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  1. No One Man - Chapter 9: The Language ♛ Kingslayers♛ Phantom sat growing overwhelmingly anxious, hardly able to maintain composure at the scrutiny of his partners. It was quite the miraculous break by his account, the magical criminal informant who had gifted him the location of one of the supposed largest grow and stash houses of the Angeles del Infierno. The identity of this individual was unbeknownst to the rest of the Taskforce, in direct contradiction to protocol. The magnitude of the potential operation did wonders in terms of shifting focus to whether or not it was viable instead of verifying the source from which it came. It was quite the risk for Don Dada, uncharacteristic of him in the mind of Phantom. It was hardly working, without any police legwork it was an unsubstantiated claim but the risk, in this case, was no match for the reward. So instead of being interrogated for the origin of his source and the reliability of their intel, they’d quickly surveyed the site and expedited a warrant request directly to the Director himself, Bailey Justin, who they trusted would find a judge who’d approve the request. The huddle that was presently formed produced a great spell of anxiety for Phantom, feeling the slow burn of ever-growing suspicion for the story. Everybody so desperately wanted the confirmation. Deadeye fidgeted with the arrows in his quiver, featuring almost exclusively electric and concussion arrows. He went through the cycle of meticulously examining each one, running his fingers along the carefully crafted ridges, deconstructing the head in order to ensure that he wouldn’t be caught with his metaphorical pants down. He raised an eye towards his colleagues as he exchanged the arrow in his hand for another, before resting his gaze on Chance. “Hey, did you run your little simulator?” he gruffly posed. Chance met his stare, looking up from his phone for the express purpose of rolling his eyes. With the true tone of a man who knows everything, he retorted, “No, I didn’t use my clairvoyance. It doesn’t work like that.” Deadeye scoffed at the reply, legitimately considering sending a concussion arrow in his direction but only grew frustrated at the realization that he would likely see the attack coming. He instead resolved to add explosive arrows to his quiver, exiting the room before the situation could further escalate, murmuring “useless fuck” as he swung the door open. “How does it work then?” Chance swung his head around to lock eyes with Phantom this time, who looked on with utter fascination plastered on his face. The question drew the intrigue Archangel, who looked up from the raid strategies he’d been crafting to watch the conversation unfold, as well as Gary Green, who’d just convinced the Taskforce to let him hang out with them. Phantom figured that continuing the train of thought would do well to distract from their thoughts that couldn’t possibly result in anything good for him. Regardless, it was an interesting topic of discussion. There was almost an unstated taboo against discussing mutations. They were briefly informed about the capabilities of one another when they were thrown together into the powder keg, which was the equivalent of a cursory outline. They were meant to spell the demise of the worst of the worst and yet were devoid of any chemistry as a unit. They’d only participated in operations that were guaranteed to succeed, with plenty of scouting and not a shred of improvisation required. That wouldn’t be the same today. They had to develop weeks worth of chemistry and trust in the unspecified space of time before they finally got the call back they all eagerly awaited. This might have provided opportunity for a start. Chance glared at Phantom, his lips remained tightly pursed as he considered all the reasons he could’ve asked the question. He knew not to trust him, he couldn’t completely arrive to the root of the distrusts but they were significant enough to alter the way he needed to interact with him. There’s wasn’t quite enough time to ponder the individual consequences but didn’t quite feel comfortable with answering him, the lack of chemistry be damned. “For my mind only, sorry,” he replied. Deadeye returned as the rest sighed at the response, carrying a bundle of explosive arrows to add to his quiver. “Come on,” Gary began to beg. “We’re all friends here.” Chance looked up at Gary, unable to comprehend the sudden urge to now speak. In fact, he couldn't stop himself from doing so, beginning to answer. “I can see the direct results of my potential actions, like replies to potential questions and so forth. I’m not an Oracle, my clairvoyance doesn’t just spread into the future in that way. Besides the immediate, it’s still left up to chance.” The fascinating nature of the explanation overshadowed the method of coercion employed. Chance sat mouth agape at the realization that despite his desires he’d just revealed his power. Before his shock could completely manifest, questions began pouring in. “Could you not imagine your follow up to whatever you know they’re going to do?” “How long does it take you to think through the possibilities?” “Have you used it on us before?” Chance was reeling from the flurry, not knowing who to even associate with which questions. He finally sputtered out, “I think I’ve done my share of revealing.” Deadeye still looked on at him, no longer focused on assembling his quiver but narrowed his eyes in Chance’s direction. “So, you wouldn’t be very helpful in a raid, like we might be having in an hour,” he asserted. Chance whipped his head around to reciprocate Deadeye’s glare. The friction between the two was almost potent enough to eradicate all glimpses of chemistry for the foreseeable future. They simply originated from different worlds, where respect was gained in fashions so distinct from the other. The only agreed upon principal was that it wasn’t mutual and needed to be earned. They constantly butted heads, arguments stemming from philosophies on approaches. Deadeye understood the usefulness of brute force, and applied it whenever he could, never being the subtle one. Chance never sought to directly confront his issues, instead relying on his craftiness to always allow the odds to be in his favor. And the two were stubborn enough to never allow the other to be afforded a concession. It was simply their way or the highway. They were without a doubt the strongest personalities on the team. “Well all one hundred sixty pounds of me aren’t the most physically imposing. I pick my spots, I’m probably as useful as you and your arrows when you think about it.” Chance retorted. Deadeye rose quickly at this reply, edging towards Chance as he drummed you his own counterpoint. “See my logic is, if I shot a hundred arrows at you, will you be able to duck them all? How about twenty? Ten? I bet you couldn’t even dodge one, I’d never give you the chance.” The two drew closer and closer, Archangel and Phantom stood to halt their progress, not wanting this scene to come to a complete head. “Is it because you never miss,” Chance began, ever the sarcastic. “I’ve known hundreds of marksmen that said the same. Only thing separating them from you is they didn’t run around on rooftops claiming to be saving their city. Is that what makes you special?” Deadeye began to laugh at the reply, catching everybody present off-guard. As they all turned to look at him, they saw the red hue that gleaned in his eye. It turned his normally hazel pupils to crimson, and it felt like a matching aura blazed off his eye. “I’m incapable of missing, I see everything, every angle, every window. I see all the depth, track any speed or velocity. I never miss my mark. I’d assume that’s what makes me special, but if you want to verify you can be my target dummy.” Everything came to a halt there. Nobody had been briefed on the source of Deadeyes abilities, assuming it was a result of hellacious training and years of craft, but this certainly couldn’t have hurt. Chance remained silent, only nodding at the revelation. He began to relax a bit, seeming satisfied with the result of the argument. Deadeye did the same, retreating back to his quiver and bundle of arrows, also seeming somewhat pleased. The two without speaking another word noted some fashion of trust or respect for the other, in their unique styles, leaving both Phantom and Archangel quite puzzled. Phantom resigned to simply shrug, “Golden Eye would’ve been a cooler name,” he quipped before going back to his seat. “Am I next?” All eyes focused on him, Phantom smiled at them until the smile disappeared. In fact, his entire disappeared into nothing. An audible gasp escaped Archangel, who approached the area that Phantom formerly occupied, then began to feel around, unable to feel any remaining traces of Phantom. “Watch it dickhead!” Phantom yelped, his words startled all present, especially Archangel, for whom the words came from inches away. Without warning, Phantom reappeared, with Archangel’s arm passing through his chest, fully intact. Phantom noticed the confusion on the faces of everybody, before he quipped with a smile. “You were moving around my organs, you mind getting your hand outta me now?” Archangel nodded, slowly backing away from Phantom, who began to explain away some of the confusion. “Every cell of my body can phase I guess, so I can walk through walls, people, but I can also let light pass through me so I’m invisible, the usual ghost shit. Only catch is I can only be in one state at a time, either I’m phasing or solid, now in between. Phantom is a pretty self-explanatory name.” Phantom looked at the somewhat reassured faces of his colleagues, who were somewhat satisfied by the explanation. He smiled again, this one more sheepish as he hid behind it his joy of a successful plan. He’d managed to terminate all the side eyes almost entirely, the group had decided to learn about each other instead of questioning him. Maybe one of these “heroes” would be useful for the Don in the future. He loved when a good plan came together. He turned to Archangel, still reeling a tad from the recent events. “Best for last?” “I can manipulate any metal contacting me,” Archangel began as the rest swiveled to turn their attention to him. “Direct or indirect, I can feel every metal running through the floors and walls and ceilings when I’m standing, I can use any of it for whatever I think of—“ “Oh like Magneto?” Gary asked cheerfully, shocking everybody not because he asked but because they had simply forgotten that he was still in the room. “No, not like Magneto. If it’s in the air I can’t do anything, I’m in control as look I’m in some way connected to it. After something gets into the air, it’s up to God.” “Huh, so Archangel only has so much control,” Chance replied, a small smirk on his lips. “You must have thought you were so clever with that one.” “Yeah I actually do think it’s pretty good, better than Deadeye at least.” “You know what-“ Deadeye’s comeback was interrupted by the sound they’d all been waiting for. Silence fell over the room as focus and anticipation once again dawned on the Kinglsayers. Chance handed the phone to Archangel, who’s experience had made him the de facto leader of the Task Force. His lips pressed together tightly as he answered the phone. “Sir?” “You’d better not fuck this up,” Bailey Justin gruffly stated. “I faxed over the warrant, this op better be picture goddamn perfect.” “Yes sir.” With that, the call ended. Archangel met the eyes of each of his three partners, only slightly nodding before adding, “It’s go time.”
  2. No One Man - Chapter 8: Mob Ties ♕ Don Dada ♕ The only audible noise was the shuddering breaths of the gathered individuals, all trying to filter through the trauma that had them reeling. The foul stench lingered in the air, despite the best efforts to rid the room of all remnants of the atrocity. In any other circumstance, the atmosphere of the room would reflect the shock and fear felt by almost everybody present. But instead, a cloud of anger lingers over the room. Don Dada stands in front of the petrified crowd, his back to them so as to not allow the frustration on his face to be communicated to those people. The smell continues to waft through the air, remaining as a reminder of the absolute embarrassment he’d just endured. El Hijo had been a persistent thorn, desiring to uproot Dada from his spot on the throne of the underworld. His passion had landed him in various pickles, he could barely escape from Fox’s grasp. His solution to this was not only to grow bolder but to attack him a front that was supposed to be outside the lines. There wasn’t much respect in war, but the bounds were supposed to be clearly dictated and respected. Hijo had taken that single strand of order and sent it to Satan. In Dada’s eyes, he was nothing more than scum, meant to be exterminated. “All of you listen extremely closely, I would prefer not to have to repeat myself. Tonight has been rather tragic, for me and you alike. This is why you were never here, you do not recollect anything from this night, not a single event should be muttered about this,” Dada began, drawing gasps and guffaws from the mob behind him. He finally turned around, his vindictiveness glowed through, vanquishing the unrest instantaneously. “Trust me, things could be much worse for everyone. I’d say you all should count your blessings and meet with the very nice lawyer here before you leave. I’m sure we’d all love to put this night behind us.” Dada glared through the crowd, making sure that there was nobody who seemed defiant enough to try to sway the crowd. He didn’t look for long, he turned away from the crowd, entrusting whatever happened next to whatever lieutenants he had present. The day had extracted a heavy toll, he couldn’t wait to wipe his hands clean of the situation. He quickly strode away from the crowd, walking through the doors he had spent so long waiting to open. It had been such a shitshow. He walked into the brisk night, flanked on either side by bodyguards as he stepped into his Escalade. The door was shut behind him, the partition rolled up to offer him maximum privacy. Dada’s facade began to crumble. His breathing deteriorated first, he sure, steady breaths growing more and more erratic. He loosened his tie and began to unbutton his shirt, aiding his heaving neck and chest. His fists curled and uncurled, balling into a fist before outstretching as far as possible. Guttural howls followed, with horrific noises emanating from him, his frustration finally spilling over in pools of spit and curses. His demeanor a far cry from the eternally confident, unfazeable stature finally rattled. He slammed his hand into the partition wall, continuing to do so until his first indented it, stopping just before he caused the entire divider to collapse. With one final bellow, he allowed every last remnant of his anger to sift out of him into the air. Dada found some measure of composure through the tantrum and grabbed on to the inkling, racking his brain for what was next to come. He ran through every possibility that ran through his mind, every thought didn’t stray far him celebrating on top of Hijo’s corpse, destroying every semblance of a challenger to his spot atop the underworld, everything ending with his hail as the undisputed king of kings. But he understood that every second of lucid planning was instantly perverted by the rampant thoughts of revenge racing through his head. He tried to push it aside, long enough to come up with a plan of action that would end with Hijo’s head on a silver platter and himself alive long enough to put him in the grave for good. Dada’s hand drifted to his pocket, he retrieved his phone. A smile drifted onto his face for the first time that evening, every inch of the smirk coming from a wicked place. He swipes through his phone, scouring until he dialed up the man who could finally enact the revenge he so desperately sought, the phone quickly stopped ringing. “Hello Gunner, I need a favor.” Gunner was taken aback by the tone of Don’s words. Don wasn’t in the habit of asking for things. Nigel straightened up in his chair, hunching over his desk while he looked around to check that all the other task force members were still preoccupied. “Anything you need,” he whispered into the phone, already anxious to hear the request. He impatiently tapped his foot on the ground, the immediate desire to assuage anything troubling the Don fixing with the nerve rackingness of getting caught as a compromised police officer, especially considering the raised stakes associated with the task force caused for a potent adrenal mixture. Nigel didn't ponder the potential consequences, he was fully prepared to sacrifice life and limb in hopes of accomplishing anything put forth by the Don. Dada, of course, knew this, his smile widening even more at the immediate, thoughtless yes offered by the man he groomed. He felt the pinch of pride, a small cheek flush at the realization that he had genuinely molded the broken boy he once knew to an inseparable lieutenant. He finally graced Gunner with a reply. “How would you like for that shiny new task force of yours a feather in their cap?” Gunner’s astonishment slipped out in a gasp. So far the information given was one way, with Gunner informing any potential mafia operations which were under scrutiny while making sure to distract the TFX from any major operations. It was parasitic in nature, the very idea of Don Dada using the Kingslayers as his personal weapon, it reeked of desperation from the man who was so enamored with his personal code of ethics. The shock finally wore off, Nigel could only sputter a reply. “Sounds great to me.”
  3. Name: Johnny Skills Nationality: French Skin Tone: Black Height: 6'3 Weight: 175 Position/Play Style: Fullback/Wingback - Complete Wingback
  4. No One Man - Midseason Finale: Where There’s Smoke ♛ Kingslayers♛ It was almost like the air was disturbed, as though the tension physically manifested as the seeming fog clouding the room. Calling the tension palpable would’ve sold it extremely short. The silence continued on in the poorly lit room; the stickiness and the clamminess making the cramped room even more uncomfortable, combining with tension, it began to feel like a powder keg. With every passing second, it seemed more and more like somebody was set to strike a match to set the room alight, but all four kept trying to straddle the line. Two of the men sat next to each other, consistently tossing glares across the table but mainly whispering to each other, discussing their coming approach just to make the man sat across squirm a tad bit more. The man on the left was neatly arranged, with a freshly pressed ‘Atlanta PD’ windbreaker and hair short and tidy, his steel blue eyes studied the perp as his partner leaning towards him, exchanging whispers. His partner was still quite imposing while seated, his long hair tied back into a ponytail, exposing a face pulsing red with anger, every vein exposed on his head and arms, it appeared as though the man they were interrogating got under his skin, as he wanted. He stopped his conversation, centering in his chair again as he looked at the third officer in the room, who domineered over the suspect. He was donning very different apparel from his counterparts, with a hood pulled tight and mask on, the only signifier of his allegiance with the police was a small badge on his chest. It was very appropriate to the tenuous relationship both parties held. He growled questions at the man, trying to chip away at the tough exterior the man held, carefully towing a line between the legal and illegal practices of ‘interrogation’. He finally stepped away, making eye contact with the man with the ponytail who gestured to the door. “Mr. Deadeye, could a get a minute with you?” Deadeye nodding, intentionally bumping the suspect as he moved around the table on his way to the door. The man with the ponytail rose to his full six foot five height, towering above everybody in the room, he looked back at the man in the windbreaker. “Chance, I assume you can handle this for the moment.” Chance looked up quickly before staring at the man across from him again, narrowing his eyes as he responded. “I’ll manage Archangel, take your time.” Archangel nodded, ducking out the room alongside Deadeye. The two continued out of the hall, moving to another room where another man stood, peering through the glass at the scene that Archangel and Deadeye just exited, watching Chance begin to grow more comfortable in the room. The two men joined him at the two-way mirror. “Why’d you pull me?” Deadeye finally asked as the began to look through the mirror. “Sometimes you have to sit back and let the masters work,” Archangel responded, also offering a shrug. “Plus torture is illegal, and here you have to adhere to the law,” the other man added with a chuckle. He picked at his beard as he looked over at Deadeye, who was rather far from smiling. “Fucking sucks doesn’t it?” The words filled the silence for a second before everything fell quiet once again. The weight of the scrutiny this group was placed under had dawned on all of them. They were practically hand chosen by the CIA, Bailey Justin, the Director himself had taken it upon himself to establish these task forces in seven different cities. He saw this city and decided that the situation was bad enough that he needed to interject into the situation. It was embarrassing for the men who all professed that they’d be the saviors of the city, now ‘asked’ to team with police officers. Naturally, there wasn’t much choice in the matter, just the expectation to instantly turn around and produce results, learning how to trust each other on the fly, from the frying pan into the fire. So far, the performance of the newly dubbed “Kingslayers” was phenomenal. Efficiently launching assaults on numerous cartel and mob fronts, disrupting the systems that had been flowing smoothly for those organizations. But these ops had been conducted with solid intel, information compiled from various sources. The well on said intel had already run dry, meaning that the cartel thug sat before Chance became paramount for future success. Chance had deduced that he was a rather high ranking official, with tattoos inked all over his flesh. The sheer number showed that at the very least, he was a member for a number of years, who’d have some friends in high places. Chance debated his approach, he couldn’t quite pin down exactly what had this man on edge, overzealous in his guard. He very clearly was uncomfortable, perhaps debating the risk reward of his actions, or maybe there was a lingering fear that just barely held the reins on a man who would spill absolutely everything. Chance averted his gaze back to the file, running more simulations in his head. He thought about letting him stir in silence, but that would only lead him becoming fortified in his cause and sealing up. Neither friendly nor angry approach would cause him to open up either, he’d recognized the desperation and gain confidence that he would be able to exit without saying a word. Chance snuck a gaze at his watch as he thought about a confident approach, he didn’t have the luxury of whittling him down with snide remarks until eventually, he caved, he had approximately thirty minutes before his lawyer appeared. It finally dawned on Chance, that playing to his fears would ramp his emotions to a point of no return, where he’d become extremely susceptible to Chance. Chance smirked as he leaned back in his chair, slicking back his hair as he thought about just how to play to his fears. He disregarded the thought of jail time, a frame job, and a false flag. He was scared of somebody internally, and Chance could see it now. He stopped fiddling with his hair and folded his hands together and placed them on the table, it was almost too easy. “How do you reckon La Muerte is feeling right now, Mr. Gabriel?” Gabriel played off the casual mention of his boss, Chance leaned closer, smiling a bit wider. “Yeah, I don’t really care either. There’s nothing he can do to you now is there?” Gabriel gulped now, beginning to flick away at the cold iron table, doing all he could to avoid eye contact. Chance edged his seat closer, continuing to badger away. “Do you even know if your loyalty matters anymore?” Chance paused here, knowing that his next words would determine the success of this interrogation. He wasn’t scared of his boss, whatsoever, not possible when his boss was a killer, the inability to fear a man with so much blood his hands meant either absolute trust… or that his boss was in a grave now. Chance thought about both lines of questions, before asking his follow-up question. “Do you think that you two can bunk in a casket?” Gabriel finally raised his eyes to meet the steel blues of Chance, who stared back in response, wiping his smirk in place for a more blank expression. “Do you really wanna take that chance?” Chance asked with raised eyebrows. “No, not with that puta Hijo at the top now,” Gabriel said scowling, he didn’t even give Chance a chance to react to the words before he continued speaking. “He’s fucking loco. He kills Muerte without even consulting anybody and now wants to wage war with the Trifficantes? I’ll take my chances in prison.” “Hijo is taking a shot at Don Dada?” Chance sputtered, the shock registering in him as well as everybody behind the mirror. The bearded man leaned closer, waiting for the next wave of information. “Yeah, hired some fucking deadman to do the job for him, won’t tell us a name.” The bearded man scoffed at the info, turning and heading for the door. “Where are you going, Phantom?” Archangel asked. Phantom turned back with a smile on his face. “Get my ears cleaned, want to make sure the music sounds as good as possible.” Phantom slipped into the hall, quickly scurrying out of the entire wing as he made his way outside. He pulled a phone from his pocket as he exited the precinct, immediately making a call. The phone buzzed as he stepped into the night, distancing himself from everybody until he found a pocket of seclusion. The ringing finally stopped, replaced by first a click, then a very familiar voice. “How are you, Gunner?” “He’s coming after you,” Gunner excitedly whispered into the microphone, ignoring the question from Don Dada. The situation caused a slight panic for Gunner, his admiration for the man he was now speaking to ever so apparent. He started up again, stumbling over his own words trying to give all the information at once. “It’s the Ángeles del Infierno, Hijo killed Muerte and now he’s coming after you with an army and a hitter.” Dada did nothing but sigh as Gunner anxiously awaited a response. “I asked how are you?” “Are you serious?” Phantom asked, trying to process the shock the nonchalance caused. The Don was scared, he had to be, or at least Gunner thought this. He attempted to get ahead of this war, he held El Hijo in great regard and so he desperately attempted to get ahead of this conflict by eliminating him. Now El Hijo had an entire army to hide behind, the resources to battle on every front, and the power to paralyze any man working for the Don. Gunner couldn’t fathom a scenario where this was an appropriate response to the crisis at hand. His words failed, he could only sputter more questions, trying to find out why Don wasn’t taking this seriously. “Yes, I’m serious, I asked you how you’re doing?” “Your entire life’s work hangs in the balance and you’re concerned with feelings?” Disdain began to infiltrate Gunner’s words, he could do nothing but resent somebody who couldn’t appropriately respond to a crisis, a man who seemed willing to admit defeat. Every ounce of him detested this behavior. “Gunner, have you ever heard the saying, where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire? This has been smoldering for quite some time, it doesn’t incite panic. I understand that many people want what I have, if I feared of all them, I’d die of a heart attack far before any of them touched me. I’m more concerned about your well being right now.” Don finished. It was an impressive speech by his accounts, disguising his tone to a man completely assured of his safety, truthfully, he sat in his office, unable to move, struggling for breath at the thought. El Hijo wouldn’t bother sending a man after him unless the success was guaranteed, he wouldn’t chance missing his attempt on the King of the Underworld. Only one man could assuage this fear, the same man who rebuffed him, the same man he wanted under his wing to guarantee he’d be secured at the top of the game indefinitely. The only course of action now was to keep absolute faith instilled in his top lieutenants, he’d spent too much time grooming Nigel to allow him to become useless before he most needed him. So he kept insisting that he was the greater priority at the moment, understanding how this couldn’t only bring somebody with such a fractured background closer. It was a phenomenal deduction and worked perfectly, Gunner finally eeked out a reply. “I’m doing fine…” he couldn’t quite process the idea of him having more value than an attempt on the Don’s life. Somehow, he admired the man who welcomed him in like a father even more. “I have to go, I’ll call you later.” “Understood.” Don moved the phone from his ear, understanding the predicament he was now in, he really didn’t have many options to choose from. He swiped through his contacts until he came to “Fox”, he crafted his text, waiting before he sent it. He stared at his screen, debating on whether or not this could ever end well for him. Resigned to his fate, he sent the message: “Let slip the dogs of war.” If you looked close enough, you could see the inklings of war stretched into the horizon. Whispers crept out of every corner of the city, rumblings that had corner boys bringing extra heat to their pickups, silence falling over the streets at earlier times. The fear spread like a plague, distrust ran unchecked, everybody just waiting for the first shot, the one heard round the city that everybody ducking for cover. It's incredible that even though everybody's on watch, the war will sneak up on everybody... like it always does.
  5. "The Slim Reaper" Johnny Snipes Position: Left Defenseman Height: 68.4" Weight: 190 lbs Date of Birth: 24/9 Nationality: American City of Birth: Stockholm (Naturalized US Citizen) Preferred Jersey Number: 6 Handedness: Right Player Type: Offensive Defenseman (Non Physical) Starting Junior League: University of Massachusetts at Amherst (NCAA Div. 1) Hidden Attributes: Strengths: Big Games, Coachability, Adaptability Weaknesses: Loyalty, Greed Mental Attributes: Strengths: Determination, Professionalism Weaknesses: Aggression Physical Attributes: Strengths: Speed, Agility Weaknesses: Strength, Fighting
  6. No One Man - Chapter 4: Danger Close ⊗ Zombie ⊗ I peered through the glass, leaning out the open window to get a better view. The sun slowly made its ascent, the light creeping through the crevices between the buildings. The few glimmers of light refracted off the dewy roofs of high rises and corner stores, creating tiny prisms of rainbows, sprinkled around the district. I kept reminding myself to focus my gaze on the building set on the edge of the area, with considerable distance between it and the next one. It seemed harrowing from this view, with the vibrant nightclub now reduced to an isolated building before opening. I sat pact, biding my time before the Don made his grand entrance. I hated this part of the job. It wasn’t my least favorite aspect of it, I mean I finally got think about ultimate meanings of life or whatever, didn’t have to talk to some of the characters I had to deal with. I zoomed my lens in further, studying the motorcade of vehicles arriving yo see if Don Dada would finally emerge from one of the unmistakably villainous SUVs. He finally clambered out of the center one, immediately surrounded by a fleet of goons. As expected, he got into work very early, getting in before him might as well have been impossible. I stifled a yawn, trying to maintain my line of sight as they entered the strip joint. I assumed I was supposed to now exit my nest and go out to examine the integrity of the club, but it was far from a fortress, and unless the walls were coated with diamond, it wouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. I leaned back, putting the scope back in my pocket as I stared out into the distance, keeping the club in my general line of sight for the moment. I grabbed my phone off the windowsill, seeing the panic spreading through my contacts, all terrified by the news of the shiny, new Task Force X. Such a generic name. They had been quite successful since their launch, rolling up multiple cartel operations with surgical precision, which could not bode well for my employer. It didn't really matter to me, I doubted they even knew that I existed. I rose out of my seat, putting my phone in my pocket and slamming the window close. I wrestled another silk glove out of my pocket, putting it on my left hand. My mind ventured back to the scene at the Waffle House as I prepared to exit the house, thinking about the very employer who now seemed to be between a rock and a hard place. I only knew of him from reputation, and his reputation made me steer clear of him until this point. It wasn’t that I was scared, it was that I preferred not to willingly accept fights that I had to consider retreating from. El Hijo wasn’t supposed to be real, he was supposed to be a cartel myth meant to spook people from confrontation with the “Angeles del Infierno”, just like I wasn’t supposed to exist. Yet we sat there… and he was nervous. That likely wouldn’t be an alleviator of stress when his cartel is under siege. I started to have doubts about the viability of the operation, whether setting the underworld alight for a man who could be put in a grave any day now, leaving me without major employment while another power vacuum commenced. But I pushed the thoughts out my mind, I wasn’t really big on double-crossing the demons. I finally finished getting dressed, donning a black and white Nike tracksuit, and signature baggy hoodie concealing my vest. With my hood pulled low, I exited the apartment, glad I didn’t actually have to kill for this view. I slipped out the foreign hall down the steps, then exited the complex. I paced down the streets, with them finally deserted for a change. I navigated through the streets, moving away from the club. Eventually, I arrived at a second apartment complex. I swiped through the names on the directory until I found the one I was looking for, ringing it up. After some time passed, I was buzzed in. I clambered up the five sets of stairs, not being a big fan of elevator cameras, and reached the fifth floor. I scanned the foyer, looking for the particular apartment in question. I found it at last and knocked on the door. The door swung open, a woman stood in the doorway, quite excited to see me. She invited me in, biting her lip. Showing the way to her couch before she started to scurry towards presumably her bedroom. “Hold on,” I called, gesturing towards the coach as well. We both took a seat, a smile still on her lips. I wrestled out an envelope of cash, some ten thousand dollars was in it. I looked up at her, I think her name was Lana or something. I removed the cash from the envelope, counting it out loud as I thumbed through it. I placed the cash on the adjacent table before shifting my gaze back to her, her smile was no longer present instead her mouth hung open and a cloud of confusion lingered over her eyes. I didn’t know too much about her, she worked at Diamond of Atlanta as a bartender and had an OnlyFans, about all the information I needed before I contacted her. “Wh- what is this?” she demanded. I stood up, sliding the glove off my left hand. It always felt too weird. I circled the table, stopping when I was right across from her, still in shock from the stack I’d left on her table. I looked down at her, hoping that she wouldn’t be one to fold. I didn’t want this to run me too much money. “It’s Lana right?” I asked. She managed a nod before I continued, rounding the table again and taking a seat right before her. “Look, you’ll get this ten thousand…” I paused, seeing as she remained in the shock, I hadn’t quite gotten her to focus yet. I reached underneath my hoodie, feeling around for my track jacket pockets, each one containing an envelope with another twenty thousand. I grabbed one and set the cash on top of the green mound already on the table. I could see the shock begin to dissipate, the extra money eliciting a different response. I started up again. “Thirty thousand if you do me a simple favor. Whenever your boss leaves his office, I want to know. Let's say you’ll… text me a red heart every time he leaves with his boys, and a… heart eyes when he leaves alone. Everything goes through Snapchat, it’s the same name I messaged you with on OnlyFans. Got it?” She nodded, pursing her lips as I spoke, wanting to interject. I assumed it was the age-old question of why I needed her to do this, but she chose to remain silent. I pulled a final item from my pants pocket, a fingernail-sized drive that I carefully handed to her. “If you plant this on his car or phone, I’ll throw in an extra twenty thousand.” She again nodded her head, I began to smile. She didn’t seem like one to flake, the money had wonderfully played its part. Still, I leaned in closer still, until our heads were inches apart, feeling each and every one of each other's breaths. I finally spoke, keeping my voice hushed as I added a final statement. “If you cross me, I’ll kill you, if you mention that I exist, I’ll kill you. And there’s absolutely nobody who can stop me from doing just that.” I tapped the table with my left index finger as I finished delivering the chilling words. I felt the corroding pain gathered in my hand finally expel, spreading across the wood. I snapped as I stood, seeing the fear gather in her eyes as the table melted into a heap of cinders. I turned towards the door, leaving her glued to the couch as I ventured back out to the streets. There really wasn't ever much to surveillance: find a weakness, exploit a weakness, that’s how it went, time and time again. Don Dada was likely paranoid enough to never leave alone, always holed up in the office of his, if I missed once he’d disappear into a mass of security. I could’ve planned a false flag, but I didn’t want to wait too long and risk losing the cash I’d set up for the job. I could’ve tried to waltz back in, but after our last confrontation, I doubt he’d take a meeting with me without groveling. I had already fucked myself over before the op even started. I very seriously limited options on a man who didn’t leave many windows cracked open. I couldn't help but smile, that meant it’d be the most fun I’d had in months.
  7. Match Of The Year Naito/Tanahashi Wrestler Of The Year Bryan Face Of The Year Kazuchika Okada Heel Of The Year Bryan Match Of The Year Seth Rollins vs Drew Mcintyre Wrestler Of The Year Kenny Omega Heel Of The Year The Fiend Face Of The Year Seth Rollins
  8. Name (First And Last): Quincy Lewis Age: 19 Nickname: Q Height: 5'9 Body Type: Skinny Hair Color: Black Personality (Good Or Bad): Bad Biggest Fear: Having Expectations Strengths: Smart, Quick Study, Persuasive Weakness: Lazy, Not Athletic, Stubborn Brief Background: College Dropout with no real aspirations in life, works around town picking up oddjobs here and there and making a decent living, lives with parents, likes doing nothing slightly more than sleeping or playing video games
  9. Name: Kain Baker Attire: Ricochet All White Hoodie Alignment: Face Tag Team: Dealer's Choice
  10. No One Man - Chapter One: Friends ⊗ Zombie ⊗ I stood idly at the back entrance, staring aimlessly at the wall. I could be the bass thumping just beyond, sending waves through the wall that made the street tremble. I felt the ground shake below me, it was really starting to piss me off. I sauntered to the door again and once again started banging, slamming my fist into the cold steel harder after every knock. I finally ceased, stuffing my hand back in my pocket and stepping back. I waited another quarter-century, nothing changed, the bass kept thumping and every breath I took formed a freezing sheet of air in front of me. I couldn’t bear to wait for another second, I quickly pulled my hands out my pockets and peeled the glove off my right and flicked the knob, it came apart on contact, I pushed the door open and walked into the dim room. In the distance, I could make out a plethora of colors, bright lights created a cascading sea of pink, purple, and blue. The lights gleamed against the golden poles and glitter, I couldn’t see how people hadn’t see yet. I approached, passing an assembly of men dressed in all black, all guarding cordoned rooms. They seemed too preoccupied to deal with me, I continued to stride down the maroon carpet, “Womp Womp” hammered louder out the speakers as I approached a railing. I looked out to see the mobs surrounding the small islands of stages, money raining down on the female performers like confetti. I didn’t know strip clubs were this busy on Tuesdays. I began to scan the club, looking for where the big boss man would set up shop while I slipped my hand into my glove. I decided to adventure upstairs, I began to clamber up the steps, looking up to find a pair of extremely unfriendly bodyguards. “I need to see your boss,” I called out to them as I reached the top of the flight, trying to continue between them. They stopped me of course, the one on the left snatching my wrist and the one on the right placing a hand on my chest. I stopped, making eye contact with both of them. “Are you even old enough to be here?” one asked, I sighed audibly before replying. “I need to see your boss, Mr. Banks, Don Dada, whatever the fuck.” They didn’t budge whatsoever, growing more adamant in their head shaking. I massaged my temple, why were mafia types so fucking annoying? It was really starting to piss me off. I wiggled my left hand free enough to twist my palm towards me and slapped his hand. I finally wrangled my hand away as a small army of dark freckles appeared on his wrist. The man on my right tried to place another hand on me, I slapped his hand away as well, with the dark spots materializing moments after. I quickly snapped my fingers as I began to march forward again, leaving the two men on the floor crying out in agony as their skin, sinew, muscle, and tissue flecked off the hands. I massaged my left hand now, they’d be fine I’d only used my left hand. I wish I could get it stronger but unfortunately, I’m a righty. These powers weren’t just blessings from God that allowed you to get a leg up on the world. They were simply an extension of natural physiques. They were mostly present in people’s dominant hand, foot, whatever, people being able to do incredible things but without the immunity of a Superman. We had limits, breaking points that would cause more harm to our body than was worth it. Most people couldn’t even get an inkling of power in their non-dominant hand, becoming utterly predictable in the way they fought. It would always just become who had the bigger gun. But it was almost pointless trying to get an equal level of power in both hands, you could never achieve the same potential of power in your weaker hand. I decided to at least get my left hand functional, being able to emit power from my left, though it hurt like a bitch, and decided to load up as much power as I could in my right. I’ve seen some people who instead decided to achieve a balanced set of power in both hands, they usually didn’t have lethal power. And then there were the real freaks, the lucky ones who ended up getting full body powers. Those people were the ones who belonged in fucking comic books, the ones able to change the bodily makeup, transform into other beings, and fully power up. I wouldn’t go anywhere near those freaks, not worth the money. There were also the mind freaks, people who got superpower brains on Professor X type shit, they weren’t powerful as much as they were annoying, I tried to stay out of their way. I was just lucky I had gotten this “incredible” power, the full extent of death beheld in my fingertips. It was so much cooler than it sounds. I stopped kneading away at my hand and continued down the corridor, running my fingers on the railing beside me. I examined every door I passed, hoping to see any door that could serve as the boss man’s office. I eventually came to the end of the hallway, then began pounding on the final door. “I swear to God if I have to wait another second I’ll get really upset!” I yelled, beginning to pull my glove off. He was so rude, making me wait while he was the one who asked around for me. At the very least he could’ve told his bodyguards I was coming, maybe they would’ve gotten me a Caprisun and a lap dance. Now I had to bang on his door like a fucking policeman, I don’t think a pinch of etiquette is too much to ask for. The door finally swung open, all six foot six, two hundred thirty of Banks filled the doorway. He stood expressionless, looking at me for a handful of seconds before peering over my shoulder, seeing his bodyguards clutching their wrists. He refocused on me, visibly more upset than he was a second ago. Finally, he budged, retreating from the doorway and allowing me in. I slowly sauntered in, taking in the room as I made my entrance. The room was lavishly furnished, as it opened up, a seating area was placed to the right, with a neatly arranged couple of silk chairs surrounding an ivory coffee table. Just behind it lied a bar and presumably storage area for both legal and illegal trinkets. Everything in the room was meticulously tucked away, the thought behind every action was apparent. The Don was so fucking paranoid. At the end of the room lied an ebony and ivory desk, placed in front of a stained and tinted window. On the desk laid some folders and papers, neatly stacked in a pile in the corner. Laid on top was that new bestseller, so bullshit on the “enhanced” by this Dr. Sage guy. Don walked towards the window, gazing out towards the hectic streets. “Where’s the rest of it?” I asked bluntly while I took my seat in yet another silk seat, so bougie. He pivoted back to face me. “How do I know he’s dead?” he asked, I think my eye roll was audible. “Not my issue, ask his wife for all I care, you kill me if he’s not dead. Where’s my money?” I said now, my annoyance starting to ring through. I pulled my hands out of my pockets and began fidgetting with my glove. He approached his desk, drawing a desk drawer open and removing an envelope from it. He placed it on the table before me, I grabbed it, ripping the envelope open and rifling through the cash. “This clean?” I asked, continuing my count of the cash. “Like a virgin,” he replied, these mafia characters loved their stupid sayings. I pocketed the money, satisfied that it was all there, I don’t think the Don was dumb enough to cross me. I rose to leave, our business was complete but he stopped me, motioning for me to retake my seat. He pulled another drawer open, retrieving two glasses and a bottle of whiskey. I dragged his chair back and now took his seat, beginning to pour the whiskey in the glasses. He handed one to me. “I’m not legal,” I retorted, but he became more stubborn, pushing the glass closer to me. “For a successful transaction, and continued success for the both of us in the future,” he began. I gripped the glass, and raised it, clanking it with his in the process. “Salud.” He downed the liquor quickly, proceeding to watch with a smirk while I slowly worked away at the whiskey. I finally put the glass back on the desk, content with the current amount of singeing in my throat. He reclined in his chair, seemingly inspecting me with his stare. I cleared my throat suggestively, trying to figure out why he was shielding his intention. He finally filled the silence with a question. “Would you ever cross me?” The question caught me off-guard, I broke the eye contact we hand and focused on my glass, taking another sip before swirling what remained. I couldn’t really see the point of the question. Was I supposed to have a sense of loyalty to yet another person who needed me? “Yep,” I responded matter of factly, still looking at the remnants of the whiskey. I didn’t really see the point in lying, it’s not like he had anybody with a skillset like me employed. He showed his cards by even speaking my name, what he had in-house wasn’t enough. I looked back up at the Don, becoming enlightened as to why he asked the question. “Aren’t you tired of playing the middle?” I almost chuckled at the inquiry, rubbing my temple as I waited for him to continue. He rose, circling around his desk and sitting on the desk next to me. “You just guaranteed that my sphere of influence will continue to grow exponentially in Atlanta. I have the means to continue to grow out of the state, I could run the entire southeast region of this country, you’d get to be the executioner of the biggest mob in the last century.” “So I have to pledge allegiance to a single Mafia, slash my profits, expose myself to people I don’t trust, and what’s the plus side? Hard pass.” I said through a laugh, in disbelief of what I’d just heard. “I don’t quite believe you,” he said, continuing to examine me. He was insane, I guess he was trying to fill the void in my heart that my parents left. Oh, my knight in shining fucking armor. I scoffed at the comment, then downed the rest of the whiskey, getting ready to leave, Banks wasn’t quite down with me. “Hold your horses, I have another job. Quarter million for a cartel head.” “Nah, it doesn’t seem like much fun,” I said as I stood. I waved at him before dancing around the chairs to leave. I made it to the door before Banks called out to me again. “Be careful who call a friend, I’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies.” I stopped in my tracks, looking back at him as the profoundness of his words. “And I’d rather have ten dimes. Have a nice day.” I flung the door open and marched out, making way to the stairs. The bodyguards cowered as I stormed past them, finally getting a good laugh for the first time that evening. My chapter with the Trifficante Crime Family was a miserable, hundred thousand dollar story. And now I left out the busted back door, adventuring back into the night, far far away from that hellhole. I walked down the city streets, really taking in the Atlanta nightlife. All around were various types of drug addicts, all strung out to different degrees, Besides that, the skyline was littered with extremely conspicuous vigilantes, I couldn’t tell you how or why they were all perched like Batman, but I’m not one to judge. I cruised by a number of people trying to tempt me with various illegal offers, the corner boys and girls, the true blue-collar of America. I declined all of them, continuing away from the thumping music of the nightlife. I continued to maneuver through the busy streets, without any clear plan in mind, I figured that I should probably go secure the fifty grand burning a hole in my pocket, but what’s life without a little risk. “Aye!” Someone called out from behind me, interrupting my contemplation of food to pick up. I slowly turned, ready to tear my glove off my hand. I could barely make out a hooded figure approaching me, clutching something in his hand. “The fuck do you want?” I asked, freeing my hand from the glove and stretching it out in preparation. The stranger continued forward, drawing ever closer until I could make out pellucid blue eyes focused on me. “I’d like to acquire your services ‘Zombie’, I’m trying to slay a king.” I think I'm in the mood for Waffle House.
  11. Name: Jonathan Killebrew Nickname: Johnny Kills Gender: Male Nationality: United States Ethnicity: Black Hometown: Indian Head, Maryland Persona: Troll Picture (Wrestling pictures are appreciated as I can transition them from TEW 2016): Fighting Style: Brazilian-Jiu Jitsu (ex: Anderson Silva) Height: 6'4 Weight Class: Welterweight
  12. No One Man - Prologue ⊗ Zombie ⊗ I wonder what it would feel like to have been born twenty years earlier, being born completely normal just like everybody else… maybe have some loving parents, grow up playing football and baseball or whatever the fuck. I think I’d go to some parties and shit, you know, live a fun life; movies, dances, that whole nine yards, maybe even kiss someone. Ok, maybe I was stretching things now, but it was pretty cool to imagine. The dream always came to a screeching halt when I got back to the present, it morphed into more of a nightmare actually. Just a normal person living in this world? That was its own hell. I mean it’s not that I’m opposed to the good practitioners of hard work, no shortcuts and all, but that kinda drags. I don’t think I’d really enjoy getting stepped on by some superpowered prick. Or enhanced prick, I don’t know the politically correct term. I could imagine myself freaking out when they started popping out of mothers, all those kids with powers would be so fucking freaky. I paused my thought train for a second as I massaged my right, a glove fitted over it, feeling the veiny ripples pushing the satin out. I needed to refocus, I didn’t have too many windows to strike. I peeked around the corner to see the bustling crowd moving down the sidewalk, I didn’t have the greatest line of sight. I took a moment, making sure my glove was fitted correctly, then pulled my hood down tighter, entering the crowd. I pushed against the crowd, peering through it trying to find any group of ill-boding individuals. I finally saw a rumbling slicing through the crowd, and low and behold was the man I was like eighty percent sure was the mark, I should pay closer attention to the dossiers. I maneuvered towards the street, making sure to not lose sight of him as took a seat on the hood of a car, stuffing my gloved hand in my pocket. He approached, coming closer and closer without noticing me. His name was Meko or something, I just remembered that he was normally addressed as Happy Feet, like The Penguin. The name fit, I watched as he threw a tantrum to get through the crowd, standing head and shoulders below everybody else. He’d also just kicked a nasty Juul addiction apparently, he fancied mango especially. He was finally close enough to touch, I quickly drew a Juul out of my pockets, quickly taking a puff and exhaling it right into his face. His head turned first, his glare was accompanied by a fully formed scowl. His two boyfriends also paused, trying to find out what had pissed him off this time. He finally pivoted towards me, marching towards me as I played clueless, taking another hit and exhaling it into his path once again. He stopped in his tracks, along with seemingly the rest of the traffic on that sidewalk. I stole glances at him between looking every which way, acting as if I didn’t even know he existed. I could see the fury pulsing through him, the anger coursing through every vein of his body. He wanted to be taken so seriously, from the three-piece suit to freshly gelled hair. Maybe he was on his way to a big meeting with a connect, or off to fuck a prostitute, he was in constant need for respect. Well, that and a mango Juul pod. That’s why he’d let this slight pass, and why he was gonna ask me to take a walk with him. “Hey, kid, can I get a hit?” Happy Feet asked. I looked at him and shrugged, holding it out towards him. He frantically shook his head, scanning the crowd. “Walk with me, told my wife I kicked the habit.” This time I shook my head, looking at the two men flanking him before again shaking my head. “Sorry, I’ve heard of stranger danger,” I offered. He snarled at the remark and began to consult the goons that surrounded him, I caught something about watching for his wife and kicking ass, I tried my hardest to conceal my smile, deciding to take another hit to stop the spread of the expression, I just love a good plan coming together. After some protests, the men walked away. I’d assume they’d dismissed me as a threat, which wasn’t the craziest thing. I wouldn’t describe my physique as menacing, I looked like a beanpole under modest clothing, with a build similar to any high school track runner. I’d cloaked myself in a baggy hoodie and jacket, my Adidas sweats and vans weren’t much in the way intimidation. The two stole one final glance before disappearing back into the crowd. Happy Feet motioned for me to follow him. I pushed off the hood and began to walk with him. I drifted back to the question that was plaguing me. How could anyone adapt to such a radical change in the way the world works, with the idea of power shifted to who was born the strongest, not who could manipulate the rules enough to sit at the top. Every idea of power crumbled, everything so on edge. Presidents were put in the grave because nobody could stop all the freaks being born into the world. The last thing people needed was a push towards the extreme, this was fucking setting fire to the world and letting everybody try to figure it out, one power after the other. It was a shitshow to watch, that’s what made it so much more fun. Then here I was, dousing the fire with unfiltered gasoline and watching it grow. I was just kinda bored, at least this way I got to watch everything unfold. Those were the perks of not existing, I always got the best seat in the house. We finally neared the alley, pulling me out of my thoughts. We turned a corner, out of sight to anybody who was minding their own business. I was glad I didn’t live in New York. Happy didn’t seem done yet, ducking behind a dumpster to be completely out of sight, he seemed serious about that wife thing. I pressed towards him until he starting nodding, finally content. He gestured for the Juul. He seemed to inhale the vapor forever, he started reddening, veins protruded from his forehead. Finally, a mere century later, he exhaled, letting a number of clouds form in front of him, accompanied by a fit of coughs. “What’s with the glove, Michael Jackson?” he asked through the coughs, jabbing a finger towards my gloved hand. “It’s a condition,” I began as I slowly peeled the glove off, slowly unveiling the offsetting sight. Black spots spread across my palm like freckles, existing in about every spot where skin was still present. The rest of my palm was coated in blisters, forming all the way up to my wrist. The back didn’t provide a prettier sight. Besides the missing epidermis, cracked fingernails, and burn residue, it looked like acid had scorched the long, outstretched hand. The sight horrified Happy Feet, who audibly gasped, I didn’t look to see the disgust form on his face, I just examined the hand like I had time and time before, and wondered what would’ve happened if I was born a normal person. “The fuck is wrong with it?” he demanded, I looked to see the horror spread on his face at the ghastly sight. He’d probably spit at it if he didn’t just make his throat a barren desert. I shrugged at the question, stretching my hand and curling my fingers, imagining that it was normal. I faced Happy Feet again, letting a small smile creep across my lips. “Well recently? I kill people with it.” He was paralyzed temporarily, only his eyes reacting to what I’d just said. I think he wanted to do anything in response to what I’d just said, but it likely dawned on him that he had willingly walked himself to his own execution because of mango vapor. I could almost see the aura of fear that towered over him, gripping him tighter and tighter. All fight had evaporated in an instant. “I take it you know who I am, you should know my rules, first is--” He finally shook out of his trance, reaching towards the inside of his coat, presumably for a gun. He didn’t even have any powers, I really didn’t see how this was a good use of my talents… well, at least the check cleared. I sprung into action as well, in a flash I reached my right hand out, snatching the wrist closest to his person and prying it away from his coat. Unfortunately, this time I’d fallen into his hands, caught me with an open palm to the ribs, I could feel a chilled grip squeezing my insides, he was pretty good after all, almost had me. I released his wrist and stepped out of his reach, looking down at my left ribcage and seeing a block of ice attached to me, it was pretty fucking cool. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of the cold, I placed my right on the block and watched it dissipate instantly, reduced to soot on the ground. I looked back at Happy Feet, and saw the fight drain from him away, as he muttered protests, in absolute disbelief. I couldn’t contain the smile much longer. “Now it’s your turn,” I said, with a toothy grin finally appearing on my face. The cuff of his designer suit was the first to melt away, I saw the ripples form on his wrist, extending out to his fingertips as if it was another vein, black spots subsequently appeared on his skin, spreading up and down until they were present on his entire person. I walked towards him, looking to get my Juul back, I really didn’t want to go looking for it in his ashes. He swung his right hand at me again, I continued forward, snapping my fingers and not breaking my gait, his hand disintegrated before he could bat an eye, the ash was caught in the wind and flew out. I closed the remaining distance, placing my left hand on his mouth before he could let out a cry. “No yelling please, that was gonna be rule one,” I demanded, rather annoyed. I dropped my left from his mouth, reaching into his pocket to retrieve the Juul. I pulled it back to my lips and took a puff, before depositing it in my pocket. “Any last words?” I asked as I grabbed my glove off the ground, shaking off the dirt that now coated it. “Who are you?” He managed out as piece by piece as his arms began to be reduced to nothing but specks. “Wh-- who sent you?” “Really? What a waste of last words. Do you actually care who I am? I mean, that’s a really difficult question, I think the rumors about me say I don’t actually exist, so do I even get a name? I guess that makes me a deadman? Zombie, how does that sound for a name? I kinda like it.” I paused to take another hit, blowing it out through my nose this time. “And who sent me? You’re about to die, what does it matter? I don’t really know who sent me, doesn’t matter to me anyway, he’ll probably be dead within a week too. Anything else you would like to say instead?” “You fucking bastard I’ll--” He reached out towards me again, I snapped my fingers again while putting the Juul to my lips, I shook my lips, I really wished he could’ve said anything remotely cool. Welp, you win some you lose some. “That’s enough of you,” I said, inhaling a cloud of vapor then raising my right a final time, snapping my fingers and seeing the mound of ash carry into the sky. I looked up as the remnants of Happy Feet floated every which way, filtering into the Atlanta skyline alongside billows of smoke. I slipped my hand back into its glove, massaging it as I walked back out into the busy street. I melted into the crowd, unable to shake off the thought any longer. “Those were some shitty last words.”
  13. I don't know if my list was necessarily the most accomplished or longest stretch of greatness, don't really care, I thought about five of the most dominant athletes who essentially ruined their sports with how they broke the conventions of what the best was supposed to be. These five lapped the field more than any other which is why I consider them the greatest athletes off all time. 1. Barry Bonds 2. Mike Tyson 3. Michael Phelps 4. Usain Bolt 5. Wayne Gretzky
  14. "How could anyone adapt to such a radical change in the way the world works, with the idea of power shifted to who was born the strongest, not who could manipulate the rules enough to sit at the top. Every idea of power crumbled, everything so on edge. Presidents were put in the grave because nobody could stop all the freaks being born into the world. The last thing people needed was a push towards the extreme, this was fucking setting fire to the world and letting everybody try to figure it out, one power after the other. It was a shitshow to watch, that’s what made it so much more fun." Welcome To The New World You've been born into the shitshow, a world where the powers that existed in writings of fantasy are now apart of the human genome. Some explain it as the next step in evolution, some say that God got bored, but why doesn't matter now, all that's left is trying to figure how you're gonna make it through the chaos. Please remember to smile and enjoy, and remember, your last words shouldn't be shitty. Signup Sheet: Name: Nickname: Height: Weight: Build: Appearance: Power: General Backstory: Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Preferred Last Words:

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