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  1. LAOCH

    The Promised One

    The smoke continues to part as Echo backs towards the curtains following his address aimed at LAOCH, as smug as ever after his warning where he claimed that this tale between himself and LAOCH wouldn't be a fairy tale. As the cameras begin to pan away, the familiar flutes of Johnny Kills begin to play through the system speakers as all eyes turn towards the top of the stairs except Echo's who mutters curses about his thunder being stolen. IT'S LAOCH, HE SPINS ECHO AROUND, DEATH WISH ON THE STAGE. ECHO MAY BE OUT COLD. BUT LAOCH ISN'T DONE THERE, HE'S UNLOADING RIGHTS AND LEFTS AS THE CROWD IS SHELL SHOCKED. He pauses for a moment as he pulls on his mask and peels the microphone form the fingers of Echo. He looks around at a stunned audience and signals Never Die to almost no echo, some even start to boo. LAOCH reverts to his stoicism, not wavering as the fans have done but instead latching onto the hair of Echo and dragging him to the ring with not so much as a smirk on his face as he pulls "The Promised One" to the ring alongside him. He slides him in and follows suit, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the ring as Echo pulls himself towards Johnny, out of it from the vicious assault. Kills cups Wilson's chin as he raises the microphone. "I am not a fucking doormat. I AM NOT YOUR FUCKING PLAYTHING!" LAOCH spikes Echo with the microphone before pulling him up onto his shoulders his shoulders, blaring out as Echo lies lifeless, "LAOCH DOESN'T DIE" before planting him with a TALITE Driver. LAOCH sits looking on at Echo without a glimmer of regret before turning his attention to the hard cam, he continues sitting as he puts the microphone to his lips. "I haven't been here four years to be to be your welcome mat Echo Wilson. I have not fallen at the doorstep of greatness time and time again to be denied by yet another villain with a God Complex who claims to be the one that will reign next. I AM THE CHAMPION OF THE PEOPLE, CHAMPION. THAT MEANS THAT I AM THE HERO OF THE STORY AND AS I'VE EXPLAINED, THIS HERO WILL NEVER DIE. Do you not understand that Echo?" "I came to the realization while you droned on about your destiny, you're deluded. No, not deluded, that's what people who have a reason to not fight are. You're fucking weak and you don't even see it. You're losing control of yourself piece by piece and believe that this will transform you from the Prince to a King. You can't control it and you'll lose yourself to it. But when you're at your lowest point, I can guide you. I can guide you back to the people who got you here, I can help you be the hero you so want to be. But that's only after I end you in front of everybody at Summerslam. Sometimes to be reborn you have to die, if only you were a hero, or better yet, me because who never dies?" LAOCH rolls the microphone to the stirring Echo, who can only manage a "Fuck You" before collapsing down. LAOCH shakes his head and stands up looking at Echo, he pulls him to his feet once more and connects with a second TALITE Driver. He looks out at the crowd and signals something new before mouthing to the camera, Villians Do Die.
  2. July 30 Meet The Roster VI Weapons Check Stop me if you heard this one before, an American, an Australian, and a German walk into a bar. I'm good, well good. In this Meet The Roster, we have without a doubt the most imposing trio of signees, in varying fashions and sizes, ranging from the first signing in a monster among men to our last, a feisty 5'7 machine who knows several ways to break apart the body. But before we get into it, I have a quick detour to make. Two weeks ago in our fourth edition of Meet The Roster, I made a comment about a personal feeling on one of our signings, Marker. It was an unprofessional thing to announce my disliking of the man and I retract my statement. Let's talk about these new signings: "Panama City Beast" Travis "Yaju" Joyce | 6'9, 290 lbs "You want me to talk about struggling to make it to the top or what I'll do in the ring? Nah, kill that noise. I'm the best here and you all know that." "Yaju" roughly translates to a beast, so it's no surprise that the name has been bestowed unto Travis Joyce. Joyce is an absolute freak of nature, and as such had numerous prospects in the sporting world but declined, saying that these wouldn't allow him the opportunities he looked for. Travis is a born entertainer and has turned that into a career in only five years. Joyce attended a junior college, upon graduation he enrolled in the Team 3D Wrestling Academy for a few months, but Joyce found that this wouldn't quite generate the exposure that he was seeking so he instead traveled out to Japan and earned a spot into the prestigious New Japan Dojo. Through refining of talents, Joyce managed to package both the entertainment and in-ring aspects and won the Young Lions Cup two years after entering Japan. Though his run in NJPW ultimately proved uneventful, he ended up teaming up with King Slim, and in Joyce's eventual return to America, he and Slim would win the PWG Tag Team Championships. Now he will join PWE, perhaps joining forces with Slim once again. The style that Joyce wrestles is much predicated by his NJPW Dojo training as he wrestles a "Japanese Strong Style" which devastates even more with his considerable frame. When it comes to drawing matches to a close, Joyce will either pull out his Pop Up Fastball Punch or on rare occasions, a Destino. "Backroom Brawler" FDS | 6'2, 215 lbs "Is this quote required? All right, fuck off then." FDS is one of the hardest hitting men in the entire wrestling world, a former boxer who decided to hang up the gloves in favor of a pair of wrestling trunks. Not much has is known about FDS, a shadowy figure in the Australian Independents. Despite this, FDS is known for his good performances in seemingly every match he finds himself in. FDS enjoyed a tumultuous career in the boxing ring, going 9-7 before retiring without any clear warning. After deciding to become a wrestler, he seemingly became a phantom. Though having a fair amount of popularity, he only sporadically appeared on the scene and constantly was involved in some rumor or another. The only certainty that came with him was that when he was in that ring, his performances were impressive and dominant and they impressed enough to get a PWE contract from me. FDS is naturally a brawler first and foremost but is no slouch when they opponent wants to tie up with him. His combination of rigid striking and above average technique in counter-wrestling makes him a handful for every opponent he faces, always a threat to knock someone out with his fists or suplexes. To end matches, he does one of the two with either a Double Underhook Piildriver or Wristlock Forearm Smash. "Suplex Machine" Sheridan Mueller | 5'5, 135 lbs "People wonder how somebody my size can cause so much damage in the ring? Well, I just get your body to betray you, and then you won't even notice the pain that everything I'm doing on top of that. Try as you might, you can't fight yourself while getting slammed on your head." Sheridan Mueller is one of the few women who can challenge Ronda Rousey for the title of the baddest woman on the planet besides perhaps Cris Cyborg. Mueller is a specialist in the manipulation of the human anatomy and a wrestling specialist, with a strength which is seemingly unproportional to her size. The German-born Mueller didn't train in an MMA field that most would've expected her to do. She studied the game at every possible moment to become a ringmaster in her own sense. Through extensive training and study, Ms. Mueller became one of the best wrestlers in Central Europe and would eventually travel west, going into the furthermost edges of mainland Europe before crossing the straight and household name all across the continent, even tangling her wires with Ty Heller, The Marker, and Rei Smith. Sheridan is a classic technician in the ring, breaking down opponents limb by limb if she chooses to, and then using a variety of suplexes, takedowns, and slams to exacerbate the pain. Accordingly, to end matches, she will either use a Bridging German Suplex or Kimura Lock.
  3. LAOCH


    The flutes marking the entry of Johnny Kills, or as he’s been called recently, LAOCH begin spilling through the Carnage Center speakers. Kills sways our from the back as the fans in attendance mimic his movements as he makes it to the top of the stairs where he hops around until the “Welcome” is crowd where he signs his “Never Die” and sends a spray of water into the air. “The Immortal One” glides down the stairs to a warm reception, though some fans remain skeptical of his return to masked form. He reaches a cameraman and grabs the camera, mouthing “Never Die” before releasing the camera and sliding into the ring where he awaits the chanting to cease before launching into his address. “Echo, the last time you were here you made a rather intriguing speech, and posed a question. You asked me if I understood your desire, that passion that drove every action you make and influences your every thought. That hunger which keeps you up at night, plotting every move you make and making sure you account for the actions of those who’d oppose you. Echo, you and I are one in the same.” “I’ve once experienced that very passion and acted in the manner you’re acting in now to quench my thirst by snatching the title from the bell ringer and lifting it above my head. That obsession drives men to the brink and I’ve towed the line on the edge of that brink once before. And now years later, that desire is unfulfilled. Because no matter how much you dominate in this ring Mr. Wilson, whose help you enlist or who you choose to fight for, you’ll never leave that obsession stranded. And I’m looking to deliver the answer you’d like to get from me. I’m not your therapist, I’m the man who wants to put your back on the mat at Summerslam and grab the Universal title so I can strap it around my waist and let it hang loose off my waist because I snatched the brass ring and with that, I can do whatever the fuck I want.” The adrenaline coursing through the veins of LAOCH spill out in every word, causing them to hit with the impact that they do to Johnny. He paces around the ring as he attempts to recollect. “Echo, your trying to fight demons and me at the same time and you won’t be able to beat me like that. I’m the man that I intended myself to be when I first stepped into BPZ. I’m not obsessed with reading your palms to gain an insecurity I can attack, I’m working every day for the betterment of myself to deliver what I want to accomplish and what every fan in attendance wants accomplished. And maybe that’s the answer you seemed all along, maybe this truth will liberate you from the siege on your soul but Echo, I’m a wrestler. My only job is to beat you, and come Summerslam that’s what I’m going to do.”
  4. July 24 Meet The Roster V Midnight Ride This latest update to the roster of PWE entails another International expedition where more wrestlings from across the world have been brought in. All three of these men varying wildly in every facet from build to their upbringing in the wrestling industry but all similar in the levels of talent they boast. Even more of the most talented wrestlers in the world, inking contracts here. No more time to waste, I present you these four wrestlers: "Braveheart" Epic McDonald | 6'6, 275 lbs "I wear my pride for my home country on my sleeve, and that pride only further motivates me to tear apart whoever is sharing the ring with me." Epic McDonald is perhaps the most intimidating man to pen a PWE contract. A raw, freak of nature at only 18, Mr. McDonald has nothing impairing him from becoming the next big thing in the wrestling world, accomplishing the things that the likes of Matt Morgan, Jack Swagger, and Chris Masters failed to become. Epic has yet to step into a wrestling ring, an amateur wrestling phenom who decided to try his hand in the pro wrestling world, we've taken him on as he looks to smoothly complete the transition from the two. Epic has the foundation to become an all-time great, as he was one of the best Greco-Roman wrestlers in Scotland at his level. In a ring, we can expect that style to shine through as the surprisingly nimble McDonald will likely overwhelm opponents with his size, agility, and technique to get victories against the opposition. Though we have no true bearing on the moves he'll rely on to get victories, he favored Ankle Locks all throughout his high school "career". N/A "Strong Style Pro" Takahiro Hideki & Dwayne Williams | 5'11, 265 lbs & 5'11, 190 lbs "We're a complete fighting machine, the most brutal tag team in the last decade and if anybody needs that proof, we'll provide them with more than enough evidence." Strong Style Pro is a newer team with a strange pairing of personalities but a strong sense of team chemistry that only further amplifies the talent of both team members to make them one of the better tag teams in the entire world. Hideki is over double the age of his tag partner Dwayne Williams and their debut years in the "game" so to speak are perhaps the most diametrically opposed of any tag team to ever set foot in a ring. The only attribute they seemingly share is their relentless passion for in which they are competing in. The veteran Hideki was once a renowned wrestler in Japan, being accomplished in various Japanese promotions as a singles wrestler until his prime was past and he struggled to regain the acclaim he'd once enjoyed and decided that he'd move on to find a new tag partner. Instead of staying in Japan, he moved to England where he'd find Dwayne Williams. Dwayne hadn't been in the scene long but Hideki saw something in him and decided to take him under his wing. In-ring, their stiff strikes and slams have been their claim to fame. Williams is the agile technician, comparable to a lot of the people on this roster already as well as the British Indy Scene. Hideki practices the very popular Japanese Shoot Style. To end matches, Williams favors the RedrumDriver and In Knees We Trust strike and Hideki favors the Kodamishi and Dragon Sleeper. As a team, they have their SSP Style Piledriver to end matches. "Mr. Incredible" The Silk | 5'7, 200 lbs "When I got into this game, a lot of people told me that I wasn’t built for this or that I wasn’t a natural and should let it go. Nobody took a flier on me and I used that motivation to become one of the best in the world at what I do. If you ask me, that’s pretty incredible." Mr. Silk is an Everyman, a wrestler who through commitment and work ethic alone has bypassed the natural penchant he had lacked in-ring to become talented on every gradable attribute of a wrestler, his natural athleticism helping him immensely in that aspect. Though his small frame may cause him to appear as less of a threat, his presence does more than enough in matches. Silk originally looked to train in “The Asylum” in Glasgow but was denied entry because he “didn’t offer enough to entice the trainers to take him on. He used the money he was going to apply with and joined a gym instead, where he bulked up tremendously, getting up to his 200 lb weight and went on to begin wrestling at every backyard promotion he could get into, learning on the fly so to speak before he began knocking on the doors of more sizable promotions, claiming the Discovery Wrestling “Y” Championship, Reckless Intent UK Championship, SWA Highland Championship, and even going toe to toe with Drew Galloway in ICW. Silk reapplied to The Asylum where he fine tuned his skills for free before getting signed to PWE. As I mentioned earlier, Silk is an all-around talent in ring and uses that to vary attacks on anybody he’s in the ring with. To finish off matches, Silk is rather proficient with a Springboard Forearm and Cutter, delivered in various styles.
  5. LAOCH

    Current RAW & SDLive Tag Team Division Situation

    You brought up Roman Reigns as one example to compare to two examples... couldn't I just counter with AJ Styles and Roman Reigns getting shot after shot that equate to the New Day and Usos because almost no division in the WWE has consistent parity?
  6. July 16 Meet The Roster IV Entrenched In our fourth edition from Meet The Roster, we go over to the United Kingdom and remain there for all four of our signings, ranging from aerial assassins to maniacal manipulators, we cover three individuals that only share a country of origin in common. Without further adieu: "Spitfire" Ross Haslam | 6'1, 175 lbs "There's always gonna people who try to imitate me and think it'll catapult their careers, but there's nobody like me and there never will be." Ross Haslam has petitioned to be recognized as a Human Supermarine Spitfire by the RAF, and I can only assume that they saw him in-ring once before they finally gave him the title. There’s not much else I can personally attribute to Ross’s high flying prowess that this story doesn’t already imply. One of the most physically gifted wrestlers we’ve seen anywhere in the past decade, only write he emerged from the same class as one man he’s constantly paralleled against, and another Revolutionary, Storm. Haslam didn’t get his big break like many Englishmen that are now mentioned in the same breath as he did. A product of FutureShock Wrestling UK, Haslam set out to Over The Top Wrestling and ICW, not looking to join PROGRESS or IPW:UK. Instead of taking on the likes of Ty Heller, Pete Dunne, Zack Sabre Jr, and such, he faced off against the artist formerly known as Big Damo, Jordan Devlin, Joe Coffey, and Wolfgang. He further progressed his natural athleticism and technical wrestling to be one of the better ones in mainly fist forward promotions. Ross never looked for confirmation by joining the big English promotions, he skipped that step and came to PWE. In-ring, Haslam uses a hybrid mix of technical wrestling expertise and phenomenal aerial talent. He’s one of the most incredibly unique wrestlers without being as fine-tuned as some of his compatriots yet he’s perhaps the single most electrifying member of this roster, dripping enough charisma to be crowned a Nature Boy. To finish off opponents, he either opts to use his standard RossCutter or a 630 Splash. "The Vainglorious Terminator" The Marker | 6'0, 230 lbs "It's quite easy to make the claim that you're a wrestling machine, or that you're the greatest that your fans have yet seen. I don't need to big up my chest by making these claims, the business I bring in and people I dismantle tell the story for me." A "Vainglorious Terminator" may perhaps be the least likely combination you've ever heard, how could one so self-obsessed to be called vainglorious also be a callous machine? Well, ask The Marker, the Irishman that is quite the wrestling machine when he's not swooning over his own reflection. I understand that as head booker of this company, I cannot let emotions affect my treatment of my employees, but I fucking hate Marker. Marker grew to be the wrestler he is in his native home of Ireland, attending the Fight Factory. After graduating the school, he rejected a contract offer from RPW, claiming that his native homeland was "beneath him" and venturing out into the European scene, where the likes of Cesaro had once ran the table and he looked to do the same. His tactics not exactly worthy of praise but he crossed country lines every day and his hard work caught him the attention of PWE, despite his... character flaws, his talent is undeniable. His time in the Euro scene shows in the way he fights in the ring, his style dubbed as Russian Strong Style where stiff strikes are his forte and he isn't exactly frugal with his use of them. But he's willing and able to tie up with the best of them. When it comes to the end of the match, he'll hammer the theoretical nail in the coffin with the Nail In The Coffin or Reaper. "The Heller Squad" Sean Crimson & Phoebe Heller | 6'4, 265 lbs & 5'6, 120 lbs N/A The Heller Squad are two men utterly devoted to Ty Heller, seeking nothing but opportunities for him to become all that he can become. A team consisting of "The Punisher" Sean Crimson, the powerhouse enforcer to Ty Heller, and "The Maniacal Mastermind" Phoebe Heller there to plan every step this group takes, Heller has built quite the formidable Squad here and he'll receive more than a simple leg up with these two by his side. Sean Crimson is a native Frenchmen who emigrated to the Isles at 16, where he started his journey as a wrestler that proved to be uneventful, as the powerhouse couldn't piece it all together. Eventually, he found himself in tag team wrestling where twelve years after his start, he was tagging with Ty Heller and his then-fiancee, Phoebe Heller. The trio found success before Crimson suffered a broken tibia that meant he'd never be a regular wrestler again. Instead, he joined Phoebe at ringside being Heller's enforcer as Phoebe remained as his manager. (Think Dolph, Big E, and AJ Lee) There's not much to share from these two who mainly remain outside of the ring, though if necessary they're willing and able to step in and do what they need to do. Crimson is a mammoth and has the power to get any man up and down for his Art Of Execution and Heller can contort her body and submit a lot of people with her Start The Revolution.
  7. LAOCH


    The signature flutes of Johnny Kills's theme strum through the sound system but instead, there's a notable change in beat as around five seconds "LAOCH" is displayed on the titantron and called through the beat, as Johnny materializes jogging to the top of the stairs where he pauses until a "Welcome" is called, where he spits up into the air and yells "IMMORTAL ONE". Kills works his way down the steps as the fans applaud their returning hero in Kills, who finally reconnected with this BPZ Universe after his defeat at the hands of Bart Hoogveld. Now with the fans chanting "Never Die". Kills pauses, stopping at a camera where he displays his "LAOCH" hand tape before doing his signature "Never Die" taunt. Before hopping into the ring. "I've been here for four years, here day after day and I still struggle on snatching that brass ring from the rafters and inserting myself as best people to ever strap up the boots here. There's no period of dominance solely inscribed to me. Spurts of promise with nothing else, no consistency in performance, no consensus approval from all onlookers of the company. I know that I'm the hero of the story, but I'm hard-pressed to be the fucking doormat that everybody that's trying to make a name for themselves." "I've been passive, thinking that no matter what happened, my legacy could never be in question. It's time to secure the status that I've worked to prove, the only goal that's never changed and right now, Echo Wilson is in my way." Kills pauses, the intensity he's transmitting resonating with everybody in attendance, like him or not. Every word he speaks has a riveting attached to it. He comes up to the ropes, leaning his forearms on it and staring into the hard cam. "Echo there's no scathing attack on your actions or character, there's no dragging up your history to garner a reaction from the crowd. I'm done playing the checkers I've been playing contently for so long, I'm playing a new game now. I don't have any message to present to you, I simply came out here to tell you: when we face off for that Universal Championship on the biggest show of the summer, I'm gonna come at you for as many minutes as it takes, get up when you think you've knocked me down. Full speed ahead the whole match with every single person in attendance cheering me on, so when you think to yourself why I won't stay down, they'll be telling you it's because LAOCH. Never. Dies."

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