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  1. BIG DOG

    BPZ Official Free Agents

    If people still use this to sign people up then I'd like to join the f/a list, Name: Benjamin Wolf Gimmick: Cocky Heel who likes to wind up the crowd. Finisher: Curb Stomp (Wolf Out) Signature: Gourdbuster GTS or just a normal GTS (full moon)
  2. BIG DOG

    YOUR Universe Returns

    This sounds interesting! I'd like to be Seth Rollins
  3. BIG DOG

    Wwe vs Tna Draft?

    I was wondering if anybody would want to do a Tna vs Wwe draft with me and then use Wwe 2k18 Universe Mode to carry it on. Also if more than 1 person replies then we can do Tna vs Wwe vs NJPW sort of thing.
  4. BIG DOG

    Football Manager

    So this is just an idea but i was thinking we could do a football manager save with quite a few of us and if your interested let me know if your in and if so which team. I'll start off by picking my team. Big Dog- Arsenal George AK- Liverpool
  5. BIG DOG

    Carnage Powertrip: Emergence Votings

    Even tho i didn't win thanks to the people who voted me and i'll try to do more promos in other fueds.
  6. BIG DOG

    BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    1st) i wanna say that is fucking awesome and 2nd) thank you so much
  7. BIG DOG

    BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    No Problem. Thanks
  8. BIG DOG

    BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    as the wrestler could i have Sami Zayn please as a wrestler and then you can just do anything you want
  9. BIG DOG

    BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    Hey BiC could you make an avi for me please?
  10. BIG DOG

    My first match

    *The lights go pitch black and Big Dog's music hits and walks down to the ring* As you all know the one and only is here on Carnage yes me Big Dog and at Emergence i'm going to be facing the biggest noobs you could ever face but if there's one thing i can promise you all is that I'll crush them both and after I'm done with this rookie match i'm going straight for that universal championship and i'm gonna defeat anybody who even tries to stand in my way i can guarantee i will destroy them all and it's true it's damn true.*Big Dog slams his mic down and walks to the end of the ramp then turns his head around and smirks then walks to backstage.*
  11. BIG DOG

    Did you miss me?

    *The lights go out and a unknown theme hits then a light appears at the stage and the returning BIG DOG appears, He soon walks to the ring and enters the ring with mic in hand* Oh it's been awhile did you miss me? *The crowd cheers* haha WELL I DIDN'T! I don't care whether it's Carnage or Evolve just get me on a god damn show so i can show that i am the best in the world today. While on my hiatus I've learned that your not the one who can win me champions only I CAN. So Slim or Bailey i don't give a damn who signs me up but i'm the hottest agent around right now so i'll be damned if i don't get signed. * The lights go black and when it does go back on BIG DOG is nowhere to be seen*
  12. BIG DOG

    ropati graphics

    Maybe Stone cold austin or sting.
  13. BIG DOG

    ropati graphics

    Nice graphics keep up the good work.

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