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  1. Ross

    WWE234 is back with a new vibe

    #WelcomeBack #Legend
  2. RIP X, gone so soon. John 20:4 rip my idol and hero only 20 smh, buy my merch on his death btw £20 for a t-shirt £40 for hoodie all money goes to me.

  3. Ross

    BPZ Predictions League

    Bludgeon Brothers Rollins Reigns Carmella Ronda Lashley Cass Natalya Miz Nakamura
  4. Ross

    World Cup Sweepstake

  5. Kenny Omega isn't entertaining and would never succeed in WWE. He's good in Japan cos he's a good wrestler. Proof you say? Look at Nakamura.

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    2. Ross


      And Raven is a 26 time Hardcore Champion, doesn't mean he's going to main event WrestleMania

    3. Flynn


      But Nakamura co-main evented Wrestlemania 

    4. Ross


      So did 6 women last year 

  6. Ross

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout | 13th July 2018

    Hey, it's better than facing jobbers in the final of a big tournament
  7. RevPro British Cup 2018 After a successful "Live in June", it's time to spice things up and make our revolution more competitive as we bring to you the RevPro British Cup. In this tournament we will host three matches with the winners meeting in a triple threat match for the British Cup. It will consist of superstars from three companies. RevPro, ROH and NJPW. Ladies and gentleman it's time to see who can handle the competition. RevPro British Cup Match Card British Cup Qualifier: Kenny Omega vs Minoru Suzuki RevPro Cruiserweight Championship: David Starr (c) vs Zack Sabre Jr. British Cup Qualifier: Bully Ray vs Cody British Cup Qualifier: Will Ospreay vs Jimmy Havoc RevPro British Heavyweight Championship: Pete Dunne (c) vs Travis Banks British Cup Final: ??? vs ??? vs ???
  8. Good match guys one of the best I’ve seen therefore I give you a 0.0024/5 rating. Well done guys
  9. RevPro: Live In June Ladies and gentleman welcome to Revolution Pro Wrestling: Live In June, we are kicking the summer off with a bang and boy do we have some matches that will rock your world tonight. NJPW Star and RevPro British Heavyweight Champion Tomohiro Ishii takes on WWE Superstar Pete Dunne for the RevPro British Heavyweight Championship and much more tonight. Let's find out what happened at RevPro: Live In June. RevPro: Live In June is live from the Eletric Ballroom in Southern England. The attendance figures for this show Will Ospreay Defeated PJ Black | 42 Rating Marty Scurll Defeated Doug Williams | 43 Rating RevPro British Tag Team Championships: Suzuki-Gun (c) Defeated #CCK | 52 Rating RevPro British Cruiserweight Championship: David Starr (c) Defeated Ryan Smile | 44 Rating RevPro Heavyweight Championship: Pete Dunne defeated Tomohiro Ishii (c) | 60 Rating Overall Rating: 52 Rating RevPro: Live In June received a TV Rating of 0.01 and received 1,590 viewers for this show which was shown on Pivotshare (Europe) RevPro: Live In June Prediction Results @Angelo Caito: 5 @The Marker: 4 @Bart: 5 @Julius01: 4 @JoshsNow: 3 @Sheridan: 5 @Smith: 5 Congrats to Brad, Bart, Sheridan & Smith for predicting every result correctly. Won't be as easy next time!
  10. After great consideration, the moderation team has come to the decision on making slammies once per year meaning it will face at the end/beginning of every year.

  11. Ross

    Ross' Graphics

    First time I have touched Photoshop in over a year. Pretty impressed with what I have created however I personally feel there is something missing. Probably going to get back in the swing of things and reinstall all my plugins etc and hopefully improve in graphics again. Let me know what you all thing, give me some feedback.
  12. RevPro: Live In June Match Card RevPro British Heavyweight Championship: Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs Pete Dunne RevPro British Cruiserweight Championship: David Starr (c) vs Ryan Smile RevPro British Tag Team Championship: Suzuki-Gun (c) vs #CCK Doug Williams vs Marty Scurll Will Ospreay vs PJ Black
  13. Ross

    Rate The User Above.

  14. Revolution Pro Wrestling Many of you may only know what Revolution Pro Wrestling is because of it's relationships with other companies. Many of you may only watch Revolution Pro Wrestling when it's collaborating with other companies. But now, this all changes. The new era of RPW begins right now. With Andy Quildan selling the business to Pivotshare. RPW looks to expand nationally and finally take over the wrestling world. Pivotshare have come out publicly and said they will continue to work with all of RPW's relations as of now and have been apparently in talks with WWE about the upcoming WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. The biggest question is where does this leave RPW with the New Japan Alliance? The future is looking bright for Revolution Pro Wrestling and it's just getting started. RPW Champions Below are the current champions within Revolution Pro Wrestling. It will updated with every show that comes out so you can keep up on who is holding what Championship. RevPro British Heavyweight Champion: Tomohiro Ishii RevPro British Tag Team Champions: Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr) RevPro British Cruiserweight Champion: David Starr

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