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  1. Official BPZ Tag Division 2.0

    I can confirm.
  2. Samoa Joe's Return Feud Revealed

    I'd be very intrigued by the feud between Roman and Joe. Joe is a very talented guy and with Roman's improvement in the ring, this would be super fun to see transpire. I'd wonder how this feud would manage to keep both men strong bc regardless somebody is going to be needing protection. Reigns would probably end up winning the feud but the way they present Joe as a threat would go a long way in allowing him to keep his heat. What the loser would go onto would also be fun as there are some intriguing spinoffs after the initial Roman v Joe is over with.
  3. Asuka vs Ronda Rousey at WM35

    That would be an incredible match to see with them both having backgrounds in MMA styles. Though it being more shoot style is a definite possibility, it would be an incredibly interesting match to watch. Most people had this penciled in as the dream match.
  4. News on Daniel Bryan's contract

    Source: 411Mania
  5. Smith's Graphics

    This tron. THIS TRON. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE SMITH. I love every last part of it and it truly was amazing work. Thank you so much
  6. PRIDE Wrestling (Learning To TEW)

    #CCK Keith Lee War Machine Cody
  7. We Are Many. We Are One.

    A rather disheveled Johnny Kills is staring at the camera after the venomous words of Slim directed at Johnny's tag team partner. But his eyes open further as a smile finds itself forming on his face as his stare grows more intense, seeming as though he's staring through the lens of the camera and into the soul of anybody who dares return the look. "Righteous. Righteous. Righteous. The King is always righteous, without wrong for he is the King. I missed this version of yourself. I missed the self-righteous champion of BPZ incapable of helping everybody that isn't himself. I assume that Bart didn't know this when he signed up to serve you undyingly, I wish I could say I sorry for him but it's what selling one's soul gets them. I enjoyed every second of the beatdown I was able to give Bart, but I only wish it could've been you." "Because though you may think that you're God, my arms quite frankly aren't short enough to not box with you. Nobody has arms too short to box with you because I keep seeing you get knocked out. Perhaps Bart's concussion transferred to you because you aren't untouchable, you aren't this immortal being, you're the same. The same man who couldn't rescue Bart from the Ruinmaker and the same man who won't be able to save himself from in a matter of weeks." FDS nods at this remark as he continues to pace behind Johnny, who is maintaining his seated position with his stare never faltering. He rakes his hand through his hair and allows the smile to depart and returns to his ghastly appearance. "You can claim that we're nothing more than a callback to something that you perfected. You can try to poke holes in our brotherband with two cent insults and maintain this crazed rampage you've found yourself on, but it changes nothing. It doesn't hide that everytime you quake in anger it's instead fear of what's come. The Ruin of Order herein BPZ in a few weeks will begin with you. Welcome to the dark side of BPZ."
  8. Not post worthy but interesting, Flip Gordon is a rising star that probably won’t come to WWE bc of army commitments that he’ll have for a long time and the incapatibility of schedules, regardless: 


  9. News on Braun Strowman vs The Bar

    It'd be kind of awkward to have two teams that came together under the same conditions and that unwilling alliance facing off against one another. I think that Braun facing off against the two of them on his own would be incredibly fun and entertaining to watch. Strowman being counted as two men and such and having a dominant outing against the pair for twelve to sixteen minutes could help Braun a ton, maybe not The Bar just as much but since Braun is getting the mega push right now, this could keep his momentum going w/o having him win or go for the strap.
  10. Beauty In Destruction.

    But the next member of the match doesn't come from the stage but from behind the pair of FD and Bart, the crowd erupts with cheers and jeers alike as Bart turns around to be caught with a wicked headbutt that forces him to stumble back. Bart regains his composure and he is not happy, he charges at Jonathan who seems to be welcoming the rush. He ducks Bart's initial clothesline and Bart rebounds off the rope with Johnny charging at Bart. Johnny leaps up into the air and CONNECTS WITH A WICKED BICYCLE KNEE, FOLLOWED BY A HUGE RELEASE GERMAN. The crowd has absolutely come unglued, half going insane for the incredible combo and the other consumed by their hatred of Johnny. He looks at FDS with a smile and grabs the microphone from him before turning back to a Bart is already clambering to his feet, he reaches his base but Kills absolutely unloads into him with a vicious combination. "Bart, the chosen one. It's funny how once somebody is empowered they go around acting as if they are holier than thou. Bart, you were handed these opportunities, you were handed the championship and now you want to act as though you're better than everybody around you. You're not. You're fucking nothing. Maybe it's intrinsically incomprehensible to you but what you came for is what you are. You're the same man who could barely beat his former partner, the same man who was doing nothing to put himself above everybody else until he decided he wanted to pair himself with a self-proclaimed King who does what he pleases on this brand. Just wait until everybody else is watching in two weeks time, it'll be revealed once again that you're exactly nothing. Right now, you'll get a taste of exactly what that tastes like." Johnny lifts Bart by the throat using his boot until he is kneeling, Kills then nods to FDS who lifts himself him the rest of the way seemingly looking for his Blood Rainmaker. FDS spins him out as Johnny rebounds off the ropes, as FDS begins to make the impact with the clothesline, JOHNNY CONNECTS WITH THE BICYCLE KNEE! Bart trembles after the strike before folding inwards and collapsing on himself. Johnny and FDS laugh at the downed man who's skull must be hammered after the maneuver (think Meet In The Middle with Rainmaker and Bicycle Knee). Johnny sits cross-legged next to a more than groggy Bart. He leans down next to the ear and Bart and whispers into his ear. "We call that the Ruinmaker, only a small part of the Art Of Ruin. Welcome to the dark side of BPZ."
  11. EC3 Set for NXT Event in Sebring

    Source: 411Mania
  12. News on Daniel Bryan's contract

    Seeing D. Bry interact with the Young Bucks would be incredible and further bridge the connection of WWE to Japan but it doesn't seem like that'll happen in the near future. Of course, WWE could do what they did with Jericho again with Daniel Bryan.
  13. "To Be Or Not To Be"

    The titantron is Johnny is seated on a box with his legs sliding against the ground, a fire roaring in the background as he twirls a rose in his hand and sighs before lopping off the side with a knife and tossing it into the flames. He chuckles at this and looks up at the camera with eyes narrowing and purses his lips as if he’s judging whether to talk or not. Begrudgingly so, he pulls his lips apart and speaks. “To be or not to be, that is the question. I’m no Hamlet but that question had been posed to me many a time. Will I be great or will I flop like many before me? I’m sick of that damn question.” “I despise the people who ask me that, it infuriates to no end to be labeled underrated and a rising star. It seems that people wish to forget everything that I’ve done and cast it off as not enough. I’m fucking sick of it. I’ve been around the ringer more times than people have shed their skin and changed the way they act. I’ve tried my damnedest to get you guys to respect me but it’s never in the cards is it? I have a question for you, to be or not to be? Are you gonna properly respect me and hold me in my high place or will you do the same thing you’ve been doing? I’m planning on being great and though I tried it, I can’t force myself to try to get you all to recognize me. When my name is proclaimed as the winner it’ll click that on that big stage I’m the one with my hand raised high with my brothers in Ruin.” Jonathan breaks his intense stare and his lips curl a tad before looking back down at the camera. "Know what is to be? I will be a champion and smash my belt against FDS's after we best that team posing as threats in Slim and Bart. You guys won't know what to think or say and it'll be incredible when we bring BPZ to the realization that this is not something they've seen before. When all the carnage and destruction is wrought in the very ring to be viewed by everybody and we stand adoring our handiwork, that's when you'll see you're in an age of Ruin. Welcome to the dark side of BPZ."
  14. Finn Balor the greatest wrestler on raw

    But they've stilled respected and treated Balor well when booking him a lot of the times. Yes, Kane beat him but besides that, he's winning matches. You can't tell me that him beating some "jobbers" and a solidified guy in Bray Wyatt doesn't help him because Braun Strowman beat guys of that caliber and used that to elevate himself. He's stale, not presenting anything new to create more intrigue than he had coming right out of NXT.

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