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  1. I'm honestly stuck between, The Dark Knight and Into The Spiderverse. While TDK is my favourite movie ever I think I just have to go with Spiderverse, without fail the "What's up Danger" scene will get more so fucking hyped, every single time.
  2. Sign-Ups for Season 1 are done. If you are interested in joining the diary in later seasons, don't worry you can sign up at anytime, you just want get the same benefit as the season 1 guys who'll i'll keep the sim going until they retire. However you'll still get to be in the diary you just want to because I can add players whenever.
  3. As Kabu's final words begin to soak in with the crowd a small silence descends upon the audience which is soon broken by none other than one man. The arena would echo in boos from the crowd, almost every fan in said arena hating Ropati after what Kabu just said in the ring about him. Despite Ropati's cool, calm and confident demeanour as he walks if you looked at his eyes you'd see a fourth emotion look back at you, anger. As Ropati entered the ring he would immediately get in Kabu's face as the two men began to stare down. The 6'4 Ropati, who usually would be the taller man in most staredowns, would now be forced to look up at Kabu who looked down at him, matching his intensity. Eventually, Ropati would break the staredown taking a step back. We'd see Ropati now had a mic in his hands as he began to address Kabu. "I'm confused. I'm confused as to why five years after I left and joined BPZ you suddenly have a problem with it. Are you now a stronger man than you were before? Or is there now a mad man whispering bullshit in your ear. See because that's exactly what your whole story is, bullshit. You came out here with some sort of bullshit sob story to what? Get the crowd on your side? Try to mess with my head? Because neither will work. I couldn't care any less about what any of these bums think and your story doesn't affect me because at the end of the day we both know the real story, which I guess now I need to tell. Kabu and I did train together. I saw this new guy appear in OPW and saw the immense potential that he had, so I took him under my wing. We trained together every day and hey I'd be lying if I didn't say that it made me better, but Kabu if you truly believe that you were ever as good as me? Then I guess I didn't train you good enough because we both know that that is bullshit." Suddenly the crowd would begin to rain down with boos once more, all sense of sympathy that Ropati was building with them now gone following his words. "You can come out here and complain about how I got more opportunities than you and it's not fair. But if you really want to advance in your career? Then you need to grow the fuck up. You need to realise that even if there was a point where we were at a similar level, that time is long gone. See I came to BPZ and quickly realised that in OPW I was just a big fish in a small pond. So I trained harder than I ever had before to make myself great and it worked. At Summerslam last year, all my hard work became worth it as I defeated Arius to become the BPZ World Champion. Then at the start of this year, there's a new debut on the Carnage roster, none other than Kabu over here. You won the North American title quickly. But then you exposed the exact reason why at the end of the day I am better than you. You stopped caring, I saw first-hand how you didn't care anymore when You, me and Flynn teamed. Kabu is you had the same work ethic I had then maybe you would've made it to BPZ back in 2016, maybe we could've achieved our dreams together but instead you weren't good enough and now you can't handle that. I think instead of attacking me for leaving to go to BPZ, you owe me an apology. Because if it wasn't for me you'd still be working that radio service job in Pittsburgh, hating your life and praying to get the chance you felt you had earned in BPZ. I'm the reason BPZ ever even laid eyes on Oceania in the first place, despite opening in May 2014, BPZ first started to recruit talent at the start of that year. Isn't it weird that a new wrestling company, in Australia wouldn't even look at wrestling in Oceania? Instead, they went to places like Greece. See this is because they did look at Oceania, OPW to be more exact and no one in that company even deserved a second look. Then in 2016, they came again, you know why? Because they heard about me and they wanted a closer look. I wowed the scouts sent by BPZ and quickly earned myself a contract and soon enough no one cared about OPW anymore. Fast forward to September 2020 and I'm the world champion and because of my popularity, BPZ is doing an Oceania tour. Suddenly they're desperate to find the next Ropati, another wrestler who can tap into that Oceania market. That's where you come in. The fact is Kabu, you were brought in to BPZ to be the next me. Despite previously scoffing at the thought of signing you, because you weren't quite good enough, your Fijian nationality sent dollar signs to their brain and so they ignored the red flags you brought and signed you up. So Kabu how about instead of all this petty arguing we keep it simple, and you apologise to me right now." The crowd would now be silent as they all sat on the edge of their seats as Kabu slowly raised the microphone to his mouth. Before he stopped, looked at Ropati, and then lowered his mic back down. "So you want to continue to show disrespect? That's fine, don't apologise. I suppose now I'll just have to beat the apology out of you." And with those final words, Ropati would turn his attention away from his opponent at Superfight as he exited the ring and made his way to the backstage area.
  4. Unlike many? I'm actually a big fan of Brock's 2nd run and I'm off the unpopular opinion that Brock's reign of doing around 4 matches a year boosted the belts prestige rather than lowering it. Anyways with that said my favourite Brock match does come from that 2nd run and while the likes of his match vs Punk, Styles and Reigns at Mania 31 are all great my personal favourite has to be Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan If it's been awhile since you've seen this match or you've just never seen it then please do yourself the pleasure of watching it right now.
  5. Ole is by no means a bad manager. He's clearly shown in his time with United he's way better than he was with Cardiff in his previous premier league spell but at the same Ole is a good manager, that's it. And the issue is that a club like Man United, with the talent they have can't settle for good managers, they need great managers or elite managers. Say what you want about Ole but he's never won a trophy, which just isn't good enough for United, He's never got a point tally higher than Mourinho got but Jose got thrown to the side the minute things went wrong, while Ole has been given chance after chance and better backing from the board than Jose got. The fact is, if Ole wasn't a former Man United player who scored a last minute winner in a Champions League final he'd have been sacked awhile ago. At the end of the day Ole isn't good enough for United but he's still not a bad manager and I'd be interested to see him manage a midtable premier league club.
  6. Week 2 Pick: Cleveland Browns
  7. Woah what's this another Ropati career sim? No way. Yes, I know a very original idea here for me Mr original ideal man himself. Now I could write some sort of fancy intro bullshit like my name is Jonathan but I won't instead I'll just keep it simple. Pretty much Instead of using 2k to do this, I'll be using the website BasketballGM.com, why? Well for one the sim speed goes crazy (takes like 20 seconds to do a season) and while it lacks the nice looking UI, gameplay and just everything else 2k has that it doesn't, it is more fun and somewhat realistic NBA simulation. One thing I really like is that no one is guaranteed to be good in the game, for example, you could tear your ACL and never be the same player. Stuff that 2k just lacks. Anyways let's move on to the sign up template. (full credit to my guy Cody cause I took this from his "Ballgame" diary Name: Position: College: Jersey Number: Age (17-23) Height: Weight: Build Freak Of Nature (Giannis-Like): Physical Strengths (3): Technical Strengths (2): Physical Weakness (0:) Technical Weakness (4): Technical Master (Tim Duncan-like): Physical Strengths (2): Technical Strengths (4): Physical Weakness (2): Technical Weakness (1): All-Around Player (Carmelo Anthony-like): Physical Strengths (3): Technical Strengths (3): Physical Weakness (1): Technical Weakness (2):
  8. Before Ozymandias could speak into the microphone that was handed back to him by Kabu he was cut off but none other than the music belonging to the "Kiwi Killer" James Ropati. As 'Gangata's Paradise' echoed through the arena Carnage was located in tonight Ropati would begin to walk from the Gureilla spot. While no clear emotion was shown on Ozymandias's face, his left eyebrow did raise ever so slightly showing he must've been at least a little surprised by Ropati's appearance here tonight. Meanwhile while Kabu's face was emotionless his eyes seemed to be filled with some sort of rage upon seeing Ropati, meanwhile Julius seemed to direct a look at Ropati that could only mean "what the fuck are you doing out here". Ropati would walk down to the ring without either tag belt, a black hoodie, black pants and black air forces, completing his all black look. Ropati would keep walking down the ramp, past Julius, before he entered the ring and stood across from Ozymandias and Kabu. "You really hate Flynn don't you? I mean I've met some people who haven't liked him, hell that man standing their on the ramp does not like Flynn but wow you hate him. Not that I can blame you ofcourse after all losing not only your wife but your kids as well? Everyone you love gone because some wrestler with an alcohol problem got behind the wheel of a car. That really sucks. Now I try to live my life not focusing on what others do, so while Flynn was a friend of mine, his problems were still his problems and I don't really appreciate you blaming the Good Brothers for something Flynn did. But there is one thing I don't appreciate more, and that's attention seekers. See Ozymandias as you sat at home mourning the death of your family, you didn't sit there thinking about how much you hate Flynn, no you thought about how you could distract yourself from the fact that the three people you loved most in this world were gone. You knew no matter how much you wished you could trade your life for theirs that deep down you couldn't. So instead you thought of a way to distract yourself from the pain, and what better way to do that then joining BPZ? Thst's also the reason you're here on Carnage tonight. You got bored on Valor and when you get bored, the dark thoughts come back. You start to dream about holding your wife's dead body in your arms begging for her to not leave you but you already know that she's gone. So you came over to Carnage where you challenged Julius, the toughest guy there is in BPZ hoping that maybe this fight can distract you from the pain, permanently. It won't, no matter what you try you will never forget the day you lost your family and you know who's fault that is? Jeremiah Flynn's, not Julius's, not Slim's, not mine but Flynn's so you can go and take your attention seeking ass and fuck off for all I care. But before you go. Ropati would then reach into his pockets where he pulled out two cans of beers. He'd throw one as Ozymandias who would just let it fly past him as he kept his eyes on Ropati. I'd liked to propose a toast, a toast to Jeremiah Flynn. For bringing us together here in this ring. Ropati would then proceed to down his beer before turning his attention from Ozymandias to Kabu. Upon seeing Kabu, Ropati's facial expression would completely change, from one of anger to one of happiness. Abdul buddy! How you been man? I don't know how many people know this but Kabu and I, we go way back. We both started out our careers at the same promotion, OPW aka Oceania Pro Wrestling. I remember about a year and a half after I joined the company suddenly this new guy came in called, Abdul Kabu. Next show he's got a match and I remember us all gathering in the locker room to watch and we all just turned to each other and said "yeh this kids gonna be a star sooner or later." And 6, 7 years later and boy were we right. Sure you didn't take the direct approach like I did, choosing instead to travel around the world. But eventually you made your way to BPZ and you proved yourself. So before I speak any more I really do what to know how you're going? Ropati would stick his hand out in Kabu's direction hoping he'd accept his handshake but instead Kabu would look at the hand in almost digust before looking at Ropati with anger clear in his eyes. Wow ok, someone's a little on edge, what? Oz man over there mind controlling you to hate me or something? Anyways I didn't decide to cut you off Ozzy just to express my annoyance with you nor did I do it to catch up with you Abdul, I do actually have a reason to be out here tonight. See while I was watching from the back, mainly making sure that you two didn't try to jump Julius or anything. I couldn't help but overhear Ozzy Ozbourne over here speaking about a challenge on behalf of Kabu towards Julius. Now Julius is quite busy, see's he's already booked to face the Wizard of Oz at Survival of the Fittest, combine that with the fact he's the death machine, I don't think he can, nor wants to fit you into his schedule. However do not worry Kabu because while Juliius won't fight you, I know someone who will. It's been awhile since I've had a singles match, 266 days to be exact. Now I do love me a good tag team match but I miss the feel of a good old fashioned one on one duel. Anyways I'm starting to ramble so let me keep this simple. At Survival of the Fittest, Abdul Kabu I am challenging you to a one on one match. Following Ropati's challenge the crowd would begin to roar as Ropati left the ring before making he way to where Julius still stood on the ramp before they began to walk up to the back, before one man's words stopped them where they stood on the stage.
  9. Big Fish Theory - Vince Staples Going into this album i'd never heard a Vince Staples song before so truthfully I had no idea what to expect. While clearly a rap album, Vince's rap is one of the more unique I've heard as his beats and certain parts of his songs sound like him juste experiment with different things which in some cases certainly improves the songs and in some cases it does take away from the track. Through the first 5 songs there was two songs I enjoyed in "745" and "Big Fish" then we got to the motherfucking dynamic duo of this album, the first of two being "Yeah Right". While Yeah Right is class and Staples is good on it it's boosted by the feature which is one Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick just does his thing on his track which is really all he needs to do and kills it. I thought for sure that was going to be easily the best track on the album but then we got "Homage", This is the best song on the album, no doubt in my mind. Vince really does his thing on this track and had me vibing the whole time which I really didn't expect. Sadly we follow the dynamic duo with the worse track on the album "SAMO". This song just isn't it, I don't know what it is but the whole time I just didn't like it. Moving on we get "Party People". Which is another banger, while not quite as good as Homage, it's for sure on the same tier as Yeah Right and is another class song I'll have to come back to. Next up is "BakBak" another class song, I was leaning towards not mentioning this track as anything crazy, just a good song. However, Vince's last verse goes hard and defo boosted this track up. We end the album with "Rain Come Down" which is a solid song, nothing crazy. Overall, I was very much surprised by how much I enjoyed this album as I didn't even know who Vince Staples was before I listened to this album. Consider me a Vince Staples fan now and I'll have to listen to some of his other music. Overall Rating - 7.3/10
  10. Perpetual Destruction in the Pacific ——————————————————————————— ——————————————————————————— Booker T & New Jack vs The Basham Brothers Following the (very real) pyro and the emotional Cibi by the National Fijian Rugby side we would be set for our first match of the night. New Jack has looked out for Booker T in the past weeks because "people like us gotta stick together". Following an attempted assault by the Basham Brothers on Booker T which was stopped by New Jack this match was made offical. Booker T and New Jack would pick up the victory in this match after Booker hit Doug Basham with a Scissor Kick. Following the match New Jack and Booker would dap each other up as they celebrated. ——————————————————————————— LAX vs Low Ki, Psychosis and Super Crazy Next up we would have the team of Low-Ki, Psychosis and Super Crazy going against LAX. This feud began back in week 2 when Low-Ki turned down LAX's offer of guidance, since then LAX ambushed Low-Ki and then tried to do the same to Psychosis and Super Crazy but failed when Low-Ki stopped them. Now say what you want about LAX's actions but they are one hell of a unit and that was clear in this match. Low-Ki, Psychosis and Super Crazy could next really get going due to Low-Ki never having teamed with either man before. Eventually Hernandez would pin Psychosis following a Border Toss. ——————————————————————————— APA vs World's Greatest Tag-Team Next up would feature the World's Greatest Tag Team against The World's Greatest Investors, The APA. The backstory for this match would be pretty simple WGTT wishes to establish themselves as the top team in PPW but they understand that APA could also make a claim for that spot so they challenged them to a match to prove that they're better. That wouldn't be the case however as the APA would pick up the victory after JBL hit Charlie Haas with a Clothesline from Hell. ——————————————————————————— Masterlock Challenge: Chris Masters vs Dr Wagner Jr Next would feature the Masterlock Challenge as Dr Wagner Jr has previously accepted the challenge in week 3 of PPW. Dr Wagner would sit in the chair in the middle of the ring while Aaron Stevens began to talk trash to him before Chris Masters told him to back and proceed to begin the challenge. Despite Wagner's best attempts he would eventually tap out to the Masterlock as while he lasted the longest so far as a whopping 45 seconds the Masterlock would just prove to be too much. ——————————————————————————— The Sprit of Degei is coming We'd then cut to a pre recorded video on the streets of Suva. We'd see a pit of Fijian snakes surrounding one man who seemed to have them tamed despite the lack of a flute. The man would have his back to the camera but we would see that he was wearing a mask of some kind. The camera would then pan out to reveal the priest we saw previously who muttered to another man "It's true, The Sprit of Degei is within him." ——————————————————————————— Kenta Kobashi vs Kazuchika Okada Next we'd feature a match of the future vs the now. Kazuchika Okada is determined to make a name for himself here in PPW in started when he faced Misawa in the week 2 main event but he fell short despite a very impressive performance. Following this match Kobashi encouraged him but Okada saw this as disrespect so in turn he disrespected Kobashi leading to this match. Despite Okada's clear natural talent and his determination he would fall short to Kobashi. In the end of the match Okada would go for the Ripcord Lariat but Kobashi just took it like a champ before he responded with a Lariat off his own to Okada but Okada would stay on his feet, so Kobashi hit another Lariat but Okada would only fall down to his knees. This lead to a third and final lariat from Kobashi which was finally enough to finish Okada and win the match for Kobashi. Following the match Kobashi would go to shake Okada's hand and unlike last time Okada would accept and then proceeded to raise Kobashi's hand. A sign of mutual respect shown following this great match ——————————————————————————— AJ Styles vs Perry Saturn It would now be time for the semi-main event of the evening as AJ Styles would face off against Perry Saturn. Perry Saturn would want to see if the hype behind AJ Styles was all talk or if he was really like that. It turns out AJ Styles is truly worth all the hype and maybe even more. He'd show out against Perry Saturn before eventually winning after hitting Saturn with a Styles Clash to pick up the victory. ——————————————————————————— Eddie Guerrero vs Sabu It would finally be time for the main event of tonights show. Following winning the first match in PPW history against Low-Ki, Sabu would challenge Eddie Guerrero to a match at this very event. After winning in the main event of that very same event Eddie would accept Sabu's challenge. While this feud would start with a mutual respect shared for each other it would soon break down to turmoil thanks to interference from the ECW OGZ and accidental hits from both men on the other. These men are clearly two of the best in PPW and the whole crowd can't wait to watch this match. In one of the crazier spots in the match Eddie would do his classic chair spot after the ref went down. However, when Eddie threw the chair to Sabu and acted as if Sabu had hit him, Sabu actually would hit him before then hitting him with an Air Sabu but Eddie would manage to kick out. Later on in the match Sabu would hit Eddie with an Arabian Piledriver but once again Eddie managed to kick out. Eventually Eddie would manage to keep Sabu down for long enough to hit him with a Frog Splash to pick up the victory. Following the match the two men would tease a brawl before they instead embraced as we closed the show with the two men who just put on one hell of a match shaking hands.
  11. Pacific Pro Wrestling, Week 1 ——————————————————————————— The Biggest Star in Wrestling Welcomes Everyone to PPW To begin the first ever episode of Pacific Pro Wrestling live from Fiji. The GM of PPW and the biggest star in the business, The Rock would make his way down to the ring to massive cheers. The Rock would go on to talk about how as arguably the most famous Pacific Islander of the planet he jumped at the opportunity to join PPW, and help raise the overall stock of Wrestling here in Fiji and eventually the rest of the Pacific Islands. He'd go on to talk about what a stacked card he'd created tonight with the help of the incredible roster PPW had. He'd announce that tonights main event would consist of Eddie Guerrero going against Yoshinari Ogawa. But first, in the first match in PPW history it would be Sabu against Low-Ki. ——————————————————————————— Sabu vs Low-Ki As promised by The Rock the first match in PPW history would not disappoint. Both Sabu and Low-Ki were hungry to prove themselves as top contenders here in PPW yet were at two completely different stages in their careers. Low-Ki as a young up incomer and Sabu as a Veteran. In the end after hitting Low-Ki with an Arabian Piledriver he'd lock in the Arabian Clutch which caused Low-Ki to tap giving Sabu the victory and the first in PPW history. Following the match, being the man of few words that he is, Sabu would pick up a mic and simply say "I came to PPW to face the best that is why I am calling out Eddie Guerrero to face me at PPW's first PPV." ——————————————————————————— Masterlock Challenge Following that terrific match, Chris Masters would make his way to the ring but not alone as Aaron Stevens would come out by his side. Masters would announce that despite them being in Fiji instead of America the Masterlock challenge would still commence. Stevens would find a big Fijian man in the audience who seemed to accept the Masterlock Challenge. Despite his intimidating frame the man would be no match for the Masterlock as he quickly tapped out and failed the challenge. ——————————————————————————— ECW OGZ We'd then cut to backstage where New Jack stood alongside Balls Mahoney and Justin Credible. New Jack would announce that in order for these three men to be at their best in PPW that would have to get back in touch with their roots of ECW. He'd announce that the audience was looking at the most extreme stable in all of PPW, The ECW OGZ. ——————————————————————————— Justin Credible vs Paul London Following the announcement of the ECW OGZ, one member of the trio, Justin Credible would bet set for a match against Paul London. New Jack and Mahoney would be stood at ringside rooting Credible on, London and Credible would put on an exciting affair that got the Fijian crowd on their feet. Eventually Credible would manage to pick up the victory following a Superkick on London. ——————————————————————————— APA Real Estate We'd then cut to the front of a very expensive looking house somewhere in Fiji, we'd then see the two members of the APA, JBL & Ron Simmons, make their way out from the house talking to each other. They'd talk about how much of shithole Fiji is and how idiotic the locals were here. Ron would ask JBL if The Rock had agreed to trade them to a different company but JBL would tell him that the Rock refused to which Ron simply responded with "Damn". JBL would then tell the camera that despite the horrible country they've found themselves in they aren't just going to sit around and complain, they're from America, the land of opportunity so they'll create themselves an opportunity. Which is why they've purchased their first property of many here in Fiji. ——————————————————————————— Eddie Guerrero vs Yoshinari Ogawa To top off this incredible night of wrestling here in PPW it'd finally be time for the main event of the evening, Eddie Guerrero vs Yoshinari Ogawa. As expected this match would be an instant classic both men showing exactly why they had been chosen to main event the first show in PPW history, Ogawa would use a very hard hitting offence, beating Eddie down again and again. Eventually Eddie would manage to keep Ogawa down long enough to hit him with a Frog Splash to pick up the victory. Following the match he'd grab a microphone and simply said "Sabu, I Accept". Following his words the first match of PPW's first PPV would be announced as Sabu vs Eddie Guerrero. Pacific Pro Wrestling, Week 2 ——————————————————————————— Booker T vs Nunzio To begin this weeks PPW we'd start off with a match between Booker T and Nunzio. Halfway through the match New Jack would make his way down to the ring to join the commentary team as he watched the match. Eventually Booker T would pick up the victory after hitting Nunzio with a Book End. ——————————————————————————— Some Simple Advice We'd then cut backstage where Low-Ki would be sat in catering. As Low-Ki was eating LAX would make their way over to him as they sat down next to him. Konnan would talk to Low-Ki about how while he was impressive last week against Sabu he did come up short, he'd go on to say that they'd happily offer him some guidance. Low-Ki would politely decline this offer from LAX as he went back to eating his food as LAX then left the table. ——————————————————————————— The Spirit of Degei We'd then change to a completely new scene, no longer one to do with wrestling but rather a Fijian church. As the head priest lead the people in a hymn he would break the news that "The Supreme Degei has found a new host for his spirit to roam in" then would lead to lots of excited chatter among the people as they left the church following a prayer to the Supreme God Degei. ——————————————————————————— WGTT vs Super Crazy and Psychosis We'd then return to the Vodafone arena as it was now time for some tag team action as WGTT (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) took on Super Crazy and Psychosis. This match would do an incredible job of showing off the immense talent that PPW has in the tag team department. Eventually WGTT would pick up the win after hitting Super Crazy with a Leapfrog Stun Gun. ——————————————————————————— Sabu and Eddie face off The next segment would feature the two men who are set to main event the first PPW PPV, Perpetual Destruction in the Pacific, facing off in the ring. Sabu and Eddie Guerrero would both take turns addressing their opponent both making it clear that they share a level of respect for the other. Eventually Justin Credible's theme would hit as he made his way down to the ring drawing the attention of both men. This would prove to be a mistake as this left them open to a sneak attack from Balls Mahoney who hit both Eddie and Sabu with a chair. Credible would grab his own chair as he and Balls looked to really do some damage to Eddie and Sabu, however when he went to go and hit Sabu with a chair, Sabu would catch it and throw it back at Credible and proceed to hit him with an Air Sabu. Eddie would also manage to dodge Balls's second chair assault before slamming him down with a suplex. Sabu would then hit Balls with an Arabian piledriver before Eddie climbed to the top rope and hit him with a Frog Splash as he and Sabu stood tall despite the attempted attack from the ECW OGZ. ——————————————————————————— The Nightmare is coming We'd then cut to the downtown streets of Suva, where we'd see what looked like a gang meeting. Suddenly it would interrupted by a clearly scared gang member as he began to speak in Fijian saying "The Nightmare is coming." We'd then hear a loud laugh as a man would enter the room, his back to the camera as he attacked the scared gang member, before he approached the other men as all we would hear is their screams as the camera cut away. ——————————————————————————— Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kazuchika Okada The main event of PPW's 2nd show would feature one of the top Japanese stars against a man who has the potential to eclipse all prior stars and become the greatest Japanese wrestler of all time. This would be a great match between the two but the experience of Misawa would clearly prove to be the difference maker as he picked up the victory. Following the match another current Japanese star, Kenta Kobashi would make his way to the ring and shook Okada's hand went to raise his hand but Okada was not a fan of this and instead shoved Kobashi to the ground before storming off. Pacific Pro Wrestling, Week 3 ——————————————————————————— Low-Ki vs Hernandez Following Low-Ki rejecting LAX's offer to help guide him here in PPW, a match would be booked pitting Low-Ki against LAX's own Hernandez. Somewhat proving why he rejected LAX's offer, Low-Ki would pick up the victory pinning Hernandez after hitting a Ghetto Stomp. Following the match while Low-Ki celebrated he would be assaulted from behind by all of LAX as they beat him down before they stood tall. ——————————————————————————— Masterlock Challenge Just like during week 1 of PPW, Chris Masters and Aaron Stevens would make their way to the ring for the 2nd Masterlock Challenge. Just like last time Stevens would find a random Fijian man in the crowd who's biceps seem bigger than some people's heads. Despite his impressive size the same as the first masterlock challenge he quickly submitted to the Masterlock. However unlike last time, this time Masters and Stevens attacked the man after the challenge. However before they could do any serious damage, Dr Wagner Jr would run out to the ring sending Masters and Stevens running. Wagner would then pick up a mic announcing that he'll be accepting the next Masterlock Challenge. ——————————————————————————— AJ Styles vs Bull Buchanen Following the events of the 2nd ever Masterlock Challenge we'd be set for more in-ring action as AJ Styles took on Bull Buchanen. Buchanen would attempt to use his superior size and strength to beat Styles, while Styles attempted to use his superior speed and agility. Eventually speed and agility would win out as Styles managed to pick up the victory vs Buchanen. Following the match Perry Saturn would confront Styles before challenging him to a match at Perpetual Destruction in the Pacific which Styles would accept. ——————————————————————————— Booker T vs Doug Basham We'd continue with the in-ring action as Booker T would face Doug Basham. While as a tag team the Basham's are quite prolific as singles wrestlers they fall short when compared to the elite stars. Booker T is one of these elite stars as he picked up the victory pinning Basham after hitting a Book End. Following the match the Bashams would go to attack Booker T but New Jack would run out to make the save as he and Booker T stood strong in the ring while the Bashams retreated. ——————————————————————————— Visiting Shangri-La Yanuca Island with the APA We'd then change scenery from that of the Vodafone Arena to the Fijian resort, Shangri-La Yanuca Island. JBL and Ron Simmons of the APA would be seen inside the resort as it seemed that they were discussing with what looked like the owner of the resort how much it would cost to buy it. The two men would talk about what a good investment it could be and eventually they would buy the resort. ——————————————————————————— I will be the Best Following the scene of the APA investing, we'd return to the Vodafone arena where Kazuchika Okada would be stood in the ring holding a microphone. Okada would say while he did fall short last week in the main event against Misawa he can accept that he lost. What he can't accept is the disrespect shown to him by Kenta Kobashi who saw Okada as some sort of charity case, Okada would then challenge Kobashi to a match at Perpetual Destruction in the Pacific. ——————————————————————————— Sabu vs Balls Mahoney - Hardcore Rules The main event of tonights show would be a war between two ECW legends in Sabu and Balls Mahoney as they fought in a Hardcore Rules match. In what was a vicious match with Balls hitting Sabu in the skull with a chair and Sabu hitting an Arabian Piledriver on Balls onto a lighttube. Eventually Sabu would pick up the win hitting Balls with an Arabian Facebuster, while driving a steel chair into Balls's face. Following the match all 3 members of the ECW OGZ would try to attack Sabu, this would lead to Eddie trying to make the save, all we seem fine for Eddie and Sabu before Eddie accidentally hit Sabu leading to the show closing with Eddie trying to apologise to a very much annoyed Sabu. Pacific Pro Wrestling, Week 4 ——————————————————————————— Homicide vs Super Crazy To open this weeks PPW LAX's Homicide would take on Super Crazy. In a fun affair, Homicide would end up picking up the victory after hitting Super Crazy with Da Gringo Killa. Following the match as Psychosis was checking up on Super Crazy, LAX would attack the two men before Low-Ki stormed the ring, steel chair in hand forcing LAX to go running. ——————————————————————————— People like us gotta stick together We'd then cut backstage to Booker T's locker room where he'd be sat watching his match last week against Doug Basham. He'd be interrupted as New Jack entered the room, Booker T would ask New Jack why he helped him out last week. New Jack would then sit down next to Booker T before looking him in the eyes and telling him, "Book, in this world and more importantly here in PPW, people like us. We gotta stick together." Booker T wouldn't respond to this but rather just nodded his head in agreement. ——————————————————————————— Investing 101 Following that segment we'd see the APA in the ring. JBL would hold the microphone as he said that while he and Ron know the people of Fiji aren't very smart, they are here to help. They begin a class they called Investing 101 as they began to teach the crowd about investing. Their "class" would be interrupted by the theme song of WGTT, WGTT would tell the APA that no one here cares about investing and they're here to see people fight. So that's why at Perpetual Destruction in the Pacific they're challenging APA to a match. Ron Simmons would then accept this challenge on behalf of the APA. ——————————————————————————— Kenta Kobashi vs Nunzio Kenta Kobashi would make quick work of Nunzio as he fought even more aggressively than normal quite possibly annoyed at the way Okada has acted towards him in the past 2 weeks. Following his victory he'd grab a microphone before he'd tell Okada that he accepts his challenge and that he will teach Okada the meaning of respect. ——————————————————————————— The Rock announces 3 new matches for Perpetual Destruction in the Pacific We'd then cut to inside the Rock's office. The Rock would proceed to announce 3 new matches for PPW's first PPV, Perpetual Destruction in the Pacific. He'd announce, Dr Wagner Jr vs Chris Masters, LAX vs Low Ki, Psychosis and Super Crazy and Booker T & New Jack vs The Basham Brothers. ——————————————————————————— The Bulldozer is on the way. We'd then cut to a Tattoo Parlour where we'd see a man finishing his up his tattoo, famously known as the most painful part. The man would fight to keep any emotion of pain away as the camera revealed his tattoo as that of a bulldozer before the camera turned to the Tattoo artist who simply said "He's Coming." ——————————————————————————— Eddie Guerrero vs Justin Credible In the last main event before Perpetual Destruction in the Pacific Eddie Guerrero would take on Justin Credible of the ECW OGZ. Eddie would seem to have the upper hand in the match before the referee went down leading to the rest of the ECW OGZ looking to get involved but Sabu would run down to the ring to make the save, Sabu would attack New Jack and Balls Mahoney leaving Credible to Guerrero. However Credible would attack Sabu leading Sabu to try and hit Credible who ducked causing Sabu to hit Eddie in the head with a chair. Credible then pushed Sabu out of the ring before he hit Eddie with a Superkick to pick up a massive victory. Following the match Eddie would get right up into Sabu's face as the two men got into a staredown to close the show. Perpetual Destruction in the Pacific Match Card Eddie Guerrero vs Sabu AJ Styles vs Perry Saturn Kenta Kobashi vs Kazuchika Okada Chris Masters vs Dr Wagner Jr APA vs World's Greatest Tag-Team LAX vs Low Ki, Psychosis and Super Crazy Booker T & New Jack vs The Basham Brothers

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