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  1. Aight... So.. I'm now only going to be on, on the weekends because, I need to pay more attention in school lmao.. So I'm not gonna be on from Monday to Thursday. Hope you guys understand. And don't worry, I'll get so much work done in 3 days. So Dairies, Promo's and other stuff I'll still be active on. Only a little time collapse..

  2. BPZ WrestleTalk

    *Sigh* *Sigh* I lost my breath running here. *Sigh* Ladies and Gentlem*sigh* welcome back to BPZ Wres*sigh*tletalk. My name is............*sigh* [Andy falls to the ground with some of the equipments. [Mean While, We're Back!] AHHHHH!!!! I'm back! Ladies and Gentlemen my name is THE FABOLOUS ANDY MOOLAH!!! I'm just kidding, hey! Jokes are aloud isn't it. Well I'm back from whatever land Undertaker undertook, I'm back from a 3 week gap here tonight on the fucking studio YES I AM OOONNN THE FUCKING STUDIO.. *Sigh* And I'll be counting down Redemption in under 1000 words. Although the event happened like last week, which it did and I don't give a fuck, and if you do please click out and come to the office to suck MY GIANT GONZALLES MOTHERFUCKING DICK! And mean while, here's BPZ PowerTrip Redemption in under 400 words Monda and Bailey put on.... a.... OK?!?!? Match? The match sucked as fans agree with it, so did my tour to Undertaker's house.... APEX RETURNS!! In what people thought a match like this would suck, had more chants than the entire show.... Brad vs...... Uh..... Peter... WHO?! Squash match! and Grudge MATCH! Another Grudge and Squash Match!! Close match with the match ending.... uh.... in a cool may? That was it for today WRESTLETALK NEWS TUNE IN ANYTIME AND WHERE!!! Unless I've to go to Undertake... man that joke never gets old...
  3. To The Top

    The green, white and orange lights are shining on the ring canvas as, "Sher" plays through the arena. The boos again, louder than the music itself. And there he comes!! The Modern Day Maharajah. The Singh Brothers in the back as they accompanies "The Modern Day Maharajah" Akki Mahal to the ring. The Indian Flag is brought to the ring as well. The Anti American Akki enters the ring as he poses to the fans while standing on a cotton mat. AMERICA!!! Bow down for your future United States, Tag Team and Global CHAMPION! The crowd boos Akki as, he raises his hands up with the Singh Brothers in the background clapping. The last time I was in this ring in full attack mode, I dominated "The Scorpion". This is a sign that at Survivor Series I'm dominating both Summer & Brad twice. No one, not a single person can stop the track YOUR Modern Day Maharajah is running. And after I win MY United States Champion and Tag Team Champion. I will look forward to go TO THE TOP. To the top and win the TTT and cash it in on the one, the American Nate. But before I get to Nate I've to dominate the TTT Ladder match, I've to destroy everyone in that match. Let this be a warning to every other wrestler that is entering the TTT, I don't fight for me or for the Singhs. I fight for Pride, Power and Passion, and this means that I will give all my Pride, Power and Passion in the TTT, When I beat everyone in that match and once and for all deserve what I want, and what I came to do in Evolve. But there's always an obstacle, that obstacle isn't Summer, It isn't Brad and thank god it's not The worst GM In history, Bailey. That obstacle is the so called "Scorpion" GRV. Who is scared of me after what I said and done last time I was infront of him. He blocked all of my television time on that promo. But, GRV, I don't care what anyone thinks or says. And I mostly don't give a fuck about you saying anything. And here I'll say it again... At TTT when I aim for you and dominate you, there will be no Phenom, Viper or Llama to help, because those TRANS will be crying and after I win TTT two of them will be sucking my dick. Akki Mahal savagely laughs as, the Singh brothers claps on with the fans booing in the background. Let this be a warning to anyone who dares to step in the ring with Evolve's Modern Day Maharajah, and when Slim told me a few months ago that I'm the future of Evolve. He was right! And I am going to prove that as the Modern Day Maharajah, when I beat down everyone standing in the Maharajah's way. Because, Nate, Ark or FD when I win TTT, you guys will go down, and if you think of looking upstairs The Maharajah will fix that for you, because WHEN I BEAT ONE OF YOU THREE, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO LOOK! Akki Mahal looks at the crowd before going to the top turn buckle and raising his hands up. Following that he leaves the ring with the Singh Brothers.
  4. BPZ Sins(Carnage Power Trip Redemption[Part1])

    BPZ Carnage Power Trip: Redemption Sins Opening Match: Brother vs Brother: Bailey vs Monda Sin 1: Bailey only shows the gif for his entrance but, not for Monda. In other words, cocky. Sin 2: Well Bailey was watching Monda for like atleast 10 seconds and could've moved out of the way at anytime. Sin 3: Well he's not exactly that old, so of course he still got it. Sin 4: "Superstars asks opponent to give mercy" cliche Sin 5 Sure why not, let's take all the FUCKING time in the world to go for a hug, not like this is an important PPV match. That'd be stupid! Sin 6: Bullshit! Sin 7: Total of 2 broken necks right there! Sin 8: Now I call bullshit on that again. How can you recover so quickly from a move like that. Sin 9: Do you?! Sin 10: Way too common these days Sin 11: It's a shame that this match was so shit on a good PPV. Sin 12: No shit Sin 13: Sin 18: Oh yeah almost forget. 5 sin penalty for a championship belt not being defended in a ppv match. Sin 19: You know what would've made this match interersting, if there was a double turn accured, maybe next time! Champion vs Return: George vs Apex Sin 24: Before I start sinning this match, here's the 5 sin penalty for you know what! Sin 25: Yet no one remembers it. Which is quite sad. Sin 24: Apex is back, 1 sin removed. Sin 25: Apex got the worst of that. Sin 26: Which was out of sync Sin 27: George thinks he's cool by doing a kick up Sin 28: Apex was watching George for a while and could've moved out at anytime Sin 29: What makes you think that going for another cover will take out Apex? Sin 30: That's not your problem cause you're writing so, you have to keep up, stupid idiot! Sin 31: Well if Apex was running towards him in full speed and George kipped up there's no way in hell that George would be able to hurricana him SHOULDER first into the post. Sin 32: BPZ Redemption 2017, bring us back to that memorable ROH moment. Sin 28: I'll deduct 5 sins for a great performance by these 2. Gruge Match: Brad vs Peter Wichester Sin 33: Adding 5 sins for the disrespect by the crowd Sin 38: Another 5 sins for the disrepsect by Brad. Sin 39: Stop it doesn't make you cool. Sin 40: Brad is a dick to jackets. Sin 41: That makes 0 sense. Sin 42: See what happens when you take one thousand years to climb up the top rope. Sin 43: For no reason at all. TO BE CONTINUED 7s
  5. BPZ Wrestling League

    Im in, if its not too late
  6. BPZ Archives

    Akki vs WWE234 ------------------------------ Akki runs to the ring, as WWE234 Sprints with his juice box, Akki docks as he hits him with a superkick 1..2...3 ------------------------------- Match of the year candidate
  7. EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride | Live December 8th

    HMMMM.... Looks goodjie
  8. The Game Plan

    The Maharajah, Akki. "Sher" plays through the arena speakers as, the Maharajah Akki slowly makes his way to the ring with the Singh Brothers. Akki takes the Singh Brothers almost like his Bodyguard, servant and sometimes his brothers. The arena reigns in with boos soon as Akki raises his hands at the entrance stage. Akki doesn't care about anyone as he walks with the smirk to the ring. He slowly walks around the ring to the timekeepers area and takes a microphone that was handed to him. Akki Mahal rolls in the ring, soon as The Singh brothers were done setting up the carpet. Tonight I will prove everyone why I am the greatest Indian to ever step foot in an BPZ arena. Why? because I have 1.3 billion people on their feet chanting my name at home, school and where ever they are watching BPZ Live. My fellow Indian people believe why "The Modern Day Maharajah" is the best in the world. Yet all you people do is disrespect me, you people disrespect the true spirit of this place, you people make mistakes and the biggest one you people have ever made is the one you are making right now. Booing me? I am the king of the BPZ, I am the true king of this place! You people should bow down to the king that is right infront of you. I am the man that you people will have to respect "The Modern Day Maharajah!". You American fools like Echo and Brad don't know what it's like to be a true hero for your country and nations. You people still have no respect for me. Well me and Slim will teach you people to respect me, when we beat Echo and Brad, and show you people that I am the real king! "The King" by T-Pain plays through the arena speakers as, "The King" quickly makes his way to the ring. The boos also reigns down on the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Slim, and also the newest tag team partner with Akki. Slim quickly again enters the ring as, he jumps in the ring looking at Akki, before going to the top rope and posing for the fans. The crowd explodes with boos to both Slim and Akki. Slim goes into the corner as he leans on it for quite a while looking at Akki. He wouldn't move his eyeballs as, he continuesly looks at Akki. Akki looks at Slim as he walks from this corner to that every 10 seconds. Akki signals The Singh brothers to exit the ring as they do. Akki Mahal stares at Slim before putting his microphone to his lips and starts speaking. You American fools, look at that! He is the second to greatest wrestler next to the Modern Day Maharajah Akki! Me and Slim will win the tag team Championships at Survivor Series and steal the show in heavy lifting match I can promise you American goons that. Me and Slim are the greatest tag team to ever storm in this division we are the best atlethes to step in this very ring. And at Survivor Series we will prove you that. Brad and Echo Wilson are 2 gamble buddies who you can never trust. The two are two unlegendary icons that thinks they rule this division, but they are just big and firm and need to be stepped aside by "The King" and "The Maharajah". People like Brad and Echo Wilson always underestimate the power of 2 wrestlers who don't ever talk. But those two wrestlers are the only thing that can storm through the Tag team division. If I look at Team Slim & Akki, I see Pride, Power, and mostly Passion. Slim and Akki makes you sure that at Survivor Series there will be nothing else that will change, except for the tag team titles! And to do that, we will eliminate the "United States Champion" 'Summer' and "The other half of the tag team champion" 'Brad'. Oh-Uhw. We might think Brad has heard enough. Brad walks to the entrance ramp as, the crowd buzzing with cheers. Brad slowly walks over to the ring, with some evil in his eyes looking direct at Akki and Slim. Brad gets midway through the entrance ramp, as he stops and does his signature poses with pyro then quickly gets up and walks over to ring side. Blindly The Singh Brothers pushes Brad in the ring. Sameer and Prince up on Brad with punches, Brad though with his amazing strenght of power keeps throwing The Singh brothers out of the ring until Akki Mahal from the back connects with the Khallas! Remember! You people will have to remember these three "P's" Pride, Power and Passion is what I am putting in my match against Brad & Echo Wilson. I will keep putting these three elements in my match, because 1.3 billion people will have my back while 10% of Americans will have Echo's and Brad's because they do not know what teamwork is! Akki raises both his hands high, as the Singh brothers slowly gets up with the help of the ropes and poses along with "The Modern Day Maharajah" Akki Mahal. Slim finally releases himself from the lean on the corner and stares Akki Mahal before leaving the ring setting up a hint that he is using Akki.
  9. I Won't Hide

    OOC: Apex's return was too amazing, I've to reply to this promo. Sorry if I was disturbing but damn!!!!
  10. Akki Music Discussion

    Just released a new song. You can tell me if i need some improvements. P.s. Don't worry about the verse, chorus and middle 8 or the other stuff. This is just a test song.
  11. Akki Music Discussion

    Just when in the Music/Rap industry 5 months ago. Some of you know I'm working on a Mixtape, I'm trying my best to realease it before christmas or new year. And to show my talent I made this disstrack awhile ago. Hope you like it!
  12. Akki Does GFX

    Didn't want to bother Smith that much so here! I made my own AVI!
  13. American Debate

    Evolve is live in the Evolve Center as, "The Modern Day Maharajah" arrives in a limo. The Singh Brothers step out of the front door helping our "Modern Day Maharajah" Akki Mahal out of the limo as he walks from the backstage area to the gorilla position. Evolve's theme song playing in the background as, The Modern Day Maharajah keeps the long walks and then makes it to the entrance stage. "Akki Mahal, is not afraid of no American fool. You peoplecan boo me how much you want, it still doesn't make a difference since 1.3 billion people cheer for me. You people call me a disgrace, you people are a disgrace! I deserve to be respected not boo'd. One day you people will regret booing me. People like Josh and Summer are not the ones to be threaten with respect, you people respect the person who will never respect you people back, and I admit, I'm one of them. So in this ring we have some American stuff. Some stuff that makes zero sense to me but, you people wouldn't understand!" Akki Mahal picks up a shirt as, he looks at it and shows the crowd it. Grabbing it with one finger as, Akki Mahal then looks in disgust at the shirt. Akki, wouldn't put the shrit back as, he rips the shirt in to peaces. "I am the best BPZ Wrestler, I have been always the best. The respect should be given to me. But I know why you people disrespect me. It's because of my color, my race and my culture. You people ARE JEALOUS at the Maharajah. At Survivor Series, it doesn't matter if it's Josh or Summer, I am going to beat you both and take what is mine! The United States Champion deserves better. A better name and a better look. Right now the USA even looks like the United States Champion, it looks stupid and it always was looking stupid just like Summer and Josh look stupid fighting against each other! I promise to every 1.3 billion people that at Survivor Series I will beat who- ever the United States Champion is!" Akki Mahal gets to his senses and starts destroying the American merchandise along side with the Singh Brothers. They are showing their disrespect by kicking the Merch and stomping on the American flag several times. Sameer Singh goes under the ring to get a trash can, as Prince Singh unloads the Merchandise in the garbage bin. Akki Mahal finding gasoline under the ring as he fills the entire garbage can with it. Akki then takes a lighter as he throws it inside burning every merchandise that was in that bin. Akki Mahal looks proud on as he picks up the microphone looking at the camera. "Aaj main har kisee ko dikhaata hoon ki main duniya mein sabase achchha kyon hoon. Aur koee bhee kabhee bhee oopar nahin jaega aur Survivor Seires mein main sanyukt United States chaimpiyan jeetu ga!" Akki Mahal drops the microphone as he stands up and poses while the crowd explodes with boos!
  14. Well I thought I'd see this at some other big ppv like SS or WM, but still really looking forward to this!

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