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  1. I think I have improved from 2016 cos I was a no one but now I'm a beast, especially in kayfabe
  2. I'm back on Wednesday babyyyyyy


    1. BIG DOG

      BIG DOG

      I'm about to make your mum my plastic doll in a minute 

  4. 3-0 haha always been a United fan up the reds @Prince @MARKER #chelshit

    1. Joh



    2. BIG DOG

      BIG DOG

      How can I be a plastic if I've always supported them 

  5. BIG DOG

    I'm back

    So if you didn't know already, I'm back bitches. I got banned for reasons that will not be named. But I'm back so yay. BUT I'M PISSED OFF. I'm not in summerslam votings which makes no sense cos emergence is the closest ppv but oh well. There's always next month. So uh Yeah I'm back. now I just need to be unbanned from the Discord
  6. Guess who's back back, back again again. Now it's time to unban me from the Discord fr tho

  7. BIG DOG

    Chill Lounge

    If it's not late in
  8. I think Goldberg facing Dolph will be a squash match tbh. If not, I still see Goldberg winning but who knows it could be fun. Joe turning face could actually revive his character and maybe wwe will finally be open to giving him a push. He was actually face during nxt where him and Finn Balor won the Dusty Rhodes classic. I think a rivalry I would like to see with face Joe is him vs the Fiend. And who knows maybe the Wyatt Family could reform and have them face Roman Reigns,Usos and Joe (longshot I know). Cross and Bliss winning the tag titles.... Let's just say I don't really care.
  9. BIG DOG

    A Call Out

    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah I'm winning NXT championship thank you
  10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BgUFhl9Q3eawN85n14R7cNaNIz9jt9Km
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xZ6IpHc-cQrLK0vZGxzS5v9ZM1mVdqHk/view?usp=drive_open
  12. What do you have to say to the critics saying Zion Williamson is just a overhyped player and will be no where as good as people expect?

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