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  1. We come back to Carnage after a commercial break and all eyes are on the titantron. A video turns on the titantron and "The Kiwi Buzzsaw" "The Beast Slayer" Ropati appears on the screen in Washington DC Hello, Ladies and Gentleman, it is your future #1 contender for the BPZ Universal Championship here, right in front of the White House here in Washington DC, home of one of my opponents in Yelich. You see me and Yelich have been stablemates twice in our career, once in the Nexus and once in The Commonwealth, now while it was the same man I was teaming with at the time it was two very different personalities in Peter Winchester and well Yelich. But at Halloween Havoc it won't matter if its Yelich, Peter Winchester or any of Yelich's personalities as I will Kiwi Kick his god damn head off. Now one disappointing thing I've learned on this trip is that Yelich is not very popular here in his hometown and by not very popular i mean no one knows him at all I mean let's go and ask some people. Ropati pulls out a microphone as walks down the street until he stops at a middle-aged man Excuse me, sir, do you know who Yelich is? "Who?" Yelich... the wrestler "I have no clue who that is" ok then sorry for bothering you, sir "ORopati then continues walking down the street before he stops by a man wearing a Ropati shirt only available at BPZshop.com Nice shirt "OMG, you're like my favourite wrestler of all time like ever." Thanks but I need to ask you a question is that ok? "Of course that's ok why wouldn't it be?" ok, the question is, Do you know who Yelich is? "Who?" Cmon you gotta know who Yelich is. "Nope no clue" Peter Winchester? "Nope don't know him either" Well, there actually the same guy but nevermind that doesn't matter I think I might know how to help you remember him the guy that was in the nexus with me. "Oh him, yeah I know him why didn't you just say that to begin with, is he, Yelich?" Ropati just facepalms and walks off Man some of our fans are not the smartest but that's beside the point. What is the point, however, is that the only way people know you are is because of well me. anyway thats all the time we have for the first part of Breaking Down the Competition we hope you join us next time when we will be in Italy talking about Angelo Caito
  2. Ropati

    BPZ NBA 2k19 My League Online

    depending on when i get the game and when this starts decides if i'll join but i am down
  3. Ropati

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

    I think i need some ropati merch
  4. Ropati

    Slaying The Beast

    didn't want to take Flynn vs Necce 2 from everyone
  5. Ropati

    Slaying The Beast

    The Crowd Roars with cheers as the man they haven't seen since he was injured by Echo Wilson at King of The Ring, Ropati is here. He walks out in his normal gears but with a crutch is one hand, he gets into the ring and calls for a mic before going to address the crowd. Ladies and Gentlemen of Carnage, Did you miss me? The Crowd roars with cheers following this remark. That's damn right, now down to business this Friday at Carnage Power Trip: Emergence, I go 1 on 1 with "The Beast", The Former IC Champion, One of the god damn best wrestlers to ever step into this ring ' THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND SAM- Ropati starts to crack up laughing I'm sorry I just couldn't contain my laughter any longer. I mean how can Sameer be called "The Beast," I thought a beast won matches I thought someone called The Beast wouldn't be a loser but if he wants to be the beast so badly then I'm the god damn Beast Slayer. Sameer can say whatever he wants I don't care, but at Emergence, Sameer better show his bitch ass so I can beat him right back into irrelevancy. Also, Echo don't think I've forgotten what you did, I see you have the Uni Title I'll come for you next. The Screen then fades to black as a hype video for Emergence stars to play.
  6. Ropati

    BPZ Match Rating Thread

    never got given a rating by josh so thought i'd get one here. while i don't think its a very good write up i just felt like submitting it
  7. Ropati

    My Plan For Sheamus & Cesaro Heading into Wrestlemania 35

    what kind of logic is that?
  8. Ropati

    The BPZ Forums Fortnite Tournament

    guess i'm in will probs get destroyed tho
  9. Ropati

    My Plan For Sheamus & Cesaro Heading into Wrestlemania 35

    why does Sheamus deserve a world title match more than joe?
  10. Ropati

    [NFL] BPZ Fantasy Football 2018/19

    i'm in
  11. Ropati

    BPZ Fifa 18 Tournament - World Cup Edition

    hi all bsck with another update more brief since there is alot of matches first i beat josh 4-1 over 1 and a half legs as he lost wifi at half time of the second game we decided that was most likely going to win so i got the w. then it was me vs smith after taking a 3-1 lead and smith going down to10 men and me getting a pen i completly choked the first game drawing 3-3 then 2nd leg i go down 1-0 score to make it 1-1 then last minute martial 1 on 1 with pickford and i choke again and hit it right at pickford. then golden goal begins i shot from the edge of the box and i hit the post then smith scores and sends me to the losers bracket. then it was nate vs echo it looked like it was going to be a tough game after nate only won the first leg 2-1 but then he bullied echo in the second leg winning 4-1 then time for sameer vs josh which josh couldn't play then sameer vs slim which sameer couldn't play and slim refused to play anyone else so then me vs slim. after slim went down to 10 men i did not choke and i beat him 3-1 then in the second leg i was up 3-1 slim suggested i made in more competitive so i scored 2own goals made it 3-3 with slim needing 2 more to tie and send to golden goal then slim scored making it 4-3 and 6-5 over agg but then i did not choke and i won. hopefully the tournament will end tommorow or today for some of you and i will have the final recap tommorow good luck to me marker and smith updated bracket: https://challonge.com/nn1mxgjs
  12. Ropati

    BPZ Fifa 18 Tournament - World Cup Edition

    The first day of matches is done. it all started with Marker vs Nate and the first leg did not go well for nate as e lost 3-1 and it only went from bad to worse as nate got smashed 7-2 in the 2nd leg meaning that he lost 10-3 on aggregate. then flynn would vs slim and after the first leg the score was 0-0 but then things went very bad for flynn as he got 2 players sent off and was losing 4-1 before he rage quitted with adds on 3 goals making the title score 7-1 on aggregate. next up with be the first game in the losers bracket nate vs flynn with both men looking to redeem themselves after there poor performances. and nate did redeem himself unlike flynn you just got bullied again losing 4-0 in the first leg before getting more people sent off and losing 6-1 in the second leg. in the final game of today marker played slim with the winner of this advancing to the winners semi final in the first leg slim was 2-1 until the 90th minute where marker scored to rescue a 2-2 draw and then n the 2nd leg it looked to be going to golden goal as it was 0-0 until the 85th minute where marker scored a last minute winner and won the game and sent slim down to the losers bracket Updated Bracket https://challonge.com/nn1mxgjs
  13. Ropati

    BPZ Fifa 18 Tournament - World Cup Edition

    Echo vs Slim was a intense game with the first leg ending 1-1 and then it looked like we would go to golden goal as it was 1-1 again until the 87th minute where lozano scored for slim's mexico getting him the win and thus eliminating echo but now that we have our confirmed 8 i can show the official bracket https://challonge.com/nn1mxgjs so to repeat the rules are games are 2 legs home and away goals aren't a thing if tied after 2 games you go to golden goal. after you finish your game please send me a screenshot of the result. please play your games soon and good luck EDIT Loser Bracket has been added also due to Summer agreeing to vs slim he gets a bye in the first round of the losers bracket so the loser of marker vs nate will vs the loser of flynn vs slim
  14. Ropati

    BPZ Fifa 18 Tournament - World Cup Edition

    since it seems no one else will be signing up we will begin the tournament now since we have 9 people we have to cut 1 person so as slim was the last person to join he will be in a play off match vs one other person and after quite a bit of time summer accepted to be in this match. so Summer will vs Slim with the winner making the 8 man tournament and the loser being eliminating but if anyone has to drop out in the first round they will take there spot. i will update you on who wins once this match happens but until then good luck @Echo Wilson and @ICON

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