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  1. You should be able to find my character under the tag Robonikz
  2. James Hunter walks out to the ring looking pissed off. Hunter grabs a mic and begins to talk. "So, what a BPZ weekend it was ay? New Champs new beginnings and the whole lot. But for some people if wasn't the greatest experience. And those people are people like me. As you may know I was indeed in the battle royal match for the NXT Championship. And you may also know I did not win. It was Hans Clayton. But I'm not here to trash talk him as I'm sure he'll be a much more worthy title holder then that loose cannon of Alex Costa." The crowd begin to Chant, WHO? While James Hunter puts the mic in the air.He then begins to start talking once again. "But, ever since I got eliminated I've had these demons swirling around in my head speaking to me, telling me that the fans are not worth it and that they're just a distraction. And to be very honest, I sometimes start to ponder if they are true? So let's weigh out the advantages and disadvantages. I put my body on the line for you guys,make sure your entertained and what do I get? Broken Bones,Bruises, stitches and ice packs. Hmm, too me it sounds like a whole lot of Enjoyment for you, but a whole world of pain for me. And that may satisfy you fans but for me, it's not enjoying at all. So even though my body is being punished every time I wrestle, I am willing to take sacrifices to ensure that I have you guys behind me as I won't let my demons get the better of me." The crowd erupts in cheers and chants mainly, JAMES HUNTER! Over and over again. "There's also a man by the name of Bulldozer who has really grinded my gears as of late. He thinks he runs the place when in fact he's just a scrub who acts tough so his weaknesses don't show. So I feel like it's my duty to get rid of this scab that is on everyone's shoulder by showing everyone what a pathetic wrestler he is. And after I'm done with him I'll destroy his one-man stable he claims to "own". So Bulldozer why don't you come out here right now? Tell me why I shouldn't go backstage and drag you out by the scruff of your neck back into the ring? Don't be scared now. I'll stand here for how ever long it takes for you to get your bitch ass out here."
  3. I'm already setting up to be a jobber🤦🏽‍♂️
  4. Name - Benjamin Wolf Weight (lb and kg for conveniency please, if not than just lb) - 205 lb (93 kg) Fighting Style -Pete Dunne style Heel/Face/Tweener -Heel Frequent moves - (What moves does you character do often) Biting Double Knee Drop Four Star Forearm (Forearm Smash to diving opponent) Joint Manipulation Kimura Lock Kneeling Reverse Piledriver Lariat Michinoku Driver II Moonsault Plancha Sitout Powerbomb Slingshot Apron DDT Snap Release German Suplex Step-Up Enzuiguri Superkick Tequila Sunrise Tiger Suplex Triangle Choke Vertical Suplex Sitout Powerbomb X-Plex (Rolling Release Suplex)   Signature(s) (up to two) -Howling Knee (Gourdbuster GTS) Finisher(s) (up to two) -Full Moon (Diving Foot Stomp) You can be put in a tag team. If you have a specific one you and someone else want to be in together, list it.  Bio/Other:
  5. I make your daddy shook in bed
  6. Even though it was highly rumored I would be participating I will unfortunately not be participating.
  7. Welcome to my first Episode of BPZ United "The Road To Glory"! First off, we had an eventful Friendly with winning two games,drawing one,and losing one in four games. Considering we only lost 1-0 to a Premier League side i'm quite happy with that result.For the first Month we have Colchester at home,Cambridge away,Bradford City away,Yeovil at home,Newport away then finally Lincoln away to round it off. The away games I think will be very hard but i believe we can win the home games. Okay next is the Colchester match. I will now show you the team for the match. Although i don't have enough substitutes, I believe in the players in the squad and can get the victory. Throughout the first half we were dominating with Brenden scoring a screamer from 30 yards out.We had a good 1st half with everything going well despite having only 36% possession. Second half was when it fell apart with Smith headering into his own net leaving Aaron stunned. After that they went onto scoring a second goal which sealed the deal. After a humbling defeat I am ready to move onto the game. Hope you enjoyed this episode and look out for the next episode in the next week or so. P.S if you want a character just follow the sign ups description.
  8. Forgot to say position aswell please or I will just randomize it.
  9. Welcome all to my new diary on Football Manager! In this diary I will be taking over a new team full of regens and trying to lift them up to glory. In order to make this diary more interactive I will be turning the regens into you guys! All I will need is: Age: Nationality:  Skin tone: Height:  Weight: I hope to see you enter!
  10. I think Pes right now is very underrated. The franchise as whole doesn't get as much as to used to since post pes 06 days. For some reason it is still in Fifas shadow which I think shouldn't be the case as Fifa have been severely slacking as of the past few games.
  11. Absolutely. Beautiful.
  12. James Hunter walks to the ring seemingly looking like he has things to say. As he enters the ring he demands a microphone and begins to talk. ''Some people may not know but I've been her for a very long time. So I've seen people come and go,titles change hands and many more things. But one thing that has never changed is that the NXT division sucks! But as of late it's been especially a Disasterclass with no one knowing what to do. And even though I may be part of the reason it is a disaster right now, when I'm done with this division I'll make sure it will damn well be the best.'' The crowd is mixed with chants and Boos as James Hunter continues to talk. "Some may be thinking why should I trust this guy to be the face of the division? He's a nobody.He hasn't won a match, he hasn't won a title and has quite frankly been invisible his whole life. But lemme tell you guys this. With the support of you guys and me putting in every blood, sweat and tear in my body, I'll become the greatest." The crowd are now pouring in cheers with people chanting James Hunter! "And I don't blame the people who don't trust me right now. They have every right not to considering my past of disappearing. But if you put faith into me you won't regret it." As Hunter leaves the crowd are roaring sounding out the whole arena.
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