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  1. Johnny Kills

    "Purple Reign"

    Kills looks around at the crowd in attendance as he makes his meticulous gait down to the ring with the crowd strongly opposed to the newly dubbed “Sadist Savior” after his match with Matt Evans where for the first time in months, he lost his cool, it resulted in Evans being carted off as Kills remained in the ring, in his meditative pose. Kills flips into the ring, rolling into a cross-legged stop with the crowd howling at him. He leaves one eye open as he look out at the crowd, enveloped in this purple smoke. He closes his eye and pulls his microphone from his jacket, tapping it against his boot before putting it to his mouth. “You’re all subject to the purple reign. Enslaved to the whim of those who call brand themselves as “The Greatest Show On Earth” and the silver-spooned champion who reigns with a Kingdom enforced fist. I find myself positioned as your hero once again, the Savior to rescue you from the purple reign.” The crowd vehemently boo Kills, who seems content enough to stop speaking altogether and simply gaze out into the sold-out arena as he twirls the microphone between his fingers, patiently waiting for the reaction to cease. It finally begins to die down and immediately, the unsettlingly even tone of Kills breaks through. “I wonder why it is you boo me? Is it because I pulled away from the cult that abandoned me in the middle of that ring to suffer at the hands of others? Or because I exercised my demons on the newest one of your toys in Matt Evans? Isn’t doing that to people, snapping their arms the people who stepped up to me if you all loathed them. Perhaps you hate me because I did what each and every last one of you do. I lost myself, and it drives you all crazy that somebody you once respected could be as feeble as you all.” “It’s okay, you’ll won’t even realize it when you begin to cheer for me. You’ll no longer be mesmerized by the newest infatuation of the BPZ Universe in Alyx Wilde, and realize that Bart has nothing to offer you. You’ll be behind me, wishing for the Purple Reign to fade to black.” As Kills seemingly ends his address, “One True Villain” commences, blaring from the sound system as EVOLVE Grand Champion Bart emerges from the gorilla.
  2. Johnny Kills

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    lol at LeBron not giving his all.
  3. Johnny Kills

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout | 13th July 2018

    They’ll never see it coming. BPZ will finally fade to black. Welcome to the dark side of BPZ.
  4. Pro Wrestling Elite is here. Perhaps this announcement isn't as riveting as it should be for you, yet another promotion dispersed amongst the Indies with talent that would likely get poached by WWE after years of work. Inevitably trapped as a feeder to the grand promotion who own the industry for all intents and purposes. Every notable opposition has failed to dethrone the Kings of the Hill and cement themselves as greater than McMahon's company. What is the point of caring about a company that will be forced to close doors when they do battle with Ring of Honor let alone World Wrestling Entertainment? Yet another company doomed to fail like all others before they have. You'd be wrong to think that. Not the fact that doing battle with WWE is suicidal. This company didn't open their doors to take what WWE has, they opened their doors on their own mission. Founded and funded in Washington state by Software Designer, Edwin Baker, PWE opened their doors in March 2018. They are nobodies, unheard of outside the Northwest region of America. Their goal is not to have a clash of the titans with WWE, but to maximize profits by being the biggest promotion they can be. Their roster is not composed of has-beens or names that register a warm feeling of sentimental value, but brash, blue-collar wrestlers poised to light up the industry. They are the Revolutionaries. Combining the "Respect of Wrestling" of the East with entertainment aspects of the West, this product is unlike any presented before. This ragtag roster will look to blaze a path to the Global spectrum under the lead of booker and defacto owner, Johnny Kills. Here come the revolutionaries.
  5. Johnny Kills

    Private Operations.

    Kills is seething as he blows by the reporters that just received a cryptic message from FDS. He finally catches him, unlike any other time we'd seen Kills. He's disheveled, rage twisting his face as he angrily stares at FDS contrasting sharply from the composed, controlled Kills we've seen. This appears more like the Jonathan of old, the one who proclaimed himself as a God and allowed his emotions to take hold of him. And he wasn't speaking in that deathly even tone, instead, a roar escaped from his lungs. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" He stands nose to nose with his Ruin compatriot with his hands in his hair, yanking at his auburn locks. The steam coming out his ears is almost visible. "WE CAME TOGETHER TO STOP GREED AND NOW YOUR SELFISH PURSUITS LEFT ME ALONE. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BIGGER THAN TRIVIAL PURSUITS, BIGGER THAN WHAT DRIVES THOSE OTHER FUCKS IN THE LOCKER ROOM. HOW WAS THAT ANY BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE." "I guess you don't see it, do you? More and more, you're becoming like them. I guess this is supposed to be the grand fucking Art of Ruin." Kills spits as he pushes past FDS, pulling a play out of his tag partner's playbook by flipping off the reporters who have lots of questions in mind.
  6. Johnny Kills

    [PWG] Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Going Hollywood

    Please vote on the poll to lmk whether y'all wanna see this or not. https://strawpoll.com/cr2a376s
  7. Johnny Kills

    "Thy Kingdom Come"

    The sound of flutes signals the imminent arrival of "The Immortal One" Johnny Kills. After the customary wait, before he announces his presence, Kills rises from the stage coated in smoke. Johnny looks out into the crowd with a frigid stare per usual, the crowd giving a near perfect split reaction, through boos for the Ruin member were more popular. Kills walks down to the ring, unaccompanied by Necce or FD. He sauntered to the steel steps and took his time mounted each step before somersaulting into the ring where he wasted no time before raising the microphone to his lips. "Bart, Echo, Slim. Thy Kingdom Come." Kills pauses after uttering the words from The Lord's Prayer with a cruel smile painted on his face. The crowd salivates at the words to come, Kills looking around at all of them knowing that he has them wrapped around his finger. He closes his eyes and pauses for a number of seconds, before opening them with an aura of revitalization spurning from him. He pulls the microphone to his lips as he places his free hand under the microphone holding one. "Yet another faction created by men whose egos lead them that they're the class of the company. Constant proclamations of their talent at every turn, never missing a moment to boast about past accomplishments. Perhaps, you all see it as well deserved and believe that this is what you've worked so hard to accomplish. You wear your pride, unbeknownst it's a mistake. Pride always comes before the fall. Ruin tends to cause falls. I've seen it all before, bright lights in the industry combining with nothing but their talent and arrogance tying them together. It only takes one loss to cause dysfunction and rips in the fabric. Two is a critical to a group easily disbanded." "Ruin will deliver both of these losses. I... will deliver these two losses. Bart, you once came for the very titles you're infatuated by before and failed, once more you'll find yourself on the mat, looking up as we celebrate shrouded in darkness. As your Kingdom cracks, I'll return to take that Global Championship that you've managed to retain for the months, it matters not what third party attempts to intervene, you'll fall down like they all do. As your Kingdom comes to a screeching halt, the Art of Ruin's will shall be done. Welcome to the dark side of BPZ."
  8. Johnny Kills

    Graphic Designs by Elliot

    Where do I go to make requests or are you not currently taking any? @Elliot
  9. You know the drill: Name: Shortened Name: Nationality: Age: Height: Weight Class: Allegiance: Speaks: Gimmick (No Unique) - Role: Alliance (If Any) - Fighting Style (Options: [Japanese Or Russian] Strong Style, Agile Technician, High-Flying Brawler, Pure High-Flyer, All Around, Ring General, Brawler, Jobbah) - Attributes [Select Maximum Of Three] (Options: High Spots, Superstar Look, Announcer, Shooting Ability, Diva, Booker, Fonz Factor, Menacing, Trainer) - Vintage Moves: Signature 1: Signature 2: Finisher 1: Finisher 2: Tag Team Finisher:
  10. Johnny Kills


    Johnny Kills emerges from the smoke enveloping the stage as FDS storms out from behind the curtain, the two appearing to be rather peeved as they march down to the ring, tag team titles fastened around their waists. Johnny Kills mounts the apron and somersaults into the middle of the ring into his meditative position as FDS stands behind him. Kills pulls a microphone from his boots as the music stops. He puts the microphone to his lips and looks at the crowd who look back at him, anticipating his words. He looks on, not speaking with the mic remaining close to his mouth. Eventually, crowds become unnerved and Johnny places the microphone on the mat. He closes his eyes as the fans boo and FD laughs, telling Kills he's fucking mad. After nearly a minute, Kills swiftly lifts the microphone and opens his mouth. "The people at the top just get to do just what they want, until the people at the bottom finally get smark. Then they start to holler... Revolution. They're tired of living in such destitution. It's thought that this is finally the solution and oppressors are overthrown. Until those same oppressors use the trick that was used against them. They feign destitution for perhaps a week or two, stir the public into frenzies until they can reclaim. It's a wicked cycle, inspired the people who don't want to experience pain and suffering." "Ross, Flynn, Julius. You haven't yet suffered. You may plead for revolution and beg for a new attitude to be established here in BPZ, but we're here to drag you back down to destitution. We're here to Ruin all your attempts to claim you seats as oppressors, we're here to show you what suffering is." Johnny twirls the microphone between his fingers after the statement and maintains his lifeless gaze direct towards the hard cam. For a second time, he allows moments to pass without a single change in expression as the crowd shifts to the edge of their seats in angst. "R.O.A. You didn't experience destitution when you had your original fall from grace. We cared not whether you did or not, but you placed yourselves in our path. You'll understand what the Art of Ruin is, welcome to the dark side of BPZ."
  11. Johnny Kills

    Beginnings and Ends.

    Johnny appears with lips pursed and eyes narrowed as FDS marches off, out of view of the camera. Kills looks at the camera and it's clear that it's not the Johnny Kills we're used to seeing as his intensity is increased tenfold and he is no longer dismissive of the camera he's looking through. "R. O. A. It's funny when the people at the top call for a revolution. You see, when that happens it's a show of absolute utter panic, things begin to detriorate and the Elite lose their grib, they sense that all their riches have begun to slip away, they start. It begins with whispers and rumors, attempts to stir the public, then they begin to sway opinions, and when the time is right they start their revolution, a facade where the same is called new, and the people at the top regain their power." "Ross and Flynn, you're calls for revolution were granted, you have your power and now you overstep. You can have your Power Trip with The Kingdom, or Bailey and his chosen one, but you decided to come here. I'd ask why but it's clear that this revolution has rejuvenated you, that this has made you view yourselves in a whole new light. Only, we aren't the people you think we are. When dealing with the Devil, you're best chance is to turn away from the illusions of grandeur he presents and push your greed aside. But--" Kills pauses mid-thought and looks down at the newly unveiled BPZ Tag Team Championship belts and runs his fist along the gold and silver before looking back at the camera. "you already made your choice, these titles in your newest infatuations, how far into Hell are you willing to venture for them. Welcome to the dark side of the BPZ."
  12. Anyone who makes match cards, please hmu

  13. Johnny Kills

    BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    I absolutely adore Yelich's one, the Miami Vice style just fits the render you chose and I love it. The effects only add to the picture and are incredible. You have improved tenfold since you began and your newest works are showing just that. Great work man.
  14. Johnny Kills

    Carnage Power Trip Cup | June 8th 2018

    Can I be in it?
  15. Johnny Kills


    The sudden images on the titantron snatch the audience’s attention displaying the infamous warehouse of FDS, and the man currently in it, Johnny Kills. This time he’s not seated in a meditative state as he seemingly prefers but it standing upright, looking at the wall, silhouetted by a blood red light as he begins to speak. “Ring around the Rosie’s, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, they all fall down.” Johnny doesn’t elaborate on the nursery rhyme but remains to stand, not even as much as acknowledging the presence of the camera or the audience watching on. He stares at the wall and continues to look at it for minutes before finally glancing back at the camera. “They all fall. Everything falls, gets trapped in a state of desolation and hopelessness. It matters not who you are aligned with, in the end, everything will fall to Ruin in the end. Except, Ruin. You can’t cause the desolate and hopeless to become less off what they are you can’t damn the damned. People have been insulting us for taking the tag titles and going home with them, have said that we don’t want to fight no it’s just the opposite. Call me arrogant all you desire but, they all fall to Ruin. It ALL FALLS DOWN. There will be no more facades and false prophets, there will be no more empty promises disguised as visions from the future. Lies will be shattered, the veil will be torn, and exposed for all to see will be the Ruin of everything.” “You cannot mark an empire that doesn’t exist, you can’t raise hell in the center of it. THEY ALL FALL. Foes can attempt to appear from all crevices of this earth and in the end… they all fall down. Ruin is absolute, there is no place to going from Ruin, where you find Ruin you must abandon and start over. And we’re showing exactly what that Ruin means. You see this—“ Kills scoops up his battered tag team championship belt, hardly resembling the title belt he won at BPZMania III. He approaches the camera and holds the title as he launches back into his message. “This is the Art of Ruin. Conducted for all to see and I truly hope that you open your see to see it in action. Because when we step into the ring at Backlash, you’ll understand what Ruin means. It means THEY ALL FALL DOWN.” Johnny grips the camera before taking a second to compose himself, no expression is marked on his face and instead it’s the bone-chilling stare that radiates intensity as he looks down the lens. “Welcome to the dark side of BPZ.” The camera clatters on the floor and the title soon comes crashing down next to it, Johnny can be seen walking back to the wall he was so transfixed by earlier and taking his signature meditative pose before being eclipsed by the recognizable figure of FDS.

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