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  1. Its been fun. 


  2. For the final time...A PROMO WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY PRINCE - thank you for everything...goodbye We cut back to Carnage as the team are still red hot from what has transpired so far tonight and we a lot more to come there is a lot of excitement in the air. One of which includes Prince’s tweet about having an announcement which caused discussion among the wrestling credit as to what he was talking about. Their questions would be answered shortly however, as the entrance theme for Prince kicks in before he makes his way out from behind the curtain. For a second, the fans are excited to see the Royal one come out…however their mood changes suddenly. Here we see Prince, a saddened look on his face. Sorrow, disappointment…as though he isn’t even there. He walks slowly to the ring and doesn’t even acknowledge the crowd for a second and remains expressionless…he gets into the ring and grabs a microphone to ringside. As the music dies out, he stands still and continues to look down with dead silence coming from the crowd. For a minute, nothing happens. It’s as though time stood still. Prince raises the microphone to his mouth, seeming as though he is going to speak but before he can utter any words he chokes up. Another minute goes by before he raises the microphone again, fighting back some clear emotions. “Well…uh. This is tough, ok.” The growing concern is shown in the faces of the Carnage crowd. “I was in the back and, they asked me – ‘you can always change your mind’ ‘you don’t have to go out there and do this’. To be honest, with the emotions I’ve felt recently I thought this would be easy. That I’d just come out there, say my piece and that’s it. Yet I’m here now and…” Prince starts to get choked up again, he takes the microphone away from his mouth and coughs to clear his throat. He fights back as he raises the microphone. “Ok, here we go. So…this is the last time you will ever see me in a wrestling ring.” A collective sound of pure shock fills the Carnage arena, with disbelief over what is heard. Many joked about this but it wasn’t taken seriously. “The truth is. When you have a career that people mainly see as a failure you can go about it two ways, you try prove those people wrong or you let the demons control wrong. For a while I’ve tried going with option A but I keep falling short. It’s one thing for fail. It’s another to hear people talk about that failure. People that once saw you as a threat, now only seeing you as a joke. That’s why I have to leave.” A tear rolls down the cheek of Prince as looks to the crowd who are still in shock. He quickly wipes away the tear before he continues on. “Recently its been made clear that I can’t change what people think. That’s not their fault though, it’s mine. It’s my fault because I never pushed myself the way that I could’ve and not here we are a few years in my career which not a lot to show. It’s tough to get out of bed in the morning realizing that, to get in this ring and try put on a show. When you’ve had so much help yet you couldn’t capitalize on it. I want the newer guys to use me as an example, don’t waste the opportunities you have. Don’t become yesterdays news.” The tears continue to come for Prince but he ignores them to carry on. “With that being said, I have some thank yous that I would like to give. First off, to you guys…the BPZ audience. Thank you for blessing me by giving me responses whenever I came out here, good or bad. I’m forever grateful. You made this worthwhile for so long. Second, I’d like to thank FDS. Now, he will likely wonder why I’m doing this but it’s simple. I use to be a brash kid who thought he was better then everyone else but FDS saw past that. He was the first guy to give me a proper shot and try make my name worth something so for that he has my upmost respect. Then, there’s Karico. We had a lot of ups and downs but working with you gave me the best moments of my career that I will always cherish. Who will ever forget the pub burning down? George you crazy bastard haha. Then, there’s Bart. I have so much I can say about Bart but that will take forever. I just want you to know that I’m proud of what you became, I knew you had the potential when I first saw you and seeing what you have become for me personally is one of my proudest achievements. You just kept climbing the ladder and are a prime example of how the student can become the master. Listen, I can take up the whole show with this. I can talk about Slim, Smith, Ropati, Kieron, Cody whoever. I just want you all to know those to know that shared a ring even beside me or against me…I appreciate you all. With that said, I’m done. Goodbye. Time for a new chapter, hopefully I don’t keep messing this one up.” In instance Prince is rushing out of the ring and gets up the ramp and onto the stage. Clearly trying to hide his emotions he seems keen to make it back quickly. However, he takes a second to look at the crowd once again and bursts into tears. Before he can leave however, he is stopped in his tracks.
  3. I swear this game is just a meme at this point with the amount of times someone attempted it lol. With that said I'm in.
  4. Smackdown Live - January 1st, 2019 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - PPG Paints Arena *We come back from commercial break with an excited Pittsburgh crowd in the PPG Paints Arena as the United States Champion, Jeff Hardy makes his way out. He matches the high energy of the crowd in his entrance as he makes he makes his way down to the ring as he’s introduced by the announcer*. Tom Phillips: Now late last week, Jeff Hardy laid down an open challenge on his Twitter account for his United States Championship tonight having seemingly beaten off all the competition. Corey Graves: I don’t think there is anything seemingly about it Tom, Jeff has taken down everybody that has come his way and had some brilliant matches to get that United States championship around his waist. I’m interested to see what whoever comes out has to offer to try and take the gold from him. Byron Saxton: It will certainly be a tough feat; many have underestimated Jeff during his reign and time and time again he has proven them wrong. For me, I don’t care who comes out - my money is on Jeff tonight. *There are large chants of Hardy around the arena as Jeff gets in the ring and is handed a microphone, his music fades out before taking a moment to allow the chants to die down as he places the US title around his shoulders*. Jeff Hardy: Well first of all I’d like to wish all you folks a very happy new years day. Everyone loves to talk about new year, new me and all that stuff but I think one thing that people ignore is how there are some things you try so hard to keep the same. For me, it’s the desire to get into this ring and put on a show for the people watching not just in the arena but all around the world. Whether it’s by myself or with my brother Matt my goal is always to create memorable moments and steal the show. That’s what motivates me to keep fighting in the squared circle. Now…I’ve had this baby around my waist for almost eight months now. *He presents the United States title that is resting on his shoulder*. Jeff Hardy: I’ve fought off everybody that has came in my way and hopefully shown that I’ve not missed a step in my long career. I love a good challenge and while holding this title I’ve had many but quite frankly I’m not looking to slow down. Which brings me to the tweet I made a few days ago, creating an open challenge for any superstar to come out here tonight that hasn’t tried to take this from me already to give it their best shot. With that in mind, I’m ready to once again give these people a show so whoever it is please come out and try surprise me! *The crowd proceed to look at the top of the ramp, there is an excitement about who is going to come out and try seizing this big opportunity. Suddenly, the theme of TOP ONE PERCENT plays around the arena to a reaction of surprise – slowly the man known as EC3 walks out onto the main stage and smugly smirks to the crowd who don’t know how to react*. Tom Phillips: Oh, wow we didn’t expect to this man here! It’s the NXT star EC3 who seems to be ready to accept the challenge of Jeff Hardy! Corey Graves: I’ve seen a lot of this mans matches in NXT and he is one hell of a competitor, Jeff may be looking at his toughest challenger yet. Byron Saxton: I mean what a way to make your main roster debut. Can you imagine if in his first ever night on the main roster, EC3 walks away with the United States Championship?! That would make an incredible statement! *Slowly but surely EC3 makes is way down the ramp and gets into the ring, already suited for action before staring at Hardy who he himself is clearly ready to get going. However, EC3 quickly calls for a microphone as his music drowns out*. EC3: Now now Jeff, I know your excited to get going…but I’m predicting that when this is all over, you’re going to wish you never bothered getting out of bed this morning. I think it’s in my…good nature to formally introduce myself to those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know the name that is E…C…3. Now I know it was inevitable that I would make it to the big leagues, I mean just look at me! What about me doesn’t just scream a superstar? I’ve got the looks, the charm, the charisma and you’re about to find out that I’ve got the ability. One of my life philosophies is to go big or go home, and what better way to go big then taking that United States championship from you? Then, the name of EC3 will forever be stuck in you people’s heads because once I have that belt all you’ll ever see of me is victory…after victory…after victory…after victory! *The Pittsburgh crowd seem fixated on what is the come after the big words from EC3 as he throws the microphone out of the ring to indicate that he’s ready to go*. UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP OPEN CHALLENGE The referee rings the bell and this match for the United States Championship is on the way! In his first match on the main roster on New Year’s Day, EC3 has the opportunity to leave with gold around his waist. Both men pace around the ring to begin with before Hardy starts laying kicks to EC3 that backs him into the corner, however he responds with a knee to Hardy that forces him to back off - EC3 continues the attack by leaping to the middle rope and nailing a missile dropkick! He isn’t trying to let up for a second as he runs off the rope and forces Hardy to crash back to the mat following a lariat. Early on EC3 has gone about making a huge impression on the WWE universe and takes a minute to taunt to them before picking up Hardy but Jeff quickly responds with by snapping him to the mat and delivering a dropkick to the back of the head. Before EC3 can get up, it’s Hardy’s turn to run off the ropes now as he nails a body splash to the former NXT star before pinning EC3 for the two count. EC3 quickly rolls out the ring to which Hardy responds by trying a baseball slide dropkick but his legs are caught and is yanked out the ring! EC3 picks up Hardy and delivers a devastating german suplex that makes him bounce headfirst off the barricade! That may turn the complexion of the match on its head (pun not intended) as he pulls Hardy back into the ring and goes into the corner, as Hardy attempts to get to his feet he is sent back down again from a corkscrew neckbreaker! Its EC3 with the pin attempt now as he goes into the cover but only gets the two count which he is clearly frustrated about. In response he picks up Hardy and hits a backsuplex to take him down before picking up Hardy again and hitting another. EC3 smirks to the crowd and holds up three fingers before picking up Hardy to attempt a third backsuplex but this time he flips over and lands on his feet, he makes EC3 turn around before pulling him down and hits a double midsection leg drop. Hardy is looking to take flight as he slowly climbs up to the top rope which gets the crowd riled up in response, possibly looking to hit the Whisper in The Wind! Before he has the chance to though he is met with EC3 quickly scaling up the rope, both men spend time on the turnbuckle attempting to get the upper hand as the crowd watch on in anticipation. It looks like it’s EC3 who has gotten the upper hand here as once again he gets Hardy in position for a backsuplex off the top rope but is denied with an elbow to the face which sends him down the mat. As he gets back up Jeff successfully hits the Whisper In the Wind which lays both men out onto the mat! There is no telling which way this match is going to go as both men have had their moments, a large Hardy chant echoes around the arena as both men use the rope for support to get back to their feet. The two meet back in the middle and HARDY ATTEMPTS THE TWIST OF FATE BUT NO EC3 pushes him into the corner and makes him crash into the turnbuckle! EC3 grabs the head of Hardy and flips him to sit him on the mat before using following up with a rolling neck snap. It’s another pin attempt for EC3 now but once again it’s a two count, instead of showing anger though EC3 simply smirks as he relentlessly stomps away at Hardy; clearing trying to channel his frustration into action. He watches on as Hardy uses the ropes to get up and when he does, he delivers a huge clothesline which sends both men over the rope and onto the apron. Once again, the two are fighting to gain the advantage but as EC3 swings his arm Hardy stomps his knee taking him off the apron and to the floor. Hardy shows off more of his high-flying ability and runs across the apron before landing with a big cross body! The crowd are relied up and once again chant the name of Hardy who picks up EC3 and throws him into the ring post before getting both back into the ring. Hardy is in the driving seat now as he kicks EC3 in the gut…TWIST OF FATE! Surely that is it! BUT NO! Hardy wants to finish this off for good as he climbs the turnbuckle as the roar of the crowd is heard in response to knowing what is going to come next…BUT NO! EC3 uses the little energy he has to wobble the ropes and force Hardy to fall on the top rope. He has bought himself time here to recover, being so close to losing this US title opportunity. Slowly but surely, EC3 gets to his feet and hits a running knee right to the side of Hardy’s head! That looked devasting as he pulls Hardy off of the turnbuckle, clearly not as sharp as before after feeling the effects of the head to the ring post followed the Twist of Fate. The crowd look in excitement and what is to follow…EC3 gets Hardy on his shoulders…THE TK3! NO WAY! EC3 MIGHT HAVE PULLED OFFT THE UPSET IN HIS FIRST NIGHT ON SMACKDOWN! 1,2…NO!!! EC3 can’t believe it as looks to the ropes to see that Hardy was able to get his foot on it! So near, yet so far. EC3 looks on in a devasted way as though he had lost the match, the facial expression quickly changes to stern, determined one though as he runs off the ropes and looks to hit the EC3 Elbow. Hardy moves out of the way though at the last moment. EC3 clutches onto his arm pain and goes into the corner, before being met with the Poetry in motion by Hardy! Hardy’s turn to cover now, 1,2…NO! EC3 somehow gets the shoulder up. Near fall after near fall! Hardy tries hard not to show it but there is clearly an annoyance coming from the US champ, as the ref attempts to give EC3 time to get up in the corner. Hardy clearly wants to continue the offence as the referee tries to stop him.... there’s a smirk on the face of EC3 as he starts pulling away at the turnbuckle to expose it. The shouts of Jeff quickly make the referee turn around and stop this attempt as he goes to fix it…the referee is looking away from the competitors…LOW BLOW BY EC3 TO HARDY! A large chorus of boos quickly follows in disgust as what has transpired as Hardy slowly falls to the mat in pain but is caught around the head by EC3…WHO HITS THE ONE PERCENTER! NO DAMN IT NO! NOT LIKE THIS! EC3 GOES INTO THE COVER! 1…2…3!! UNBELIEVABLE! EC3 has only gone and left the WWE Universe in shock and perhaps even himself by winning the United States Championship on his first ever night on Smackdown! Winner and NEW United States Champion - EC3 via pinfall at 8:07 Byron Saxon: This is absolutely disgusting! For Jeff to have held the title for that long only for this despicable to come here and win in that fashion, I just can’t believe it. Corey Graves: Well you better believe in Byron, EC3 did exactly what he said he was going to do before the match and did what was necessary to place his name in the history books! Tom Phillips: I hate to agree with Corey, but he is right on this occasion - EC3 has put his name on notice for the rest of the locker room by winning the gold in his first ever night which many others can’t say they have done. Byron Saxon: Well I hate it, EC3 better appreciate the title for as long as he can because with antics like that he is going to get exposed as a fraud sooner or later! The crowd look on in disbelief and shock as the commentator’s voice disgust over the way EC3 has gone about winning the title, it doesn’t seem he cares though as he proudly raises the belt and can hardly contain himself! The smug look we saw the end of the match comes back on his face, as he tells the referee to put the belt around his waist which he does. An elated EC3 climbs the turnbuckle to gloat with his belt, as he looks down the ramp to see a devastated Jeff Hardy as the camera fades out for commercial…
  5. PRINCE PRESENTS EC3's Hello and welcome. The idea of this diary is pretty simple to where I book the Road to Wrestlemania of a WWE star with an entertaining storyline that people would like read and be invested it; this is obviously based on the old WWE game series. For my first go at this I have chosen EC3, a man who like 90% of the WWE roster I feel has been very underutilised in the company and clearly has potential to be great as shown with the kind of work he did as a main eventer on Impact. Thus, I feel I can book him better and hopefully prove it in this thread. Just as a note this takes place in the build up to Wrestlemania 35. So, without further ado I hope you enjoy the story and please reply with your thoughts as we progress forward as I'd appreciate it! Note: Special thank you to Bart for aiding my creative block, I appreciate the help my friend.
  6. If he wanted to do a reinvention and personally don't see why he waited this long to do so, the logically time to have done this would've been either when Lesnar broke the streak or when Reigns beat him at Mania and he left his stuff in the ring.
  7. Obviously with the coronavirus we are actively being encouraged to stay inside for an extended period of time, so this is a great chance to possibly take up a new skill or get something done that you've been putting off for ages. For me, this gives me a chance to delve more into my hobby of producing music; I always used my exams as an excuse to not doing as much with it as I can but now is a perfect opportunity. Additionally, my friend and I spoke about writing a film together which we have done before so nows a better chance than any. Then of course theres video games, with Persona 5R on the way I should be good for awhile.
  8. This year I'm trying to find something that truly makes me happy which I haven't felt for a few years, shit has happened that has put life in perspective for me; I need to find my peace.

    1. Nebakos7


      Small steps at a time dude. You'll eventually figure it out and always remember that sometimes we need to do things that we hate (whether it's working on something you don't like for example) in order to become better people and build up our character. No matter what, never give up!

  9. This is great so far George, writing from a first person perspective can be difficult at times especially when it comes to how you want to write a match but I think you're pulling it off really well. I find it funny that one of the rookies of NXT will be the one who gets the Royal Rumble spot and maybe not one of the more established NXT stars but hey it's a good way to put your name on the map lol. I like with your moves you explain your thought process behind what you are trying to achieve e.g. buying yourself time - it just helps the narrative really well and makes it a hooking read. The little history your guy has with Ivanov means that the match you guys will have next will be an interesting read to see if you can get your revenge, as I said I'm enjoying this so keep it up!
  10. I wish I watched this series way sooner. Ramy at its core is a show about a Muslim man living in New Jersey. The show does so well in representing the characteristics of a modern Muslim and the conflict between keeping with to your faith but how difficult everyday life simply makes it and basically how at the end of the day we are all just hypocrites. The monologues and interactions that Ramy has with others about his struggles about whether he is truly a good Muslim or not resonate with me on a personal level as I've been having these difficulties myself for a few years now and contributes to the fact that I just haven't truly been happy with myself. I feel like this show has came out the perfect point in my life, its just awesome to have this representation considering how people of Islam are normally presented in the Western media; this show just does so well in mixing the comedy of stereotypes with just humane, realistic portrayals. On a personal level it's one of the most important shows I've ever watched.
  11. Since you like analysing deeper meanings of films I think Sorry To Bother You would be a great choice, its a lot deeper then what is seen at first glance; heavily underrated in my eyes.
  12. Prince

    New Extremes

    ECW - June 13th, 2006 Review Obviously WWEs version of ECW doesn't have the best reputation but there were some decent aspects of it but hoepfully you can do it better. Going forward it seems that RVD will be the face of the brand which sounds pretty good in my opinion. A good debut for Punk, putting him against Burke before clearly establishing his gimmick and hopefully throughout this diary we see how he rises to stardom. Angle in ECW seemed really great at the time but ultimately was a huge disappointment, it's Kurt freaking Angle though and I can see it being very easy to use him well within the brand. Sabu vs John Cena has a lot of intrigue around it for sure and would be a great starting feud for RVDs reign, this has my attention CJ so I hope you keep going.
  13. Smackdown review Pretty standard match with The Ascension vs Breezango, hopefully ypu use The Ascension better than WWE did in real life, they had a lot of potential but I feel like they were never given a chance. A team of Nakamura, Ziggler & Dillinger against British Strong Style definitely has a lot of appeal though and once again Rusev gaining momentum is good because I can see a lot being done with him. The main event also seems like a great way of displaying the womens tag division as well and The Riott Squad was the best choice imo. NXT review Ohno and Black as a team instantly is intrigung to me , two just really good wrestlers taking over the NXT tag divsion and I like the name as well. Them teaming with Fish and O'Reilly is interesting as well. DIY 2.0 against Heroes Never Die should be a great contest. I've never been a fan of TJP or Tozawa but if you make me interested in them then credit to you. Cole vs Sullivan vs Alexander though? Count me in, any of the facing Ali for the title seems like a great match. RAW review No Way Jose and Elias aren't a team I'd imagine together but I think that sometimes is what makes the best tag teams but I do think the Balor Club was the better choice. Bazler definitely does have some good accolades to her name and I think she will add something special to the women divison, she can be one to watch out for at the Rumble. Not much to say about Jordan and Gable winner, just the obvious choice who I hope you will treat well compared to how their team was actually treated. Rollins vs Lesnar with the winner keeping their Rumble spot definitely has some intrigue about it and there are clearly stakes, should be a good match. It seems 3MB are a bit more serious in your diary which I don't mind, to be honest I'd like to see them go all the way and win. So we have 3MB, The Bar, American Alpha and The Balor Club in the final four - all really good teams who can go all the way and win; 3MB are clear underdogs which is why I'm rooting for them lol. Overall Meko, it's a shame that this diary isn't getting much attention because the storylines you are building are really good. I think the problem you have comes down the overall display of the diary, the formatting isn't very appealing if I'm being honest which makes it kinda hard to follow through a show and I also feel that sometimes the descriptions are a bit vague which doesn't give much to hold on to. There is a lot of potential with this though and you seem committed so keep going.
  14. I AM IN. If we are picking teams I'm going with Dortmond.
  15. This week was so bloody draining mentally, I'm just happy I got to the weekend in one piece.

    1. Sameer


      Hope everything gets better homie. 

    2. bailey14


      Proud of you

    3. Flynn

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