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    Brendenplayz Top 5

    Flon Snow Flynn Drogo Flynion Lannister Floffrey Baratheon Daenerys Flynngaryen @The New Flynn
  2. Ross

    Football (Soccer) Discussion

    How can you say Sterling is overrated when since January 2018 he has more goals and assists than the favourite to win the Ballon Dor (Mbappe) ?
  3. Ross

    The Returning Kings

    EVOLVE's intro package brings us into the night just one week after Survivor Series. The announcer steps into the middle of the ring as the crowd silences. Announcer: Ladies and gentleman please welcome to the ring, the General Manager of EVOLVE, Ross. The EVOLVE Center erupts as the returning Ross' theme hits the speakers for the first time since August. Ross steps out from the back to a huge roar from the EVOLVE crowd welcoming back their leader. Ross pauses for a moment and takes in the welcome he has received. He begins his walk down to the ring and grabs a microphone from the steel steps before climbing inside the squared circle and looking around the EVOLVE Center. For months I have been busy making this brand the best in the business. For months I have been waiting for the right moment and this is finally it. EVOLVE Center please welcome back your king! A respectable clap echoes the arena. Normally when I address you guys in person it's for a huge announcement about EVOLVE but tonight is completely different. Tonight is about me and that's how it should have been for the past four months since I've been gone. Yet we have some cocky, arrogant no bodies who think they run this brand when at least a touch of Authority isn't here. So let me make this message clear to the whole EVOLVE roster, I can give you everything just as easy as I can take it. So I don't care if your a Hall of Famer, A champion or even a rookie trying to climb the ranks. Each and every single one of you bow to me. But please do not get me wrong the boys in the back have done an amazing job. Jason Ryan retained his Premium Championship along with becoming the EVOLVE Global Champion so congratulations. But out of everything we have done over the months, the match at Survivor Series sold it all. Necce vs Flynn was the perfect match in my eyes and stole the show so ladies and gentleman why don't we give them a round of applause right now. Ross begins the clap and the crowd joins in showing respect to the two men who put their bodies on the line last week. But you can all clap their like sheep but you all fell for it. You all really fell for it. Last week Flynn showed his true side, his better side. And to be honest with you all that's what made me come out here tonight. Because while I was sat at home watching EVOLVE I wasn't disgusting or ashamed. Infact it brought a smile to my face because this is the man I know. Unhinged and let of the leash he was. So I approached him and offered him a proposition. I told him it was time to reclaim what he was missing and that's someone who can authorise whatever he wants, someone he has fought with before. Someone who he knows he can trust. In May I suffered a serious injury making me be sidelined for what I thought was the rest of my career hence why I am General Manager. But I don't care what those doctors have to say I have something to do. And so does the Fallen King. It's time to claim the Tag Team Championships and show all of these people who the kings of BPZ really are. Ross signals towards the ramp and as a figure appears at the top of the ramp.
  4. Ross

    New Moderators!

    I officially pass the mod captain-ship for most drugs consumed and girls slept with to Smith. Good luck son.
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    BPZ Predictions League

    Nakamura SD Tag Team RAW Women SD Mens Murphy AOP Rousey Lesnar
  6. EVOLVE TakeOver: Global Series Finale Confirmed As EVOLVE continues to make history we have set the main event of EVOLVE TakeOver: Global Series. Joshua Scott will face Jason Ryan for the EVOLVE Global Championship after both men won their respectable blocks. The Championship has been Vacant ever since Bart joined Carnage and EVOLVE General Manager Ross set up this Global Series to crown the new Champion. Before the tournament even begun Joshua Scott and Jason Ryan was both considered underdogs. That was until Joshua Scott got upset wins on Two Former BPZ World Champions in Flynn and Slim. However Jason Ryan would also defeat everyone in his block including the big up and comer Buddy Ace. Many have questioned the star power in the main event. But EVOLVE General Manager Ross believes both men have what it takes to steal the show. With the Main Event now set in stone. Will Joshua Scott's time finally come? Or will Jason Ryan dominate once again. Find out October 26th at EVOLVE TakeOver: Global Series.
  7. Ross

    New Match Types in WWE 2k19

    5 man, 6 man and 8 man is huge. They are finally listening to the community.
  8. Ross

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

    The fact so many have been made but no one has made the two time one yet is unreal.
  9. Impact Wrestling | Heading To Oklahoma Just two weeks after our first PPV we head to Oklahoma for our One Night Only PPV. Here we see Chris Jericho make his first PPV appearance for us and Johnny Impact gets his rematch for the Impact World Championship. Impact One Night Only: Oklahoma | Week 4 August 2018 Impact is live from Oklahoma, USA. The attendance figures are 6,288 people. Def. Colin Cassidy Defeats Abyss | 55 Rating Def. & North East Nightmares Defeat Lucha Brothers and LAX | 47 Rating Def. Impact X-Division Championship: Brian Cage (c) Defeats Eddie Edwards | 37 Rating Def. Impact World Tag Team Championships: The OGz (c) Defeat Cult of Lee | 44 Rating Def. Impact World Championship: Austin Aries (c) Defeats Johnny Impact | 65 Rating Def. Impact Knockouts Championship: Rosemary Defeats Su Yung (c) 56 Rating Def. Chris Jericho Defeats Eli Drake | 66 Rating Overall Rating: 66 Rating We got a PPV Buy Rate of 0.17 (85,538 Buys). Shown live on: Dish Mexico, In Demand. Impact One Night Only: Oklahoma Prediction Results @I Can't Odd: 6 @Echo Wilson: 4 @The Marker: 5 @Smith: 4 @Julius01: 6 @LAOCH: 2 @JoshsNow: 3
  10. Impact Wrestling | Getting Bigger After a not so successful PPV, we now move on to two more weeks of Impact before we had to South West, USA for Impact One Night Only: Collision in Oklahoma. We have some big names entering and big moves being made. It's time to get it moving once again. Impact | Week 3 August 2018 Impact is live from Manitoba, Canada. The attendance figures are 3,000 people. Eli Drake Spoils Chris Jericho's Debut | 83 Rating Def. Eli Drake Defeats Petey Williams | 41 Rating Austin Aries Gifts Johnny Impact A Rematch At One Night Only: Collision In Oklahoma | 53 Rating Def. The Cult Of Lee Defeat LAX | 34 Rating Def. Su Yung Defeat Alisha Edwards | 50 Rating Def. Colin Cassidy Defeats Eddie Edwards | 54 Rating DJ Z Ambushed By Eddie Edwards After Loss | 50 Rating Def. Austin Aries Defeats Nick Aldis | 59 Rating Overall Rating: 65 Rating We got a TV rating of 1.14 (585,570 viewers). Shown live on: 52MX, 5Spike, Global Wrestling Network, Nuvolari, POP, SportTV Impact | Week 4 August 2018 Impact is live from Quebec, Canada. The attendance figures are 3,380 people. My ratings was effected because I didn't realise their was a language barrier lmao. Stephen Amell Surprises The Impact Zone And Welcomes Cody Rhodes And Flip Gordan | 21 Rating Def. North-East Nightmares Defeat OVE | 41 Rating Chris Jericho Challenges Eli Drake To A Match | 30 Rating Def. Pentagon Jr. Defeats Grado | 28 Rating Austin Aries and Johnny Impact Brawl Backstage | 47 Rating Def. Tessa Blanchard Defeats Allie | 27 Rating Def. Doug Wiliiams Defeats DJ Z | 36 Rating Def. Chris Jericho & Austin Aries Defeat Johnny Impact & Eli Drake | 59 Rating Overall Rating: 49 Rating We got a TV rating of 1.12 (841,510 viewers). Shown live on: 52MX, 5Spike, Global Wrestling Network, Nuvolari, POP, SportTV Impact One Night Only: Oklahoma Match Card Chris Jericho vs Eli Drake Impact Knockouts Championship: Su Yung (c) vs Rosemary Impact World Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs Johnny Impact Colin Cassidy vs Abyss Impact World Tag Team Championships: The OGz (c) vs The Cult Of Lee (Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley) Impact X-Division Championship: Brian Cage (c) vs Eddie Edwards LAX (Ortiz & Santana) vs Lucha Bros (Pentagon & Fenix) vs North East Nightmares (Cody & Gordan) PREDICT BELOW!
  11. Impact Wrestling | Our First PPV After two mid rated shows, we now have our first PPV, Destination X. Impact Destination X | Week 2 August 2018 Impact is live in The Maritimes, Canada. The attendance figures are 4,300 people. Jack Swagger Debuts And Interrupts Stephen Amell's Opening | 55 Rating Def. Impact Knockout's Championship: Su Yung (c) Defeated Rosemary | 44 Rating Def. Rich Swann Defeated Eli Drake | 38 Rating Def. Impact World Tag Team Championships: The OGz Defeat LAX (c) | 40 Rating Def. Impact X-Division Championship: Brian Cage (c) Defeated Petey Williams | 37 Rating Def. The Sydal Open Challenge: Colin Cassidy Debuts And Defeats Matt Sydal | 48 Rating Def. Impact World Championship: Austin Aries (c) Defeats Johnny Impact | 65 Rating Overall Rating: 52 Rating We Got A PPV Buy Rate of 0.21 (108,495 Buys) Shown Live On: DirecTV Impact Destination X Prediction Results @The Marker: 4 @I Can't Odd: 4 @Echo Wilson: 5 @Julius01: 4 @JoshsNow: 1 @LAOCH: 5
  12. Impact Wrestling | Rebuilding The Impact Zone After an amazing press conference by Stephen Amell we now head to Ontario, Canada for Impact. With the first show under Amell's reign. What will we see in tonight's show? Impact | Week 1 August 2018 Impact is live from Meridian Centre in Ontario, Canada. The attendance figures are 4,397 people. Stephen Amell Introduces Himself To The Impact Fans | 42 Rating Def. LAX (Ortiz & Santana) Defeat The Cult of Lee | 40 Rating LAX (Ortiz & Santana) Call Out The OGz (Hernandez & Homicide) | 25 Rating Def. Rich Swann Defeats Matt Sydal | 39 Rating Su Yung Accepts Rosemary's Challenge | 26 Rating Def. Tessa Blanchard Defeats Katarina | 26 Rating Eddie Edwards Begins A Warpath And Hospitalises Sonjay Dutt | 26 Rating Def. Rey Fenix Defeats Dezmond Xavier | 27 Rating Austin Aries Doesn't Care Who Wins Tonight | 48 Rating Def. Impact World Championship Number One Contender Match: Johnny Impact Defeats Moose & Eli Drake | 49 Rating Overall Rating: 40 Rating We got a TV rating of 0.78 (585,570 viewers). Shown live on: 52MX, 5Spike, Global Wrestling Network, Nuvolari, POP, SportTV Impact | Week 2 August 2018 Impact is live from Meridian Centre in Ontario, Canada. The attendance figures are 4,397 people. Austin Aries and Johnny Impact Come Face to Face | 60 Rating Def. LAX (Ortiz & Santana) Defeat OVE (Dave & Jake Crist) | 26 Rating The OGz (Hernandez & Homicide) Blind Side LAX (Ortiz & Santana) | 21 Rating Def. Rosemary Defeats Taya | 60 Rating Stephen Amell Gives Jack Swagger His Debut Match | 44 Rating Def. Jack Swagger Defeats Moose | 41 Rating Rosemary Gets Obsessed With Su Yung | 32 Rating Def. Eddie Edwards Defeats DJ Z | 45 Rating Def. Brian Cage & Johnny Impact Defeat Austin Aries & Petey Williams | 65 Rating Overall Rating: 46 Rating We got a TV rating of 0.77 (578,660 viewers). Shown live on: 52MX, 5Spike, Global Wrestling Network, Nuvolari, POP, SportTV Impact Destination X Match Card Impact World Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs Johnny Impact Matt Sydal Open Challenge Impact X-Division Championship: Brian Cage (c) vs Petey Williams Impact Tag Team Championships: LAX (Ortiz & Santana) (c) vs The OGz (Hernandez & Homicide) Rich Swann vs Eli Drake Impact Knockouts Championship: Su Yung (c) vs Rosemary Bonus Question: Who Will Accept Matt Sydal's Open Challenge? Predict On Impact Destination X Below!
  13. Press Conference: Stephen Amell | August 2018 Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman thank you for joining us today. Before we begin I would just like to inform everyone that this is the first time Stephen Amell will be speaking on behalf of Impact Wrestling and everything else is rumours. Also to the media, we hope you guys can keep this completely professional and about Impact Wrestling and nothing more. Let's begin, who's first. Mick Curley: Hey guys, Mick from 411Mania.com. First of all I would just like to wish you good luck Stephen I hope nothing but the best. However Mr. Amell, we want to know why Impact Wrestling out of all the other company's you could have possibly bought? Stephen Amell: Hi Mick, so the reason that I purchased Impact Wrestling is firstly because of it's prestige. As everyone knows I am a big wrestling fan and when Impact was known as Total Nonstop Action it was one of the best company's in the world. I want to bring it back up to that level. It's no secret that the company has been struggling and it's time to get it back up to where it was. Secondly, I'm Canadian. And now that Impact is in my own backyard it just feels like I'm doing something for the Canadian Wrestling scene which is something I want to push and hopefully achieve. Joshua Stockton: Joshua here from CageSideSeats, Stephen will the Bullet Club be apart of Impact Wrestling considering your past with them? Stephen Amell: It's quite funny you say that Joshua because we have just signed someone who is close to the Bullet Club. He starts next week so we can't wait for him to get started. But yes we have been in talks with some of the Bullet Club, Cody mainly. Me and Cody are good friends and he has been here in the past so is no stranger to Impact Wrestling. Callum Day: Sup Stephen I'm Callum from Wrestling Observer Newsletter. My first question Stephen is are the rumours about Jack Swagger true and will you utilise his talents unlike former employers did? Stephen Amell: Umm we have talked to Jack recently and he's down to sign for us it's just getting his schedule cleared up so we can utilise him properly and get him active on the Wrestling scene again. Of course he has his commitments with MMA but if you are going to sign for my company then you need 100% commitment and he is down to do that. Josh Matthews: Ok people, we will now be answering questions from the fans which will be available on the Global Force Network thank you.
  14. Ross

    Long overdue

    Just wanna add that He also pretended to be his wife and said he wanted a threesome with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins just saying. JUST SAYING.
  15. Impact Wrestling Rumours & News Ladies and gentleman welcome to all the latest news and rumours coming out of Impact Wrestling. Former WWE Star Jack Swagger Set To Sign With Impact Wrestling Stephen Amell is already looking towards a new Impact Wrestling and it starts with former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger. However Jack Swagger's involvement in Impact Wrestling is expected to be limited with Swagger's priority's being with MMA and Bellator. Super X Cup Returns To Impact This Thursday The Super X Cup has been confirmed it will return this Thursday live on Impact as eight competitors will battle to become the Super X Cup Trophy Winner. The eight men involved have yet to be confirmed but Impact Wrestling Owner and General Manager Stephen Amell has told everyone to expect some big names! Chris Jericho Starts Rumours Of Impact Wrestling Debut Chris Jericho recently spoke to CageSideSeats.com and sparked a rumour he is interested in working for Impact Wrestling. Jericho also mentioned he wants to help Impact Wrestling get the recognition they deserve in Canada and elevate them to the Number One spot by doing so.