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  1. The Conqueror cometh Superstar Shake-up aftermath Will Stephanie McMahon continue to overrule Kurt Angle’s decisions? Could we soon have “Woken” Raw Tag Team Champions?
  2. The Official BPZ Brand Split Discussion

    Karico Joins Carnage Karico has joined Carnage for three months and will be earning 25k.
  3. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

    Courtney Rush Mercedes Martinez Hamada & LeRae
  4. SmackDown Exclusive: Extreme Rules | Week 3 May 2018 Extreme Rules is live from Capital Arena and the attendance figures are 20,3560 people in a the North West region. Def. 2-On-1 Handicap Match: Big E Defeated The New Day | 69 Rating Def. WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Ladder Match: Charlotte (c) Defeated Bayley | 68 Rating Def. WWE United States Championship: Rusev (c) Defeated Bobby Roode | 64 Rating Def. No Disqualification: Jeff Hardy Defeated Jinder Mahal | 69 Rating Def. Daniel Bryan Defeated The Miz | 79 Rating Def. WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag Match: Bludgeon Brothers (c) Defeated The Club | 62 Rating Def. WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match: Shinsuke Nakamura Defeated AJ Styles (c) & John Cena | 80 Rating Overall Rating: 77 We got a PPV Buy Rate of 1.21 (609,508 Buys). Shown live on: Bell TV, Dish Mexico, Dish Network, Sky Box Office. WWE Extreme Rules Prediction Results @Bart: 6 @Julius01: 7 @Ropati: 6 @Kieron Black: 5 @Storm: 7 @Mal Hades: 6 @I Can't Odd: 6 Well done to Julius and Storm for getting full points except bonus points. I can confirm the PPV's do improve.
  5. Bailey normally does this but he's lazy these days so the Two Time has taken over. First 50 to reply "I'm in" will be entered and receive a number on Thursday for who they have drawn. Whoevers number wins the Greatest Royal Rumble will receive a BPZ cash prize from BrendenPlayz. Ross Bart Kieron Black FDS Smith Blade Storm Julius Cockroach Echo Wilson Slim Yelich I Can't Odd Ark Universe Prince Mal Hades Sameer
  6. I can see Shinsuke winning World and then AJ winning the Royal Rumble. I also have Balor and Cena going for it aswell
  7. THE BIG DOG GUNNA WIN! They can't have him lose again to Brock it's going to hurt Reigns badly. He needs this win on the biggest stage of the year except WM (lol). Please WWE actually do the right thing and give it Reigns. Winner: Reigns
  8. I have Hardy to retain and feud with Orton for US but I can see Mahal winning the belt then losing it again at Backlash I'm not sure. I really do hope Hardy wins but with WWE and Mahal these days you never know anymore. And the fact no one expected him to win it at WrestleMania leaves me to question what they are going to do. Winner: Jeff Hardy
  9. Got Rollins to retain, I see this match stealing the show and being awesome. Don't see him losing any time soon and I can't see WWE trusting Balor with a Championship just yet. Anyway looks to be a great match and can't wait for it. Winner: Rollins
  10. Wyatt & Hardy have basically already won. I don't really see who they will be facing after this but this should be a good match either way. They just beat The Revival so can't see them coming straight for them and I can't see AOP coming for them either. Anyway hopefully this match is entertaining and is a good send off for The Bar. Winners: Wyatt and Hardy
  11. I don't think it will be as disappointing as Taker vs Cena but like Bart said I don't think it will last long. It's nice to see Rusev getting a big match like this however and really hope he gets proper push following this match. Winner: Taker
  12. Nice to see I won a Championship already, also glad I kicked some guys ass backstage. Good stuff upto yet Summer. Only thing I could recommend is using something unique to present the episode. Idk what but I'm sure you can think of something
  13. 20th April 2018 TEW 2016 Post WrestleMania 34 Stream Highlights
  14. SmackDown LIVE | Week 3 May 2018 SmackDown LIVE. is live from American Airlines Arena the attendance figures for this week's show was 12,125 people and this was held in the South East region. Daniel Bryan Says The Miz Is Just Part One Of His Return | 100 Rating SAnitY Defeated Local Competition | 44 Rating Shinsuke Nakamura Tells Us He Will Kick Off Cena's and Styles' Head In Japanese | 92 Rating Def. Andrade "Cien" Almas & Big E Defeated The New Day | 67 Rating Def. Rusev Defeated Zack Ryder | 64 Rating The Miz Responds To Daniel Bryan Over Social Media Saying He's Washed Up | 86 Rating Def. Charlotte Flair & Bayley Defeated Riot Squad | 54 Rating Def. The Club Defeated Gable & Benjamin | 64 Rating Aiden English Says Rusev Will CRUSH Roode On Rusev Day | 56 Rating Def. The Miz Defeated John Cena After Interference From Nakamura | 79 Rating Shinsuke Nakamura Beats Down John Cena After Main Event | 95 Rating Overall Rating: 81 This show increased our popularity in 26 Regions. We got a TV rating of 22.11 (16,584,740 viewers). Shown live on: Azteca7, FOX8, J Sports 4, Sky Sports 3, Sportsnet 360, USA Network. WWE Extreme Rules Match Card 2-On-1 Handicap Match: The New Day vs Big E WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Ladder Match: Charlotte (c) vs Bayley WWE United States Championship: Rusev (c) vs Bobby Roode No Disqualification: Jinder Mahal vs Jeff Hardy Daniel Bryan vs The Miz WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag Match: Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs The Club WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match: AJ Styles (c) vs John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura Bonus Question: What Rating Will The Show Be?
  15. 205 Live | Week 3 May 2018 205 Live is live from Bryce Jordan Center and the attendance figures are 11,338 people in a the Tri State region. Drake Maverick Makes A Number One Contenders Main Event Match | 45 Rating Def. Kalisto Defeated Drew Gulak | 46 Rating Sin Cara Joins 205 Live | 45 Rating Def. Itami & Tozawa Defeated Metalik & Dorado | 49 Rating Buddy Murphy Says He Hates Luchadores And Is Coming For Sin Cara | 42 Rating Def. Cruiserweight NOC: TJP Defeated Jack Gallagher and Buddy Murphy | 43 Rating Overall Rating: 30 This show lost our popularity in 26 regions. We had a TV Rating of 11.17(8,380,130 viewers). Shown live on: WWE Network

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