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Status Updates posted by Ross

  1. Been here three years now, so emotional.

    1. Jeremiah Flynn
    2. bailey14


      U left for like 1 of those years 

    3. Ross


      And your dad left u

  2. A draft will take place this Friday at 10pm GMT.

  3. All this bribery and politics yet I'm just sat here waiting for the N word to be unbanned../. 

    1. Bashka


      If we want equality white people should be able to say the n word #equality

  4. A BPZ Draft will be taking place after SummerSlam.

  5. KOTR, the month where everyone posts big long posts and licks each others ass to get in their good books and hope they vote them. #Embarassing #ComingHome

    1. JoshsNow


      #Coming Home? Or #Football's Coming Home

  6. 1. Fake DM's With Flynn

    2. Photoshop DM's With Slim

    3. Get Your Sheep To Follow

    4. Act Innocent

    5. Vacate Belt & Save Friends Unbeaten Run

    6. Insert Roll Safe Meme 

  7. It's coming home.

    1. JoshsNow


      Footballs coming home 

  8. RIP X, gone so soon. John 20:4 rip my idol and hero only 20 smh, buy my merch on his death btw £20 for a t-shirt £40 for hoodie all money goes to me.

    1. Ross


      No just T-Shirts sorry.

  9. Kenny Omega isn't entertaining and would never succeed in WWE. He's good in Japan cos he's a good wrestler. Proof you say? Look at Nakamura.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jeremiah Flynn

      Jeremiah Flynn

      But Nakamura co-main evented Wrestlemania 

    3. Ross


      So did 6 women last year 

  10. After great consideration, the moderation team has come to the decision on making slammies once per year meaning it will face at the end/beginning of every year.

  11. I run and call the shots for ROA, don't get it mistaken.

  12. 1. EVOLVE

    2. Carnage

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jeremiah Flynn

      Jeremiah Flynn


      LMAO I’d slap the head off your entire roster come on now brother. 

    3. Julius




      3. EVOLVE

    4. Ross


      Think Flynn and Julius need to climb out of eachothers arses abit

  13. The Cult Is Fine.

  14. After carrying the division on my back for nearly a year the #TwoTime has finally left the US division. What an emotional moment for all the Ross Paulers out there.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JoshsNow


      Wait, have I spammed posts so I can escape facing Ross in US, and now I have to face Ross in IC

    3. Necce


      Time for me to delete most of my posts to get back down to the US division 

    4. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      Yes Ross. Fuck yes.

  15. Just want to congratulate Bart on getting Junior Mod. Does so much for the mod team and has helped me out a bunch while I show him how things work very well done to him. Also want to thank Brenden and Bailey for the promotion :)  

  16. With myself approaching IC & With personal issues going on I here by officially vacate the United States Championship. #2x #LongestReiging #ThankYouRoss

    1. Poiudust
    2. Bashka


      #We’llMissYouRoss 😭

  17. Happy Birthday @Slim

  18. Remember when everyone said Women are underrated in Wrestling. 

    They are now very overrated and don't deserve a Rumble


  19. There’s no W in Bailey but there is an L. There’s no L in RedArrow but there is a W

    1. Emperor Nate

      Emperor Nate

      The greatest discovery in the history of humanity

    2. Bashka


      There’s no W in Bailey but there is an L.

      There’s no L in RedArrow but there is a W

  20. Sorry for the delay but the Slammy Awards are up now! Vote away!

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