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  1. I thought this was a school diary... how did it turn into a warfare?
  2. Happy 5 years bro ❤️ 

  3. Episode 8: Unveiling The Conundrum Preview Julius returns back to the group after Keeley asks for his help, the two senses something romantic and Sheridan becomes jealous while Addy does everything to keep Sheridan's mind off of Julius; Prince and Nate get into a physical fight after Nate confesses something; Nardie drops his album, to celebrate this, Epic brings the group to somewhere special and shows them something groundbreaking. Predictions for Episode 8: - What does Nate confess? - Does Addy succeed in keeping Sheridan's mind off of Julius? - Does Keeley and Julius get romantic? - Where does Epic take the group?
  4. We are live on Valor as we hear Heel Akki's theme song, Nothing On Me by Heel Akki, available on The Underdog Mixtape by Heel Akki on platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Music and also for free on AudioMack and YouTube. We hear Nothing On Me playing loud as Heel Akki walks down the stage angry as ever after he got confronted by Jim Lopes's son during his video shoot. Akki gets boo'd by the fans as he walks to the ring. Akki quickly rolls in the ring as he gets handed a microphone and starts speaking. What?! What! Jim! This ain't a game, you old man! You can't just send your kid to fight me what the fuck? The cops came after me as well, they think I kicked your kid. Jim, fix this shit now, or else I might have to pull the trigger. Jim!!! Get your ass out here! I'm waiting. Heel Akki gets boo'd off by the audience as he leaves the ring and grabs a chair. He enters the ring and starts sitting on the chair. Moments pass away as Akki's patience starts to eager him, he gets up and throws the chair out of the ring in anger and starts speaking. Alright!! You've brought this on yourself! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to, my cousin, my best friend and Jim's opponent! Akki Mahal! Heel Akki's cousin, The Indian War Hero, The MAHARAJAH! Akki Mahal has just entered the building. The fans cheering Akki Mahal on as Akki Mahal stares at the crowd in satisfaction. Akki Mahal started a big rant on twitter four days ago after getting banned from going near Arrow and Steph. Akki Mahal now seeks for other opportunities as he makes his way to the ring, to meet his cousin Heel Akki. Heel Akki smiles as he sees his cousin Akki Mahal fulfilling his wish. Mahal walks up the steps and immediately hugs Heel Akki as The Singh Brothers dances around them. Heel Akki greets the crowd goodbye as he leaves the ring, leaving Akki Mahal and the Singh Brothers alone to do their thing. Jai Hind!!! The crowd opens up a big pop after those two words, Akki Mahal smirks before he starts talking again. Jim Lopes! I heard you've been bothering my cousin? Huh?! You dirty man, I want you to come out here and talk to me face to face. The people deserves a moment between you and me. Jim Lopes, I have seen your stuff in the indies, you're an old dude who finally got the chance in the big leagues. I don't mind though, I'm just surprised you didn't quit. I've also seen you do everything for yourself, but me? I'm for the PEOPLE! I protect, and I'll protect if I have to protect again. Jim Lopes, I don't care if my cousin is a bad man, an annoying man who keeps promoting his album, but he's my cousin, I may not like him, but he's family. Jim Lopes, we don't have beef, but we can go to the store and buy it. We can go to the store and buy the beef, and then we can cook the beef at Chapter 2 in Egypt. Me and Egypt go way back, I have earned a lot of respect from dem man there. I trained their rookie army camp in 2006, the kids look up to me there, don't ever think it's gonna be easy to win the respect from the Egyptians against me. Listen Jim, I'm your worst nightmare, I don't care if you fought against a 500 pound man, I don't care if you jump 50 foot ladders. Jim, you've never fought against a man like me! I am the first ever soldier to single-handedly bring a country to victory in a huge war, I'm the first ever person to survive a rocket launcher attack. Jim... you've never faced a person like me. It won't be easy. It won't be fun. The people love me, the wrestlers in the back respect, I got a whole audience of 1.3 billion people in my home country, so you have to accept my challenge. But remember, we don't have beef... So if you wanna go buy some, come out here right now, and accept my challenge. Madarchode! Akki Mahal drops the mic as he stares at the stage, awaiting Jim Lopes.
  5. I am also in the process of making a group has and giving everyone their separate room with enough space to put their throwaway stuff. If you'd like a room just dm me ig? The house is being made right before the Jo Nathan village, the path starts there/ends there. If you log in before the house is made, please do not touch or interfere in the process, as I am really frustrated since 18 creeper attacks has already been attempted and half of them has succeeded and I had to restart the house many times. I call myself the builder of this server, cause that's all I'm interested in doing. After the house I plan on building an underground railway from the village all the way to the Capitol where I will make another main house with many rooms, ofc I just do this because i want to, many people don't even live in a house. Next time I log in, I will go on a quest to find Aaron's hideout and turn that into a little city as well with another house and also make a path leading to our main areas. Aaron is pretty far, so if he can't find his way to us, he can follow my path. And if I get lost. rip. @ArrowGargano Arius & Jo Nathan have made a realm in Minecraft Windows 10 edition, which means players from Xbox, Nintendo Switch and also Mobile can all play together. If you're not already in the server, u can ask Arius to invite you in the discord server and then u can get the code to join. It's simple, all you gotta do is put in the code in the realms section of the game. It might look like that, if u can't put in the code, just give ur gamertag to arius and he will invite you. You will first spawn somewhere near a dirt house, you'll then find Arius and FDS' creation, if you want, you can stay there or choose to go to the Jo Nathan village. Beware, difficulty is on normal, and it's not easy, creepers are fucking cunts. Also please don't grief around Hello sorry for another edit. But I just did some research on PS4 Realms and it has come to my notice that the playstation realms are not yet available for Playstation 4 users. It has been announced though, we're just waiting on an update at this point. So I guess we don't need to panic or something, there will be a fix and Playstation 4 users will be a able to play with us.
  6. The Reality Era Results[edit] No. Results Stipulations Times[13] 1P Antonio Cesaro (c) defeated The Miz Singles match for the WWE United States Championship[14] 07:37 2 Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio(c) Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Championship[15] 16:58 3 Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) (c) defeated Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) by submission Tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship[16] 09:25 4 Randy Orton won by last eliminating John Cena 30-man Royal Rumble match for a world championship match at WrestleMania 29[17] 59:05 5 CM Punk(c) defeated The Rock Singles match for the WWE Championship[18] Had The Shield interfered, Punk would have been stripped of the title 23:20 (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match P – indicates the match took place on the pre-show
  7. The Exoti

    1. Epic1237_


      the exotic Flynn eats his tangerine 

  8. The audience cheer and clap as we star the first episode of BPZ: Wild'n Out! What's up Dallas!!! My name is Rick Flannon, and this my homie, Heel Akki. Ay Akki tell these kids what we bout to do up in this bitch? We bout to rate, hate, debate, and also interview a great BPZ Wrestler, some like the lights of Nate. Ay, but check this out Rick, we are two weeks away from VALOR'S EXODUS Pay Per View!!! Baby. That shit reached chapter 2, it's all the way in Egypt! And guess what Rick? Ya boi's song has been made as the official theme song for the fucking pay per view... BABY! Shit, that's hard B, but check this out. We gotta focus on tonight bro, we got Eric Shun IN THE BUILDING. Put your motherfucking hands for the BPZ Superstar, the pornstar, Eric SHUN!! Eric Shun jumps on the scene with Rick Flannon and Heel Akki, as he gives Heel Akki a great hug before taking a microphone. What's up guys! Ayo check this out Shun. Before we head to the interview, we gotta see how tight your rhyme game is though. We know you be pulling out and putting in, I know you don't mess around with that shit white boy. All we need is you to rhyme these 5 sentences in the quickest amount of time, we call this a practice round before we go over to the interview. Alright, hit me. Ight, clap yo hangs dog. Now this boy said hit me like he playing blackjack. I'm in a room with this bitch and she got a fat ass. Shit, that was tight, we'd like to know who this is, I know you a menace so spill out that shit. I'm going down to deep on her, her name is Karen, she sucking my dick from Egypt to Dallas. She sucking yo dick, would you be down to share? Hell nah bro, I made a living by thinking of myself. WHAT?! He gon' do me like that. Shit you be bad, Eric but I know you ain't from the hood, I'd give you my gun but you don't know how to shoot. Don't know how to shoot? Bitch please take a note, your bitch got my wood stuck in her throat. The crowd explodes after that rhyme battle, we then move onto the interview. This white boy done killed us both, Akki. But listen up Eric, now that you proved to the world you a dope rhymer, a dope pornstar and a dope wrestler, we need to know how dope you are in answering these questions... but.. There's a twist. Every question that we ask, you have to end it up with a rhyme. So let's see how bad you are now white boy. But before we head over to that interview, we gotta speak about this match that was just announced on BPZ.COM! It's Bob vs. Necce! These two have been acting all up ever since that whole segment after King of the Ring. Ah yes, Akki. This was a match I'm looking most forward to, shame I have to watch it from home in Atlanta while you get to see it live in the stadium. On another note though, when you going to Egypt? Akki & Shun. Well I'm going like a day before, cause I ain't on tour, you know that I ride that stick up my whore. Don't ever do that again Akki... I'm going when I'm done fucking Alice good. Very realistic answers. Alright let's go to the interview panel! Finally Jesus, been standing for ten minutes. The three sit down at the interview panel as Rick Flannon and Heel Akki start the questions. Ight, this is how we gon' do it. We're gonna ask you three questions each and you gon' answer with a rhyme, that clear? Sure. Question 1. I know you left for months and suddenly came back, what's the reason behind that? What you came to do? Im feeling real great, doing real good. Just fucked a few girls from my neighbourhood. But then I got bored, so I came back, here to get BPZ back on track. Just gonna mess around, have a bit of fun, maybe my meat might end up in a bun. Ay. Feeling the groove. Question 2, do you have any plans outside of wrestling? Like a real job, or you still a pornstar actor? Of course I'm still an actor, the best one out, got people trying to fuck me just to get more clout. I'm happy feeling porn, I'll do it for a while, have sex with a chick after she sees my smile. Aiiiight. Okay mr. shun, back to the wrestling, are u ever gonna consider joining the carnage roster? I don't care about where I am, Valor or Carnage look I don't give a damn. I'm just here to have a good time, fill up my pockets with some little little dimes. Ah, that was a bit off don't you think? Fuck you! Okay... What about the championships? You're a former IC champion, I see you as a top gun again. Yeah I was the InterHerBum champ, left my mark on the title like im a damn stamp. As for being a champ again, I'm all in, every time I get in the ring all I do is win. Ight... Tight. What was your reason on beating toxik last week, I know two don't match but had some beef? The guy got mad, I don't see why. His girls pussy stinks like a goddamn pig sty . I hit her though, she couldnt resist the shun, all of them girls want a taste of "The Big One". He thought we had beef, I was just being me, first win on the first valor match in history. Damn, more where that came from I guess. Last question, wow that you stole Alice, what you gon' do with her? I dont need Alice, she was loose as all hell, when she took of her panties I got hit with a horrific smell. So he can have her back, I don't want or need her, I'm too busy being a pornstar entrepreneur. OH SHIT!! Ladies and gentlemen that was Eric Shun! Eric Shun is competing in the qualifiers match against The M.A.N. at Valor's Chapter 2: Exodus in two weeks. Hope your pumped as us! And remember, always gotta keep it on the low, cause the hood don't care about you! What? That didn't even rhyme or make sense. Yeah Akki what the fuck that was ass lol. Akki starts arguing with Rick Flannon and Eric Shun as the show fades to an end before we hear Eric Shun saying, "You want me to put my dick in your mom?".
  9. Came from Matt Sydal's thing. Amazing content ❤️
  10. iMPACT Bound For Glory 2017 Official Match Card iMPACT X Division Title: Jay Lethal vs. ??? (Open Challenge) Best Out 7 (Match 3): James Storm vs. Matt Riddle Ryback vs. Vladimir Kozlov Matt Sydal vs. Alberto Del Rio Eli Drake vs. Bobby Roode iMPACT World Championship Tournaments Finals: Lil Ace vs. Chris Sabin (If Chris Sabin Loses, He Leaves iMPACT Wrestling) iMPACT Tag Team Championship Hardcore Scramble: ??? vs. Kane & Jericho vs. Hardy Boyz vs. The American Alphas Here are the amazing graphics that @Hans made for me ❤️ PLEASE PREDICT ?
  11. YESSIR FDS! Finally again. Love it. Congrats, love u no homo.

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