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  1. Finn Balor or i guess more Demon Balor. Used him for about 3 months before i switched to rollins and never used Balor again.
  2. hoping these movies are on your netflix because they're on mine, TDK, now you see me, the hitman's bodyguard, thunderstruck, Jumanji, Baby Driver, Shaun of the Dead
  3. Ropati

    Rinse, Repeat

    wait i didn't get beaten up? LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. IPW PPV: Winner Takes All Nick Gage (5-1) def. The Velveteen Dream (0-0) in 3:54 via pinfall with the Chokebreaker. To call this a match is a stretch because this was more of something along the lines of a murder. Gage immediately began the match stomping on Dream in the corner before hitting him with a biel throw. Gage would then hit multiple german suplexes on Dream before he hit the chokebreaker on Dream but that wasn't enough. Gage then took Dream to the apron as he hit him with an apron piledriver. He then threw Dream back in the ring and hit him with another chokebreaker for t
  5. IPW. Month Five. Week Seventeen. We'd begin this week's IPW with an irate Chris Jericho complaining about Bobby Lashley's cowardly assault on him after he defeated The Miz at IPW: Fight Forever. Jericho would say Lashley would never actually look him in the eyes and attack him because he’s a coward. This triggered the theme music of Bobby Lashley who came out the Premier Championship around his waist and the rest of the Hurt Business right behind him. Lashley would get in the ring and looked Jericho right in the eyes before telling him that’s he’s challenging Jericho to a match at
  6. I really need to work on not procrastinating. While it'd be great to not procrastinate posting stuff on the forums the main focus behind this is in school where I'll constantly just leave things till the last minute and without a doubt I'm sure this hurts my grades rather than if I didn't do everything at 2am the night before it was due. Another thing I could work on is being more of an optimist as I feel i always look at the negative in everything which brings down my mental health and just makes me more angry and sad in life. I could also work on improving my social skills.
  7. Breaking down everything about the James Harden trade. It's finally happened James Harden has been traded. We knew it was coming down to Philly or Brooklyn but I'll be honest i really thought we were going to be seeing a Ben Simmons/ James Harden trade not a Levert/Harden trade. However, this deal isn't just Houston and Brooklyn it's evolved into a 4 team deal which I really think can become a win for every team involved. Anyways without further ado lets move review this trade for every team. NETS Starting off with the Nets, and I have to say its a W for them. Sure LeVert
  8. Ropati

    Royal Flush

    We return back from commercial break on Carnage as 'Diamonds from Sierra Leone' by Kanye West begins to play over the sound speakers singling the arrival of the trio of Flynn, Julius and Ropati. Julius and Ropati would walk out wearing the BPZ Tag Team Championships around their waists. While these three men lack the gold they once had with the World Championship and the BMF Championship they are still arguably the most dangerous trio in BPZ. Ropati would be wearing a black leather jacket with a white t-shirt underneath alongside black pants and white sneakers. Julius would be i
  9. cmon Brandon you can do better than Sheridan
  10. 2020-21 Season Recap Top 5 Summer Transfers 1. Jeremie Boga, Sassuolo to Manchester United, 24 million 2. Alfredo Morelos, Rangers to Manchester City, 18 million 3. Lucas Alario, Bayer Leverkusen to RB Leipzig, 14 million 4. Mamadou Sakho, Crystal Palace to Monaco, 14 million 5. Ryan Bertrand, Southampton to Liverpool, 13 million Top 5 Winter Transfers 1. Kasper Dolberg, Nice to Marseille, 45 million 2. Amad Diallo, Atalanta to Manchester United, 23 million 3. Rafael Tolol, Atalanta to AC Milan, 21 million 4. Mike Maignan, Lille to Marseille, 21 million 5. D
  11. Ropati

    No More Games

  12. Ropati


    Took you this long to figure out slim as a god complex? No wonder you only got 2 rep
  13. 1. Win a singles Kayfabe Title (probs won't happen but here's hoping) 2. have an active diary 3. Once again be active for pretty much the whole year 4. Win MITB and cash in successfully
  14. - Circles (Mac Miller) vs. After Hours (The Weeknd) - Eternal Atake (Uzi) vs. Blame It On Baby (DaBaby) - Pray 4 Love (Rod Wave) vs. My Turn (Lil Baby) - Detroit 2 (Big Sean) vs. Legends Never Die (Juice WRLD) - Good Intentions (NAV) vs. Music to be Murdered By (Eminem) - Heaven or Hell (Don Tolliver) vs. Man on the Moon III (Kid Cudi) - Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon (Pop Smoke) vs. Just Cause Yall Waited 2 (Lil Durk) - Savage Mode II (21 Savage) vs. Alfredo (Freddie Gibbs)

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