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  1. Do I have to introduce this? Well, this is me and Ropati's sports show were we drum up articles on all things sports, the first installments coming soon.
  2. Awww you gonna cry? Get your money up not your funny up baby boy, then maybe you be out here winning like me
  3. Lmao y’all can keep y’all lil stats and awards we don’t need those over here 😂😂😂😂 #RIPBOZOS
  4. Name: Johnny Skills Nationality: San Marino Club: Inter Miami Height: 190.5 CM Weight: 77.11 KG Position: CM Role/Play Style: Deep Lying Playmaker
  5. Does Daniel Bryan count? Then Daniel Bryan. If Daniel Bryan doesn’t count because the answer is too easy, PAC, KENTA, Dragon Lee, Kenny Omega, Sami Zayn, Takahashi, Ibushi, Liger, Tajiri, Eddy G, Sabre Jr are some of the exceptional talent I could think of off the top of my head when just factoring in wrestling ability. I would probably say Ibushi is the best wrestler in that list, I think that he has all the attributes necessary for a wrestler to be a star anywhere, and he consistently does great work
  6. Name: Johnny Darts Height: 6’3 Weight: 215 Age (20-24) 21 College: Maryland Jersey Number: 6 QB: Mobile Field General (Kyler Murray)
  7. Despite Jonathan’s warnings to how this wouldn’t go over well and a very very obvious warning not to do it*
  8. Name: Many Glizzys Godly Parent: Zeus Male Weapon: Unnecessary Height: 6’5 Weight: 225 Age: 17 Are you a demon? Yes 💯
  9. Valor Invitational 15-Man Battle Royal: Leyton For $100,000 James Ropati Singles Match Dangerous Tekkers IWGP Tag Team Championships Rhea Ripley Singles Match Big Gus Triangle Match Jonathan Main Event
  10. “Heaven or Las Vegas” lulls through the arena speakers, as Bob whips his head around to the stage, waiting for the man being signaled for by the angelic melodies now beginning. The lights begin to dim in the arena as the drums furiously kick in, every eye is peeled to the stage, awaiting who we could only assume to be Jonathan. But the hype begins to die down, as minutes pass and nobody appears on the stage. The lights return as Bob is furious, reaching back down for his microphone when the crowd comes back to life. From out of nowhere, Jonathan is in the ring, stalking Bob as he tr
  11. The titantron flickers unannounced, with the video lagging behind the audio of sticks snapping and crickets singing. More sounds of nature fill the arena before the titantron finally captures the feed from the camera, a single white building standing amidst a forest, a cross perched atop of the building, marking it as a church, a heavenly building erected between the lavish greens of the forest. The camera weaves through the overgrown shrubbery, groups of roots tangled and twisted together, the entire church suffocated by dense pockets of nature. As the cameraman pulls closer to the
  12. New Theme: “Heaven or Las Vegas”
  13. November 25 Path To Victory "The Prodigy Prep" Editorial #1: Sameer Jones | -125 [7/8] Favorite Sameer Jones has been speculated as the odds on favorite to come away with the Pacific Championship gold in this tournament, and i
  14. Jonathan


    There seems to be a lack of focus from the camera, the darkness of the captured picture makes the images harder to perceive, ridges and creases fold and straighten, all falling over each other than dissolving into nothingness before repeating the same cycle again. Eventually, the ridges freeze in place, and seemingly everything freezes. Sniffles break the momentary pause, followed by squeaks from someplace behind the camera. More indistinct noises filled the air, some rustling, and a click. Suddenly, the static ridges fall further out of focus, as the camera begins to zoom out. An o

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