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  1. BPZ Neccework Special: Tape (pt.2)

    The scene shifts, the room is now unilluminated with the camera pointed at a near invisible Jonathan. He is seated next to a projector, which is active and beaming unseen images, with a pen in his mouth and writing pad in his hand. He's tapping against his knee, which had been surgically repaired only months ago. The camera swivels and focuses on the images on the wall, displaying a match, participants still blurred. "I found that watching tape helps me." The camera turns back towards Jonathan as he jots down a note on the pad and places the pen delicately behind his ear, stretching out slightly before resuming his speech. "Sometimes you know exactly what the guy you're in the ring with wants to do but sometimes isn't good enough. A couple months ago when BPZMania and everything happened I wasn't in the proper state. I'd realized that I solely relied on my talent. I fought like a madman, it was extremely sloppy and forgot the things that got me success in the first place. By nature, I'm meticulous, preparation and planning go into every action I take whether it's rather small measures or large bounds, I pick a point and attack it. Of course, not everybody can be approached the same, you don't go after a blind man the same way you go after a man with an amputated leg. Like this match, for instance, Flynn seems to let in a lot of strikes aimed at the head against "The Prodigal Paramount" SummerGanz be it lack of effort or clear weakness in that area. Just like now." The camera pans quick enough to catch a wicked Superkick delivered by Summer to the teeth of Flynn, dropping him instantly. The camera goes back once more to Jonathan, who thumbs through the pad to show the pages full of such comments in preparation for his upcoming matches. "Such notes have been taken for everybody I'm looking to tear apart in the coming weeks. Whether it's them leaning slightly to the left at almost all times or the fact that they get back to their feet after dropkicks a half second slower than the normal rate. Mistakes of the smallest importance to the most mater to me more than all other. Every single misstep taken by someone in the same ring as me is a window of opportunity to be slivered through and capitalized upon, it's how things as grand as wars are won and such things like wrestling matches are no different." "To me, everything done in this industry might as well be war, phrases muttered counted as declarations and reproachable actions earning a just response. Nothing I ever do is a sideshow, regardless of words uttered by someone close enough to me to be deemed a brother. You see Necce, that's the difference between you and I. You've settled your whole life for being just that, a fuckin sideshow. It's funny to think of what you have to ability to accomplish if you lived for yourself every once in a while. But you would rather live as everybody else, tell us what we are instead of staying in your shoes. I'm not the sideshow like you said, you desperately need me to be just that because your entire meaning comes from being in a similar space from those you've deemed your peers. You want to have companionship so badly that you'd be willing to sink down into a pit of disparity and bring down everyone near you like it's a damn Wild West movie. Let me give you some advice, you're not John Wayne, you just keep sinking and we watch you, not even trying to help yourself. Don't put words in my mouth bud, you and I aren't the same, don't act like we are."
  2. Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    Jonathan looks down at the piece of gum and at this point looks exasperated, he raises the microphone lazily just enough that he can speak into it but no higher, he looks blankly into the eyes of Brad, not showing any pleasure, dis or otherwise. "I don't want to end your career Brad, that'd be too easy to do, beating you until you can't breathe or breaking you so bad that you can't move anymore. I have no need to send you retreating into one of your many shells. I just want to beat you, man. Maybe it's that self-importance shining through like it always seems to do but you think I care about sending you packing, I really don't. See, in the long run, you don't matter to me, I want to beat you in a couple days time just to show everybody watching that I can beat you." "I'm pretty sick of just standing here, wasting my time talking to you when I did what I came to do.Tell me all the things I've been told before, being just one in the pack or maybe shock the world by doing something new. I have better things I could be spending my time doing over listening to you go round and round, so you and Josh can talk about whatever you want to--" Jonathan grabs the contract from the mat and slams it into Brad's chest and drops the pen at his feet. He backs towards the ropes, going halfway out the ring then pauses. He looks back at Brad, then lifts the mic to his lips. "I hope you're ready for Survivor Series buddy, because if not, though not my intention, I may end up ending you in front of a sold-out crowd." Jonathan exits the ring, "Crew" playing as he makes his way up the ramp.
  3. Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    Josh starts speaking but his microphone is snatched away by Jonathan, who's returning Brad's smirk with one of his own. He talks into the mic that he took from Josh, leaving him pissed and muttering insistently. "The audacity to mention me losing the big one when you've never even won it. Brad, you have made a career off dominating lesser competition, a sure bet when you were the heavy favorite, but when you match up with someone even close to your level you crack. You think that bringing up the fact that I lost my title makes me look bad, no it makes you look stupid because you never won it. You talk a big game buddy, you remind me of Dolph Ziggler, we liked having you around because you worked hard and left it all on the mat. But day and day out, you tell us the same shit about your supposedly immeasurable talent but whenever we think you'll show this to us you fail. It has happened so much that we just sit and count the days you're here so we can reach the day you leave." "Take a hike, go and smell the roses, do something where you can do some self-reflecting and stop lying to yourself, telling yourself that you are as advertised just to disappoint. You can come back, as good as new and maybe reach the ceiling you've been dwelling under your entire career. Because right now, you're trying to cash a blank check and it keeps bouncing as you try to figure out what is wrong with it. And if we're gonna tell the truth, there's nothing going on with the check." Jonathan places a single finger on the chest of Brad and allows it to linger, pulling it back before Brad can swat it away. "You're the problem Brad, and I'm looking forward to showing you exactly that in a week. So sign the contract, make some promises you can't follow through on, call me a stupid idiot and grandstand as much as you want to before signing that contract because you know what's gonna go down when Survivor Series rolls around. And they announce me, as the winner, and you can play your favorite role once again. The guy who takes the fall."
  4. Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

    "Sorry for the delay, I've been super busy at school and haven't had time to be on the forums. Jonathan receives a hostile reaction from the Carnage crowd, though some sections are still cheering at his arrival. He stares down Brad, who has only grown in frustration at Jonathan's delayed appearance. He strolls down the ramp, before slowing his gait and twirling his microphone in hand. Jonathan clambers onto the ring apron, a smile spreading on his face due to the irate Brad. He enters the ring and saunters to the table and looks down at the contract in front of him. He wastes no time in signing the contract then tosses the table aside. It crashes against the ropes and Jonathan takes a single stride to close the distance between himself and Brad to nothing at all. Both men stare at each other for what is seemingly hours, but Jonathan ends the silence with a single word. "Pathetic." The crowd, although not overly pleased with an EVOLVE superstar in Carnage territory, can't help but explode into cheers with their loathing of Brad. Jonathan waits a while, allowing the tension to build furthermore before speaking again. "I was genuinely excited to face you. The legendary Brad, a man who'd done it all before and would do it all again. But I got this, a shell of a human being who is trying so desperately to become something that he isn't and never will be. You can speak all day and all night long, explain to the world that you are the "Best in the World At What You Do". I find it hard to disagree with you when it comes to talking a big game and disappointing when the moment comes, you are the undefeated, undisputed, champion. So I decided I would allow the champion his time to show why he's so heralded. And telling you that it was sorry isn't enough to exemplify how fucking annoyed I am. I'm everywhere, getting better and better each day and here you are writing names on a piece of paper. I came into this match expecting more from you, maybe you could prove to everybody that you had within what you tell us all the time you have, but you screwed that up too. If I have to walk into Survivor Series and beat your ass all around the ring to wake you up, I will as promised." "I'm sick of giving you warnings, so I'm not going to, I'm not gonna drop you where you stand right now because I'm waiting for Survivor Series for that. You see, I'm good in that department in contrast to you. I'll let you try to impress with words one last time because I know that I'm gonna be impressing in the ring. Drink that in, maaan."
  5. "You see this Brad, Sameer, all of Y'all, this is for you!" That opens the Special, as Jonathan is standing in front of a punching bag. His mouthpiece in hand as he winks at the camera, he tosses it back in his mouth before laying in a vicious combination of strikes, first comes a pair of punches that send the bag swaying, he then grabs it firmly, stopping all movement of the bag as he delivers a nasty knee, and then ends it with a sick elbow that gashes the fabric of the bag and sand pours out, landing at Jonathan's feet. Jonathan spits out the mouthguard and calls out to somebody out the picture. "Reed, we need some more tape!' Jonathan steps back as a man rushes in, taping the hole left by Kerse, who's just smiling at the sight. Upon further inspection, you can find similar pieces of tape which all have a common denominator, a signature of Kerse. He takes a Sharpie and does the same to the newest one. Jonathan glances back to the camera and mouths once more, 'This Is For You' before popping the mouthguard back and going back to work on the body bag, like a butcher to a slab of meat. There's a clear cut and Jonathan is in the ring with his sparring partner as the cameraman focuses in on Reed, who turns around to face the cameraman as Jonathan and his partner square off. Reed: I'm not going to lie to you. I'm extremely worried. Cameraman: About Jonathan? Reed: About the people, he's facing. I don't know where he is mentally right now. He is too into this and I don't know why. Before it was clear, he was training to win the Premium Championship, or win Money In The Bank, or defend his World Title against a legitimate MMA fighter but now what is it? He's talking about simply taking a man's pride in motivation, or is angry that people believe in something he doesn't. and he's tearing my punching bag to shreds over that? Somebody is going to get really hurt, it isn't gonna be pretty. On cue, the sparring partner rolls out the ring with his lip busted frantically looking for some sort of medical attention, abruptly closing Reed's impromptu interview. The camra pans to Jonathan, who's leaning with his forearms on the top rope, looking past his injured partner and blankly staring at wall. He breaks this gaze and looks down at the camera, then shrugs and begins to speak. "You're probably thiking that I'm an inhumane being for not even care, get stabbed in the back enough you'll stop carig about how you affect the people you stab in the chest. I'm trying to give the fans the spectacles that they are always craving and unfortunately, I can't do that while guranteeing the safety of the people in front of me. As much as I would love to gurantee that I hit to hurt and not injure, I can't. If winning the match, not letting the fans down, not letting the people who have praised me and got me to this moment means injuring someone else, so be it. If you don't want your teeth to get busted, you wear a mouthpiece, it's called thinking. So use your brain, if somebody doesn't want to get injured by me than they shouldn't get in the ring with me. At that point, there safety takes a backseat until I claimed my prize." "Probably view this as barbaric right? When has coasting ever been the correct strategy for anything, being sportsmanlike gets you blowing 28-3 leads like the Atlanta Falcons. I'm from Louisiana, there isn't a damn thing I'd hate more than being or even looking like a Falcon. Wars, battles, matches aren't won by letting off the gas when you think that someone gets the mesage.That doesn't make you the bad guy, it makes you passionate about what you're fighting over, that's the plain facts of it. That guy who was sparring with me isn't mad that I busted his lip, he's mad that he let it happen. He's gonna be back in this ring soon and come after me even harder than he was at the start. So a little warning to everybody I'll be facing this month, particularly you Bradley. Don't come out the gat slowly, don't slow down when the match seems to have been forever and counting, and don't even look like you're going to end slowly, or your end will be anything but slow. Put that on a t-shirt for me."
  6. Enrolment.

    "Contrary to what you may be thinking right now, no I did not sell out. At certain points, you have to team with your enemies in order to defeat a greater enemy. The three men who just drove away in that limousine are some of the most treacherous men in this business... but, they worked hard and the man on the other side has never experienced an ounce of hard work in his life. I'm in the business of working hard to accomplish what is set in front of me, but Flynn has never done that. You see Flynn and his band of..." A smile curls on the face of Jonathan as he now begins going into the corridor that Smith had just come from, cameraman trying to keep pace with him as Jonathan moves towards the very same office vacated by Smith before turning to the camera. "Goons." He twists the knob and pushes the door open, letting it clang against the wall and makes his way to the desk of Smith with a few large strides. He rearranges the desk a tad in search of something, he finally snatches a piece of paper off the desk. Jonathan leans on the desk with the paper in hand as he stares long and hard at the camera. "Apologies to the rest of Flynn's lackeys, but in the grand scheme, you are only there to further the ego of your Captain with the possibility of victory in this match. Maybe the email he recruited you with enticed the lot of you with promises of champagne and hookers in exchange for a menial victory in the ongoing battles of EVOLVE and Carnage but people lie. This match is anything but menial for you all, it holds an interesting dynamic for quite a few of you. Necce, your self-worth won't be done any favors by another loss, Prince, you seem to be on the brink of being considered criminally insane, FD, you just can't really seem to catch a break nowadays, and Summer, you are still trying to prove that you have more of a claim to fame than dominating lesser competition or respectable losses." "Now, there is a simple solution for all four of you, just win right? I mean in the case of five versus five it shouldn't be anything too much to stress over, Flynn has proven quite dominant over the time he's been here and perhaps he can take out one or two of Team Smith to level the playing field. But consider, what will you do when Flynn realizes that the endeavor he embarked upon by accepting this challenge is no longer profitable and leaves the rest of you to be as one would say, 'out to dry'. Not to imply that it was a dumb decision, no to firmly state that it was idiotic. The faith you have put in a renowned tyrant for what, one big victory? It irks me to see you guys come out and spew praise the great name of the holy King Flynn like a broken vinyl record, so I decided that I'll help beat Team Flynn at Survivor Series because in this company the sins of the father, or better yet partner, do reflect on the rest." Jonathan puts the pen to the paper and signs it, marking his inclusion to the Survivor Series 5v5.
  7. UFC Official Discussion

    https://gyazo.com/8fc9d980cb4d6d9a39a92cb3af55733c https://gyazo.com/fc77096434f8623b1baef1105e81e599 I rest my case.
  8. UFC Official Discussion

    Told you time and time again that GSP was the very best. Put some respect on the names of French Canadians.
  9. [NFL] National Football League discussion

    People steady be sleeping on the Saints. They have won 6 straight games, defense going from practically dead last to fifteenth while still having the youngest one in the league. Time to respek em.
  10. All The Firsts On Brendenplayz Forums

    First (and only) man to hold Premium and World titles at the same exact time.
  11. "Sketchers"

    Jonathan opens his mouth but no words come out, his serious expression slowly melts away moment by moment as he finally cracks, beginning to howl in laughter as the smirk Sameer was wearing disintegrates. But in a moment, the laughter holts and Jonathan's serious expression is restored. "The words that just came out your mouth were faker than that 'laughter'. You're truly grasping at straws right now, going for headline and money, your head may be really far up your ass but those are your desires, not mine." The crowd gasps at this comment with Sameer's face darkening at this whilst Jonathan doesn't even appear to waver, his eyes staying locked with Sameer. He takes a step towards Sameer as both men stand near chest to chest. "It's easy to project out here but let's talk straight. The headlines weren't ever gonna be about me, I'd be closer to the last sentence because everything would read: 'Sameer loses, throws tantrum again'. If I was chasing a headline, I would've beaten your ass right then and there for what you did to those people that you lashed out against because you couldn't handle losing. I liked you better when you simply pouted and had to be coddled after a loss. But now you wanna be the big man on campus and impose your will. Sorry to break it to you but you don't fit that mold. You can try as much as you want to brand yourself as something new or associate with new people, none of that changes you." Jonathan jabs his finger into the chest of Sameer, emphasizing his point as Sameer smirk has finally transformed into a scowl. He swats away the finger of Jonathan, who takes a step back but doesn't look anywhere near done. "If I was trying to cash in buddy, I would've shown up wasted at all those matches I chose to stay home for. I'd come out here and phone it in and tell every fan who paid to get in here to fuck off when they booed me because they were paying my salary. You wanna talk about frauds huh, well why don't we talk about you." "You say that you couldn't believe that you were heeded Slim's advice well that's what you had been doing for months on end until he kicked you to the curb. You claim to be an icon, I never knew that title could be bought, last I checked it was assigned by the people and just like you said, they don't give a damn about you. But keep talking about the so-called well deserved rewards or this land of glory you are your journey to find, I'll be here in the real world waiting for you to wake up and realize that Rome didn't fall in a day, but you definitely can."
  12. "Sketchers"

    With "Crew" playing Jonathan steps out from the mini-tron and walks to the edge of the stage, asking the already rowdy fans to get louder before walking back to the center of the stage, a look of pure determination in his eyes and a slight sneer formed on his lips. He throws both his fists in the air before beating his chest twice and throwing a dist pump that reveals his new tagline of "Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim" on the back of his shirt. He makes his way down the ramp, giving out high fives occasionally, but still, he seems laser-focused as he climbs the steel steps and mounts the second rope where he once extends his arms into the air before putting them outwards, soaking in the reaction from the crowd before hopping into the ring. He walks over and gets a mic from a staff member, twirling it in hand as he makes his way to the center of the ring with the fans quieting as they wait for Jonathan to begin talking. "Last time I was in this ring I was standing face to face with a man that I had encountered countless times during my time here, one I never had the absolute pleasure of facing in the middle of a BPZ ring and now will be facing in a months time. Brad, I cannot let you leave that ring as the same person you came into that match as. It wouldn't be fair to everybody salivating at the idea of this matchup, no I have to fight you as if it is my own life on the line.You have proven time and time to be what you bill yourself as and have taken everybody to every imaginable limit. But I'm not the every that you have faced, I don't need a weapon or underhanded tactics, I'm going to walk into Survivor Series and fight until I get the three count I'm looking for. There won't be any doubt as to whether I'm legitimate, or if I deserve this, I will quell the talks of me being underrated and show that I am better than I have ever been. When we meet in that ring on November 26th, you're the man who told me I wasn't worth a damn when you were in the Authority, the one I hated with every fiber of my being. I won't let another opportunity to rebuild what I let crumble pass me by, and if I have to restore my legacy on your back, so be it." "But now onto a man who I have a lengthy history with, the man who after constantly not being able to get the job done by himself turns on those who try to help him. He came out here week upon week and tried his dearest to show off to you guys, trying to prove that he was as good as he said. He made a simple mistake when he put his hands on me at the end of Paranoia, it's human he was frustrated and if this was a normal occurrence I'd let it go. But it wasn't normal, you see Sameer I have only one regret for my entire time here and that was never being able to get you by yourself in a ring. I chased the Premium title for months as you hid behind the boss that empowered you, playing around in your Sketchers as you continued to be protected every time you slurped one of your coveted milkshakes. You paid for your success for so long a time that I can't just allow you to go on as you are. I'm looking to correct an abburition, the fact that I never had a chance to defeat you." The crowd pops at this as Kerse begins to remove his shirt, tossing it into the crowd before grabbing the microphone once more, not even waiting for the crowd to drop in volume but instead electing to talk over them. "And since I'm in the giving mood, how about we do it right now? Come on Sameer, you can't possibly still be running from me. Get on out here."
  13. Big Bailey Sports Talk.

    All of these great things he does, it's against bad teams. He has barely beaten any winning teams in his time in the league. Honestly, if you can't beat good teams then you shouldn't be the highest pay QB in football.
  14. [NFL] National Football League discussion

    Saints are great just as I saw them being. Their young defense struggled to get their bearings in the first couple of weeks but have really come around and propelled the Saints to 4 straight, that's 4 times the amount of games the Giants won.
  15. Worst Current Rapper?

    21 Savage or XXXTentacion, don't @ me. (But if you do it's @Jonathan or @heressmarky on Twitter).

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