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  1. Monthly Three (M3Y3) “bailey justin is a bitch” Koko Ni Iruzee! KBS Hall Kyoto, Japan this card stacked i love it here
  2. Month Three Weeklies (M3Y3) “gang in this bitch! gang in this bitch!” Week One: *a new challenger approaches* Amazing Kong is the first wrestler to appear as the show comes to air, comi
  3. April 7th, probably. Tamer: “Is she finished?” Jonathan: “Who knows? Who cares.” Jonathan nods along as he and Tamer speak, head never quite picking up from their fixation from the dirt and gravel underneath his shoes, repeatedly tapping off the burning half of the joint, watching to flake into the ground. He continues to bob his head long after the short conversation comes to a close are spoken. He finally cranes his head towards the pastel horizon, wistful in the face of the cascading water far off before him, seated in seeming reverence before th
  4. And in the final press conference hosted in the preamble to the grandest stage of them all, we would see the First and Third head of Chimera descend down to the scrum. Amidst an army of reporters, Tamer and Jonathan would stand, carrying their respective championships to the podium, both too captivated by the conversation they had been holding prior to their arrival to pay much mind to the reporters in attendance. We’d witness the blossoming of this partnership, no two members had been so deeply devoted to the corner of the other during the time Chimera had spent as a un
  5. I got "Lonesome Crowded West" by Modest Mouse. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this album, I saw the rather long tracklist comparatively to my recent album listens, but I wasn't really going into this with any preconceived notions. I enjoyed the album however, it was a really cool listen. Softer country rock with a strong guitar dependence for the most part of the album, the music made way for strong vocals that were the main point of most tracks besides like the first couple, a lot of tracks lull you with the same instrumental and riffs, there don't happen to be an abundance of cresce
  6. FUCKING MIZUKI IN THE MOTHERFUCKING CHOCOLATE SQUARE SIUUUUUUUUUUUU LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO. There aren't enough words to outline my excitement for this match. Mei Suruga is obviously somebody who I explained before, but she and Mizuki are two sides of the same coin. Two chaotic bundles of energy who weaponize their cuteness/adorableness to hide their devious demonic tactic shit and its fucking crazy that Mizuki is in this motherfucking Chocolate Square. As I explained earlier, Mei Suruga was very upset that she hadn't been given the chance to be the new Super Asia Champion, and has been
  7. Monthly Two (M2Y3) “bow down to the Queens!” Queen's Fest KBS Hall Kyoto, Japan
  8. Month Two Weeklies (M2Y3) “fuck bitches, get money, maki itoh” Week One: Lines In The Sand - Nanae Takahashi and Yoshiko are the first to welcome us back to HERITAGE. Nanae Takahashi wo
  9. ChocoPro #100 Card Hello, more info has been revealed so I am here to alert everybody who is curious about the best wrestling promotion on the planet. Anyways, we've finally gotten more announcements about what's to come on the show, I will give a quick rundown for every match so that there aren't as many questions to ask later, ok here we go. ChocoPro #100 will be a two day event, held over next weekend and uploaded at the times posted in the post above. The show will be in the Ichigaya Chocolate Square from what I've gathered. The show doesn't seem to be ridden full of many freelan
  10. Jon Moxley was one of the definitive champions of this recent era. I can't off the top of my head name many better title reigns than the one that Moxley had, and his imprint on AEW cannot be understated. Moxley put the brand on his back during one of the most tumultuous transitions that could occur, and though he faltered at the beginning of the COVID era to a degree, after he picked back up it was all on the up and up. I think Moxley represented the quintessential babyface TV champion. Throughout the entire run he never felt unbeatable, which is a quality that always seems to slip among
  11. HELLO ALL! I'm sorry that I haven't updated this since the initial Viewing Guide, been pretty slammed with shit but I wanted to make sure I got this post up before this weekend because we will have CHOCOPRO #100 NEXT WEEKEND (I think Saturday but ionwanna misspeak)! From what I know, it will go on at the usual time: 8 PM Eastern, 12 AM GMT (I think that's the right time zone for England), 11 AM Australian Eastern Time, I think that's all the relevant timezones. But regardless, this is a very big show for very obvious reasons, and I will try to do my best to set the stage for whats to come as w
  12. I think there's always something to be gained from a person who's been in and around the production of high level wrestling, who has experience in all fields of wrestling and keep help with the direction that they need to go in. I think Big Show offers a lot of what AEW has been lacking, he's been in a rigid system, been in a less rigid system, he can offers tips and tricks to wrestlers, bookers, probably even production (plz stay away from the cameras). If WWE weren't interested in signing Show back, then him going to commentate on new talent, work with some of the greener wrestlers AEW exten
  13. I understand the caution that Booker T is speaking with, I've seen this sentiment of being the "next WCW" becoming more and more frequently discussed. I think that warning from following in those footsteps and hotshotting the belts onto the old people who don't deserve them is a valid concern, but AEW isn't failing in this way from everything that has happened so far. AEW definitely appeals to nostalgia to a nauseating degree, but I don't think it's really hampered them so far in any real way. The reason the nostalgia feels amplified is because the programs these people are then put in are lac
  14. Hello, me again, I have some things but they are vaguer than I usually have these be, just throwing things at the wall, seeing what sticks, etc. Once Again, Community Resources So I already mentioned this, I don't know maybe the fact it was the last thing on the former page ruined its visibility but lemme just repost and also say, I agree with Josh to the extent that a revival of the tutorial section would be welcomed, but I still think the community resources is a different commodity, they don't specifically apply to the entirety of the forums, they are for specific things for s

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