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  1. Prince's BPZ FIFA Challenge

    Division 8 Match - Ultimate Team: vs George AK TEAM I USED: (better image coming soon) GEORGE AK'S TEAM: RESULT: Another game in which has left me in frustration as Son was able to pull a brace for George by scoring a great goal in the first half from a cross into the box and just another great effort within the second half. Meanwhile my goal with Morata was a bit more of a scramble with an eventful tap-in managing to squeeze the ball across the line. Sadly my quality in the midfield was the downfall of this game for me, causing me to lose possession a lot and making some poor decisions that George was able to capitalise on. Moving forward I need to work on that. 2/10 GAMES PLAYED IN DIV 8 0 POINTS 9 NEEDED FOR PROMOTION _____________________________ Division 8 Match - Ultimate Team: vs George AK MY TEAM: GEORGE AK'S TEAM: RESULT: PROVING ALL YOU HATERS WRONG BAYBAY. But really quite happy to have gotten my first win here it what was a game that could of gone either way. First half I managed to get the advantage as in what was a vintage moment for FIFA as George tackled my player but it had bounced perfectly to Defoe who managed to break away and score. George managed to equalise with Zaha and the second half was just a lot of attacking by both halfs where we traded goals, I had put Martial at striker who managed to score for me to get the score to 2-1. George answered right back to make it 2-2. At the 83rd moment I had the decisive moment of the game by scoring another with Martial to end the game at 3-2 to get some points onto the table. GG George for both games. 3/10 GAMES PLAYED IN DIV 8 1-0-2 3 POINTS 9 NEEDED FOR PROMOTION
  2. Unite and Destroy

    Prince steps up beside Neece and both men look at each other blankly, a simple nod is all it takes as Prince retrieves the microphone from the ground before looking towards the crowd. Staring down at the microphone, a feeling of tension arises from his long pause which is seemingly to collect his thoughts. After a matter of time… “Oh GOD, Oh DEVIL, Oh HIGHER AND LOWER BEING; join me and these men beside me when I say to all you people that we refuse and I MEAN damn right refuse to acknowledge any thoughts that we have already been written out of this match. Now I get today it's the norm that we gotta be as cryptic as possible when doing one of these fine monologues; yet eventually the message is as simple as possible. I'm really not the kind of guy that wants to have to speak with style but then have no substance behind it so before I continue I want to make the message as simple as it can be for the less knowledgeable ones in our presents here tonight and those at home...Team Smith...we will do right this Sunday by breaking you guys down piece by piece because Team Flynn is the ONLY team that is built on greatness THE team that will win the Survivor Series. There is a mixed reaction to this, leaving a smirk on the faces of Team Flynn. “None of you believe us and that is what truly sad. So, really it's up to me to break this down. In life, you have your heroes and your villains. With heroes though, they learn and then adapt over time. They didn't have the answer to everything straight away; look at Peter Parker. He didn't learn about how he how with great power came great responsibility until his Uncle was killed. It was the experience that shaped who he was. Then you have the villains, the Banes, the Dr Octopuses…they always has this great power but they used it wrong. That’s how Team Flynn and Smith are different, we use our power as a team...AS A UNITY for the greater good of everyone within this company. The sick, vile villains of Team Smith use what they have to bring shame to this company. Yet like Spider-Man, the heroes are the menaces until they need to stop the villains. After Survivor Series you will kiss the ground we walk on because we would of saved you from the BPZ federation run by the kinds of Slim, Smith, Ross and whoever else is on that team; putting it simply they are just a bunch of cynical little rats that will burn this company to the core with their despiteful behaviour. LET US BE YOUR LIGHT. LET TEAM FLYNN GUIDE YOU. In fact, we don't need your permission: we’re just that damn kind. Allow us to do what we do best this Sunday, righting the wrong and saving you all. Thank you very much.” Team Flynn steps back and look at each other in agreement, clear that they are ready for a battle come Sunday.
  3. Prince's BPZ FIFA Challenge

    Most gladly mate.
  4. NXT TakeOver: WarGames Discussion

    Really enjoyable show. Never watched a Takeover in full but decided to go ahead with this one while talking to everyone else on the Discord and I'm really glad that I did. All matches were of a really great quality and I'm likely going to try keep up with NXT a lot more. Stand out guy for me was Velveteen Dream, the guy killed it against Black and it's hard to believe that at one point he was Patrick Clark on Tough Enough...he has developed a lot within three years. Didn't expect McIntyre to lose the belt but it's a good platform for someone like me who is about to start watching NXT more: a fresh start. War Games was mad and done really well with some great sports. Only critic I have have is I felt that the endings of a couple of matches felt a bit underwhelming but besides that really enjoyed it.
  5. BPZ Predictions League

    Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto: The Shield vs. The New Day: The Miz vs. Baron Corbin Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte The Bar vs. The Usos Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Women) Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Men) will there be any surprise returns? (bonus point for each one) nope will Carmella cash in? Yes will there be any sole survivors if so who? (bonus point for each one) Asuka for the Women, Randy Orton for men
  6. Likely would of been one of the stupidest storylines that WWE would of done in the last couple of years. Had this been ten years ago the idea would of likely been passed, looking at when WWE have done this in the past with the likes of Santino. Happy it didn't happen though.
  7. My Pokémon Ultra Moon Journey

    Big fan of Pokemon so I'm excited to see where this goes, good luck man!
  8. Welcome to the forum mate! Hopefully you stick around, feel free to join us in the chat.
  9. Prince's BPZ FIFA Challenge

    Divison 8 Match - Ultimate Team: vs Natedog TEAM I USED: RESULT: Very frustrating game from my end here. Nate was able to take the lead early on in the first half after a great headed goal from a well executed corner. At many times within the first half I was struggling to string more then two passes together, thus meaning that by the end of the first half I had one shot and one on target. Looking at the stats though I did improve in the second half, attacking a lot better through the help of putting on Martial and at points missing goals that I could of easily scored to at least tie this game up. Nate was able to bag a second goal and it was game over for me. Not the best start to the challenge but considering past games with Nate certainly not the worst. 1/10 GAMES PLAYED IN DIV 8 0 POINTS 9 NEEDED FOR PROMOTION
  10. BPZ Wrestling League

    Loving the sound of this idea George! Sign me up.
  11. BPZ Monthly Recap Podcast

    Sick of the discrimination, I should be allowed onto the podcast. I can't help how my voice sounds. #PrinceForPodcast GET IT TRENDING PEOPLE
  12. Red Wine

    Prince looks disgustedly at the red wine. “There's a reason I didn't ask, I don't drink.” Prince pushes away the glass with red wine and takes a mouthful of the steak cooked well done, as he chews away he looks up at FDS with an intense glare as he just looks on smirking. “There is a reason why I paid for us both to come here tonight. You're a smart guy and you already hit the nail on the head before I had to utter a single word, I did this because we need to get along.” FDS shrugs at Prince’s comment before he continues speaking. “Look, we've been pretty much neck and neck in terms of our position within this company. Battling for the Euro belt last year now we are looking at goals to be the Intercontinental Champion or the Global Champion. Yet for us there really is a lot more to why we are similar then just that. Look around.” Prince and FDS look around, as many of the diners are quick to put their heads down or turn away at the sight of the two glaring. Prince shakes his head and takes another bite of his stake before continuing. “We just aren't like any of these people. Not because we are so called BPZ superstars amongst these simpletons but because neither of us are the most stable of beings. Which is understandable.” FDS nods his head in agreement at Prince, he lets out a little smirk. “New beginnings right? You see I don't agree with that. We have to take what has happened in the past, not just with you and me but with EVERYONE in our past and we have to let us fuel us as part of Team Flynn. We need to have Team Slim fear us, all the pain and anger you have needs to be booted into their face, they need to feel it when we slam them to the ground. This is what you and me BRING TO THIS TEAM.” Prince slams his hands on the table, causing it to shake as everyone around them watches it. Looking down, Prince grabs the briefcase and puts his head across the table before whispering. “What the hell is this then?”
  13. Red Wine

    Surrounded by swanky men in suits and classy women in dresses, Prince sits down in the dead centre of the highly sophisticated restaurant. Ignoring the bustling sounds of those enjoying their food, glasses clashing together in celebration and waiters looking for a $100 tips as they laugh away timidly at the jokes of the wealthy enjoying their meal. Some of which are doing none of the sort but looking at the man in the centre who of which, yes, was dressing in a formal manner and had been kind enough to have booked a reservation before hand. However, no way of which was Prince similar to anyone else in that room. He didn't share their laughter nor their appreciation, staring blankly at the table with a mask that made him completely isolated to those around who of which stared as though they a monkey had escaped from zoo. Completely in a zone of this own, nothing was grabbing the attention of Prince until a timid looking women came over. “H-hello. Welcome to the Karico Restaurant. Are you ready to order?” Prince chuckled to himself, ’The Karico Restaurant’ the man of which had now had all that success in the world in all kinds of business. Couldn't even bother to contact Prince, not even a message to see how he was doing. Not a single care over what they achieved together along with Bart, all Prince had was those memories. Prince shook his head as he made his order before hurrying away the waiter. He looked on towards the entrance, seemingly waiting with intent for someone to come along.
  14. BPZ Music League 2

    Glad to see back! Hopefully this will be run well Brad (I have faithin you ) I am in
  15. Dont leave man. We love you, although you're a muslim fuck and possible can suck dick

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