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  1. Most KIlls (1 Point): Flynn First Killer (1 Point): Arius First Dead (1 Point): Kai Who Will Survive (1 Point Each Correct, -1 Point If Wrong): Smith, Bart, Julius and Arius
  2. Predictions James Knight United Nations Yelich Mikey Sameer Bob Sparks Echo Wilson Julius Slim Royal Flush Necce Bart
  3. Predictions not votes Undisputed: Flynn(c) vs. Necce vs. Echo NA: Yelich(c) vs. Mikey Block A Matches: Julius vs. Bart Jonathan vs. KENJI Prince vs. FDS Block B: Slim vs. Smith Bashka vs Hollow Sameer vs. Hans Street Fight: Meko vs. Alex Costa Arrow Gargano vs. Aidanator
  4. Name/Nickname: James Ropati "The Kiwi Buzzsaw" Preferred Figurehead: Travis Banks Wrestling Style: Strong Style x Technical x High Flying Signatures (up to 2): Phoenix Splash, Superkick Finishers (up to 2): Kiwi Kick (Black Mass), Death From Above (Coup De Grace) Background: Ropati has wanted to be a wrestler ever since he first saw it when he was 6. At age 16 Ropati made he debut on the New Zealand independent scene where he dominated winning title after title before he went to Japan and then the UK where the trend of domination seemed to continue. Due to his hard hitting style and the fact he was from New Zealand he earned the nickname the Kiwi Buzzsaw. After 2 years on the independents BPZ noticed his talent and signed him to a contract. Ropati has had his up and downs in BPZ but nothing will stop him from achieving his dream Heel/Face/Tweener: Tweener
  5. Ariya Daivari vs Tyler Bate Tony Nese vs Oney Lorcan Lio Rush vs Mustafa Ali Adam Cole vs Drew Gulak Tornado Tag - Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly vs Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik Extreme Rules - Noam Dar vs Mike Kanellis Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) vs Johnny Gargano vs Finn Balor
  6. Happy birthday Storm!
  7. I wouldn't say any lost has ever devastated me as most loses i've had i was expecting to lose but if I had to pick one i'd go with the wargames match that i was in. Mainly cause the lost got me betrayed and thats never nice.
  8. gonna go with Bart. Don't think I've ever seen him mad at someone
  9. Ropati4

    NFL Points League

    sounds like a fun idea necce. I'll join
  10. Ropati4


    Name: James Morris Nicknames: The Animal Figurehead: Batista Signatures: Spear, Tombstone Piledriver Finishers: Powerbomb (Batista Bomb style), Crossface (Crippler Crossface style) Backstory: Former UFC Fighter turned Top Movie Star now turned Wrestler Age: 29
  11. BREAKING NEWS Owner of the Wrestling Company known as BPZ, BrendenPlayz has brought a spot in the championship and forced Barnsley into League 1. In one of the craziest stories you might ever see BrendenPlayz who owns the wrestling company BPZ has somehow brought a spot in the Championship and kicked Barnsley out. Despite having no players going into this season Brenden has said he's got a plan to make the ultimate football team. His first move was naming James Ropati a now former wrestler for BPZ as the manager of this team as he said quote "He won Tottenham a trophy on FM so after seeing him do the impossible I thought he was the perfect man for the job". Now with the manager spot completed the only question is who is going to join this new club, SIGN-UPS TO JOIN BRENDENPLAYZ FC Name: Age (the older you are the better you are but the lower your potential will be): Height: Weight: Skin Colour: Whats are you best at? (Pace, Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, Defending, Physical) Pick One: What do you bring to the team: Position (GK, LWB, LB, CB, RB, RWB, CDM, CAM, RM, RW, LM, LW, CF, ST) please try not to pick a position thats already been picked a decent amount.
  12. Gonna join the majority and say Brock, Won KOTR and then beat the Rock in the main event of Summerslam Then beat Undertaker in Hell in a Cell before then beating Edge as well. He only lost to Big Show because heyman betrayed him so yeh this was Brocks year
  13. Love to see these creative diaries Bob and ICON. I'm just hoping I'm not a racist alcoholic who beats woman this time around.
  14. This really just depends on when Julius cashes in but Julius (c) vs Slim
  15. Atlanta Hawks Preseason Press Conference 2019/20 1. The aim for us is to make the playoffs or at least be close to making it as we feel a solid season can only benefit our young core. 2. To start the season they won't be as we want to go with NBA proven talent in the starting line up from the get go. With that being said however if the draftees prove they can play at a starting level I see no reason why they wouldn't get it. 1. Right now I don't think a trade for a star like Beal would be wise for us but say later in the season if we're in a contending position then who knows, 2. We will begin the season with a 10 man rotation with the 9th and 10th man rotating till we find a good fit for us. 1. Trae could definitely has the potential to become a franchise player but nothing is for sure in this league and we don't want to put to much pressure on him by giving him such huge expectations to live up to. 2. It's quite hard to compare Hunters game to someone in the NBA right now but the way I think of his game is like Luol Dengs when he was on the Bulls. In terms of his role he'll start the season as our 6th man playing a solid 3 and D role. Saying we've got no chance of playoffs seems a little harsh to me and we will not be tanking and we'll be trying to get to the playoffs or as you say the impossible. 1. This question would be better suited to the the actual players of the team but from what I know John Collins was the team captain last season so my guess is he'd be the captain this season again 2. This question depends on a lot of different things but persuming everything goes to plan then I see no reason why in say 3-5 seasons we aren't proper contenders. Thats all we've got time for in todays press conference. The Hawks will play there first game of the season in Detroit vs the Pistons on the 25th of October.
  16. Name: James Ropati Super Name: Mercury Hero/Villain: Hero Super Power (Try to be original): Super Speed Backstory (The more info the better): James's backstory wasn't really anything that crazy his parents never died, and he nothing that sad happened to him for him to get his powers he was just a normal kid. Until one day when James took a "shortcut" home he walked into a secret military testing zone. James then got hit with a lighting strike that was made by the military which gave him super speed and also put him in a coma for 3 months. Following him getting his powers James only used them for small things like if he missed the bus. One day however he stopped a robbery at a local Mexican takeaways and since then he become known as Mercury named after the roman god of speed. Suit Style (What does your suit look like): Personality Type: Jokester, but can be serious when required
  17. Security please escort this man of the premises.
  18. while they tie in terms of movies for me. Deadpool beats Wolverine in Comics and so i'll go with Deadpool
  19. Batman do i need to explain why?
  20. The Atlanta Hawks have one of the best young cores in the NBA today. Going into the 2019 NBA Draft they had Trae Young, John Collins and Kevin Huerter just to name a few and now following the draft they've added top prospects Deandre Hunter and Cameron Reddish along side big man Bruno Fernando. The Hawks don't have there first round pick this NBA season so the goal has been set to make the playoffs following 2 seasons without a visit to the post season. Before the the regular NBA season begins however the Hawks will be hosting a press conference to answer any questions the media may have about this team from rotation plans to just overall thoughts on the players. (btw the media questions will be the questions you give reply to this post with).
  21. in with the current day Rockets

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