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  1. My most heartfelt win would be beating Bailey after he turned on me, all the history, and all, but then he decided to keep ducking the match for some reason so I guess that’s that. Ill settle for beating Neb at Backlash, really wanted to prove myself as world championship material.
  2. “Benjamin’s Burn” lulls through the arena speakers, the crowd quickly coming to realize what exactly is happening, all eyes panning from the ring to the stage. As the violins begin to strum, Jonathan emerges from the curtain, adorning his mask and suit, the crowd immediately launching into a frenzy. He pauses at the top of the stage, staying rooted in place, but even with his face obscured, his stare is clearly situated on the men in the ring. He raises his left to his head, tearing the mask off to reveal the scowl on his face. He tosses it aside, continuing his march to the ring, slipping out of his jacket and beginning to undo the cuffs of his shirt, rolling it up as he approaches the ring. Bailey stares back at him, now trapped between an extremely angry Jonathan and a not much cheerier Flynn, a rock and hard place of sorts. Before he can make a decision, Jonathan is at the apron, balancing on the edge just looking at Bailey, the disgust and hatred permeating every inch of his face, a fire blazing uncontrollably in his eyes, the apathy is far gone at this point. His lips curl into a sneer, as he all but spits at Bailey with his next words. “YOU STUPID BITCH!” Jonathan hits the ring, and Bailey pounces on him, attempting to subdue Jonathan before he can deal any damage, getting him down to a knee. LOW BLOW FROM JONATHAN STOPS BAILEY, he fires off his knee and tackles Bailey down, throwing weighted punches at the skull of Bailey. He stops punching, gripping the hair of Bailey and using it to slam the back of his head into the mat over and over again. Jonathan relents for a second, now using the hair of Bailey to pull him to his feet, then slips his hands behind, locking Bailey in a full Nelson. Jonathan pauses for a second, looking at Flynn, but he quickly comes back to attention, planting Bailey with a Fatality. Jonathan springs back to his feet, fired up alongside the crowd, his neck pulsating as the adrenaline begins to shake him. He steps over the limp body of “The GOAT” and reaches down for a microphone, pulling it to his lips as he approaches Flynn. He takes a second to compose himself, dropping his eyes as he steadies his breath. He points a finger wayward, where Bailey lays, beginning to writhe in pain. “Nobody... nobody touches him before me? Do you fucking understand me? There won’t be any excuses when I put him into the fucking dirt.” Flynn nods at the request as Jonathan pedals back, going back to body of Bailey as he tries to pick himself up. Jonathan snatches another handful of Bailey’s patchy locks, squatting down next to him, there noses millimeters apart. The look on Jonathan’s face is nothing less than sinister, birthed from nothing but unadulterated hatred, a pure, pulsing, living hate that is motivating every single step Jonathan has taken tonight. “What the fuck did you think was going to happen? Do you think you’re still bulletproof? You’re not who you used to be. You align yourself with stars to mask the fact that you’ve been on a steep decline for a long time. You’re grasping so hard to what you used to possess, you want to be what you’re not so badly. I could almost respect it, it’s passion, it’s care. But in your pursuit, you stepped on the wrong neck.“ “I’ve come to collect... and I know that won’t be an issue.”
  3. November 24 PWE: Uprising VIII Back to Form And we are back for yet another show full of tournament competition, looking to find who will pull themselves to the top of their respective divisions, no second chances offered, redemption will be lacking, there will only be the matches presented to everybody in these contests. Tonight we have two such tournaments occurring. But at the top of the show, Rei Smith, Arius, trying to show they deserve to be the next challenger for Bart Hoogveld. The first is the Trios Tournament, where we'll have some spectacle inducing units taking each other on, starting with MYTH facing Mile High Squad, both groups capable of drawing the oohs and aahs from the crowd. And the other tournament match two makeshift units in The Heller Squad and the Catch Style Kings, seeking to put themselves in an advantageous position moving forward. And Mafia and Suplex Style Pro will take each other on in a cross group exhibition. The Pacific Invitational Qualifiers are also taking place, only four competitors for this tournament tonight, but these four men are looking to make a name four themselves, with three debutees on a path to prove exactly why they have been brought on. But without further ado, here we go. Trios Tournament Match: MYTH vs Mile High Squad And the opener of the show was as advertised, MYTH and the Mile High Squad would have a captivating matchup to begin the evening. Mile High Squad would be matched in their aerial offense for the first time, however they would still find themselves in the lead in that category, however the high-flying that Ezekiel Angelius and Austin Omega would give Mile High Squad pause as how to attack the matchup. Baron North came in, taking the brunt of the damage but powering through it as he does to give a dose of his striking offense, a unique dimension that nobody else in the match could match him in. The end of the match came with Baron North continuing his run, pinning Echo Wilson in a corner. Echo managed to elbow Baron before she rolled out of the corner, making way to her corner now but Baron managed to get a hold of her tights before she could make it. Echo was inches away from a tag, reaching out desperately for one of her partners when Angelius and Omega appeared out of nowhere, taking out both Storm and Ross, and following the two to the outside. Baron took to opportunity, pulling in Wilson before hitting a Destino for the victory, giving MYTH their first three points of the tournament. Winner: MYTH via Pinfall (Destino ~19:59) COMMERCIAL BREAK Pacific Invitational Qualifier: "Prodigy" Sameer Jones vs "Zeus" Arrow McIntyre The next match would be quite a match to enjoy, with the man who has proven that he was all who was advertised when highly touted as a prospect in the wrestling world up against somebody who was seeking to follow the same career path as his opponent. Sameer would truly be up against it, struggling to string together offense against the mammoth of a man, Arrow's frame proved difficult to strategize against. Arrow himself used his power to get himself a cushion in the matchup, though it was clear that he was still struggling to fully acclimate to the wrestling ring. It was a give and take, and Sameer realized this, relying more and more on his savvy to get his offense in this time, using a series of grapples and escapes, using the ring and ropes to its full potential. The end of the match came against these ropes, Sameer looking to connect on a Buckle Bomb but unable to power Arrow completely through the move. Arrow got himself out of the move. Arrow went for a quick Clarrow but Sameer ducked under, Arrow rolling out to the corner. Sameer reached over the ropes, pulling him over the second rope from where he then measured him up, before planting him with a rope hung Curbstomp, following it with a pinfall. Winner: Sameer Jones via Pinfall (Rope Hung Curbstomp ~16:16) Mafia vs Suplex Style Pro And now we would see the cross group exhibition kicking up, with two relatively newfound groups facing off. Suplex Style Pro had a big advantage in the ways of experience, with Sheridan gelling quite well with Hideki and Williams in quite a short time, the trio providing all the nastiness and grit needed to thrive as a six man group. This would allow them to get their noses ahead, so to speak, in this match, a combination of ethically ambiguous style. Mafia wouldn't just lay over, led by a King Slim who was hitting his groove, they repaid the nastiness with nastiness in turn, only it was more dirty than blue collar, with Yaju and New Shaq more than happy to get in the dirt. It was quite an interesting match to watch. The end came as Sheridan came down hard following a big boot from Yaju. She stayed down after, clutching at her nose and giving the referee pause, who stopped the match for a second to check on Sheridan. Before Joyce could throw a fit, Strong Style Pro hit the ring, Hideki taunting Joyce to charge at him, which the Panama City Beast fell for, hook, line, and back body drop into the piledriver, dubbed the SSP Piledriver. Slim and Shaq hit the ring but unfortunately found themselves the ones caught by the ref and sent out the ring as Hideki and Williams ducked out. As the two exited, Sheridan sprung to life, dragging Yaju to the corner and hitting a Buckle German just how she defeated him in the past. She went for the pin, and Hideki and Williams popped up from under the ring, snatching the ankles of Shaq and Slim to stop them from disrupting the pin, getting Suplex Style Pro a momentous victory. Winner: Sheridan Mueller via Pinfall (Buckle German Suplex 18:01) But the pinfall did not spell the end of the interaction, Mafia found themselves quite angry at their loss, with Slim and Shaq getting free and immediately going back at Strong Style Pro, executing another one of their hits, able to dismantle them without rules in place, an Essential Eliminator and a New Shaq Special being their downfall. Sheridan tried to strike back, by time she had realized the numbers had turned against her, she tried to flee but found herself in a headlock from an angry Joyce. All three members of Mafia delivered blows before Joyce ended the beatdown with a Pop Up Punch, leaving the ever ruthless Mafia standing tall. COMMERCIAL BREAK Pacific Invitational Qualifier: "Jigsaw" Xavier King vs "Sun Kissed" Mikey Xavier King was seemingly running the gauntlet of eccentric personalities in PWE, taking on Mikey two weeks after defeating Benjamin Wolf, he would seek to use the same strategy that got him a decisive victory against the daredevil in Mikey, though it could prove a tricky matchup with the innovation Mikey provides in the ring, though if there were a such thing as a wrestling kryptonite, the MMA star could prove to be that for Mikey. And it was seemingly the case during this match, with King’s MMA offense proving difficult to avoid for Mikey, none of his springboards and dives presenting him anymore advantageous situations, King was laser focused for this matchup, obviously looking to do nothing more than punch his ticket to the Pacific Ladder Match. His holds grounded Mikey in large part, his strikes rocking the high flyer and disrupting every one of his attacks. So it was no surprise when the end of the match came. Mikey tried for a last ditch Lionsault, but King plucked him out of the air and cinched in an armbar, capping off an impressive victory with a tap out to advance to the ball. Winner: Xavier King via Submission (Armbar ~ 8:31) Trios Tournament Match: The Heller Squad vs Catch Style Kings Now we would have a matchup not to dissimilar to the Mafia/Suplex Style Pro matchup, with a familiar pairing in Heller Squad adding a new third edition in FD, taking on a makeshift group in Catch Style Kings. In being so, Heller Squad would use that chemistry to pull ahead in that matchup, with Crimson and Heller being the two main members, FD getting a rare tag here and there. There advantage carried throughout the match, with it looking like Ty Heller had finally found his footing in PWE. The ring was clear of all Catch Style Kings members when Heller connected on the Gutter Buster to Josh, it seemed all said and done. But when the referee finished his three count, he didn’t raise Hellers hand in victory, instead he lifted both competitors, signifying a draw, Heller still unable to score that first victory in PWE. He slumped to the mat in disbelief, monkey still firmly on his back. Winner: Draw (Double Pinfall ~ 11:11) COMMERCIAL BREAK "The Yorkshire Rose" Rei Smith vs "Kaiju" Arius (w/Rin Akane) And to close the show, the anticipated matchup pitting Rei Smith and Arius against each other. Arius was billed as the clear favorite, his time in PWE has proven that he is quite the bulldozer, running through everybody and everything that he has set his sights on. But Smith has shown to be at her best when the odds are set against her, and she was definitely perceived to working from the bottom in this match. And as expected, Arius came out strong, firing through Smith on a warpath of sorts, with Rin barking orders at him, heeding exactly whichever results she called for. Smith solely looked for escape, trying to distance herself as much as possible, looking to outlast the early onslaught, letting Arius tire himself out before answering, and to a degree it worked. Smith finally began to answer with offense of her own, comboing strikes and throws to try to fend off Arius but Arius did not seem to tire, marching through the offense to continue it with his own suplexes and just crushing blows, cutting through the momentum of Smith whenever she began to get anything brewing. Rei did not show any sign of slowing down, continuing to seize the tiny sliver of opportunities that Arius provided between instructions, and actually began to slow down the Japanese monster. But Akane reined in her beasts, ordering him to begun going in for the kill, and he did, nailing an Lifting Osaka Street Cutter but it didn't put Smith away, neither did the follow up, you could see the frustration building on Akane's face, who screamed for an end to come. As Arius looked to put the finishing touches on the contest, he lifted Smith up by her wrist, bringing her to her feet, prepping the Hanketsu, when suddenly the crowd began to go bonkers. Arius pulled his eyes away from Smith, looking around the crowd before he finally saw what had agitated him, with Bailey making his descent down the stairs, clearing security guards as he looked to meet Arius in the ring, Akane slightly agasp at the sight, no longer delivering orders to her monster as she took tracked Bailey's angry descent, the confusion gave Smith a lifeline. She pulled on Arius's arms, slipping onto his back before planting him with a 8th Sin, which barely eeked out a three count. Winner: Rei Smith (8th Sin ~ 17:22) The crowd came unglued at the result as Rei Smith pushed away from a now angry Arius, who seemed to shake off the impact of the move past the three count. He didn't focus on Smith, instead starting out the ring, towards Bailey who kept plowing through the security. The crowd might as well have been a mosh pit as they hyped the impending brawl, but even more men rushed in to separate the two by a sea of bodies, stopping the brawl for now. Bart hit the ring following, staring down at Smith as the PWE Intercontinental Championship was wrapped around his waist. The two met eyes, a silent message communicated before Bart unstrapped his belt and lifted it high, then leaving the ring to give Smith her time to celebrate.
  4. The Peter Avalon Brandon Cutler storyline HAS to become more emphasized on AEW, it’s such a fun and easy storyline to incorporate without taking time out of the show, and the eventual blow off match could be exciting in its own right despite their records
  5. Two torn ACLs in three shows isn’t very good, AEW should probably tone it back considering their injury misfortune, I don’t think that they need to work as high intensity matchups as they continue to do. All their best stuff comes outside of the structure and considering their confusing past couple of months with some characters, pulling back and working on getting guys their heat back through vignettes and more of the sort would help the product.
  6. I’m curious as to what caused the dip for AEW over time. I figured that their viewership would come closer to approaching their opening numbers but they seem stuck in NXT territory, who I don’t think they should be competing with. I wonder what it’s going to take to bump that back up over the million mark
  7. I mean I can’t really be surprised by this, WWE has quite the history of bringing back wrestlers purely for the benefit of their bottom line, regardless of their relationship with other members of the roster. Ronda was a great name to have under contract, despite her annoyance with fans, I don’t think her problem was really with wrestlers, so I think the move is fine, curious to see how it all shakes out
  8. I mean it’s hard to gauge how much control Heyman really had, you can’t simply go about it blaming him for every bad angle or only attributing the good angles to him, I’m curious to see how much will actually change after he left because it’s a much trickier time to be a booker. Vince, HHH, networks, sponsors, all breathing down your neck while you try to fulfill promises to wrestlers at the same time, I heard that Bruce Pritchard was replacing him, so perhaps WWE wants a return to AE/RA style booking considering the Covid situation, but only time will tell if he’s simply a figurehead.
  9. November 14 PWE: Uprising VIII Preview New Beginnings The tournaments announced for the newly founded titles of Pro Wrestling Elite have been announced, and all cards are on the table. We'll seek to find the inaugural champions for those belts, but we have business to mind otherwise in terms of finding who will challenge for the first title in PWE history. We have a jam-packed show in store for you all, once again down at the Shoebox, come witness, all the action that PWE has in store this upcoming Uprising, either in person or on YouTube and Twitch per usual. Without further ado, here's the show preview: "The Yorkshire Rose" vs "Kaiju" Rei Smith and Arius both picked up momentous victories last week, looking to prove their case as the next true challengers for Bart's crown, but in order for one to make it, they first have to find a way to push past the challenge that their opponent presents, I have no doubts that it'll prove to be a good one. Reported Card Trios Tournament Match: MYTH vs Mile High Squad Pacific Invitational Qualifier: Sameer Jones vs Arrow McIntyre Mafia vs Suplex Style Pro Pacific Invitational Qualifier: Xavier King vs Mikey Trios Tournament Match: Heller Squad vs Catch Style KIngs Rei Smith vs Arius Feel Free To Predict In The Comments Below
  10. Entry Fourteen: Stephen King April 17, 2017 Staten Island, New York Slater Federation Wrestling - Warzone It had all come to a head here... or something like that. It'd be my first pay-per view for SFW, one of my first real ones in my entire career. It's kinda weird to think about, I'd been champion all over the Tri-State Area and yet this was what actually felt like my first major breakthrough. I mean the NXT stuff obviously put aside, it felt like my coming out party as the "Indy Guy", at least not with Necce at my side. So naturally, it came with me on one leg... in a tag team again. Fuck. It was quite the time to go Hollywood, like I'd been on a bum knee plenty of times, none quite this shitty. I could barely even squat without tears filling my eyes and now I was changing in a janitor's closet because there were too many eyes partying in the locker room before the festivities really got underway. I guess it’s the way the cookie crumbles. I finally managed to slip into my tights, a few bruises forming from smacking into walls a half dozen times. I tugged on my t-shirt, finally able to take my seat in the tiny closet. I managed to steady my labored breaths because now even changing into my ring gear had to be an ordeal. Ah, it was the bitch and moan express, I tumbled through my duffle and extracted the little orange bottle, popping a pair of Vicodin for the upcoming proceedings... then another two more. I swallowed the four and stuffed the bottle back into the duffle, before pushing myself back to my feet with it in tow, making my way to the locker room. When I arrived it seemed like the pregame party had been in full swing. The party had been broken up into segments, Liam and his boys in a corner, opposite from Yelich and his squad. I found my niche where Reece and Glen were hanging out, accompanied by Julius, Kyle, and the gang. I stayed mostly quiet while the rest riffed off each other, mentioning the stick up Slater’s ass recently. It was a fun atmosphere, any animosity wasn’t locket room ruining, and I’ve been to plenty of promotions with toxic locker rooms, the paycheck ones where nobody gave a damn about anybody else. There wasn’t that extra layer of trust required in order to make people feel safe, nobody branches out so they get injured and lose food, well except for me of course, common sense be damned. It was fun though, consistent laughter throughout the entire thing until we finally heard word that the show was starting. Everybody broke off into smaller groups, discussing their match with whoever they needed to. I was the opening match, kind of forget about that part. I slipped another pair of pills into my hand then started down the hall, murmuring another Mosel Tov and downing the two. I joined Julius, Daniel, and Kyle in the guerilla, all awaiting any cue, Julius looking extremely giddy in anticipation, the rest of us a bit more reserved. “Let’s have a fucking good one alright boys!” “Another Level” by Hollywood Undead was the first theme to play and FD smiled as he heard it come through, smiling and pounding his fist against Julius’s before his smile turned to a sneer and he pushed through the apron. The boos were crystal clear, getting Julius even more hype, he know bounced on his toes, adrenaline clearly spiking. His energy was infectious, just being around him was unraveling the thick exterior I had built for myself, I could feel a smile cross my lips as he continued to bounce, Kyle did the same. The smile on Julius’s face grew even wider as he saw us creeping out of our shells. He bashed his fists against ours as “Another Level” came to an end. “Here it comes!” Julius shouted as “Sweet Thangs” by Tee Grizzley began, he snatched a water bottle and drenched himself with it before shaking out his hair. His aura quickly turned intense, as he smacked his hands against his head, and marched through the curtain. I was a bit in awe by what I saw, I couldn’t really explain what was so special about it, he just had a gift, he was so much bigger than where he was, or maybe I just didn’t think enough of the building that I was in. I was quickly learning that SFW is pretty goddamn special. “Rise Up” started and Reeves stepped through the curtains as well, spelling anger across his face as he made his entrance, leaving me alone in the guerilla. I took a seat, relieving my knee for the time being as I stared at the ceiling, this whole thing was ridiculous wasn’t it? I guess this is where passion gets you. I stood back up as “Savage Mode” began, folding my arms behind my back as if to imitate a straight jacket. I paid extra attention to my footing, making sure that my waddling was irregular. I waited for my cue to bust through before turning, waddling out with my back to the crowd, the “One Bad Apple” side of my tee facing the crowd. I began “wrenching” away, acting as though I trying to pull my arms free from the other before finally I was able to pull them apart. I reached my now “freed” right arm to the sky, before turning my open hand into a finger gun, and opening up towards the crowd, pointing the gun at the ring to a chorus of cheers. I dropped my hand, now making way towards the ring, still making my gait irregular. I eventually reached the ring, sliding into it and crawling to the corner, dragging myself up slowly, a sinister smile on my face as I rose and stepped to the second rope. I leaned over the top rope, pointing another gun in the direction of the camera before taunting for the crowd, getting them to come alive once again. I stepped down and made way to me and Kyle’s corner. “Let’s go to work brother,” I muttered at him before we bumped fists again. I pulled my shirt over my head, it was covering my face when I felt my face get smashed. I dropped instantly, rolling out of the ring following the sneak attack. I finished slipping off the shirt, trying to get a grasp of my bearings as I inched towards the barricade. I looked to the ring, seeing Vice and Reeves teeing off as usual, but no sign of Jones. I whipped my head around, seeing the hulking man charging at me, before flying at me for a Claymore Effect, I barely managed to duck away from the impact, as Julius flew into the barricade, foot first. I made it to my hands and knees, Julius holding his knees after missing the move. I found myself at the foot of the steps and used it to crawl up, getting myself back on the apron as Reeves was thrown over. Vice shifted his focus to me, grabbing at my hair and pulling me over the ropes to get me in the ring. I pressed his palms onto my cheeks, shit talking me as he does. I finally snapped back to attention, bringing my knee to his gut and making him double over, before quickly pulling him under my arm and hooking his free arm, planting him with a quick Bloody Sunday. I stayed on the mat after the move, already exhausted, the frantic opening sequence accomplishing its job, the crowd even rowdier then the were before. I dragged myself to the bottom rope, sitting up against it as I looked to catch my breath, this was enough for the ref, who finally called for the bell, starting the match with Vice and I the legal men. Ha, he thought that would matter. Daniel Vice and Julius Jones vs Kyle Reeves and Jonathan Kersey: Revenge of the Nerds I found myself back on my feet, sizing up Vice as I approached him. I placed my boot on his hand, stamping down on it as I grabbed a handful of his hair this time and yanking it back, I waited out the four count them dropped down into a squat and wrapped him arm around his neck, locking in a Dementia hold early, cranking back on it as much as possible, my foot still on his hand. I was cracked against the back while I held it, no doubt by Julius, his attack breaking the hold and sending me towards the ropes. Julius marched towards me, but I caught Kyle out of the corner of my eyes, quickly mounting the apron and jumping to the top rope and springing at Julius. Somehow, Julius anticipated it, plucking Kyle out the sky, wrapping his massive arms around Kyle’s waist. I sprung back to action, barreling at Julius before he could toss Kyle and spiraling at his knee and taking it out from under him, Kyle quickly got his arm around the neck of Julius as he fell, using the giants momentum against him to plant him with a DDT. I quickly stood, me and Kyle standing tall at long last, but before I could stamp the postcard, I felt arms wrap around my gut, and was thrown into the air,, landing on the base of my neck, then rolled back onto my gut as I lied there supine. I could only hear the back and forth between Kyle and Vice, trying to use the second away from everybody to regulate breath and process some of the pain, not worrying about anything besides that. I was snapped out of my trance by the sound of a jaw getting tagged, I lifted my eyes to see Vice staggering back as Reeves planted his foot. He didn’t wait long before sending that leg back up for what I assumed was the second superkick, which also connected, only managing to drop Vice to a knee. Kyle ran at Vice, jumping into the air as he wrapped around Vice, looking for a slingblade, when Julius appeared from out of nowhere, clobbering Reeves with a wicked lariat that was heard in the nosebleeds. Kyle fell out of the air and crashed hard against the mat, his chest already a bright shade of red in a matter of a seconds. Vice and Jones were the ones on their feet now, stomping away at Reeves before lifting him up, Vice held him up as Julius backed into a corner, measuring his steps, obviously looking for Claymore Effect. He started the stride out the corner, when I bounced out of my own, coming crashing into him shoulder to shoulder and knocking him over and saving Kyle for the meantime. He slammed into the mat, and Reeves managed to pull himself away from Vice enough to escape to the apron. Vice wasn’t too much worried about it, instead turning to me and running at me, spearing me in the gut and driving me into the corner Julius just came from. He drove shoulders into my abdomen, never relenting for a second. I tried to collapse out of the corner only to be thrown back in, now seeing Julius back to his feet and very upset about it. Vice finally threw me out of the corner, into the awaiting arms of Julius, before he could pull me in, I wrapped my arms around his neck, the last ditch. I grabbed my wrist and I brought my legs around his waist and locked my wrists, cinching in a guillotine to suck the air out of his system. I could hear Vice’s footfalls approaching and loosened my grip, trying to slip behind Julius so I could use him as a human shield. I managed to do it, my ankles now at his belly button as I sought to put in another choke, Julius was the wiser though, catching me with my head on his shoulder. Vice stormed forward, raising his boot to slam into my eye, before Julius dropped to his seat, catching my jaw on his shoulder blade. I rolled away, as much as I could anyways, before Vice pressed his sole against my knuckles this time, returning the earlier move. I cried out in pain, every increase in pitch begetting a more forceful press. I tried to reach my free hand out to the rope when suddenly it was getting pushed through the canvas, both hands now pinned to the mat, I tried to pull my hands free but it proved a tough task against the heavier bodies. Eventually, I felt one of the hands pull off, I quickly snatched at the boot still on my hand, realizing that it belonged to Vice. I took him off his feet, transitioning to belly to back as he fell. I tried to lock my hands but they proved to damaged to interlock, so I shifted them up, putting him in a full Nelson before lifting up and dropping him on his skull with a deadlift dragon suplex. I rolled through the move, refusing to release the full Nelson and I lifted Daniel off the mat again, connecting with yet another dragon suplex. I rolled through for a third, but found that I was at the corner. I dropped one of my arms, using it to trap his arm and leg between our bodies before launching him into the corner with a Regalplex. I turned around, firing up after my sequence, I hardly caught a glance of Julius before he blasted me with a Claymore Effect. I left my feet, toppling over from the impact. Julius started for the cover when he was tackled out of the ring, both he and Reeves toppling through the ropes and crashing ringside. Vice and I were down in the ring as Kyle and Julius battled ringside. I clawed away from Vice and the brawl, trying to get as much distance between every party and myself as possible. I sat up when I reached the corner opposite of Vice’s, where he also was taking a seat in the corner. I looked on at him, seeing him also sitting up in his corner. We locked eyes, and simultaneously began rising, ready to tear each other to bits. He met in the middle of the ring, hardly able to hold ourselves up. We tried exchanging strikes but Vice outclassed me, clocking me with a hook. Before I could crumble he lifted me up, setting me up for his Brainbuster but I slipped out, landing behind him. I twirled him around after I reached my feet, pulling him into a wicked Crash Cart elbow. Before he could drop, I pulled him back in, hooking his leg and driving him into the mat for a Concussion Protocol. I kept the leg hooked, going for the first cover of the match, the ref hadn’t even began counting when I was yanked off Vice’s body. I tumbled away, trying to get back to my feet as Julius pursued me. He lifted me to my feet, connecting with a body blow. I keeled over, lifting my eyes up, where I caught Kyle sneaking behind Julius. Julius tried to throw another blow but I managed to block, giving Reeves the time to chop block Julius. I pulled Julius up to my shoulders as Kyle went to the corner. I dropped Julius with a Concussion Protocol and Kyle flew in as soon as I released, hitting a 630 Senton. I fell into the cover as Kyle recoiled from the impact, 1...2...3. I popped back up, adrenaline coursing through me as Kyle and I put the bullies down for the count, it was quite a feel good moment. Kyle and I faced off after our victory, and slowly the hype began to die down. It was back to where the story had started in the first place, the two of us facing off in the ring. I nodded at the realization that we weren't done with each other in the slightest. I didn't bother to extend a hand, instead we both stared down, we'd see each other again.
  11. This will be a great match for both men, I ultimately do hope that Cassidy wins so he can become even more legitimized in the eyes of more casual viewers who may see him as just a joke but both men would do be able to shake off a loss, I just think he needs it more at this point.
  12. November 14 Open Door Band of Brothers And the long since announced Trios Championships finally have a path to be decided through, a two block tournament with six teams throwing their name into the hat. Every week leading to the conclusion, we will outline a path of victory for each and every team and give our analysis on who we would put our money on to win it all. But for now, here are all the teams set to be in the competition. Block A MYTH - Austin Omega, Ezekiel Angelius, & Baron North Mile High Squad - Storm, Ross Haslam, & Echo Wilson Mafia - King Slim, New Shaq, & "Yaju" Joyce Block B Catch Style Kings - JoshsNow, Austin Tyler, & The Silk Heller Squad - Ty Heller, Sean Crimson, & FDS Suplex Style Pro - Takahiro Hideki, Dwayne Williams, & Sheridan Mueller This will be tenacious, brutal, and scrappy, names old and new mingled in throughout the lists but one thing consistent, a deep, pulsing desire to emerge from this tournament with the silver glinting off their waists. And we get to see it all unfold, so I think that we're really the winners in the end. Regardless, I think that one of these teams would rather secure a genuine victory.

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