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  1. Hitting Where It Hurts

    After what is being said as the most shocking return of 2017 when Tamer returned and announced himself as the 5th member of Team Smith, we are here on Carnage tonight for the first time since Redemption. "The Man With A Plan" walks out from the back tonight at Carnage with a huge smile on his face which is surprising to most fans after his loss to Flynn at Redemption. He spreads his arms and walks down to the ring with that grin on his face still there. Ross climbs into the ring and does is usual entrance as he grabs the microphone of the announcer and screams at him telling him to leave the ring. You all really thought I wanted to win the Universal Championship? You thought I would want you all to praise me. NO. I could have easily gotten to my feet and stopped Flynn walking out of that cage but I lived for what happened next. The reason me and Flynn shook hands was so he didn't expect what was to come. After the main event of Redemption we Team Smith revealed our 5th member of the team. Which as you all know is Tamer, one of the all time greats. A man who has won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, the BPZ Intercontinental Championship twice and a former king of the ring winner. Tamer is the man that completes the perfect team to stand tall at Survivor Series and Team Flynn doesn't have a chance to defeat us. But there is also something else I need to get off my chest, straight after my match with Flynn I had everyone swarming me telling me to get a rematch against Flynn. But more importantly I was greeted by Bailey who walked over to me and tried to congratulate me and shake my hand. And this just made me realise I'm the money player on this brand. And when I see everyone including Bailey trying to make money off my back once again it makes me frustrated inside. So I declined and rejected everyone at the time. And when I got back to my hotel room I realised that there is only one thing left for me on Carnage right now... And that's Bailey. Me and him have unfinished business and would I love to pound his head in. But I know what Bailey is like, he won't just come out here and challenge me to a match but he also won't accept the challenge either. I've got to hit him where it hurts and that's Carnage. And without his talent Carnage will not be able to run weekly like it does now. So I'm going to show you all how to get your own way. Ross drops the microphone on the floor and leaves the ring leaving the crowd wondering what he's going to do. The titantron shows Ross walking backstage in complete silence looking in every room he passes. Ross pauses and looks to his right where he see's Bailey's brother Monda talking to William Smith. "The Man With A Plan" sprints over to Monda and ambushes him from behind and starting to land knees to the skull of Monda. The Carnage crowd start to boo Ross as he continues this devastating attack on Bailey's brother. Ross gets Monda to his feet and launches him into the wall leaving Monda on the floor holding his back. Ross jumps on top of Monda and starts to ground and pound the Hall of Famer while he tries to put up his guard but the damage has already been done. Ross gets off Monda and stares directly into the camera before delivering a message to Bailey. This was because of you Bailey, now if you don't accept my challenge for Night of Legends then I will make this happen again but this time to somebody else. Because I don't think Monda will be competing for a while. Hear my warning. Ross smirks and picks up a glass vase before smashing it over the head of Monda who was just stumbling to his feet. Referee's and EMT's rush to help Monda who has been seriously assaulted backstage at Carnage by Ross. It's time. "The One" is back. Ross walks away from the mess he's made as Carnage fades to black.
  2. BPZ Predictions League

    Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto The Shield vs. The New Day The Miz vs. Baron Corbin Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte The Bar vs. The Usos Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Women) Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Men) Will there be any surprise returns? No Will Carmella cash in? Yes but on Alexa Will there be any sole survivors if so who? Asuka & Nakamura
  3. I like how they are doing this now, but for this to work you would have to make the PPV cheaper than the network which I can't see them doing.
  4. Carnage Power Trip: Redemption Votings

    Just wanted to say before the votings close thanks to Flynn for an amazing feud and honestly the best thing I have produced on the forums was against you. You being unbeaten in kayfabe would have been a huge thing for me to break but I guess that’s for the next person. Thanks for great feud champ.
  5. Universal Championship Contract Singing

    The Universal Champion Flynn and The Carnage General Manager Bailey both face towards the entrance ramp awaiting Flynn's opponent and the man they both hate. The usually boo's come down onto Ross but that's only until he walks out from the back with Kendo Stick in hand as the crowd start to cheer as things might get extreme. Ross jumps into the ring with no hesitation as The Foundation take a step back behind the table. "The Man With A Plan" jumps to the top rope and poses to the crowd raising the kendo stick in the air. He jumps down and picks up a microphone from the table as a slight smirk comes across his face. Ross stops for a moment and looks around the arena as the crowd begin to pick up clapping and cheering. What a way to reunite lads. I just want to thank you both for the warm welcoming. I'm surprised you are still standing Flynn because after I hit Sliced Bread on you the other night you didn't look to good on the floor receiving help from the referee. Flynn I have said this from day one and you have been my focus since the day I set my eyes on that title, yes we might have had a few interruptions with the likes of Akki and BiC but as you can see they got dealt with very quickly. Ross turns to Bailey who he looks up and down as Bailey takes a step forward. After all this is over between me and Flynn and you sort your little inbred family out. Me and you are going to step foot in this circle and finish what we started. It's ok trying to fight some out of shape loser no body ever heard about but the fact you are actually trying to come back full time because of this dude makes me wonder why I haven't kicked your ass already. Just like I did to man tits here the other night. But Flynn, don't get me wrong like you said you haven't been held back on Carnage and you have been gifted everything you deserve I agree with that. But that's only because there was nobody else capable of taking the responsibility. Now there is someone ready to take over the throne and that is me. Bailey didn't recognise your talent Flynn because actually there was no talent to recognise. With the roster he had at the time he just saw a man who luckily managed to make his way into the main event of BPZ Mania II and thought he's my man. Little did he know you was never going to win that match and still to this day 11 months on you haven't recaptured the World Heavyweight Championship. Ross places the Kendo Stick in the corner of the ring as he picks up the pen to sign the contract. You know, 'my friend'. You love to call me a coward. I've heard it everytime you speak of my name. It's called using my head Flynn. It's called having a plan. You think you have seen everything I can do. No. You will see my whole arsenal and what I have actually got to offer. My tricks, my talents, MY EVERYTHING! It will all be brought inside that steel cage this Saturday and it will stay there. I understand as soon as I sign this contract there is no backing out Flynn. But little did you know that this was part of my plan. To get you one on one with no escaping me. Because what I'm going to do to you will send you into hiding for a long long time. Let's do this. Ross signs the contract and closes it shut making the match official. He retreats to his corner and grabs the Kendo Stick. Ross tells both men to bring it as he wants to fight right now.
  6. The Pretender

    Before reacting to Flynn's comments, Ross laughs and claps the Universal Champion. It's nice to see you too Flynn. I mean what an entrance you have acquired, you storm out from the back with your little cute angry face that no body can take serious. You jump on the turnbuckle and do that pose you think looks good but in reality you just look like an ass. But I appreciate you bringing up a picture from when I first returned to this company. And around that time Flynn you was chasing around the biggest rival you have had in this company Slim. I give you credit for that though, you single handedly brought down The Top Guys. You made them face off at BPZ Mania II but my god did that backfire. I hate to remind you Flynn but didn't you choke your gifted opportunity at the World Championship? A sound of 'Oooo' breaks out from the crowd as Flynn turns red and anger starts to build up in his face. The biggest match of the year supposedly. On the biggest PPV. In the main event and you still can't get the job done. You made Alyx Wilde actually look good that's how bad you did Flynn. But back to what I was doing round there. I may not have looked like I do now Flynn and I'll admit around Mania I looked the best I ever did and me looking like that wasn't the worst thing you have said Flynn because I have something to show everyone here tonight. Ladies and gentleman. Just over a month or so ago we had a Flynn in the worst shape of his career. I'm not even going to explain it let's just take a look. The Carnage crowd laugh at the picture up on the titantron. We can not ignore the fact you had man tits Flynn. Well, you still do but that's not the point right? Just look at your old self, short hair, a goatee and most of all those neck rolls. I can see it in your eyes right now how angry you are Flynn but yet I'm the little angry man. I know this crowd wants to see us fight and I know you and I both want a fight so let's do it rig- Ross drops the microphone and runs straight at Flynn as both men exchange punches in which they have held for weeks. The two exchange in the middle of the ring before Flynn grabs Ross and chucks him to the floor. A look of shock comes across Ross' face as he's just been man handled of the Universal Champion. Ross goes to his knees and puts his hands up hoping Flynn will give him forgiveness. Flynn smirks down to Ross and goes for the superkick NO! Ross ducks and LOW BLOW! Flynn drops to the floor in agony and Ross rises to his feet grabbing Flynn by the neck as he calls for his signature move SLICED BREAD! "The Man With A Plan" slithers out of the ring knowing he luckily made it out tonight but was that his plan? He jogs up the ramp falling to his knees and looking on at Flynn who is just attempting to get to his feet. The camera cuts to Flynn who is absolutely livid as Carnage fades to black.
  7. UFC Official Discussion

    Did you say it to me though? And the first one is very invalid because he didn't even fight Woodley...
  8. UFC Official Discussion

    Don't remember you telling me that and he isn't the very best. Caught Bisping with a lucky punch and from there fair play got a good submission. Bisping had to much dignity to tap to him which you have got to show respect for. Either way was a good fight and the rematch should be decent
  9. Carnage Power Trip: Redemption Live November 10th

    Universal Championship Match: Flynn(c) vs Ross: Ross Grudge Match: BiC vs FDS: FDS United States Championship Match: Echo Wilson(c) vs Josh: Echo Wilson Brad vs. Yelich: Brad Grudge Match: Fear vs Bashka: Bashka NXT Champion vs The Return: George vs Maestro: George
  10. The Pretender

    Ross shoves his hand infront of BiC's custom microphone. The eyes of BiC shoot open in shock as he now has Ross starting a hole through his eyes. What has happened to you. When I saw you win King Of The Ring I thought this was your career taking a step further but now you just took five steps back. I don't know if Flynn has put you up to this but you are sure as hell going to pay for it. Ross thumps BiC on the head with the microphone and into the Lou Thesz Press. He waits for BiC to get to his feet as Ross takes a run up and lands his signature big boot which connects straight on the jaw of BiC. BiC drops to his knees leaving "The Man With A Plan" to lock in The Bootleg and no way of BiC escaping. With BiC struggling to breath and Ross pulling back even tighter on his neck, many referee's run in the ring to stop Ross as he lets go and kicks the Former World Champion out of the ring. He picks up BiC's mic as he looks down to BiC on the outside in disgust. Now Flynn, how about you stop sending people I've already dealt with and let's not wait till Saturday. Let's do this right here right now. Ross throws the microphone down onto BiC's helpless body on the outside as the referee's attend to him meanwhile Ross and the BPZ Universe await the arrival of the Universal Champion.
  11. The Pretender

    Literally moments after Flynn cuts off from the titantron "Man With A Plan" hits the carnage speakers and instantly boo's flood the arena. Ross walks out from the back with his back turned looking up are the titantron laughing and smiling. The longest reigning United States Champion rolls into the ring and grabs the microphone from the ring announcer and tells him to leave. The crowd gets louder and louder when Ross goes to speak but he patiently waits for them to calm down. Oh shut up. The boo's reign down on Ross with the crowd starting to chant "You Suck". When my mouth opens all of yours shut. It's the pathetic people like you who actually make this self proclaimed king look good. You can all keep showering him in this praise of his long reign and how good he's been in recent months but it won't change the fact I am the next Universal Champion. We are officially under one week from Redemption and I am in the best shape of my career. This is the best I have ever looked physically and the best I have ever felt mentally, and for Flynn, that's something he needs to be worried about. All of you consider me to still be a rookie here in BPZ. You all think that I'm still "learning the ropes" and still developing my skills. Sorry to disappoint you BPZ Universe but you have no idea what I know and what I'm capable of just yet. Many doubted my skills when I defeated BiC for the United States Championship, many doubted my ability when I retained the United States Championship against Alyx Wilde and ALL of you are right now doubting me to beat Flynn. All my career I have had people like you question if I can get the job done even though I promised them I would. I told each and every one of you I am going to do this... I'm going to do that... and what did I do? I DID IT. In just over one year I have done everything I have said I'm going to do and have I been wrong yet. No. But this imbecile continues to doubt me. "False prophet", "Pretender", "Irrelevant". They are just some of the things Flynn has said about me over and over again. He's that worried inside his own head he's actually starting to question if he can get the job done himself. He is trying to figure out my game plan every day of the week. He's going through all of my matches trying to grasp me inside out. Because he's obsessed with me and me only. Flynn doesn't care about anyone but me on Carnage right now. Because rightfully so he knows I'm the only one that can take that Championship away from him he's held for so long. He's going mental but yet I'm the one who apparently has issues. Well Flynn, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'm not the one with issues. I'm the one with a plan and come Saturday you will be given the reality check you deserve. Ross drops the mic on the floor leaving the crowd to boo and some to cheer. The "Man With A Plan" rolls out of the ring and up towards the back before he stops and pauses. He looks to the ground and then back to the ring where he jogs back down and slides in. Ross picks up the microphone this time hyperventilating. And if Flynn has a problem with that then I suggest he comes and finds out the consequences right now. Ross tucks his hair behind his ears waiting to see if Flynn has a problem with what was said.
  12. UFC Official Discussion

    Best in the fucking world. GSP is going to get his head smashed in come on Bisping!!!

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