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  1. HeelAkki

    I Will Dominate!

    "Believer" by Imagine Dragons explodes through the arena speakers as The Future of Evolve heads down the ramp to confront the man that put him in a stretcher last week. Akki not looking very fit with that injured neck, but Akki tries his best to show up here tonight. But one thing Akki has to remember is that he doesn't do anything stupid before Marker puts him in another stretcher, and that could ruin his return at Rebellion. Akki with full confidence enters the ring, faces off with The Marker, Akki with a smirk on his face gets handed a microphone and is about to speak. I look weak, I am weak. So all I have to say is the match is off at Rebellion. I am so sorry... But we won't have a singles match at Rebellion.... Instead, I will demolish you and put you through flames as we will step in a ring surrounded with fire. No escape, no help, no nothing. Just you and me in the ring and the only way to win is to burn your opponent, until he can't go any further. And Marker, you think I will accept the crap you've been talking about me! You were brought in to the BPZ world by non other than me. I've made you, and this is how you thank your master. Well no more kid, from Rebellion on, you will be walking on the streets with a burned face and everyone will see how much of a disgrace you really are. And while I'll be at it, I will put a mark on your back which states where you came from and what made you what you are today! "Believer" would want to play until, Marker drops his microphone making the audio stop playing. Marker looks straight in the eye of Akki with flames and pure anger. Akki smirks his way out of the ring, Marker would walk around the ring. Akki changes his mind and runs back in the ring to get some sweet revenge. But just in time comes security to separate Akki and Marker from getting to each other. Akki kicks the camera into pieces as the broken screen fades away.
  2. HeelAkki

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Rebellion | May 11th 2018

    It has been officially announced that Akki will go head to head against the man that injured him, The Marker, in a classic inferno match.
  3. HeelAkki

    A Match...

    The crowd is in pure silence after Marker delivers his speech, fans singing ''Na Na Goodbye'' as Marker slowly heads over to the ropes to leave. The Marker with a huge disappointed face gets one foot under the second rope and leaps over to leave the ring until..... A shock in everyone's face as the returning legend, HeelAkki burst up on the stage from out of no where. His entrance music playing in the background, hyping up this moment as Akki points to The Marker and looks at him with a face full of revenge. But we know there's no love lost here, considering Akki kind of brought The Marker in to the big scene here in Evolve, and I don't think he's too happy seeing him leaving a show that Akki loves more than his life. Akki slowly walking up to the ring, he fullfills the long walk down the entrance ramp as the crowd gets overhyped for his first appearance on Evolve since the 3th of March when he was seriously injured. You can still see his cast around his neck. Akki easily jumps up the apron after waving to the fans, entering the ring and following that up by running straight to the corner and quickly does a pose for the BPZ Universe. Akki jumps down as he slowly turns his attention to his long friend, The Marker. Akki straight forward looking at him as he gets handed a microphone and is ready to talk. You´re probably wondering how I´m still able to stand right. Well let me tell you something, I'm not aloud to stand. I smuggled my way up to this arena, because I don't want to quit doing what I love and what I respect. And for 2 months, I've missed a lot. I've missed one of the most important night in a BPZ's wrestler career, I missed BPZMania. And there was only one man that was to blame for all this. And that man is standing right in front of me! The Marker, you think you can leave Evolve and go to Carnage? Well hell no, and I'm here to fucking stop you. Because you want a match at Rebellion and you got a fucking match at Rebellion! And to prove everyone that what kind of fraud you really are, I am showing everyone the footage of you destroying the living life of me. But before we got there, I know you're wondering how I can wrestle while I'm injured right.. Well because I'm AKKI AND I CAN!! Akki drops the microphone as on the titantron plays a video footage of The Marker stabbing Akki in the back and throwing him in to a countainer before driving him away out of the building into a street of cars. Akki looks out for Revenge has he was about to leave, but quickly turned back and hit a huge superkick, but The Marker docked down, as Akki kicked the air. Marker from the back with a huge destructive clothesline takes out Akki. Marker leaves the ring and fetches out a steelchair, brings it in the ring and gets Akki up and delivers a huge piledriver on it. The EMT´s rush down the ring and quickly grabs Akki out of harms way. Minutes later Akki gets stretchered out as Marker smiles and the camera fades to black.
  4. HeelAkki

    back from hell

    Wrong place fam, welcome TO hell
  5. HeelAkki

    I've returned...kinda

    A book ey.... interesting.
  6. Thought this place changed.

  7. I demand to be unbanned from disc.

  8. HeelAkki

    The Saga Continues

    We are live in the Evolve center as the crowd are fluently chanting on and on following up a Slim promo. Camera cuts to the backstage as a bright blue-ish modified Limousine parks up the GM's parking space. Coming out of the limo was .... Interrupted by the cameraman was a security guard as we couldn't see who that man was. The crowd very anxious upon this appearance. A very speedy cameraman rushes to the entrance stage after a couple of commercials. Out of the parking lot curtain comes out the fully bright blue modified Limousine that is fully tinted from bottom to top. The Limo keeps driving to the side of the ramp, as coming out of the Limo is a bright blue man with a suite. He removes his sunglasses as the crowd starts recognizing him. It's no other than the return of Akki. Walking down the ring with three body guards, and with a cowboy hat on. Grinning his way to the ring as he ignores the fans who cheer the freak out of him. Walks up the stairs, body guards plants themselves outside the ring, facing the entrance stage for any intruders. Akki seems shamefully happy to be back in a BrendenPlayz ring after leaving the company following the Bragging Rights Pay-Paper-View that he lost. Akki loves the anticipation that is running through everyone's veins as he seeks to restart his road to BPZMania. Akki gets handed a modified blue microphone with the letters ABL planted on it. I'M BAAACK! Let's start of by saying f*ck you to the people that underestimated the underdog, but tonight I'm baack! As the American dog. And for some reason everyone single one of you are in trouble. You know why? Because at BPZMania, I will make your American hero lay down for the pinfall as the referee will count 1...2...3. So, last night Monda asked on Twitter to ask him any questions and he will reply. But, I'm not gonna go on twitter and ask him the question I've should've asked a long time ago. So Monda, here it goes. Monda, I want you to bring your dirty little ass from Jersey to BPZMania II and fight me in a career vs. career match. And that's all I had to really say, because I'm not like most BPZ superstars. I don't come out here and hype up my plans just to say 4 words that this entire promo should be based on. So Monda, I'm waiting here, and I'm waiting for your response. I know your on twitter right now, probably checking out the fourteen year old girls, you stupid pedo, so what I want some of these useless technicians to do, is to put Monda on a twitter face time with me live here on BPZ Evolve, so he could accept my challenge. And if he doesn't... well... I'M COMING TO JERSEY MYSELF. Some of the technicians confused, but finally get it. The technicians yells at Akki, "There's no face time on Twitter". Akki ignores it as some other guys come and puts up the face time app and slaps the other on the head for being dumb. On the titantron pops up the big Face Time thing and the call rings.
  9. HeelAkki


    Welcome to the forums man, I am the most annoying and best member on the forums. If you need anything just ask Smith or Josh, cause they should be the real mods. For anything else, just be a free spirit and abuse Brad.
  10. HeelAkki

    WWE Planning to Hold 100,000 Seat Event this year

    Or Summer Slam
  11. HeelAkki

    WWE Planning to Hold 100,000 Seat Event this year

    WrestleMania ofcourse...
  12. HeelAkki

    HeelAkki injured

    We have been recently informed that Akki suffered a neck injury after wrestling in a 5 on 5: Carnage vs. Evolve battle. A dangerous move was performed by a Carnage member that caused Akki a huge neck injury. The most rumored time for Akki to be out is 8 months. What's next for Evolve, as their former captain has just received a huge neck injury.
  13. Little Tommy #EndOfHeelAkki

  14. HeelAkki

    BPZ WrestleTalk

    Oh! Hello! It's me again. I'm back from my nibbling cage and as I hate to say I told you so.. I fucking told you so. Bailey is gay, my dream has come true and the fact of that matter is that Bailey becoming gay has made me become back. I know, that sentence is grammatacly incorrect, so was that word. But ladies and gentlemen, I am Andy Gravons and I am back on WrestleTalk. BPZMania III Main Event confirmed It has been well known that almost all the other BPZMania main events were multi-man matches, except for this year. Well... hopefully. But I think it's confirmed that the Royal Rumble winner Slim will go head to head with the World Heavyweight Champion Smith. Because... it's fucking obvious. We could've seen it coming... I mean... I could have. George released?! One of my favorites in the BPZ company, George AK. One great in ring talent.. but.. where is he? George AK hasn't been seen since 3 weeks ago, when Bart won the United States Championship at St. Valentines Massacre. It was known that George went through a minor elbow injury and should've been back in action by 5-6 days. But the injury seemed to be more longer than expected. Is it the injury or is George no more in the BPZ? The big missing angle before Bragging Rights We're ending this one off with the most recent news, Akki had completely screwed up the entire script before Bragging Rights. There were some confusions in Akki's head and as team captain he was the first that needed to be introduced in that "Introducing Team EVOVLE" angle. But Akki showed us footage of 2 members of Team EVOLVE taking out the Carnage production truck. Now this wouldn't make any sense 'cause why in the blue green earth would Carnage's production truck be at Evolve? So, Akki disappointed his general manager and pretty much his team, until he came up with a master idea and made this big missing angle that shouldn't had been revealed and shouldn't had been done this late. That's all for today, stay tuned on WresteTalk TV as we bring you more news every now and then. Thank once again, I was Andy Gravons!

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