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  1. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    Honestly, unless something about him catches on hot in the main roster, I don't think he'd ever make it further than midcard titles anyway. I love him but he doesn't really have the necessary personality for WWE to make it too far. At least in the 205 live division he'll be treated like one of their top stars, whereas on raw or smackdown he would likely end up getting lost in the shuffle. I am saying all of this completely biased for 205 live because I want to see Enzo sell Itami's kicks like death.
  2. Full WWE 2018 PPV Schedule

    wrestlinginc.com I am happy that they've made MitB a joint PPV again. Though, looking at this its weird to me that RAW get the last PPV before and first PPV after SummerSlam.
  3. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    Did anyone watch last night? I get why he has but I am not a fan that Enzo has essentially taken over control of the show, and now his 'Zo train' are essentially his bitches, when initially everyone hated him because he wasn't a good wrestler. Nonetheless, I thought the matches were enjoyable, as always, and it was interesting that all the matches involved Enzo's guys. Also, they confirmed that Itami is debuting on 205 live soon, so that should be fun.
  4. Broken Matt Hardy Gimmick Coming?

    I just don't know if I am excited anymore. He's been back for so long, teased it for so long and has lost so much momentum, I just don't know if I care. Plus you know they won't do it as good as his character was in Impact. Would be nice for it to go well though.
  5. The teases early on of face-offs between each team were awesome. I'm okay with Nakamura going out first because he took out everyone beforehand. Strowman continues to be booked like an absolute animal and I am fine with that, I love it in fact. Tension between Strowman and Joe was nice, I'd like to see them go at it. I'm not sure why but Cena and Orton facing off with Strowman might have been my favourite part of it, they really put him over too. The table spot, with the whole Smackdown team coming back to help, with Strowman going through the announce table was awesome. I wish they let Samoa Joe and Cena have more of a moment between each other, since they ave history from before they were in WWE. The tension between Joe and Balor was inevitable and essentially played out as you'd expect, which is fine, plus 2 AA's from Cena to take Joe out was nice. At least that meant Cena actually did something, since most of the match it felt like Cena didn't have much of a purpose. I was fine with Zayn and Owen's inclusion, it was expected... wish Shane didn't immediately get revenge on them though. Man, the ending was convoluted but I am fine with it, even though it sets up the Authority to be back.
  6. Man, this was a great match and Brock's best since his Wrestlemania match with Goldberg. I fucking love AJ Styles, he's ridiculously talented and if anyone needed any more proof that the WWE know what they have in Styles and they value him, then look at how he was booked in that match, especially compared to how others are booked against Brock. That match was a lot of fun, we wouldn't have gotten a match of that quality out of Jinder.
  7. Champion vs Champion: Alexa Bliss vs Natalya

    I agree with Brenden here, this was a very good match but it felt like we could still see better from these two, which is good because this is a big potential Wrestlemania match if they chose to go that way. I am a little surprised they let Bliss dominate so much, even if she is the heel.
  8. As everyone else has stated, this was a great match. I am very happy with the success of The Bar as I have long been a fan of Sheamus, especially as a heel, and Cesaro has long been one of the most misused wrestlers on the roster and The Usos have been fantastic, especially since their heel turn. Even ignoring the fact that Smackdown needed this win to go 2-2, The Usos were still the right team to win in my opinion.
  9. Like you guys have already said, this wasn't bad or good really but it was enjoyable enough. Both men acted heelish, Corbin with his actions and Miz with the numbers game etc, and I think Corbin going over was the right decision. Corbin just needs to find some momentum now, I personally quite like him.
  10. Though I am happy that Bailey got an elimination, I wish Becky wasn't the one to be eliminated that early. Tamina getting the spotlight is a bit odd to me but I guess if there is any time to do it, it's during Survivor Series. Alicia's elimination was a little awkward and man did Naomi tap out quick to the Banks Statement. Asuka being the last RAW member, and having to take out multiple women was expected and makes sense, she's a beast! This was a fun match, nothing spectacular but it was good.
  11. The Shield VS The New Day

    The result was obviously expected but man, that match was really fun and also reaffirmed my love for Kofi Kingston. The ending of that match was great and the fans loved the match so yeah, no complaints from me. Making New Day act like the heels made complete sense too.
  12. wrestlinginc.com
  13. NXT TakeOver: WarGames Discussion

    This may be one of the best TakeOvers they have done yet, which is special since I haven't watched a single TakeOver event I didn't love. The Ohio/Sullivan match was a fun way to open the card and set the level of intensity for the rest of the night, and Sullivan is honestly great in my opinion so it'll be fun to see where he ends up. The Dream/Black match was incredible, Dream's DDT finished thing that started like the Sister Abigail was awesome and these two have such a good grasp on their characters and stories, which is incredible from Dream at his age. The women's match was.very fun and I love that Peyton Royce is over with the crowds because she's really developed during her time in NXT. Moon was probably the right person to win considering the story with her following Asuka leaving, and Asuka being there to hand it over was a nice touch, but I was personally routing for Cross. The NXT Title match was fantastic. I did not expect Almas to win at all but the fact that he did is testament to his improvements, especially since being paired with Vega. I know McIntyre is injured, which is a shame to me, but I hope he is moved to the main roster on his return and develops more of a personality on top of what he already has because since his return, he just has a completely different aura about him compared to his first WWE run. He has a fantastic look and as Steve and Larsen have said, he might be the biggest 6 ft 6 person in existence. Almas winning was great, and despite the finish being a little awkward with timing, and with McIntyre's injury, it was a fun finisher. Hopefully McIntyre isn't out too long, and also doesn't rush back, and I wonder if the intention was always for Almas to win. The War Games match. My good. It was incredible from beginning to end. Everyone brought their A game, no one looked out of place in my opinion. Having Strong, Cole and Young start, as their teams leaders, was awesome because often the leaders would be save in matches like these. There were some incredible spots and stand out moments. The duplex from the top of the cage was amazing. Dain stood out for me, it was a real star-making performance for him. It was nice that the match didn't have any outside interference at all. I hope the War Games match is something they continue to do each year because it was such a spectacle. I know people were worried that there being no roof to the cage would takeaway from the match but once it was clear that exiting the cage would disqualify your team, it worked incredibly well in my opinion. I genuinely can't fully explain just how much I enjoyed this match. Push all 9 of them too the title, fuck it. Make titles for them. I loved it.

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