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  1. as much as i love slade its supergirl so yeh easy vote for supergirl
  2. Triple H Hall Sheamus Cm Punk Jericho Nash Miz HBK Vince Batista Randy Orton Bret Hart D Bry Big Show Rock Hogan
  3. actually crazy when you think that we've managed to get two of the best players to ever live to play at the same time. interesting to see that neither Pele or Maradona are in your top 10 of all time not saying i disagree just find it interesting.
  4. honestly Nickeil Alexander-Walker impressed me more than Jaxson Hayes from what i've seen mans averaged 24.3pts and 6 assists and probs would've won summer league MVP if the Pelicans beat the Grizzlies in the final.
  5. 2003/04 OFFSEASON RECAP PART 1: Up first in the offseason was the Draft Lottery with every team wanting to win it to be able to draft college superstar Lebron James with the first pick and the lucky winners of the Draft Lottery was new team in the NBA the Charlotte Hornets who now have a future great to build there team around. The 2nd pick went to the Nets as apart of a trade with the Nuggets who are looking at a big man to join Jason Kidd in New Jersey. the rest of the draft lottery went like this. 3 Jazz, 4 Celtics via Memphis, 5 Portland, 6 Suns via Bucks, 7 Knicks 8 Celtics 9 76ers, 10 Timberwolves, 11 Thunder 12 Raptors, 13 Bulls 14 Pelicans. With the 1st pick in the 2004 NBA draft the Charlotte Hornets select Lebron James With the 2nd pick in the 2004 NBA draft the Brooklyn Nets select Dwight Howard With the 3rd pick in the 2004 NBA draft the Utah Jazz select Andre Iguodala With the 4th pick in the 2004 NBA draft the Boston Celtics select Josh Smith With the 5th pick in the 2004 NBA draft the Portland Trailblazers select Al Jefferson With the 6th pick in the NBA draft the Phoenix Suns select Emeka Okafor TRADE ALERT The New York Knicks trade the 7th pick and Kurt Thomas to the Memphis Grizzlies for Mike Miller With the 7th pick in the 2004 NBA draft the Memphis Grizzlies select Kevin Martin With the 8th pick in the 2004 NBA draft the Boston Celtics select J.R Smith With the 9th pick in the 2004 NBA draft the Philadelphia 76ers select Jameer Nelson With the 10th pick in the 2004 NBA draft the Minnesota Timberwolves select Shaun Livingston REST OF DRAFT: second part offseason with free agent moves will come soon.
  6. Kayfabe Name: Ropati Figurehead: Johnny Gargano Finishers: Kiwi Kick (Black Mass), Curb Stomp, Death From Above (Coup De Grace) (VERY RARE) Signatures: Super Kick/Knee Combo, Phoenix Splash Regular Moves: don't really have a set list, but think athletic brawler Style: athletic brawler with a mix of technical abilty Theme Song: "Power" by Kanye West Spots: just whatever mental shit you want to do King Of The Ring Final: Nate vs Julius BPZ World Heavyweight Championship: Sameer (c) vs The Bailey BPZ Premium Championship Battle Royal: BiC BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs George BPZ United States/North American Championship: Hans vs Arius BPZ Undisputed Championship: Flynn (c) vs Jonathan BPZ NXT Championship: Raven (c) vs Bob Tag Team Tournament Match: United Nations vs Deadman's Hand Tag Team Tournament Match: Slim & Necce vs SSW Club
  7. Undertaker vs HBK - WM 25 CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy - TLC - Summerslam 09 Rey Mysterio vs Y2J - The Bash 09 Edge vs Jeff Hardy - Ladder Match - Extreme Rules 09 Rey Mysterio vs John Morrison - SD 09 do i have to explain why?
  8. Ropati4

    WWE Battles

    Money In The Bank vs Elimination Chamber Hell In A Cell vs Ladder Last Man Standing vs TLC Extreme Rules vs Iron Man Singles vs Lumber Jack Street Fight vs Buried Alive
  9. Arrow vs Mave - Death Match Amai vs Shiba - Barbed Wire match El Arius vs Lord Gwynfro AND FDS vs Julius in a Hardcore Beer Drinking Contest AT THE SAME TIME First Class Express vs Job Squad ICON vs Kai vs Toxik- Losers Leaves The BBQ The United States Championship vs BiC for Ownership of Hans 26 "Man" Yelich Only Battle Royal: Ropati plz Intermission with a HeelAkki Live Performance Bailey vs ??? - Open Challenge to the Audience (Bonus point if your guess the person) Ropati plz Spontaneous Food Fight Natedog vs Joh - Bag of Potatoes on a Pole Match - Loser Has To Wear An England Jersey
  10. Tim Drake yet again batman trained him
  11. yeh i'm going Bournemouth fun team and i'd be excited to see what you could do with them
  12. the events already happened mate
  13. Ropati4

    WWE Battles

    Inferno vs Money In The Bank Table vs Elimination Chamber Hell In A Cell vs Chairs Ladder vs Falls Count Anywhere Last Man Standing vs Punjabi Prsion TLC vs 3 Stages Of Hell Extreme Rules vs 2 Out Of 3 Falls Steel Cage vs Iron Man Singles vs Submission *Blank* On A Pole vs Lumberjack Street Fight vs Kendo Stick Match Buried Alive vs Ambulance
  14. Saw that we had a most overrated sports stars topic but not an most underrated sports stars topic so here we are anyway Who do you believe are some of the most underrated sports stars?
  15. 5 Possible Opponents for a singles match vs BrendenPlayz by Steven Power July 13th, 2019, 10:21pm NZT ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ According to the rumot mill CEO and Owner of BPZ BrendenPlayz is gearing up for a rare singles match at BPZ's Summerslam in an attempt to make sure fans don't turn there attention over to rival companies such as Twitch Wrestling instead of staying focused on BPZ. Today I'm going to be going over 5 people we here at Smarks Daily could see facing BrendenPlayz at the Biggest Party of the Summer. Yes I know you already saw a post on this by Dave Jones but This is my take on it. 5 Bashka A legend in BPZ Bashka has been with BPZ for over 4 years and has built a tight bond with Brenden over those years. Now we now for a match as big as this will be Brenden will only pick someone he can trust to be in this match with him and Bashka is for sure a man who Brenden would trust and this would also be a huge match which would get the eyes right back on BPZ. 4 Nebakos Rumours said that Nebakos was set to return at the Greece show on BPZ's current European Tour. A while he didn't here at Smarks Daily we don't think this rules out a return for Nebakos but more that he's been saved for something bigger such as a match vs Brenden at Summerslam. I for one hope this match does come true as it would be great to see everyone's favourite Greek to make a return to BPZ to face the boss as well. 3 Slim All throughout the middle of 2017 Slim begged for a match vs BrendenPlayz and while Brenden refused to be in a match with Slim the main reason for this was because Brenden didn't want to return to the ring. However, since then Brenden has returned to the Ring and won the Tag Team Titles with Sameer meaning that he would be more open to having a match with Slim. 2 Sameer In May this year reports released that Sameer and Brenden had backstage beef due to them disagreeing on who was in the wrong in an argument between Bailey and Keeley. Now while it seems they've both gotten over this since then you never know if either one is still mad about it and would attack the other. Just think about this match Sameer vs Brenden the 2 Tag Team Champions battling each other for the World Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event of Summerslam. 1 Bailey The biggest match possible for BPZ in The Bailey vs BrendenPlayz. Bailey has the highest merch sales in the company and Brenden's the godamn owner of the Company the money and mainstream attention this match would get is emmense. These 2 men are 1-1 in singles matches and both would love to break the tie and hold bragging rights and where better to do it than at BPZ's Summerslam in August. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. Ropati4

    BPZ Battles

    Commander Shepard (Mass Effect) vs Steve (Minecraft) Cloud Strife vs Abe (Oddworld) Kasumi (Dead or Alive) vs Sweet Tooth Ezio Auditore vs Vault Boy Blinx the Time Sweeper vs Sora Marth vs Geralt of Rivia Master Chief vs Kirby Duke Nukem vs Jin Kazama Gordon Freeman vs Scorpion Ryu Hayabusa vs Kratos Samus Aran vs Pikachu Solid Snake vs Bomberman Jak & Dexter vs Ratchet & Clank Monokuma vs Spyro the Dragon Pac-Man vs Rayman Shantae vs Clementine Captain Falcon vs Tony Hawk John Marston vs Doomguy Simon Belmont vs Lara Croft Agent 47 vs Rico Rodriguez Earthworm Jim vs Jill Valentine Conker the Squirrel vs Dante Slime (Dragon Quest) vs Nathan Drake Sly Cooper vs Banjo-Kazooie B.D Joe (Crazy Taxi) vs Sackboy Frank West vs Sonic the Hedgehog Morrigan Aensland vs Crash Bandicoot Donkey Kong vs Mai Shiranui Mario vs Max Payne Mega Man vs Link Bubsy vs Marcus Fenix GLaDOS vs Chun-Li
  17. Name: James Ropati Age: 21 Nationality: New Zealander Height: 6'7 Weight: 215 pounds Wingspan: 6'9 Looks (be as descriptive as you want): Brown, Hair like jaylen Brown, no beard Archetype: Lights out shooter, lockdown defender Position: SG

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