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  1. Finally able to reclaim my crown as the best FIFA player on the forum, I'm in
  2. Name: Prince Age (the older you are the better you are but the lower your potential will be): 22 Height: 5'8 Weight: 148lbs Skin Colour: Brown Whats are you best at? (Pace, Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, Defending, Physical) Pick One: Passing What do you bring to the team: A cracking left foot on him and the ability to pass accurately, keeps calm under pressure Position (GK, LWB, LB, CB, RB, RWB, CDM, CAM, RM, RW, LM, LW, CF, ST) : LM but LWB if you want me to be
  3. We are outside the arena where Rod Laver Area on a boiling day in Australia where Carnage is taking place as well as the next round of Survival Game matchups. The camera shows a car pulling up, as it stops an arm is shown pushing the door open and out comes seemingly a cool, calm and collected Prince. He comes out with his shades on and just a flat facial expression, when suddenly an interviewer comes from behind the camera with a microphone. A sigh comes out the mouth of Prince. “Excuse Prince is it ok if we have a quick word?” Prince slowly looks down towards the arena, before adjusting his shades to show a part of his eyes. “Does The Prince even have a choice in the matter? The Prince has a very important match coming up and you want to berate him with worthless questions. Make it quick.” The interviewer is shown to be visibly nervous but decides to proceed on anyway. “Now obviously we are in the home country of the man you are facing tonight, Julius. There’s no doubt that many fans in that arena will be pulling for him to get the victory over you tonight, what is your plan to deal with it?” Prince begins to laugh but cuts himself off very quickly and lets out a soft chuckle. “You don’t think it just motivates The Prince more? He has had a career that feeds of hostility, people have always been vocal about the distain towards him. It simply gives The Prince motivation, wanting to wipe the smirk off of their faces and leave them going home upset. It helps The Prince sleep better at night knowing that he has done that.” Prince snaps his fingers and gets given a bottle of Ribena which he starts to drink before signalling to the interviewer to keep the questions coming. “With everything you said about Julius earlier this week, are you not worried about his motivation to give everything he has at you as maybe…you won’t be able to deal with it?” Prince’s Ribena comes flying out of his mouth in shock and chokes as he suddenly takes off his glasses and looks at the interviewer with a shocked expression. “You…ask…the…Prince…that? You know what? He is impressed and so he will respectfully give you a proper answer. Julius is a great competitor but when The Prince looks at him, he sees someone with no heart, someone that won’t be willing to go that extra mile. That’s what The Prince does better, he will keep fighting. He will keep pushing. He will keep pushing the buttons of Julius to the point where he might decide enough is enough. One thing The Prince knows is that when he gets in that ring, he will leave without having any regrets, despite what The Prince said he wants to have the respect of Julius and he is going to make sure he gets it tonight. Now if you’ll excuse me.” The Prince puts his shades back on and simply walks away, the interviewer left bewildered.
  4. We see Prince at the BPZ performance centre, a look of absolute focus in his eyes as he steps into one of the training rings. It seems to be quite late, with no one else around; there is such a silence that you could likely hear a pin drop. Looking around, Prince lets off a huge sigh as he begins running off the ropes for a bit. Eventually he just stops and goes to one the corners and simply sits on the top rope before looking around. Once again, he sighs before directly looking into the camera; the loss to Bart can shown to still have taken his toll on him. “Ok, so The Prince lost. Now what? Will he go away again? Will he just accept that the Survival Games is another hurdle he can’t get over? You were proven wrong and got beaten by a man who once you were basically the teacher of and you’re about to face the toughest competitor in the group, why carry on?” Prince scoffs seemingly and what he just says, a smirk across his face. “Maybe The Prince is going to disappoint some of you. Maybe The Prince is going to make some of you happy with this comment. He wants to make this perfectly clear right now, he…is…not…backing…down. The Prince has come back from worst than this. He is a man that came into this ring and decided to list five hundred submission moves of whatever it was. He is a man that simply came out to say ‘a war is coming’ just to stupidly piss off the higher ups. Yet you people think this is the downfall of The Prince? That he is too far gone?” Prince’s smile slowly fades around from his face, a much more serious look coming across as he continues to look into the camera. “The Prince dares any of you to walk a day in his shoes, constantly slipping on the ladder but still having the determination to keep climbing…most of you would just let yourself fall off completely. Including the Prince’s next opponent, Julius. You see The Prince was in the locker room on his own just watching what Julius said and it made him angry more than anything. The fact that he had the audacity to go out and there and call The Prince lazy. How The Prince fails to capitalise on the opportunities given to him?” The Prince gets off the turnbuckle and starts to walk around the ring. “Your choice of words is poor; The Prince was given a “silver plate”. For getting a number one pick in the draft? Are you kidding The Prince? As someone like you Julius, who is held in such a high regard around here…The Prince and you knows that the number one pick isn’t all that it is made out to be. What having the number one pick really means is ‘this guy has potential sure, but he also seems like a pushover we can shape’. That’s what the people here wanted! When they gave The Prince that position, they saw a guy who they thought would conform to what they want, follow what they say…under that regime The Prince would not hit the high standards everybody claims he could’ve. He would’ve just been some sort of cheap knockoff, a clone, a man with no identity. All in a desperate plead to please those who truly hold the power but in doing so would have their soul snatched away. The Prince doesn’t conform. The Prince finds his own path even if it takes him longer than he should.” Prince is no longer looking at the camera, simply to the canvas and has a moment of thought. “The Prince has always gotten told you need to do this, you need to do that to be a top contender. To that he says screw it. You see Julius he looks at you, a world title holder and well-respected man. All done in a short space of time. Sure, sometimes The Prince is jealous of that. Sometimes he gets frustrated that maybe if just did what he was told he could be just as successful as you. Then, The Prince looks below the top layer. At that point, all he sees is a puppet who constantly has someone pulling his strings. Someone who is just a lifeless zombie whose mind is always on gold instead of being truly happy. The Prince would much rather be where he is now, happy that he didn’t turn into that lifeless zombie because when success does occur it feels that much sweeter and he is happy that he teaches others what it means to have some originality, compared to someone like you Julius who is simply a yes man and only teaches others where someone can get by being bland and unhappy. As for you saying The Prince isn’t worth your time? He is worth every damn second of your day and you’ll find that out the hard way; you won’t have a nice homecoming.”
  5. Prince begins pacing around the ring for a bit, looking down at the canvas seeming to be in deep thought as he licks his lips. Bart looks on in intrigue as to what Prince is going to say. Suddenly, Prince looks up again to see a big smirk across the face of Bart. Prince smirks back as he lefts a microphone to his mouth. “Maybe you’re right Bart, maybe for awhile The Prince didn’t have the drive necessary. Yet here’s the thing, when The Prince is on it and focused who can you truly say puts in more work? Who gets the people talking as much as The Prince does? That’s the difference between you and Bart, you may have consistency but you’re just consistently average. You don’t have it in you to make an impact like in this ring like The Prince does. Like he has said, if you took your head out of your own ass thing for a second, maybe The Prince hasn’t fulfilled his potential. Yet look around, look at what these people think of him now!” There is a sudden uproar from the crowd, with most seeming to be on Princes side. “The Prince seems to understand what you are truly trying to do Bart, you continue bringing up the man of the past and not the man that is standing in front of you. That’s because you’re trying to revert him back to his old ways, you’re trying to find The Prince that would crumble on the pressure. That man is DEAD. BURIED. GONE. FINISHED. The Prince has been around this long, the wrestling industry is a marathon not a sprint; some may get to the top higher than others. What makes someone a legend though is what they do once they get the top; can they keep on to their crown? Can they keep bringing it each and every single night? The Prince you see now KNOWS that he can do that and so now he just wants to get the top of soon as possible, he believes that everything you do in life has a purpose…so yes he might have been at the bottom of the barrel but to be honest you’re the one that feels the constant need to bring it up. The Prince beat you when I was finding my feet, now they’re firmly on the ground so what do you think is going to happen to you now?” Bart doesn’t seem to be taking Prince’s words lightly but tries to not show too much emotion as he keeps a stern face. “The Prince actually respected what you were saying Bart, he understood what you are trying to do. Then you just lied…that he thinks every loss is a fluke? That the Gods are saying for The Prince to give up? Like The Prince said, everything is a learning experience – no loss is a fluke. Every time someone has won against The Prince they don’t deserve, yet what happens most of the time is The Prince takes away more from that match then the other. How can he improve? How can he prevent these mistakes from happening again? You just don’t think like that Bart, you think you made it already The Prince can say it by the way to act. This confidence can only take you so far in the industry, one day you’re gonna have to look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can do better. The Prince does that constantly, he doesn’t have illusions...he gives himself reality checks even if he doesn’t like it at first. At Survival Games you’re getting one of your own…you The Prince still likes Bart as the man…he doesn’t enjoy Bart the manipulator. You’re gonna kick The Prince multiple times? He is going to get right back up, then maybe you will learn what it means to be humble every once in a while. Get ready to fight for survival.” Prince throws his microphone on the ground and looks directly at Bart and he looks back, the tension between the two can be cut with a knife as we go to commercial.
  6. We are back from the commercial break and before the commentates even have a chance to welcome everyone back, Prince’s theme begins to play and “The Dream” quickly makes his way out. However, he isn’t his normal perky self. Instead there seems to be a more serious tone, even with his shades a facial expression of a stern look can be seen as he quickly paces his way down to the ring. Prince receives a microphone before he enters a ring but doesn’t even look at the assistant who hands it over to him, coldly blanking him as he enters the ring. The music comes to an abrupt stop before Prince begins to look around the arena. With the shades still on Prince puts the microphone to his mouth. “You see, The Prince watched the promo Bart did…what he said about The Prince…many times. In fact, he could’ve responded to these comments a lot earlier but instead he decided to sit back and let the comments flood in. How Bart had owned The Prince, how he exposed him! You know how The Prince reacted? He laughed, he just simply laughed.” The crowd look at Prince in confusion, why would he laughed at the comments Bart made? Surely it hurt him to see? “The Prince laughs because he had said it all before! Here’s the thing, one of The Prince’s traits is both a blessing and a curse. The curse is that yes, he does put himself down a lot – sometimes that leads to him before unmotivated and whether he truly has what it takes. That leads him to talking about the blessing, comments that people like you make don’t get under my skin nearly as much as your fickle mind think they do. You wanna go around displaying videos of my shortcomings? You don’t think The Prince has watched those same clips countless times, cringing at the site of what he was yet also shaking with excitement for the opportunity where he would prove to the world that he had moved on from that? That he is now a new man, a new version of himself? That is why The Prince doesn’t feel anger at your comments Bart, you wanted to thank him? No let him thank you. The Prince thanks you for turning that spark into a blazing fire.” The passion in Prince’s voice has the crowd hook with some chanting his name while the other is chanting for Bart. “You wanna chat about how you are grateful, yet you then go on to spit that absolute vomit? Give The Prince a bloody break. Let’s be honest here Bart there is nothing unique about you, there is nothing about you that puts asses in seats. All of you is filler, nothing more and nothing less. You think you would’ve made it on your own if The Prince and Karico had just left you two years ago to find your own path, without executing our vision? You would’ve been chewed up and spat out constantly to the point where you’d be begging for a pre-show match. WE were the ones that made you unique, WE were the ones that made you something more than a generic NXT guy thinking that they are hot crap. The Karico Brand was one of the biggest things of BPZ in 2017, we were the talk of the town. Quite frankly though, you played the least part in that. It was Karico and Prince…then that guy Bart. You were just a piece of mould that we sculptured, now that you’re on your own…who truly gives a damn? Sure, you’ve had success and for that The Prince says well done but like I said earlier you ain’t the guy people are going to remember. You’re just someone that has constantly slipped through the cracks, on your own you’re just a boy with the Netherlands stranded in the middle of the sea and barely keeping afloat. It’s going to be the job of the Prince to make sure you finally sink.” Prince’s music begins to play as the crowd are shocked at the intensity of Prince’s words. However, as he seems to just be leaving the ring he stops and gets back in and starts shouting to cut the music. “You know what? The Prince doesn’t wanna leave it like this. So, he is gonna give you an opportunity Bart and give you another attempt to make The Prince fear you heading into Survival Games…as you may be able to tell you failed quite miserably the first time.” Prince takes his shades off and stands in the middle of the ring, looking up the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face.
  7. Following his draw against Jon earlier on in the night, Prince has a stern look on his face to the point where it’s hard to understand whether he is happy or frustrated. An interviewer comes up to him visibly worried as he stares back at her blankly. Slowly she lifts the mic to her mouth to speak. “E-excuse me, Prince we just wanted to hear a reaction from you following your performance against Jon where you came away with a draw.” Prince slowly turns his head away from the interviewer before letting out a small chuckle followed by a smirk before turning back to her who rises the microphone to his mouth. “So near, yet so far. It just sums up The Prince in a nutshell, right? He just lets things slip through his fingers when he is so close to success. The Prince took the fight to Jon, a HALL OF FAMER, to the point where HE should be the one grateful that he managed to escape with the point. While The Prince is left with a feeling of annoyance, it isn’t a point gained…it’s two points lost.” The interviewer looks at Prince a bit startled before replying to his comment. “With all due respect Prince, your track record would suggest that going into this many may not have bet on you to come away with a victorious so surely at least getting a point should be satisfactory?” A bewildered Prince looks at the interviewer and begins to shake his head in disgust. “Satisfied? Nowhere close. The old Prince would’ve satisfied with that result, that performance. Now, thoughts go through his head of what he could’ve done better. Yet he also knows that it will do him no good to continue having these thoughts in his head as he must quickly move on to the next opponent, a man The Prince knows all too well, Bart.” “Speaking of Bart, as you mentioned there’s a lot of history between you two going into your match next week so what are your initial thoughts?” Prince pauses for a moment, his nose twitching as he looks to the floor before tilting his head back up and looking at the interviewer. “It’s simple, The Prince has to beat him. Now The Prince does admit he looks back fondly on the days of The Karico Brand, it’s where he sees his best work having taken place in his career. Now though, The Prince looks at Bart and sees a man who is too big for his boots…he has forgotten where he has come from. So, The Prince goes into his match with Bart with various thoughts in his mind. First, he must rectify todays bitter disappointment and second, he looks to teach Bart who the real star back in the day was and still is. To put it quite frank, The Prince is looking forward to showing that the student doesn’t always become the master.” With that, Prince puts his shades out and walks away before the interviewer can ask him another question.
  8. HEIGHT: 5'9 WEIGHT: 210 LBS Hailing From: CHELSEA, ENGLAND BIO: Prince had a big passion for wrestling growing up but always kept it a secret as he knew that no one in his family would approve of it; as he got older Prince tried his best to put wrestling to the back of his mind which he felt he finally achieved when he got a job as financial adviser. He was making money yes but Prince was never truly happy at what he was doing and keeping these thoughts to himself affected him mentally, to the point where he pushed everyone around him away and lost his job; for awhile he just felt lost. After seeking help though Prince got his life back on track and decided it was time to make his own decisions, thus becoming a wrestler and making it to BPZ. Princes mental strength has has caused for him to have a rocky career though to where people feel he will never fulfill his potential but he has never lost his passion, continuing to have dreams of making it to the top of the business and prove doubters wrong. FIGHTING STYLE: GRAPPLE BUT ALSO CAN ALSO FLY MOVES: Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Step-up enziguri, Spinebuster, Crossface submission, He'll slap ya face if you piss him off, Backbreaker, Corner running knee strike, Combination of strikes (Like AJ Styles), Belly-to-belly suplex, Crossbody top-rope dive, Pele kick, Running flying forearm, German suplex, Sidewalk slam, Stun gun, Leaping rope cutter, Push-off dropkick, Hangman neckbreaker, Running senton, Hurricanrana, Double Axe Handle, Snap suplex, Standing Elbow drop, Famouser SIGNATURES OFF WITH THEIR HEADS BIG CITY DREAMS FINISHERS THE NIGHTMARE CATALYST DREAM VALLEY DRIVER
  9. WHAT’S GOOD blasts through the arena speakers as The Prince makes his way out from behind the curtain, the reaction of the crowd seems to be once of annoyance to which The Prince seems to relish in; he plays games with the crowd by putting his hands to his ear which evokes a louder chorus of boos. Prince was last seen on TV having got a decisive victory over Keriso at Emergence but was generating buzz online after being announced as one of the competitors in the Survival Games. Prince continues to strut down to the ring with his face beaming as he enters the ring and receives a microphone. “The Prince is a bit confused as to what all the hostility in the arena is about? The consensus that he feels from the crowd if he was required to take a stab as to what you hypocrites are getting worked up about…is perhaps that after my exhilarating performance against Keriso The Prince hasn’t been in this ring and it upsets you?” The boos from the crowd get louder, to which The Prince simply blocks out as he looks to continue his talk. “Well it is with the greatest of honor to announce for all you parasites that you will be able to look at this gorgeous face, hear this fruity voice combined with elegance in the ring a lot more frequently in the weeks to come…as The Prince looks to survive. You see when The Prince was approached to take part is competition, he sat down with his glass of Ribena in hand and just thought for a bit. He realised…The Prince IS the Survival Games. Over the years he has gone through torment, physically and emotionally…he has had more highs and lows than a rollercoaster at Disneyland. Yet he is still here in this ring making sure that you all still give a crap when he opens his mouth and when he shuts someone else’s up!” There is an intrigue from the crowd now, holding on to Princes words by not booing as loud as before. “He still hears the whispers though..the questions that they ask him…’Does Prince have a chance?’ or perhaps the most insulting thing he has ever heard said about him… ‘Does the Prince still care?’. So, The Prince wants to stand in the center of the ring and make it perfectly clear to all of you that you should NEVER question his integrity and credibility to whether he still cares enough to get the job done. He loves this business more than anything, even when things haven’t gone his way he doesn’t back down, he doesn’t decide enough is enough…he keeps going…HE SURVIVES.” A clearly emotional Prince than switches his stance to now be facing up at the ramp. “ @Jonathan , @Bart , @Julius , @Gwynfro , @FDS …if you see The Prince as the easy match up you are going to be bitterly disappointed, he is done playing around. Sure, it can be sometimes be fun being the guy in the background that no one expects to deliver the wow factor because when he does it’s that much sweeter to look at the pathetic faces of those who doubted him. It’s time the Prince moves past that though, it’s time that the Prince is front of the center, it’s time that the spotlight is on the Prince, it’s time that when people come to these shows they are beaming with glee to see one person and HE IS STANDING RIGHT HERE…shaking with excitement because he can’t wait for that day to arrive.” There is a stunned silence from the crowd, having just heard Prince pour his heart out on that promo. “It’s not a maybe anymore…it’s a promise.”
  10. Prince

    Album Review

    Please can you do a review of The Sailor by Rich Brian?
  11. Really dumb decision, those movies made billions; I don't know what else Sony want. Plus Tom Holland's contract is done so I can honestly see them making another reboot which I'm just not interested in. Especially with the ending of FFH, it set up his feature in the MCU really well but now it's gonna go down the drain. Disappointed is an understatement.
  12. Saw this in Yotube recommended one day and decided to watch the whole movie and I'm glad I did. If you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine you know how funny Andy Samberg can be and he delivers again in this movie, a mockumentary comedy of a rapper who falls off due to his ego. The songs are great and there are some really good cameos throughout including 50 Cent, ASAP Rocky, Nas, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and many more so if you're looking for a good laugh give this a try.
  13. We are backstage in a dark room, a spotlight his shone though on Prince and alongside him is a canvas while in his hand he has a paint brush and pallet. Prince smirks at the camera before beginning to speak. “Ah, perfect timing. You see, before The Prince was blindsided by that numpty Keriso he was explaining to you all how he was an artist. While The Princes elegance in the ring is one example of this, another way is on canvas. He welcomes you to join him on creation of his newest piece “Keriso: The Man Who Messed Up”. Prince gains to put brush to canvas, starting with three men, one on the ground and one standing up with his arm raised by the other. “You see, the process of painting is very similar to The Prince’s philosophy in the ring. You begin by understanding the basics, making sure the foundations are there before you try go that extra step.” Prince continues on, adding more details to the three men, the one getting his arm raised as a joyful look on his face while the one on the ground has a look of painful across their face. “Then, you can have fun. This is where you challenge what people think of you, The Prince adds these details that gets the people thinking; always leave them wanting more. Make these people actually use their brains for once, get them to understand what the Prince does is rare. Those are the finer details.” Prince paints the customs of the men, one in a referee’s kit, the one on the ground in pain being Keriso and Prince being the one with his arm raised. “At some point, they will realise. You keep going until they can’t ignore you anymore, you MAKE them pay attention to you. How? By answering them. ‘Can The Prince do better?’ ‘Does he even still have it?’ The answer is yes. You see…” Prince is reluctant for a second as he stops painting before taking a deep breath. “The Prince has a tendency to get stuck in his own head, thinking the people say more about him then they really do. He has been in a slump for quite a while now, which hurts him. What Keriso did also hurt him. Yet we all know an artist’s best work comes from an emotional view so in a way, he is happy with what Keriso did. He gets to show the world why he is still a force to be reckoned with, no longer will he have this artists block.” We go into a time lapse as Prince finishes in drawing, by the end it has Prince being victorious over Keriso in a ring with his hand raised with the words Emergence painted into the background of it. He gives one final look into the camera before walking off.
  14. Name (First And Last): Prince Ahmed FROM THE ROUGH STREETS OF BANGLADESH Height: 5'7 Weight: 144 lbs Personality (Cocky, Humble, Etc.): Humble Walk Out Music: Off Deez - JID and J.Cole Fighting Style (Brawler, Submission, Ground Game Etc): Submission & Striker Appearance (Tattoos, Hair Color, Etc.): Brown skin (Asian guy color), Short black hair, Brown eyes, Beard. No tattoos
  15. LET'S ARGUE EPISODE 2 I'm really happy with how episode one went down and so we are back with another episode, I'm thankful for the hot takes that I've been getting to have used and if yours isn't here it will be in a future episode so don't worry. As wlasy feel free to DM me on Discord or reply to the thread with more takes you want me to reply to. So let's go! I can see the argument for having this over To Pimp A Butterfly. GKMC gives us the most personal account for Kendrick Lamar and you can feel the emotion in every track on it with the storytelling, along with beats that compliment this fantastically with the hard hitters like M.A.A.D. City but also kinda dark and compelling ones like Money Trees. Honestly though I think To Pimp A Butterfly is in a whole different league based on the idea that I don’t think anyone else could’ve came up with it, the political and religious themes explored in it which imo is summed up best by How Much Does A Dollar Cost where we listen to this internal conflict he has over whether the small actions he does have big consequences along with that soulful jazzy production. I also think these topics ended up presenting the raw emotion of Kendrick better than G.K.M.C does with the likes of U exploring his insecurities and Alright being an optimistic track about how God has a good plan for him; it’s just a classic but they’re both amazing albums. The extent of the begging should determine whether it is punishable or not in my eyes. Like if someone is consistent with it and just doesn’t get the message to stop even when warned then warned yeah do something about it. I also think it’s up to the people they are begging at to have some sense as well, don’t just go along with voting or repping someone because they kept asking you because you’re only being disingenuous to yourself and them and clearly they will keep going back to you to ask if you keep following what they say. Basically, just get your own damn mind and don’t be someone’s bitch. Trade deals are definitely punishable since it’s just clear politics and again not a matter of what YOU personally think. BITCH IF YOU DO-. *cough* Personally I believe that I did a lot more than Nate in the build up to that semi-final when it came to kayfabe and just overall contribution, while Nate simply updated a diary who hadn’t written in in months for the sake of it. I knew that coming up to it Nate would have a lot of people in this corner compared to me and I just couldn’t overcome the power of certain influencers lol. I do hope Nate and I cross paths in Kayfabe again though so we can settle this. I very much disagree with this. I think in the past the main reason Chelsea declined is due to the player power being influential over the manager – it happened with Mourinho, with Conte and slightly with Sarri; with Lampard though that isn’t the case because who is gonna have more power than Mr. Chelsea himself? Then clearly, we got the issue of the transfer ban but it could honestly be a blessing in disguise, we obviously aren’t using the same squad as last season with the likes of Pulisic signing and the guys who will be getting a chance like Mason Mount, Reece James and Tammy Abraham. Plus, Lampard has got us playing some exciting football already and is clearly helping to improve players like Barkley. 7th will not happen, we are definitely better than Arsenal still and unless Man Utd sign every single bloody player they’ve be rumored with we’re level with them. Worse scenario I can see us just missing out in 5th or 6th. The Champions League though…oh boy that’s a discussion in itself.
  16. Name: Prince Age: 23 Weight (Please use pounds/lbs): 154 lbs Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): Bruiserweight Gimmick: He continuously sees himself as the Prince of wrestling, with his goal to show to others he has what it takes to be the king Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Running uppercut, general stomping around the body, elbow drops in the Ziggler fashion, backstabber, kicks to the gut in the corner Daniel Bryan style, general slapping to the face Signature Moves (Up to 3): The Miz's corner clothesline, Zig-Zag (Claiming The Crown) Finishing Moves (Up to 3): The Upper Class Off With Their Heads Additional Information: Princes main problem that stops him becoming the "king" is his immaturity, such as getting too cocky in a match or getting riled up and losing focus when things don't go his way
  17. Prince


    Name: Prince Weight: 150 lbs Height: 5'8 Nickname: Royalty Signatures: The Miz's corner clothesline, Zig-Zag (Claiming The Crown) Finishers: The Upper Class Off With Their Heads Hometown: London, England Attire: Mustafa Ali
  18. It had been advertised earlier in the night that Prince was at the venue for Carnage, sparking interest in fans over what he was planning to do tonight. Their curiosity is answered, and Prince comes out from behind the curtain, who hadn’t been seen since his loss to Bob in the first round of King of The Ring. That event doesn’t seem to of phased The Prince much though, as he comes out oozing with a sense of confidence in his step as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He looks around the arena with a smirk on his face before the music fades out as he gets a microphone. “The Prince was only gone a through weeks, yet he can see the relief on all your little faces that I am back in this ring.” This sparks boos from the crowd who clearly don’t agree but doesn’t seem to aggravate Prince. “My recollection of my last match clearly doesn’t bring a sense of pride to The Prince, losing to that disgusting piece of vermin known as Bob. It was not, shall I say…my finest hour. These past few weeks have rejuvenated The Prince though and have helped to put life in perspective. He will make sure that he is not defined by one match, one performance, ONE MOMENT…of weakness. The Prince is determined to make amends for the error of his ways. The only way to do that is to lace up his boots, step back in this ring and give the people a performance, a masterclass, AN EXPERIENCE…that paints over that grotesque first attempt.” The crowd seems to be hooked over what is Prince is saying, he licks his lips before turning around to face the stage. “Emergence…is when I apply that new fresh coat of paint. Yet what The Prince needs right now is a subject, someone that is willing to be the model for this piece of art he is looking to create! This is where I ask those in the back to be the stars of this piece, they will look at you as the first in the long line of beautiful pieces of work The Prince is looking to create. Therefore, he sees this as him doing you all a favor. A match at Emergence, a chance for you to put your name in small…dimmer lights under the sparkling headliner that is ‘The Prince’.” Prince puts down his microphone and expands his arms with a smirk on his face as he looks to the top of the stage, yelling the likes of ‘Come on’ and ‘Join me’…
  19. Thanks for checking out the album Nate. Tbh I didn't expect you to enjoy it as much as you did but I'm glad you did, I agree that the album starts off with some great tracks like my personal favorite Sayonara (amazing hook) then maybe the songs aren't as strong near the end. I really rate Home as a closer though since we actually got to see Aries's vocal ability but I see your point. Another reason I rate the album is because Aries produced it himself. Great review though!
  20. LET'S ARGUE EPISODE 1 So hello and welcome to episode 1 of Let's Argue which took way to longer to come out then it should've, we have a good variety of arguments to go through today. If you enjoy this please drop a rep and please DM me your arguments for the next episode, without further ado let's go. Yeah, I get the feeling of missing the old chat, there are a lot of good memories on it with some classic BPZ moments such as Bash drafting Joh and him going “Fuck off…fuck right off” and the random kicking of users. The use of GIFs was always fun as well like the spamming of Lesnar dancing or Ambrose faceplanting, really though I think the nostalgia from it comes from the guys that we don’t see as often on Discord such as Nebakos. I prefer Discord as an actual function though, since it’s easier to upload pictures, you have VCs and there’s no limit on who can join. I am more of a folder than someone who scrunches after um…using the facilities. Coming from quite a big family it’s kinda looked down upon to use more than what was needed which obviously is what happens when you scrunch…plus folding is just a lot more effective. So yeah, this person wanted to stay anonymous. I understand where someone is coming from where you are trying to create a distinction between yourself and the person you are competing against to give you an edge in votings. You can also use it to your advantage though by making sure what YOU do is better than the other, then people can see a clear comparison between your quality and thiers which might give you an edge in the votings. I agree one hundred percent with this. What is making hip hop some exciting now is that if you look beyond the commercialised artists of the genre like Cardi B for example there’s definitely a lot of variety within it and so it annoys me when people say that “real rap” is lost. It’s just not hitting the mainstream like it used to, but the power of the internet means it’s still there to enjoy with the likes of Freddie Gibbs or YBN Cordae. Or if you want experimental stuff you have the likes of Earl or JPEGMafia and then obviously you got the greats like Kendrick and Kanye. What the internet has done is that you don’t have to worry about a select group thinks like you used to because if your music isn’t complete and utter garbage there WILL be a group of people that are going to mess with you and support you. So, unless your goal is to hit the mainstream you don’t have to worry about constraining yourself, you don’t really have the same risks as someone like Soulja Boy had when at his peak he had guys like Snoop Dogg and Ice T saying he killed hip-hop. Or the likes of Kanye when he made 808 & Heartbreak’s which has now inspired the sound of a whole generation of guys. So yes, hip hop is definitely in a great position.
  21. Chelsea FC are delighted to announce the appointment of 26 year-old Prince as head coach on a three-year contract. Having sadly had his playing career cut short, the Englishmen has made a name for himself in the managerial scene already with his three-year stint at BSC Young Boys where he was able to win the Swiss Super League on all three occasions. With this Prince was highly praised for his attacking but structured football, along with a no-fear attitude in Europe. Prince, a lifetime Chelsea supporter, said: 'This is absolutely my dream job, being able to work in the Premier League and a club I have loved for such a long time in Chelsea. This season is clearly going to be a challenge but when I look at the squad available I see a lot of exciting prospects with a lot of potential to be something great mixed with those with good experience. I fully have belief we can achieve something with what we have.' ... ... Editor Notes: So I'm finally back with a diary! Since in real life this is going to be a difficult season for Chelsea due to the transfer ban and the return to Champions League football, I decided to give myself the same challenge in FM19 to see what I can achieve with the squad available to me. This is gonna be difficult but should be fun (famous last words), hopefully you enjoy!
  22. Kanye is just a pure genius in my eyes, his versatility is crazy and I love how deeply personal he can get on a track with the likes of your favorite (and one of mine) Runaway. I would like to recommend Welcome Home by Aries, it has quite a few emo rap elements lyrically to it but imo he has a unique sound you might like.
  23. GOT A HOT TAKE ON THE FORUMS, WRESTLING OR JUST LIFE IN GENERAL? TELL ME IT FOR ME TO GO OVER. So yeah this is inspired by Youtuber Anthony Fantano aka theneedledrop who gives his take on stuff on his fans opinions on Twitter but mainly to do with music. I thought it would be an interesting idea since we got quite a lot of...strongly opinionated users on this forum. I'll give an example of how this will work Generic User 1: "Rey Mysterio shouldn't of won the Royal Rumble as a result of Eddie's death" While it can be seen as cheap by WWE to have gave Mysterio this push over Eddie's death, imo it was worth it with the great moment that it ended up creating at Wrestlemania with a lot of people wanting to see Rey win the big one. Where I think WWE went too far were using Eddie to get heel heat for Orton during the feud such as saying that Eddie was in hell, it just felt unnecessary and clearly Vince never learnt from it if we look at the recent example of Paige mentioning Charlotte's dead brother. So I see where you are coming from." Or just something non-WWE related is fine as well such as Generic User 2: "You shouldn't put pineapple on pizza" I agree, it's just grim. So yeah, please DM ME YOUR TAKES ON DISCORD and I'll get a few of them and make an episode out of it, thanks.

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