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  1. This has been a long time coming but I sincerely apologize. I have spent the latter part of 3 months in jail and drug rehab. I wasn't in a good place for a long time. I am very sorry.

    1. BrendenPlayz


      make a post explaining yourself 

    2. Ross
  2. In my honest opinion the absolute main event at a WrestleMania was the very first Mania main event. Mr. T and 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan v 'Mr. Wonderful' Paul Orndorff and 'Hot Rod' Roddy Piper
  3. Both of Triple H's Motorhead themes....end of story. Hands down the best songs to accompany a wrestler to the ring.
  4. I have always loved the pedigree, not Rollins version as it never looked impactful like hunters did. Hunter just seemed to put so much force into it
  5. I'm sorry but just because Vince is expanding wweshop.com to India doesn't mean you have to put the belt on jinder. It was a bad business decision 

  6. Brand+new+promo,+the+return+of+Jason+Black.+I+dare+you+to+read+it.


  7. I have worked with a many great people whIle here, but there are a handful I haven't worked one on one with and therefore would be my dream kayfabe feuds. 1. @Slim is obviously number 1. When I came in and KOTR was about to happen only 2 names were thought to win, myself and Slim. We were told that we were the future of BPZ. Since then Slim obviously became World Champ and I, well I haven't recovered from KOTR. Slim and I is the hottest feud to have never happened and I for one can't wait until the day it's booked. 2. @King Flynn is next on my list as they any you have to beat him if
  8. Alright @Smith, after careful consideration I have decided to have you make my avi and signature, I just made some for myself and I hate them. For the Avi I would just like a picture of PJ Black/Justin Gabriel and the name Jason Black on it, the colors you use is up to you as I trust your professional opinion. For the Signature I would like a picture of of course PJ Black/Justin Gabriel on one side with a wolf symbol in the center, with the saying "I Dare you" and the name Jason Black on it, again the colors are your choice. I know I asked beforehand and said I changed my mind
  9. Jason Black is back and I Dare you to step up to the Wolf.

    1. Bashka


      10 Things BPZ Wants You To Forget About Jason Black:

      1. HE DIED

    2. Jason Black

      Jason Black

      but did he? sure he set himself on fire to sacrifice the demon inside neb, but openly it was never stated he died. hell Kieron used Jason since then so he is VERY much alive and he's back to reek havoc.

    3. Bashka


      He should come for Bashka

  10. The next promo in the series of Wilde v White III is posted.


  11. @Yelich why can't you recieve private messages?

    1. Yelich


      I have to delete some. I'm doing it now.

  12. Wilde vs White III is happening at Mania II and the shots are fired on both ends.. Here is my first promo for what is going to be a GREAT match.


  13. it has never been 100 percent confirmed that I dropped out of any match. There was possible talks but alyx vs white should still happen as alyx made this match very meaningful with his promo which I am about to answer back to.
  14. yes even in the article itself says that the wwe talks are ongoing
  15. Before flynn and I recreated the shield I was going to create a demon King gimmick as Chris white and join the Illuminati effect. I have the signature and the avi made and ready to go. I guess that idea is possible back up

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