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  1. Manchester United Over the 9 seasons I've simmed United have easily been the most successful team not only England but in the whole world. If you went back to the 2011/12 season and told them that either United would dominate or struggle as they have in real life I'm sure more people would predict them to dominate rather than struggle. Competitions Over the past 9 seasons, Manchester United have won the Premier League 7 times in 2012 and 2013 just like real life but then also in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2020. Yes, this does mean United won 6 premier leagues in a row. United also won the Championship League in 2018 and were runners up in 2017. They won the FA cup twice in 2017 and 2019 and the Carabao cup in 2018. Managers Unlike real life where they've had 5 different managers over this stretch, in this universe, United have only had two different managers. To begin they had Sir Alex Ferguson who just like in real life retired after the 2012/13 season. Now instead of making David Moyes there manager United instead got Claudio Ranieri as their manager. I think it's fair to say Ranieri's done pretty well as in the 7 years he's been manager he's won the Premier League 5 times and has 10 cup wins including the Champions League. Transfers In this section, I'll go through every transfer window and just recap the big moves. 2011/12: In: Neymar for 30 million Out: Wayne Rooney and Ashley Young on Free's 2012/13: In: Javi Martinez for 35 million and Ganso for 21.5 million Out: Jesse Lingard for 14,000 2013/14 In: Robert Lewandowski for 85 million, Virgil Van Dijk for 18 million and Frenkie De Jong for 16 million. Out: No one of note 2014/15 In: Gregory Van Der Wiel for 50 million, Toby Alderweireld for 50 million and Paulo Dybala for 34 million. Out: Nani for 75 million, Ganso for 49 million, Chris Smalling for 39 million and Patrice Evra for 24 million. 2015/16 In: Ryan Bertrand for 41 million and Kevin Malcuit for 30 million. Out: No one of note. 2016/17: In: Gonzalo Higuain for 156 million, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic for 96 million and Kieran Tierney for 53 million. Out: Paulo Dybala for 82 million, Rafael for 57 million, Juan Pedro Alba for 49 million and Kevin Malcuit for 24 million. 2017/18 In: Son Heung-Min for 109 million, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for 93 million, Filip Benkovic for 41 million, Dmitry Glushkov for 38 million. Out: Toby Alderweireld for 73 million, Anderson for 42 million, Chicharito for 41 million, Phil Jones for 24 million. 2018/19 In: Raphael Varane for 159 million, Iker Muniain for 59 million, Nathan Redmond for 42 million and Luka Jovic for 5 million. Out: Paul Pogba for 114 million, Marcus Rashford for 45 million, Dmitry Glushkov for 43 million and Paddy McNair for 41 million. 2019/20 In: Mohamed Salah for 117 million and Nordi Muklele for 61 million. Out: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for 63 million and Nathan Redmond for 35 million. Players David De Gea Just like in real life De Gea has been with United for all 9 seasons I've simulated. In the 336 Premier League games he's played De Gea's managed to score 150 clean sheets. His best season came in the 2012/13 season when in 36 games he kept 20 clean sheets and only conceded 20 goals and had an average rating of 7.34. Kieran Tierney Tierney began this save as a young lad in the Celtic academy where he eventually worked his way up and into a first-team role. In the 2016/17 season, Tierney had played every game of the season for Celtic and had an average rating of 7.08 before in January United signed him for 53 million. This season as been Tierneys best as he's played 24 games starting 23 of them, has got 3 assists and has an average rating of 7.10. Virgil Van Dijk Van Dijk started the sim as the starting CB for FC Groningen as a 19-year-old. For Groningen, Van Dijk wasn't incredible as in his best season he scored 2 goals and got 2 assists alongside an average rating of 6.91 where he played 37 games for his team. Van Dijk did show promise as he was so young and this promise was enough for Man United to sign him for 18 million at the start of the 2013/14 season. Funnily enough Van Dijk came into United playing the best football of his career despite it being such a harder league, Van Dijk's best season came in the 2019/20 season. In 26 games Van Dijk scored 3 goals and got 1 assist and had an average rating of 7.56. Raphael Varane Varane started of this sim as a new signing for Real Madrid at just 18 years old. Varane would struggle for game time in his first few seasons at Real so he was loaned to Sunderland who was in the Premier League. Varane impressed for Sunderland playing 34 games and having an average rating of 7.10. This impressive performance pushed him right to the starting centre back role for Real. Varane would be the starting centre back for Real for the next 4 seasons and in 2016/17 season he had an average rating of 7.41. at the start of the 2018/19 season, Varane signed with Manchester United for a massive 159 million. Varane has played 60 Premier League in his first 2 seasons for United and in the 2019/20 season he scored 2 goals and got 4 assists alongside an average rating of 7.56. Nordi Mukiele Mukiele started the save as a 13-year-old in the Paris FC academy. Mukiele would attempt to make it into the Paris FC first team but before he could even make his debut for Paris FC he became their record sale as Lyon bought him for 8 million in the 2016/17 season. For Lyon, Mukiele would fill in as the backup right back as Lyon won Ligue 1 in the 2016/17 season. In January of the 2017/18 season, Mukiele was signed by Valencia for 21 million. Mukiele was instantly the starting right-back for Valencia and even had an average rating of 7.05 in the 2018/19 season. These performances got him signed by Manchester United for 61 million making him Valencias record sale. Mukiele would play 30 games in the Premier League for United as he was the starting right-back for United. In these 30 games, he scored once and assisted twice alongside an average rating of 7.21 which got him a spot in the EPL team of the season. Neymar While Neymar started the sim off as a 19-year-old at Santos where he dominated scoring 22 goals and assisting 6 in 36 games before in January of the 2011/12 season Neymar signed for Manchester United for 30 million. Neymar was already the best young player in the world as soon became one of the best wingers if not the best winger in the Premier League. Due to how good United's team has been Neymar has become an elite playmaker rather than an elite goal scorer. In the 2014/15 season, Neymar only scored 4 times but got 16 assists alongside an average rating of 7.74. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic Milinkovic-Savic started of the sim as a 16-year-old at Vojvodina Novi Sad in Serbia. Savic would slowly work on becoming a regular starter for the team but before he could Real Madrid signed him for 5 million. After one season of dominating for Real Madrid C scoring 23 goals and assisting 14 in 32 games. Savic became a regular starter for Real as in the 2014/15 season Savic scored 10 goals and got 7 assists in 30 games for Real in the league. Savic would keep up this form through the next season as well and after 2 great seasons for Real, Manchester United signed Savic for 96 million to start the 2016/17 season. Savic's best season came in the 2019/20 season as in 32 games he got 8 goals and 10 assists alongside an average rating of 7.34. Frenkie De Jong De Jong started the sim off as a 14-year-old playing for Willem II in the 2nd division of dutch football. De Jong would make history as at age 15 he would be the youngest player to play the dutch 2nd division. Following an ok debut season in the first team, De Jong was signed by Manchester United for 16 million. De Jong would struggle to get into United first team so he requested a move out on loan and he got it. In the 2013/14 season, De Jong got loaned out to Sampdoria in Italy. De Jong would play every game for Sampdoria and end up with 2 goals and 8 assists in the league. Upon his return to England De Jong finally broke into the United first term and began to constant game time both as a starter and off the bench. De Jong's best season has been the 2019/20 season where he scored 3 goals and got 5 assists in 31 games alongside an average rating of 7.26 in the league. Mohamed Salah Salah started the sim off still in Egypt where he played for Arab Contractors. After dominating for 1 and a half seasons, at the beginning of 2013, Salah joined Philidelphia Union for 800,000. Salah was terrific in the MLS as he scored 7 goals and got 8 assists in 30 games in his 1st season and in his 2nd season he had 6 goals and 7 assists in 18 games before he left halfway through the season to finally go to Europe. Salah would sign for Stuttgart for 9 million becoming Philidelphias record sale. Salah was incredible for Stuttgart as in his first season Salah scored 11 goals and got 1 assist in 28 games which wasn't bad but also wasn't good compared to his 2nd season. In the 2015/16 season, Salah rose to superstardom. He scored 20 goals and got 11 assists in 31 games as he won the Bundesliga player of the season and broke the record for the most Player of the Months in a season for the Bundesliga with 13. Salah would stick with Stuttgart to start the 2016/17 season but in January he joined Bayern Munich for 76 million making him Stuttgart's biggest ever sale. Salah would continue to be great for Bayern and while his numbers did drop slightly it wasn't that bad considering he so many more weapons around him now. In the 2019/20 season, Salah signed for Manchester United for a whopping 117 million which made him Bayerns record sale. Salah this season for United had 10 goals and 8 assists in 31 games in the league alongside an average rating of 7.60. Son Heung-Min Son started the sim off as an 18-year-old playing for Hamburger SV in the Bundesliga. Son was good for Hamburger as his best season for them came in the 2012/13 season where he scored 11 goals and got 3 assists in 33 games. Eventually, Son decided he had to move on to a bigger club and he left Hamburger on a free transfer to go to Bayern Munich. Son proceeded to have a goal tally in the double digits every season for Bayern and his best season came in the 2016/17 season where in 33 games he got 14 goals and 3 assists in the league. This caused him to get signed by United to start the 2017/18 season for 109 million. Son's numbers have taken a hit since coming to United but when you play alongside Lewandowski, Neymar, Higuain and now Salah you'd expect that. His best season for United was in the 2019/20 season where in 30 games he scored 7 goals and got 3 assists. Robert Lewandowski Lewandowski began this save playing for Dortmund in the Bundesliga. While he only got 8 goals in the 2011/12 season due to lack of game time in the 2012/13 season Lewa got 21 goals and 7 assists in 33 games for Dortmund. Following this Man United signed Lewandowski for 85 million and he was the first signing under new manager Claudio Ranieri. Lewandowski instantly dominated England as in his first season in 36 games he got 31 goals and 9 assists in the league and if that wasn't good enough the very next season in 38 games he got 35 goals which are a new record for the Premier League and 7 assists. In both 2014 and 2015, Lewandowski won the Ballon D'or as he continued to dominate as the best striker on planet earth. In 2018 he would win his third Ballon D'or equalling himself with many of the greats. Lewa has 187 goals in 253 games in the Premier League as if he keeps up this elite level there's a chance he could get the most goals in Premier League history. Gonzalo Higuain While usually, I'll only talk in-depth about the starters I thought I'd make an exception for Higuain as United did buy him for 156 million. To start the sim Higuain was still playing for Real Madrid alongside Ronaldo. Higuain would be cemented as the number 1 striker and has his best season in the 2013/14 season where he got 22 goals and 4 assists in 34 games in the league. In the 2016/17 season, Higuain was having a terrific campaign for Real as in La Liga in 13 games he had 10 goals. This form caused him to transfer to United in the January transfer window for 156 million. Higuain kept his form going for United to close out the season as in 14 games he got 7 goals and 1 assist in the league. Higuain would proceed to get 13 goals next season then get 16 in the 2018/19 season and 14 in the 2019/20 season as he fell to the 3rd option in the front line behind Son and Lewandowski. Other Notable Players Dean Henderson Luka Jovic Filip Benkovic Benjamin Lecomte Gregory van der Wiel Javi Martínez Ryan Bertrand Iker Muniain That's it for the first episode/recap next up I'll be doing Ajax by request of Bart if you have any suggestion for how I could do this better let me know and if you have any requests for clubs let me know.
  2. The years 2011, Manchester United have just won their 12th Premier League, Barcelona won the Champions League and our the best team in the world with Tiki Taka still going strong. PSG is yet to dominate french football and the Serie A and Bundesliga are still competitive leagues. In the next 9 years you'll see Liverpool finally win a Champions League, Manchester United no longer being the giants of English Football and Real Madrid win 4 Champions League. Forget all of that, in this diary we're in the year 2020 but history has changed. I've loaded up the 2011-12 database and simmed to the end of the 2019/20 season and I'll be going through many different teams reviewing there past 9 years. To begin we'll be looking at one of the most successful teams of the past 9 seasons in Manchester United, but if you have a team you want me to look at it leave your requests and I'll make a post of them as soon as I can.
  3. So we were talking about the Summerslam poster in chat so why not just post them in here for Summerslam and have people vote. So we are asking for you graphic makers to make us a Summerslam poster Matches so far BPZ World Championship: Arius (c) (Lemmy for Motorhead) vs James Ropati (Aleister Black) BMF Championship: Texas Death Match: Jeremiah Flynn (c) (Lance Archer) vs FDS (Nakamura) No Holds Barred: KENJI (Kota Ibushi) vs Bailey (Dean Ambrose) BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Sameer (c) (Seth Rollins) vs Echo Wilson (Noam Dar) vs Joshua Scott (Zack Gibson) BPZ United States Championship: Yelich (Shawn Spears) vs Aidantor (Kevin Owens) vs Austin Mirage (Damien Sandow) vs Akki Mahal (Jinder Mahal) BPZ Premium Championship: Bob Sparks (c) (Brock Lesnar) vs Eric Shun (Val Venis) vs Tony Tastic (Corey Graves) vs Arrow Gargano (Max Thunderman) BPZ NXT Championship: Austin Omega (c) (HBK) vs Mecko (Killer Kross) vs Owen Dalton (Fabian Archer) vs The Riddler (Riddler from Gotham) now go make some stuff
  4. We opened to a shot of one of Egypt's most famous sights, The Great Pyramids of Giza. The sun would be blazing down on the numerous sightseers and tourists a number of which who were wearing BPZ merchandise. It seems these fans would be checking out some of Egypt's finest sites while they were in town for Valor Chapter 2: Exodus on August 15th. The camera then began to move down before we saw the back of a man wearing a T-Shirt and pants presumably a member of the Valor roster. The man then turned around for it to be revealed that it was Ropati who was standing in front of the Pyramids as it seems he travelled to Eygpt after he cancelled his flight to America. Ropati would be holding binoculars as a smile seemed to beam from his face as it was clear he was enjoying himself. Ropati would then lower the binoculars to see the camera in front of him as his smile slowly crept away as his sightseeing had been cut short. "That's right folks, I went to Eygpt. Why? You ask. Well as I'm sure you've all heard coming up on August 15th right here in Eygpt will be Valor Chapter 2: Exodus. Personally I can't wait for the event. I get to see my fellow Inner Circle members Addy and Slim pick up some well-deserved victories against Austin Omega and Sameer as well as Bob vs Necce 2, and Creed vs AK-17." "Despite all those class matches on the show, there's one match that catches my attention and I'll be paying the most attention to. This goddamn tournament match, I'll be honest I've got no clue what this match is still, but what I do know is that Mikey's winning. Not only is Mikey winning but some would say more importantly Arius is losing. When Arius loses that's when I'll find his weakness hell even if Arius manages to come 2nd or by some miracle he comes first it won't matter because I'll find something." "Now did I just come to Eygpt to sightsee and watch Exodus from a nice Egyptian hotel room? Of course, not, if you really thought that was going to happen then you're just an idiot. Plain and simple. I'm here on a scouting mission, I guess is how you'd describe it. I'm here to get an up-close and personal look at your match Arius, which is why I'll be sitting front row at Exodus." As it'd seem Ropati was getting ready to wrap up the segment something flew towards the "Kiwi Killer" causing him to duck and just avoid the object. Ropati would turn around with a smirk on his face since the object failed to hit him before that smirk would quickly disappear as it turned out the object that flew towards him was the exact same whisky bottle Arius had in his most recent segment as Ropati's smirk would be replaced by a look of horror. Ropati would then turn the other way as he looked to get away from where he was before he tripped over something in the sand which turned out to be the exact same hat we see Arius wear. Ropati would turn around only to see an Eric Shun shirt lying in the sand as he'd become frozen with fear as somehow, someway Arius knew Ropati was going to Eygpt and it playing mind games already. We'd see Ropati's PA walk into the shot as she'd begin to shake Ropati telling him to snap out of it. Ropati would get out of his dazed state a new focused look on his face as he stood up and turned away from the camera before he began to speak again. "Fine Arius this is how you want to play? Be my guest try to play mind games on me, but you'll learn that this little trick you played on me was a big mistake. Ropati would pull out a phone before he dialled a number we couldn't see as they'd pick up and Ropati would deliver 5 words that we'd find out the meaning too later. "Go ahead with the plan" Ropati would know put his phone away as he began to walk off as the camera turned back to the Pyramids as the segment faded to black.
  5. MITB Ladder Match: Arius vs Bashka vs Brad vs BrendenPlayz vs FDS vs George Kent Sameer (c) vs Ryan Reeves - World Championship Yelich Anderson (c) vs Jeremiah Flynn - Undisputed Championship Blade vs Kieron Black - Number One Contender to Universal Championship Hans Clayton vs Julius Jones vs William Smith - Intercontinental Championship (Unification of US, IC and NA) Bob Sparks vs KENJI - European Championship (Unification of NXT and Premium) Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Championship: Bart Hoogveld vs Joshua Scott
  6. Name: James Ropati Age: 21 Position: WR College you went to: UCLA City,State your from: New Zealand
  7. Recently watched In Bruges with my dad and was reminded of how good of a film it is. So funny and actually quite hard hitting, overall it just is a great film that even has a joke about Tottenham.
  8. Ropati


    Sandman: "KIWI KICK, COVER FROM ROPATI, 1, 2, 3, ROPATI'S DONE IT HE'S DEFEATED HANS CLAYTON AND WON THE KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT" Danielle: "The winner of the match and the winner of the 2020 King of the Ring tournament, Ropati" We'd see the closing scene of BPZ's most recent PPV KOTR, as Ropati and the rest of Mafia celebrated in the ring as we closed on a shot of Ropati on both Bailey and Slim's shoulders. We'd now see the scene continue past, where we went off the air, and Mafia continued to celebrate before they went backstage. The camera would follow Ropati who was ambushed by a spray of multiple champagne bottles from all members of Mafia. While Ropati at first looked annoyed upon seeing it was his stablemates who sprayed the champagne he laughed it off as he walked off to the locker room to dry himself off and change out of his wrestling gear. We'd see Ropati in the locker room as all the emotions of what had just happened seemed to hit him all at once. Ropati would begin to tear up as he just looked up at the ceiling while whispering. "I did it, I did it, I fucking did it" The scene now changed again as we cut to the inside of a pub, where we saw every member of the Mafia minus Addy sitting at the pub. All 7 men would down a drink after Slim proposed a toast to "King Ropati". After all the men downed the drinks and ordered another round Slim opened up the conversation. Slim: "So where are you Death Riders going from here?" Bailey: "Well I've got Kenji at Summerslam and Buddy and Jason have those North American qualifiers to look forward to. So we're heading back to America tomorrow." Ropati: "Count me out, I'm gonna stay in the UK for a bit so Slim, where's the Inner Circle heading to from here?" Slim: "Chapter 2 is in Egypt so I guess that's the next location for us and the rest of Valor. According to Bart, we're heading there tomorrow." Ropati: Eygpt.. interesting. Well, I've got a King of the Ring after-party to head to but I'll leave you, boys, to it since you've all got flights tomorrow. Ropati would grab his jacket from off the barstool before he paid for his round of drinks. Ropati then said bye to his fellow members of Mafia as it seemed he was out to party. 10 DAYS LATER We'd open back up to a shot inside a hotel room, the Shard to be exact. We'd see a man with his head down packing up his suitcase mumbling something to himself not realising that the cameraman he had let into the room had begun filming. The cameraman would inform the man that we were filming which cause him to jolt up revealing his identity to be none other than the winner of the 2020 King of the Ring tournament, James Ropati. "Man, it feels good to be the king. No seriously, do you know how many places will let you drink and party for free when you're the king? Let me tell you from experience, a lot. Enough partying, it's time for finally get serious I have the biggest match of my career at the end of the month and I need to be prepared for it." "I'll be honest I know barely anything about what's going on in the company right now, I seem to remember a text from Bailey telling me that Buddy and Jason lost their North American qualifying matches which is a shame. I did also ask my PA to keep tabs on everything Arius does and I've been informed he's been involved in a segment recently where I can only assume he'll talk about how hard he's been training" Ropati would now pull up Arius's recent segment on the TV in his room as he began to watch it. While Ropati started watching the segment with a determined look on his face it slowly changed to a look of disgust. Once Arius's segment ended Ropati's face was screwed up as he began to fire off multiple texts to different people before he turned to face the camera again. "Are you kidding me? The biggest match of my career and the Summerslam main event and this man doesn't even mention me in his segment? Also what the fuck is a tournament match? Whatever it is I hope Arius loses. Now, Arius, you seem to not be taking this match serious I guess to try and show me how much you don't care about these big matches since you're a big star" "But guess what buckaroo, two can play that game. Originally I had a plane booked to go to America where I would begin my training camp for our match but I've just cancelled all of that and booked a new flight because it seems clear training just doesn't matter. How the hell did this man beat Slim? Well somehow, he did. So I've still gotta take him somewhat seriously, I've gotta find out his weakness so I can expose him." "I'll be honest I've barely watched any tape on Arius, I really thought Slim was going to beat him but I already know my next destination will suit me perfectly. Speaking of Slim let me send him a message he can help me out big time with my plan. Regardless, Arius, you can be focused on this Tournament match bollocks but I'll be focused on the match that matters. The match for the World Championship at Summerslam where I'll walk out victorious. Arius, I'll see you soon, sooner than you think. Upon these final words, Ropati would pick up his suitcases before he wheeled them through the day as he followed seemingly off to catch a flight to somewhere in the world.
  9. Adrian Wojpati reviews BPZ King of the Ring 2020 Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to The Inside Scoop! It's me Adrian Wojpati and I'm back after my short holiday in Fiji. I'll be honest with you folks I didn't keep track of anything from BPZ during my Holiday so I guess we'll find out about the results together. Intercontinental Championship Sameer (c) vs Alex Costa vs Prince. Winner: Sameer To open the show we had the IC title match where Sameer defeated both Alex Costa and Prince. This is a smart choice in my opinion as with Sameer having a massive Undisputed title match vs Slim in just a few at Exodus he can't afford to lose momentum by losing his IC belt. Now before I talk about Sameer any further I think Prince or Alex should become North American Champion. It seems perfect for one of these two men to become champ as there both very talented and could use a belt. As for Sameer well who knows what BPZ does with him vs Slim the only issue is if he does beat Slim then him losing IC could make Valor look a little weak. United States Championship Sheridan (c) vs Yelich vs Austin Mirage. Winner: Sheridan Next up we had the US Title match as Sheridan looked to continue her reign vs Yelich and Austin Mirage. Sheridan would continue her reign and the sky is the limit for not only her but all of Cut Throat Crew. As for Yelich a win the tournament match would do him.alot of good but I think a tag title reign in M.A.N Global will be the next step for Yelich. Now Creed won't face another Valor team till Chapter 3 which will be between Bad Blood and Halloween Havoc if they still have the belts of course. Now for Austin, I think he just needs some small victories before he gets a title shot for Valor's new belt and maybe wins. Premium Championship Mikey (c) vs Akki Mahal vs Bob Sparks. Winner: Bob Sparks Next, we had another member of Cut Throat Crew trying to claim some gold as Bob Sparks faced Mikey and Akki Mahal for the Premium Championship. Bob would win here as like I said the Sky is the Limit for Cut Throat Crew AND HE IS PRAYING THAT BOB WILL BREAK THE CURSE OF THE PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP. Which brings me to my next point BPZ PLEASE STOP THE HOT POTATO ON THE PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP, LET SOMEONE HAVE AN ACTUAL REIGN, PLEASE. Hopefully, Mikey can get something in the way of momentum, but I'm not sure what he can do. Akki needs to be pushed by BPZ, he's soo entertaining so give him something BPZ, from US to the new Valor belt just something. NXT Championship Addy (c) vs Austin Omega. Winner: Austin Omega Next we had the NXT title match, where, as you'd expect Addy beat Austin Omega because why would he only have a one month reign BPZ hates those. Yeh you caught me Austin won BECAUSE WHY HAVE GOOD REIGNS WHEN WE CAN JUST HOT POTATO THE BELT RIGHT GUYS. So Austin should have a great reign but let's be real Amai, Addy or someone will beat him BECAUSE WHY NOT AM I RIGHT BPZ. I hate this company. Universal Championship Flynn (c) vs FDS. Winner: FDS Wow, BPZ actually followed through on an FDS push, that's a first. Reports say BPZ made the decision to give FD the belt because Flynn is a draw with or without the belt so having 2 big draws on Carnage is much better than one. I agree with this call it's about time FD got a big-time push in BPZ and hopefully, this means all of FD-Gun gets pushed as well. Uni, SG winner and North American sounds good. For Flynn he'll be fine man has this whole BMF thing going so he'll be fine and he'll beat FD at Summerslam to get his win back. World Championship Slim (c) vs Brad vs Arius. Winner: Arius HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA, Fuck you Slim. Slim's about to lose to Sameer as well, and then he'll retire. EVERYONE IS INVITED TO THE SLIM IS OVER PARTY AFTER CHAPTER 2. Congrats to Arius as well nice to see him get his win over Slim after he was robbed of his first title reign. Why was Brad in this match? It would've made way more sense for him to do his world title match at Bad Blood so we could get more cringe Brad Blood promos. King of the Ring Final Hans Clayton vs James Ropati. Winner: James Ropati. Well, I said in my KOTR Semi-Final review that if Arius beats Slim then Ropati should beat Hans so it's nice to see BPZ listen to me for once. Now the question is do we really have Ropati beat Arius? Nothing against Ropati but a one month reign for Arius would really be a shame so he's gotta win, to be honest. As for Hans, I would suggest an IC title reign for him now but its come out that he's taking an extended leave from the company which may be the reason behind Ropati's victory. Now let's say Ropati does lose to Arius then lets give him an IC title reign the man deserves something after this fire KOTR run, also KEEP THE KIWI KICK STRONG BPZ. That's it for KOTR review overall it was a great show because Slim lost, make sure to join me next time where we review the most recent Valor with Eric Shun vs Austin Mirage, Wojpati out.
  10. - What does Nate confess? He fucked the girl duh Nate ain't dumb - Does Addy succeed in keeping Sheridan's mind off of Julius? No - Does Keeley and Julius get romantic? Yes and Sheridan sees - Where does Epic take the group? To the fucking hood
  11. Club: Tottenham Hotspur Skin Tone: Black Height in cm. 5ft 8 Weight: 155lbs Position: RB/RWB/CM/RM Role: Wing Back
  12. Rhyhorn Carkol Boldore Pupitar Onix Binacle dwebble rockruff
  13. What does Sheridan want?: To fuck Sameer Who will make their first appearance next episode? (Feel free to put as many as you like): Ropati We will see a monarch reach out to another for a potential alliance. Who will reach out to whom?: Toxik to Arius
  14. Carnage Announces Signing of the returning Alyx Wilde!
  15. What a night it's been so far here in London. Wembley has been treated to one of the best BPZ PPV's ever. We've seen Austin Omega become a 2x NXT Champion, Bob Sparks win the Premium Championship, Sheridan and Sameer retain their championships and most recently we saw FDS defeat Flynn to become Undisputed Champion and Arius finally get his redemption vs Slim as he pinned him to become World Champion for the second time. "Monster" came on over the loudspeakers as the crowd began to let out boos at the "Kiwi Killer". Ropati's theme would continue to build as there was still no sight of him before eventually, he did appear donning the New Zealand flag as a bandanna for the first time since Night of Legends where he came up short vs The "Death Machine" Julius. Ropati would pause at the top of the ramp before his manager The "GOAT" Bailey walked out looking extremely confident as the two men began to walk to the ring. Ropati walked down showing zero emotion on his face but a look of complete focus while Bailey was heard hyping Ropati up as his usual energetic self. Ropati and Bailey would exchange in a handshake before Ropati entered the ring the look of focus still clear. He'd take his bandana off and put it on the top rope before he smacked it off as the adrenaline began to flow through Ropati as he went into his corner and began to await his opponent. "115" By Treyarch now would begin to play as the crowd broke out into big cheers for The "God of War" not only have the BPZ audience come to really be big fans of Hans Clayton but they also really hate Ropati. Clayton would come out rocking a Cut Throat Crew leather Jacket as usual as he will look to keep up the undefeated streak Cut Throat Crew have had tonight with Sheridan retaining her US Title and Bob winning the Premium championship. Hans began to walk down the ramp before he stopped in the middle of it as he flipped his hood of to the applause of the crowd before he continued his entrance. Hans seemed to exchange some words with Bailey at ringside before he entered the ring and did his signature taunt right to the hard cam. Hans then turned his attention to Ropati before he backed up into his corner as Danielle began to announce the rules of the contest. After Danielle announced the rules the referee pulled both Hans Clayton and James Ropati in as he made sure they understood what the ref wanted fro this match before he told them both to back up into there corners but neither did. The two men began to stare each other daring the other to break contact first. Ropati's face would now break into a smile for the first time tonight as he just turned away from Hans and went back into his corner as Hans now did the same. The ref would now call for the bell and this match was underway. The two men quickly engaged in an elbow collar lock up which Hans one as he put Ropati in a headlock. Ropati would find his footing as he looked to push Hans off using the ropes as leverage but Hans countered his attempt by using his own momentum against him as he caused Ropati to flip over and stay in the headlock. Ropati yet again fought his way back to his feet as he delivered two devastating elbows to the gut of Hans before he went for a back suplex but Hans flipped out of it and landed on his feet. Ropati would turn around to a dropkick from Clayton which sent him into the corner. Hans would now back up into the corner before he hit Ropati with a corner dropkick before hitting it again 2 more times. Ropati would now roll out of the ring but Hans bounced off the ropes and flew over the top rope as he hit a Tope con Hilo. Hans would now do his signature taunt as the crowd roared in approval. Hans would roll Ropati back into the ring before he went to get back into the ring but Ropati was back on his feet and he hit Hans with a drop kick that sent him off the apron and back down to the floor. Ropati would now bounce off the ropes as it looked like he was about to also go for a Tope con Hilo which Hans would just avoid but Ropati flipped out of it and landed in a seated position. Hans would charge Ropati hoping he wouldn't expect it but Ropati ducked Hans's kick and kicked up as the two men stared each other down. Hans would now rush Ropati again but Ropati dropped kick with a kick to the ribs. Hans now attempted to leave the ring but Ropati stopped him as he whipped him off the ropes right into a flying knee from Ropati. Hans would now be stunned as Ropati had taken control of this match, Ropati would pick Hans up before he hit a big german suplex and then another as Hans's head continued to be spiked into the mat. Ropati would pick Hans up but Hans whipped him off the ropes however Ropati was prepared for this as he hit a big springboard moonsault to Hans. Ropati would now cover Hans 1, no Hans kicked out at one. Ropati would pop right back up to his feet as if he expected Hans to kick out, he'd pick Hans up and hit him with multiple chops before he Irish whipped Hans off the ropes and went for another flying knee but Hans avoided it this time and hit a big Pele kick to Ropati sending him out of the ring. Hans would bounce off the ropes looking for another Tope con Hilo but Ropati ran back into the ring a dropped Hans with a big clothesline. Ropati now picked Hans up and just threw him out of the ring. Ropati now rolled outside the ring as well as he picked Hans up and threw him into the steel steeps on the outside. Ropati picked Hans up again as he began to lay multiple forearms into the face of Hans Clayton before he picked him up and hit a massive Brainbuster to the mat below. Ropati now rolled back into the ring to break the referees count. Ropati would wait for Hans to get up before he went for another Tope con Hilo and Hans avoided it again but this time Ropati didn't flip off instead he bounced to the top rope and hit a big moonsault to the outside and to Hans. Ropati's face would now break into a rare smile as he was clearly in control of this match and he knew it. Ropati rolled Hans back into the ring but Hans rolled back out to Ropati's amusement as he just left him. Ropati would now sit on the top turnbuckle as he seemed to be bragging to someone before Hans got onto the apron and hit Ropati with a springboard Hurricarana. Hans now went to the top rope and he jumped off and HIT A 450 SPLASH TO ROPATI. Cover from Hans 1, 2, Ropati kicks out. Hans wouldn't look frustrated as he must've thought there was a good chance of Ropati kicking out of that. Hans would pick Ropati as the two got into a strike off as Hans landed multiple slaps, forearms and chops but Ropati countered with Kicks as well as chops, forearms and slaps. Eventually Ropati would win the strike off as you'd expect and he whipped Hans off the ropes but Hans hit a springboard moonsault off the ropes into an inverted DDT. The crowd would break into applause from the impressive acrobatic manoeuvre from Hans. Hans now picked Ropati up and after slapping the "Kiwi Killer" Irish whipped him over the top rope and to the outside. Hans now went for a springboard phenomenal forearm but Ropati caught him with a kick to the ribs. Ropati now picked him up and threw him over the barricade and into the crowd. Ropati would try to take a breather and recover but as soon as he turned around Hans was waiting for him as he hit him with a big phenomenal forearm from the barricade. Hans would now pick Ropati up as both men clearly needing to catch their breath as we are now 20 mins into this main event. Ropati would now catch Hans would a spinning kick to Hans's gut and he Irish whipped him into the ring. Ropati now jumped up to the top rope as he hit a flying metora to Hans before he rolled through the move and began to line Hans up again. Ropati would wait for Hans to get back to his feet as he hit him with a big bicycle knee which sent Hans rebounding off the corner turnbuckle and he walked right into A SUPERKICK FROM ROPATI. COVER FROM ROPATI 1, 2, HANS KICKS OUT. Ropati would look like he was about to break out into a angry outburst but he kept his cool again. Ropati would pick Hans up as he grabbed both his arms and hit him with a big boot. Ropati now climbed to the top rope and HE HIT A BIG FROG SPLASH BUT HE WASN'T DONE THERE. HE PICKED HANS UP HIT A ROLLING SENTON AND CLIMBED TO THE TOP ROPE AND HIT A PHOENIX SPLASH ON HANS. COVER FROM ROPATI AS HE HOOKS BOTH LEGS, 1, 2, NOOOO HANS STAYS ALIVE. Now Ropati wouldn't be able to control himself as he began to slap the mat angrily. Ropati would begin to wonder what he'd have to as he look down at Hans as it seems an idea came to his head. Ropati would slide his foot under Hans's face as he began to lift him up as everyone in the crowd knew if Ropati hit this it'd be match over. Ropati would swing for the Kiwi Kick BUT HANS DUCKED, Now Hans hit a Pele Kick which stunned Ropati and then he hit a Brainbuster. Hans wasn't done however, He'd now run and springboard off the middle rope as he hit a big lionsault. Cover from Hans 1, 2, ROPATI STAYS ALIVE. Now it would be Hans's turn to wonder what more he had to do. Hans would run his fingers through his hair as he began to think of a new plan. Hans would pick Ropati up only slap him and throw him back down. Hans would now begin to stomp on Ropati as he continued to damage the body of Ropati. Hans would then climb to the top rope and after he said something to Bailey he'd leap off the top rope RIGHT INTO A BUZZSAW KICK FROM ROPATI. Ropati would drag his body into the cover, 1,2 HANS STAYS ALIVE AGAIN. Ropati would instantly get back to his feet but instead of continuing the assault on Hans he began to argue with the ref. Ropati and the ref almost came to blows but Ropati realised that he needed to stay focused as he began to line Hans up again. Ropati would run at Hans as he looked to kick his head off but Hans rolled out of the way then ran at Ropati who caught him with a kick to the gut NO REMORSE ROPATI HIT HIM WITH A NO REMORSE. COVER FROM ROPATI, 1, 2, 2.9 HANS KICKED OUT. SOMEHOW HANS STAYED ALIVE AND KICKED OUT OF THE NO REMORSE. Ropati would now just look up to the sky in shock and despair as we are now 30 minutes into this match as Hans is still fighting to stay alive, to main event Summerslam vs Arius for the World Championship. Ropati would now slowly pick Hans up by the hair as he was clearly now trash talking Hans but Hans hit a big Pele Kick and then he kicked Ropati in the gut and picked him up, CLAYTON CLASH, THIS IS IT HANS IS GOING TO BECOME KING. HANS ROLLS THOROUGH INTO A COVER, 1, 2, 3- WAIT NO ROPATI GOT THE SHOULDER UP, HOW DID ROPATI KICK OUT OF THAT? Hans and well every single fan in the arena jaws were dropped even Bailey who's been hyping Ropati up the whole time in this tournament seemed surprised at Ropati's kick out. Hans would now he couldn't just wait however, he knew he had to strike the finishing blow now. Hans would drag Ropati to the corner before he lined up another Clayton Clash but this time from the top rope. Hans would go for the Clash but Ropati countered into a hurricanrana from the middle rope. Hans would roll through this at sprinted at Ropati who pulled down the ropes and sent Hans to the apron. Hans landed on his feet and caught Ropati with an enziguri from the outside. Now Hans lined up a Phenomenal Forearm, this would surely end the match. Hans would go for the Forearm BUT HE GOT CAUGHT BY ROPATI WITH A KIWI KICK, OH MY GOD WHAT A COUNTER BY ROPATI. Ropati would collapse into the cover knowing it was now over. 1, 2, 3, ROPATI HAS DONE IT, HE HAS DEFEATED HANS CLAYTON AND BECOME KING. Your Winner in 33:34 and the Winner of the King of the Ring Tournament James Ropati! Ropati would slowly use the ropes to pull himself up as the Ref know raised his hand as Ropati let out a smile. As soon as the ref lowered Ropati's hand Bailey would roll into the ring as he began to yell "I KNEW YOU'D WIN, EASY MONEY, KING JAMES" Now from backstage We'd see Ropati's fellow Death Riders Jason Ryan and Buddy Ace come out clapping Ropati as the men began to dap each other up in the ring. Then it'd appear that all of Mafia was here as Slim, Amai and Mikey all came out and as usual "Le Champion" had multiple bottles off the bubbly on him. The 3 men would roll into the ref as they too dapped Ropati up before Slim poured a bottle of the bubbly right on Ropati's head much to the amusement of everyone but Ropati who quickly laughed it off. While all members of Mafia but Ropati were unsuccessful tonight it sure seems that this night will still be seen as a victory. Just as we were about to go off air Slim and Bailey two greats of this company would lift Ropati up and on their shoulders as that was the last image we saw as King of the Ring faded to black.
  16. Name: James Ropati Age: 56 Male/Female: Male You must choose which one you want to be D Class/New Trainees/Site Director/Head Scientist: Head Scientist Race: Black Hair Color: Brown Backstory if you choose either D Class or New Trainees: N/A
  17. Name: James Ropati Nationality: New Zealand Club (Pick Any): Tottenham Skin Tone: Black Height: 6ft 2 Weight: 190lbs Position: ST Play Style: Complete Foward
  18. i don't know what i just read but i did enjoy it
  19. gonna just finish the sentence without the brackets as well. 

    Day whatever of counting down to my KOTR Victory 

    1. Epic1237_


      When are you winning 

    2. Ropati


      i don't know man, they holding out on me

  20. In just a few hours the King of the Ring PPV will be well underway with matches such as Sameer vs Alex Costa vs Prince for the Intercontinental Championship, Slim vs Brad vs Arius for the world championship, Mikey vs Bob Sparks vs Akki Mahal for the Premium Championship and in the main event we'll see Ropati vs Hans in the King of the Ring Final. As if talking about his match summoned him Ropati would walk into the shot from backstage a water bottle in hand as he'd wave to the press as a pose for the many camera flashes as many presses seemed desperate to get answers from Ropati as he sat down. Ben Dover: Inside Scoop "In just a few hours you go one on one with Hans Clayton can you give us any insight or your last second preparations and gameplan for the match?" "Well obviously I can't tell you about my gameplan, I'm not in the mood to give Hans any handouts before the biggest match of my career. In term of preparations, I'm just doing what I do before every match some light training and just relaxing listening to music and playing some pro clubs on my PS4, just because its the biggest match of my career doesn't mean I change tradition." Manny Moleman: BPZ Commentaries "Buddy Ace has been rumoured to have joined the Death Riders after he helped you in that Bar Brawl. What are your thoughts on Buddy Ace joining the group?" "I think everyone around the world that watches BPZ knows how talented Buddy is. Don't let that fluke of a loss vs Prince fool you, Just back at Last Resort Buddy Ace was defeating one of the most talented men in the company in KENJI, his loss vs Prince was a fluke nothing more, nothing less. I also believe he and Jason have a history of teaming so that can only be seen as a plus if the two decide to team up and win the tag team championships again." Fanny Mcfae: BPZ Commentaries "Recently your old teammate and enemy Julius showed his face on BPZ TV for the first time in months, what are you thoughts on his possible return?" "What kind of question is that? Am I facing Julius in just a few hours? No so don't ask stupid questions that don't relate to me at all, but since I'm in a good mood today I'll answer your question. I couldn't care less if Julius returns or not if he does then I hope we can face again so I can show everyone he's not still better than me and that I'm now superior if not then enjoy retirement brother you earned it." Jimmy The Jabroni: BPZ Behind The Mask "Hans has said that it doesn't matter if you hit one Kiwi Kick or ten Kiwi Kicks he won't stay down your thoughts?" "I've heard all this talk before, someone says it doesn't matter how strong the Kiwi Kick is the only way you can stop me is by killing me or whatever. But then the exact same result occurs every time I hit my opponent with a Kiwi Kick they get knocked out, I pin them the ref counts to 3 and I win. It's pretty simple so Hans's words don't really bother me." James SweedinFerg: BPZ No Holds Barred "In both your matches with Echo and Alex your knee was a big topic of discussion is it 100% for you match vs Hans?" "Good question James, I can give you a straight answer to it as well. My knee is good to go I've trained as hard as I could to rehab it and well I did and I'm ready to go vs Hans no injuries holding me back. I've even made sure it can take the offence Hans will no doubt throw at is as it's quite the big target. Adrian Wojpati: BPZ Inside Scoop "If Hans is sitting backstage watching this press conference right now do you have any final words to say to him before you two do battle?" "Another good question. Yes, I do. Focus that camera on me, Hans buddy in a little over 6 hours you and me will go to war in the main event of the King of the Ring PPV, we will tear the house down but the match will end with me on top and you yet again falling short in the big moment. You can go on and on about how your preparation for this match but really I don't give a shit be prepared and talk about it all it shows me is how a simple sentence got stuck in your head so easily and I know why it's because it's true you aren't prepared like me and you know it. But best of luck for our match praying for you. With these last words, Ropati would pick up his water again as he walked off as all the press who didn't get to ask a question began to yell there's out as Ropati walked off. Who will win in the main event and become king? Only time can tell.
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