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  1. OOC: @Mave Deltzer @Mave Deltzercan u reply ffs
  2. Can u make me a cover art for my next album called "incursion?
  3. I bought Messi for 95million with Southampton. He was 35.. but idc.
  4. Evolve welcomes you to another show as we return from a really boring commercial break. The camera cuts to the backstage area as HeelAkki is in the building. HeelAkki has been promoting his upcoming album recently, but with a face like this I don't think Akki is here to promote albums. Akki's theme song Revive hit, a whole sea of "Sobbing" chants pops off as Akki steps foot on the stage. The crowd going crazy. The last time they saw Akki was when he brutally slaughtered Toxik in a verbal assault. Ofcourse Akki the manager of Mave, they are known as the Mave Effect, Akki keeps on the walk as he enters the ring. The light beaming down, the commentators talking on, the referee handing mics. Ladies and gentlemen, HeelAkki has returned. I was gone for a few weeks and left my son, Mave alone. But he's a big boy now. He can take care of his own. So why am I here? Well obviously to tell you that my new mixtape "Incursion" will be dropping 27th of September, lots of big names like Kanye and Nicki Minaj featuring. But there's two more reasons on why I'm here. The first one is that Bulldozer has crossed the line and sued Mave for 1.4 million dollar. Mave was not intended to pay that fee so he called a lawyer, ME!. I'm a good lawyer so I dropped the money to 17k and paid Bulldozer. After that I sent some hoodlums to go attack the man but he nearly killed him. I don't know who I sent but he was also desperate to hurt Bulldozer so I just paid him 20k and let him be. Just when I thought it was all over, Bulldozer called Mave and threatened to send Arrow after him. Which brings me to reason number 2. Arrow is a scared little boy, there's no way he will dare touch Mave. Arrow in a couple of minutes I will bring Mave out and you will show yourself! The SSW Club was nothing and will stay nothing, but you was dumb enough to believe Bulldozer. I am a 5 year BPZ veteran, this is really irrelevant but I'm just saying I'n a 5 year BPZ veteran, so stay in you're place Mave. (Who tf writes these things) HeelAkki backs out as Mave's theme song plays.
  5. What a dumb episode. Show needs to get cancelled. Maybe if they try a new writer. The one they have rn is a pussy.
  6. We have just gotten out of air for Carnage as the camera cuts to the backstage area within minutes after the ending credits popped off. Live on the NecceWork youtube channel, Mave walks around attack random employees of the respective brand that is BPZ. Behind Mave is a very pleasant walking man named 'Heel Akki' who had delivered a bomb of a promo earlier tonight. Mave looks towards the cameraman that's filming the entire thing, very tempted, Mave attempts to do a running dive but Akki slows the pace and anger of Mave down. Akki looks at the camera before saying few words about his fellow client. Why is Mave mad? Why don't we ask him. Mave why are you mad? Mave: Are you gonna say something? No? Okay cool. Mave is mad because he just noticed he is under debt for the jobber squad SSW. For those who aren't familiar with SSW, it's a group with two jobbers, Josh & Toxik. And a future main eventer, EPIC. Mave is in debt with SSW because they had made a contract agreement before he joined SSW. A contract invisible, Mave did not respond to this after hearing that this contract means that he has to pay SSW for all the cost he has had them paid during his time with SSW. Taxis, Airplanes, food and hotel rooms. Mave did not take this lightly and also found this crap of a thought, which led us to here. Now I'm not going to attack the owner of SSW, Toxik. I'm going to make Mave attack him. But unlike Toxik, we don't like to give surprises. Before I get into that, let me tell you why Mave hates Toxik. Here are some reasons; he's annoying, he's a man full of crap, he's an untalented wrestlers and he's from Alabama. Now that we got that out of the way and lowered the Mave effect for a bit, let's talk business. Obviously Mave is winning the NXT championship sooner or later, there's no surprise in that. Mave should also be nominated for Hall of Fame very soon. But as I was saying, we're not gonna give Toxik a surprise because right here and right now I'm challenging you to a match against my client Mave. Now you will laugh at this statement thinking why would a legend like Mave challenge me and you're probably pooping in your pants as well. But there's more stakes on the line. If Mave beats you, you never get to challenge for the NXT championship again. If Mave beats you, you will have to give up your character, if Mave beats you, you have to give the SSW Club to us. But don't worry, that's not all. I know I only have mentioned you're losings stakes. But to even the odds. If you win, Mave gets to never challenge for any title again. If you win, Mave will give up his character. If you win, you decide Mave's faith. Is Mave going to leave the BPZ and end his career or are you going to take him under SSW again. The stakes are high, the risk is high. I made Mave's stakes even higher because I know Toxik won't except this challenge, but there's always a little bit of hope. Mave nods his head in joy as a very sad Arrow walks past the camera. He looks at Akki and tears falls from each corner of his eye before walking past him again. Akki looks very confused as he focuses back. Okay Toxik. The challenge is sent, all we need from you is not to chicken out and be a man.
  7. 'Revive' by HeelAkki plays as manager Akki shows up on the stage with a bright smile on his face, a magical grey suite and tie as he walks down the ramp over to the ring. We're live during Carnage as the crowd is very neutral against Akki's appearance here. Akki enters the ring and picks up the microphone. His theme song stops playing and he starts speaking. Hello lades and gentlemen. My name is HeelAkkki and tonight I don't stand here as a wrestler but I actually stand here as a manager for the next up and coming NXT Wrestler. My client is known by the name of The Demon Mave who recently has left the jobber crew a.k.a the incest squad a.k.a the jobber group. He's not here with me tonight cause he got pulled out of the arena for dropping a beautiful promo. He sort of deserved it, I don't really care, because I know Mave doesn't need a promo to prove how good he is. Mave is unique is something that some of you are saying and It's true, Mave is the most unique wrestler out of the entire NXT Roster because Mave can win a championship without doing the work. I know everyone is like 'Oh Akki's going off track and not making sense just like Mave'. And yes I am not making sense but it will make sense until you see it yourself. At the NXT Battle Royal, everyone in that match will witness the Mave effect. The shivering feeling down their body, the goosebumps as Mave walks down that stage just to lift that championship up minutes after he destroys everyone in that match. I don't know anyone in that match except for Bulldozer. Now Bulldozer is a wrestler that made it in the BPZ after hard works in the indy scenes, but so did Mave. So why is Mave unique outside and inside the ring? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. But as you see for yourself, THE MAVE EFFECT is hitting me good. And soon it will hit you, and you, and you, and everyone who puts eyes on The Demon Mave. I'm keeping it short tonight becasue this was just the INTRODUCTION!
  8. Akki comes out to his theme song "Revive" as he walks all the way to Mave. The crowd booing, negativity rises as Akki picks up the microphone. All of you hating on my boy Mave. Never underestimate the power of an uncommon man. Mave will show you at the Mayhem why he is the best NXT wrestler, Mave will show you why he will be a future HOF and Mave will show you why he is going to be World Champ later in time. The future of this company and the future best in the world Mave will make such an impact to the roster, to the wrestlers. I saw this the moment I put my eyes on him. Therefore, from today on, Mave lets the SSW jobber squad behind as his new manager "Heel Akki" takes his decisions from now on. Thank you, see you at Mayhem people!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BID1HQGJZKQ
  10. Yuh Yuh Bob who? Most of the shit you said 'bout my country is true but it makes me sick The whole racist stigma reminds me of Toxik I don't flame on the beat like lava, I'm more into toxic Now you won't get what I'm saying but it's okay Nothing can be worst than you admitting you gay Giving your dick a tease? I'm not BiC His name is misleading, unless he got my genes I wasn't getting the rough feel Most of the shit you said was already in reveal USA, the land of free, that's falls advertisement No black man can walk free without the police fighting Since 2017 I brought the whole forums into excitement At that time u were sucking dick so you could donate to a man who you was infatuating My country isn't dealing with renovation Probably cause they heard I'm going to a new location Let's be honest, I'm the only one giving Suriname some fame & sensation On second taught I'll give u some props, good bars coming from a guy who sits in his room a lot ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BIC! THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE NATE IS ON MY DATE AND HIS MOM GOT AN IFLATE OF PRINCES DICK IN A CRUSHER PRINCE IS DA PUSSY FUCK BIC, YOU ARE A LOSSY
  11. 1. How old are you? 11 2. What country are you from? Alabama 3. What’s your favorite color? White 4. What’s your favorite movie? Birth of the Nation 5. What’s your favorite tv show? Dora the Explorer 6. What’s your favorite super hero? Diego 7. What’s your favorite music genre? Rap/Hip Hop 8. Who’s your favorite NBA player? Smith 9. Who’s your favorite NFL team? Crimson Time 10. Who’s your all time favorite wrestler? Kane 11. What year did you join the forums? 2010 12. What was your first video game console? ps4 13. What’s your favorite hobby outside of the forums? Being racist 14. What’s your dream job? President 15. Who’s your favorite current day wrestler? Paige
  12. 1. How old are you? 12 2. Where are you from? (What Country) India 3. What is your favourite colour? Pink 4. What is your natural hair colour?White 5. How many pets do you have?2 6. What is your favourite food?He starves himself 7. When is your birthday? (Month)August 8. What is your favourite music genre?Country 9. What is your biggest interest/hobby outside of the forumsry? Cricket 10. What is your favourite sport to watch?NBA 11. What is your dream job?Tech Support 12. What is/was your favourite subject at school?Computering 13. What is your favourite soda?Nurse. Pepper 14. What is your favourite NBA team?CAVSS 15. Who is your favourite current day wrestler?R Truth
  13. 1. How old are you?20 2. Where are you from? (What Country)Greenland 3. What is your favourite colour?Green 4. What is your natural hair colour?Green 5. How many pets do you have?3 6. What is your favourite food?Me 7. When is your birthday? (Month)October 8. What is your favourite music genre?Rap 9. What is your biggest interest/hobby outside of the forums?Driving ur Coupe 10. What is your favourite sport to watch?Por..tugal vs. Brazil 11. What is your dream job?Actress 12. What is/was your favourite subject at school?Science 13. What is your favourite soda?Dr. Pepper 14. What animal would best represent you?Fly 15. Who is your favourite current day wrestler?Paige

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