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  1. Matches Raw Women's Championship: Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Apollo Crews Raw Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits (c) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza Ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Lucha House Party Women's Tag Team Championship: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. The Riott Squad SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey
  2. I'm just Mace. Are you fucking kidding me how do i get a name that's already a thing.
  3. Ropati went to go and say something but he stopped himself. He would then calm himself down before a now composed and calm Ropati would raise his mic again and began to address BiC. "You know BiC your right. You were at the level I'm at right now. Just that was a year ago. What have you done since you beat Joshsnow for the World Championship? Well, Let's recap. You never bothered to try and win your title back because you were scared of Julius because you knew you weren't at his level. Then your own tag partner, Hans betrayed you and
  4. Official: Fox Sports has taken over The Inside Scoop In recent news, multiple mainstream sports companies has hired or bought out the top BPZ independent media. Today the famous BPZ Talk Show featuring Reporters such as Ben Dover and Adrian Wojpati was brought out by Fox Sports who'll be presenting The Inside Scoop on Fox Sports 1. The Inside Scoop alongside Undisputed will be one of Fox Sports News's top discussion shows. Except to see The Inside Scoop to have a bigger budget and possibly even introduce new reporters or new segments to the show as Fox will be investing heavily i
  5. Bic alongside everyone else in the arena would turn their attention to the stage as the noise in the arena began to build as the anticipation of seeing the "Kiwi Killer" James Ropati reached its breaking point. For many of the Kiwi fans in the audience seeing the Kiwi World Champion was why they brought tickets for this weeks Carnage. "Power" by Kanye West suddenly came over the speakers in the arena and it didn't take long for it to be impossible to hear Ropati's theme as the crowd was so loud. The theme continued to play before Ropa
  6. Thank god Nate can't go for World.
  7. Right on cue from the end of Bailey's first promo as the Universal Champion "Monster" by Kanye West began to play over the sound speakers in the arena. The World Champion who accompanied Slim in his defeat to Jeremiah Flynn at Survival of the Fittest. Despite being on the losing side, Ropati would walk out smiling and he held the World Championship over his shoulder and a microphone in his left hand. Ropati would begin to walk to the ring with his usual cocky swagger present. Eventually, he made his way to the ring as three of the top
  8. Name (First And Last): James Ropati Height: 6'3 Weight:220 Age (20-24) 20 College: UCLA Jersey Number: 10 Wide Receiver: Speed, Slot, Deep Threat, Route Runner
  9. Name: James Ropati Nationality: San Marino Club: Crotone Height in cm. 182cm Weight: 79kg Position: CM Role/Play Style: Advanced Playmaker
  10. I really enjoyed the first 47 seconds of the podcast before Sameer started talking and then ruined it.
  11. Hello my good friends, Adrian Wojpati of the inside scoop here to review the first shows of the newest era of BPZ. Carnage Opening Segment: 7.5/10 Carnage started off hot as the show that drafted the 3 top champions in BPZ in their top 4 gave a title shot to the only man who wasn't a champion out of their top 4. Anyways then Sameer demanded a shot and then FDS and then Ropati... oh never mind it was Angelo Caito, well no surprise there he's always getting involved over younger talent. 7.5 because Angelo and no Ropati. Josh vs Ropati 11/10... 7/10 Simple match simpl
  12. We'd return from an advertisement break during Carnage to a shot of a forest. We'd see a deer walking across the frame, slowly tiptoeing through the bush, carefully not making a noise. BANG. A loud boom cracked through the immersion in the shot as the deer would drop down to the ground. We'd see blood begin to drip from out of the deer's neck as it became clear it'd been shot. The camera would zoom out to show us that two men that were responsible for the death of the deer. We'd then cut to a close-up shot of the two men revealing the
  13. This man ain't even wrestled since BPZMania and he still get's picked over me, I hate this place
  14. On the 26th of September BPZ Presents Once again BPZ will head to the Southern Hemisphere for Bad Blood this time instead of Australia for the 5th Bad Blood event BPZ heads to Auckland, New Zealand. As usual a big show is expected to be seen live from Eden Park. As always the 2nd MITB match will take place in an epic ladder match, with a prize that has given the final push to many superstars careers. Ropati and Isaiah Carter will renew their rivalry as the Hometown Hero Ropati looks to make his first title defence. Elsewhere Sameer will defend his IC title, Eric Shun will defend Pre

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