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  1. Carnage cuts to Prince backstage clearly in huge glee after the victory in the strap match over Jason Ryan, meaning he qualifies for the North American championship match at Summerslam. A beaming smile is visible on his face as he is approached by Josh Trenton. “Hi Prince, congratulations on your victory! We were just wondering if we could have some words?” Prince takes a look at Trenton with a more somber expression, before taking a sip of his ribena. He then proceeds to gesture a thumbs up. “Fire away.” Trenton seems to be a bit thrown off by this but he composes himself. “So, how do you feel about defeating Jason Ryan and thus giving you a title opportunity for the North American title at Summerslam?” Once again, a smirk comes across the face of Prince as he leans into the microphone. “I’m elated. I was so hungry for this win, way more than anyone else truly knew. I went out there tonight and faced Jason in…peculiar circumstances…but what matters is I did what I told the world I was going to do and got the job done. All I was ever thinking about is the end goal that would’ve been in touching distance if I beat Jason, a strong chance at winning gold. With every win I’ve been getting, I’m regaining that confidence that I had in myself earlier on in my career that led me to my success. I truly do believe that the old Prince is coming back, I know that I have a fighting chance at Summerslam and I’ve proven to everyone that I DESERVE to be there.” You can see the clear fire and determination in Prince’s eyes as he utters the last words, seemingly being lost in his own world before Trenton asks him another question. “Earlier we saw Alex Costa win in very swift fashion while blindfolded against Josh, does that make you nervous at all about facing him?” We see a focused look come across the face of Prince, as he takes another sip of his ribena before continuing. “Not at all. Of course, I lost to him and Sameer for the Intercontinental championship not that long ago, but in that short space of time things have changed drastically for me. At the moment my career is only moving in an upwards direction, mentally I feel better than I have in a very long time. I know Alex is smart enough to realise that though and so he isn’t going to underestimate me going into the fatal four-way, of course what he did tonight was impressive but it hasn’t fazed me. I know that I can deal with him the same way I’m going to deal with the other two competitors that I’ll be sharing the ring with.” “Now, in this build up to this match you helped by a group…called the mandem I believe? Care to explain that?” Prince lets out a laugh at the question and shakes his head. “A group? Nah man they’re bruddas that no one can control. I spoke to them after and one of them told me that Jason was acting like ‘a batty man’ and ‘proper wet’ so they had to get involved. I can’t really say anything about it except from thanks for the help.” “Will we see them again?” Prince pauses for a second to think. “Perhaps.” “Now after this victory, you have defeated two member of the Death Riders back to back. Care to comment on it?” Prince lets out an even louder life with a smile beaming from his face once again. “Maybe this little group that Bailey has put together isn’t as amazing as he thinks it is. Right now we are seeing a lot of these factions pop up, to this I’ll say I think it’s these bigger guys hiding their insecurities. Thinking that they don’t have what it takes anymore to achieve success on their own so instead they need to form these little posses around them for moral support. The sooner they break apart the better it’s going to be for everyone in this company. So yes, it was satisfying to beat Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan. Obviously though, I can’t dwell on it for too long when I have much more important matters at hand.” “Important matters, such as this Karico matter? We’ve seen over the month or so that you’ve been taking matters into your own hands with finding him.” A noticeable shift in Prince’s face is seen, a lot more serious now with his tone lowering as well. “Like I said finding Karico is very important to me. Alex told me some vital information and I intend to act on it very soon but trust me when I also say that this won’t distract me from the North American title. My eye is very much firmly on the prize, I’ve suffered too long to let an opportunity like this slip without giving one-hundred and ten percent to it. These next few weeks are going to be a test for me, but I know that that I’m more than ready to take it on.” “Thank you for your time Prince.” Prince nods his head in acknowledgement at Trenton before walking off and having another sip of his ribena.
  2. "OI WHAT ARE YOU DOING FAM?" Jason turns around and to his absolute shock and horror, the mandem have pulled up on him! "YOU MESSING WITH MY BRUDDA PRINCE YEAH? ARE YOU SKUNKED?" One of the members pulls out a knife and lightly stabs Jason which makes him fall down in pain. The rest of the members help Prince get up and into a car, before driving away from the scene.
  3. Gunna - Kota - Earl - Kodak - Gibbs - Cordae Joey - Slowthai
  4. As Jason Ryan turns around, Prince smirks before leaping up from the chair and to his feet. He notices how Ryan is too busy up his own ass which gives him time to grab a bat nearby, he runs up to Ryan and swings it to the back of his head. “AHHH!” Ryan lands on the floor with a thud and yells in pain. Prince shakes his head slowly before swinging once again and targeting his right knee. “OUCH!” Prince simply laughs in response before proceeding to stomp repeatedly on the knee as Jason Ryan continues to cry out in pain. Quicky, he takes the cigarettes packet from Jason Ryan and shows it off in front of him. “NO PLEASE!” Prince doesn’t even care to respond before he throws the cigarette’s in a nearby trash can before taking the lighter from Jason and setting it on fire. “NOOOOOOOOO” Jason tries slowly to get back to his feet but Prince simply swings at the knee again to keep him down. Prince then proceeds to kick him in the gut as Jason leans up against the rule, with Prince leaning the bat against his neck. “Now it’s your turn to sit there and listen to me talk, got that mate? You think that YOU made me sit there obediently and listen to you ramble on? Nah man, every second during that I precisely thought out every thing I wanted to say to you that you’ve REALLY pissed me the hell off. You want to come up and try use big words? Who do you think you are impressing? Maybe your second grade teacher, trying to not justify why they were right to hold you back for a few years. You seriously think I’m scared of you Jason? All I see is a pathetic, insecure excuse of a man who is just way in over his head. But alright, I didn’t enunciate properly? I didn’t show enough emotion in my voice? That’s man bad man, I’ll make myself perfectly clear for you now. I’m going to fucking destroy you.” Jason Ryan can very clearly be seen to be struggling, which Prince laughs at in response and looks set to stomp on Ryan’s knee again which makes him flinch. Right before Prince connects however, he sighs before locking eyes with Jason Ryan again. “You want to come up here and tell me I’m not being intelligent, you’re right I’m not intelligent, I’m just real. Just as real as one can fucking get, you wish you could be as free as me. Instead you’re too far up your own ass that you can almost touch your brain and you have to hide behind this fake, tough exterior. If you’re such a true intellect mister most dangerous man, maybe you understood what I just did. I made you expose your insecurities, what inside you really tears you apart. Addiction, relationships, having to go to rehab and talking with others to save yourself. Can that really be the backstory of someone who is meant to be a dangerous man? Or is it a backstory of someone you wish you could be but deep down inside you, know that you will never be? That’s the difference between you and I Jason. You’re stuck in a dreamland and one day you are going to have to wake up, and when that happens where is your place going to be in this company? No one is going to love the real Jason Ryan, no one will fear him either.” Prince’s words begin to get more intense, as does his actions as he holds shoves the bat even further against the next of Jason Ryan which leaves him gasping for air. “You’ll be nothing, obsolete, a zero. You’ve never truly recovered from the past and you’re going to be dealing with the consequences that you try SO hard to run away from by playing this persona. Sure ok, maybe I do get some sympathy and apathy, but you know what? That’s the price tag of what it means to be a real man, a real person. It honestly doesn’t even begin to surprise me that it’s such an alien concept to you when you’re one of the most disingenuous people in this company. All I ever do is fight with heart, with passion…fighting for ME and nobody else. That’s why I give it 110% whenever I go out there. All you ever do is fight for this character, this lie that you’ve created…that’s why you struggle to admit your flaws. That’s why you truly care about nothing, because this never effects the REAL Jason Ryan. While this is me, this is all I have and that’s why losses hurt because everyone knows I put my heart and soul into this!” Prince sees Jason struggling and looses up the bat before slapping him in the face. He does a gesture for Jason to keep his eyes on him before smirking. “You wanna play down my championship accomplishments but I got those from being true to myself which is something that you can never live up to. You won’t be the man that makes me leave. I’m going to be right here, I’ll be the catalyst to your downfall. Or perhaps the catalyst to your awakening. By the way you carry yourself though, I think it’s pretty damn clear that you’re going to be heading down the path of the first option. You are simply too far gone but you fail to acknowledge that, or you just continue to fight it.” Prince lets off the pressure on Jason Ryan and sits up, before turning around. Jason Ryan tries to attack but it seems Prince was expecting it as rests his foot against his cheek to keep Jason down on the concrete floor. “When we face in the strap match, the only thing I expect from you is a thank you. A thank you for me knocking even a little sense of hope into you, because trust me when I tell you Jason that no one else is going to do it for you. It doesn’t matter how great your title accomplishments were in your eyes, because that is the problem – they’re simply all in your eyes. In this falsehood you created for yourself you think that they were amazing and helps make you a legend, but here is the thing Jason; you are still capable of being chewed up and spit out in an instant. I suggest that you go and get ready oh mister dangerous one, or chill and watch some Rick & Morty since you seem to be such a massive fan! Perhaps go watch the Mr. Mine episode, you should relate to it; seeming as you are nothing more than a carbon of so many guys like you who thought that they were the big shot only for reality to strike and when shit hit the fan they didn’t know where on earth they could go. All I can say now is, good luck because now you are really going to need it.” In one final swift motion, Prince kicks Jason in the gut before and shoves him against a crate. Before turning around and loudly singing Sweet Caroline.
  5. Name - Prince Curry Age - 16 Nationality - Bangladeshi Club - Bolton Skin Tone - Brown Height - 5'6 Weight - 63kg Position - LW
  6. Prince

    Underestimate Me

    We are back from commercials to see Prince in the ring, microphone in hand as we see a crowd watching in anticipation of what he is going to say. There is a fire in Prince’s eye as he looks around the arena before staring at the hard cam and raising his microphone to speak. “Honestly Jason, I was sitting backstage just staring at the screen and hearing the nonsense that you were spewing and I simply couldn’t help but laugh. At this point I dare anyone to talk about me and try insult me in a way that doesn’t include calling me a flop or bringing up my past, especially from people like Jason Ryan that has never been noteworthy to begin with.” Even from the first few sentences, the crowd recognize that with the intensity that Prince is displaying that he means business. “You want to come up here and call me the worst member of this brand? If what I have achieved makes me one of the worst on the roster then you’re not even worth sitting in catering! Of course, I had a rough patch but I don’t think people understand what being on the low-end does for a man. When you’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel you show yourself and everyone else how bad you truly want it by rising back up again, that’s the difference between me and people like you Jason Ryan. If you went through the shit that I’ve been through you would’ve drowned in your sorrows and never been able to come back. With me doing so, it makes me so much hungrier to succeed because I know that I can’t allow myself to sink that low again. You’ve mistaken the look I’ve had in my eyes for being vacant, when what it truly is determination and focus.” Prince begins pacing around the ring, hardly able to contain himself which invokes a strong, positive reaction from the Carnage audience. “You seem to hold yourself in such a high regard and I really got a question, for what? What about you thinks that you have the right to be so damn arrogant? All you’ve been through your career is a bootleg version of Necce, trying to carry of this cool, dark demeanor like you’re an emo teen that never left the phase. I honestly wish I could take that knife and shove it in my ears to stop myself from hearing you talk so much shit, honestly your finishing move should be how you can so easily create second hand embarrassment. You want to call yourself a star? The only star you are is a shooting one and I’ll be the guy that’s going to send your arse back down to earth and thus, reality.“ The crowd is riled up now by the strong words that are being spoken by Prince, the intensity in them continuing to ramp up. “I’ll tell you what I tell a lot of the guys who talk about me these days, keep underestimating me. I love being able to prove all you people wrong when I step inside that circle. What a lot of guys fail to realise is that I’ve had it much worse than this. When I came into this company I was brash and arrogant, I pissed off the higher ups and so people thought I wouldn’t last five minutes. You know what I did in response? I fixed myself up and realised I controlled my own destiny and was too damn talented to waste my potential. I became a European champion, a tag team champion and a United States champion. At least I was able to create these high expectations of myself, no one thinks anything of you Jason. No one goes to a show today thinking ‘damn I can’t wait to see Jason Ryan wrestle!’. You will never be the main star even when you think so, you were always be a background singer while everyone knows that I can become the main act once again.” There is a lot of conviction as Prince in that last sentence, the focus that he mentioned earlier but absolutely clear in his eyes. “When we face in that strap match, I want you to keep that same energy about our history and I want you to tell me if it means shit once you feel that leather crack along your back. I dare you to call me a joke then, I dare you to try and tell me that I am not good enough anymore.” Without a second thought, Prince aggressively throws the microphone to the floor before exiting the ring and making his way backstage having felt he made a clear statement to everyone watching.
  7. We see Prince in a dark room backstage with simply a table in front of him. He taps his fingers against the table slowly as he takes a breathe and letting out a sigh. We see him lost in thought as he stares blankly, before his trance is broken by the thud of a door opening. Quickly, Prince looks up to see the The Riddler coming into the dark room with a visibly confused expression on his face. His and Prince’s eyes lock as Prince looks sternly at him. “Riddler, glad you could join me. Please, take a seat.” Prince gestures to the seat in front of him and slowly Riddler sits down, still having a confused look on his face. “What is happening here, Prince?” Prince leaps out of his seat. “I’M THE ONE ASKING THE QUESTIO-” Suddenly, he stops and takes another breathe before slumping back into his seat. “I mean, thanks for joining me Riddler, do you want tea, coffee or any drink?” “Prince, I was promised Snickers! You know how much Riddler loves his snickers!” “You get Snickers AFTER the questions.” This time Riddler slumps in his chair and mutters to himself as Prince rolls his eyes. He leans forward onto the desk before continuing. “I’ll keep this short and sweet Riddler because I know you’re busy doing...uh...wrestling stuff?” There is a visible confusion on both the face of Prince and Riddler along with a silence, before Prince continues. “Anyway. What I want to ask you Riddler is do you know anything at all about what happened with Karico.” Riddler scratches his head in confusion and bewilderment. “No nothing at al-” “YOU’RE LLYYYINNNNGGGG” Once again Prince leaps out of his chair and walks across the desk into the face of Riddler. As Riddler looks at Prince a smirk comes onto this face. “Well...looks like you’re the one who needs the snickers. You’re not you when you’re angry.” Prince sighs before backing off and sitting back down in his chair, visibly annoyed. “Look Prince, I’m not the guy to ask about this I haven’t even spoken to Karico before!” Prince looks away for a second in disappointment. “Alright, cool. BUT RIDDLE ME THIS RIDDLER. What can you catch but never throw?” Once again, visible confusion comes across the face of Riddler as he sarcastically laughs. “Are you serious? It’s a cold.” “DAMN IT, no wonder my sister was mocking me so much for not getting it. Alright, you’re free to go.” Quickly, Riddler gets out of his seat and makes his way to the door. Before he leaves however he turns around. “So, about the snickers…” “GET OUT!” We get a time lapse of twenty minutes later, as we see another familiar face come through the door. Prince looks up and simply nods his head. “Epic. Glad you could join us.” Like Riddler, Epic has a confused look on his face as he sits down. “Hey Prince, how’s life going for you?” “Shut up Epic, you ain’t my therapist. Besides this is about me asking you questions.” “I’d rather not have another hour long debate about why pineapple on pizza should be legal.” Prince grits his teeth and has a clear annoyance on his face as he leans closer. “It...clearly...should. That’s not what this is about though. This is about Karico” “Ahh, the guy who got kidnapped? Very sad indeed”. “Yes it is. What was your relationship with him?” “Relationship...? Platonic...”. Prince looks down in frustration and once again sighs before looking up at Epic. “This is not a time to be joking”. Epic rolls his eyes in response and slumps back in this chair. “To be honest Prince. I don’t see the big deal about this Karico fella. He seems to much trouble than he is worth”. “If I wanted your opinion, I would have asked okay?” “Jesus… if you are going to be like that. Lets just say there has been a lot of speculation in the locker rooms. Some even believe it was you”. “Why would I be looking for Karico if I was the one who kidnapped him”. “Stranger things have happened…” Prince tries to compose himself from showing his anger even though it’s visible by his face getting redder. “Just tell me the other speculation…” “This isn't just speculation. I heard it with my own ears. In the parking lot the other week. The day before Karico kidnapping. I heard Alex say he was going to kill Karico”. “Why have you just told me this now!” Prince slams his first onto the desk in anger as he says these words. “Who the hell gives a damn!” “GET OUT”. Without saying another word, Epic leaves the room leaving Prince to ponder. Another twenty minutes passes before we see Alex Costa burst in with annoyance. “What the hell do you want Prince? Do you need me to give you another beating?” Prince gets up and into the face of Alex and puts out his arm. “I know what you said about Karico, so tell me the story right now. Why did you say that?” Prince raises his voice as he says the last part which Alex matches in his reply. “All I know is, I was leaving the arena and he seemed to be pretty pissed off. Then suddenly this prick kicked off my car’s side view mirror and ran off before I could get him!” “So then you kidnapped him for revenge for your car?” Alex scoffs at the comment but then realises what Prince is dead serious. “Wait what? I never said that. I have no idea what happened to Karico”. “So why say you were going to kill him?” “Because the car he kicked was my new Audi R8, but thank god for insurance”. Prince turns around and shakes his head in disappointment. “God, when I think I finally crack the case. I just run into a dead end” “Prince, when I saw Karico kick my car. I heard him scream one name.” Prince’s eyes widen as he snaps and turns around with a look of desperation in his eye as he gets closer to Alex. “What… WHAT NAME?” “Bart”. Prince gobsmacked. Bart told him he had not seen Karico for years. Why did Bart lie. Was Bart the one who kidnapped Karico…
  8. We see Prince standing backstage after Flynn’s announcement as he looks into the camera, the anger that he had been showing previously seems to have washed away from his face after the match with Buddy Ace. The victory has clearly shown Prince to be in a better mood as he rubs his hands together. “I said what I was going to do. I did it, I went out into that Carnage ring and backed up my words. I told the world that Buddy Ace was going to regret what he said and he did, what would be ideal is that with this I pushed away doubters. That I had shown that right now is my time. Yet I know that isn’t the case because I lost to great competitors in Sameer and Alex for the IC belt. That isn’t a sad thing though, all it does at the end of the day is make me determined to keep pushing forward, to keep going out in that ring and make a STATEMENT. I have now been presented with a great opportunity to do that.” We get a cut back to Flynn’s announcement about the qualifiers for the North American championship match, with Prince’s name in the hat for it. “I face Jason Ryan. I won’t lie, I’ve never really understood that guy. He has always given off this mysterious vibe of not knowing what he is going to do next. The thing is though, that’s what I like about him and that is what will make our fight interesting.” Prince seems deep in thought for a second as he stares intensely at the camera before continuing on. “Now with this stipulation that Flynn has brought is that we can choose what match type we face each other, I decided that I wanted a match where neither of us could hide and we had to face each other head on…a steel cage. A match we you have to hurt your opponent enough to get over a cage without them stopping you. It would really show who has the drive and desire needed to be North American champion. What did Jason Ryan choose? A strap match. I MEAN, A STRAP MATCH. IS THIS MAN SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?” There is a look of disbelief on the face of Prince, followed by a faint smirk and a shake of the head. “What kinda twisted, demented man would choose a match where he can get lashed with a belt? When I heard he chose that match, I got PTSD to my teenage years where my momma would whoop my ass with the belt she just asked me to iron. So really, I have developed a strong resistance to a whooping with a belt. So if that is the match that we have, and I make it out the other side, I guess really it was down to her. Maybe she was right when she said that I’d thank her for this someday…” Prince lets out a little chuckle as his smirk gets larger. He pauses for a second before his face becomes stern. “But it’s real simple Jason Ryan, whatever we face in isn’t going to faze me from reaching my objective. Getting that North American championship. If I take a few lashes to the back to get though, so be it. The truth is the emotional pain I’ve been through these last few years, the points where I’ve been at my lowest have already made me realise a few cracks to the back mean nothing when there’s a bigger objective in mind. Lets go to war mate.”
  9. BUDDY ACE VS PRINCE JULY 21st Buddy Ace & Prince are finally set to face off following the actions that took place and the words exchanged between the two men. Buddy Ace comes out first to a negative reaction due to what he did to Prince just a few weeks ago. However, he soaks the reaction up and smirks as he gets into the ring. Following that, Prince makes his way out. Not much can be told by his facial expression as he simply walks down to the ring without doing anything too eccentric. There is a look of complete focus from Prince, with the intensity being visible through the look in his eyes. Buddy Ace smirks across the ring at Prince and laughs mockingly as the bell wins. Both men begin by meeting in the middle of the ring and locking up, Prince seems to be gaining the advantage as he gets Buddy Ace in the headlock. Ace is able to snap out of it and shoves off Prince into the corner before sarcastically clapping at him. The rage can be seen at Prince’s face as he gets up and runs towards his opponent but is met with a dropkick to the face that knocks him down to the canvas. Ace doesn’t give him time to recover as he follows up with a snap neck breaker. Buddy doesn’t seem to want let up here as he picks up Prince and drags him into the corner and delivers chops to the chest. Ace seems relentless right now but finally Prince counters and hits a huge chop of his own that echoes throughout the arena. He follows up with a belly-to-belly suplex that brings down Ace which gives Prince a moment to take a breather. As Ace begins to get back to his feet, Prince picks him up and delivers a punch to the gut before lifting up Ace to deliver the sidewalk slam. He goes into the cover. KICK OUT AT ONE AND A HALF. Prince doesn’t show any reaction to the count as he makes his way to the top rope. He gestures at Ace to turn around whose back is turned, and when he does face Prince he is met with a double axe handle. Ace manages to roll out of the ring and is followed by Prince who tries to take him back inside. He is caught by surprise though as Ace delivers an uppercut followed by a clothesline which takes down Prince. Before taking him back into the ring however, Ace throws Prince arm first into the ring post. He is in clear pain as he is taken back into the ring and this time Ace goes for the cover. KICK OUT AT TWO. Buddy Ace smirks as he begins to work on the left arm that was driven into the post, stomping on it first which further adds to the pain felt by Prince. He proceeds to use an arm bar where the ref ask Prince if he wants to give up, who refuses and gets his foot on the rope. Ace refuses to let go until the count of four before the referee warns him about cutting it close. As this is done, Prince has gotten up on the other side of the ring. Ace runs towards him, PRINCE LIFTS HIM UP AND HITS THE TURNING THE TIDES. But no! Prince also collapses in pain having used the injured left arm to hit the uppercut, before it’s too late he crawls into the cover. ONE, TWO KICKOUT! Ace was given time to recover and that made the difference. Slowly, both men are able to make their way to their feet and meet in the middle of the ring. Prince gets the first attack in and hits a combination of strikes to get Ace down to one ring. Prince then runs off the ropes but Ace rolls out of the way and surprises Prince by hitting a snap suplex. Ace waits on Prince to get up and hits a backstabber! ONE, TWO…kick out! There is an annoyance on the face of Ace now over the kick out. He begins to argue with the referee again which gives Prince a chance to get up and runs out him to hit a flying forearm to the back of Ace. Prince runs off the rope again and this is successful as he performs a running senton. He picks Ace up and looks to attempt The Nightmare Catalyst! Ace gets out of it however with an arm elbow to the side of the head. This time he attempts his finisher and tries to hit the Dead Eye! Prince slips through though and rolls up Ace! 1,2…NO! SO CLOSE! Ace can’t believe what almost happened as Prince nearly got the victory. He shakes his head in annoyance and walks over to Prince but his met with a hurricanrana and as Ace turns around his hit with a knee strike! However, Ace rebounds off the rope and delivers another huge clothesline making both get down. Another cover by Ace! ONE, TWO…NO! So close yet again! This time, we see Ace with the anger on his face as he shakes his head. Aggressively he lifts up Prince for them to meet face to face and starts to yell in his face. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU PRINCE, NOT ME, NOT ANYONE IN BPZ AND DEFINITELY NOT KARICO. YOU’RE PAHETIC!” What follows is the sound of flesh colliding with flesh Prince’s delivers a huge slap to Ace that startles him. Quickly Prince make his way to his feet and delivers another knee strike that this time gets a full connection. As Ace is startled, Prince gets him up AND HITS THE NIGHTMARE CATALYST! HE GOES INTO THE COVER! 1,2…3!! PRINCE HAS DONE IT! He has gotten revenge after what Buddy Ace did to him and proved doubters wrong about his lack of focus! Prince celebrates still clearly in pain with his arm injury but it doesn’t stop the clear happiness he has as proudly gestures to the crowd before we go commercials… FIN.
  10. So today is my six year anniversary on the forum. Time has flown by - I joined when I was 12 and now I'm typing this as an "adult". I've never been the most active or successful guy, but I have had a lot of fun getting to know all of you over the years and creating some good memories. Ik I'm the butt of a lot jokes but at the end of the day it's all in good faith lol (I guess). Really tho thanks a lot lads and I look forward to ten!:bolieve1

  11. Mentioned it on the Discord but maybe bringing back the BPZ poster competition could be fun, it encourages us to great creative. Maybe instead of it being posters for the Kayfabe shows, we are given a PPV concept and we have to try make a poster for it e.g. Undertaker vs The Fiend or something like that. Another one related more to games would be Jackbox. Literally only one of us would need to purchase it for us all to play, we've done it in the past and it was quite fun.
  12. COSMIC by Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats plays as we see Prince come out to the stage to kick off this weeks episode of Carnage. There is a clear look of anger on his face as he makes his way down the ramp, failing to play up to the crowd as he makes his way into the ring. This comes after the previous events of the brawl taking place between himself and Buddy Ace, where he had been ridiculed for what some viewed his career to have come to. Prince gets into the ring and gestures for a microphone which he quickly receives as his theme song fades out. “I think it’s pretty obvious why I am out here. Last week, I was taken out here by Buddy Ace. Thinking that he was going to help me in my attempt to find Karico, yet he instead brought me out here in an attempt to try and expose me. It’s pathetic. He really thought that him calling me a clown, trying to ridicule me wasn’t going to end any other way then him catching a right hand to the face? Trust me, he was very lucky that was the only thing that he received. I’m happy that didn’t get to do more to him though, because now I got an official match with him next week so I’m gonna get paid to kick his arse around this ring!” The words are said by Prince with harsh intensity with them, matching the anger that was visible on his face from when he entered the ring. The words of Buddy Ace clearly touched a nerve with him as raises the microphone to his mouth to continue. “Yeah sure, I want to find Karico ok? I’m on my own in this and I know that. If it was the other way around sure maybe Karico wouldn’t try go through the lengths that I have, well guess what…I’m Prince. I’m not Karico. I’m not Bart. I have always decided to go in my own lane, gone against the norm of what is expected of me. You want me to focus on wrestling? Well guess what it’s a struggle right now, people like you wouldn’t understand what history and roots are and how they shape you. I know people in this company want to forget their roots but guess what, I don’t. I’m proud of them because they all shape who I am today. All that experience, the wins, the losses, the highs and the lows…Buddy Ace you’re going to feel all that experience for every I make you crash onto his canvas. When I make you an EXAMPLE, to try and not embarrass me.” A small smirk on Prince’s face appears before he continues on… “You want to insult me about failing to live up to my expectations? I think you’re just mad that no one ever had any for your career. Also, the fact that they were completely right to think so. Maybe that’s why you decided to did this…maybe it wasn’t. I’ll be honest with you I don’t really care at this point. YOU should care that you decided to make an enemy of me during a time like this where I’m on edge. See you next week…Buddy.” Prince throws the microphone to the ground and leaves the ring in a hurry, a stern look on his face as he makes his way to the back.
  13. I forgot to do this before the PPV so i'm not doing the New Day vs Cesaro & Shinsuke match Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins - Eye for an Eye match Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt - Wyatt Swamp Fight - Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP - United States Championship match Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross - SmackDown Women's Championship Asuka (c) vs. Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship Bonus Questions: - What will be the second-to-last match on the PPV? Drew vs Dolph Will Otis cash-in during the PPV? No Will the 24/7 Championship change hands during the PPV? No Will someone make a cameo in the Wyatt Swamp Fight and if so who? Sister Abigail Will WWE be stupid enough to use a prop eyeball? No What will be the stipulation for the McIntyre vs. Ziggler match? (Question is void if announced before the PPV) Chair Match
  14. Name: Princess Male/Female :Female Role (Contestant, Trainer, Co Host, Tough Talk Host):Contestant Age 22 Why Did You Join? Because the Onlyfans didn't work out for some reason Best Skills : Athletic, Good technical ability Worst Weakness: Gets frustrated easily Favorite Wrestler: Sameer & Akki
  15. Prince

    An Odd Encounter

    We see Prince backstage at a Carnage event, trying to piece together everything that had been going on with Karico lately. He sits down on a crate as he reads the words on the back of the photo for what felt like the millionth time, even though he understood that it was going to get him nowhere. “Trust no one…” “Like, literally no one?” Prince looked up from the photo and simply began to look around the backstage area, filled with his fellow roster members and also staff. Surely none of these people would bother trying to do something like kidnap Karico? What the hell would their motive even be for doing so? Most of these guys weren’t even around when The Karico Brand was active, they didn’t understand the severity of the situation at hand. With Bart refusing to get involved, Prince was truly alone in this. As Prince gets lost in thought, he feels a tap on his shoulder which snaps him back to reality. He turns around to see Josh Trenton looking up at him. “Sorry Prince, you agreed to do an interview with me?” Prince looks at Trenton with a dazed look for a second. “I did? Um, yeah ok.” He gets down off the crate and follows Josh to the interview area. Prince tries to focus as Trenton ask if he is ready to go, to which he simplistically nods in reply. We get a countdown before the camera starts rolling. “Hello! Josh Trenton here and joining me right now as Prince. Now Prince, we haven’t heard much from you after you took a defeat in the first round of King of the Ring to Raven. How did you feel after that?” For a second, Prince doesn’t answer as he shakes his head in annoyance. “Well, I didn’t feel good about it I’ll say that much. I thought that maybe I had changed enough about myself by going back to my roots, by doing no more silly gimmicks and just being who I wanted to be. Clearly, I have a lot more soul searching to find. Raven was simply the better man on the day, so well done to him.” Prince face shows a lot of disappointment as he says those final words. However, he looks stern again as Trenton continues his questions. “Do you feel that maybe a lack of focus cost you? We understand the news about Karico must have been hard to hear going into that match?” “Of course it is hard, Karico was my tag partner. We had a lot of great memories together. That shouldn’t be an excuse for what happened though. I lost focus, and Raven was able to take full advantage of that. The loss is on my own ability and nothing else, watching that performance back fills me with anger but also motivates me to be ready for whatever is to come next.” “So…what is to come next?” As the question is asked, Prince face drops. He stays quiet for a few seconds and is prompted by Trenton for an answer. Finally, Prince speaks. “I-I don’t know if I am being honest with you. Just know that whatever it is, WHOEVER it is, all that’s happened just makes me hungry for more success. I don’t care how long this road is or how many twists and turns it has, I’m going to get to the top eventually. Thank goodness that I enjoy journeys, right?” Prince laughs to himself for a moment. “Prince, thank you for your time.” Prince responds with a thumbs up, as the cameras stop rolling before he and Trenton part ways. Prince begins to walk back to his locker room, he felt he did a good job at not showing his concern about Karico. He wouldn’t have been wise for him to show anymore weakness, everyone already looked down on him and he was only going to make it worse. He looks head down as Prince makes his way to his locker room door, before hearing a voice that stops him dead in his tracks. “Hey Prince, I think I can help you…” TBC...
  16. The segment of Carnage fades in as we see Prince entering inside a taxi. He abruptly sits down in the backstage as he looks up to see a female driver stare at him through the mirror. “Where to, sir?” “U-um. The Queen Vic please.” The female driver simply nods as the journey begins as Prince sits back in his seat and closes his eyes. Life had moved so fast, where on earth had time gone? It seemed like yesterday that the Karico Brand had formed, for months himself and Karico had been bumping heads in the singles division by trying to one up each other. By the end, the two had nothing but the utmost respect for each other and both could sense the hunger the other had for success. That’s how the Karico Brand was formed, guys who NEEDED success. That’s how Bart was able to join the Brand, Karico & Prince recognised that he had that same hunger in him. That’s how the trio was able to achieve what they did. At the time, it seemed that it was never going to end. NXT Champion, Tag Team champions...who knew how far the group could’ve gotten? Prince opened his eyes, reminiscing and what could’ve been wasn’t going to help him right now. He sighed quietly to himself as he stared out the window, they were close to the Queen Vic. “So, how are you paying?” Prince quickly snapped back to reality as he stared at the driver. “What?” “How...are you...paying?” Prince quickly looked through his pockets, his heart stopping for a second. “I mean, if you don’t have the money...I can pull up to a quiet road and you can pay me wit…” “AH NEVERMIND!” Prince found his wallet before letting out a breath of relief. “Found it! Wait...what were you talking about?” he asked curiously at the driver. “O-oh. Nothing.” “Ok then…” Prince raised an eyebrow as he and the driver stared blankly at each other for a moment. Neither said a word the rest of the journey. Eventually, they reached the Queen Vic. Without saying a word, Prince paid the driver. There he was, stood in front of the Queen Vic. The last time he was there...well things got a bit crazy. Prince took a second to admire how different it looked since the last time it was there. Karico had put that insurance money to good use it seemed. However, as he inspected closer he saw a sign that caught him by surprise… “THE QUEEN VIC - UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP” Quickly, Prince got to the door and entered. The vibe was pretty different, a lot calmer than he expected. Perhaps he was there before peak time. Prince takes a seat as the bartender looks and him and smiles, before walking over. “Welcome to the Queen Vic! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before, are you from around here?” “No I’m not, I’ve been here before but that was a very long time ago.” “Oh, you must mean under the old owner. Well welcome! What would you like?” Prince takes a second to think, he wasn’t a drinker so options were pretty limited. “Just a lemonade please.” “Coming right up!” As Prince waited for his drink, he looked around to take in the atmosphere. It just reminded him of how much things had changed in his life. As Prince was taking it in, he gets surprised from the booming voice of the bartender returning. “One lemonade mate. I can see that you’re surprised by how this place looks, it must have been quite different from when you last saw it. Maybe you were familiar with the old owner, Karico?” Prince seems surprised but tries not to show it as he looks up at the bartender. “Yeah, I knew him quite well but we lost contact. What happened?” The bartender stops for a second and scratches his head, in almost a confused sense. “I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure. The pub was doing great for a long time but in his last six months things really changed in his personality. For some reason he just became a lot more paranoid, decided he was going to sell the pub for cheap and as someone whose dream it was to own one I latched at the chance.” This time, Prince fails to hide his surprise as his eyes widen which the bartender notices. “You okay son?” “Yeah I’m fine...just a bit shocked.” “So were all the locals, he didn’t say goodbye or even take his stuff. It’s still in the attic now, I’ve never been into that fake wrestling garbage so I don’t know what to do with it.” An idea quickly came to Prince’s brain, making him choke on his lemonade. “IT’S STILL THERE? This is a strange request, but could I please have a look?” A confused expression comes over the face of the bartender. “Um...sure? Here, I’ll open it for you.” The bartender takes Prince upstairs and unlocks the attic for him. “Just come down and tell me when you’re done.” “I will, thank you.” Prince looks around the attic, the room scattered with different boxes which all seemingly belong to Karico. “Wow...where to start?” Prince whispers to himself as he begins to look through the boxes. As Prince opens one of the boxes, he sees it full of old Karico merch. The classic gold attire that he used to wear. Karico did always want to try show off his glamour with his claim as the riches man in the company, the thought leaves Prince to chuckle. His chuckle turns into a full on laugh though as he opens the box next to it. Karico’s healthy eating products he did as part of a sponsor, those things failed to ever take off but you would never hear Karico mention that. Prince shakes his head sarcastically. “Oh Karico, you had some weird ideas.” While in another box, Prince sees a bunch of photographs. The one on the top is in a photo frame, Karico holding up the NXT championship. The first big piece of gold the Karico Brand was able to achieve. However, Prince notices a shredder in the side of the room which raises his curiosity. He walks over to it… “What were you hiding, Karico?” As Prince looks around, all he can find are parts of shredded paper. He sighs and nods his head, realising that it would be no help for him. Prince goes back to the boxes and looks further through the photos. He finds another photo frame, containing the same photo that Prince had of the three of them with their title belts. As Prince looked at the photo, anger filled him. As he looked around it was evident to him, he was the only one who still cared about the Brand. “What the hell am I doing? I’m doing all this for someone who just didn’t give a crap, otherwise Karico’s stuff wouldn’t just be lying around like this! I’m out of here.” As Prince tries to put the photo frame back,he becomes loose and the photo of the trio slips out of it. He sighs in annoyance as he picks it up, however as he does Prince sees a smudge of black ink on his hand. “What?” Quickly, Prince turns over the photo...his eyes wider than ever before. The words in the black ink read…
  17. I just had one of those MEGA dumps on the toilet


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  18. A PROMO WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY PRINCE We fade into a scene of Prince in his home, looking frustrated as he is the middle of watching his King of the Ring match against Raven. He slumps back in his chair in annoyance as he watches on, noticing how unfocused he was during the encounter; reflecting on the words spoken with Bart just before he had stepped out from behind the curtain. As he watches the final few moments of the match, Prince looks away from the screen and begins to think to himself… “How could Bart say that? After everything the Karico Brand did for us...now he is in trouble and he doesn’t want to try help? What changed…” Prince seems deep in thought, sighing in frustration at how confused he feels at that moment. While deep in thought, he is quickly snapped back into reality from a booming voice coming from the screen “YOUR WINNER AND ADVANCING TO THE SECOND ROUND OF THE KING OF THE RING. RAVEN!” Prince quickly puts his head up and looks at the screen, seeing himself laid out on the canvas as Raven gets his hand raised by the referee. He shakes his head and gets to his feet, the anger visible on his face. Prince paces around his room before yells out… “Of course, Bart was right! Look what just happened you idiot! A few weeks ago you told everyone you were a new man, that this was going to be a resurgence in your career! Well look what happened, you cared too much about your past...about Karico! Now look, you made no process at all! God, you’re pathetic.” A frustrated Prince begins to lose control, as he looks over at his counter and grabs a recent stress ball he purchased. For a few moments, he clenches on to it to try and relieve some anger but it doesn’t work...the loss can’t leave his mind. He yells out before throwing towards his shelves. Prince turns around...before hearing the sound of glass smashing as something hits the ground. He quietly sighs. “Shit.” Slowly he walks over to the damaged photo frame and kneels down. Carefully, Prince scraps the glass to the side, the photo facing down. He picks it up and begins to turn it over, only the right-hand side visible. He sees a beaming smile on the face of Bart, making Prince roll his eyes. He turns over to see the whole picture. Himself and Bart on the night they won the tag team titles. Karico in the middle, with a face of absolute pride knowing that his goal had been achieved. He created a team of champions, the three of them were on top of the world. All starting from nowhere, from that night they felt no one would ever overlook them again. Yet since then, so much had changed. For one third of the team, it was for the better. Bart was a star now, while Prince was just scraping past. Maybe Bart was saying the truth. He moved on, now he was a star and surpassed both of those who bought him to the company in the first place. This photo was the past, he needed to move on. Yet, Prince also knew that he couldn’t just pretend that the past didn’t shape who he was. The man who gave him his early success is in trouble, and he can’t move on until he tries his best to help find him. But where? Prince gets up with the photo in his hand, as he blankly stares at it. Suddenly, his eyes widen...he knew what he had to do. He had to go back to where it all began.
  19. A PROMO WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY PRINCE *MOMENTS BEFORE RAVEN VS PRINCE* We see Prince as he paces around in the backstage area, knowing in a few moments he would be called upon for his first-round King of the Ring match against Raven. It can be seen clearly that his mind isn’t solely focused on the match that lies ahead due to being deep in thought, ignoring everyone walking around him as he looks down the floor and walks around. Two days had gone past since news had broken about the kidnapping about Karico, seemingly everything else, as a result, is a second thought to Prince even with the promises he had made for the month. He quietly whispers to yourself… “Karico will be fine…I mean the police are on it right? I just need to let them do it and focus on myself right now.” Prince tries to phase out the thoughts from his head, knowing that he has to focus for this match vs Raven but there is a clear frustration as he leans against the wall in annoyance. “SHIT!” Slowly, Prince slumps down onto the floor with his head in his hands and sighs. Taking a minute to think about his past, what Karico had done for him, how much had changed due to his arrogance of thinking he didn’t need the Brand anymore. He can’t just stand by when Karico is in trouble. Prince hears footsteps and looks up to see Bart, looking down onto his phone while also being deep in thought. Quickly Prince gets to his feet. “Bart! Hey, you alright?” Bart slowly tilts his head up with a blank expression. “Busy Prince, shouldn’t you be getting ready for your match?” Prince sighs and looks away for a second. “Yeah but, I have a bigger concern at the moment. You heard about what happened to Karico?” Bart rolls his eyes and looks down to his phone again. “Yes I have, it’s tragic. Hopefully, the police can find him, anyway Prince I’m a busy man so is there anything else you want?” Prince tries to meet Bart’s eye line before his continues on. “Come on man, that was your teammate! He basically gave you your first opportunity, he made you the guy you are today! Listen, I can’t sit around and just do nothing; I want to try to find Karico…and I can use some help. What do you say?” This time, Bart sharply looks up from his phone with a look of disgust. “Made me?! Are you serious right now, Prince?! I am the General Manager of Valor, making history in the tag team division as a part of Creed after multiple championship reigns on my own. Yet, you think he made me? Listen Prince, the Karico brand may have been the peak of your career but for me, it was simply a period that I have moved on from. Maybe you need to as well, I haven’t seen Karico in years. That’s not my fault, it’s his for leaving. We don’t owe him anything. If you want some advice I would just leave it and let the police do their thing.” In the background we hear Cosmic by Denzel Curry play, the theme song of Prince. “You and I both have places to be, you better get going. Good luck.” Bart’s phone rings and he quickly answers before turning around and walking away from Prince, who walks the opposite direction before stepping out from behind the curtain...
  20. Looking forward to this Alex. Everton are a club that have just always been ever so slightly out of touch from getting to the big time and challenging for titles, the foundations are already there with the likes of DCL and Richarlison so with a little bit of rebuilding you can definitely take this club far. Good luck with this, I'll be reading.
  21. You seem to be doing a solid job with this team Nate even though you have been unlucky at times. You've picked up some decent results here and there like the draw against Atletico. Shibasaki seems to be doing good for you and with teams in the position that you are you need that star player that can help carry you. With the amount you payed for Jonathan he looks like a solid signing for squad depth as well, especially with 16 determination and physically he looks great as well. Great job with this so far, it's a fun read. I'll be sure to read further updates.
  22. Day 6: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio – Straight Edge Society Pledge vs Hair Match – Over The Limit 2010 At this time Punk was deep into his Straight Edge Society gimmick, telling people that he was better than them because he had a pure mind from his lifestyle choices and that he was going to save everyone else. I’ve mentioned this before but villains who think they have good motives but are just twisted about them are the best kind, and that is what made the S.O.S with Gallows and Serena so great. So Mysterio and Punk had been feuding for many months at this point, stemming back from before WrestleMania 26 when Punk interrupted Mysterio’s daughter’s birthday celebration on Smackdown and threatened him in front of his family. Mysterio then went on to win at WrestleMania where if he lost, he would have to join Punk’s society. A rematch occurred at Extreme Rules where if Punk lost, he would have to cut his hair which he did to members of the crowd in order to convert them. He won thanks to a masked man who interfered (later revealed as Joey Mercury). So, their match at Over the Limit combined both stipulations! What an amazing idea! The match itself was great in an overall lackluster PPV though. We had a great spot earlier on in the match where Punk threw Mysterio out of the ring and into the barber’s chair where Punk would get his hair cut if he lost. It also got way more brutal than anticipated after the match had to get stopped following Punk getting busted open from going face first into the barricade. Yet even with that, he played it right into his heel persona so well when before he was finished being checked on and he went and kicked Mysterio back out the ring after he was slowly recovering. The near falls we got added to the anticipation in the match as well, really selling that both men didn’t want to have to be forced to adhere to whatever a loss would mean for them. The same with the crowd as well who were clearly behind this. Punk’s wrestling style during this time was just so aggressive and reckless and much less technical, he just threw Myserio around like he was nothing whenever he tried to gain momentum. He was hitting this dude with buckle bombs, tilta-whirl-backbreakers and all sorts to not avail. Yet it was one simple moment, after a 619 that was countered by Punk that the Straight Edge Savior got caught slipping after Mysterio rolled him up for the three! The look of just absolute despair on the face of Punk afterwards was just priceless and anyone that was just fully invested in their hatred for his character would’ve loved to have seen it. The events of afterwards of course added to this. Gallows and the mysterious man came out after in an attempt to save Punk from having to get his head shaved but were thwarted from Kane coming to Mysterio’s aid. Then we got the hair shave which was a funny watch with Punk’s reaction that clearly satisfied the crowd, overall it was just a fun watch from the biggest villain in WWE at that time. ***1/2
  23. Live performances of tracks can bring the song to life so much better and overall just give a new appreciation to it because of the way the artist performed it, so share some that you thought were amazing. This Stormzy performance was incredible and a huge talking point after it aired. This is because of him calling her Theresa May from her handling of the Grenfell Tower situation and the victims and even caused for an official statement from the government afterwards. Sadly, not enough has changed after this. Another performance from the Brit awards and very relevant with what is going on in the world right now. Dave's performance of Black was incredible to watch, if you looked on Twitter afterwards it pretty much exposed the ignorance in the UK. So yeah that's a couple of my faves, when I think of more I'll add them but link your own below!
  24. A PROMO WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY PRINCE We pan to the room of where the press conferences have been occurring in the lead up to the first round of the King of the Ring tournament in Milan, Italy. We cut to the door where Prince struts in with a beaming smirk as he quickly sits down. He is given a microphone before raising it to his mouth. “Bonjour!” Prince exclaims proudly which is followed by a bewildered look by the reporters in the room. He stares blankly in confusion before a man leans over and whispers in his ear. “Um Prince, we’re in Italy. That was French. Also, they speak English.” “Oh.” Prince attempts to cough off the awkwardness before muttering under his breath “Well those were hours on Duolingo wasted…Je ne peux pas y croire!” The man on the side quickly utters for questions to be asked as Prince’s facial expression turns gloomy. “Prince, you have seemingly rejuvenated yourself after a few years of struggling to find success as a competitor. How are you feeling heading into your first match with this new mindset?” A smirk comes across the face of Prince before he begins to answer the question. “I wouldn’t call it a NEW mindset. I’ve always had this mindset within me, that’s how I found my success early on in my career. What happened was that I became misguided, thinking that I needed to change myself because that’s what people wanted from me. I simply put two and two together and realised that my way of thinking was wrong and was getting me nowhere. I should’ve really noticed this earlier. I’m grateful that I discovered this now, it gives me a chance heading into this match.” Another reporter stands up. “You mentioned the King of the Ring tournament, you’ve said before that your loss in 2017 was the start of a downward spiral for you. Now you’re here now, do you want to avenge those demons and especially against the Nate who is also in this tournament?” Prince’s face becomes a lot sterner as he pauses for a moment before proceeding to answer. “One hundred percent. I’ve always been a fan of the opportunity that this tournament gives you where only the hungriest go far and win it. Now, I can show how hungry I am to succeed compared to the past and get my career back on track. Would I want to avenge myself by going up against Nate? I’d be lying if I said no. He like many others have disregarded me, I’m in a fight against everyone on the BPZ roster to prove that I am still a credible competitor. If I want to face Nate I need to get to the Carnage final, and I WILL get there. I’ll make an example of Nate, then show everyone that I mean business.” “Hey, Jimmy from the Smackdown Hotel he-“ “NEXT!” “But…” “I SAID NEXT!” Jimmy slumps back into his chair as questions continue. “Before you get to the final, you obviously have to focus on what is front of you and that is Meko. Recently his comments about you, well they weren’t flattering. Care to respond?” Prince scoffs as he laughs to himself for a second. “No one should take what Raven says seriously. You know why? All that guy gives a crap about his money. I have passion and in the end that is always going to win. He wants to talk about opportunities I’ve been given? What is this dude on about? I make my own man, management doesn’t give a crap about me to them all I am is an extra guy on the roster! King of the Ring is me trying to prove I’m essential, that brands should be FIGHTING over me. Next question.” Before another reporter can ask a question, the man across whispers something in the ear of Prince. “Um Prince, we’ve just heard some news. We need to wrap this up NOW.” “What the hell are you on about?” A confused Prince leaves his seat and begins to leave the room as there is an apology given for the abrupt ending. Prince is guided outside still visibly confused as to what is going on. A policeman hands a note to Prince. “We just received word, your former teammate Karico has been kidnapped.”
  25. Men's Superstar of the Year: Drew Galloway. Dude has just been a beast the whole year and has even made it work as a baby face even when it wasn't expected. Women's Superstar of the Year: Asuka. Just entertaining to watch and has had some great matches. Men's Match of the Year: Boneyard Match. This might be a bit of an odd choice but if you're talking about what match I'm going to remember once this year ends, this is definitely going to be one of them. I just watched it with a massive smile on my face in a way that wrestling hasn't done for me since I was a kid, so yeah that's why it gets my vote. Women's Match of the Year: Becky Lynch vs Asuka. This match was just a really good wrestling bout and got kinda brutal at times. Men's Rising Star: Matt Riddle. Riddle is one of the guys who I feel can be huge on the main roster if used right, he has just a personality that you either love or hate but I think that is what makes him entertaining to watch. Women's Rising Star: Mandy Rose. Tough choice between her and Sonya but Mandy has genuinely surprised me, I remember watching Tough Enough and expecting not to see her face again afterwards but she has impressed me. Best Pay-Per-View: Royal Rumble. I think the crowd being there was a big factor for this but it had one of the best moments of the year with Edge returning but also McIntyre winning. Most Memorable Moment: Edge returning at the Royal Rumble. Best Feud: Randy Orton vs Edge. A great story behind it and the best work Orton has done in a long time. Best Heel/Face Turn: Orton turning heel against Edge. The way he tried to justify it by trying to "save" him also added to why it was so good because the best villians are the ones who do actions with a twisted purpose. Most Extreme Moment: Kofi vs Morrison vs Uso at WM. That match in general was just brutal, even with no crowd these guys went full out with the spots even with how Morrison fell onto a ladder when he grabbed the belts. Best Promo: Randy's promo on Becky, because once again he is so twisted with why he did what he did but you kinda understand lol. Biggest Surprise: Edge returning at the Royal Rumble. Even though the rumors were circulating, I don't know if anyone truly knew that it was going to happen and when it did it was incredible.

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