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  1. Had me in can like foster
  2. Name: Sky Taylor Age ( 5-95 ) : 15 Occupation: Student  Race: Mixed-Raced  Short Backstory: Sky Is really rich due to her parents both having high paying jobs. She is really popular and his spoilt. She is really good at gymnastics.
  3. Sorry but these are mediocre at best. DOWNVOTE
  4. Name: Benjamin Wolf Age:24 Height:6’8 Weight (Please use pounds/lbs)285lbs  Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles):Brawler with a bit of technical Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks):Cult Leader who brings out fans and even wrestlers trying to convert them to wolfism Heel/Face/Tweener:which ever fits best Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Deep Six,spear,sit out powerbomb,big boot,rebound Lariat,Diving Knee Stomp Signature Moves (Up to 3):Howling Wolf(Corner Bicycle Knee Kick,End Of Days  Finishing Moves (Up to 3):Sister Abigail,The Dawn (Gourdbuster GTS) Tag Team (List name and who it is with. It is not required to post a tag team, however everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes): Don’t Mind Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required to be in stable. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee): Don’t mind Additional Information:
  5. NAME: Spencer James GENDER: Male LOOKS:  CHARACTERISTICS: Sporty,Athletic,strong,good fighter,popular,ladies man and good looking NAME: Ruby Francis GENDER: Female LOOKS:  CHARACTERISTICS: Bratty Bitch,Popular, rich dady,spoilt
  6. Name:Benjamin Wolf What is your gimmick in kayfabe?Cult Leader Does your character have a significant background? How does your character interact with the fans?brings fans into ring in his promos regularly trying to convert them to Wolfism. What mannerisms does your character have? Unorthodox, very Bray Wyatt like. In-Ring What are your signatures and finishers?Howling Wolf (Gourdbuster GTS),Wolf's Prey (Sister Abigail) you can add more if you want. How does your character carry himself? Bray Wyatt like What kind of wrestling style does your character have? Technical wrestling with a bit of brawling.  What general kind of moves does your character perform? Don't care
  7. ......................................................................................................................................................... Male Roster ......................................................................................................................................................... Cody Rhodes The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) Chris Jericho Kenny Omega “Hangman” Adam Page Christopher Daniels Frankie Kazarian Scorpio Sky Joey Janela Maxwell Jacob Friedman PAC (formerly known as Neville in WWE) Cima El Lindaman T-Hawk Takehiro Yamamura Jungle Boy Pentagon Jr. Fenix Jimmy Havoc Chuck Taylor Trent Baretta Sammy Guevara Sonny Kiss Kip Sabian Michael Nakazawa Brandon Cutler Darby Allin Private Party (Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy) Los Gueros del Cielo (Jack Evans and Angelico) Brandon Cutler Luchasaurus The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson, f/k/a Super Smash Bros.) Shawn Spears Female Roster Brandi Rhodes Britt Baker Penelope Ford Aja Kong Yuka Sakazaki Kylie Rae Nyla Rose Allie Bea Priestley Sadie Gibbs Hikaru Shida
  8. All Elite Wrestling coming to you soon... 
  9. James Hunter


    Hello everyone! As you may or may not know I am a YouTuber who is aspiring to be like BrendenPlayz. I am currently on 53 subscribers and would love if you subbed. I mainly do games like Fifa and nba but once I get more of a following I will look to branch out into different games. So if you are interested please subscribe by using the link down below and pressing the big red button! Thanks!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5xy9aZ8OCdpCf5FXK0q89Q
  10. Hello! And welcome to the introduction episode of my diary the BPZ BALLERS! In this episode I will be showcasing our team and who is in the starting 5. If you did not manage to get into the team I'm very sorry but only 13 slots were available. To start off i will be showing you who is starting in our gameplan. Starting at PG is the owner of The forums BrendenPlayz. Next, our SG is BPZ star Brad. For our SF we have Yozi Maguci AKA Bart. At PF we have the black Dirk Nowitski, James Ropati. And to end off the starting 5 at Center is Nathan Gaffs who is 7 fucking'7. And here is our bench. 6th Man - Toxik 83 Rated At 7 - Tiny Thompson 83 rated At 8 - H.R. 83 Rated At 9 - Darko 83 rated At 10 - Deandre Smith 82 Rated At 11 - Sameer 81 rated At 12 - Bailey 80 rated At 13 - George 78 rated (The computer did these so don't come at me) For system proficiency I will be using Grit and Grind. And to end off this Introduction I will be showing you are first few games! Coverage of the first game against the Clippers will be shown next Episode! That will be it for this episode guys! I hope you enjoyed and make sure to stick around for next episode to see how we do!
  11. I'll make an exception for you @Smith so you can still sign up.
  12. Ok I now have enough sign ups so no more will be accepted unfortunately! Thank you to everyone who signed up though!
  13. Just 6 more sign ups needed and I can begin!
  14. James Hunter

    BPZ Ballers

    Welcome to BPZ BALLERS! In this Diary I'll be taking BPZ stars and turning them into basketball players in Nba 2k19 putting them all into one team. If you would like to be apart of this journey please sign up with these following details: Name: Height: Weight: Looks: Archetype (or Player Model) :  Position:
  15. BREAKING NEWS Both Smackdown and Raw commissioners have announced their GMs respectively. Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon has announced that Former WWE Star, Daniel Bryan is the new General Manager. In return of this news, Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon announced Hardcore legend Mick Foley.

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