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  1. The Top

    The titantron cuts to a black screen with a whiteboard with the words "game plan" and "the top" The top some people make it there, some people aren't so lucky, some people get held down or screwed over so people's favorites can WIN. no stay calm back to the topic at hand the top some people's destiny is to make it there some people's destiny isn't to make there and they live with it but some people say fuck my destiny and make their own destiny and make to the top despite what people said. I am not one of those people because I'm destined to make it to the top because I'm the future of bp freaking z ok but some people have tried to take this future from me so I've decided to switch up my destiny and show people I deserve to be at the mothing fucking top. The camera then cuts to black before coming back to see a man in a dark room we can't quite see his face yet. I am going to the top and at Evolve Takeover: Pride I make my first step towards the top so Akki, GRV you might as well not show up because I the "Kiwi Buzzsaw" of bpz we end you and then become MR To The Top. The man then steps out the shadow and reveals himself to be ropati who we haven't seen since he lost his us title he has a New Zealand flag wrapped around the lower half of his face and his body. I'm going to the top whether you like it or not.
  2. BPZ Predictions League

    so survivor series happened and it was good but takeover was better but anyway lets get into the predictions bailey 8 bic 8 bash 7 bart 9 slim 9 ross 7 josh 7 prince 7 summer 7 chain 11 george 9 so that means YOUR WINNER AND NEW PREDICTIONS CHAMPION @TastefulChain4 congrats also @Bart @Slim and @George AK you guys are tied for 2nd so i'll put you all in a mitb match on wwe 2k18 and whoever wins becomes mr pitb anyway see you's at CLASH OF CHAMPIONS
  3. BPZ Predictions League

    ITS TIME TO SURVIVE THE PREDICTIONS IN survivor series so lets do it Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto: The Shield vs. The New Day: The Miz vs. Baron Corbin: Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte: The Bar vs. The Usos: Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles: Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Women): Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Men): will there be any surprise returns? (bonus point for each one) will Carmella cash in? will there be any sole survivors if so who? (bonus point for each one)
  4. BPZ Predictions League

    so takeover happened and it was pretty crazy but let's see who won slim 2 bart 3 bic 1 summer 4 george 2 bailey 3 chain 4 smith 4 `SO THAT MEANS DUE TO CHAMPIONS ADVANTAGE SUMMER RETAINS @SummerGamz survivor series predictions will be posted in about 30 minutes from this post so be ready
  5. BPZ Wrestling League

    going to join this to win and also hopefully to see some good matches.
  6. not going to be on much the next few days as i'm going down to wellington to watch peru vs new zealand in the first leg of world cup qualifiers and do some other stuff.

    1. Ross


      Never on anyway ;) Have fun bud

    2. Fear
  7. Journey Of Wrestling Competition

    know i'm late but don't care i'm in
  8. BPZ Music League 2

    i'm in
  9. BPZ Predictions League

    so tlc legit just happened so time to count up the predictions also some people did cheat a bit but i have sorted it out nate 2 bart 6 slim 6 bic 6 akki 6 summer 7 josh 5 george 4 alc 6 bizzy 6 bash 5 smith 5 ark 6 so that means we have a NEW PREDICTIONS CHAMPION @SummerGamz also @Ark Universe you hold the pitb until survivor series
  10. BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    na he would win he's the true legend of that match #facethefacts
  11. BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    i think you mean goldberg vs taker vs hawkins
  12. BPZ Predictions League

    that was the plan as we still need to have a mr pitb
  13. BPZ Predictions League

    it has been fixed apologies for the mistake
  14. BPZ Predictions League

    after the best PPV smackdown has had this year with 2 amazing cell matches and a huge shock lets see who the predictions champ and my predictions in the bank will be. summer 9 bic 8 george 10 ark 10 Brenden 9 bash 8 bart 9 bailey 10 josh 6 smith 7 joh 8 so we have a 3-way tie between @George AK @Ark Universe and @bailey14 but Bailey is champion so due do champions advantage bailey retains.
  15. WWE Role Play: My Version


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