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  1. The Akki

    Survivor Series Invitation

    We're live in Evolve as we're set to witness action in this fully packed arena. We're just a month away from Survivor Series and there still hasn't been a traditional tag team match announced. The fans in extreme hype as the show gets on. Some time later the camera rotates to the commentary booth as they speak up some heat. Interrupted is a familiar theme song. The crowd in full explosion as he has finally returned after a two month injury. Akki looking tired and disgusted as he walks down the ramp and frowns his way looking at the crowd before walking up the ring steps. It's been exactly 2 and an half months since Akki has been in ring action after getting brutally assaulted by his rival The Marker who is now making his name in the BPZ. Akki has been screwed over many times in the past by big superstars here in the BPZ. Akki enters the ring with frustration, depression and tired, like his mood is mixed with every mixed emotion he can get. It must be hard for a man like Akki to walk in the same building for four years and do his best but still not accomplish something major in his career. Akki quits almost every year and every time he comes back he lays an impact for a couple of days and then goes silent again. Could this be a replay of that or will Akki finally make it big in the BPZ. Akki walks around the ring frowning away at the crowd as he picks up a microphone and starts speaking these bold sentences. I did it again... Sigh. I was injured and I left for a couple of months, I know we're all humans, I know we make mistakes, but this wasn't a mistake, I left on purpose. I knew that if I'd stayed here longer my hearth would keep dishing down and down. So I took a break and here I am in Evolve making another segment for a couple of minutes which is what those guys gave me in the back. They don't care, they give you a couple of minutes, entertain the fans or not they don't care cause they don't pay me the big bucks they should, but I still hustle every night to give the audience what they deserve and I don't. I'm not gonna come and return and start with my emotional speeches anymore, because from today on, I am a changed man, but there's one thing that I'll never stop doing and that is stealing the mother freaking show. I will keep doing what I love and no one can stop. But for now, I am going to start where I left off at. And that was Bragging Rights and no, I'm not going after The Marker, because my business with him has not started yet. The business I need to finish is with an entire roster full of dweebs. The war that I started and tried to end has started again. Carnage vs. Akki part 2, so don't be shocked if you see me trespassing the arena and start attacking everyone. But this time I'm taking them down by myself, I don't need no help from anyone, because at the end of the day they will snake on me like they always do. So at Survivor Series I'm opening a challenge against Carnage, a 5 on 1 traditional elimination tag team match. I don't need no partner I don't need no nothing. I am Akki and I know I'm capable of doing this shit. I know I'm getting over the limit and that's my style but if I promise to steal the show I'm planning to steal the motherf'n show. What do you say Mr. Smith? Akki turns his head up as he sees Mr. Smith up on the titantron. Smith smiles down looking at Akki as he starts to turn that smile upside down and nods his head. Akki looks in full of shock as if he wanted to strangle him down. Akki screams ‘‘I thought we had a deal. ’’ Smith looks down on him and says these simple words. ‘‘Akki, we had a deal yes, a deal that you can wrestle again, but I'm sorry to inform that you cannot fight Carnage on your own and especially on a big night like Survivor Series. It's just straight murder. But I can set you up a singles match with a Carnage member, you just choose or pick. ’’ Smith finishes his sentence as Akki starts thinking before speaking up in the microphone. Okay sir, if you want that, than I'll take out Carnage one by one starting with the title I was after for three straight years. That wannabe Flynn, Julius can step up to me because I will brutally disable him for being apart of Carnage. Julius, we might have been friends when you got here but in the BPZ, there are no friends just enemies. You can call yourself the face of the future, but I am the future, and at Survivor Series I will take you down like a date, put a hole in your god damn back if you won't hand me your freaking championship. Akki thinks something through for a second and then drops the mic and starts walking down the ramp, cameraman follows Akki as he walks through the exit door and goes into the parking lot. Akki walks up to one of Smith's car and smashes the window, he gets in the car and hot wires it on as he steps the paddle on the gas and takes off. Camera was in the car as Akki ’’whispers it's about to go down’’ Akki drives the Mercedes Benz car straight through the home arena of Carnage as he laughs sadistic and enters out of the camera looking at the camera. He shoves the camera down as he steps on it.
  2. The Akki

    Publishing a Book

    So when I said I was away and most of the time busy, I actually meant it. I'm announcing that on the 16th of December 2018 I'm self publishing my first ever E-Book. I know it's weird hearing it from me. But sometimes in life a man gotta do things to feed his kid. Jk, i dont have a kid. But fr, I'm self publishing on Kindle, Amazon and other E Book platforms. Also announcing that in the middle of November I'm releasing my first ever EP called ""Fuck Enemies" and on 31th December 2018, the official date... FUCK LIFE is releasing and this time its for real, no scam, no nonsense.
  3. The Akki

    Dead Man Walking

    It's a cold night here at Evolve as the fans are excited as hell to witness a great event like Evolve Live. Before a commercial break, the commentators reminds us that there's a huge surprise coming up later. As the break just ends, we are back at Evolve and we're finding out this big surprise. The hype, the atmosphere in the arena. The crowd in full shock as they see The Akki coming out to the entrance stage with a leather vest and a hat on top of his head. The arena slowly fills out with big chunks of smoke and fire balls popping out in the background, The Akki walking slowly to the ring with a deep deep nerve in his eyes as he doesn't make eye contact to anyone. The fans gets over excited over this and tries to figure what this is all about. The Akki on the steel steps slowly waiting for the beat to drop, and it does as he quickly removes his hat and shows everyone the eye of death. The audience almost scared to death as he enters the ring with full force. The Akki staring at the titantron and watches himself remove the leather jacket and vest as the crowd still in shock of seeing the arrival of a brand new version of Akki. Akki's theme song stops playing as he slowly walks around the ring and feeling out the atmosphere in this arena here in Boston. The Akki looks at the timekeepers area and would soon be handed a microphone, which he would first stare at and later start doing his speech. Tonight is a very special night. A night for all the old one's to rise upon their grave and pledge for mercy, because BPZ's Undertaker is about to take over the entire Evolve division as, I will storm my way into Storm's competition and walkout victorious. A few weeks ago, I was burned alive, burned by my worst of friend, I lost to Marker in the first ever inferno match on BPZ. I was about to be buried, and then I was buried. BUT SOMETHING DEEP DOWN IN ME, stopped myself from doing so, so when I was buried, I dug my way out of there. With these same hands, I dug my way out of the grave as I soon destroyed out the grave and vanished. But my hearth wasn't beating, and right now my hearth isn't beating. Right now I am A DEAD... MAN.... WALKING. I promise all of you, that at SummerSlam, Storm will Rest. In. Peace. Because Storm is no competition worth to me. Everything I do will be true, and all of you all better show me the prove as I will begin my upcoming journey at SummerSlam. And after SummerSlam, I'm waiting for Slim at the 3rd annual Survivor Series in November. Slim has done a lot for me these past years, and the least I can do is beat his ass. Because I am The Akki and I do what I want. And after Survivor Series, I will be waiting for 29 other men at the Royal Rumble when I will eliminate them all in an instant and win my way to the grandest stage of them all, where I will be main eventing BPZMania IV and win the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. As my plans for the following months are clear, I would like to make a bold statement, it starts with the Evolve division. Anything or anyone that tries to either look or stand in my way will Rest in Peace. Don't come knocking on the deadman's grave, because I got my surprise ready for you all. I've already been digging up the grave for Storm where I will put him at Summer Slam. As for my statement, I will be unstoppable and uncontrollable, I will wreak havoc in the upcoming series of matches, and I will begone after I finish what I came here to do. And Storm.. remember this, at Summer Slam there will be NO MERCY given. At Summer Slam we will battle it out in an unescappable, and dangerous cube of death. So now it's clear Storm, AT SUMMERSLAM I AM CHALLENGING YOU IN MY PLAYHOUSE, THE HELL... IN.... THE.... CELL... MATCH. AND STORM...... AT SUMMERSLAM.. YOU WILL... REST...... IN.......... PEACE.....!
  4. banned on discord for no reason. 

  5. The Akki

    KSI vs. Logan Paul & Deji vs. Jake Paul: Discussion

    Have you not seen the boxing stats of KSI, he is nearly as good as some boxers. Logan Paul was also a former boxer in his highschool years.
  6. The Akki

    BPZ: Revolution Football

    I really had no idea where to put it, so I just put it in sports, but this is like BPZ 2K18 only with football players instead of wrestlers. I'm not really gonna go indepth with this, but I did make some packs and wanna see if yall want me to continue this.
  7. The Akki

    KSI vs. Logan Paul & Deji vs. Jake Paul: Discussion

    Are u saying boxing isn't a sport?

    Back on the forums g's!.


    1. Julius01


      Welcome back. A lot has changed 

  9. The Akki

    The Truth Spills

    The scene is set at Evolve as the crowd gets influenced into a huge pop of cheers as the show just started. Pyro here, pyro there, pyro everywhere. The show's theme song stops playing as the commentators welcomes us to a great night here in England. People with England flags, a lot of "Its coming home" chants and just plain cheers. The screen fades into a darkness, some special effects starts to come out, people anxious on the appearance of this man. Glow and smoke starts raining out, just to signal out Akki's theme song. The crowd dead silent as Akki laughs away at the crowd. Slowly walking to the ring with getting a handful of boos and hate from the BPZ universe here in England. Akki walks over up the apron as he watches the crowd before entering the ring he claims is his. Up the turnbuckle Akki goes as he poses out for the England crowd who sucks it up to him with boos and more hate. The boos reigns louder and louder as Akki just laughs on in the ring, Akki goes outside of the ring and runs laps around the ring, it's just like he's taking the hate as cheers and celebrates in it. Before getting back in the ring, he picks a microphone and jumps back in the ring and starts to speak. The disappointment in all of your faces shows me everything. Look, I'm not hating, cause it's all of your job to do that, I'm just saying. I want to see the disappointment in all of your faces when England lose to France and gets knocked out of the World Cup. I mean for this little shit, all of you are already disappointed, let alone the World Cup. Where everyone screams, it's coming home!, It's coming home!, yes it is. The England team is coming home with a full loss. It's just how it is, never get your hopes up, just like everyone got their hopes up on The Marker. A man who took the liberty to burn my flesh and skin off. But I'm back. The Marker was like a brother to me, and what I'm about to say right now might shock everyone. But I saw a zombie in the arena. Yes I did, I saw my former tag team partner, my enemy, I saw WW234 roaming around. So brother, I know your here tonight and I know you might not have the balls, but show up! I AM CHALLENGING YOU TO A FIGHT. Akki with hands opened calls out WWE234, the crowd cheering WWE234 on by chanting his name. Akki heats up the crowd to chant louder and louder, as he soon would laugh at the crowd again. Akki picks up the microphone and begins speaking again. The ultimate England troll job. You all must have some kind of dumb brains, because that's the second time I got you. You think I would call out WWE234 like that? No! If I'd see him for once, I'd beat the shit out of him instantly and I wouldn't probably be here but I'd be in a cell because I would've broken the crap out of WWE234 illegally. I don't care where I am, what I do, because I do what I do and I am what I am. I AM AKKI, THE BEST IN THE BPZ, but no one accepts that. For the past 3 years I went out here every night and wrestle, I put my body on the line, I put my talent to a whole other level and I get shit for return. And just because I lost one month of BPZ, means I lose all the momentum I had for the past 3 years, It's just bullshit in my point of view. I come back broke and burned to Evolve, just to see the man that tortured me in Carnage as my fucking general manager. Do you all think that is something to be happy about. Yet I walk down the hall and people just come at me and say "Happy Day Akki" WHAT'S SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS DAY. Maybe if the management weren't so hasty about me I would have never done this to you all. But no... FUCK AKKI. Fuck Akki and what he stands for, let's all ignore his motivational speeches and hard work. Let's all do that. But now that I'm back, I have plans, and one of them is to expose what kind of people the management are. What kind of terror they put me through. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, this has been Akki! Akki drops the microphone in the middle of the ring, as the BPZ universe claps in emotion to Akki's speech and watches him walk out to the backstage area. The English crowd in almost tears as the screen fades to a commercial break.
  10. The Akki

    Brock Lesnar Reported To Not Work SummerSlam

    Ah yes! I finally get to see Brock Lesnar again, how did he look like? And did he have a champion with him? I don't exactly remember. It's been a reaaaaallllyyy long time...
  11. THE PREVIEW: The scene is set on the 31st of March, exactly after BPZMania II. The night we saw The Goat destroy The Underdog, we saw new champions being crowned and we also saw the end of a rivalry three years in the making and in addition to that, a career altering situation. Just behind this curtain we see the man that just retained his BPZ World Champion, Slim walking his way to the backstage. Slim without hesitation drops his title belt and goes over to the man that arranged everything we just witnessed, the boss, BrendenPlayz. He calmly tells Slim to back off, Slim smiles away to his locker room. The cameramen are following Slim to his locker room as Slim would shut the door right at the camera with full sound effects. Slim: At that moment I was tired at all, I couldn't think straight. I don't know why I went to Brenden and almost accused him. I was just trying to ask him how long am I going to hold the title for now. So yeah. BrendenPlayz: I don't think Slim is a bad wrestler, in my opinion he's one of the best next to Bailey and Flynn. I let Slim hold the title for so long is because I wanted to keep giving Flynn his spotlight you know. Flynn: I don't even know how I got here. Scriptwriter: Oh right sorry, CUT!
  12. The Akki


    This still exists?
  13. The Akki

    WWE234 is back with a new vibe

  14. The Akki

    The Part Timer Has Arrived

    Paulinho McCrapple: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paulinho McCrapple and I am here tonight to introduce the latest next level of a human beast. He is the ruthless, the fearless, the brutal, Lance Coperfield. After the blasting introduction by Paulinho McCrapple, Lance storms his way up the entrance stage as his theme song blasts out with full bass. Lance looks pretty hyped as he makes his first appearance on Evolve. Being accompanied by his uncle, Paulinho McCrapple, Lance walks down the long isle to the ring as he looks the fans on with a dangerous and monstrous face. Lance walks around the ring with his bass boosted theme song playing in the background and then jumps up on the apron and enters the ring. McCrapple soon picks the microphone as Lance enjoys the cheers being given on his debut night. If I were you, I'd hold those cheers in, because what I'm about to say might offend one another. But my client, LANCE COPERFIELD will destroy all of your favorite BPZ wrestlers from Slim to Juluis. And that's not even the sad part. The sad part is that no one is able to stop him. Not me, not you, not the security. There's no on and off button on the back of him, because no matter how he is made or where he is made, Lance Copperfield's destroy button is always on on! So I dare each and everyone of the Evolve members to try and step up to the monster that my client is. And for all the alliance seekers, don't even try to contact Lance Copperfield and be like [*Acts Sarcastically*] ‘‘Oh hello Lance, can I PLEASE form a tag team with you, because I am too weak to do everything myself and I'm gonna make you do everything and when the time is right I am going to backstab you.’’ Because that is how it goes in the BPZ world. And just to clear this up, Lance Copperfield is not someone who will look after you, he is a one man gang and probably will gangbang your mother with only one man in the gang, because that is how Lance handles his shit and if you can't take the heat than you should've hated on Lance the minute you so him, but you guys were like ‘‘Oh look a new guy, let's get behind his back cause he's surely not a bad man.’’ Oh well sorry to ruin it, but SPOILER ALERT; HE IS NOT! Paulinho McCrapple drops the microphone as the fans watch in shock. Lance grins out and the fans starts to boo. Paulinho gets guarded out of the ring by Lance as both men heads their way up to the backstage and the screen pans out to a commercial break.

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