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  1. "The Indian Hero" Akki Mahal: 6'5, 238 lbs | Brute | Signatures: Running Drop (Running DDT), Shaker (Shaking Figure 4) | Finishers: The AK47 (Running Powerbomb), Soldier Drop (Khalos) "The Dark Assassin" Alex Costa: 6'3, 227 lbs | Technician | Signatures: Viva La Gloria (Gloria), Fujiwara Armbar, Heavenly Kick (Penalty Kick) | Finishers: Dragon Rising (1916) | Rare Finisher: Abenja Press (Stardust Press)
  2. Jonathan


    General Information Name: Jonathan "Johnny" Kills Current Figureheads: Tetsuya Naito (Ibushi, Okada, Tanahashi) Nicknames: The Ghoul, 大虬, The Nightmare, The Immortal One Height: 6’ Weight: 226 lbs In-Ring Antics: Calculated, Uninterested, Talkative (ex: ZSJ) Fighting Style: Russian Shoot Style (Methodical Striker: ex. Alastair Black) Vintage Moves Grapples: Double Underhook Lungblower, Piledriver, German Suplex, Bloody Sunday, Dragonplex, Back Drop Driver, Back Suplex, Hangman’s Neckbreaker, Neckbreaker Facebu
  3. Abdul Kabu "The Beast of Whitemoor" Addy: 6'0, 215 lbs | Strong Style | Signatures: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Rapid Gut Punches) | Finishers: Riot Control (Big Boot), Death Row (Sleeper Hold) Aidanator AJF "Dapper" Al Soprano: 5'11, 223 lbs | Old-School Technician | Signature: Made-Man (Anaconda Device) | Finisher: Sleeping With the Fishes (Sleeper Hold) | Rare Finisher: The Offer (Brass Knuckles Punch) "The Sickness" Alyx Wilde: 6'4, 167 lbs | High-Flying Brawler | Signature: Constant Headache (Springboard Bicycle Kick), Man Vs. Wilde (Mushroom
  4. rorschach films Åre, Sweden “step into the shadows without complaint or regret.” The Pedigree Jared Leto | Ryan Gosling | Viola Davis Leto's Outstanding Performance Gosling's Outstanding Performance Davis's Outstanding Performance The Unacclaimed Tichina Arnold | Delroy Lindo | Sally Hawkins Arnold's Outstanding Performance Lindo's Outstanding Performance Hawkins's Outstanding Performance Toni Collette | Casey Affleck | Julia Garner Col
  5. Jonathan


    this is Abdul Kabu read the product
  6. Name: "Sun Kissed" Kyohaku Fubuki Nationality: Japanese Age: 19 Height: 6'2 Weight Class: Junior Heavyweight Heel/Face: Face Gimmick - Heaven Sent Fighting Style - Japanese Shoot Attributes - Fonz Factor, Superstar Look, Shooting Ability Vintage Moves: Liger Bomb, Penalty Kick, Sleeper Suplex, Head and Arm Tazplex, Golden Bomb, Strike Combos, Roundhouse, Question Mark Kick, Springboard Gamiguri Signature 1: V-Trigger Signature 2: Regalplex Finisher 1: Stardust Press Finisher 2: Golden Moonsault
  7. December 1 PWE: Uprising IX Desperation I have no witty introduction, we have too many good matches to get
  8. High Off Life (Future) vs. Circles (Mac Miller) After Hours (The Weeknd) vs. That’s What They All Say (Jack Harlow) Virgo World (Tecca) vs. Eternal Atake (Uzi) Blame it on Baby (DaBaby) vs. Burden of Proof (Benny the Butcher) Pray 4 Love (Rod Wave) vs. Partymobile (Partynextdoor) King’s Disease (Nas) vs. My Turn (Lil Baby) No Pressure (Logic) vs. Detroit 2 (Big Sean) Legends Never Die (Juice Wrld) vs. Anniversary (Bryson Tiller) Good Intentions (Nav) vs. Daystar (Tory Lanez) Music to be Murdered By (Eminem) vs. Limbo (Amine) Heaven or Hell (Don
  9. November 27 Path To Victory "Technical Fallout" Editorial #4: Catch Style Kings | +550 [11/5] The Catch Style Kings are a collection of perhaps the three of the top five most technically gifted wrestlers on this roster. They a
  10. November 27 Path To Victory "Tale of the Tape" Editorial #3: Xavier King | +1300 [13/1] Xavier King is a monster. We could end this article here because that fact isn’t up for debate. He has crossed over to the land of pro wre
  11. you know what the fuck it is Pro Wrestling: ARTEMIS Women's Professional Wrestling Reseda, California | Kyoto, Japan "The Home of the Maidens of A
  12. MVP: Luka Doncic DPOTY: Jonathan Isaac MIP: Christian Wood ROTY: James Wiseman Scoring Leader: Trae Young COTY: Rick Carlisle Very excited for this early Mavericks slate, games should be entertaining and show just what this team is made of early in the year,
  13. Jonathan

    i retire

    Jonathan comes out in da low rider with Ropati blasting Love Sosa (with the intro) and they scoop Cody and live happily ever after
  14. Name: Johnny Kilgrave Nationality: San Marino Club: St Patrick's Skin Tone: Black Height: 170 Weight: 5'9 Position/Play Style: CM (also Wingback) Mezzala (also Complete Wingback)
  15. My feet dangled over the edge, kicking back and forth as I stared out to the horizon, enamored with the way the mellow orange kissed the cobalt shoreline. I was seated a good distance over the choppy waters that crashed against the sand under me, but the permeating mist wrapped around my legs, a second wispy aura covering my lower half, the vapor filling every space around each individual leg hair. The scent of the salt wafted to my nose, a bittersweet scent, somehow so tolerable and somehow perfect for here, it was the only place in the universe where it could exist in the way that it did rig

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