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  1. GOT A HOT TAKE ON THE FORUMS, WRESTLING OR JUST LIFE IN GENERAL? TELL ME IT FOR ME TO GO OVER. So yeah this is inspired by Youtuber Anthony Fantano aka theneedledrop who gives his take on stuff on his fans opinions on Twitter but mainly to do with music. I thought it would be an interesting idea since we got quite a lot of...strongly opinionated users on this forum. I'll give an example of how this will work Generic User 1: "Rey Mysterio shouldn't of won the Royal Rumble as a result of Eddie's death" While it can be seen as cheap by WWE to have gave Mysterio this push over Eddie's death, imo it was worth it with the great moment that it ended up creating at Wrestlemania with a lot of people wanting to see Rey win the big one. Where I think WWE went too far were using Eddie to get heel heat for Orton during the feud such as saying that Eddie was in hell, it just felt unnecessary and clearly Vince never learnt from it if we look at the recent example of Paige mentioning Charlotte's dead brother. So I see where you are coming from." Or just something non-WWE related is fine as well such as Generic User 2: "You shouldn't put pineapple on pizza" I agree, it's just grim. So yeah, please DM ME YOUR TAKES ON DISCORD and I'll get a few of them and make an episode out of it, thanks.
  2. GENGAR MIMIKYU Marowak-Alola Decidueye Jecllicent Sableye-Mega Chandelure Banette
  3. Big fan of Bojack Horseman, the mix of satire comedy along with a lot more serious themes makes it a really good watch. Another, while it didn't last as long as it should've, is the Spectacular Spider-Man series which is still the best animated Spider-Man TV show that has aired imo.
  4. Burd is such a sonically pleasing album which I thought would be higher up the list tbh but still some very good selections so far such as Malibu Ken, the lyric content on that album is what really opened my eyes to how expressive you can be with rap. GREY Area is also definitely an album worth checking out, Little Simz has a great sense of authority when she raps. Looking forward to the rest of the list.
  5. I'm a sucker for a good underdog story since you see them since for me personally I feel inspired when witnessing them, we see a lot of these in sports so feel free to mention your personal faves. One of the best is Leicester City winning the Premier League, these were guys who narrowly missed out on relegation the season before and came back and won the damn title, it was incredible. In that you had players like Jamie Vardy, who went from playing non-league football to a goal scoring machine at Leciester and holding the record for scoring in the most PL games in a row. Truly an incredible story to witness.
  6. Parties, I guess it just has to do with me not drinking lol but they are just very awkward situations for me and most of the time I end up thinking about how I wanna get home.
  7. “The Prince” walks slowly into the conference room, looking smugly as he gets a mic put on him before sitting down at the desk, he looks around the room at the cameras taking photos of him with a look of disdain of his face as he slumps into his seat. “Thank you for joining us Mr. Prince…now for our first qu-“ Prince quickly places his finger up and shakes it before pointing to the glass of water in front of him. “What the on earth is this disgusting thing in front of mind? I’ll have you know the Prince only drinks water from the purest places around; this water represents this disgusting show – it’s full of garbage but we just choose to accept it as a society. Take it away, NOW.” An assistant quickly comes up and takes the cup away, as Prince raises his finger again for the reporter to ask the question. “As I was saying, our first question for you Mr. Prince is how are you feeling mentally and physically heading into your first-round match against Bob?” Prince snickers at the question as he lowers his shades to look at the reporter eye to eye as he leans into the microphone. “The Prince simply knows there is a job to be done, as always my body is in tip top condition and mentally I simply feel free. Free from expectation, free from sly comments about me as a performer, at this moment in time I feel ready. You see I told Bob that he was going to feel my hits more than any other man he has ever faced, to me it is just any day at the office.” The reporter looks at Prince with a blank look at slowly sits back down while another stands back up. “So, what do you make of Bob’s comments about you being a ‘part timer’?” This contributes to a harrowing belly laugh from Prince to which the reporters look at him in a very confused manner. “Like The Prince just said, sly comments. Maybe at some point they would have gotten under my skin, now I simply brush it aside and get on with my business.” “But do you feel there was truth in what Bob was saying?” A look of annoyance creeps across Prince’s face, but he takes a deep breath and continues. “The Prince resents these remarks. I am not a part timer, I just simply know my worth. I know the right times for when it is necessary to pop up and make my mark, the King of the Ring tournament is one of those times. You see, many underestimates the concept of burnout. Too many have an illusion that they can keep going and going and going, it just doesn’t work like that. So I’d like for Bob to see how well he truly knows himself and see if a year from today whether he has that same passion he speaks so highly of now.” Prince starts looking around the room and nods at a reporter in the back with his hand up. “So how far do you think you can go in the tournament?” “All the way, definitely. The Prince the chance of a final place taken away from him two years ago, but he is a changed man and won’t let the same thing happen. I mean that with all my heart. I shall now depart.” Before any can respond, Prince gets up and leaves without a single look back.
  8. Gotta be Eddie winning the the WWE title from Brock Lesnar, everyone was so emotionally invested from the crowd to the commentators; everyone clearly wanted to see it happen. The way he won it was just perfect for the Eddie character as well by hitting Lesnar with the belt while the ref was down.
  9. In this social media age I always thought a title like this would be an excellent idea for WWE to get behind and the are going above and beyond with it, I'm enjoying how there's actual story being embedded in it and not just random wins constantly; I was actually happy to see Maverick win it back and get away. Guess the next step is to see what crazy thing Truth does to disrupt the honeymoon and win back the title lol.
  10. I like how this Kofi vs Joe feud is shaping up, the middle finger was something I'd never expect Kofi of all people to go and do lol. Owens as a fan I'm not really a fan of, he is just naturally a very good heel and so I don't feel he'd offer much uniqueness as a face. I'm happy that it seems we're going to get an Ali push in the next few weeks but the videos aren't the best lol, I also wanted to some more depth in the Nalor vs Nakamura tease. So yeah, pretty average episode.
  11. Quite an enjoyable episode that gives some some hope to how the future of Raw will be shaping up. As many on here did, I did enjoy Styles joining The Club and should set up a great feud vs Ricochet. The Strowman/Lashley thing was a great way to quick off an episode of Raw to get people intrigued, Mike Kannelis and Maria turning up was a surprise but a nice one; is Mike the daddy though? Once again the 24.7 title segments were brilliant and assume the next course of action is Truth turning up at the honeymoon, Overall, pretty decent episode and I'm intrigued as to where Raw is gonna go once Heyman gets his hands on it more.
  12. SosQgCy.jpg

    1. Julius


      This is very nice 

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      Very smooth graphic. 

    3. Bart


      These promo graphics are bringing back memories

  13. Having heard from Bob earlier on in the night, the crowd are in anticipation as to when Prince would choose to respond; with there being not long before the two are set to do battle in the first round of King of the Ring. A very particular sounding theme plays through the speakers of the arena which keeps the crowd engaged; as suddenly a man in vibrant and distinctive clothing makes his way from behind the curtain. Many are shocked to see this is Prince, he walks down the ring with a sense of modesty to his movement; catching the eye of fans looking at him strangely to which he slowly pulls down the shades he has on which causes the fan to avert his gaze. Prince simply smirks to the fan and nods his head as he slips them back on to his eye line and makes his way into the ring with a swagger in his step. As Prince picks up the microphone from the assist without even looking at him, before shooing him away his hand as he slowly lifts the microphone up to his mouth. “It is with the greatest respect that I ask all of you this evening to rise up and get a good look at the man standing in front of you, bask in it, admire in it and be inspired by it. Bask in the way that The Prince stands before you all looking like the dime among this heap of trash, admire this glory I have so vividly presented myself in. As for inspire, well…The Prince is a kind man. As a kind man it would be wrong for I to tell you all to inspire to be like me because inspiration leads to desire to replicate and I’m sorry to say no matter how hard you try you went come anyway close to being the wondrous star that The Prince is!” The crowd does not take kindly to those comments at all, with many booing “The Prince” who shrugs them off as he asks the assistant on the side how his hair looks; before the assistant can answer “The Prince” tells him that he looks perfect before standing back in the center of the ring. “Thank you all for that zealous reaction, it brings a tear to the eye of The Prince. Speaking of tears, I expect floods in the up and coming battle against Bob. Now Bob, The Prince admires you; I can always respect a guy from NXT that chooses not to call it a da after his first month. Yet, The Prince shakes his idea that I am a part-timer you can simply brush aside. The Prince doesn’t plan on being a part timer, at some point in your life Bob you come at cross-roads and rather than try force something that you don’t care about you continue looking for that passion as long as it takes. Well here I am, The Prince is now full of passion. You’re going to feel that passion from every punch I land, every kick I land, everything I land on you will leaving you feeling a way you haven’t felt before in your short career.” Some cheers can be heard after this, some people finding a respect in what Prince is saying. “So continue sipping your moonshine sir, as all The Prince sees is a man getting familiar with the taste that will drown his sorrows when I give you the beating that will give you a whole new reminder of why you aren’t anywhere near the level you think you are. The Prince doesn’t stand here shaking in fear, The Prince stands here beaming with happiness at the idea of using you as an example of why I am better than ever. Bob, you are merely a step on the stairs to the palace where The Prince has ever intention of getting to in order to be crowned the King of the Ring.” Prince struts his arms out in glee, falling onto his stomach as he drops his mic and elegantly slides out of the ring and to the back.
  14. This match just feels really random to me and doesn't make sense storyline wise lol, they just felt the need to try bring Undertaker back into the programme in some way. Of course seeing 'Taker will be nice for nostalgia but I just want this feud to be over at this point, I'll enjoy if they use this to tease a possible Undertaker vs McIntyre match in the future though.
  15. You have set some decent groundwork's here George for a first episode, the 8-man tournament for the Universal Championship looks really appealing...the problem is for some reason there are only 7 guys in it? Can't tell if that was done on purpose to leave us in suspense or not. Strowman is looking like a beast already with the squashing and what he did to Foley, I wonder what the consequences of those actions will be since he injured the GM on his first night in charge lol. Rusev is just being Rusev I guess so we'll see where that leads. The triple threat match just seemed very random to be though and I'm not convinced that Henry would get "tired" after 13 minutes. Charlotte's actions I can't really picture her doing in real life either, since her gimmick is meant to be the confidant "queen" of the industry but I'll wait to see what direction it takes her in. I feel like if you were going to have Lesnar wrestle on Raw you needed a lot more hype around it, as obviously he hasn't wrestled on there in however long it was but it just way too casual in my eyes; the mans meant to be a prizefighter. There have been some good things in here George to build up on, what I'd say is just really consider if you can envision these guys doing this kind of stuff irl WWE; basically if it matches their personality. Besides that I'm excited so keep going.
  16. Eddie would be my choice, his charisma could easily make him one of the biggest babyfaces in this era and would make viewers want to tune in every week just to see the antics he can come up with; a bit like R-Truth but he would definitely be more of a legitimate main eventer and would make some great matches with some of the current guys.
  17. Sheamus in 2012 just didn't seem like the best choice when there was someone that a lot of people would of been happy to of seen win in Jericho, maybe a part of that is because of the match Sheamus ended up having at Wrestlemania. 2017, Orton just seemed very random to me but I looked at the list of those who were a apart of it and most of it were just full of part timers so I don't know really.
  18. Of course that wasn't the only reason but there have been reports that clearly found a link between the two things. Obviously yes Cody was fine but imo they shouldn't of risked it in the first place.
  19. You literally said why social media "lost their shit", edgy doesn't equal doing something that was proven YEARS ago to cause significant damage to someone and have been cause for a massive tragedy in the industry with Chris Benoit and the retirement of many wrestlers.
  20. In 2019 with all the research of concussions in not just wrestling but all sports it's a huge no no and it's disappointing that in an attempt to try be unique AEW did something so careless. It won't exactly but them in a great light in terms of PR either, I hope they don't do it again honestly it's not worth it at all.
  21. This is why the RKO is my favorite finisher of all time, it created some crazy moments such as this one right here; the timing is insane.
  22. I really can't see Cena "retiring" for a while still, taking on more of a Rock like role when he will be willing to turn up for the big money match and to hit fans with the nostalgia feels. I'll always respect what Cena has done for the industry, imo he went from a dry patch between 08-11 but in recent years has really put in some top tier performances against the likes of Punk and Styles; it just doesn't feel the same without him.
  23. Like what Brenden said the Codebreaker is a gimmick name for the move that really doesn't make sense with others, we have seen many examples of this over the years such as Tyler Breeze using the Killswitch. I don't see why anyone would be annoyed about it, especially when the name belongs to one of the main guys in your rival company.

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