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  1. We first hear the sound of a door shutting in a dark room as the camera pans up. We see Prince with a blank expression, a table set up in the middle of the room with some paper, a pen and a glass of water. Each step Prince makes echoes through, before he pulls up the chair and takes a seat. Grabbing the pen, we then hear the dubbed audio as Prince begins to write. “Long time no speak. I remember at the start of the last year where we both had intentions of building our careers back up again. It’s interesting, we both were so full of hunger and wanted to do everything to succeed and
  2. I've never been much of anime fan, simply because I hadn't watched many in my life - before this the only two I had seen were Pokemon & My Hero Academia. I was speaking to a friend though and he recommended me the show Erased because he knows that I really enjoy murder mystery's and as he expected, I loved it. The premise is about a 29 year old man named Satoru Fujinuma who is a struggling manga artist but he also has a power called "Revival" where he can go back in time to stop a major incident from occurring. We then learn about multiple kidnapping and murder incidents that happene
  3. Just to throw a name in that hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet, Vladimir Kozlov. Have we forgotten that they let this man beat Undertaker clean on Smackdown?? Yeah the guy was a very talented fighter outside of the WWE relm but within it he offered nothing special besides from generic, foreign tough guy. THEN they decided to throw him into the main event scene and randomly stick him in a feud with Triple H and it still did nothing for him so yeah, that seems kinda useless for me. At least later out he had a good run with Santino.
  4. Prince is backstage a few hours after his victory against Temoni, a member of Arrow’s tribe and thus meaning he advantages to the triple threat for the Atlas title against Kiers Black and Alex Costa. He’s joined by Josh Trenton as Prince looks on with a smirk on his face. “Not far removed from his victory against Temoni, I’m joined by Prince! How are you feeling after that win that gives you a number ones contenders match for the Atlas title?” Prince smirks gets larger as Trenton raises the microphone to his mouth. “Well, obviously I wasn’t as prepared for Temoni with how late t
  5. Nottingham Forest clearly has a great history about them with what they did under Clough so it’s great to see you attempt to bring them back to that sort of status, it’s a challenge with how they’ve fallen. You seem to be doing a great job with pushing for the title and hopefully you stay consistent as from someone who is doing a Luton save I know how quickly things can turn around, you seem to be getting quite a bit of luck with what teams around you are doing but that might not last lol so hopefully results pick up.
  6. Really glad I encouraged you to get around to listening to SAWAYAMA, Nate. I had the same impression about the first three tracks as you did, I remember being stunned by how sort of grand and dramatic Dynasty as an opener with how sort of lush Rina's vocals were. I'm not too surprised about your thoughts about Tokyo Love Hotel but for me it was one of the best on the albums, there's just something really enchanting about the beat and the hook was something that really stuck for me lmao. As we spoke about before, when I go through Drake's discography I'm expecting IYRTITL to be one of my f
  7. Hello! The title pretty much expalins what this thread is going to entail, I wouldn't say I'm a MAJOR film or TV show buff but it's something that I gotten a lot more into recently and so I wanted to use this thread to document some thoughts of these. First off: SHAUN OF THE DEAD Kicking off this thread is a movie that I only watched fairly recently but can already say with confidence is one of my favourites, it’s Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead. This movie is part of the “Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy”, with all three starring Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. What intrigue
  8. RIP Nujabes, gone way too soon. Not enough people realise the influence he had in the lo-fi aspect of hip-hop today. Crazy that he and J Dilla were born on the same day. One of my fave artists rn, Aries just has a really unique sound and vibe about him. It's cool to see him starting to get more recognition.
  9. I've listened through TYRON an unhealthy amount of times tbh, that second half of the album has no misses for me and the whole vibe created and vulnerability shown from him was really refreshing. JME as well as you said really is one of the greats in grime, part of the reason I like him as well is his personality (which does come across in tracks) where hes just a chill down to earth guy who wants to make sick music. Always enjoy reading your reviews Nate, I thought to give you some recommendations for what to do next. Jean Dawson - Pixel Bath. I don't really think there'
  10. Name: Prince Chowdhury Age: 19 Nationality: Bangladeshi Starting Club: Shamrock Rovers Skin Tone: Brown Height (in CM or inches, idc): 5'10 Position: ST Role: Poacher
  11. The segment starts with a shot of Prince on his bed, looking gloomy as he stares around the hospital. He presses on the buzzer next to his bed. "NURRRSSSEEE, NURRRSSSEE...I WANT MY ICE CREAM." We hear a booming voice in reply from across the room. "WE TOLD YOU ALREADY WE'RE OUT FOR TODAY." Prince shakes his head. "ARE YOU SKUNKED? MAYBE IF YOU DIDN'T GIVE A MAJORITY OF IT TO THAT OLD TWAT FREDDIE JUST BECAUSE HE HAS NO TEETH, WE WOULDN'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM." As Prince looks to continue rambling, from behind the camera we hear a familiar voice. "Prince?" H
  12. Prince is sitting backstage on a crate, looking uncomfortable as he grabs onto the parts of his body where the badges have been applied. The crutch is leaning on the crate next to him as he takes a second and closes his eyes, letting out a sigh after taking a deep breath. “You’re an interesting guy Arrow, a very interesting guy. Each time you open your mouth, you manage to baffle me in a new way. I’m left asking whether this guy is really in the same world as everyone else because the words you are saying says otherwise. You have all this talk, but everyone is left pondering when this guy
  13. We are on the next Valor episode post Chapter 4 Purgatory as the crowd are excited for whatever the fall out would be from the event. The crowd are welcomed as the commentators are in discussion over what we could possibly be seeing tonight, one of which being about Prince being discharged from hospital after the brutal match against Jonathan followed by the beat down by Arrow Reigns. (Wait seriously, am I reading that right? Arrow Reigns? In all my years narrating Prince, this is a real low point and I was here when he decided to read out that list of submissions. Bloody hell. Anyway.)
  14. A video package of Prince in the weeks prior plays. We cut to a segment backstage for Valor, it had been advertised on social media earlier that CPE would be doing a sit-down interview with Prince, with mere days to go before his clash with BPZ World Heavyweight champion Jonathan at Night of Legends Chapter 4. The segment starts with the two sitting across from each other, there is a silent awkwardness in the air as CPE looks to the camera. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time is the man that will be taking on current World Heavyweight Champion Jonathan at
  15. Prince is backstage at a Valor show, a week removed from Jonathan’s brutal beat down of Hans and smirks before nodding his head. The smirk on Prince’s face is beaming as he turns around and looks at the camera before the smirk slightly fades away, before rubbing his hands together and taking a deep breath in and out. “What you did to Hans, Jonathan…that’s what I wanted to see. I wanted to see a man who thinks he can take on the whole world, that fire in your eyes…that’s what I want to see across the ring when we face off at Chapter 4: Purgatory. I know you talk the talk as much as you can

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