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  1. Ropati

    BPZ Predictions League

    TLC has passed and its time to see if we will crown a champion and PITB holder Arius 8 Brenden 9 Alex 6 Julius 11 Kattel 9 Bart 9 Wallace 8 Zack 8 Maddrix 7 Josh 6 so that means we have a new Predictions champion and his name is JJJJJUUULLLLLIIIUUUSSSS congrats @Julius01 next event will be the rumble where we might crown a new PITB holder speaking of PITB do you think it should stay or go? let me know
  2. Ropati

    Slaying the Beasts

    (I'll just say now I wrote this all before I saw Brenden reply so just presume this takes place right after Julius's promo and before Brenden's reply) Ropati leans forward in his chair and looks right into the camera. Sameer you list all of these accomplishments you have but I ask you when was the last time you actually were actually relevant? Because I can tell you right now, Sameer you are irrelevant and shell of your former self. You aren't the same man you held the Premium championship for 6 months you're a man who probably couldn't even win the Premium championship and hold it for a month. Now I would continue to talk about you Sameer but at the end of the day, I have bigger fish to fry. Such as the owner of this goddamn company BrendenPlayz, Brenden you talk a big game but the end of the day are you even ready to hop back into the ring? you haven't wrestled in over 2 years and you're going to be facing to of the biggest upcoming stars in this company one of them already a goddamn star as he's the bloody world champion. You and Sameer don't stand a chance against us, we will destroy you limb by limb and send you both right back into hiding where you belong. Ropati the leans his chair back as he has said his message
  3. Ropati

    The Murder of Arrow

  4. Ropati

    Deafening Silence

    "Young and Bitter" hits as the crowd roars as 'The Kiwi Buzzsaw" Ropati has shown up to confront Brenden. Ropati steps into the ring and throws the New Zealand flag that was over his mouth right into the face of Brenden showing blatant disrespect. Welcome back Brenden, it’s good to see you back in this ring. Brenden chuckles thinking this is obvious sarcasm from Ropati No, I’m serious, it's good to see that you actually care about this company that you own. It’s good to see you’ve decided not to stay in the dark any longer and you’ve decided to finally return to the ring but if I’m being perfectly honest with you Brenden we were doing just fine without you. So while yes it's been nice and fun to have you back how about you go and leave again because you’re quite frankly not needed here. Brenden shakes his head and says ‘Not gonna happen” Not gonna happen huh well then I guess me and Julius are going to have to send you away forcefully but unlike you, I have proper reasons why we’re going to win not just “he’s a joke” which is a pretty pathetic way to try and come at me Brenden but back to the reasons. I mean first of all how long has it been since your last match 2 years? That’s a how of a long time Brenden and I’m pretty damn sure you haven’t spent all that time training which if we’re being honest you should’ve because Julius and I are going to wipe you and your pathetic excuse of a partner in Sameer out of the water. So Brenden now I ask you, you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? Brenden goes to speak but gets cut off by the sound of Julius’s theme song.
  5. Ropati

    Premier League Weekly Review

    would love to be on this now that its back
  6. Ropati

    Returning With A Purpose

    well fuck
  7. Ropati

    BrendenPlayz vs Twitch TEW2016 Mod Sign Up

    Born: 5th of Feburary, 1994 Set to debut: April, 2015 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: New Zealand/Kiwi (If they don't have it do australian) Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: All Around Body Type: Toned Size: Light Heavyweight Minimum Size: The one below light heavyweight Maximum Size: Heavyweight Moves: "Kiwi Kick" Aleister Blacks Finisher Kick, "Death From Above" Coup De Grae Face Gimmick: I guess like Face rollins Heel Gimmick: Heel rollins so an arrogant egotistical douchebag Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: wrestler Pictures:
  8. Ropati

    Unexpected Alliance

    The camera turns to show who Julius is looking at to show Ropati who is laughing at Julius. “Sorry, sorry I just found it funny how you just got rejected by your own stablemate to team together in The 2018 Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational Classic. I mean you guys are meant to be the best stable in BPZ history but if I’m being honest it seems like you guys are on the one-way street to breaking up.” “Well if you don’t shut up soon you’ll be on the one-way street to me breaking you into two pieces” “Ok I get it but that isn’t the real reason why I decided to wait for you I have an idea you and I enter as a team in The 2018 Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational Classic.” “Yeah I think I’m good” Julius goes to walk away but stops when Ropati starts talking again “I mean all you’re doing is proving Echo right” “What did you just sa-” “I said you’re proving Echo right, you’re proving that you aren’t the leader of Kingdom and seems to me you aren’t so big and bad you just a little bitch who listens to Echo” “Did you just call me a little bitch that listens to Echo you’re lucky I’m not kicking your ass right now for saying that and that’s only because I want to prove Echo wrong and show everyone why you don’t miss with Julius.” “So Partners?” Ropati puts his hand forward for a handshake “Partners” The two men shake hands showing that this partnership is official before Julius then pulls Ropati close enough so he can whisper into his ear “If you miss this up for me at all don’t think that I won’t raise hell on you, you got that” Ropati at first looks freaked out but then calms down “Sounds good partner” Carnage then cuts to a commercial break as the screen fades to black.
  9. Ropati

    New Smackdown Commissioner/GM coming?

    Something should change in the GM/Commissioner role but I'm not sure what will change maybe miz becomes GM but that's unlikely in terms of changing I feel there will be quite a few title matches on Smackdown in the upcoming weeks from usos vs bar since usos were the sole survivors in the only match smackdown won. Aj is probs gonna get a rematch against Bryan. for Shinsuke not sure who he'd vs but he does have a match booked for the us title against Rey at Starrcade so I guess that's what he'll get. WWE has 2 paths to go from here they could build smackdown back up from here and redeem themselves for their horrible booking at SS or bury smackdown and ruin them lets hope for the first option.
  10. Ropati

    BPZ Predictions League

    guess what's back, back again predictions league is back, tell a friend. that's right the predictions league is back and first thing I need to do is tally up the scores for survivor series and see who our champion and PITB holder is. bart: 7 Julius: 7 Bailey: 5 Brad: 7 Ross: 6 Marker: 7 Amai: 4 that means the title will stay vacant along with PITB and we will see if they will be taken by anyone at the next predictions league event when we predict TLC
  11. Ropati

    Smarks Daily

    Hello ladies and gents I am Steven Power and welcome to BPZ Booking in today's episode I will book how Kingdom should break up and what they should do after that. Kingdom are not only the top dogs of Carnage but also the top dogs of BPZ they hold 5 of the 8 titles in BPZ and it's time for it all to end. We’ll start at Evolve Takeover: Global Series With The Kingdom vs The Flock for the Tag Titles. The Flock will win here after Bailey and Flynn distract Kingdom and Buddy rolls up Echo. Of course, this will make Kingdom mad so Bart and Julius will challenge Bailey and Flynn to a match at Carnage PowerTrip: Redemption as Echo has his match with Hollow. At Redemption Echo will retain his title and Bailey and Flynn beat Bart and Julius after some miscommunication. The next night Kingdom will challenge Bailey and Flynn to an elimination match at Survivor Series and it looks like the match will be a 3 on 2 handicap match till Bailey and Flynn find a partner and that partner is BRENDENPLAYZ. You see Brenden sees that one Stable ruling the company is bad for business so he’s returned to put them down and reunite Evolution. Survivor Series comes along and so does the match Evolution vs Kingdom past vs present. Kingdom start off strong as Julius by himself eliminates Brenden but then Kingdom start to argue and Bailey and Flynn take advantage of eliminating both Echo and Julius leaving them in a 2 on 1 situation against Bart. However, against the odds Bart manages to Eliminate both men and doing this gives him and huge ego and I mean huge even bigger than Bailey, Flynn and Slim's combined. He demands Echo hands over his Universal Championship as he is the rightful champion. Of course, Echo refuses and we have the match set for Night of Legends Bart vs Echo Wilson for the Universal Championship. Now as Bart is disgusted by Echo’s actions he banishes him from Kingdom till after Night of Legends. This leads him to order Julius to do everything for Bart and I mean everything and this pisses Julius off as he’s the goddamn World Champion, also at some point during these events Julius will vacate the US Title and he thinks he’s above it. Anyway December to Dismember comes along and the main event is Flynn vs Julius for the World Title and after Bart orders Julius to finish Flynn, Julius gets pissed and tells him that he doesn’t take fucking orders from him, before he turns right around into an FKO 1 2 3 Flynn is the new World Champion. The next night on Carnage Julius snaps and beats Bart and Echo up before announcing that The Kingdom has been destroyed. He then gets added to the Universal Title match at Night of Legends making it Julius vs Bart vs Echo Wilson for the Universal Championship in one of the biggest matches in Carnage history. Also during all of this Echo is Teasing a face turn. It’s time for Night of Legends and we are up to the main event in what we all hope will be an amazing match ends when Echo and Bart work together to take out Julius before Bart locks Echo in the Cardiac Arrest and while Echo refuses to tap he still passes out and Bart wins the match and becomes the Universal Champion. Following his title win, Bart vacates the IC Title as he’s now too good for it. Moving on from Bart and Julius wants his world title back so he decides the only way to get a match for it is to win the Royal Rumble so Royal Rumble time comes along and Bart defends his title easily against Angelo Caito. Now it's time for the Rumble Julius comes out eliminates some people till we get down to 5 Julius. Necce, Bailey, Ropati, and Smith before the countdown for number 30 begins and it turns out to be BRENDENPLAYZ the first time he’s been seen since Survivor Series and he goes right for Julius and eliminates them both as they keep brawling until security comes out to break them up the Rumble then comes down to Bailey and Necce and Necce wins and we look set for Necce vs Flynn 3 at BPZ Mania for the World Title. Fast forward to what the former Kingdom members are doing at BPZ Mania and Julius is versing Brenden in a No DQ match and Bart is facing a returning face Echo Wilson for the Universal Championship. After Julius wins against Brenden in a bloodbath of a match. It’s time for Bart vs Echo, in a classic of a match with it ending when Bart smashed his umbrella on the head of Echo making a huge cut in his skull before locking in the Cardiac Arrest and even thought Echo almost fights out he still is forced to pass out and “The Villain” Wins and retains his Universal Championship. Now from here, I won't book so in-depth and I’ll just wrap what I’d have them down till Summerslam. For Julius you have him go after Flynn after Flynn did beat Neece and Julius gets the win against Flynn thanks to the new Authority formed by Brenden for Julius. The members are Sameer, Julius, Brenden, Prince and Bailey who turns his back on Flynn because Julius as champ is “Best for Business”. Julius then holds the title all the way till Summerslam where he faces King of the Ring winner Joshsnow and you can decide who think should win that. Echo will beat Angelo Caito for the IC Title before having a very nice run with feuds against Joshsnow, Peter Winchester, Hollow and Sameer and then at Summerslam he’ll face Jason Ryan who still hates Echo for that one time he kidnapped Vala who’s doing great, by the way, has two lovely twins. Now Bart will dominate the Universal Title scene beating the likes of Prince, Sameer, and even Bailey along with One of Yelich’s Personalities. Then at Summerslam, he faces the man who has been on a huge hot streak even winning the Power Trip Cup which now leads to a match against the Universal Champion at SummerSlam. You can decide who wins that match as well. Anyway, that is it for this Episode of BPZ Booking if you liked it make sure rep it and leave suggestions for what I should book next. I am Steven Power and I am saying goodbye also Fuck BPZ Commentaries.
  12. how about we do KOTR at AUS/NZ next year? since on or 4th mania i don't think we'd be doing a show in Aussie just yet
  13. We come back to Carnage after a commercial break and all eyes are on the titantron. A video turns on the titantron and "The Kiwi Buzzsaw" "The Beast Slayer" Ropati appears on the screen in Washington DC Hello, Ladies and Gentleman, it is your future #1 contender for the BPZ Universal Championship here, right in front of the White House here in Washington DC, home of one of my opponents in Yelich. You see me and Yelich have been stablemates twice in our career, once in the Nexus and once in The Commonwealth, now while it was the same man I was teaming with at the time it was two very different personalities in Peter Winchester and well Yelich. But at Halloween Havoc it won't matter if its Yelich, Peter Winchester or any of Yelich's personalities as I will Kiwi Kick his god damn head off. Now one disappointing thing I've learned on this trip is that Yelich is not very popular here in his hometown and by not very popular i mean no one knows him at all I mean let's go and ask some people. Ropati pulls out a microphone as walks down the street until he stops at a middle-aged man Excuse me, sir, do you know who Yelich is? "Who?" Yelich... the wrestler "I have no clue who that is" ok then sorry for bothering you, sir "ORopati then continues walking down the street before he stops by a man wearing a Ropati shirt only available at BPZshop.com Nice shirt "OMG, you're like my favourite wrestler of all time like ever." Thanks but I need to ask you a question is that ok? "Of course that's ok why wouldn't it be?" ok, the question is, Do you know who Yelich is? "Who?" Cmon you gotta know who Yelich is. "Nope no clue" Peter Winchester? "Nope don't know him either" Well, there actually the same guy but nevermind that doesn't matter I think I might know how to help you remember him the guy that was in the nexus with me. "Oh him, yeah I know him why didn't you just say that to begin with, is he, Yelich?" Ropati just facepalms and walks off Man some of our fans are not the smartest but that's beside the point. What is the point, however, is that the only way people know you are is because of well me. anyway thats all the time we have for the first part of Breaking Down the Competition we hope you join us next time when we will be in Italy talking about Angelo Caito
  14. Ropati

    BPZ NBA 2k19 My League Online

    depending on when i get the game and when this starts decides if i'll join but i am down
  15. Ropati

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

    I think i need some ropati merch