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  1. It's been a long time since i've been here.. :buried

  2. Already pre ordered and paid in full for Black Ops 3, NHL 16 but i intend on buying wwe 2k16 soon for pre order. Not 100% sure on other games but i want to try some different games then the usual ones i get every year
  3. Damn, 100 bpz cash off from Stone Cold!

  4. I have ordered my Avermedia Live Game Capture HD! So excited!

    1. Sameer
    2. Taiter


      Yeah it does all the work so it takes some of the pressure off my CPU where as elgato USB one the CPU itself does all the video processing so now the internal capture card does it

  5. My new logo theme based off of my favorite NHL Team the New Jersey Devils. Pretty simple but i'm satisfied with out i pu the logo in it, also made a version for my phone haha
  6. Loving the double RP and Cash on the Final Heist on GTA Online!

    1. "The New" Mae

      "The New" Mae

      It was double RP weekend?

  7. Hmm apparently Battlefield Hardline Deluxe edition is 40 percent off right now on PS Store

  8. I may regret it but I ended up buying NHL 15 and WWE 2k15 for ps4, something else other then GTA to play for now

  9. Kind of feel like getting WWE 2k15 and NHL 15 on ps4 but on the other hand there not worth the money :(

  10. So excited for this job interview in the morning, this company is unreal to work for (bro works for em in another town)

    1. Sameer


      good luck !

  11. Now it's official; Minnesota plays Chicago Anaheim plays Calgary Montreal plays Tampa Bay New York Rangers plays Washington I'm going to have to pick Anaheim, Montreal, New York Rangers, for sure winning the series in my mind. I can see Tampa beating Montreal if Stamkos starts to play well and not take so many penalties. Now I am up in the air about Minnesota and Chicago, seeing as one of my favorite players is Jonathan Toews, I will be routing for the Blackhawks to win that one!
  12. Playing GTA 5 as much as possible lately. Loving it online on my PS4 with my buddies friends. Trying to complete as many heist challenges as possilbe etc. It so fun now online
  13. Nah he hasn't returned since he left half way through period 2 of game 2. He is likely done for the remainder of season. If he isn't in line up this series it's something serious. Glad to see the Rangers eliminate the Penguins, would be great to see the Rangers eliminated but I don't see them going out until the Eastern Conference Final. Everyone claims the Rangers are jinxed by winning the presidents trophy, but the last time they won it was in 1994 when they won the stanley cup vs Vancouver Canucks (last time the rangers have won the cup)
  14. Nah Weber is out for remainder of round one
  15. Thinking of creating a new PS4 GTA5 Crew for online and for possible videos! Can't decide on the name

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