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  1. Hey Akki how are you I'm good bro Okay? I said I'm good AKKI WALKS OVER TO THE REGISTER sTiCk eM uP? I'm not gay UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH what?
  2. NO! Chris White left with the BPZ Cash which means.... HES BACK SO THAT MEANS SOMEONE IS CHRIS WHITE HERE!!!! DUN DUN DUN!
  3. IREALLYGOFROMPROJECTSTOPRO is delighted to hear that!!!! ❤️
  4. Why is it when I rep I get my reps taken out but when i neg it doesnt increase this is some bullshit rigged system @Administratorfix?


  5. The BPZ Cash currency is inflated! Wanna know why and how? Let's start off with the first thing. How much BPZ$ do we earn per post? Well for 2 words we earn about 5$. Which means we earn about 2500$ for a 1k word post! Now lets go back in the day, when the BPZ$ was invented, we used to earn 10$. Have I proved my point yet? No. Okay hold on. PREMIUM! The cost of a 30 day premium thing now is.... dun dun dun! 20k$. Now if we go back to 2015 or 2016.. The price was... 10k$. Yes you heard it right, 10k$. Now is BPZ$ inflated just like the Surinamese Dollars? No, see Surinamese do
  6. Who is my favorite wrestler of all time? Demon KANE Who is my favorite footballer of all time? Harry KANE Who is my favorite rapper of all time? Big Daddy KANE Who is my favorite boxer of all time? Peter KANE What's my favorite law? The KANE Law! Good day.
  7. should i close the door on my way out? 


  8. I cant believe @singingballeris 31 years old.. time flies..

  9. no no no, Epic. That’s ME!


  10. I didnt witness shit. I aint no snitch. I aint seen nuthing.

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