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  1. happy birthday legend

  2. Plenty of things but the first 2 that come to my head... Hopefully Rusev/English get pushed according to the pop they're receiving and get a title reign or 2... I'm okay with them sticking together throughout the year because it gives English something to do, they're great together and they are a great addition to the tag team ranks.. but either later in the year or the beginning of 2019 I want to see Rusev finally pushed strong as a single star. Other one: I want Lashley to return and be booked strong... would fit perfectly as a top guy on RAW with the other monsters.
  3. Brooklyn Nets Game Time 9th Game of the Season: LA Lakers Vs. Brooklyn Nets Lakers’ Starting Lineup: PG: Lonzo Ball SG: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope SF: Luol Deng PF: Julius Randle C: Brook Lopez Nets’ Starting Lineup: PG: DeAngelo Russell SG: Caris LeVert SF: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson PF: Trevor Booker C: DeWayne Dedmon 1st Quarter: It took the Nets 6 minutes to score a basket that wasn’t a free throw, but they pulled it back for a close 1st quarter, Lakers leading just 23-22. The Lakers were led by the lanky Ingram, who scored 8 points. Ball also picked up 7. Deng grabbed 4 rebounds for them, proving efficient on the boards. Due to Russell heading off early because of foul trouble again, Dinwiddie lead the Nets in minutes as well as scoring, managing 8 points, also getting 3 assists. Booker managed 5 points whilst Dedmon and Zeller lead them in rebounds with 3 each. There was no play from the Nets that could be considered play of the quarter. 2nd Quarter: Though the 2nd stayed close for the most part, the Lakers pulled ahead slightly at the end, ending the 1st half up 51-44. Ball, Lopez and Clarkson each scored 5 points in the quarter to lead the Lakers. Zubac had a big quarter though, heating up with 5 rebounds, a steal and a block. For the Nets, it was Dedmon who had a big quarter, leading the team with 6 points and 5 rebounds, though he was inefficient in his shooting. Reed also managed 5 rebounds but the team as a whole are struggling with their shooting. It was the big man Dedmon who got the play of the quarter after his good defence then resulted in a pick and play on the opposite end with Hollis-Jefferson assisting Dedmon on his dunk. 3rd Quarter: Lakers really outplayed the Nets in the 3rd, leading 78-63 by the end. Caldwell-Pope tore it up in the 3rd, leading the Lakers with 12 points, with no one else on the team scoring more than 4. Randle picked up 5 rebounds. Russell lead the Nets with 6 points, though his, like everyone else on the team’s, shooting has been inefficient. Dedmon, managing 3 rebounds and a block, again had the play of the quarter when LeVert’s steal quickly found its way up the court for Dedmon who slammed it down. 4th Quarter: Despite some inspired play that saw Russell and Hollis-Jefferson heat up, the Nets could not pull the match back and lost 103-92. The Point Guards lead the way in the 4th for the Lakers, Clarkson scoring 8 and Ball scoring 7, Ball also managing 2 steals. Hollis-Jefferson managed a very impressive 13 points on 6-9 shooting, also getting 2 steals. Russell also managed 2 steals, getting 9 points in the quarter, with 4 assists. Outside of those two, only 3 other players scored a point in the 4th for the Nets. The play of the quarter was perhaps the best in any game yet as Hollis-Jefferson, who has shown off his athleticism a lot recently with some big dunks, pulls off a tomahawk dunk over Randle off the assist from LeVert. Results: LA Lakers 103 – 92 Brooklyn Nets Player of the Game: Lonzo Ball – 19 Pts, 2 Reb, 3 Ast, 3 Stl, 7-16 FG My Takeaways: Man, that was a very frustrating game and was somewhat embarrassing up to a point. If it wasn’t for Russell and Hollis-Jefferson heating up in the 4th, this would have been a blow-out loss for us against a team that I’d expect at least to have a close loss too, if not a win. It is embarrassing that I have only one win so far. Russell had a very good second half, scoring 15 of his team-leading 19 points, but also managed to pick up 3 steals throughout the game. This was actually Russell’s highest scoring game of the season so far. Hollis-Jefferson has really come in to his own the last few games and it showed with him scoring 18 points, 13 of which were in the final quarter. Dedmon was really impressive again today. He managed 10 points, though on poor shooting, especially for a big man, but also picked up 14 rebounds and 3 blocks. Crabbe was the final player to score in double digits, also managing 10 points. He was in better form in this game. LeVert had his third successive game scoring under 10 points and was really unimpressive with his shooting. Dinwiddie scored all 8 of his points in the 1st. Reed also picked up 10 rebounds, whilst Zeller managed 8. Free throws were really important for us, especially in the 1st when I got to the basket a lot but couldn’t score from the field. We scored 22 out of 26 free throws in the game, compared to Lakers’ 13 out of 16. Lakers lead by as much as 27 points at one point, so losing by just 11 points with the momentum in our favour at the end wasn’t awful.
  4. Boxing Club Down Under – New Recruit Boxing Club Down Under have today announced that they have created space to expand and recruit a sixth fighter. Here is the new recruit: Name: Rabbi Qannungoh Age: 19 Nationality: Bangladesh Weight Division: Heavyweight (265) Key Base Stats: Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 92; Desire – 54; Aggression – 91; Patience – 96; Power – 95 Key for Counter Strike: Boxing – 33; Footwork – 14; Speed – 28; Reflex – 51 Other Standouts: Sambo – 54; Muay Thai – 53; Kickboxing – 49; Strength – 49; Flexibility – 55; Fortitude – 48 Coach Cobhead: ‘It is a real sign of improvement for us that we can recruit a 6th fighter to our camp. The lads we already work with have done a good job and are constantly improving and gaining experience. Jenkins has already won a title and that’s great in terms of helping us raise awareness of our camp and recruiting bigger names. The new lad, Rabbi, is the youngest but also biggest fellow we have recruited so far and he has a lot of potential. As you’d expect in a heavyweight he has a lot of power and, once we work on his boxing skills a bit, he should be a great fighter for us for a long time.’
  5. Boxing Camp Down Under – First Champ It is starting to look more like the first month of wins was a fluke, as only 2 fighters managed to pick up wins this month. Surprisingly, the first of the 2 fighters to win was Joshua Bailey, who was coming in on a 3-fight losing streak and looked likely to be cut from camp, as he picked up a unanimous decision victory over Illiarde Rocha. The other winner was Stuart Jenkins, who fought back from his first loss to beat Michio Tsukawaki via TKO once the referee decided to stop the fight in the 3rd round. However, the biggest deal with that fight is that, despite coming off a loss, it was for the title, meaning Jenkins won BCDU’s first title: The Legendary FC Flyweight Championship. For the losses, Petro Popescu lost in the first round via submission, with an Ashi Garami, to Jahilo Karimi. Connor Rogers also dropped his record to 2-2 following a split decision loss to Heriberto Sahagun. Finally, James Bailey picked up his 3rd successive loss, and looks close to being cut, this time via unanimous decision to Janailson Golias. Meanwhile, outside of the fighting, BCDU have also upgraded their coaching to allow better reflex training.
  6. Boxing Camp Down Under – A Down Month BCDU started the month on a 7-3 record and ended it 7-8. As you can tell, it wasn’t a good month for them. All 5 members lost via finish. First Romanian Petre Popescu was KO’d by a wild punch in the 2nd round from Alexandre Becker, a ‘Swing for The Fences’ user. 21-year old prospect Sturt Jenkins then suffered a 1st round KO by stomps from ‘8 Points of Combat’ user Shane McNiven. Connor Rogers was caught by an early Flying Knee from ‘8 Points’ user Nate Thompson. Joshua Bailey suffered a 2nd round RKO loss via punches from Vas Mordvinov, who uses ‘Ground & Pound’, and is now at risk of being dropped from the camp to make room for another. Finally, James Bailey suffered his 2nd successive loss, this time at the hands of ‘Pull Guard’ user Norman White, who forced James to tap out via Kimura.
  7. Sucks for Ambrose. Pretty sure its the first time he's having to spend time out due to an injury. I hope he will be back for Wrestlemania at least, would be a shame for him to miss out.
  8. Man, I love this. One of the best things about the royal rumble is wondering who is going to turn up as a one off appearance, and now we get to look forward to that for both men and women. The influx of debuts makes a lot of sense now, even if we assumed this would be the case anyway. I could see them using one or two NXT women, maybe Ember Moon, in one off appearances, only to go back down to NXT after. Trish Stratus has hinted at returning, which would be amazing but I'm not holding out my hopes... but surely a few women will come back and take part. I can't wait. I expect Asuka to win... Maaaaaaaaybe Nia Jax. I'd like it if the winner gets to challenge for the title in the co-main of Wrestlemania, i.e. the second to final match, just like the RR winner is supposed to main event Wrestlemania.
  9. wrestlinginc.com Haha, love that Elgin is teaming with War Machine.
  10. Man, not to discredit you but imo there is no chance Jericho/Omega will be match of the night. Well, it depends what you consider makes a match of the night. No doubt it'll be an incredibly well worked match and both will play their role to perfection, but I don't think their match will be comparable to Naito/Okada when all is said and done. I can already call Okada/Naito a 5* match and it's not even happened yet, thats how confident I am in that match. Nevertheless, Omega/Jericho should be great. Naito/Okada should be great. White/Tanahashi should be great. The whole card should really be great. Everyone who watches will win in that sense.
  11. I will say, you mention Styles' selling which was great as always, but I also noticed Mahal's selling for his leg. I honestly thought he was actually injured at times tbh, though that could just be me. He also was allowed to look like more of a powerhouse with an actual moveset this match too. I'm not into him as a main event star, but if he can continue to improve all around and be allowed to wrestle like a powerhouse again, he will make a good addition as a mid card heel.
  12. Yeah, honestly, though I get why people think this would be a stretch, I could see them being the next Revival-esque tag team in NXT. They wrestle a different style and are incredibly entertaining as a hard hitting duo. I don't think either of their mic work is fantastic, but its not bad either. And yeah, I see what you mean. I don't think WWE wouldn't allow him to wrestle, as they've allowed other wrestlers to do so in the last year or so, but if he is going to wrestle, they'd probably advertise as such.
  13. I agree, I love this type of thing. Though Vince has said before, and other people in the business have said on behalf of Vince, in a perfect world he gets rid of all the other companies and remains the only one, he also knows that that isn't going to happen and therefore sees value in these other promotions... or at least HHH or someone else behind the scenes sees value and gets Vince's permission. Plus, Lorcan has been awesome in NXT in my opinion, so if he does wrestle at this event, that'll be good (though I imagine it'll just be in a dark match).
  14. wrestlinginc.com Also noticed that this card doesn't have the Goto Vs. Suzuki Hair Vs. Hair and Never Openweight Title match, for some reason.

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