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Status Updates posted by Ropati4

  1. been here 2 years now not to bad i guess

  2. i might not be on to much for a bit as the wifi in the house i am in since my house i'm usually in is getting renovations is pretty shit so if i'm not on much thats why

  3. not going to be on much the next few days as i'm going down to wellington to watch peru vs new zealand in the first leg of world cup qualifiers and do some other stuff.

    1. Ross


      Never on anyway ;) Have fun bud

    2. Poiudust
  4. Hi I'm not dead just been on holiday for the past week in a half so that's why I haven't been active recently so yeah thanks for Snr mod and I've been here for 1 year now so that's pretty cool also I'm still on holiday for a week

    1. The Akki

      The Akki

      Oh, God. I was about to call the co[s, because i thought you died!

  5. we should have a bpz podcast featuring members of the forums

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. The Akki

      The Akki

      Me to... I'm in if there is ever going to be one!

    3. Yelich


      Didn't GRV try this with the BPZ Draft? it was pretty good too, we should bring that back.

    4. Ropati4


      if there is one i'll be on it 


  7. for anyone who cares about my club world cup i'm going to be streaming the final at 3pm est 12pm pst 7pm uk time it will be stream on youutube here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV9hS9Ktae6B6XH9vixJxcg so watch if you want 

  8. so my phone has been reset and i have no back up FML

    1. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      Thats shitty man. Happened to me awhile back

    2. The Neb

      The Neb

      More or less what happened to my PC, still crying over the graphics I lost :y2j4 

  9. ffs who banned me from chat? @Keeley @BrendenPlayz when one of you gets on can you please unban me from chat 

    1. Ross


      Bailey said his phone lagged out

    2. Ropati4
    3. JoshsNow
  10. that moment when you see discjam is one of the free ps plus games :mark 

  11. happy birthday ginge 

  12. so+finn+balor+is+my+favorite+superstar+then+there+was+one+person+left+to+come+out+at+30+i'm+wearing+my+finn+balor+shirt+ready to+get+hype+then+roman+reigns+music+hits+so+now+after+that+i'm+making+a+promise+i+will+never+ever+cheer+for+reigns+again+until+he+loses+to+finn 

  13. its+always+fun+when+you get+banned+from+chat+please+unban+me+admins 

    @Keeley @BrendenPlayz

    1. The Neb

      The Neb

      no worries, the mod that runs the mob will

    2. The Neb

      The Neb

      ok seems like I can't, sorry but you'll have to wait brenden and keeley

  14. i won't be on much this week as i'm going to aussie land to see some friends from when i lived there

  15. as chat isn't working for me and a few other people i made a chatzy come join 


  16. i'm going on a 3 day holiday this weekend so i'll be away when its time for votings but there will wifi so i can still vote

  17. so i just finished wrestlekingdom 11 and all i can say is wow everything was just perfect i wish the result in the main event was different but what  can you do i will know look at wwe in a complety different way and what i say too wwe is step up


  19. if you havn't bought the goldberg and nxt pack for 2k17 and you live in america or canada pm me saying if you want 1 or both and i'll pm you the code but its first come first serve so let the games begin

  20. nxt live new zealand got cancelled what the fuck

  21. thanks to everyone that supported me thourgh this trial

    1. The Neb

      The Neb

      You did a fantastic job Ropati, hope you keep doing it! Well deserved promotion.

    2. ...


      Congrats Ropati, You deserved Mod.

    3. Marvsta

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