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  1. We are backstage in a dark room, a spotlight his shone though on Prince and alongside him is a canvas while in his hand he has a paint brush and pallet. Prince smirks at the camera before beginning to speak. “Ah, perfect timing. You see, before The Prince was blindsided by that numpty Keriso he was explaining to you all how he was an artist. While The Princes elegance in the ring is one example of this, another way is on canvas. He welcomes you to join him on creation of his newest piece “Keriso: The Man Who Messed Up”. Prince gains to put brush to canvas, starting with three men, one on the ground and one standing up with his arm raised by the other. “You see, the process of painting is very similar to The Prince’s philosophy in the ring. You begin by understanding the basics, making sure the foundations are there before you try go that extra step.” Prince continues on, adding more details to the three men, the one getting his arm raised as a joyful look on his face while the one on the ground has a look of painful across their face. “Then, you can have fun. This is where you challenge what people think of you, The Prince adds these details that gets the people thinking; always leave them wanting more. Make these people actually use their brains for once, get them to understand what the Prince does is rare. Those are the finer details.” Prince paints the customs of the men, one in a referee’s kit, the one on the ground in pain being Keriso and Prince being the one with his arm raised. “At some point, they will realise. You keep going until they can’t ignore you anymore, you MAKE them pay attention to you. How? By answering them. ‘Can The Prince do better?’ ‘Does he even still have it?’ The answer is yes. You see…” Prince is reluctant for a second as he stops painting before taking a deep breath. “The Prince has a tendency to get stuck in his own head, thinking the people say more about him then they really do. He has been in a slump for quite a while now, which hurts him. What Keriso did also hurt him. Yet we all know an artist’s best work comes from an emotional view so in a way, he is happy with what Keriso did. He gets to show the world why he is still a force to be reckoned with, no longer will he have this artists block.” We go into a time lapse as Prince finishes in drawing, by the end it has Prince being victorious over Keriso in a ring with his hand raised with the words Emergence painted into the background of it. He gives one final look into the camera before walking off.
  2. Name (First And Last): Prince Ahmed FROM THE ROUGH STREETS OF BANGLADESH Height: 5'7 Weight: 144 lbs Personality (Cocky, Humble, Etc.): Humble Walk Out Music: Off Deez - JID and J.Cole Fighting Style (Brawler, Submission, Ground Game Etc): Submission & Striker Appearance (Tattoos, Hair Color, Etc.): Brown skin (Asian guy color), Short black hair, Brown eyes, Beard. No tattoos
  3. LET'S ARGUE EPISODE 2 I'm really happy with how episode one went down and so we are back with another episode, I'm thankful for the hot takes that I've been getting to have used and if yours isn't here it will be in a future episode so don't worry. As wlasy feel free to DM me on Discord or reply to the thread with more takes you want me to reply to. So let's go! I can see the argument for having this over To Pimp A Butterfly. GKMC gives us the most personal account for Kendrick Lamar and you can feel the emotion in every track on it with the storytelling, along with beats that compliment this fantastically with the hard hitters like M.A.A.D. City but also kinda dark and compelling ones like Money Trees. Honestly though I think To Pimp A Butterfly is in a whole different league based on the idea that I don’t think anyone else could’ve came up with it, the political and religious themes explored in it which imo is summed up best by How Much Does A Dollar Cost where we listen to this internal conflict he has over whether the small actions he does have big consequences along with that soulful jazzy production. I also think these topics ended up presenting the raw emotion of Kendrick better than G.K.M.C does with the likes of U exploring his insecurities and Alright being an optimistic track about how God has a good plan for him; it’s just a classic but they’re both amazing albums. The extent of the begging should determine whether it is punishable or not in my eyes. Like if someone is consistent with it and just doesn’t get the message to stop even when warned then warned yeah do something about it. I also think it’s up to the people they are begging at to have some sense as well, don’t just go along with voting or repping someone because they kept asking you because you’re only being disingenuous to yourself and them and clearly they will keep going back to you to ask if you keep following what they say. Basically, just get your own damn mind and don’t be someone’s bitch. Trade deals are definitely punishable since it’s just clear politics and again not a matter of what YOU personally think. BITCH IF YOU DO-. *cough* Personally I believe that I did a lot more than Nate in the build up to that semi-final when it came to kayfabe and just overall contribution, while Nate simply updated a diary who hadn’t written in in months for the sake of it. I knew that coming up to it Nate would have a lot of people in this corner compared to me and I just couldn’t overcome the power of certain influencers lol. I do hope Nate and I cross paths in Kayfabe again though so we can settle this. I very much disagree with this. I think in the past the main reason Chelsea declined is due to the player power being influential over the manager – it happened with Mourinho, with Conte and slightly with Sarri; with Lampard though that isn’t the case because who is gonna have more power than Mr. Chelsea himself? Then clearly, we got the issue of the transfer ban but it could honestly be a blessing in disguise, we obviously aren’t using the same squad as last season with the likes of Pulisic signing and the guys who will be getting a chance like Mason Mount, Reece James and Tammy Abraham. Plus, Lampard has got us playing some exciting football already and is clearly helping to improve players like Barkley. 7th will not happen, we are definitely better than Arsenal still and unless Man Utd sign every single bloody player they’ve be rumored with we’re level with them. Worse scenario I can see us just missing out in 5th or 6th. The Champions League though…oh boy that’s a discussion in itself.
  4. Name: Prince Age: 23 Weight (Please use pounds/lbs): 154 lbs Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Bruiserweight Gimmick: He continuously sees himself as the Prince of wrestling, with his goal to show to others he has what it takes to be the king Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Running uppercut, general stomping around the body, elbow drops in the Ziggler fashion, backstabber, kicks to the gut in the corner Daniel Bryan style, general slapping to the face Signature Moves (Up to 3): The Miz's corner clothesline, Zig-Zag (Claiming The Crown) Finishing Moves (Up to 3): The Upper Class Off With Their Heads Additional Information: Princes main problem that stops him becoming the "king" is his immaturity, such as getting too cocky in a match or getting riled up and losing focus when things don't go his way
  5. Prince


    Name: Prince Weight: 150 lbs Height: 5'8 Nickname: Royalty Signatures: The Miz's corner clothesline, Zig-Zag (Claiming The Crown) Finishers: The Upper Class Off With Their Heads Hometown: London, England Attire: Mustafa Ali
  6. It had been advertised earlier in the night that Prince was at the venue for Carnage, sparking interest in fans over what he was planning to do tonight. Their curiosity is answered, and Prince comes out from behind the curtain, who hadn’t been seen since his loss to Bob in the first round of King of The Ring. That event doesn’t seem to of phased The Prince much though, as he comes out oozing with a sense of confidence in his step as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He looks around the arena with a smirk on his face before the music fades out as he gets a microphone. “The Prince was only gone a through weeks, yet he can see the relief on all your little faces that I am back in this ring.” This sparks boos from the crowd who clearly don’t agree but doesn’t seem to aggravate Prince. “My recollection of my last match clearly doesn’t bring a sense of pride to The Prince, losing to that disgusting piece of vermin known as Bob. It was not, shall I say…my finest hour. These past few weeks have rejuvenated The Prince though and have helped to put life in perspective. He will make sure that he is not defined by one match, one performance, ONE MOMENT…of weakness. The Prince is determined to make amends for the error of his ways. The only way to do that is to lace up his boots, step back in this ring and give the people a performance, a masterclass, AN EXPERIENCE…that paints over that grotesque first attempt.” The crowd seems to be hooked over what is Prince is saying, he licks his lips before turning around to face the stage. “Emergence…is when I apply that new fresh coat of paint. Yet what The Prince needs right now is a subject, someone that is willing to be the model for this piece of art he is looking to create! This is where I ask those in the back to be the stars of this piece, they will look at you as the first in the long line of beautiful pieces of work The Prince is looking to create. Therefore, he sees this as him doing you all a favor. A match at Emergence, a chance for you to put your name in small…dimmer lights under the sparkling headliner that is ‘The Prince’.” Prince puts down his microphone and expands his arms with a smirk on his face as he looks to the top of the stage, yelling the likes of ‘Come on’ and ‘Join me’…
  7. Thanks for checking out the album Nate. Tbh I didn't expect you to enjoy it as much as you did but I'm glad you did, I agree that the album starts off with some great tracks like my personal favorite Sayonara (amazing hook) then maybe the songs aren't as strong near the end. I really rate Home as a closer though since we actually got to see Aries's vocal ability but I see your point. Another reason I rate the album is because Aries produced it himself. Great review though!
  8. LET'S ARGUE EPISODE 1 So hello and welcome to episode 1 of Let's Argue which took way to longer to come out then it should've, we have a good variety of arguments to go through today. If you enjoy this please drop a rep and please DM me your arguments for the next episode, without further ado let's go. Yeah, I get the feeling of missing the old chat, there are a lot of good memories on it with some classic BPZ moments such as Bash drafting Joh and him going “Fuck off…fuck right off” and the random kicking of users. The use of GIFs was always fun as well like the spamming of Lesnar dancing or Ambrose faceplanting, really though I think the nostalgia from it comes from the guys that we don’t see as often on Discord such as Nebakos. I prefer Discord as an actual function though, since it’s easier to upload pictures, you have VCs and there’s no limit on who can join. I am more of a folder than someone who scrunches after um…using the facilities. Coming from quite a big family it’s kinda looked down upon to use more than what was needed which obviously is what happens when you scrunch…plus folding is just a lot more effective. So yeah, this person wanted to stay anonymous. I understand where someone is coming from where you are trying to create a distinction between yourself and the person you are competing against to give you an edge in votings. You can also use it to your advantage though by making sure what YOU do is better than the other, then people can see a clear comparison between your quality and thiers which might give you an edge in the votings. I agree one hundred percent with this. What is making hip hop some exciting now is that if you look beyond the commercialised artists of the genre like Cardi B for example there’s definitely a lot of variety within it and so it annoys me when people say that “real rap” is lost. It’s just not hitting the mainstream like it used to, but the power of the internet means it’s still there to enjoy with the likes of Freddie Gibbs or YBN Cordae. Or if you want experimental stuff you have the likes of Earl or JPEGMafia and then obviously you got the greats like Kendrick and Kanye. What the internet has done is that you don’t have to worry about a select group thinks like you used to because if your music isn’t complete and utter garbage there WILL be a group of people that are going to mess with you and support you. So, unless your goal is to hit the mainstream you don’t have to worry about constraining yourself, you don’t really have the same risks as someone like Soulja Boy had when at his peak he had guys like Snoop Dogg and Ice T saying he killed hip-hop. Or the likes of Kanye when he made 808 & Heartbreak’s which has now inspired the sound of a whole generation of guys. So yes, hip hop is definitely in a great position.
  9. Chelsea FC are delighted to announce the appointment of 26 year-old Prince as head coach on a three-year contract. Having sadly had his playing career cut short, the Englishmen has made a name for himself in the managerial scene already with his three-year stint at BSC Young Boys where he was able to win the Swiss Super League on all three occasions. With this Prince was highly praised for his attacking but structured football, along with a no-fear attitude in Europe. Prince, a lifetime Chelsea supporter, said: 'This is absolutely my dream job, being able to work in the Premier League and a club I have loved for such a long time in Chelsea. This season is clearly going to be a challenge but when I look at the squad available I see a lot of exciting prospects with a lot of potential to be something great mixed with those with good experience. I fully have belief we can achieve something with what we have.' ... ... Editor Notes: So I'm finally back with a diary! Since in real life this is going to be a difficult season for Chelsea due to the transfer ban and the return to Champions League football, I decided to give myself the same challenge in FM19 to see what I can achieve with the squad available to me. This is gonna be difficult but should be fun (famous last words), hopefully you enjoy!
  10. Kanye is just a pure genius in my eyes, his versatility is crazy and I love how deeply personal he can get on a track with the likes of your favorite (and one of mine) Runaway. I would like to recommend Welcome Home by Aries, it has quite a few emo rap elements lyrically to it but imo he has a unique sound you might like.
  11. GOT A HOT TAKE ON THE FORUMS, WRESTLING OR JUST LIFE IN GENERAL? TELL ME IT FOR ME TO GO OVER. So yeah this is inspired by Youtuber Anthony Fantano aka theneedledrop who gives his take on stuff on his fans opinions on Twitter but mainly to do with music. I thought it would be an interesting idea since we got quite a lot of...strongly opinionated users on this forum. I'll give an example of how this will work Generic User 1: "Rey Mysterio shouldn't of won the Royal Rumble as a result of Eddie's death" While it can be seen as cheap by WWE to have gave Mysterio this push over Eddie's death, imo it was worth it with the great moment that it ended up creating at Wrestlemania with a lot of people wanting to see Rey win the big one. Where I think WWE went too far were using Eddie to get heel heat for Orton during the feud such as saying that Eddie was in hell, it just felt unnecessary and clearly Vince never learnt from it if we look at the recent example of Paige mentioning Charlotte's dead brother. So I see where you are coming from." Or just something non-WWE related is fine as well such as Generic User 2: "You shouldn't put pineapple on pizza" I agree, it's just grim. So yeah, please DM ME YOUR TAKES ON DISCORD and I'll get a few of them and make an episode out of it, thanks.
  12. GENGAR MIMIKYU Marowak-Alola Decidueye Jecllicent Sableye-Mega Chandelure Banette

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