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  1. I'm in with 13-14 clippers
  2. BIG DOG

    UFC: Our Time

    Anthony Pettis vs Jake Matthews BJ Penn vs Kevin Lee Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Bruce Lee Kimbo Slice vs Issac Frost Daniel Cormier vs Chuck Lidell Anderson Silva vs Robbie Lawler Dustin Poirier (C) vs Conor Mcgregor
  3. That I'm about to fuck shit up on 2k
  4. Name: Kai Morant Nation: USA COLLEGE CHOICES (Pick 4 options, I choose 1): (anything but Duke or North Carolina Universities) Murray State Height: 6'4 Weight: 160 Position: PG Strength: (Driving, Mid range shot, 3pt's, Defence ETC) Only 1 allowed driving Weakness: (same as above) Must have 1 mid range shot Tendencies: (likes to shot 3's, doesn't like to shoot mid range, doesn't like to drive) if you don't specify it'll be normal prefers to drive in
  5. Still waiting for my name to get mentioned smh but I’d say Slim has improved since he’s returned
  6. I think this will be interesting to watch guaranteed wwe won't have Reigns destroy Rowan. If the match is given 10-12 minutes I think it could be decent. Maybe even having Daniel Bryan distract Roman Reigns will fuel the feud even more
  7. Twist of fate reversed into a RKO Killswitch into RKO
  8. I can't remember what year exactly but Seth Rollin's white SS attire was great
  9. Post Shield attack Seth Rollins was a delight to watch. The things he would do to get the heel heat was crazy but also so fun to see. I don't think any current superstar could top it.
  10. I won't lie, even though it is a cheap tactic to bring legends in just to boost ratings I'm loving what WWE is doing with The Fiend. Having him attack legends is just gonna further his heel heat and it's great.

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