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  1. Sucks for Ambrose. Pretty sure its the first time he's having to spend time out due to an injury. I hope he will be back for Wrestlemania at least, would be a shame for him to miss out.
  2. Someone want to let me know how to attach a tweet to my posts for future reference, please?

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      Weird, I'm sure I've tried that but it just hasn't shown the tweet... I'll try again, cheers.

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      Alright, I'll try again but we will see, cheers

  3. Lashley was genuinely my favourite wrestler, for whatever reason, back when he was in WWE and he has improved a lot both in ring and he's good enough on the mic now. I'm not sure if they'd do it, but I could definitely picture him with one of the main titles. I've always wanted to see him return to WWE, even if its just for a year or two. As for EC3, he is a star and honestly, though he hasn't kept as hot/relevant as Cody/McIntyre since they left WWE, he was a guy who left WWE and really made it outside of the WWE far bigger and better than anyone expected, so he could have a decent run w
  4. I'm one of the people who have been a fan of Sheamus the entire time, though I will say his run with Cesaro has probably been my favourite version of him. Nevertheless, an injury like this that has ended careers of other big stars is not something I'd wish on anyone, whether I like them or not. It's a real shame and I hope he can get the most out of his run before he has to call it but I have to assume he wont be around for too much longer with an injury like this, but I'm sure he'll know when to stop. Could be a post wrestlemania retirement even, though I wouldn't be surprised to see him cont
  5. I'm not familiar with Eddie Dennis, he isn't one of the British guys I hear of, any good? Dunne is going to beat Connors but I understand theres a video of Connors cutting a really good promo on Dunne. It'd be nice to see him get a push when WWE inevitably do something with the UK guys. He looks a heel to me, not a rat-faced one like Dunne, but he looks the part still, has potential. Has Matt Cross wrestled in Progress before? I'd like to see how he mixes with British guys.
  6. I actually really like it, gonna use the top one. Cheers man!
  7. If anyone is interested in UFC but didn't watch last night's fights... try and take the time to watch the Alex Oliveira Vs. Yancy Medeiros and Eddie Alvarez Vs. Justin Gaethje fights, you will enjoy them without a doubt.
  8. They are, all 3 of them have been involved in tag matches. It was announced just after they won the belts that they were free birding.
  9. Tapology.com I stayed awake to watch this card last night, though I didn't get to watch the main and co-main. Nicco Montano winning is awesome. I like Modafferi but Montano has a sort of underdog vibe, so people will likely root for her to do well. Problem is, some like Valentina Shevchenko, Joanna Jedrzrejczyk, Paige VanZant will likely move to Flyweight and get the title shot, and I'd likely pick any of them to beat Montano. O'Malley is a good fighter and prospect. I'm not a fan of his personality but its that personality that will likely take him further in MMA then anything.
  10. I get what you're saying, but a face doesn't necessarily have to act full on face. If they just keep him as he is, book him better, don't have him being heel towards the fans, and just attack heels instead of faces, then he could easily keep his current persona in my opinion. Like I say, at this point they may as well try it because everything else they do with him fails, they may as well give him a chance as a face, he doesn't need to pander to the crowd or anything, just fight the heels instead of the faces.
  11. I would also like to see Rusev as a face. Feels like his personality suits a face turn so much, especially when he's been goofy. Things haven't worked out as a heel so hopefully they turn him. I agree with BP about Liv, though obviously I imagine it'd be a while yet. To be honest, I'd like it if she does the whole 'we've gone too far as heels' face turn, rebelling against her group, then they just replace her with another debuting woman. It could be a could machine to bring up heel women whenever they have them ready, so the group itself is always a constant. If they don't do it with them
  12. I still think Ryder would have been the better option as a heel, haha. Its not that I think Mojo will do a bad job as a heel, I just think his character works better as a face.
  13. The best thing about a 15-20 minute match with Styles or Balor is that you know those 2 would tell such a good story in the ring facing Strowman, and Strowman has already proven he can carry his end up in ring story telling, so on paper it should be amazing. Obviously, theres always the chance that he just has bad chemistry with them, but I am pretty confident he'd have great matches with the people you mentioned. I just want him to face people who are going to sell well for him, even Ziggler, if he was a bit less cartoonish. Yeah, I think stables and managers are the 2 things I have missed th

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