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  1. I think I have improved from 2016 cos I was a no one but now I'm a beast, especially in kayfabe
  2. I'm back on Wednesday babyyyyyy


    1. BIG DOG

      BIG DOG

      I'm about to make your mum my plastic doll in a minute 

  4. 3-0 haha always been a United fan up the reds @Prince @MARKER #chelshit

    1. Joh



    2. BIG DOG

      BIG DOG

      How can I be a plastic if I've always supported them 

  5. BIG DOG

    I'm back

    So if you didn't know already, I'm back bitches. I got banned for reasons that will not be named. But I'm back so yay. BUT I'M PISSED OFF. I'm not in summerslam votings which makes no sense cos emergence is the closest ppv but oh well. There's always next month. So uh Yeah I'm back. now I just need to be unbanned from the Discord
  6. Guess who's back back, back again again. Now it's time to unban me from the Discord fr tho

  7. BIG DOG

    Chill Lounge

    If it's not late in
  8. I think Goldberg facing Dolph will be a squash match tbh. If not, I still see Goldberg winning but who knows it could be fun. Joe turning face could actually revive his character and maybe wwe will finally be open to giving him a push. He was actually face during nxt where him and Finn Balor won the Dusty Rhodes classic. I think a rivalry I would like to see with face Joe is him vs the Fiend. And who knows maybe the Wyatt Family could reform and have them face Roman Reigns,Usos and Joe (longshot I know). Cross and Bliss winning the tag titles.... Let's just say I don't really care.
  9. BIG DOG

    A Call Out

    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah I'm winning NXT championship thank you
  10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BgUFhl9Q3eawN85n14R7cNaNIz9jt9Km
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xZ6IpHc-cQrLK0vZGxzS5v9ZM1mVdqHk/view?usp=drive_open
  12. What do you have to say to the critics saying Zion Williamson is just a overhyped player and will be no where as good as people expect?
  13. BREAKING NEWS Winger Nicolas Pepe has become our record signing after joining us from Ligue 1 club Lille. The 24 year-old Ivory Coast international completed the paperwork on his move on Thursday. He will wear the No.19 shirt. Head coach Etienne Leblanc said: "Nicolas is a highly-rated and talented winger who was wanted by many of the top teams in Europe. "Signing a top-class winger has been one of our key objectives in this transfer window and I'm delighted he's joining. "He will add pace, power and creativity, with the aim of bringing more goals to our team." In other news! Dani Ceballos is an Arsenal player for the 2019/20 season! The Spanish midfielder has joined on loan from Real Madrid.
  14. Chicago Bulls: Underdogs to Bulldogs. BREAKING NEWS The Bulls have released a statement that they have signed Iman Shumpert and Kenneth Faried on 1yr/$1.51 deals. It is rumoured they will be looking to trade them for better assets. More to follow.
  15. I thought Raw on Monday was actually decent. Not great but definitely a start to get back onto it's "A" Show status. The Rollins and Lesnar segment was by far the best with how brutal it was and actually makes me interested to see what happens next in this feud. It's crazy to see though how Seth has really changed in the eyes of the public which seem to be turning on him. I think if WWE play their cards right this could lead to a great I don't give a shit about what you think attitude/Heel turn for him. All round decent show out of 10 I'd give it a 7.5.
  16. Chicago Bulls: Underdogs to Bulldogs. CHICAGO BULLS ROSTER *Notates expected starter Wendell Carter*, Cristiano Felicio PF: Lauri Markkanen* SF: Otto Porter*, Chandler Hutchinson SG: Zach LaVine*, Denzel Valentine, Antonio Blakeney PG: Coby White*, Kris Dunn NOTE:SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
  17. Derrick Rose is at the center of the basketball universe. It's a few days before Christmas in 2011, and the shy, 23-year-old point guard finds himself in the middle of a suburban Chicago shopping mall as throngs of fans scream for his attention. A few hours earlier, the Chicago Bulls formally announced that they have signed the reigning MVP to a max extension worth close to $100 million. The future was bright for one of the NBA's most prominent franchises. Six years later, dreams have given way to a litany of injuries, centered on Rose tearing the ACL in his left knee in the first game of the 2012 playoffs. The organization hasn't been on stable ground since. Chicago Bulls: Underdogs to Bulldogs. Hello Everybody and welcome to my diary of Chicago Bulls: Underdogs to Bulldogs. In this Diary I will be trying to restore The Chicago Bulls back to their glory days using the NBA 2K19 Myleague. If you have any trade suggestions please let me know and I will be putting them under consideration. That's all from me for now but let the game begin...
  18. Aaron Lehmann vs Mark Andrews  Nate Devlin vs DeAndre Smith - Light Heavyweight Bout James Ropati vs Jack Anderson - Light Heavyweight Bout  Benjamin Francis vs Derrick Iverson  H.R. Pufnstuf vs Toxik 431 
  19. A vignette begins of Benjamin Wolf. He seems to be sitting down by a fire listening to music. "Oh Hello I didn't see you there. As you can see i'm just enjoying the nature,camping outside in the woods. Nature is a wonderful thing you know. It's always so unpredictable. One day it could be sunny and beautiful. And the next day we're all getting drenched in rain. You know, you could say i'm kinda like nature. I'm always unpredictable whether that's in the ring or out of it." Wolf lights a fire keeping himself cool and warm. Then once again begins to talk. "And that's why i'm here right now. I feel like people don't know enough about me. They don't know what i can do and what i'm capable of.So I've got time, why don't i tell you all what i plan on doing when i win NXT championship. Let's start of with the, err,err, James Night is it? Oh it's spelt knight? Oh OK sorry. Apparently his name is James Knight. Well sources tell me that he mentioned my name or tried to rather in his little speech. Apparently he could barely remember my name let alone who i am. To him I'm just an overconfident kid who has a big mouth. Well let me tell you something Night or Knight. When this overconfident kid with a big mouth pins you 1.2.3 for the NXT Championship. Not only will i be a overconfident kid with a big mouth, I'll be a overconfident kid with a big mouth that also has a championship title around his waist. So you may not know who i am now but by time SummerSlam is over, you'll be dusting off my boots and picking up my bags at the airport while I will be bathing in glory.And right now you may think i'm not the one you should be concerned about, but i promise you i will bring a move set never seen and done before that will leave you second guessing every move you make against me." Wolf then picks up his skateboard and creates a wind of mist disappearing during the act. The vignette fades out for a little bit before it resurfaces with Benjamin Wolf in a new setting. "Now,don't you think it's time you know be better? Dig deeper into my desires and quests? Well as you all know i'm going for the NXT Championship at SummerSlam and I'll be winning it. That's my first quest anyway. Once i've won and held the NXT Championship for as long as I desire, I'll be going on to bigger and better things such as the Premium title,Intercontinental,United states and much more. But that's all light years away so we don't have to worry about them right now. My main focus is NXT and i am determined to win it. Next is my wrestling Style. I like to describe myself as a unorthodox risk taking, willing to do all high flyer with even a bit of technician. I like to do things no one else does as it always makes me unpredictable. So when it comes to Summerslam i promise whoever steps up to me will undoubtedly regret it and i'll show them why." Benjamin begins to laugh uncontrollably as the vignette finishes.
  20. Great list apart from I think George AK,Blade and Mikey are too high with Sameer to low aswell
  21. Kayfabe Name: Benjamin Wolf Figurehead: Baron Corbin Finishers: Coffin Drop Signatures: End Of Days Regular Moves:Super kick,powerbomb, the thing corbin does when he slides out then back in clotheslining the guy, and more of corbins moves Style:Brawler Theme Song: Baron Corbin 2nd lone Wolf theme Spots:

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