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  1. Anyone play WWE Supercard? I'm looking for a team

  2. Anyone on here playing Supercard still? If so what are your thoughts on the new MITB mode?
  3. So I'm guessing the BPZ team isn't active
  4. How do I join BPZ WWE super card team?

  5. Anyone know how I can find the BrendenPlayz team, or do I need to be invited?
  6. When I search for BPZ forum or Brendanplayz it says no results found, any ideas why?
  7. Once every few months I download and try to get into Booker revolution but I never seem to be able to get into it. Anyone else have this problem or am I just missing something?
  8. I haven't played since they added teams, what exactly is this?
  9. Anyone interested in doing a WWE 2k universe Collab? 


  10. If those end up being the actual rosters, Smackdown is going to be the better show.
  11. I finally have time to play (watch) my WWE 2k16 universe mode.
  12. Ant Man, I had my doubts about it being a good movie but I ended up really enjoying it.
  13. How excited I am to finally watch BOLA '15
  14. Unfourtantley I have limited time for video ga,Es these days (growing older sucks) but lately I've been playing WWE 2k16, NBA 2k16 and Fallout 4
  15. 1. What would you name the Federation? Prime Time Wrestling 2. Where would you locate the Federation and why? NC, the rich history of wrestling. 3. What would you do to distinguish yourself in the marketplace? Target adults, this promotion isn't for kids. 4. How many titles would you have? 4 - PTW Championship, PTW Showcase Championship, PTW women's and PTW tag 5. Who would be the first 8 guys you'd sign? Apollo Crews, Richochet, CM Punk, Finn Balor, The Young Bucks, Okada, Trevor Lee, Seth Rollins 6. When would you run PPV's? 2nd Sunday of every month. 7. What Nights would you want your TV Show On? Tuesday, PTW Presents Tuesday Night Takeover 8. Who would be your announcers? Corey Graves, Bryan Danielson (assuming he can't wrestle again) 9. Who would you hire to Book & Manage? HHH, Paul Heyman, and myself. 10. Would you align yourself with anyother promotions? No

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