he avoids a clothesline from Ziggler and catches him with a left forearm to the face before he does it again, then hits a Snap Suplex on Ziggler! Tye Dillinger is fired up with the chance to become United States Champion! Tye Dillinger now gets Ziggler up, putting him on his shoulders for the Tye-Breaker.... No! Ziggler with another Superkick to Dillinger! Ziggler into the cover: One... Two... THREE! NO! DILLINGER KICKED OUT! Dillinger kicked out to the shock of everyone, and now Ziggler gets him back to his feet... TYE-BREAKER FROM DILLINGER! Dillinger hit the Tye-Breaker! Tye Dillinger covers... One... Two... THREE! Dolph Ziggler is eliminated @ 13:29. And now, it's time for the final competitor...

    Oh my.... That's not "The Ace" that we're used to seeing... That's The Demon King! The other side of Finn Balor begins crawling done the ramp, as Tye Dillinger looks on, in the ring with a fightening look on his face. Dillinger is the man who INJURED Finn Balor, and now, even with a change of Dillinger's heart, Finn Balor is coming for revenge.... OH MY GOD! SUPERKICK FROM DOLPH ZIGGLER! Ziggler just hit a Superkick on Tye Dillinger, still bitter from Dillinger eliminating him as Ziggler holds his head, leaving with Eva as Balor stalks Tye Dillinger, getting into the ring as he stalks him in the corner... BEFORE RUNNING AT HIM AND DROPKICKING HIM INTO THE CORNER! Dillinger's head hits the middle turnbuckle as Balor now climbs the top rope... COUP DE GRACE! Dillinger is down and out, as Balor now slashes his throat, getting him to his feet... AND HITTING A WRISTLOCK LARIAT!

    Finn Balor with a Wristlock Lariat, and now he drops down into the cover on Tye Dillinger: One... Two... THREE! Finn Balor is a two-time United States Champion!
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Wristlock Lariat), and NEW United States Champion, "The Demon", Finn Balor!
    Finn Balor is given the United States Championship, as he now grasps it, holding onto it as he now climbs the turnbuckle, holding up the title as the fans boo, obviously wanting Dillinger to capture the championship... And now, we're taken to commercial break, but it's official. Finn Balor is your United States Champion.

    And now, we're turned to the RAW commentary team as we all know what's next... The return of The Undertaker. A video package is shown, hyping the legendary career of The Phenom, before the lights dim down, and druids come onto the stage with torches.
    Then, a single gong is heard throughout the arena as the crowd becomes abuzz, with the titantron now beginning to play The Undertaker's music as smoke comes up from the stage, before a pop is heard throughout the crowd, as a figure emerges on the stage.
    With the smoke now clear, it's painfully obvious that he's back, as The Undertaker walks down the ramp, a chilling feeling going through the arena as he begins his walk.

    As The Undertaker steps into the ring, he is given a microphone as he stands in the ring, before he begins to talk, addressing the WWE Universe for the first time in a few months.
    The Undertaker: I... am back. The Reaper is back to claim the souls of the RAW Superstar who DARE to underestamate the power of The Deadman. I am back to say that WrestleMania will no longer define me, and that Monday Night RAW will now be MY YARD. Taking Souls, and Digging Holes will be my mindset going forward, and no one can stop that, becaus-
    THE LONE-WOLF! The Undertaker turns his attention to the stage, as Baron Corbin now steps out from the curtain, looking on at The Deadman with dangerous intent on his mind. Corbin has no fear, walking down the ramp and getting straight into the ring as he and The Undertaker stare-off, creating a huge atmosphere in the air as Corbin smirks...
    BEFORE PUNCHING THE UNDERTAKER! He now jumps onto The Phenom, hitting him with forearms to the face as he picks The Undertaker up, but The Undertaker fights out, hitting him with punches after punches before going for a Chokeslam... No! Baron Corbin with a low-blow! Corbin bounces him off of the ropes... END OF DAYS TO THE UNDERTAKER! Corbin now stands over one of the greats of our business, as his message is clear: He wants to be the greatest.

    Following the shocking assault on The Undertaker by Baron Corbin, Mauro Ranallo, and the rest of the SmackDown LIVE commentary team are in shock, but for now, there's only one match remaining, and it's the Main Event... for the WWE Championship.
    And now, the crowd is buzzing for the main event, before it goes into full-fledged boos at the arrival of our first man in the Triple Threat...
    And now, it's "The Big Dog" making his way onto the stage, as the fans in Brooklyn obviously aren't the biggest fans of Roman Reigns, as he smirks at them, walking down the ramp as he gets into the ring, climbing the turnbuckle and putting his hands up, before he steps down.
    He now awaits his first opponent, as these two are very alike...
    And now, it's "The Franchise" John Cena, as Cena makes his way out to the stage, with the fans having dueling chants of "Let's Go Cena", and "Cena Sucks", as he smiles at all of it, before running down to the ring and getting in, with Cena & Reigns staring down, as they now await the WWE Champion...
    The WWE Champion himself, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles steps out, donning black and white themed tights, with the championship around his waist. No sign of The Club tonight, as it seems SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan has instructed them to stay out of it. Styles gets into the ring, holding up the belt in both of the faces of Cena & Reigns, before giving it to the referee and beginning the match.

    WWE Championship
    AJ Styles vs John Cena vs Roman Reigns
    With the match beginning, Styles would roll out of the ring and tell Reigns & Cena to 'fight it out', while he stood, watching from a barricade. Cena and Reigns size each other up, before looking at each other, nodding, and exiting the ring as Styles looks on, horrified as Cena & Reigns take both sides of him, not leaving anywhere to go. Cena goes for a clothesline, but Styles ducks and Roman Reigns takes the clothesline, and now Styles hits John Cena with the Phenomenal Blitz! Styles gets Reigns into the ring, sliding in from behind as he hits an Armdrag, running at him with a Sliding Grounded Forearm... And connects! Styles into the cover: One... T-No! Reigns kicks out just before the 2 count, and now Styles picks Reigns up, hitting a few forearms to the face, before bouncing off of the ropes but Roman Reigns catches him with a huge clothesline, turning him inside-out!

    With Roman Reigns in control, he picks up AJ Styles, putting him into the corner as he now begins to hit clotheslines, over, and over, again over again, before dragging him out into a final clothesline, as John Cena now rolls into the ring, Reigns & Cena getting in each other's faces again, as they talk-trash before both men begin to fire off right hands, the crowd going wild before Cena tackles Reigns and begins to hit punches after punches, before Reigns rolls him over and now mounts him, hitting punches before AJ Styles nails a huge Pele Kick on Roman! Roman Reigns staggers back, and AJ Styles runs at him, hitting him with a huge dropkick out of the ring, as Roman Reigns now stands on the outside, getting to his feet, as AJ Styles looks on in the ring, grabbing the ropes, setting up for it... AND HE HITS IT!

    AND THEY BOTH CRASH THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! What a move from AJ Styles! Styles just sent one of his biggest challengers, and himself through the announce table! Now, with both of his opponents down, John Cena gets to his feet, unsure of what to do as he sees Roman Reigns & AJ Styles both laid out. Cena rolls out to ringside, grabbing AJ Styles by his hair, as he deadlifts him into the ring, as he now climbs the top rope, going to the top.. AS HE HITS A TOP ROPE LEG DROP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Cena now crouches over, setting it up, as he lifts AJ Styles onto his shoulders... But AJ Styles gets to the ropes, dropping down off of Cena's shoulders and hot-shotting his face, stunning him as he gets onto the apron, looking for a Phenomenal Forearm... NO! ROMAN REIGNS GETS AJ STYLES IN POWERBOMB POSITION, LOOKING TO POWERBOMB HIM THROUGH THE OTHER ANNOUNCE TABLE... AND DOES! Oh my god! Roman Reigns just potentially saved this match!

    With Styles out of commission, it's now once again time for Roman Reigns and John Cena to go to war, as Cena dares Roman into the ring, and the two go after it, with Cena catching Reigns Superman Punch with his fist, as the crowd goes wild before Cena hits a mean right hook, picking Reigns up from behind in Electric Chair position... BEFORE DROPPING HIM DOWN INTO A FACEBUSTER! Cena into the cover: One... Two... No! Roman Reigns kicks out! Reigns kicked out, and now Cena gets him in position, trying to hit an Attitude Adjustment... No! Reigns elbows out, before bouncing off of the ropes, SUPERMAN PUNCH! But Cena doesn't go down, instead bouncing off of the ropes, and Reigns tries to connect on a clothesline... No! Cena ducks... SPRINGBOARD STUNNER! Cena crawls into the cover, One... Two... No! SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH FROM AJ STYLES! AJ Styles broke the count at 2 3/4! And now, AJ Styles grabs John Cena, putting him uner his legs, throwing his arms out but Cena counters! Now, Cena goes behind on AJ Styles, looking for a Spin-Out Powerbomb... NO! AJ Styles reverses!

    And now AJ Styles catches John Cena with a Jumping Clothesline in the corner, before he rolls to the outside, looking for a Phenomenal Forearm on Roman Reigns, as "The Big Dog" stumbles to his feet, but John Cena gets to his feet, getting AJ Styles in position... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! Cena hit the AA, but Roman Reigns bounces off of the ropes... SPEAR TO JOHN CENA! Roman Reigns is gonna become a four-time WWE Champion! Reigns into the cover: One... Two... NO! JOHN CENA KICKED OUT! Cena kicked out of the Spear! Roman Reigns gets to his feet, enraged at Cena, before he gutkicks Cena, flipping him over... OH NO! ROMAN REIGNS LOCKS IN A SUBMISSION! Mauro Ranallo notes on commentary he calls this "Reign Supreme", and now he's gonna use it to tap John Cena out!

    John Cena wrenches around in pain, not being able to break out of the Submission Hold by Roman Reigns, as AJ Styles is still taken out from the Attitude Adjustment... And Cena looks close to tapping out... NO! AJ STYLES BREAKS THE HOLD! Roman Reigns gets up, as he throws a wild clothesline at AJ Styles, but Styles avoids it before going for a Torture Rack Bomb... AND HITTING IT! AJ Styles gets Roman Reigns up, throwing his shoulder into the turnbuckle as he rolls him up: One... Two.... NO! Roman Reigns kicked out, but now AJ Styles hits him with a brutal Sliding Forearm Smash, as Roman Reigns rolls out of the ring, with AJ Styles now exiting the ring, standing on the apron as John Cena now stumbles to his feet... AND GETS HIT WITH A PHENOMENAL FOREARM!

    AJ Styles into the cover, to retain the championship: One... Two... NO! Roman Reigns pulled the referee out of the ring! AJ Styles looks enraged, as he had the championship retained, before Roman Reigns gets into the ring, taking AJ Styles out of the ring with a clothesline, before he picks up Cena... WHO COUNTERS WITH AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!? No! Roman elbows his way out again, putting Cena under his legs... CRUIFIX SITOUT POWERBOMB FROM ROMAN REIGNS! Reigns doesn't bridge, but AJ Styles doesn't realize, as he tries to take advantage...

    NO! ROMAN REIGNS WITH A SPEAR TO AJ STYLES! But Roman Reigns can't captialize! AJ Styles, being a veteran of the ring, rolled out to save himself from being pinned! And now, it's back to Square One for Roman Reigns, as he grabs Cena, hitting a Snap Suplex before bouncing off of the ropes... RUNNING SENTON! Roman Reigns now sets up in the corner, doing his War Chant, as he waits, bidding time as Cena gets back to his feet, and turns around, but Cena, realizing Reigns is coming, kicks Reigns in the face before hitting a huge Attitude Adjustment, switching over and locking in the STF! With Roman locked in the STF, AJ Styles grabs a chair from the outside, allowing Roman to sustain some more pain before Styles slides in, hitting Cena in the back with the chair before hitting him in the gut, before cocking back and catching him with a huge chair shot to the face, gushing blood out as Styles goes into the cover: One... Two... THREE! AJ Styles retains! After a grueling match, AJ Styles just winds up and uses a steel chair to retain the WWE Championship...
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Steel Chair) @ 26:04, and STILL WWE Champion, "The Phenomenal", AJ Styles!
    AJ Styles is given the WWE Championship, as his music plays. Immediately leaving the ring, John Cena is shown on the outside, disappointed, as Roman Reigns is shown on the inside, frustrated. As AJ Styles reaches the stage, the music switches, as "Omen In The Sky" plays, with the United States Champion, "The Ace" Finn Balor, along with Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, come out onto the stage, as the four stand with their titles, raising them as it's clear, The Club have taken over SmackDown LIVE, as SummerSlam, fades... to.... black.
    Predictions Results (FINAL):
    Bizzy: 4/12
    Karico: 4/12
    Smith: 9/12
    Nanovirus: 6/12
    Flynn: 8/12
    Summer: 7/12
    Ross: 8/12
    Josh: 6/12
    Elliot: 7/12
    Nate: 6/12
    Ark: 6/12
    Prince: 7/12
    BiC: 6/12
    FD: 5/12
    Bailey: 5/12
    Congrats to Smith who got the most right, with 9 out of 12 right. Thanks for predicting guys!
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    Karico reacted to Prince in Who's Your Best Friend/Friends On The Forums?   
    I feel i get along with everyone on here really and I would consider you all my friends, these are just some that stand out for me:
    @Karico-Gotten to know him well since we started doing Kayfabe together, I always enjoy our conversations and I feel we compliment each other well. I enjoy our chess matches to.
    Slim- Great guy all around, sets the example here and someone that is easy to talk to.
    @Angelo Caito-Always supportive of my work and also easy to talk to, someone I respect.
    @George AK-Similar interests, funny guy and I'm glad he came back even if we have fallen out in the past.
    @barthoogveld-Very chill guy that I always have good conversations with, I like working with him for Kayfabe as well
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    Karico reacted to Slim in #BrandWarfare   
    SummerSlam: August 21st, 2016 - Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York (Part 1) "Through Fire" plays, as we're officially welcomed to the SummerSlam Pay-Per-View. A video package plays, taking us through some of the biggest feuds such as Cena vs Styles vs Reigns, Cesaro vs Wyatt, Rusev vs Lesnar, Sasha & Bayley vs Nikki & Alexa, and Ambrose vs Angle before the SmackDown Announce Team welcomes us to SummerSlam! "Turn It Up" hits, as the crowd erupts in cheers for the lovable Bayley, as The Hugger makes her way onto the stage, the armtubes now coming out of the stage as Bayley slowly makes her way down to the ring, taking in the admiration from the crowd as she now gets into the ring, awaiting her partner, and her opponents.
    "Spiteful" by CFO$ plays, as now "The Wicked Witch" Alexa Bliss comes out, the lights dimming down for her as she now quickly gets into the ring, wasting little time as she gets into the face of Bayley, taunting her and telling her that "she'll never be the best", before her partner's music starts to play...
    And with that, "The Fearless One" Nikki Bella makes her way out to the ring as the crowd cheers her, loving Nikki as she raises her arm, taking in and rejoicing over the crowd's reaction before she gets in the ring, now looking at Alexa Bliss with disgust, before...
    "Sky's The Limit" blasts through the PA System, as a car pulls up on the left side of the stage, and the hood window opens... and Sasha Banks rises up, holding the SmackDown Women's Championship! Sasha Banks steps out, now on the hood of the car as she raises the SmackDown Women's Championship to a split reaction from the crowd, before she gets down and now begins her way to the ring, before getting in, giving the championship to the referees before she tells Bayley that Bayley can start the match out.  Alexa Bliss demands to start the match for her team before the match officially begins.

    SmackDown Women's Championship
    Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Bella
    In a match where the person who scores the pinfall wins the championship, Bayley would hit a quick snap suplex on Alexa Bliss before mounting her and beginning to throw punches, before Bayley gets pushed off by Alexa Bliss, and as Bayley runs back at her, Bliss hits a quick kick to Bayley's knee before grabbing her hair and throwing her down head-first into the mat, as Alexa smirks, the crowd booing as Alexa now begins to stomp Bayley into the mat, making the crowd boo even more as Alexa Bliss spreads his arms out, yelling at the crowd, taunting them as Bayley struggles to even make it to her feet. Nikki Bella begs for the tag, and Alexa Bliss walks over to her... before faking the tag and going for a clothesline on Bayley... No! Bayley ducked, and now dropkicks Alexa Bliss out of the ring! Alexa Bliss is now frustrated, as Bayley goes to the top rope... and now Sasha Banks tags herself in! Bayley jumps off, hitting a Crossbody on Alexa Bliss form the top rope, as Sasha Banks now gets into the ring, bounces off of the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE ONTO ALEXA BLISS & BAYLEY!

    And now Nikki Bella gets into the fray with a huge forearm to Sasha! Sasha was the woman who beat her last month at Unforgiven, and has disrespected Nikki Bella ever since, but now Nikki Bella gets some revenge on The Boss, as she rolls her into the ring, and now grabs Alexa Bliss, rolling her into the ring as well as Nikki Bella now tags herself in! Nikki comes in with a clothesline, before hitting another one, and then hitting a huge FOREARM TO THE FACE! Nikki Bella into the cover: One... Two... NO! Alexa Bliss pulls  Nikki Bella off and now begins to hammer away, at her own partner! Bliss throws Nikki Bella into the barricade, before she goes for the Snap DDT on the floor... NO! Nikki Bella reverses, Northern Lights Suplex! Nikki Bella now rolls back into the ring... and a knee to the face from Sasha! Sasha now grabs Nikki, tagging in Bayley as Bayley gets down on all fours, and  Sasha bounces off of the ropes before hitting a Rana... AND SENDING NIKKI BELLA OUT OF THE RING! Wow! And now, Bayley goes to the outside, grabbing  Nikki by her hair and rolling her back into the ring.
    Meanwhile, on the other side, Sasha Banks now turns her attention to Alexa Bliss as the two begin to battle on the outside, with each throwing rights and lefts as Bliss now grabs Sasha's hair and smashes the back of her head into the barricade! And now Alexa Bliss begins to stomp away at Sasha Banks, wearing The Boss out and creating a more likely chance of a new SmackDown Women's Champion being crowned tonight... but Sasha still has fight in her! Sasha with a couple of forearms before she turns the tables, sending Alexa Bliss into the barricade as Sasha gets onto the apron... DOUBLE KNEES TO ALEXA BLISS! Alexa's face has to be hurt following those two brutal knees, and meanwhile on the inside of the ring.... Nikki Bella is looking for it... AND SHE HITS IT! RACK ATTACK 2.0! Nikki Bella into the cover: One... Two... NO! BAYLEY KICKED OUT! BAYLEY KICKED OUT OF THE RACK ATTACK! And now, Nikki Bella picks Bayley up, putting her on the top rope, as Bayley faces the crowd now, and Nikki Bella looks for a Top Rope Electric Chair Drop, as she tries it...  NO! REVERSED! BAYLEY REVERSED! POISON RANA OFF OF THE TOP ROPE!

    WAIT! SASHA GOT A TAG! Bayley doesn't realize! Sasha tagged into this matchup, as she was waiting outside the ring! And now Bayley hooks the waist of Nikki Bella.... BAYLEY-TO-BELLY! Bayley going for the cover, but the referee now tries to explain Sasha made the tag... FROG SPLASH FROM SASHA, CONNECTING ON BOTH BAYLEY & NIKKI BELLA! Bayley's out of it! Sasha crawls over to Nikki Bella, hooking the inside leg as the referee counts: One... Two... THREE! Sasha Banks has retained at SummerSlam, and a big assist to Bayley!
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Frog Splash) @ 15:29, and STILL SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks!
    Sasha Banks leaves the ring, as she is now handed the title, as Bayley looks on from the ring, indicating how close she was. Sasha Banks smiles, raising the championship as Bayley looks on, disappointed with herself, but for now, Sasha Banks is still your SmackDown Women's Champion.
    An advertisement for Clash of Champions plays, as the RAW exclusive PPV will take over Richmond, Virigina. And now, the RAW commentary team says it's time for the first Team Red match of the night, as it will be "The Beast", versus "The Brute". They now show us a video highlighting all of the controversy regarding this feud before we're taken to the stage, where in a few moments, the match will finally get underway.
    "Dante's Teeth" plays, as "The Brute" himself now steps onto the stage, Lana on his side as they together walk down to the ring. This has to be the biggest match in Rusev's young career, and as a man who was unpinned & unsubmitted a few years ago, you wonder if tonight we will mark the rediscoverence of that dominance.
    And now, "Next Big Thing" hits on the PA System as the arena is now in a frenzy, as "The Beast" Brock Lesnar steps out, his advocate Paul Heyman on his side, much like Lana was with Rusev as the two pace down to the ring, Lesnar and Rusev locking eyes and staring holes through each other as Lesnar hops up onto the apron and gets into the ring, and now it's time ladies and gentlemen.

    Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs Rusev w/ Lana
    As the bell rings, the two behemoths go at it with brutal rights and lefts as neither can gain an advantage before Rusev runs at Brock, but Brock counters, taking Rusev down before he begins to punish him with knees and right hands, before Rusev fires off a headbutt that sends Lesnar stumbling back! And now, Rusev bounces off of the ropes... SUPERKICK TO LESNAR! Lesnar's sent out of the ring on that kick, and now sits on the outside, looking at a fired up Rusev as the two once again lock eyes, Rusev shouting at Lesnar and Lesnar snarling at The Brute. Brock Lesnar gets back onto the apron, taunting Rusev before he steps in and goes at Rusev with a clothesline! But Rusev doesn't fall down! Lesnar hits another one, Rusev is stunned but not down! Lesnar now pulls Rusev into a third which knocks him down! Lesnar now yells, adrenaline rushing through the blood of The Beast as he throws his arms up in the air.

    And now, Lesnar begins to stomp away at Rusev, as Lesnar now picks Rusev up... turning him around... GERMAN SUPLEX! That's one! And now Lesnar picks Rusev up again, hooking his arms for another.... NO! Rusev with a back elbow to the side of The Beast's head, which breaks him free as Rusev now bounces off of the ropes, hitting a huge Jumping Wheel Kick to Lesnar, knocking him back onto the ropes for support before Rusev hits a Roundhouse Kick on Lesnar, knocking him to the canvas as Rusev steps up on the middle rope, not captializing on taking The Beast down, and instead taunting the fans as he spreads his arms, now getting down off of the turnbuckle and picking Lesnar up, as he now begins to fire shots before Lesnar hits a couple of forearms to the face and connects on a belly to belly, as Rusev leans on the corner turnbuckle for support, and Lesnar bounces off of the ropes and hits a huge Running Knee Strike!

    Lesnar now picks Rusev up by the waist, connecting on a German Suplex before mounting Rusev and hitting forearms to the face, presumbly trying to bust Rusev open! But Lana distracts Lesnar, getting him off of Rusev as Lesnar walks over to Lana, looking at her as he then smirks, smiles, and takes Rusev's head off with a clothesline, before he picks him up, lifting him up on his shoulders... F-5! Brock Lesnar has seemingly ended the hopes and dreams of Rusev, as he goes into the cover: One... Two... NO! RUSEV KICKED OUT! WHAT!? HOW DID HE KICK OUT! Brock Lesnar looks at Rusev, slapping him before he picks him up on his shoulders again... NO! RUSEV COUNTERED! RUSEV BOUNCES OFF OF THE ROPES.... JUMPING SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF LESNAR'S HEAD! Lesnar's now down to one knee, as he now stumbles back up to his feet... ANOTHER JUMPING SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD! And now Lesnar's out on the mat, seemingly out cold as Rusev stomps his back, sitting down as he locks it in...

    THE ACCOLADE! Rusev has The Accolade locked in! Brock Lesnar is struggling, waving his hands as he tries to power to his feet, but Lesnar's now fading... quickly, as Heyman screams on the outside, begging Brock Lesnar to get back up, and now Lesnar's body goes limp, as the referee checks on him... the referee grabs his hand, putting it up in the air, as he drops it down... AND LESNAR STOPS IT MID-WAY! And now Lesnar begins to power Rusev to his feet... but Rusev lets go of the hold and bounces off of the ropes again... ANOTHER SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! WOW! AND NOW, RUSEV LOCKS IN THE ACCOLADE AGAIN, AS LESNAR BEGINS TO FADE QUICKLY, BEFORE HIS BODY GOES LIMP, AND THE REFEREE PICKS HIS HAND UP AGAIN... BUT LESNAR DOESN'T STOP IT THIS TIME! The referee rings the bell! Rusev has defeated Brock Lesnar!
    Your Winner Via Submission (The Accolade) @ 14:42, Rusev!
    Rusev's hand is held up by the referee, as the shock is silent, and shocked at what they've seen tonight. Rusev, has just made Brock Lesnar, former WWE Champion, the only man to beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania, pass out. Now we ask outselves... Who can stop The Brute, yet alone The Union?
    And now we're turned back to the Preshow Panel, as everyone is in shock at what just transpired, except... Rusev's teammate, Sheamus. Sheamus gloats to the panel, saying he knew Rusev could do it and Rusev just proved that there is no one better than The Union, and that Brock Lesnar isn't The Beast he once was...
    Now we're back to the commentary team, as Cole, Graves, and Saxton tell us it's time for one of the premiere matches of the night... "The Queen" Charlotte defends her championship in a Triple Threat, against "The Lass Kicker" Becky Lynch, and "The Princess of Charm", Emma. And now, "Real Deal" hits, as the crowd erupts into a split reaction for Emma, as tonight it feels like Emma is the underdog to Becky Lynch & Charlotte, as she comes out to the stage, no sunglasses on, just her usual gloves as she takes a deep breath before walking down to the ring. She gets in, taking another depe breath as she then stares the stage down.
    "Celtic Invasion" plays, as "The Lass Kicker" Becky Lynch steps out, removing her hood as the crowd cheers for her. She walks down the stage, high-fiving the fans as Lynch slides into the ring, as her and Emma meet eyes before mutally nodding, but then Emma offers her hand to which Lynch shakes it. The two now staredown the stage, knowing what's next...
    "Recongition" blasts throughout the PA system, as "The Queen" Charlotte now steps onto the stage, the RAW Women's Championship around her waist as she now takes her robe off, and notably by her side are none other than "The Hart Queen" Natalya, and "The Hitwoman" Tamina. The trio walks down to the ring, as Charlotte gets in, smiling as she hands the RAW Women's Championship to the referee.

    RAW Women's Championship
    Charlotte(c) w/ Natalya & Tamina vs Emma vs Becky Lynch
    As the match begins, Natalya & Tamina immediately rush the ring, taking down Lynch & Emma as under Triple Threat rules, the match is no disqualification. But now Becky Lynch begins to fight out, and Natalya goes for a Nattie-By-Nature Clothesline on her, but misses and hits Tamina! And now Lynch and Emma team up, hitting a huge Dropkick that sends her flying out of the ring! Emma & Becky Lynch have taken out the Insurance Policy, as now they turn their attention to Charlotte, and Charlotte floors Becky with a Big Boot, as now the two left in the ring are Emma & Charlotte. Emma now reverses Charlotte's Arm-Trap Swing Neckbreaker, turning it into a Back Suplex as Emma bridges the cover, trying to take the title early: One... Two... No! Charlotte kicks out at two, as now Becky Lynch gets back into the fray, knocking Emma down with a forearm before hitting her with a huge Knee Strike to the side of the temple, as Tamina and Natalya now both take Becky Lynch down from behind, but Becky Lynch fights out, catching Tamina with the Bex-Plex, and hitting a Snap Suplex on Natalya, but Charlotte from behind, setting it up... 

    NATURAL SELECTION! Natural Selection from Charlotte! And now Charlotte crawls over, hooking the outside leg as the referee counts: One... Two... NO! Becky Lynch kicked out! And now, Charlotte looks somewhere between shocked and happy as she puts on a forced smile. Charlotte now begins to stomp away at Becky Lynch, wearing her body down as the match continues, and now, Emma begins to get back to her feet but is floored by Tamina with a Superkick. Natalya and Tamina begin to argue over the earlier incident with Natalya, and now Charlotte comes over, telling them both they need to get on the same page, but before they can do that, Becky Lynch dives through the middle rope, taking them all out! Becky Lynch gets hyped up, hitting the announce table as the adrenaline begins to flow through her and now throughout the crowd as they become electric for The Lass Kicker's sudden burst of energy! And now, one woman stands in the ring...
    Emma herself, as the crowd cheers even more for the staredown between Lynch and Emma as Lynch steps into the ring. Emma and Becky Lynch lock up, as Lynch is taken into a headlock by Emma, before Lynch pushes her off and floors Emma with a dropkick! And now Lynch begins to rally up, as she now bounces off of the ropes and hits a leg drop to the back of Emma's head, picking her up immediately as she goes for the Bex-Plex.... No! Countered by Emma, and now Emma hits a Rana on Becky before Emma now hits a Back Elbow before Emma puts Becky Lynch under her legs... SITOUT POWERBOMB! The referee slides down, and now the referee begins to count: One... Two... NO! CHARLOTTE BOOTS EMMA IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Charlotte now picks Emma up, grabbing her by her trunks, before Charlotte throws Emma into the steel ring post, taking her out for the time being, and now Charlotte turns her attention to Becky Lynch, flattening her with a huge Spear! Charlotte into the cover: One... Two... No! Charlotte now grabs her head, burying her head into her hands as she wonders what it will take to put away these two, before she grabs the legs of Becky Lynch, going for the Figure 8... No! Becky kicks her off... BEX-PLEX TO CHARLOTTE! Becky Lynch now tries to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her... Yes! She's got it locked in! Becky's gonna make her tap.... NO! Emma from behind with a huge Knee to the back of the head! And now Emma throws Becky out of the ring, taking her out of the equation as she now goes for a Tiger Bomb Backbreaker... NO! REVERSED BY CHARLOTTE! Charlotte now begins to chop at Emma, creating welts on her chest before she throws Emma out of the ring, onto Becky! And now Charlotte climbs the top rope... CORKSCREW MOONSAULT!

    Charlotte hit it! And now, she rolls Becky inside of the ring as she sets up for another Spear... NO! REVERSED BY BECKY LYNCH! Kick to the face, and now Tamina and Natalya are back in the mix! Natalya holds Becky, as Tamina sets up for a Superkick..... NO! TAMINA SUPERKICKED NATALYA! Becky ducked! And now Tamina goes for another Superkick... BUT BECKY DUCKS AGAIN AND THIS ONE HITS CHARLOTTE! Becky Lynch dropkicks Tamina out of the ring, as she then bounces off of the ropes and hits a Suicide Dive! Becky Lynch has just taken out The Queendom! And now, Emma slides into the ring, as the two staredown, and now they begin to slug it out! Emma goes for a Tiger Bomb Backbreaker, one of her key moves, but Becky Lynch reverses out, hitting an Armdrag, followed by another before Lynch hits a dropkick intot he corner, and Lynch cocks her gun up, before hitting the mat and running at Emma for a Forearm.... NO! REVERSED! EMMA REVERSED IT! OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THIS?!?

    Emma with an Air-Raid Crash Neckbreaker to Becky Lynch! Michael Cole notes on commentary: "Emma's been discussing using this move, she calls it Endgame!", as Emma, grabbing her shoulder, crawls into the cover on Becky Lynch, the referee sliding down into the cover: One... Two... THREE! EMMA HAS DONE IT! Despite all of the odds, despite being The Underdog, Emma is the new RAW Women's Champion!
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Endgame) @ 16:56, and NEW RAW Women's Champion, Emma!
    Emma is handed the belt as she falls to the mat, overcome with emotion as she's finally won the championship. Emma holds the belt up, as she now stands tall, in the ring by herself, having climbed the top of the women's division. From injury to injury, it all payed off in the end as Emma is the NEW RAW Women's Champion.
    And now, it's time for a SmackDown Match, as it'll be the men who just recently arrived to the WWE, the Cruiserweights of SmackDown. The current champion, Cedric Alexander defends his title against Kota Ibushi & Apollo Crews, as now "Golden Star" hits and out comes "The Golden Star" himself, Kota Ibushi. The crowd takes in the presence of Ibushi, as he gets into the ring and now awaits his opponents.
    "Won't Let Go" begins to play as the Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander steps out onto the stage with his title on his waist. He unstraps it, hoisting it up, before... APOLLO CREWS FLOORS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM BEHIND! Crews now picks up Cedric Alexander, putting him on his shoulders as Ibushi awaits the two in the ring.
    Apollo Crews tries to drop Cedric Alexander onto the steel steps, but Cedric Alexander reverses, landing on the apron before getting into the ring, telling Apollo Crews to come on, as Kota Ibushi stares on, smiling.

    Cruiserweight Championship
    Cedric Alexander vs Kota Ibushi vs Apollo Crews
    As the match began, Kota Ibushi would watch on as Apollo Crews and Cedric Alexander battled it out, as Alexander immediately hit a suicide dive onto Apollo Crews and began swinging on The One Man Nation, but Crews would quickly use his power to drive Alexander into the barricade before picking him up and slamming him into the barricade. Kota Ibushi would get bored of waiting around and join the fight with a Brutal Roundhouse Kick to the gut of Apollo Crews before following it up with a kick to the face, followed by him tossing Crews back into the ring. Kota Ibushi would begin to fire off quick strikes, before jumping into the air and elbowing Apollo Crews in the head, knocking him down, and Ibushi would turn around... into a Springboard Clothesline from Cedric Alexander! Alexander crawls into the cover.... One... Two... No! Kota Ibushi kicks out, and now it's Crews on the attack, as he hits Alexander in the head from behind as he now looks to limit the high power offense, now pushing him into the corner as he runs at Cedric Alexander... ENZUGIRI TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! The impact on Cedric  Alexander sends him flying out of the ring, as Apollo crews now turns his attention to Kota Ibushi... AND HITS THE DANGAN POWERBOMB!

    Apollo Crews into the cover: One.. Two... NO! Kota Ibushi kicked out! Somehow, someway, Kota Ibushi kicked out of the Dangan Powerbomb! Apollo Crews grabs the referee by his shirt, yelling at him as he now wonders out loud how Ibushi kicked out, before he tells the referee to count faster and he's caught with a Springboard Dropkick by Cedric Alexander, then an armdrag and a seated dropkick! Alexander gets fired up as the crowd begins to buzz, cheering him on as he now sets Apollo Crews up for it... turning him around... LUMBAR CHECK! But Cedric Alexander clutches his knee, and Apollo Crews, being a veteran of the business, rolls out of the ring, not allowing Cedric Alexander to pin him! Cedric calls to the the bottom rope, looking at Apollo Crews as he looks on, completely devastated, and then Ibushi stands up, looking on, fierce at Cedric Alexander as Cedric Alexander doesn't realize.... ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO CEDRIC ALEXANDER! Standing Moonsault to The Lumbar Legacy, and now he signals for it, picking him up, and putting him under his legs... NO! 

    CEDRIC ALEXANDER SLIDES UNDER HIS LEGS, PUSHING KOTA IBUSHI OFF OF THE ROPES AND HITTING A HUGE MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cedric into the cover: One... Two.... NO! Kota kicked out, and now Cedric gets wide-eyed, wondering what he has to do to keep the Cruiserweight Championship around his waist... Now Cedric Alexander gets to his feet, holding his sternum in pain as he motions Ibushi up, trying to once again hit a Lumbar Check after connecting on it on Apollo Crews earlier in the match... but Ibushi reversed out, before Kota Ibushi went for another kick, but Alexander caught his leg before spinning around and connecting with a huge, thunderous Back Elbow, that knocks Ibushi down onto his back! Cedric Alexander now climbs the top rope, going for a Diving Double Foot Stomp... NO! KOTA IBUSHI MOVES! Kota Ibushi goes for a Spinning Heel Kick... NO! Ducked by Alexander but Ibushi hooks the waist and hits a German Suplex! NOW KOTA IBUSHI FOLLOWS IT UP... ROUNDHOUSE KICK! AND NOW KOTA IBUSHI SIGNALS FOR IT.... GOLDEN STAR POWERBOMB!

    Ibushi bridges into the cover: One... Two... THRE-NO! APOLLO CREWS BREAKS IT UP! Apollo Crews just saved the match for himself and Cedric Alexander, as now Apollo Crews hits an elbow to the back of the head! Apollo Crews now picks Kota Ibushi up, and puts him into a Gorilla Press position... AND DROPS HIM DOWN! Apollo Crews points down at Kota Ibushi... STANDING MOONSAULT! Apollo Crews says this is the end for Kota Ibushi... as he picks him up, turning him around... DANGAN POWERBOMB! Apollo Crews now grabs Kota Ibushi up again, putting him under his legs, as he lifts him up... POWERBOMB! And Crews doesn't let go! Crews lifts him up... ANOTHER POWERBOMB! 3 Powerbombs in a row! Apollo Crews has a vicious look in his eyes as he now looks down at Kota Ibushi, as he lifts Ibushi back up, clotheslining him down to the back as he now lifts him up, Kota Ibushi's body nearly lifeless, as he goes for another Dangan Powerbomb... NO! OH MY GOD! LUMBAR CHECK TO APOLLO CREWS! And Kota Ibushi falls down onto the knees of Crews, injuring his sternum even more as Cedric Alexander crawls into the cover on Apollo Crews: One... Two... THREE! Cedric Alexander has done it! He's retained!
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Lumbar Check) @ 18:27, and STILL Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander!
    As Apollo Crews rolls out of the ring, Cedric Alexander is given the Cruiserweight Championship with a smile coming over his face. Cedric Alexander holds the title in one hand, as Kota Ibushi stands face-to-face with him, before... Ibushi offers his hand, and the two shake hands, with Ibushi raising Alexander's hand. Tonight, Alexander was victorious, but could we be in for more battles between these three in the Cruiserweight Division, but for now, Cedric Alexander remains champion...
    And now, Michael Cole tells his with a somber tone that now, we move onto the Last Man Standing Match... "The Lunatic" Dean Ambrose vs "The Olympic Gold-Medalist" Kurt Angle. After the video packages finishes playing, the commentators hype up this is the first time we will see Kurt Angle since their match on July 25th...
    "Breaking Point" by Digital Summer plays, as The Lunatic, Dean Ambrose now makes his way out onto the stage, the usual snarl of Ambrose in full effect, as Ambrose looks meaner than ever tonight, donning a black tanktop, along with newly worn black jeans and black handtape. Ambrose is ready for a battle tonight, and he knows he's about to go to war with Kurt Angle... again. Ambrose grabs kendo sticks, chairs, and even a table as he throws the Kendo Sticks and Chairs into the ring as he now gets in himself, awaiting Kurt Angle...
    "Medal" hits, as the crowd goes absolutely beserk for Angle, as he finally steps out after a few seconds of waiting, donning MMA-like shorts, wristtape, handtape, knee pads, tape that covers his ribs and shoulders [from 7/25] and boots as he walks down to the ring. No singlet for Kurt Angle, as he knows that tonight is a war. Angle gets into the ring, face-to-face with Ambrose as the bell now rings.

    Last Man Standing Match
    Dean Ambrose vs Kurt Angle
    Angle and Ambrose each pick up chairs, as they begin swinging at each other immediately, Angle taking the upperhand as he now hits the chair out of Ambrose's hand before smacking Ambrose in the gut with the chair as he now begins to whack Ambrose's back before he grabs Ambrose, putting him in the corner as he continues to gutkick him over and over, before he grabs a steel chair, throwing it in front of himself as he hits a Dropkick onto Ambrose! Angle now drags Ambrose out of the ring, as he smashes his head off of the announce table, before Ambrose suddenly gets adrenaline, elbowing Kurt Angle in the head and smashing him into the steel steps! Ambrose now slides into the ring as Angle grabs his knee, bouncing off of the ropes...

     SUICIDE DIVE FROM DEAN AMBROSE TO KURT ANGLE! Dean Ambrose now grabs Kurt Angle, continuing to unload right punches, as Kurt Angle stumbles back on each one before Ambrose lifts Angle up... AND SLAMS HIM ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! But it doesn't break! Ambrose looks pissed off as he tells Cole, Graves, and Saxton to move as he gets on top of the barricade, running... AND HITTING AN ELBOW DROP TO THE HEART OF KURT ANGLE! The announce table once again doesn't break! Dean Ambrose hits the announce table with his hands, as he once again tells the people to clear out of the way as he grabs a montior, smashing it onto the head of Kurt Angle as Angle is back on his back, as Ambrose grabs a Ladder! Ambrose sets the ladder up right in front of the announce table, as he now climbs the other side, now standing 20 feet above the announce table as he points down at Kurt Angle, crossing his chest before he JUMPS OFF... NO! ANGLE MOVED! Ambrose just crashed 20 feet through an announce table! And now, Kurt Angle climbs the ladder, leaning on it for support as Angle now lifts Ambrose onto the apron as he slides him into the ring. Angle now picks up Ambrose, going for an Angle Slam... No! Ambrose reversed! DIRTY DEEDS!

    Ambrose commands the referee to count, as he begins: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... NO! Kurt Angle gets back to his feet as Ambrose now goes on the attack, hitting him with multiple punches before Ambrose begins to set up the chairs, all in sitting position as Angle now pushes Ambrose into the table set up nearby, knocking it over as Kurt Angle now runs over to Ambrose, hitting a Belly-To-Belly on Ambrose as Ambrose is now the one reeling... and Angle now sets up for the Angle Slam on the chairs... NO! Ambrose reverses... LOWBLOW! OH MY GOD! Angle falls to his knees, as Ambrose gets him up, putting him in Suplex position...

    AND HITS IT ONTO THE CHAIRS! Kurt Angle's body has to be severely injured, and now Dean Ambrose looks in a prime position... But Angle climbs the ropes, getting to his feet as he holds onto the ropes, looking at Dean Ambrose before telling Ambrose to "bring it"... AND AMBROSE MISSES A CLOTHESLINE, GERMAN SUPLEX ONTO THE STEEL CHAIRS FROM KURT ANGLE! Kurt Angle now grabs a Kendo Stick, as he waits, waiting for Dean Ambrose to get back to his feet.... and Ambrose is smacked with a Kendo Stick, as he continues to do it, over and over again. Kurt Angle now drops the Kendo Stick, looking at the body of Dean Ambrose as he picks  Ambrose up, and now tears his tanktop off of Ambrose, before headbutting Ambrose, busting The Lunatic open as he now drops him down with another headbutt, before climbing the top rope... MOONSAULT! Kurt Angle hangs on the middle rope, just barely able to stand on his own two feet as the referee counts: 1.... 2.... 3.... 4.... 5.... 6.... 7.... BUT AMBROSE PULLS HIMSELF OUT OF THE RING! What a smart move by Dean Ambrose! Ambrose now holds onto the ladder, as Angle chases, completely pissed as he tips over the ladder and roars off a huge European Uppercut, before he throws Ambrose into the steel steps, trying for an Angle Slam onto the Spanish Announce Table... AND IT CONNECTS! AMBROSE IS SENT THROUGH THE SECOND ANNOUNCE TABLE! 

    Both men are down, as it's obvious both men have gone through a grueling encounter tonight. Kurt Angle now gets to his feet, at the 6 count as it seems like Kurt Angle will pick up the victory... NO! AMBROSE GETS UP AT 9! AMBROSE SOMEHOW STUMBLED TO HIS FEET AND NOW FALLS BACK DOWN, BUT HE DID IT! He beat the count! Angle now looks on, shocked as he picks Ambrose up, putting him in the ring once again, as he grabs a piece of wood from under the ring, placing it on the top rope as he shows us throwback from KOTR '01! Kurt Angle now puts Ambrose on the top rope, as he now sets up the table right below it... but Ambrose kicks Angle off, putting him on the table! Ambrose now looks down at Angle, before jumping off... ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE TABLE! Ambrose wastes no time, sliding out of the ring as he now grabs the Steel Steps, putting them into the ring as he now picks up Angle, who is now bleeding, and he slashes his throat before kicking Angle in the gut... DIRTY DEEDS ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! Kurt Angle now lays there, in a heap of blood, presumbly knocked out, as the referee counts: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10. Dean Ambrose is declared the victor, as the referee raises his hand.
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Dirty Deeds onto Steel Steps) @ 13:28, and the LAST MAN STANDING, Dean Ambrose!
    Dean Ambrose's hand is raised, as Kurt Angle slowly gets to his feet, and the two stare off. With blood pouring from both men, the crowd cheers both for their efforts as Kurt Angle now offers his hand to Dean Ambrose, who accepts... BEFORE GUTKICKING ANGLE AND HITTING DIRTY DEEDS!
    The crowd erupts in boos as Ambrose smirks, putting his boot on Angle as a sign of dominance. Ambrose runs the Asylum now, and he's beating it into the skull of everyone, that includes Angle.
    After a grueling affair between The Lunatic, Dean Ambrose, and The Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. Dean Ambrose would prevail after a Dirty Deeds onto the steel steps, keeping Kurt Angle down for the 10 count. And now, we move onto one of the biggest matches of the night... The World Heavyweight Championship Match, between The Professional, Cesaro, and The Man of 1000 Truths, Bray Wyatt, and this has been a brewing conflict ever since Bray Wyatt used Randy Orton to help him retain the championship at Vengeance. And now, they face off tonight... "Swiss Made" blasts throughout the arena, as "The Professional" Cesaro, steps out, wearing a suit as he rips it off, revealing a gold and black themed attire as he walks down the ramp, getting into the ring as he now awaits his opponent...
    "Expotential Decay" plays throughout the building, as the lights dim down, and "The Man of 1000 Truths" Bray Wyatt walks out to the stage, the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist as he walks down the ramp with his lantern in hand, setting it down before the lights now pop up in the arena, as he removes his jacket and unstraps the World Heavyweight Championship, getting into the ring, as the ring announcer announces the match before the bell rings.

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Bray Wyatt(c) vs Cesaro
    As the bell rang, the two came out swinging as Wyatt quickly got Cesaro into the corner,  hitting him with multiple kicks to the gut, as Cesaro was forced into a seating position, before Wyatt would drive his knee into him, holding it there until a 4 count in which the referee would pull him off. Bray Wyatt would then bounce off of the ropes, booting Cesaro out of the ring as he spreads his arms, letting the crowd boo their heads off before Cesaro slides back into the ring, hitting Wyatt with a huge Uppercut, followed by another one before Cesaro hits a Snap Suplex, bouncing off of the ropes before hitting a Double Foot Stomp to the sternum! Cesaro into the cover: One.. Tw-No! Wyatt kicks out with ease at two, as Cesaro now begins to pummel Wyatt with right hands before Wyatt elbows him in the throat, and Cesaro bounces off of the ropes...

    Bray Wyatt now begins to use rest holds on the leg of Cesaro, trying to punish his leg, and limit the high octane offense we're so used to seeing from Cesaro, and now Bray Wyatt grabs his leg, before dropping it into the mat and stomping it onto the mat! Bray Wyatt now picks up Cesaro, kicking him in the knee before hitting a huge Fisherman's Suplex, hooking the injured leg: One... Two... No! Cesaro somehow kicked out! Bray Wyatt now grab Cesaro, bringing him over to the middle rope, as he now puts Cesaro's leg on it, before she gets onto the middle rope... AND JUMPS OFF, HITTING A SENTON BOMB ONTO THE LEG OF CESARO! Cesaro grasps the leg, as Wyatt climbs the middle rope, smiling at the crowd as he does so, and now he turns the attack back to Cesaro, as he picks up the Swiss Superman, chucking him over the top rope with ease as he now exits the ring, but Cesaro catches him with an European Uppercut before he now begins to hit them over and over again, forcing Wyatt into the barricade before backing up... AND HITTING IT!

    Both Cesaro & Bray Wyatt crash over the barricade, as Cesaro is the first to his feet and he now gets Bray Wyatt up on his shoulders, trying to get him back into the ring as he does, before getting onto the apron himself and climbing the top rope, looking for a Crossbody.... Which he connects on! Cesaro now with a burst of energy, as he looks to finally capture the title he has wanted for so long in the WWE, and now he has that opportunity tonight! Cesaro, realizing Wyatt's weakness is his head right now, begins to punch Wyatt's head over and over, before he stomps on it for good impact, picking him up once again before beginning to hit multiple uppercuts... One... Two... Three... Four... Five... Six, and Wyatt folds onto his knees, and now Cesaro follows it up with a huge Running Knee to the face! Cesaro now grasps Wyatt's legs, trying for the Cesaro Swing... No! Blocked by Wyatt, who flips Cesaro over before connecting on a huge Running Crossbody!

    Wyatt is now back in control of the match, as Cesaro now begins to once again feel the effects of the leg pain after the sudden adrenaline rush, with Wyatt stomping on the leg before picking Cesaro up to go for a Uranage... No! Reversed into a DDT from Cesaro! And now both men are down as the crowd begins to buzz at the unexpected fight from Cesaro! Cesaro now climbs to his feet, holding his knee as he runs at Wyatt, hitting a huge Uppercut to Wyatt as he now picks Wyatt up onto his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry position... before dropping him down into an Uppercut! Cesaro now covers Bray Wyatt once again: One.. Two... No! Bray Wyatt kicks out! Cesaro now drags Bray Wyatt to the apron, as he now picks him up from inside the ring, and now puts him in suplex position... AND CONNECTS ON IT!

    WHAT STRENGTH BY CESARO! Cesaro now goes over, setting it up... AND LOCKS IN THE SHARPSHOOTER ON BRAY WYATT! Cesaro has the Sharpshooter locked in, as Wyatt struggles in pain! Could we be seeing Bray Wyatt tap out tonight and lose the World Heavyweight Championship? Could Cesaro get his moment at SummerSlam? And now, Wyatt begins to stratch and crawl, forcing his way to the bottom rope, as the fans boo, and Wyatt reaches out and snatches the rope, breaking the hold. Cesaro looks on, devastated as he now grabs Bray Wyatt up, going for the Netrualizer.... AND CONNECTING! CESARO DROPS DOWN INTO THE COVER TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP... ONE... TWO... THRE-NO! WYATT KICKED OUT! Just inches away from the referee's hand hitting three, he kicked out! Cesaro now looks more frustrated than ever, as he picks the lifeless Bray Wyatt up, putting him in the corner as Cesaro clutches the knee, before he runs at the opposite turnbuckle, bouncing off and going for an Uppercut... No! Cesaro's leg gave out! Bray Wyatt captializes! SISTER ABIGAIL!

    Bray Wyatt slithers into the cover, as the referee slides into viewpoint, making the count: One.. Two... Three. Bray Wyatt retains the World Heavyweight Championship.
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Sister Abigail) @ 25:27, and STILL World Heavyweight Champion, Bray Wyatt!
    Wyatt is handed the championship, as he leaves the ring, posing at the top of the stage with the title in hand as Cesaro is shown in the ring, his face in his hands as he realizes how close he was, how close he was to climbing the top of the mountain, yet something got in his way.
    As Cesaro's music hits, he is given a standing ovation from the crowd as he walks down to the back, the fans disappointed that he has lost, while Cesaro takes a final bow at the stage, before limping backstage as SummerSlam goes to commercial.
    This is the end of Part 1, return for Part 2 which includes:
    - Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho in a Brand Warfare Match
    - Gallows & Anderson vs Enzo & Cass for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships
    - Zayn vs Balor vs Ziggler vs Dillinger vs Strowman vs Ciampa for the US Championship
    - The return of The Undertaker
    - AJ Styles vs John Cena vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship
    Predictions Results (so far):
    Nate: 2/8
    FDS: 2/8
    Bailey: 3/8
    Bizzy: 3/8
    Ark: 3/8
    Karico: 3/8
    BiC: 3/8
    Angelo Caito: 3/8
    Summer: 4/8
    Prince: 4/8
    Elliot: 4/8
    Josh: 5/8
    Flynn: 5/8
    Ross: 6/8
    Smith: 6/8
    I'd like to say good work to Ross & Smith, but also glad my show seems to be unpredictable.
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    Karico reacted to Angelo in Rags To Riches Story: Life In BrendenPlayz   
    A horrendous defeat by Ginge lead Brad to a dark place, before a line shines so bright. The European Championship. It called his name he said and will stop at nothing to get the title. But at that time is when he became a different man. He became the biggest Asshole back stage. He trashed on members and told them they suck and all that. That they were useless to him. And that affects relationships with the superstars. One person who stood up to Brad was up and comer, Flynn. The two traded shots back and forth on many occasions.  Flynn: Give up Brad. You will lose.
    Brad: Says the man who did what I already achieved.
    Shots after shots lead up to a multi man altercation with The Authority's Bailey, Brad, and newest member Ginge against Flynn and Kersey. While Ginge and Bailey handled Kersey, Brad and Flynn battled again. 
    Brad was angry he failed. So the next night he made a open challenge for the title, which Flynn accepted when Brad said "i lose I leave". 
    Match: Flynn nails a Package Piledriver. But he doesn't let go. He lifts Brad and hits another Piledriver. One Two Three. Brads Career.... Is Over. 
    Brad stands in the ring and waves goodbye to everyone. He exits the ring and for the first time in months, he gives the fans high fives as he leaves the building. 

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    Karico got a reaction from Slim in #BrandWarfare   
    Sumerslam Predictions:
    AJ Styles vs John Cena vs Roman Reigns
    Bray Wyatt vs Cesaro
    Brock Lesnar vs Rusev
    Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella vs Sasha Banks and Bayley
    The Club vs SAWFT
    Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens
    Neville vs The Miz
    Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Emma
    Vaudevillains vs American Alpha
    Dean Ambrose vs Kurt Angle 
    Zayn vs Balor vs Ciampa vs Strowman vs Ziggler vs Dillinger
    Cedric Alexander vs Apollo Crews vs Kota Ibushi
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    Karico reacted to Slim in #BrandWarfare   
    SmackDown LIVE: August 16th, 2016 - Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX "Take A Chance" plays throughout the arena as the crowd here in Austin, Texas is shown the superstars of SmackDown LIVE. The cameras pan around the crowd and show the 16,734 strong in the WWE Universe, a sold out building just 5 days away from SummerSlam. Mauro Ranallo, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Renee Young welcome us to SmackDown...
    "Bad Man" hits, as "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns makes his way out to the ring. Reigns has a swagger about him tonight that can been seen by all of the WWE Universe, as he walks down and gets into the ring. Not a single word has been spoke by Roman Reigns since his return on July 26th, as he now has an attitude that seemingly lets words speak for themselves.
    Roman Reigns grabs a microphone as a 75-25 boos/cheers split is heard from the WWE Universe. The Universe seemingly hates Roman while there is a portion of fans who like The Big Dog. Reigns waits until they stop before finally speaking.
    Roman Reigns: Listen.. You can boo me, you can cheer me, you can hate me, you can love me. I don't care what it is, despite your opinion of me, or your reaction to me, I'm still the Big Dog, and this is still MY YARD. My goal, is to be at the top, and I've been there once, I had no intention of leaving.
    But due to unfortunate actions, it seems I had to. My suspension, I did a lot of reflecting, it was time to stop embracing you guys, boo me, cheer me, I don't care. I'm here to be the top guy and I will, whether you like it or not. AJ Styles, John Cena.
    The last 2 weeks have been warning shots. At SummerSlam, you get the full gun.
    Reigns drops the microphone, exiting the ring as he walks up the ramp. Roman Reigns is on a mission, and he's not stopping until it's complete.
    "Ten" by CFO$ would hit, as "The Perfect Ten" Tye Dillinger would make his way out to the ring. Dillinger walks down the ramp, doing his "TEN" chant as he gets into the ring, Dillinger naturally becoming a favorite with the SmackDown crowds as of late. Dillinger awaits his opponent, as he bounces off of the ropes, as that certain music hits....
    "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman makes his way out to the ring, as he gets into the ring, staring down Tye Dillinger. Strowman has become of the premier breakout stars on SmackDown LIVE as he dispatched former Intercontinental Champion, Ryback in short time and send him packing. Strowman looks to continue his momentum tonight, and at SummerSlam this Sunday...
    Braun Strowman vs Tye Dillinger
    As the match started, Dillinger ran at Strowman with forearms and forearms, but Strowman easily overpowered him and sent him flying across the ring. Strowman would run across the ring, but Dillinger would dodge, sending him into the turnbuckle before jumping onto Strowman and locking in a Sleeper Hold, trying to make The Monster fade! Strowman would stumble around in the ring, before finally pulling Dillinger over his shoulder and slamming him down on the mat with a huge BAM! Strowman would control the match, just playing with Dillinger.
    In the end, Dillinger would fire off a huge Superkick, knocking Strowman down to a knee as Dillinger got the crowd riled up with "TEN" chants, as Strowman got to his feet... AND DILLINGER SOMEHOW GOT STROWMAN ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! Dillinger tried to drop him down, but couldn't, and Strowman crushed him! Strowman immediately got to his feet...
    As he picked Dillinger up, getting him in position for a Running Powerslam... and connected! Strowman covered: 1... 2... 3! Strowman wins! Strowman's record of beating undefeated since the Brand Split started once again delivers.
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Running Powerslam) @ 9:37, "The Monster Among Men", Braun Strowman!
    Braun Strowman's hand is raised, as he is the winner, and picks up huge momentum going into this Sunday... before "Chrome Hearts" hits, as "The Psycho Killer" Tommaso Ciampa makes his way out to the ring, running out and sliding into the ring as he runs at Strowman, getting him down to his knees with two knee strikes! But wait! Ziggler! Where did he come from?! Superkick to Ciampa!

    Ziggler just superkicked Ciampa, as now Strowman from behind again! Strowman picks up Ziggler, planting him down with a Running Powerslam as Braun Strowman has once again laid out all the competition! "Worlds Apart" plays, as "The Underdog from The Underground" Sami Zayn makes his way out to the ring, staring down with Strowman as Sami Zayn fires the first punch! Zayn on the attack with brutal strikes on Strowman, but Strowman fights him off, grabbing his neck by the throat and slamming him back down onto the canvas! Strowman has just laid out the US Champion!

    Braun Strowman has stood tall, just five days away from his first championship match in his creer. Can Strowman outlast five other men and walk out as United States Champion?
    Backstage, David Otunga is with "The Wicked Witch of SmackDown LIVE", Alexa Bliss. Otunga asks Bliss how she feels heading into tonight's match against Nikki Bella, and how she has the opportunity to become the SmackDown Women's Champion at SummerSlam. Alexa Bliss asks if Otunga said opportunity, and Otunga nods, and Alexa Bliss laughs before saying she WILL become SmackDown Women's Champion at SummerSlam. Otunga goes to ask another question but Alexa Bliss stops him before walking off.
    "Spiteful" by CFO$ hits, as the woman we just saw get interviewed, "The Wicked Witch", Alexa Bliss makes her way out to the stage. Alexa Bliss gets into the ring, as she now awaits her opponent, as the music hits over the speakers. "The Fearless One", Nikki Bella makes her way out to the stage, doing a little shake before hurrying down into the ring and staring down with Alexa. These two will be partners on Sunday, but tonight they are opponents.
    Nikki Bella vs Alexa Bliss
    Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella would lock up, as Alexa Bliss took Nikki Bella into a headlock before reversing her over onto her back and leg dropping her arm! Bliss was obviously trying to take advantage of the arm, as Nikki Bella has been posting on Social Media about how it has been bothering her. Alexa Bliss would control the match, slowling it down to keep Nikki Bella under control.
    But as Bliss eventually went for the Insult 2 Injury, Nikki Bella got the knees up and went for her signature Alabama Slam... and connected! Bliss' head slammed off of the canvas, as Nikki Bella got her up, going for the Rack Attack 2.0, but Bliss slipped off of her shoulders, turning her around and dropping her down with a Snap DDT! Alexa Bliss covered: 1... 2... 3! Alexa Bliss picks up the win, and some huge momentum going into SummerSlam this Sunday.
    Your Winner Via Pinfall (Snap DDT) @ 8:48, "The Wicked Witch", Alexa Bliss!
    This was a message to the two women who aren't here tonight, Sasha Banks and Bayley. Alexa Bliss has no problem fighting her partner, and she has no problem hurting her opponents. Alexa Bliss believes she is ready to be SmackDown Women's Champion... Can she deliver?
    "Fight" by CFO$ hits, as the man who will represent SmackDown LIVE this Sunday at SummerSlam, "The Prizefighter", Kevin Owens... makes his way out to the stage, the crowd booing him as Owens has become a natural villain with the crowd despite his long indy experience.
    Kevin Owens walks down to the ring, getting in as he grabs a microphone from the timekeeper. Owens is given the microphone as he smirks before talking.
    Kevin Owens: Chris Jericho... is nothing. He doesn't deserve to be mentioned by me, but unfortunately, to get what I was promised by this stupid brand, I must go in and face Chris Jericho... and beat him at SummerSlam. I only fight for Prizes, hence, why I'm called a Prizefighter.
    So when I beat Chris Jericho, Shane McMahon. I want AJ Styles, I want Roman Reigns, I want John Cena. I want whoever is the WWE Champion, in a match, for their title. What do you say Shane?
    No music is played, as no one comes out. KO looks a little pissed off, before he begins to speak again.
    Ok Shane, whatever pleases you. On Sunday, don't be surprised if you have to come down to the ring with Stephanie to pull me off Chris Jericho. Then, maybe you'll think about giving me a title shot.
    Owens leaves the ring, visibly pissed off and frustrated with the SmackDown LIVE Authority.
    We are shown the commentary team, as they show us a clip from before the show, showing Breezango getting ready for tonight when The Usos come up, challenging them to a match tonight. Breezango accepts as The Usos talk-trash before leaving.
    A video hyping the current Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander plays, as his rise to the top of the Cruiserweights is shown, highlighting the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic, ending with Cedric, Mauro, and Daniel in the ring, the Cruiserweight Championship secured for SmackDown. The rest of the video shows Alexander's defeats and status quo of Cruiserweight Champion, as it cuts saying he will be the one to win at SummerSlam.
    "Breezango" plays, as the team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango come out. As a team not always featured on SmackDown, this is an opportunity for Breeze & 'Dango to showcase what they have against former Tag Team Champions in The Usos. Breezango waits for The Usos, going over strategy as they know that this is their chance to shine.
    "Done With That" hits, as Jimmy and Jey, The Usos, make their way out to the ring. The Usos walk out, doing their taunts to the crowd, and even some to Breeezango. The Usos get into the ring, as they immediately attack Breezango, starting the match!
    The Usos vs Breezango
    Jimmy Uso takes Fandango out of the ring, as Jey Uso continues to beat down Tyler Breeze inside of the ring. Jey Uso hits a huge Samoan Drop on Tyler Breeze, as Breeze is down and out, and Jey Uso bounces off of the ropes and hits a huge Knee Drop, before tagging in Jimmy, who took care of Fandango with a Superkick, and locking in the Tequilla Sunrise! Jimmy Uso, meanwhile, jumps off of the top rope and executes a splash onto Breeze's knee! Breeze is forced to tap as the referee rings the bell and gets The Usos out of there, making sure Tyler is okay.
    Your Winners Via Submission (Tequilla Sunrise) @ 3:01, The Usos!
    Next, a video hyping the man who just recently joined the Cruiserweights, "The One Man Nation" Apollo Crews would play. Similar to Cedric Alexander's, it would hype what Crews has done outside of WWE, tell us his strategy going into SummerSlam and end with him saying he'll walk out Cruiserweight Champion.
    "Devastate" played, as "The Duke of Dab" TJ Perkins made his way out to the ring, readying for a Cruiserweight Match against his friend, "The Outlandish" Rich Swann. Swann and Perkins shook hands before the match, obviously having a mutal respect for one another.
    Rich Swann vs TJ Perkins
    Rich Swann and TJ Perkins would lock up as Swann immediately broke the hold and caught Perkins with a gut kick before bouncing him off of the ropes, into a dropkick! TJ Perkins would get up and go for a dropkick of his own, but Rich Swann blocked, catching the legs of Perkins as Swann dropped him down, hitting a huge Fist Drop before executing a huge Standing 450 Splash! Rich Swann would line up for the Spinning Heel Kick... But The Ascension entered the fray, taking out both men with separate attacks!
    NO CONTEST @ 4:46
    The two men that The Ascension defeated at Unforgiven, and now they're attacking them again! The Ascension throw Swann out of the ring after Viktor hit a Tiger Bomb on him, and now... TOTAL ELIMINATION TO TJ PERKINS! The Ascension once again have struck, and it's even worse than before now.
    The last video for the three men in the Cruiserweight Championship Match this Sunday played, as "The Golden Star" Kota Ibushi was shown. His time in New Japan Pro Wrestling is storied, as is his impactful strikes that could knock anyone's lights out. It shows Ibushi winning championships across the world before it once again ends with him saying he will be the next Cruiserweight Champion.
    And now, it was main event time as "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns and "The Franchise" John Cena team up to take on "The Face That Runs The Place" AJ Styles, and "The Ace" Finn Balor. "Omen In The Sky" played, as the whole Club consisting of Styles, Balor, and the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Gallows & Anderson made their way out. The Club walked down with swagger, knowing that SmackDown LIVE is their show, and that no one, not even Shane McMahon or Daniel Bryan, can stop them.
    "Bad Man" hit first, as "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns walked out to a huge reaction, mostly boos as the former WWE Champion kicked off the show, saying he had one goal - be, and stay at the top. Reigns gets into the ring, not fearing The Club whatsoever as then the music of The Franchise hits...
    As John Cena steps out, donning his usual blue and red attire as he takes a towel out of his back pocket, raising it for the auidence to see, before running down the ramp, throwing it into the crowd as Cena slides into the ring, raising his arms into the air before talking to Reigns, and they agree to let Cena start the match out.
    Finn Balor & AJ Styles w/ Gallows and Anderson vs Roman Reigns & John Cena
    Balor would be the one to start things out for The Club, as he and Cena locked up, before Balor would use his superior technical wrestling abilities to get Cena on the ground. Cena would eventually fight out, elbowing Balor in the gut before firing off a few head punches and knocking him down with a Clothesline, before tagging in Roman Reigns. Reigns would come in, hitting a huge Shoulder Tackle on Finn Balor before picking him up, placing him in the corner and beginning to hit numberous clotheslines on him! Over, and over, before he pulls him out of the corner and hits a huge one, knocking Finn Balor inside out!
    Roman Reigns would stare right at AJ Styles, who would taunt and yell at Reigns, as Roman's beating of Finn was a clear message to both Cena & Styles, and now Reigns bounces him off of the ropes... NO! Reigns was going for a Samoan Drop, but Finn Balor reverses into a Sling Blade! Finn Balor now lines himself up in the other corner, as he runs at him... DROPKICK TO REIGNS INTO THE CORNER! Finn Balor now tags in AJ Styles, as AJ springboards in... SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH TO ROMAN REIGNS!
    AJ Styles cockily goes into the cover, and as John Cena tries to get into the ring, Gallows and Anderson get into the ring, pulling him down onto the floor as the referee goes into the cover: 1... 2... NO! Roman Reigns kicks out at 2, keeping the match alive but Cena is getting beat down by Gallows & Anderson, and the referee is turned the other way...
    Enzo & Cass are here! Enzo and Cass run down, taking Gallows and Anderson off Cena and the brawl begins! Enzo Amore and Karl Anderson go at it, while Luke Gallows and Big Cass are at each other's throats, and Big Cass takes out Gallows with a Big Boot, before grabbing Enzo and launching him onto Karl Anderson! Big Cass & Enzo Amore have taken out their opponents this Sunday at SummerSlam! Meanwhile, in the ring, Roman Reigns cocks his fist, planting it into the ground as he looks for a Superman Punch.... NO! Balor caught him on his shoulders, going for the GTS... AND HE MISSES! ROMAN CAUGHT HIS KNEE! Roman pushes Balor back.... SUPERMAN PUNCH!
    Roman just knocked Balor on his ass as Balor scrambles for the tag, and gets it to AJ! Roman tags John Cena back in, as Cena comes in, hitting two shoulder blocks on AJ before dropping him down with a Spin Out Powerbomb! Cena raises his hand in the air, bouncing off of the ropes BUT NO! Balor with a kick to the back of Cena's head, and now AJ Styles lifts him up on his shoulders... FIREMAN'S CARRY NECKBREAKER! Now AJ tells Finn to hit it, as he climbs the top rope, going for the Coup De Grace...
    NO! ROMAN REIGNS WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman Reigns just saved Cena! Why!? Balor falls down as AJ Styles hits a Pele Kick on Roman.... AND FROM BEHIND! JOHN CENA, CENA GETS AJ UP ON HIS SHOULDERS... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! John Cena covers: 1.... 2..... THREE! John Cena and Roman Reigns win! Cena just pinned Styles!
    Your Winners Via Pinfall (Attitude Adjustment) @ 24:56, Roman Reigns and John Cena!
    The two get their hands raised in the ring, as on Sunday they will be opponents... WAIT! CENA WITH AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TO ROMAN REIGNS! That has to be payback from a few weeks ago! When Roman speared Cena! And now, Cena scoops the belt off of the ground, raising it high in the air as SmackDown fades.... to.... black.


    WWE Championship: AJ Styles(c) vs John Cena vs Roman Reigns
    World Heavyweight Championship: Bray Wyatt(c) vs Cesaro

    Brock Lesnar vs Rusev
    SmackDown Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Bella vs Bayley & Sasha Banks(c)

    SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Gallows & Anderson(c) vs Enzo & Cass
    Brand Warfare: Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens

    Intercontinental Championship: Neville(c) vs The Miz (2/3 Falls)
    RAW Women's Championship: Charlotte(c) vs Becky Lynch vs Emma

    RAW Tag Team Championships: The Vaudevillains(c) vs American Alpha
    No Holds Barred: Dean Ambrose vs Kurt Angle

    United States Championship: Zayn vs Balor vs Ciampa vs Strowman vs Ziggler vs Dillinger
    Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander vs Apollo Crews vs Kota Ibushi
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    Karico reacted to Slim in The Official BPZ Brand Split Discussion   
    password is bpz
    The newest EVOLVE Intro Video, with the song being "DNA" by Kendrick Lamar. The superstars in are represented by:
    AJ Styles - Slim Aleister Black - @Smith Broken Matt Hardy - @Broken Nate Shawn Michaels - @God Akki Titus O'Neil - @Karico Pete Dunne - @Prince Gunner - @Angelo Caito Finn Balor - @Kersey Dean Ambrose - @Alyx Wilde Jeff Hardy - @Blade Cody Rhodes - @Prince Rhodes Eric Young - @Ross Seth Rollins - @Ropati
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    Karico reacted to Angelo in Rags To Riches Story: Life In BrendenPlayz   
    28 days as NXT Champion. And after a loss to the Worst NXT Champion of all the time In Purp, Brad moved on to the United States Championship. But sadly Brad was injured during the match at the payperview which caused him to be out of action for two months. In that time period, One Of The Kind defeated Apex to win the United States Championship. During the month we saw Brad go from a Nobody to a somebody.  Brad: Sheepy, I will beat you this Sunday and i will take the United States Championship.
    Sheepy:..... Over my dead body Brad. 
    The two traded verbal wars for a month, which got joined by the likes of Apex, Voice, and Arthur. 
    Payperview: Brad nails Attutide Adjustment on Sheepy and covers him. "One..two..three". Brad eliminated Sheepy and has his attention on Arthur. After minutes Of toying with Arthur to the crowds delight, Heel runs down and takes the ref out. He lows blows Brad and hits him with the Heel Bomb. He drags Arthur on top of Brad and leaves the ring. Bailey walks down and helps Heel to the back as a ref runs to the ring and Bailey turns around. "One..two..thre-". Brad kicks out to a pop from the crowd as Bailey nods his head. Aruthr lifts Brad up for a Stunner but Brad reverses into a Attutide Adjustment for the three. Brad lays on the mat covering his eyes as the crowd roars And Bailey nods before heading to the back. 

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    Karico got a reaction from BrendenPlayz in BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion   
    WWE Championship: Finn Balor
    Universal Championship: Goldberg 
    Money in the bank: Dolph Ziggler
    Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Orton and Rhyno 
    Raw Tag Team Championship: The Club 
    United States Championship: Austin Aries 
    Intercontinental Championship: Brawn Strowmen
    Womens Championship: Charlotte 
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    Karico reacted to Legendsorigin in WWE Dreams Universe   
    Week 4 | Month 2 | Year 10
    "Main Event" begins with General Manager JBL on commentary. He announces that he has added himself to the Intercontinental Championship Match later in the show.
    Carmella, Alexa Bliss, and Naomi are in the ring. Carmella explains that the Divas invaded "NXT" to prove a point. She goes on to say that she couldn't help but notice that somebody was missing during the invasion. She calls out the Diva's Champion. Without fear, Paige gets in the ring with the three women. Carmella tells her that even though she doesn't like Paige, there should be unity between them as Divas. The champ says the day that her and the other Divas unite will be the same day she loses the Diva's Championship, and that day will never come. Carmella tells Paige she needs to be taught a lesson and challenges her to a match...against Alexa Bliss. JBL calls for a referee as the match is on.
    Alexa Bliss w/Carmella & Naomi vs Paige
    The WWE Champion Vince McMahon is walking backstage with a grin on his face. He makes his way to the ring with Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. They point to JBL, who points back. Vince says he heard that Shane McMahon accepted the terms for their match at Survivor Series. He continues by saying he will be paying a visit to "NXT" to announce the members of his son's team. He tries to reveal the first member of his own team but is interrupted by
    Seth says he's flattered that Vince wants him on the team, but unfortunately, he's going to have to turn him down. Rollins reminds Vince that he still wants a shot at the WWE Championship, but if he has to wait for Shane to beat him for it first, he will. Stephanie chimes in and tells Seth he will never get a shot at the WWE Title as long as she is in charge. Vince does give Seth a match, but not against him for the title. Next week, it will be Seth Rollins vs the first member of Team Vince:
    The WWE Tag Team Champions Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson are interviewed about their impressive start in WWE Dreams. Dawson says they are the greatest tag team of all time. He says they dominated The Usos and American Alpha twice and are the WWE Tag Team Champions. Dash says there isn't a team alive today that can beat them. Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze approach the champs and tell them that they just passed Blake and Murphy and heard them say they think they're better than The Revival. Dawson asks where they can find Blake and Murphy and Dolph tells him. The Revival take off as Breeziggler are smiling.
    Sami Zayn vs Neville
    Baron Corbin debuts and attacks the two Superstars, hitting the End of Days on both.
    Backstage, a fight has broken out between The Revival and Blake & Murphy. JBL says he's loving this and books a match between the two teams next week.
    Los Matadores vs Rated RKO
    Randy Orton argues with Edge after the match because Edge nearly cost them the win when he wasn't available for a tag.
    Renee Young asks Sasha Banks why she was part of the invasion on "NXT" but wasn't out with Carmella and the others earlier. Banks says the Divas followed her to "NXT", not the other way around.
    Mankind is in the ring now to call out his partner Kane. Last week, Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze told Mankind that Kane doesn't care about him. Now Mankind just wants answers. Instead of Kane, however, Mankind gets
    Alberto says that not only does Kane not care about Mankind anymore, but none of the people do either. The only thing they care about is when he's going to cash in Money in the Bank. Del Rio then hits Mankind with the briefcase and applies the armbar on him. The stage explodes and that can only mean one thing: it's gotta be Kane! The Big Red Machine charges the ring and Alberto flees. Maybe Kane does care about Mankind after all.
    Intercontinental Championship
    JBL vs The Miz vs Intercontinental Champion Booker T
    WWE Champion Vince McMahon, Undertaker, Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, and General Manager and new Intercontinental Champion JBL stand side-by-side in the ring as the new Million Dollar Team just added more gold to their collection. Their party is crashed, however, by
    who springboards off the top rope and crashes onto The Undertaker. JBL picks up Seth but gets kicked in the head. Vince and Stephanie leave the ring in a rage as Seth Rollins stands tall.
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    Karico reacted to Prince in The Kayfabe Feud Database   

    Over the many years of wrestling we have had many memorable and damn right legendary feud. Who can not know about the Stone Cold vs The Rock? The two biggest icons of their time. Or Cm Punks and John Cena's many great matches during their feud. Over here on the forums, we have had many great feuds as well including the likes of Neece vs Tim. This is now the place where you can keep a database on the feuds you have had, when they happened, what happened and most importantly, who with. If this goes well we can be able to look back at this in a couple of months and find out where we came from and how much we have progressed. 
    Feud: Prince vs FDS, European Championship
    Event: Bad Blood 2016
    Storyline: After I beat him and won a championship for the time, the European Championship, FDS claimed that he never lost because I pinned Blade and not him (who was champion at the time). So he introduced his own version of the European Championship and we feuded over who was the real champion. Insults were exchanged, contracts were thrown and in the end...someone fell through a table. 
    Won or Lost: Won
    Extra Notes: It made me realize how fun Kayfabe could actually be when you have someone great to work with and FDS was just the person I needed to revamp my Kayfabe career. It was because of him we had such a great feud and I felt that our idea was really original and now I am loving!

    Feud: DocSarcastic vs. Karico; NXT Championship

    Event: Bad Blood 2016

    Storyline: My debut match against the former NXT Champion Karico. A shoot interview ended in Karico entering the match with some good momentum but prevailed to pick up my first title in my very first match. 

    Won or lost: Won

    Extra notes: I didn't realise I was champion until a week after Bad Blood, Karico congratulated me in the group chat and I spent an hour finding out what 18-0 meant.Turned out that 18/19 people voted for me to be the new champion

    Hopefully people will want to get really involved in this, it could be great but it means that I need your help. I can't go around checking everyone's feuds so keeping your own log below can really help me and I can put it onto the main post. Also another note, we have users who have been doing kayfabe for many years now. So obviously I don't want you to waste your time trying to look back at every single feud you did and when, so feel to write about the the one's that you remember and want to write about. 
    Let's make this thread great and a way to look back at your Kayfabe work over the next years to come!

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