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  1. It's what you get from a nagging 10 year old it's fine
  2. Brad is a Massive Pussy

    We gave them 10 people when we gave BiC. All them gimmicks come in handy
  3. Fortnite Gifs/Clips

    Fortnite Gifs/Clips Making this thread for gifs or clips you think are cool or even if it's something you have done yourself. Fortnite is currently the biggest game right now and there is some amazing gifs and clips we all like. Here is one I got the other day, very smooth. Post something you have hit or found cool in it's own way below!
  4. Beginning Of The End

    After Ross made a surprise appearance at the Last Stand Press Conference, a camera man and interviewer approach him backstage at EVOLVE TakeOver: Last Stand Tomal Choudary approaches Ross afraid that he might flip out if he asks the wrong question. Tomal Choudary: Uh- Ross, can we have some answers as to what we just heard back in the conference then? Ross: You heard the truth. It's finally out there and it's finally known who I really am. For the past year I have been putting together a persona to try and prove to myself I'm mentally stable. When in reality. I am no where near sane. The world got a glimpse at my insanity when I was losing my mind on EVOLVE as "The Hunter" but that. That was nothing to what I am going to become on Carnage. Tomal Choudary: Ok so um, what are your predictions for tonight's card? Ross: Predictions? I don't pay attention to what goes on inside that ring unless it involves me. I go out there get my job done and cause havoc upon who I have to face or simply just do not like. So as for my predictions go let's just say things might get a little... messy. Tomal Choudary: And now a question about you, what's next for Ross? Ross: I'm going to continue to be dominate and destroy my opponent's until they can physically not move. The BPZ World Champion thinks he's better than anyone else cause he holds that thing but when me and him cross paths once again it won't be a Beacon of Hope for him. It will be a Pint of Blood. So Smith, I know you are watching this. I'll be seeing you very soon. You haven't seen what I'm really capable of yet. Ross barged past Tomal Choudary who looked on in shock while the camera man backed up still recording Ross who continued to walk in his direction before the screen faded to black...
  5. Just want to congratulate Bart on getting Junior Mod. Does so much for the mod team and has helped me out a bunch while I show him how things work very well done to him. Also want to thank Brenden and Bailey for the promotion :)  

  6. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    Bart, Prince, WWE234, Slim, Smith
  7. Smith's Graphics

    love it mate, imo best one you have done thanks !
  8. Last Stand Press Conferences

    Smith looks over to FDS who awaits his reply but suddenly the noise of a dozen camera's taken pictures can be heard and many reporters chattering quietly. Ross walks past all the reporters and stands center stage. The rest of the EVOLVE locker room look up to Ross in confusion however Smith gets out of his seat in anger before being told to calm down by security. We haven't seen Ross for weeks and he does not look his normal self. He has grown out a stubble beard and has scruffy hear sporting jeans and a sports top from his home town. Ross doesn't make eye contact with anyone, not even Smith who is dying to get at his former tag team partner. "The Legend Killer" begins to speak however sounds like he is losing his voice. I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I don't have time to answer any of your questions. One month ago I was on top of my game. I held the United States Championship and was one half of the BPZ Tag Team Champions. But there was something inside me that knew I wasn't complete. And one day I found what it was. I revisited my past, my nightmares and what left me in life. It sent me to a mental state when I was a child but I had to just keep powering through and that's what I did. But when I looked at the bigger picture and thought about the little things that was holding me together it just made me explode. After me and Smith defeated Storm and Aidan I remembered what happened after every match we have together. He vanishes. So this time I made sure he didn't do it again. And when I laid out my tag team partner it felt like something inside me became whole once again, just like it was when I was a young child and I was on pills and injections every day. It just felt right. It felt like I got stronger just after putting Smith out cold at my feet. And then losing the weight of carrying two divisions on my back was just even better. I was free and that is why I have been away. I don't have to care about my look anyway or my public image. I don't need no photo-shoot's done with the Championships I hold. And this, this should make people aware that I can now do whatever I like whenever I like. It's a warning to the whole of Carnage that I am going to go through each and every one of you and I will make you all bleed at my hands to make me feel better. And as for you Smith, I really hope you cross paths again. Maybe I will see you at Bragging Rights old friend. I am looking forward to it. Ross puts his hands in his pocket and walks off leaving the whole media and superstars stunned to the change of attitude from Ross.
  9. BPZ Superstar Kyle Reeves Breaks His Neck

    Jesus Christ that’s a bit extreme no pun intended
  10. The Spam(2.0)

    Only just seen this. Locked and each and every one of you will be having a word with me.
  11. Smith's Graphics

    Brand Warfare Championship Strips for all three brands pls love you bby
  12. Ross & Smith continue their celebration as the BPZ World Champion grabs a microphone and it looks like he's going address their next round opponents FDS & Necce. Smith smirks and goes to tal- ROSS FROM BEHIND! ROSS JUST STRIKED SMITH! Smith's head smashes off the canvas and Ross begins to stomp away at his, well now former partner it seems. The Tag Team Champions have exploded but why did Ross just do that? Smith gets in a seating position and looks upto Ross who laughs down at him. He now tells Ross to bring it... BOOTLEG!! Smith is not moving. "The Legend Killer" slowly stands up before sliding out of the ring holding up the number 3 with his fingers. Ross begins to walk to the back before stomping at the top and looking back down to Smith attempting to get to his feet. "The One" runs back down to the ring and gets "The Enigma" on his shoulders... FABLE FROM ROSS! How long will it take before Smith just stops trying. The crowd is as loud as ever, booing the United States Champion who screams down at Smith picking him up with his boot. "The Legend Killer" says the Smith "It's Your Turn" and grabs his right arm... BLACK ROSE! Ross uses Smith's move once again and this time it's against him. "The Enigma" just falls to the ground leaving Ross to pose in the middle of the ring over his lifeless body. The Beacon of Hope has just become a one man street.
  13. Spoilers/Rumoured Match Card:

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