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Everything posted by Ropati4

  1. will watch every youtube video on this as well as every whatculture video hope they come to nz but probs won't
  2. man wish i could of seen that match
  3. really looking forward to the brand split
  4. how long do you think ambrose will hold the title and how long do you want him to hold it
  5. i want to do a non title feud for some reason 

  6. psn ikjaassff if you want to add just say your from the forums and who are
  7. wish it was summmer for me but it is winter sad face
  8. so for this you have to say the best you have seen live which means you had to be in the arena when it happend mine is none because i have not seen a wrestling show live in the arena ever but in augast i am seeing wwe live in new zealand so then i will say my best match i have seen so say yours now
  9. almas nakamura asuka american alpha joe yes itami
  10. oh i want another match for the tv title i was the man of the match there so i want another chance for that title
  11. matches for my wwe new era dairy 


  12. i won the tag team match just like i will win the tv title at clash of the titants
  13. good fd quick question with my match it was a ladder match so how did i pin him
  14. for once i am excited for wwe tv

  15. Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): ropati just ropati Weight: 185 lbs Height: 5'8" Finisher(s): gts sweet chin music Signature(s) rko anaconda vice Gimmick: underdog Attire: finn balor Alignment (heel/face/tweener): face Tag Team: no
  16. if anyone want to do a dual um with me just pm me

  17. i complety agree with this you have this badass tam first thing you make them attack people good good job them out to those people what?
  18. corbin new day rusev cesaro the club dean ambrose charlotte roman reigns
  19. i am in and ryback baron corbin vaudevillans charrlote sami zayn ambrose cesaro roman

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