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  1. Day 21 of counting down to m

  2. Well i've heard on the rumor mill that this fucker Flynn is joining Network Era so I'm claiming this prediction dub for myself. All jokes aside great show Slim would say I didn't see most of it coming but obviously I did. Can't say I disagree with any of the winners in any of the matches and Asuka vs Charlotte should be great.
  3. Well like Edge said him vs Rollins has to happen after all the stuff that happened in 2015 with Rollins threating to kill Edge to get the Authority back. In terms of other matches Edge vs Styles would be good but Edge vs Cesaro could be incredible, Regins and Black as well. In terms of people in NXT who Edge could and should face Edge vs Ciampa would be fire as well as Edge vs Balor but sadly I don't know with this new injury and Edge's part time contract how many matches he'll end up doing I don't know how many of these matches we'll actually get.
  4. Like everyone has said Orton winning world in 2017 and winning world is two completely different scenarios. First of all Ortons not a face now and he actually cares. Orton's not only the hottest thing in WWE right now but he's the hottest thing in all of wrestling right now. Obviously it seems the originally plan for the Orton vs Edge was a final match at Summerslam but since that won't happen a Drew vs Orton match at Summerslam would definitely be nice. Personally I'm holding out hope for a Christian vs Orton match at Summerslam but Drew vs Orton will be just as good and even if it doesn't happen at Summerslam it will happen eventually.
  5. How in the hell did the Pacers beat the Bucks? I get Giannis was out but he came back for game 7 AND HE CHOKED. How can Giannis be the best player in the world when he can't even beat the god damn Pacers. Over in the west the Clippers beating the Nuggets brings no surprise and now we're set for a finals between the favourites, the Clippers and the ultimate underdogs the we believe Pacers. Now I love a good comeback as much as the next guy but it just wouldn't be smart to predict a pacers victory against a Clippers team who is at full strength minus Pat Bev. But would it have been smart to predict the Pacers to make the finals at all? No. So i'm going with a Pacers Victory in 7.
  6. Completely agree with your rankings of 2, 4, 3, 1 Sameer. It feels weird to have the game that started the franchise as the worst game released of the 4 but I think that speaks more to how good the rest of the games are rather than the first one being bad. I feel like a 5th game will eventually be made by Naughty Dog, despite the 4th game having a perfect ending to the story I just can't see a world where they don't return to the series eventually, even if its from the point of view of a new character, with Nathan being more of a side character.
  7. Day 20 of counting down to

  8. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs John Morrison Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott Bobby Lashley vs Humberto Carillo WWE Championship Match: Drew Mcintyre (C) vs Randy Orton Women's MITB Ladder Match: Asuka vs Billie Kay vs Peyton Royce vs Lacey Evans vs Naomi vs Sasha Banks Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy Loser's Leave Smackdown Match: Otis & Mandy Rose vs Dolph Ziggler & Sonya Deville United States Championship Match: Andrade (C) vs Austin Theory Smackdown Womens Championship Match: Bayley (C) vs Dana Brooke Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens W/ Rey Mysterio Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: New Day (C) vs The Usos Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn (C) vs Chad Gable RAW Women's Championship Match: Becky Lynch (C) vs Kairi Sane Men's MITB Ladder Match: Angel Garza vs Cesaro vs Drew Gulak vs Apollo Crews vs The Miz vs Buddy Murphy Universal Title Match: Roman Reigns (C) vs Braun Strowman
  9. Day 19 of counting down t

  10. What's up Gucci Gangers its me Adrian Wojpati here and today we're going to review the July 8th episode of Carnage Universal Championship Number One Contenders FDS vs Nesus. Winner: FDS The only match on Carnage was this number one contenders match between FDS and Nesus. When this match was first announced I thought FD winning was a no brainer but the creation of Nebakos or should I say Nesus's newest gimmick added in some confusion on who the victor would end up being, but even with Nesus debuting FD losing this match would be a mistake. FDS has a ton of momentum from his run in the Power Trip Cup and BPZ needs to capitalize on it. Many believe FD should've won the tournament in the first place but I think BPZ always wanted FD and Sameer to get shots and must've decided it was easier to give Sameer the shot through the tournament. The question now is does FDS defeat Flynn for the Universal Championship at King of the Ring? I honestly have no idea, but don't be surprised if FD does win this match, His newest stable FD-Gun seems to getting a big push for the creative team in BPZ and FD looks to lead this and a Universal Championship win for FDS could really cement him and this stable as legitimate threats in BPZ, which currently they aren't yet. This isn't because they aren't good enough but because FDS always seems to fall short in this situations, weather it be for World, Universal, MITB, etc and Alex hasn't been able to win a championship since he won NXT, Raven before he left the company was building towards that big guy feel but BPZ rushed his push after there was complications involving the Last Resort main event so Raven was fed to Flynn. So while I don't know what BPZ will do I would give FDS the victory over Flynn and let him lead Carnage forward in a new era.
  11. Who will win Block A?: Fujinami Who will come Runner Up in Block A?: Fujiwara Who will Win Block B?: Inoki Who will come Runner Up in Block B: Andre the Giant Who will win the ENTIRE IWGP Series/Win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship?: Fujinami
  12. Love the look of this so far Alex. While the board only asked for top half I think you've really got to try to get Europa League this first season. Your squad should definitely be good enough for this task even if you only qualify from coming 7th or winning the FA Cup. Its pretty funny but also worrying that the board never wants you to improve on a top half finish as it means that they might never give you the budget necessary to do anything better. Overall good introduction post Alex, looking forward to more.
  13. Well what the fuck is an eye for an eye match? I'm actually quite intrigued to see how this will end and what the ramifications of it will be, Will Rey just retire after this because he's lost an eye? Is Seth gonna walk around with an eye patch? I have absolutely no idea to be honest. In terms of Exterme Rules being a horror show this match type makes sense but the actually match type makes no sense, like Hans said this match should be good hopefully, and I can also see another 1v1 later down the line, maybe as a no DQ match or something like that.
  14. I swear MVP retired for competing in ring. Personally I don't think MVP's winning this match because that just makes no sense, keep him as a manager. Instead I think either Apollo will join him after the match on Cedric will turn on Crews and will join MVP's stable and then he will beat Crews for the belt. Another option is that Lashley beats Crews later down the line instead but I don't see that happening. I just really hope MVP stops with the matches after this if this match even happens.

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