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  1. (This isn't in order btw) Tom Brady: While I'm not the biggest football fan I do know Tom Bradys the GOAT and to still be dominating in his 40s is mad. Micheal Jordan: The GOAT of Basketball Jordon went to the finals 6 times and won it 6 times even hitting one of the most clutch shots ever vs the Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals Floyd Mayweather: I mean the man is 50-0 he's the GOAT of Boxing without a doubt. Lionel Messi- The GOAT of Football/Soccer don't try and say otherwise. This man isn't even human he got 91 goals in the year 2012 and even today he's still dominating and racking up the goals and assists. Usain Bolt: I mean the man won the Gold Medal in his 3 events 3 Olympics in a row thats incredible and he had to be on my list.
  2. It's always hard to rank teams from different sports against each other so i'm just gonna say what I feel the best team is from the 3 sports I follow the most. Football (European) - Barcelona (2011): You it means something when Sir Alex Ferguson says this team wasn't the best he ever faced. While this team didn't win the treble like they did in 2009 I would say they were still better than that side. Messi was an overall better player this season getting 31 goals and 18 assists in the league and got 12 goals in the champions league which got him top goal scorer in the comp. In terms of the other players this team still had the best midfield duo of all time in iniesta and Xavi and Puyol to lead the defence along side Dani Alves and Young Pique among others. David Villa, Samuel Etto and Messi were up front from this team that still had Pep as manager as this team won the Champions League and the La Liga in terms of major trophies. In the 2010 Ballon D'or the top 3 players for the award all played for Barca as well. Basketball - GoldenState Warriors (2018): While it's close between the 1995-96 Bulls and this team I gave the Warriors the edge just because I believe this team just is better. Kevin Durant and Steph Curry were both top 5 players in the league at the time and then Klay and Draymond were both top 25 at-least. This team is impossible to guard unless you've got 3 elite defenders as both Curry and Durant can cook you 1 on 1 and if you focus to much on those 2 then BAM Klay strikes and if he gets hot your screwed. Not only that but this team has Zaza who'll just injury the other teams best player if there seems to be a problem. This team swept the Cavs in the finals and If you ask me they could've broken the wins record if they really wanted to but the Warriors have learned from 2016 that its better to wait for the playoffs then waste all your energy in the regular season. Rugby - Crusaders (2018): This one will be more brief as I think I may be the only person on the forums that follows Super Rugby. The Crusaders dominated this season of Super Rugby only losing twice as they topped the table and then in the playoffs they smashed the Sharks 40-10 then the Hurricanes were the next victims as they lost 30-12 despite being the 2nd best New Zealand team then in the Final they beat the Lions 37-18. This squad was also stacked at 14 of the 15 players were All Blacks which is just incredible.
  3. Football (European) Basketball Rugby
  4. Always loved Dick Grayson from when he was robin to Nightwing to when he was Batman for a little bit and he may just be my favourite superhero/villain so he's got my vote
  5. gotta go with Cap i prefer in comics and on screen so its an easy choice
  6. Green Arrow for me. Like both of these 2 but Arrow edges it.
  7. Full Name: James Ropati Genre: Rock Age: 22 Sub-Genre (Can have up to 3): Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop Instrument (If you're a singer or a rapper then leave this blank): Drummer Appearance: Always where's a Gorilla suit Backstory: James has been drumming since primary and has loved it since then as well. He famously wears a Gorilla Suit due to the famous cadburys ad he saw when he was younger that inspired him.
  8. need? No. However have they earned the right to earn millions? Yes
  9. MVP Giannis DOPY (Defensive Player Of The Year) AD ROTY (Rookie Of The Year) Zion MIP (Most Improved Player) Terry Rozier 6MOTY (Six Man Of The Year) SGA COTY (Coach Of The Year) Lakers Coach
  10. It's time for another NBA top 10 list and today i'm gonna rank my top 10 point guards. Please not this is going into this season so no John Wall cause he's hurt. 10. Kyle Lowry This number 10 spot is close between Trae Young, De'Aaron Fox and Lowry but Lowry takes it because he's the only one who made the playoffs and he won the finals averaging 16 and 7. He can't go up in this list however as he only averaged 14 and 9 during the season. Now with Kawhi gone Lowry is back to being the 2nd option behind Pascal Siakam and if he can up his numbers again he'll rise up this list. 9. Chris Paul Paul is another player who almost missed out on a spot on this list but I gave him the benefit of the doubt as he's made the playoffs the last 9 seasons and was the arguably the best point guard before the Steph Curry rise. While Paul only averaged 16 and 8 last season I'm putting that down to his injury and playing with a James Harden who was a monster last season. It seems alot of people forget that if Paul doesn't good hurt in game 6 vs the Warriors in 2018 he most likely leads the Rockets to the championship. 8. Mike Conley Conley had arguably a career best season last season averaging 21 and 6 on a not so good Memphis team. Now Conley has gotten his trade away to a top team in Utah and has made them contenders right away. Now due to Memphis missing out on the playoffs this is as far as Conley can go but if Utah are a top 6 seed and Conley puts up similar numbers he can rise up these rankings. 7. D'Angelo Russell D'lo had the best season of his career last season averaging 21 and 7 on his best ever percentages from the field and 3. While his stats are similar to Conley he edges him out due to the fact that he lead his team to the playoffs and was an all-star. D'lo now goes to the Warriors in a sign and trade that included KD going to Brooklyn. While he'll most likely not play point guard this season with Curry being his team mate he still played point guard last season making him one in my book. 6. Ben Simmons Simmons had another great season last year averaging 17, 8 and 9 on 56% from the field while the 76ers got to the 3rd seed again. While Simmons did do worse in the playoffs compared to last season that can be put down to the fact he had Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris on his team this time out and even with them there he still had an incredible 31pt games vs the Nets. While Simmons is a great player with high potential he has one major flaw that holds him back from becoming an elite point guard which is his lack of shooting. As of writing this Simmons hasn't hit a single 3 and is coming off a 60% free throw performance last season. Until Simmons can show some sort of shooting in the NBA he'll sit around the 5-6 range. 5. Kemba Walker Kemba is coming off an incredible season for the Hornets averaging 26 and 6 as he tried to carry the Hornets to the playoffs. He made the All NBA 3rd team and was an All-Star starter giving him the chance to get a supermax contract from the Hornets however instead they underpaid him which was a blessing in disguise for him and then the Boston Celtics swooped in and signed Kemba and saved him from the horrid team known as the Hornets. If Kemba can perform how he did last season again but this time for a playoff team then he'll raise up the ranks unless everyone above performs better. 4. Russell Westbrook Westbrook was the number 2 or number 3 point guard in the league going into this season however drops in his 3 point shooting and free throw shooting from 34% to 29% in just 2 seasons and 84% to 65% in 2 seasons. Now Westbrook still had a very impressive season averaging a triple double for the third season in a row but due to the Thunder finishing as the 6th seed and then getting embrassed by Damian Lillard and performing bad in the playoffs Russ sits in 4th. Now Russ goes to play with his best friend James Harden in Houston and if he can prove he can play well with another superstar and do well with Houston then he will go up on this list. 3. Kyrie Irving Going into this season Kyrie was the 2nd or 3rd best point guard in the league in my eyes and was looking ready to lead the Celtics to at least the conference finals if not the finals. Things did not go like that however as the Celtics had serious chemistry problems mainly caused by Kyrie himself. Kyrie had a solid regular season averaging 24 and 7 but in the postseason things got bad as while he still averaged 21 and 7 which is solid he did it on 38% from the field and 31% from 3 which is dreadful. Now Kyrie had moved to Brooklyn to be with KD but with KD out this season Kyrie has got another chance to prove he's more than just a robin and if he can do that then he can easily go back to number 2 on this list. 2. Damian Lillard While Dame was for me the 4th best point guard going into this after a great regular season and post season averaging 26 and 7 in the regular season and 27 and 7 in the entire post season. On top of that he lead the Blazers to the 3rd seed and ended the Thunder big 2 of Paul George and Russell Westbrook averaging 33 and 6 including a big 50pt game 5 with a dirty game winner. Now what stops Lillard from even challenging number 1 is the fact that after round 1 it seemed he just tired himself out and disappeared vs the Nuggets and Warriors. Now the only way I could see Dame getting number 1 on this list is by leading the Blazers to the finals. 1. Steph Curry No surprises here as Curry should be number 1 on everyones current day point guard list. The best shooter we've ever seen and the only ever unanimous MVP as well as a three time champ. Curry averaged 27 and 5 in the regular season last year and 28 and 6 in the playoffs as well as 30 and 6 in the NBA Finals as he tried everything he could with all his teammates it seemed being hurt. The only way I could see Curry losing this spot is if the Warriors miss the playoffs with no injuries apart from Klay suffered and he performs badly and unless that happens I think Curry will stay here at number 1. Well thats my top 10 PG's list. Let me know your list. Next up will be the top 10 Shooting Guards but until then goodbye.
  11. Group A: Jonathan vs. FDS: Tie Prince vs. Bart: Bart Julius vs. Kenji: Julius Group B: Smith vs. Hans: Smith Blade vs. Slim: Slim Bashka vs. Sameer: Sameer
  12. Name (First And Last) : James Ropati Height (Maximum 7,0) : 5'10 Weight (Maximum 400) : 181 Skin Color: African American Is Your Best Speed, Strength, Agility, Or A Mix Of The Three: Speed What Is Your Personality - Humble, Aggressive, Cocky, Other: Cocky What Do You Bring To The Team: Talent snd Confidince Position WR
  13. Jonathan vs. Prince: Jon Bart vs. Kenji: Bart Julius vs. FDS: Julius Group B: Smith vs. Blade: Smith Slim vs. Sameer: Slim Hans vs. Bashka: Bashka Predictions not votes
  14. Name: James Ropati Nation: New Zealand COLLEGE: (anything but Duke or North Carolina Universities) Murrary State Height: 6'5 Weight: 195lbs Position: SG, PG secondary Strength: (Driving, Mid range shot, 3pt's, Defence ETC) Only 1 allowed 3pts Weakness: (same as above) Must have 1 blocks Tendencies: (likes to shot 3's, doesn't like to shoot mid range, doesn't like to drive) if you don't specify it'll be normal loves catch and shoots 3's the most and then all other 3's, perfers not to go in the post but will, mid range same as 3, will drive
  15. So with 2k20 dropping tomorrow i'm more hype than ever for the NBA season to begin so I thought i'd rate my top 10 NBA players going into this season (so no KD since he's hurt) 10. Damian Lillard Before the NBA playoffs began this spot would most likely belong to Kyrie Irving who I did see as the 2nd best PG in the league however after the playoffs Lillard has taken this spot that's from a mix of Lillards great first round and Kyrie's not so good playoffs. Now Lillard can't go any further than this because after the 1st round he just disappeared. He just destroyed the Thunder and dipped C.J carried him through the 2nd round and then the Warriors killed Portland in the Conference Finals. 9. Joel Embiid Joel Embiid is an incredible player and could easily move higher than this on the list if it wasn't for his injury concerns. In his 2 "healthy seasons" he hasn't played over 65 games. This also continues in the playoffs as he missed a big game vs Toronto in round 2 and he wasn't healthy for really any of the playoffs and you can make the argument if he was healthy Philly make it past Toronto and then they match up well vs the Bucks so they beat them and then with Warriors injury problems that happened in the finals Philly ends up winning it all. Instead they went out to a filthy buzzer beater and Embiid needs to learn how to stay healthy and until then he stays here. 8. Nikola Jokic Pre playoffs I might have given Embiid the edge over Jokic but Jokic brought out a new beast in the playoffs averaging 25, 13 and 8 an improvement over the 20, 11 and 7 he averaged in the regular season. Jokic is a definite MVP contender this upcoming season and is currently the best centre in league. The Nuggets have a great franchise star to lead the young Nuggets forward and if the whole team keep up the constant improvement don't be surprised if they win a championship soon with Jokic being a finals MVP. 7. Paul George Going into the NBA season George was nowhere the top 10 but then he had a MVP candidate season averaging 28, 8 and 4 and you could even argue if he didn't get the shoulder injury he couldn't been the MVP of the league. Now due to the first round exit the Thunder suffered he can't go any higher than 7 but following his trade to the Clippers he's now on a legitimate title contender along side another player in my top 10 Kawhi Leonard in what is one of the most terrifying duos in the league. 6. Anthony Davis While injuries forced him to drop down the rankings this season Anthony Davis is still an amazing player that should not be slept on. In a season many are calling disappointing from Davis he still averaged 26 and 12. Now that he's got his ideal move to LA he and Lebron are about to do some serious damage. Davis could differently win the MVP this season and get right back in to that top 5 in the league but due to him missing out on the playoffs and having a worse season than the people above him he stays here. 5. James Harden To begin the top 5 we have the reigning runner up to the MVP award James Harden who's coming off his best ever season statically. He averaged 36, 7 and 6 and if his teammates stayed healthy he could've ended up winning the MVP award which would have pushed him up to 4 on my list. However being the 5th best player in the league is nothing to cry about as it still means he's a top player in the league and without question the best Shooting Guard in the league. The pairing of him and Westbrook this season will be interesting but I have faith it'll work out for at least the regular season. 4. Giannis Antetokounmpo The reigning MVP in the league the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo (thank you google) Giannis was the best player in the regular season this past season and the only thing keeping him here is his lack of a solid jumper but he seems to be improving that quite a-lot. He averaged 28 12 and 6 in the season which is absurd. If the Bucks can make the finals this season or if Giannis can go back to back with the MVP awards then he should go up in this list but for now he sits at 4. 3. Steph Curry The best shooter of all time Steph Curry ranks in at 3 on this list if he managed to lead Golden State to victory in the finals then he would be ranked 2nd but he fell short and so he stays at 3rd. For the past 3 seasons Curry's taken a bit of a step back to let Kevin Durant shine but now that KD's gone and Klay out for now its Curry's time to shine and he still averaged 27, 5 and 5 last season despite having Klay and Durant on his team so I see no reason why Curry can't average 30+ this season which might be enough to keep him above KD when he returns next season. 2. Kawhi Leonard Instead of looking at this like 2 look at it more like 1B Kawhi had a solid regular season averaging 27 and 7 but the big question was about the load management which had him sit out 22 games and if it would work. And well it did Kawhi played every game for the Raptors in a incredible playoff run averaging 30 and 9 along side leading the Raptors to the championship and winning Finals MVP. He's also the best 2 way player in the league and most likely the best defensive player in the league. I'll go more into way he's second on number 1's post but Kawhi can definitely take the number 1 spot if he beats the Lakers in the playoffs this season or just gets another chip. 1. Lebron James They don't call him The King for no reason, it says a-lot about Lebron that in a season where he missed the playoffs he's still the best player in the world. My main reason for this is if Lebron was on the Raptors team Kawhi had and everything that happened (such as KD and Klay getting hurt) still happened would he win the championship and my answer is yes. Lebron averaged 27 8 and 8 last season was on track to take the Lakers to the playoffs before his injury which he rushed back from. This season will be a test for him however because if he does poorly again then he will drop from number 1 and he'll have no excuse this time. That's it for my list what's your list? let me know. Got anything you want me to answer? let me know. Next up could be another premier league review, it could be a NBA season predictions or my top 10 for each position in the NBA.
  16. Ropati4

    BPZ Battles

    Steve (Minecraft) vs Ezio Auditore (Assassins Creed) Sora (Kingdom Hearts) vs Master Chief Scorpion vs Pikachu Spyro the Dragon vs Pac-Man John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) vs Agent 47 (Hitman) Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) vs Banjo-Kazooie Sonic the Hedgehog vs Crash Bandicoot Mario vs GLaDoS (Portal)
  17. its difficult for me because in terms of everything animated dc wins and dc probably also wins with tv shows but then Marvel wins in terms of Movies however Most of my favourite superheros are from DC and i prefer DC in comics so I have to give them the edge
  18. sounds like a good idea storm also i'm defs down to be on
  19. Adam Page vs. Chris Jericho - AEW World Championship Match Pac vs Kenny Omega Best Friends vs The Dark Order - Winners receive a first round bye in the AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks - Escalera De La Muerte for the AAA World Tag Team Championship Cody vs. Shawn Spears Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Havoc - Cracker Barrel Clash Rhio vs Hikaru Shida Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt vs. SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky) Pre Show: 21 Woman Casino Battle Royale - Winner will receive a match for the inaugural AEW Women's World Championship Brit Baker Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) vs. Angélico and Jack Evans Bonus Questions: What match will open the show? AAA What match will be second to last on the show? Pac vs Kenny Will we see CM Punk at All Out? No What will be the Longest Match on the Card? Pac vs Kenny
  20. - World Heavyweight Championship match Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton - RAW Women's Championship match Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks Jeri-KO vs. Enzo & Big Cass - I Quit match Cesaro vs. Sheamus - RAW Tag Team Championships match The Dudley Boyz (c) vs. The Usos Bonus Questions Will the United States Championship be vacated at WWE Bad Blood due to Sami Zayn's injury? no Which match will get the highest rating at WWE Bad Blood? rollins vs orton
  21. NBA PLAYOFFS: FIRST ROUND RESULTS just posting results for this round next round as they'll be less matches i'll post full recaps like i did for the Bulls first round match-up #8 San Antonio Spurs beat #1 LA Lakers 4-1 #5 Portland TrailBlazers beat #4 Oklahoma City Thunder 4-3 #6 Golden State Warriors beat #3 LA Clippers 4-2 #7 Memphis Grizzlies beat #2 Houston Rockets 4-3 #4 Atlanta Hawks beat #5 Brooklyn Nets 4-3 #3 Toronto Raptors beat #6 Milwaukee Bucks 4-2 #2 Philadelphia 76ers beat #7 Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0 Predictions for next round (winner of playoff predictions will help me with some offseason decisions). #4 Atlanta Hawks vs #8 Chicago Bulls: How many games? #2 Philadelphia 76ers vs #3 Toronto Raptors: How many games? #5 Portland Trailblazers vs #8 San Antonio Spurs: How many games? #6 Golden State Warriors vs #7 Memphis Grizzlies: How many games?
  22. Happy birthday Sameer. The Beast has aged another year
  23. Lakers vs Bucks: How Many Games? Lakers in 6 Finals MVP? Lebron Top PPG Scorer in Series? Lebron What do LeBron James and Victor Oladipo average together? (Combined PPG) 57 What do Giannis & Eric Bledsoe average together? (Combined PPG) 48

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