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  1. Evolve's Pride

    We're live on Evolve as the captain of the Evolve Team at Bragging Rights seems a little bit stressed out as he stands in front of the GM's office knocking on the door. The door doesn't get answered as Akki looks concerned and walks to the gorilla position and asks for him music to be hit. "Believer" by Imagine Dragons blasts through the Evolve speaker as Akki stressed out makes his entrance to the ring. Akki was named Evolve's captain after starting this deliousianal war with Carnage a couple of weeks ago. The crowd with a mixed reaction, while Akki ignores everything and straightly heads to the ring, as he jumps on the apron and goes under the ropes before getting handed a microphone and starts speaking out. Nagger! The Evolve Centers starts screaming and chanting "Nagger, Nagger, Nagger" Akki couldn't control it as he laughed out loud and sells it with a huge sadistic seriousness face. Akki would look around before putting the microphone back up to his mouth. The entire Carnage arena is filled with Naggers, it's filled with doomed watcher, no future fucks who try to seek attention. Carnage is a place where all these day dreams will be filled with car wrecks. And your nightmares will come true. Because that's how Carnage works. And having the honor to defeat at least five of them at Bragging Rights, I am more than pleased to advice you all to watch the match and watch how I come out with the truth and reveal how shit Carnage is. And with that being said, I would like to introduce you to, my team! TEAM EVOLVE! We have the greatest Evolve superstar, me! Then we have the former Global Championship, ARK UNIVERSE. And then we have the co-team captain, Jonathan. And get ready to fear out, cause the fourth member in team Evolve is Red Arrow. And last but not least, making his second in ring match, and being successful against the living legend, WWE234, our FIFTH MEMBER IN TEAM EVOLVE IS..... THE MARKER! The Evolve crowd rallies on after Akki's words before Akki would get a change of hearths and start speaking again. But just, maybe, just maybe if Evolve loses, what will happen to you Akki? I will tell you what will happen, I will leave Evolve and I will never come back. But you have lifetime contract with Evolve, Akki.. I will get my revenge then, but the matter of the fact is that Evolve won't lose and that's not a promise that's a swear I will content and will not let down, because Evolve is in my hearth and if it dies.... So do I. As for the Evolve competitors, they have their team captain... uh... I think... uhm... Brad? Then their co-captain... uhm... maybe.. Ropati. But their third member of their shitty team is Peter Willchockster... or... Wllshockster, either way the one that will get chocked or shocked is you! And their fourth member is Julius, The NXT Champion, it's nothing big, just a shitty devolpement title. Then their fifth guy, last and least. Monda, my rival, my dish, and the man that's going to get beaten down at Bragging Rights with the hands of the man him self... AKKI! The crowd chants "Nagger, Nagger, Nagger" as Akki smiles and looks at the crowd before picking up the microphone and asking a bold question that will lead up the a cheer. What is Monda? "Nagger, Nagger, Nagger" Akki laughs as he drops the microphone before Red Arrow's theme song pops up as Akki awaits his teammate at Bragging Rights.
  2. @Ross My discord ban was only for 12 hours later, It's been 24 hours now, and I still can't join. So I

    1. Storm


      Why you get banned

    2. HeelAkki


      Not your business. 

    3. Ross


      I was asleep it's also been no where near 24 hours. Mods awake at 5am GMT should have done it as I made them all aware. Hope you have learned your lesson finally.

  3. We're live in Carnage, right in the hearth of Los Angeles, the Staples Center. We just started here tonight as we are set to see some packed up action after a brutal Evolve Pay-Per-View. As George's theme song was about to hit, we hear a different theme song. "Believer" by Imagine Dragons pops on as the crowd erupts after the huge performance from last night. Akki stands alone up the seats high up with a steel chair. Akki looks down at the crowd and sadisticly laughs at them. Before taking a couple feet down, Akki looks on to the Bragging Rights sign that is on the electron billboards. A hasty Akki goes down the stairs as he speaks through out his walk down to the ring. Ladies and gentlemen, I am the greatest wrestler to ever step foot inside a BPZ ring, I've said that a hundred times and I will say it a hundred times because it doesn't dring in you guys' head. As I was saying, I am the greatest wrestler ever. I've proved that last night when I went head to head.. or should I say head to head to head with Bart and Red Arrow. I would have won the match if it wasn't for Carnage's... worst.... wrestler ever. Monda who hasn't been quite active, comes in my match as I was winning and then he attacks me. He tortures me with this steel chair and then he fed me to Bart as he delivered that dangerous move to me which ultimately cost me the match. Is it Monda's fault? No. It's Carnage's fault.. I blame Carnage for everything that has happened to me for the last six months. They are suckers, they are whining little pigs that can't get their facts or their minds straight cause how fucked the General Manager is. My 2018 started off perfectly, I was on the road to win my first ever Royal Rumble when one of your stupid little Carnage pricks attacked me which caused Red Arrow to eliminate me. Then, Monda comes in and destroys my moment of getting another chance at something. He was sent by this stupid fool called Bailey as he destroyed my moment. It might not be true.. it might be true. But the truth is that at Bragging Rights.. Bailey! I'm coming for you. Akki gets at ringside as he smiles and looks on at the stage. Akki with slithering eyes sadisticly laughs at the non answers that he's getting. Pretty soon Bailey pops on the titantron and starts speaking bold words, but before he could speak there were superstars at the stage set up, Akki looks in shock as he would try to escape but had something on his mind. Bailey's titantron would pop out as Akki would look scared but then again thought about something. As superstars from Carnage would approach Akki the theme song of Evolve hits out of no where as the BPZ Universe's minds blow! Bart! Slim! Smith! Prince! Sameer! and many more would come upon the attack of Evolve vs. Carnage. As Akki stood alone in the ring, he was quite terrified though as he quickly took the microphone to fill in some words. AT BRAGGING RIGHTS... IT WILL BE CARN- Akki's mic would get dropped by George as Akki would eat a superkick by George himself. Akki would join the Evolve roster as the entire Evolve roster would face off with the Carnage roster.
  4. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    I voted for Red Arrow, Sameer, WWE234, Ark and Smith
  5. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    This counts for everyone else... Don't vote me... it's for a storyline.
  6. Introduction

    U should make an entire book where you write all the stuff for someone to read when they're new here. The only thing your good at on this forums.
  7. Introduction

    I love the format, welcome to the forums sir.... uh.. i mean .. girl..
  8. BPZ Music League 2: Electric Boogaloo

    oh... we work with spotify.. shit. Fucking racism.
  9. Destination Pain has been added to the Fuck Life mixtape as the third track number:
  10. BPZ Music League 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I love how you ignore my motherfucking question.
  11. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand | February 13th 2018

    Thank you for giving me the honors to get my song as the official theme song for The Last Stand.


  13. BPZ Music League 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Uh guys... Can I join? Again..
  14. Last Stand Press Conferences

    Akki: I have a question! It's Akki, he comes from the back as he walks towards the desk of his. He begins to rip out the microphone and start destroying it, before some staff members came to stop him. Akki laughs in sadistic fashion as he sits down. Akki would start looking at Bart and begin to speak again. Akki: What will happen, WHEN I drop you down at Last Stand, and pin you 1..2..3 while Red Arrow is somewhere in the building sobbed in tears after I beat him down? No wait, hold up. I have the answer, you will just F*ck off like you always do and stop messing with me right? Or is that... is that not true? Let's go back a few month prior from today, let's go back to June? was it June? or May? Anyways, it was your unmemorable debut and that unmemorable debut brought you to here. Just to inform you, I brought you into this whole wrestling stuff, you would be nowhere without me. So let me straighten you up a bit. At Last Stand, there will be no when or if's. There will be absolutes and that means I will absolutely dominate you as I walk out victorious. Reporter: I am Samir Prince from India News, and I've traveled from my home country all the way here to ask you this question. At Last Stand, who will you target first. Akki: Look, I love India, but you wasted your time traveling from India all the way to Chicago just to ask me who my first target will be. Well, first I was like, maybe Bart. But now It's definitely you. You see the the stuff with you guys' questions are quite simple, It's common.... Reporter: Hi, I am Dave Weston from CNN, why do you think you deserve this more. Akki looks at him in quite a frustrating way, as he puts on his sadistic smile and steps up from the desk area. Akki slowly turns his hand to a glass of water and picks it up as he walks to the reporter. Bart looks confused, as Akki threw the glass bottle, almost hitting the reporter, but thankfully he ducked. Akki was escorted back to his desk as he sat down. Akki still looks at the reporter and points at him. Akki puts down his finger and begins to speak again. Akki: As I was saying, It's a common experience to interview a wrestler, It's not hard. But I get it, interviewing the best wrestler in this company, It's really hard. So Mr. Dave Weston, I appreciate the support, thank you! Now back to Last Stand, It's a quite hefty PPV in my opinion, having Slim and Ark main event? No! I should be in the main event, because I should be I. Look, I don't care if the Global Championship is the biggest championship in Evolve, because I! Akki, is the biggest thing on Evolve. And everyone of you damn well know it, you know it, you know it... And especially Carnage. After I beat my 2 competitors at Last Stand, I will do the Carnage roster a favor. That favor is kicking off the BPZMania with a match against me, with my #1 contendership for the Global Heavyweight Championship on the line. I can risk it all. It's not that I'm that confident, that's bullshit, It's because I'm that... damn.... good! Nobody in the Carnage roster has the balls to face me, no one. Not Bailey, not Ross. After I left Carnage, the show became terrible, terrible champions, terrible opportunities. That's why, I'm issuing a challenge, a challenge right before I win something that I'm going to put on the line. So Bailey, you keep being scared, because I know the Carnage roster won't fight me... That's why I'm making this challenge.... There's another promise I want to make, and this promise is for all the marbles, at Last Stand I will beat both of my opponents, at BPZMania I will beat whoever is in front of me and at last, I will take away the Global Championship, don't care if its Slim or Ark Universe, because I am not afraid. And it's damn well known that I'm not afraid. So Bart, Red Arrow, don't test me, because when my nerves gets up, your guts get down. That's why I am named "The Future of Evolve" believe... that... Akki slowly starts raising his hands as the audience chant "Monda, Monda" Akki puts on his sadistic smile again and stands up to face off with Bart before the lights flicker darkness. Akki looks up as the lights go off again.
  15. Long overdue

    And I got banned because of this dipshit....

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