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  1. You can shut me up but I won't take back the shit I said. 

  2. OOC: So inspirational!
  3. OKAY HERE IT IS!! AFTER 5 MONTHS OF WAITING! HEEL AKKI DROPS THE MIXTAPE! @Julius @MARKERYALL KNOW WHAT TO DO! Check out Heel Akki's brand new mixtape! https://audiomack.com/album/d4records/incursion OR FOR YOUTUBE:
  4. After returning from a commercial break, the screen fades to a live stadium where The Akki is seen performing his new single "Run This From Nothing" with Renegade which is available on Youtube. The single comes straight out of his new mixtape which is dropping on the sixth of December, available on AudioMack. The Akki kills it and right before he's about to perform his finishing song he cuts out the music and says he got something on his mind. Hey you! Film this! I know I'm on tour right now, but I have a message to the BrendenPlayz. I've been absent for many weeks now due to my busy schedule of being a rapper. But I have plans, see, I'm not free until the second week of January. So obviously there's no way I'm returning anytime soon, but I have a message and statement for the Royal Rumble. You will see me in the Royal Rumble match and you will see me winning it all. The last time I was in the Royal Rumble match I had my jaw broken, the year before that I got amnesia after being hit with a chair by WWE234. This year my luck's changing. I already have a hit single on the charts with Renegade, my album's trending #1 and I'm doing a world tour right now. This has been a great year for me and my luck says that 2020 will be even better and the only good way to start it is by winning the Royal Rumble. So, Cleveland, Ohio. Listen what I'm gonna do, these are my targets for the next six months. I'm gonna finish this world tour in January, I'm gonna enter the Royal Rumble and win it against all the odds. Then I'm gonna drop a new album and watch it hit the charts. Now moving onto April I'm gonna main event BPZMania and win the BPZ World Title. And you know what you all are gonna do for me? You're all gonna get on your knees and sob! The crowd goes wild. After a bit of rest, the instrumental for "Revive 2" another song off the "Incursion" mixtape which is dropping on the sixth of December, plays, as Akki starts live performing again and the screen fades back to the BPZ Arena.
  5. It's 5 in the morning, the alarm rings as The Akki wakes up from his sleep. Just 24 hours removed from dropping one of his greatest singles to date. The Akki walks out of his bed into his dining area when he sees Arrow Thunderman trying to slurp up some slush from Akki's automatic coffee maker. Akki pulls out a gun, right before pulling the trigger Arrow turns around and screams as loud as he can. Akki falls down out of shocks and tries attacking Arrow Thunderman. Before touching him Arrow quickly explained Akki on why he is here. The Akki nods at everything Arrow has said and is willing to help Arrow on his path to whatever he needs. The Akki escorts Arrow out of the ring and tells him we're heading to the BPZ ring. 6 Hours Later We are live in Houston, Texas as The Akki's new theme song "For Real" plays out. The crowd going insane after hearing the tune and raps along with it. Akki slowly and viciously walks to the ring in his traditional suit and tie. He goes around the ringside area and grabs a suitcase that had been left there by an anonymous person. Akki enters the ring with it and orders some workers to bring in some tables and chairs. This is turning out to be some sort of press conference or something because Akki is asking for some additional microphones. Akki sits down on one of the chairs and grabs a microphone close to his mouth. The BrendenPlayz has produced some great rookies in the past, wrestlers like Bart, Flynn, Myself, Brad.. But in along those names I've never heard someone mention Toxik, Mave, Arrow.. Today I'm here with the answer, it's a simple answer and probably everyone knows the answer but I'm still here with it. The answer is.. underrated. These wrestlers have the talent, just like everyone else. But they are getting screwed in the butthole by the staff and bigger wrestlers. They never get the opportunity to shine, they never get the opportunity to show what they really are capable of. They think if you can't win NXT champion, you're not worth anything. I've won NXT champion and look where it brought me.... In the ring talking about nonsense ain't nobody cares about.
  6. Heel Akki Heel Akki in the streets of Suriname Background information Birth name Akshay Akki Chadamie Born February 24, 2003 (age 16) Paramaribo, Suriname Origin Nickerie, Suriname Genres Hip hop Grime Occupation(s) Rapper Singer Youtuber Songwriter Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Piano Years active 2017–present[1] Labels D4Records (2017-2019) Bad Boy Entertainment Associated acts George AK AJ Tracey VS Height 5 ft 6 Children 1 Albums Fuck Life, Incursion
  7. 0.5/5. Wheres my screen time BUBBA?@
  8. I swear! I deserve more screen time boi!
  9. Kingsley Coman - Bayern Ousmane Dembele - Barca Sakho - Liverpool Nagatono - Inter Lucas - Spurs
  10. Well done Arrow. I'm proud of you becoming better at this diary thing! Looking forward to week 2.
  11. He'll be back when he gets his new record deal.

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