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  1. while they tie in terms of movies for me. Deadpool beats Wolverine in Comics and so i'll go with Deadpool
  2. The Atlanta Hawks have one of the best young cores in the NBA today. Going into the 2019 NBA Draft they had Trae Young, John Collins and Kevin Huerter just to name a few and now following the draft they've added top prospects Deandre Hunter and Cameron Reddish along side big man Bruno Fernando. The Hawks don't have there first round pick this NBA season so the goal has been set to make the playoffs following 2 seasons without a visit to the post season. Before the the regular NBA season begins however the Hawks will be hosting a press conference to answer any questions the media may have about this team from rotation plans to just overall thoughts on the players. (btw the media questions will be the questions you give reply to this post with).
  3. in with the current day Rockets
  4. These are just my predictions not votes A Block: Jonathan vs. Bart FDS vs. Kenji Julius vs. Prince B Block: Sameer vs. Hollow Slim vs. Hans Smith vs. Bashka
  5. (This isn't in order btw) Tom Brady: While I'm not the biggest football fan I do know Tom Bradys the GOAT and to still be dominating in his 40s is mad. Micheal Jordan: The GOAT of Basketball Jordon went to the finals 6 times and won it 6 times even hitting one of the most clutch shots ever vs the Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals Floyd Mayweather: I mean the man is 50-0 he's the GOAT of Boxing without a doubt. Lionel Messi- The GOAT of Football/Soccer don't try and say otherwise. This man isn't even human he got 91 goals in the year 2012 and even today he's still dominating and racking up the goals and assists. Usain Bolt: I mean the man won the Gold Medal in his 3 events 3 Olympics in a row thats incredible and he had to be on my list.
  6. It's always hard to rank teams from different sports against each other so i'm just gonna say what I feel the best team is from the 3 sports I follow the most. Football (European) - Barcelona (2011): You it means something when Sir Alex Ferguson says this team wasn't the best he ever faced. While this team didn't win the treble like they did in 2009 I would say they were still better than that side. Messi was an overall better player this season getting 31 goals and 18 assists in the league and got 12 goals in the champions league which got him top goal scorer in the comp. In terms of the other players this team still had the best midfield duo of all time in iniesta and Xavi and Puyol to lead the defence along side Dani Alves and Young Pique among others. David Villa, Samuel Etto and Messi were up front from this team that still had Pep as manager as this team won the Champions League and the La Liga in terms of major trophies. In the 2010 Ballon D'or the top 3 players for the award all played for Barca as well. Basketball - GoldenState Warriors (2018): While it's close between the 1995-96 Bulls and this team I gave the Warriors the edge just because I believe this team just is better. Kevin Durant and Steph Curry were both top 5 players in the league at the time and then Klay and Draymond were both top 25 at-least. This team is impossible to guard unless you've got 3 elite defenders as both Curry and Durant can cook you 1 on 1 and if you focus to much on those 2 then BAM Klay strikes and if he gets hot your screwed. Not only that but this team has Zaza who'll just injury the other teams best player if there seems to be a problem. This team swept the Cavs in the finals and If you ask me they could've broken the wins record if they really wanted to but the Warriors have learned from 2016 that its better to wait for the playoffs then waste all your energy in the regular season. Rugby - Crusaders (2018): This one will be more brief as I think I may be the only person on the forums that follows Super Rugby. The Crusaders dominated this season of Super Rugby only losing twice as they topped the table and then in the playoffs they smashed the Sharks 40-10 then the Hurricanes were the next victims as they lost 30-12 despite being the 2nd best New Zealand team then in the Final they beat the Lions 37-18. This squad was also stacked at 14 of the 15 players were All Blacks which is just incredible.
  7. Football (European) Basketball Rugby
  8. Always loved Dick Grayson from when he was robin to Nightwing to when he was Batman for a little bit and he may just be my favourite superhero/villain so he's got my vote
  9. gotta go with Cap i prefer in comics and on screen so its an easy choice
  10. Green Arrow for me. Like both of these 2 but Arrow edges it.
  11. Full Name: James Ropati Genre: Rock Age: 22 Sub-Genre (Can have up to 3): Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop Instrument (If you're a singer or a rapper then leave this blank): Drummer Appearance: Always where's a Gorilla suit Backstory: James has been drumming since primary and has loved it since then as well. He famously wears a Gorilla Suit due to the famous cadburys ad he saw when he was younger that inspired him.
  12. Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect

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