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  1. The screen fades in to BPZ Wild'n Out, as we get started on our second episode. Rick Flannon walks up to the stage, alone and hyped up. Ay cuz! Tonight we in Cali baby! That's right, we in Long Beach, but while we is in Long Beach, the Valor roster be out there in Egypt getting set for their Chapter 2: Exodus pay per view cuz! Even my homie, Heel Akki is out in Egypt supporting cuz and his cousin Akki Mahal to go against the deep unhearted Jim Lopes. But that's what we're here to talk about. But before we get to that, we gotta talk about cuz GRV, cuz got rumors going around and it went around fast right after he got released. But you know this is Wild'n Out so we come out here with straight facts. So what actually happened is, well from what I've heard from a trusted source. GRV brought cocaine in the Valor arena and tried to get drugged up, but cuz Nardi found out. So cuz Nardi snitched on GRV, GRV got enraged, pulled a gun and ALMOST SHOT CUZ... GOD DAMN! On his way out GRV insulted BPZ same way he did some years ago. And then he quit but before he could quit, he got shown a contract saying he can't quit. Sad shit. Alright, now we got that out of the way, let's be talking about Exodus, so Exodus... Mad card, we got mad matches such as the money match, Slim vs. Sameer, we got the qualifying match for the new Valor midcard championship, Addy against Austin, Eric Shun against The M.A.N. So my predictions are simple, Sameer bout to take out Slim easily with a finisher. Addy bout to wreck out Austin and Eric, the rhyme star as we known since the first episode, bout to take out The M.A.N. As for the other matches, Nardi against GRV, I expect GRV to pull out a gun and get disqualified over here, there's no way he's gonna have any spirit coming into this match. My cuz, Akki Mahal against Jim Lopes?! Hell yeah! Akki Mahal destroying that bitch. The Temple match is also a new one here, cuz kinda interested but I see Arius picking up this dub. We also got Necce and Bob going at it, yeah Bob's winning. CUZ HAD TEA WITH THE QUEEN MAN, MIGHT HAVE EVEN DRANK HER PUSSY JUICE. Well that's all Rick Flannon gon' give ya'll today, I gotta catch this private plane to Aruba. See ya'll in a bit.
  2. Sameer on the cover is great and all, true legend. But hosting a show in Egypt, the country that Akki Mahal single handidly helped and assisted to win a war back in 1990 when Egypt and India joined forces, is not acceptable to have Sameer as the cover, should be an Indian/Egyptian hero like Arrow.

  4. Episode 9: The Dirty Truth Preview Akki explains to the group what happened and who killed Brenden and brewed the virus. Addy and Julius exchange war of words before their duel battle next episode. The cops arrest George and Nardi for the murder of Jeff The Bartender. Keeley and Akki go on a trip to find the culprit and gets ambushed by him. Prince gets murdered. No prediction for this one, cause it gon' be lit I promise you.
  5. We're live in Egypt, in a dark room, cinematic, a table in front of us. We see Akki Mahal stepping into the room with a crown on his head, besides him are one half of The Bingo Brothers and Heel Akki. Akki Mahal sits down, as Heel sits besides him, Lawtan Bingo just stands behind them as their personal bodyguard. Akki Mahal puts his hands together as Heel just closes his while they await for Jim Lopes. The door would smash open as the other Bingo Brother walks in the room eyeing Heel, Mahal and Lawtan who is sitting across him. He would then sit on the guest chair as Jim Lopes walks through the door making his incredible cinematic entrance. The camera pans in and out on Jim's new suite. Jim takes a seat as Akki Mahal wouldn't take his eye off him. The host of this Face 2 Face show, named Flick Stutters, would start his timer, giving the two 5 to 10 minutes to get their hatred off their chests before they step in the ring in 5 days at Chapter 2: Exodus. Jim Lopes... Jim Lopes. Jim Lopes, I don't have any beef with you, I understand you hate my cousin, Heel Akki. But Heel Akki has suffered a threatening injury, if he ever steps into a match again, he will die. So, he called me up. Now I know what you think, but hold that thought. Even though you don't have any beef with me, you still accepted my challenge, so it doesn't matter if we have beef or not, I will still beat you down. Jim Lopes, you tried to frame Heel Akki, almost tried to kill him, and also insulted his family, which is basically me. We may not have much hatred, but I will fight for my family, I'm sure you will also fight for your son when he's kidnapped will you now? Jim... Jim Jim. That name is stuck in my head, and the only way to erase that name, is when I erase you in 5 days. You've never had a match before, I am a former NXT Champion, I'm a former tag team champion with Slim, you should have thought twice before accepting my challenge Jim. Let me tell you what I'm gonna do at Exodus in 5 days. I'm gonna first run up to you, deliver a clothesline, drop a body splash then I'm gonna throw you over the top rope, then I'm going to hit the Khallas outside, once I've done that, I'm gonna throw you back in the ring and then hit another Khallas and then pin you while looking at the camera so your son can see me defeating you! Akki Mahal finishes his statement and drops the microphone on the table, Heel Akki has a big smirk on his face as Lawtan creepily smiles. The three chill and await for Jim's response.
  6. I was also gonna suggest Friday but here's another
  7. Excluding me from what i mostly read. 1. George 2. Austin 3. Arius 4. Bob/Gunner = Equal? 5. Josh
  8. Friday Night Smackdown|February 1st, 2013|St. Missouri Alberto Del Rio calls Big Show a fraud and disgrace to the World Championship. Big Show attacked Alberto Del Rio and threw him out of the ring. Booker T & Teddy Long announces the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Teddy names the five competitors, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett & Mark Henry. Teddy Long also makes a 6 man tag team match for tonight's main event, splitting the 6 competitors that are in the Elimination Chamber match. Cody Rhodes w/ Damien Sandow defeated Kane /w Daniel Bryan @ 9:14. Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow got destroyed after the match. Kaitlyn defeats AJ Lee and earns wins the #1 contender spot against Eve for the WWE Divas Championship at Elimination Chamber @ 6:04 Antonio Cesaro defeats The Miz and retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship @ 12:30 Teddy Long bans Rhodes Scholars from challenging for the Tag Team Championships. Booker T then gives Rhodes Scholars a chance after arguing with Teddy Long, next week they have to defeat The Usos to revive their spot in the title scene. Chris Jericho defeats Dolph Ziggler @ 7:33. After the match, Sheamus popped on the titantron, claiming he stole Chris Jericho's jacket and threw it in the garbage, Jericho gets frustrated and track Sheamus, only to get Brogue Kicked, Sheamus would then throw the jacket on Chris. Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry & Wade Barrett defeats The Big Show, Kofi Kingston & Jack Swagger.
  9. Chino Cappin I first discovered Chino on an Instagram story advertisement. The first song I ever heard of Chino Cappin was "NaNaNa", very catchy and melodic. It reminded me of a Suriname track I used to listen to back in the day. The song was very different and unique, it had no drums or percs what's so ever. The hook stood out. After listening to that song, I slept on Chino Cappin for a couple of weeks. Lately, I received a DM from the man himself telling me to checkout his new song, "Loaded". The first listen wasn't that impressive but when I listened to it again, it stuck in my head and since last week I been listening to that song everyday. Of course I went and listened to every other Chino Cappin song, and all I can say is; Chino been working. One of my favorite underground rappers right now. Chino has all the potential, the quality and hustle to make it into the mainstream scene. I wouldn't be shocked seeing Chino somewhere on the billboard charts in 2021. Chino mixes his style very often, a soft voice, a melodic tone. It's very easy to spot and stands out. I can see where his style comes from, lots of inspiration from Gunna, Young Thug, Future, I even see a bit of Khalid in his singing. Chino Cappin Rating: 7/10 If Chino keeps coming out with his current stuff and doesn't stop the grind, I bet you he gon' become the next best thing.
  10. Episode 8: Unveiling The Conundrum We start off the episode with Julius knocking on the basement door as hard as he can. As Keeley opens it up, we see Julius sweating and bleeding. Keeley lets Julius in immediately after seeing the pressure that Julius is going through. Julius ducks as a fast car drives by with someone shooting out of it with a shotgun. Julius stops panicking as he starts talking with Keeley Keeley: What happened? Why are you bleeding? Who was shooting-- Julius: I don't know... Someone just ran up on me at the store. He punched me then when I started to strike back he pulled out a gun on me and chased me down with his car. I don't know who it was, he had a hoodie on with a big ass mask. Keeley: Alright, we'll get to the bottom of this, don't worry. Sit down. Here, have some water. Do you know why someone would try to attack you? Any enemies? Julius: No... The only person that hates me is... Addy? No. He doesn't even hate me. Keeley: Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this in the morning. Julius starts staring at Keeley while drinking the water before Keeley would walk over to her room and start to sleep, Julius would stare in the mirror in desperation of finding out who almost tried to kill him. As we see that, the show fades into the BPZ Pandemic intro. We cut over to Sheridan and Addy's room as we see the two laying down on their bed in a romantic pose. Addy would sit up as Sheridan tries to start a conversation. Sheridan: So, my dad says-- Addy: I know... that's amazing. I can't believe I was high in front of your dad. Sheridan: Yeah. That funeral was crazy, probably the best funeral I've ever been to. Addy: Eh, I'd give it a 7/10. Sheridan: Not funny. So what do you think it is? A boy or girl. Addy: Hope it's a boy. Sheridan: Can't believe it, I was married for 15 years and I never thought of having a kid, always new there was something wrong, I was with the wrong person. Addy: Yeah I feel that, I always wanted a child, after my wife passed away... I couldn't bare to see another girl, you've changed my world and I love you... forever. Sheridan: I love you too. So should we think of names? Addy: Jesus, you've been pregnant for only 3 weeks... Sheridan: Fairs. Sheridan gets up and leaves the ring, leaving Addy alone to take a shower as the screen cuts to the next scene. A car crashes into Nate's Maserati, Amai looks out of the window and sees an old station wagon, who seems to be the attacker. Out of the station wagon, comes out Prince, fresh from his vacation out of Hawaii. Prince, very angry storms inside of the basement and immediately goes over to Nate who was adding some finishing touches on Nardi's new album. Prince turns Nate's chair and confronts him. Prince: You cheated on me?! Nate: Uh... Well, I decided that I'm not a ******. Prince: AH! It's 2040, you can't use that word. Nate: Well, I'm not gay. I'm sorry, I hope you feel well. Prince: But, but, but, but, but-- Nate: Hope you find the one-- Prince wouldn't take no for an answer, as he picks up Nate and throws him on the ground. Nate overpowers Prince by punching him in the face, Nate wouldn't quit as he would keep laying fists on his nose and chin. Prince would start bleeding as Nate yells the F word before storming out of the basement. Nate moves his Maserati and speeds off in no time. We would follow Nate, as he would then knock on a door of a beautiful house, we see the girl that Nate met at the funeral open the door as Nate immediately goes for the kiss. We cut back to the basement where we see Prince on the ground sitting down, blood on his face and T-Shirt as Storm spots him, Storm walks down to the Production wing and goes over to comfort Prince by taking him into his room as he asks what happened before the show fades to a commercial. As we move on, the scene cuts over to the basement studio where we see Nardi and George drinking Hennessy while clicking the final button and setting the album to release at midnight. Epic pops a champagne as everyone in the basement comes out of their room to check what's happening. Tears finally comes out of Nardi's eyes as the group smiles in appreciation. Nardi: I can't believe it! Finally, after four months of working hard... I finally finished the album. George: Yeah man, that was all you! By the way, you wanna tell the group something? Nardi: I got a tribute song on the album for Akki, Rest... In.. Peace to my brother from another man. Sameer: Hell yeah man, can't wait to bang those tracks in my new Audi that Sheridan bought for me. Ropati: Shit yeah, thanks for the cars Sheridan. Sheridan: Just... A thank you gift for all the love you all have been giving us. Addy: Yeah... Epic: Well we gotta celebrate tonight? You got any plans? Nardi: Yeah was gonna go over to George's club and play the album at midnight right when it releases-- Epic: Nah, nah! I know a better place. The whole group can come. Nardi, you've spent the last four months making this album with us, and you will celebrate the release of this album... WITH US! So Sheridan, buy a bus that holds at least 15 people and we'll all go over to this place. George: Sure, what's the place? Epic: It's a surprise, but you've been there George. Sheridan: Alright... Should I order a cake. Julius: I'll get the drinks! Sheridan: Yeah, wanna go together? Addy: What? No, don't we have that thing? You know. Julius: Yeah, I understand, I'll just go with Keeley. Keeley: Yeah.. Yeah I like that. Epic: Nah! Ain't nobody doing anything, I got this under control. I'll get the drinks, cake, food, even a fucking Rolls Royce, don't worry. This is on me guys. Sheridan has done enough already. Nardi: Thanks Epic, you a real one. Epic: For sure man. Nardi and Epic hit their handshake while George walks into the studio as the group goes back to their room in a very good mood. Nardi also goes to his room as the scene ends. Morning arrives as we see BiC walking out of his room and going over to the medical area where we also spot Sheridan, BiC faces Sheridan as Sheridan reminds herself to give BiC the results that came back since his blood and piss test. Sheridan: Hey, BiC. I got the results. I haven't read it yet, I wanted you to read it first. BiC: Oh.. Okay. Is it bad? Sheridan: I don't know... BiC: Let me see Sheridan hands BiC the results. BiC: Oh. Wow. Damn... Shit. Sheridan: Let me see-- BiC: I'm gonna die. Sheridan: No you're not.. Sheridan reads the results. Sheridan: Oh. I'm so sorry BiC. BiC: It's not your fault, I guess its mine. I knew I had it coming, bet it's been there for years. Don't worry about me Sheridan. I have to get back to Atlanta to see my doctor and see what he says. I hope that's okay. Sheridan: Yeah, of course. When are you leaving? BiC: Like... Right now. I am leaving right now. Sheridan: Oh. BiC: Please keep this between us. I don't want everyone to know, I just wanna die peacefully and alone. Tell them something like, my sister's having a baby or something. Sheridan: I understand BiC, hope you have a... I wish you the best, and even if there is a slightest hope-- BiC: There isn't... But I don't care, I guess it's my time to go. Goodbye Sheri. Hours later, we see Julius and Keeley working out a plan to catch the culprit who tried to violently attack Julius. The scene is set in the kitchen, where Julius and Keeley are sat at the dinner table with some materials. Keeley: So.. Who would try to attack or kill you? Julius: Again... I don't know. Keeley: Okay... Then why would someone try to attack or kill you? Julius: Ion know? I'm calm with people most of the time, I don't know why someone would try to attack. Keeley: So, it was a robber? Julius: He didn't even try to grab my wallet or something. He legit hit me in the face with a brass knuckle and pulled out a gun on me. He chased me. I think that's attempted murder. Keeley: Do you know what he looked like? Body structure? Eyes. Julius: He did have blue eyes. Fucking cunt. Keeley: Blue eyes? Addy? Julius: I don't know. Keeley: Blue eyes-- Julius: Not cute as yours though? Keeley: Ah. Uhu? How can my eyes be cute. Julius: I don't know... Keeley: Uh... Back to the-- Julius goes in for the kiss on Keeley, Keeley wouldn't push back, she kisses Julius back. The two kiss as Sheridan spots them along with Addy. While the two was kissing, Julius whispers in Keeley's ear. Julius (whispers): I think Addy did it. Keeley: Addy? The two snap back into reality as Addy overhears that whisper, Addy immediately confronts this while Sheridan tries to calm him down. While the argument continued Julius got angry as well. Addy: Me? I would try to kill you-- Julius: We all know you're trying to erase me because I still love Sheridan and WE ALL KNOW SHERIDAN IS STILL NOT OVER ME. Addy: Bullshit! Sheridan's having my kid, and you're trying to frame this on me because you never had the privilege! Julius: I didn't even want a kid! Addy: I didn't attack you Julius, stop bullshitting. Julius: I can't believe you Sheridan, you're with a murderer?! Sheridan: What do you mean?! Addy didn't try to murder you-- Julius: I know what's happening... Addy-- Sheridan: Why would I try to set you up. I still love you Julius. Addy, Julius & Keeley: WHAT?!?! Sheridan: But I also love Addy. Addy: Hold on.. HOLD ON. What's happening over here?! Sheridan: There... I said it. I love you both. Addy: ... Keeley: This turned into a weird twist. Julius: You can't love us both. Sheridan: I can. Addy: I don't get it. You only want to be with me cause of the kid? Sheridan: No I don't, why else would I convince my dad? Julius: You did what? Addy: Yeah, it was a whole thing at the funeral. Julius: You can't choose us both. You have to choose one of us. Sheridan: But I don't. Julius: Then let's make a deal. Addy: A deal? Julius: I challenge you to a battle, the loser has to let go of Sheridan. Addy: Don't be childish. Keeley: Yeah that's pretty childish Julius: Shut up Keeley this doesn't concern you. Keeley: Alright I'll leave, not like we kissed like 2 minutes ago, but okay. Addy: Alright... What kind of battle? Sheridan: Hold on, don't you need my consent first? Julius: Well if you love both of us, one of us have to quit by ourselves, and if none of us wants to give up, we have to make a bet. That's the rules of everything Sheri. Sheridan: Okay... What kind of battle? Julius: A race. Addy: A race? Ha.. Haha! You do know I own a Bugatti. Julius: Not a car race you fucking idiot. Addy: What? Julius: A reverse race, who ever has the most non broken bones in their body wins. Sheridan: WHAT?! Addy: Done. Julius: No guns. No weapons, pure fists. Sheridan: Wait, hold on-- Addy: Set a date. Julius: Next week. Sheridan: You guys are willing to kill yourselves for me? Julius: More like injuring ourselves for you, but yeah. Hey, you're the doctor anyways. Addy stares intensively at Julius as Julius turns around and leaves the basement in confidence, indicating that this was his plan along along. Sheridan gets very upset and also tensed about this situation as she ignores Addy and runs up to her room, Addy tries to call her, but Sheridan locks the door as the scene cuts to a commercial. We cut over to Storm and Prince, they are seated in Storm's room where Storm is still trying to comfort Prince after Nate abusively punched him multiple times. Storm shows some emotional distress while Prince senses the feelings. Prince: Thank you, Storm. I really appreciate it. Storm: No problem... Nate is a real cunt. Prince: Yeahhh. Storm: You'll find someone better, someone great. It's the 2040, you get good guys all over the place. Prince: Really? Like the one in front of me? Storm: What? Prince goes in for the kiss, thinking he'd get a successful outcome out of it. Storm wouldn't have it, as he brushes Prince off of him. Storm would try to explain that he's not gay, but Prince wouldn't try to listen and would forcefully go for another kiss. Storm gets pretty pissed off at this point and throws Prince across the room as he yells out "I'm not a ******" at Prince. Prince gets really scared as Storm smashes Prince's head on his bathroom mirror. Prince, immediately starts bursting tears on his way out of the basement. Prince would enter his car and speed off. Behind everything, Arius saw everything and you can tell he felt really sorry for Prince. As we see Nardi and George banging out to some beats, the vibe gets interrupted by Nardi checking out his PayPal balance. Nardi sees over 600 dollars being transferred to G.A.K. Records. Nardi gets confused and immediately asks George, who seems to be the official manager of Nardi. Nardi: Yo George, what's G.A.K. Records? George: That's the record label we're signed to. You know? The one that Akki used to own but gave the rights over to his wife then his wife sold it. Yeah it's a whole thing, got us in there through connections. Nardi: Why is 600$ transferred to them? George: Probably... Uh. The beats and distribution. You know, cause you're new and all that, we got a petty deal so they're not financially supporting us, just giving us a boost to get our financial up I guess. Nardi: Weird, since I'm a pretty big deal in rap now. George: Yeah, but they only look at image now days. Nardi: Fucked up. George: For real. Nardi: Well, time to get shit ready for tonight. Nardi brushes that pressure off as he goes over to his room while George keeps vibing to the beats. Night time arrives as Sameer and Ropati are spotted in a convenience store. The two seems to be buying some chips and a pack of cigarette on their bonding out. Out of nowhere a masked man, middle aged, thin but muscular, swoops onto the side and pulls out a gun on the cashier, he then turns his attention to Ropati and Sameer asking them to hand over everything including their jewelry. Sameer and Ropati resists and double teams him by taking his gun first then throwing him out of the stoor, Ropati runs over and removes the mask. The two gets shocked as they recognize that famous face. Sameer: Josh? Josh: Yes! It's me! Ropati: Why? Josh: Why do you think? Huh?! My parent got murdered, my wife left me, my kids don't wanna see, I'M BROKE?! I live in a trailer that still has a mortgage. Turn me in, I GOT NOTHING LOSE. Ropati: Nah, let's go in my car before the storeman turns you in. Sameer: Yeah, we gotta get you straight bro. Josh: I don't want anything-- Sameer and Ropati hold Josh and throws him in the car as they speed away before the store clerk could pull out his gun and try to shoot Josh. Josh: Don't... Just put me at my house. Sameer: We gotta bring you to the basement. Josh: The basement? Sameer and Ropati drive off as we time jump over to them arriving at the basement. Josh enters the basement in shame as everyone gets surprised and welcomes him. Josh: Hey... Sameer: He tried to rob us. Josh: I'm sorry. Sheridan: We'll get you set up Josh, don't worry. Ropati: He needs a lot of setting up. He lives in a trailer and stuff. George: Well cunt... Welcome, you're just in time for the release of Nardi's new album. Soon as George stops that sentence, the screen hard cuts with a horror sound as we flicker over to another scene. We spot a shotgun getting loaded on a table, the person loading the shotgun has a glove on, we don't see his face just the beneath and hands of him. He puts the shotgun in container filled with loads of handguns, grenades, bullets and other violent stuff that would be used in a bank robbery or grueling murder. He then closes the box, he stands up as we see the back of him, he's wearing a black hoodie, he then opens a door which leads to his garage, in his garage we see the same car that was chasing down Julius at the start of the episode. The scene would then come to an end once the camera started zooming in on the car. Back to the basement, we spot a school bus which Epic rented for tonight's drive along to his special place where they are gonna celebrate the release of Nardi's album, entitled "The Savage Truth". Epic checks in on everyone as they all go inside the bus. Epic with a horror smirk on his face gets in the school bus and starts driving them to the destination. Two hours pass by as Keeley starts to question where we are heading to. Keeley: Epic.. It's been two hours. Where are we going? Nardi: Yeah, my album's already released bro. Epic: We're almost there, please have patience. George: Dude, we've been patient for so many hours mate. Epic: Ight, we're here. Epic gets out of the bus, the area seems to be a cemetery. The group looks very confused as they all enter out of the bus. George catches on and gets very scared, Epic walks all the way over to a grave as he stares on at the group with a creepy smile. Sheridan: Epic? What the fuck. Epic: Wait... Just wait. George: WHAT THE FUCK DUDE! WHAT'S THIS!? You gon' kill us here. Epic: No. Tonight... is the day that the dead becomes undead. Nardi: What are you talking about. Epic brushes off the leaves off of the grave as the cravings on the grave says "Heel Akki. Died on April 30th 2027" The group's scare meter keeps on rising as Epic looks behind them. Behind them comes out a man without a T-Shirt. The group gets shocked after seeing him... It's Heel Akki. Akki: Nice album Nardi.
  11. We are welcomed in the Egyptian Army base as we see Akki Mahal walking into it. Mr. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi welcomes Akki Mahal with open hands and also lets the camera crew in. Akki Mahal greets his former friends and walks over to ex-general Mohamed Ahmed Zaki's office. Mohamed Ahmed Zaki opens the door and gets surprised by his former friend and war partner, Akki Mahal. The two shake hands and hug as they go around and sit down a couch to discuss what's going on with their life. Zaki: Hello my friend. It's been so long. Mahal: It has been, 7 years! Zaki: I heard what happened, what year were you released? Mahal: In 2016. Well that's past news anyways, I'm a millionaire now. I'm a wrestler in BPZ, that's why I'm here this week. I'm wrestling against a Jim Lopes, a young buck thinking he's better than me, ha-ha-ha. You know how that went with Israel right? Zaki: Haha, of course. Those scums thought they could take on you? Stupid. They sent about four thousand people to attack, we only had to ask you and your 10 man team to take them all out. Haha! How's your dream team anyways? Mahal: They sadly passed away on their retirement war. I tried to save them, but yeah. Zaki: Yeah that's tough man. No man is like you, you're one of a kind, you also don't need a team, you're like a one man army! Mahal: I've earned many medals yes, even Egypt. Zaki: Yep. Mahal: So how have you been? Any big things happened since the Israel war? Zaki: You know me? I'm also like 65 years old haha, nothing exciting for me. I'm just waiting for the death. Mahal: Don't say that, you still have some life in you? Zaki: Ha, Ha, Ha! You got jokes! Mahal: Anyways, I think I've wasted enough of your time, I'll be checking myself into the guest house. Akki Mahal shakes Zaki's hand for the last time before leaving the office. Akki Mahal points himself to a cab, he slowly walks up to it with the camera crew a.k.a The Bingo Brothers following him. One of the Bingo Brothers tells Akki a joke as Akki gets so pissed off he leaves him out of the cab and gives the camera to the other Bingo brother. Bingo: Hey, are we going to the airport? Please don't leave us there again, HAHAHA! Mahal: IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE A jOkE?!?!?! Stay here! Bingo: WHAT?! He tried to ask for forgiveness but Akki Mahal shuts down the door really hard when he entered the cab. The other Bingo Brother slowly gets in as Akki screams at him, he quickly enters as the other Bingo Brother just sits on the side of the road holding his thumb asking for a ride. Akki Mahal focuses in the car and asks the cameraman to point the camera at him. Akki Mahal starts sending a message to Jim Lopes as the cab drives over to his vacation house in Egypt. Jim Lopes, as you can see for yourself. I'm a well respected man in Egypt, I'M HAVING DINNER WITH THE PRESIDENT IN TWO DAYS! I was welcomed by the Egyptian Armed Forces with open arms. You could never have the privilege I was, everyone in Asia respects me, everyone in America fears me, EVERYONE IN EUROPE BOWS DOWN TO ME! I'm happy we went to go buy the beef Jim Lopes, I just got a hundred tweets and dm's from my supporters begging me to destroy you in the ring at Exodus! Jim Lopes, you're a new freak, why do you think everyone in the back respects me? Because I am the well loved man in America, India, Egypt, England... THE QUEEN TRIED TO ASSIGN ME IN THE ENGLISH ARMY?! Jim... The only thing I can say is... I warned you.. and I wish you luck! The cab reached the destination as soon as Akki Mahal said his last words. Akki Mahal gets opened the door by one of the Bingo Brothers. The two slowly walks over to the house as they get greeted by the other Bingo Brother who actually got their quicker because he got a ride from Jim Lopes... in a Lamborghini. Akki gets enraged by this and throws The Bingo brother in a river that's at the back of the house. Akki Mahal slowly walks back to the front and gets inside the house before he kicks the camera.
  12. Happy 5 years cuz ❤️ 

  13. Monday Night Raw|Januray 28th, 2017|Gila River Arena, Arizona As we are welcomed to monday night Raw, by Michael, JBL and Jerry Lawyer, we hear The Rock's theme song play as he comes out to the ring in anger. The Rock comes out and calls out The Shield, he also calls CM Punk an inbred coward. The Rock goes on and on and asks for an immidiate rematch. The Rock would then get interrupted by Paul Heyman, he adresses that CM Punk is not in the building tonight and therefore The Rock's wish cannot be granted. Paul Heyman does say that The Shield is in the building tonight, and they will not treat lightly. The Rock tells Paul Heyman to bring out The Shield so The Rock can confront them personally. The Shield's music would hit, but The Shield was no where to be spotted. Moments later, The Shield would turn up from underneat the ring and attack The Rock. Lastly, The Shield would deliver their finishing Triple Powerbomb, taking out The Rock. Paul Heyman would leave the ring as he sadistically smiles while The Shield did their famous fist pose. A video package pops up as the commentators hype up Randy Orton's win in last night's Royal Rumble. The video package confirms that Randy Orton will come out tonight and face Cody Rhodes in a tables match in the main event. Damien Sandow defeated The Miz & Dolph Ziggler by pinfal @ 13:30, and wins a #1 contenders spot for the WWE United States Championship Team HellNo gets in a shade of fall after Kane accidently ambushed Daniel Bryan in last night's championship match. Kane asks Daniel Bryan what he can do so Daniel can forgive him. Daniel Bryan tells him to forget about it, after that, they get confronted by the returning Usos. The Usos basically calls them out at Elimination Chamber. Kane without discussing with Daniel Bryan accepts the challenge. Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger by pinfal @ 8:19 Following the match, Sheamus called Chris Jericho a little ***** for eliminating him with a steel chair. Chris Jericho came up from behind and struck Sheamus with a Codebreaker from out of nowhere ending this post-match segment. Team Hell No defeated Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre w/Heath Slater by submission @10:03 Following the match, Heath Slater looks down on Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre as Heath Slater runs off the ropes and kicks both Jinder and Drew in the face with a double dropkick. Heath Slater leaves the ring as he reveals that he has completely turned on 3MB. AJ Lee announces Elimination Chamber 2013, and says that CM Punk will have to defend his WWE Championship against 5 other wrestlers. AJ Lee says that CM Punk will have to enter first, she also goes on says that The Rock will get his spot in the match, for the other 4 wrestlers, AJ Lee will host a 8 man tag team match next week and the winning team will get their invididual spot in the match. Cody Rhodes defeated Randy Orton by table impact @ 21:42 After Cody was knocked out with a RKO, John Cena came out of nowhere and delivered a huge Attitude Adjustment to Randy Orton, dropping him on a table, igniting Cody Rhodes to win the match. After that, John Cena takes the microphone and indicates that he should recieve the winning spot since Randy Orton's foot dropped to the ground first after he delivered the RKO on the apron. Vince McMahon comes out and denies that statement, John Cena asks the fans and the fans scream "Yes" when he asked if Randy's feet touched the ground first. After all of this arguing with Vince McMahon, Randy recovered, sneaked behind and dropped John Cena with a huge RKO. Vince McMahon would try to shake Randy's hand after that, Vince thought he was gonna get a friendship request accept, but would then get RKO'd by Randy Orton. As Randy Orton stands tall, the show would come to an end.
  14. Episode 1: The Introductions We are welcomed to the first ever episode of BPZ Tough Enough as we see rapper, producer and Co-Host, Heel Akki walking down the ramp of the Tough Enough training arena. Akki walks over in front of the camera as he starts introducing himself. Heel Akki: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to BPZ Tough Enough, tonight we're not doing much but we are introducing our competitors, hosts, judges and trainers! Me & myself Tony Tastic will be taking this contest very serious, one fuck up and you're fucked! Tony Tastic could sadly not be here tonight, but he will once the competition officially starts. As Heel Akki stops talking, he receives a phone call from Tony Tastic, he calls up Akki as Akki accepts it. Tony Tastic gets put up on the big screen as he explains the rules and how the system works. Tony Tastic: The system is kinda simple, 13 BPZ Superstars will make another kayfabe character, For Example (Main Kayfabe Character : Tony Tastic, Tough Enough Kayfabe Character : Ronnie Cage) you can be either a face or heel, You can choose what build is your wrestler’s type, you can choose to be a male or female (we need at least 7 males and 6 females) you can choose a sexuality (Heterosexual or Homosexual) And etc, I would suggest 1 girl to be a trainer for the 6 girl Contestants, and co hosts,and the Tough talk host can keep their BPZ Kayfabe Wrestler, Contestants Can’t). Each Contestant can get voted off for several reason, some involves passion, lack of improvement, lack of promo skills, injury concern, having no charisma, inexperience getting the best of a contestant, and etc”, for example of the votings of who goes Heel Akki thanks Tony Tastic for filling in the rest of the information about the contest. After that Heel Akki turns his attention to the judges. Akki reveals who the judges are. Heel Akki: We got our Judges right over!!! We have, SummerGamz, Slim, James Ropati and Sameer as our judges on BPZ Tough Enough. All of them coming from humble beginnings trying to work this out with us. Heel Akki finished his introduction to the judges as he goes over to the trainers. Heel Akki watches the trainers walk in the arena as he introduces them. Heel Akki: We got, BRAD! YELICH!!! AND LASTLY... SHERIDAN. Three amazing trainers, with lots and lots of experience. As Heel Akki finishes introducing the trainers he goes over to the screen where he shows the Tough Enough talk hosts, we see on the screen, Paris Sparks and Austin Omega as our main hosts. After that we see, Keeley Jane and BrendenPlayz as our secondary talk hosts on occasion. Finishing that, Heel Akki walks up to the ring and enters. After that he stares at the crowd before starting the announcements and introductions of all the contestants. Heel Akki: First we have, Mac Jeet, all the way from India! Lots of talent in this kid, trying to make it into the big leagues like BPZ As we see Mac Jeet enter the arena he gets a small pop from the crowd as he enters the ring and shakes hands with Heel Akki. Mac Jeet with full confidence tries to shoot a pose for the crowd but then gets shut down. Akki then continues his introduction. Heel Akki: Next up we have, Cobhead Jake The Second!!! The son of the legend CobheadJake, the man trying to keep the family name relevant, watch out gang, cause this guy was raised with the experience and talent. Cobhead Jake The Second walks on to the arena as he gets a big pop from the 900 fans in attendance. He walks up to the ring and shakes hands with Heel Akki and also Mac Jeet, the two seemed to be friends. Heel Akki: Alright, put your hands together for the technical athlete, from Alabama, CONNOR O' BRYAN!! The 20 year old wants to make a name for himself after already wrestling since the age of 16, but now he wants to bring it to the bigger stage. Connor O' Brian gets no reaction from the crowd but still walks to the ring in confidence, he gets up to the ring and shakes hands with Co-Host Heel Akki and eyes his competitors before smirking at the crowd. Heel Akki: Next up!! We have... The SAILOR Meko! A beautiful female contestant trying to make her mark in BPZ Wrestling. Sailor Meko also wrestled for 4 years before finally applying to BPZ Wrestling. Sailor Meko walks up to the ring with a bright smile on her face, enters the ring and hugs Heel Akki before also hugging Cobhead Jake The Second, Sailor Meko poses for the crowd and gets a small pop. Heel Akki: Aight.. Next, put your hands together for someone with an amazing story, a football prodigy, at the age of 17, please welcome, my favorite to win this by the way, Tylerrr SAINT! All the way from Leeds. Tyler Saint gets a huge pop from the crowd as he smilingly walks over to the ring, he shakes hands with Akki and joins the other in the ring. Heel Akki: Ight, next up we got a unique contestant, Torbjörn Björk, all the way from Sweden out here to get exposure and stay relevant, everybody please welcome him! Torbjörn Björk walks down the ramp and enters the ring while the crowd give out a 'meh' reaction. Torbjörn Björk shakes Akki's hand and joins the other contestants with a huge smirk on his face. Akki moves on after that and keeps on introducing the contestants. Heel Akki: As our next contestant, we got a brawler, Gamebred Fighter! The man that was born to be a fighter. At 25 years old with 6 years of experience! Gamebred Fighter walks down the ramp as the crowd slowly cheers him on the more hype he gets walking down. He enters the ring and pulls out a huge pose as the crowd cheer him before he shakes Akki's hand, and takes his place with the other contestants. Heel Akki: Alright! Next up we have, another female. Please welcome, Pamela Kudalek, also coming all the way from India to make a name for herself. Pamela Kudalek walks down to the ring as she gets an 'ew' reaction from the crowd. She confidently smiles and ignores the chatter as she enters the ring and shakes Akki's hands. She joins the other contestants as Akki continues on introducing everyone else. Heel Akki: Yes, now, put your hands together for the kid from Missouri, Matt Johnson! After graduating College, Matt tried getting into the real job business but got bored so now he's out here wrestling, and I'll tell ya, this boi got that talent. Matt Johnson enters the arena and the crowd gives out some good reactions, Matt confidently walks down to the ring and shakes Akki's hand, he then goes over to Tyler Saint and greets him since the two are friends. Heel Akki: Just heard from my source that we from now on only have female contestants, so let's start. Everybody, welcome Jenna Jameson! She joined the BPZ Wrestling company and wants to revolutionize the industry and show that wrestling isn't just a male heavy sport. Jenna Jameson skips to the ring with a huge smile on her face, the crowd cheer, mostly due to the fact on how hot she is. Jenna Jameson jumps in the ring and shakes Heel Akki's hands. She walks over to the other side of the ring and stares at her competitors. Heel Akki: Okay... Up next, we got a... A WHAT?! Okay. We got an Arrow clone.. What's an Arrow clone? Anyways, everyone welcome, Arrowtina Evans!!! Arrowtina Evans walks seriously over to the ring as the 900 people in the crowd looks very confused and shock at T... robot? Arrowtina walks in the ring and tries to shake Akki's hand, Akki's finesses that as he rolls out of the ring and rolls back in once Arrowtina is finished... doing whatever she was doing. Heel Akki: Moving on from that... that weird thing. We have.. THE PRINCESS! She joins the BPZ after her onlyfans didn't work?! Michael what's this shit? Anyways, Princess ladies and gentlemen. Princess runs down to the ring in her cheerful mood as she shakes everyone's hands and twerks in front of Heel Akki. Heel Akki disgusted by this incident, rolls out of the ring and walks over to the stage and stands over there. Heel Akki: Alright no! I'm not going near you anywhere. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands for.. Georgia AK!!! A real scholar and talent here! Georgia AK professionally enters the arena and shakes Heel Akki's hand as she slowly walks down to the ring and greets the other contestants. The crowd gave her a 'meh' reaction. As Georgia entered the ring, we would finally reach the end of the contestants. Heel Akki checks everyone and leaves out a last message before ending tonight's episode. Heel Akki: That's everything and everyone... Hope you've enjoyed the first episode of Tough Enough, stay tuned next week for the first official episode of BPZ Tough Enough!! Thanks again and peace.


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