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  1. We've had an amazing night here in Milan so far. An incredible match between Buddy Ace and Alex Costa to open the night as well as many others and we just saw Echo Wilson pick up a victory vs Epic to face the winner of our next match. A match card would now pop up confirming it was time for one of the most hyped up matches of the first round as former King of the Ring winner Natedog would go one on one with the "Kiwi Killer" James Ropati. 


    "Boris" by Feedbacker Part III would play as the crowd began to roar for the Dublin born Natedog. Nate would come out, a focused look present on his face as he would hand out some high fives to the fans in attendance before the focused look returned to Nate's face. Nate would roll into the ring before he climbed to the opposing top rope and yelled something into the crowd to loud cheers. Nate would then drop down from the top rope as he did some shadow boxing in the corner while he awaited his opponent. 


    "Monster" by Kanye West played as the arena began to fill up with boos as its clear that the Italian fans aren't the biggest fans of the "Kiwi Killer" James Ropati. Ropati would make his way out taking all the boos in before his face changed to a deadly serious look before we heard someone yelling and clapping as Ropati's fellow Death Rider and Ropati's manager Bailey came out right behind Ropati. As Ropati walked down to the ring you'd hear Bailey yelling "THIS MAN IS DA KING, DA KING". Ropati would make his way to the ring steps but before he walked into the ring he'd stop and turn around as he and Bailey would exchange words before they dapped each other up and Ropati entered the ring. Ropati would enter the ring and turn to the hard cam before he yelled "THIS IS MY TIME" as he would then back into his corner as both me awaited the ringing of the bell. 


    After going over the rules of the match with both men the referee would ring the bell and the match was underway. Ropati and Nate would staredown before Ropati sprinted at Nate and jumped at him with a flying knee but Nate dodged clearing having done his research. Ropati would then turn around to face Nate again as the two began to circle each other before eventually they locked up. Ropati would attempt a takedown but Nate would counter by putting Ropati in a headlock before Ropati attempted to push Nate off using the ropes but Nate countered using Ropati's own momentum against him to a hip toss. 

    Ropati would bounce right back up to his feet and went to strike Nate again before he hit another hip toss and then hit a massive European uppercut sending Ropati right into the corner. Nate then sprinted at Ropati and hit another uppercut before he bounced off the opposite corner turnbuckles and hit Ropati with another uppercut sending him stumbling out of the corner but Nate bounced off the ropes and hit Ropati with a big dropkick sending Ropati out of the ring as the crowd roared for Nate. 

    Bailey would walk over to Ropati to calm him down before a now calm Ropati reentered the ring ready to lock up with Nate again. The two would go for a lock but just before they did Ropati would sweep Nate's legs from under him and then jumping right on Nate with a big stomp before Nate could get back to his feet. Nate would hold hit gut in pain before Ropati would isolate Nate's fingers before he jumped and stomped right on Nate's fingers. Ropati would now be in the zone as he run and bounce off the ropes right as Nate got up only to flatten Nate with a springboard meteora. 


    Nate would roll into the corner as Ropati rolled into the opposite corner as he lined Nate up. He would then sprint at Nate as he hit him with a big boot before hitting a dragon suplex which he would use to roll through and hit Nate with an INJUSTICE. HE USED HIS MAFIA TEAMMATE SLIM'S MOVE ON NATE. 


    Ropati would cover right after this combo looking to end this match 1, 2, kick out, Nate got his shoulder up right after the 2 count. Ropati's frustration began to get the best of him as he slapped the ring before he calmed himself and turned back to Nate. Ropati would go to pick Nate up but Nate pulled him into a crossface which Ropati rolled out of quickly but Nate got back to his feet first and hit an enzeguiri on Ropati stunning him before he hit a side effect on Ropati. 

    Nate would use this time when Ropati was down to recover from Ropati's earlier assault. As Ropati began to get up Nate would pick him up before he threw him right into the ring post causing Ropati to slide down the turnbuckles as Nate would line him up. Nate sprinted at him hitting him with a massive double knees to the face before he picked him up and HIT A CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB! 


    Now it would be Nate's turn to cover Ropati 1, 2, KICKOUT, Ropati stayed alive. Nate would sit there now it was his turn to get annoyed at Ropati before an idea came into his head as he would climb up to the top rope. Nate would then turn around as he would go for his signature moonsault but Ropati rolled out the way before he picked Nate up and hit him with a jumping knee which sent him into the ropes before Ropati then hit a superkick and covered again. 


    1, 2, NATE KICKED OUT AGAIN. The annoyed look we saw on Ropati's face before would return as Nate would not stay down. Ropati would pick Nate up before he threw him out of the ring but Nate would land on his feet right when Ropati bounced off the ropes looking to fly but Nate would see him and moved out of the way but Ropati caught him self on the ropes and bounced off them as he flipped back into the ring landing in a seated position. 


    Nate would begin to chuckle to him self as he'd go to get back in the ring but Ropati sprinted at him and kneed him on the side of the head at Nate would drop down onto the apron but then Ropati bounced off the ropes and slided into him pushing him off the apron to the floor. Nate would again get back to his feet except this time he wouldn't see Ropati bounce off the ropes and flip over the top rope with a tope con hilo right onto Nate. 


    Ropati would now roll Nate into the ring as he'd go to the top rope and looked for the Phoenix Splash but Nate climbed up to the top rope as he began to attack Ropati with clubbing forearms. Nate would now look for a superplex but Ropati pushed him off and to the floor before he then kicked Nate right in the head knocking him down as Ropati again lined up the Phoenix Splash and HE HIT IT, NOW HE COVERS. 


    1, 2, NO NATE KICKED OUT AGAIN, HE WON'T STAY DOWN. Ropati would look up at the ceiling with disbelief wondering what more he had to do before Bailey would yell at Ropati to hit the Kiwi Kick and Ropati would nod as he began to pick Nate up with his boot. Ropati would pick Nate up before he went for the Kiwi Kick but NATE DUCKED, HE DUCKED now he hits a Side Effect. Nate then climbed to the top rope and HE HIT THE MOONSAULT, COVER. 


    1, 2, ROPATI KICKED OUT, HE WON'T STAY DOWN EITHER. Nate would then collapse after Ropati's kick out as both men have given their all in this match. As both men began to get up they got in a staredown before Nate threw a big forearm into the skull of Ropati but Ropati responded with a forearm of his own. The strike off would continue as Ropati began to win before he hit Nate with a big boot pushing him off the ropes, AND THEN HIT A BUZZSAW KICK and now Ropati bounced off the ropes and hit a SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT, COVER. 


    1, 2, 3- NATE KICKED OUT AGAIN, ROPATI CAN'T PUT HIM DOWN. Ropati would again get annoyed at Nate for refusing to just lose. He'd throw Nate out of the ring as he'd follow looking to hurt Nate even more than he already has. He'd pick Nate up looking to throw him into the stairs but Nate reversed but Ropati landed on the stairs as he dropped down and hit Nate with a bicycle knee but Nate looked to respond with a clothesline but Ropati caught him and NOW HE LOOKS FOR THE NO REMORSE BUT ROPATI SPINS OUT OF IT AND HITS A TWIST OF NATE ON THE OUTSIDE. 


    Nate then rolled Ropati back into the ring as he rolled in as well before the yell of Bailey would drag him back out. The two would then staredown and Bailey would say something that our mic's couldn't pick up and Nate would respond as it began to look like the two would fight right now but Bailey backed down not wanting him to be the reason Ropati lost. Nate would then roll back into the ring as Ropati was now on his feet and HE HIT A KIWI KICK, HE GOT IT, HE CAUGHT NATE. 


    Ropati then fell into the cover on Nate as the ref began to count the pin. 1, 2, 3, ROPATI HAS DONE IT HE HAS BEAT NATE AND WILL ADVANCE TO THE QUARTER FINALS TO FACE ECHO WILSON. Bailey then rolled into the ring as he began to celebrate with Ropati as the ref raised the Kiwi's hand as medical hit the ring to check on Nate who had just been knocked out by the Kiwi Kick which has still not been kicked out of. 


    Ropati and Bailey would again dap each other up as Ropati looked clearly out of breath as Bailey walked to the back as the crowd gave Ropati a standing ovation as despite their obvious dislike of the man they can respect the effort he just gave in the ring. As the standing ovation continue we cut away to a match card hyping up tonights main event between Bob Sparks and Bart. 

  2. NBA HEADER.png

    NBA announce shortened schedule for the 2007/08 NBA Season. 


    In a press conference today NBA Commissioner David Stern announced that the NBA would be shorting its season from the regular amount of games played in 82 to 58. He would further say that this change was made for a multitude of different reasons the biggest reasons among these was players wanting to see their families more and the NBA not wanting any major injuries to stand in the way of an incredible playoffs after last years "boring" playoffs. Reports also say when asked players unanimously agreed to these changes, especially after they heard that this would not affect the salary cap or their contracts. 

  3. It seems like I always start of these Ropati's Report posts returning from a break so last time after a 4 month break I said i'll make this more active but hey after a 6 month break lets make this active. We're gonna start a series now going through past drafts and re drafting them with what we know now and we're gonna start with the 2017 NBA Draft cause I haven't seen enough of the earlier draft classes. So without further ado let's go ahead with a redraft of the top 10 picks of the 2017 NBA Draft. 

    With the First Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the Philadelphia 76ers select Jayson Tatum 


    Original Selection: Markelle Fultz 

    This one is surely pretty obvious. Tatum is easily the best player from the 2017 draft class and would also be a great fit alongside Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. In his first season Tatum showed great promise on a good Celtics squad before he truly came alive in the playoffs. In his second season Tatum and all the Celtics players for that matter under performed but this season with more shots available for Tatum he has really stepped up averaging 23.6 pts and 7.1 rebounds on 45% from the field and 40% from 3. In the month of February Tatum averaged 30.7 pts and 7.9 rebounds on 49% from the field and a mighty 48% from 3. Tatum would be super useful on this current 76ers team and would've saved Philly from trading for Tobias Harris and giving him that god awful contract. 

    With the Second Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the LA Lakers select Donovan Mitchell 


    Original Selection: Lonzo Ball

    Going into this draft the Lakers had to take the best player available and while I like Lonzo Mitchell is definitely a better pick than him. Mitchell impressed the league from the get go as he put up a solid Rookie of the Year campaign averaging 20.5 pts on 44% from the field and 34% from 3 and lead Utah to the 5th seed and a win over the 4 seed Thunder. Yet again in his sophomore season Mitchell lead the Jazz to the 5th seed this time averaging 23.8 pts on 43% from the field and 36% from 3. In the 2018 playoffs Mitchell would struggle averaging 21.2 pts on 32% from the field and 26% from 3. Something we've seen this season is Mitchell can play PG and lead a team to wins while doing it which he would play for LA with no Lonzo there. I also believe with Mitchell the Lakers would do better when Lebron was out hurt last season and the Lakers would make the playoffs. Let's say Mitchell does go to the Pelicans as well in the AD trade imagine a line up of Mitchell, Jrue, Ingram, Zion, Favours. 

    With the Third Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the Boston Celtics select Bam Adebayo 


    Original Selection: Jayson Tatum 

    This is the first time in this redraft where the team drafting actually ends up worse off than they did in the actual draft. The Celtics got the best player in the draft in Tatum in real life but with Tatum now going first to Philly they must turn their attention elsewhere. I think Bam would progress the exact same why as he did in real life in Boston. He'd start off coming off the bench in his first two season due to Al Horford just being better than him then after Horford leaves in his third season Bam yet again rises to an All Star level player forming a nasty squad alongside Kemba and Jaylen Brown and others. Is Bam as good of a selection as Tatum? Ofcourse not but the averages of 16.2 pts 10.5 rebounds and 5.1 assists on 57% efficiency certainly won't hurt. 

    With the Forth Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the Phoenix Suns select De'Aaron Fox 


    Original Selection: Josh Jackson 

    The Suns used to be spoiled for choice at the Point Guard position going from an elite Point Guard in Steve Nash to having 3 solid choices in Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic and Isiah Thomas to not really having much at all. Originally the Suns took Josh Jackson and well we all know how that ended up so they have to take a Point Guard here. So the choice is between Lonzo and Fox and right now I believe Fox is better than Lonzo but who knows what can happen, its a good choice either way. Fox this season is averaging 20.4 pts and 6.8 rebounds on 48% from the field. While Fox did have a poor rookie season that can work just fine for the Suns as it means their still bad enough to get Deandre Ayton in the 2018 draft forming a nice young big 3 in Booker, Fox and Ayton. 

    With the Fifth Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the Sacramento Kings select Lonzo Ball


    Original Selection: De'Aaron Fox

    While I do believe Lonzo is worse than Fox I don't think he's that much worse so this is still a good pick. Lonzo has always shown that he has talent but has struggled with his health (not playing over 52 games in his first two seasons), his 3 point shooting and his free throw shooting. Since going to the Pelicans and being the main playmaker (unlike his 2nd season in LA with Lebron and Rondo around) Lonzo has solved two of those issues his health and his 3 point shooting (his free throw shooting still sucks). This season he's averaging 12.4 pts 7 assists and 6.2 rebounds and playing great defence as usual. While Lonzo is still shooting poor from the field at 41% his 3pt percentage is much improved going from 33% to 38% this season. Lonzo would get to be the main playmaker for all his years for the Kings which I think would make him even better. 

    With the Sixth Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the Orlando Magic select Jonathan Isaac 


    Original Selection: Jonathan Isaac 

    For the first time a team ends up the exact same selection as they had in real life and with good reason. While Isaac's game offensively is still lacking he's an elite defender and before he injury he was incredible this season averaging 2.4 blocks and 1.6 steals. While his game is lacking on the offensive end he's still ok as he averaged 12 pts this past season on 46% from the field alongside 7 rebounds and 33% from 3. If Isaac can keeps his play at the same level after the injury as it was before then this pick has to stay the same for Orlando and if he can up his offensive game then maybe he'll have to go even earlier. 

    With the Seventh Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the Chicago Bulls select Lauri Markkanen 


    Original Selection: Lauri Markkanen 

    Let's follow up one selection staying the same with another. Also while this is a redraft only the picks change the trades involving the draft stay the same so the Jimmy Butler to the Wolves trade no matter how much the Wolves wish they didn't do it still happens. In Lauri's first 2 seasons his only issues were defence and health as in his first season he averaged 15.2 pts and 7.5 rebounds and in his second season he averaged 18.7 pts and 9 rebounds on 43% from the field and 36% from 3 in both seasons. This season he's taken a step back only averaging 14.7 pts and 6.3 rebounds but I don't think this is Lauri's fault but rather the fault of his idiotic coach Jim Boylen. 

    With the Eighth Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the New York Knicks select John Collins 


    Original Selection: Frank Ntilikina 

    Originally in the draft the Knicks took a big L (as usual) drafting Frank Ntilikina with the 8th pick who is a good defender but has the offensive game of a toad. Now they instead select John Collins who went 19th Originally. I rate Collins highly and really you could make the argument for him to be selected higher but I'll have him here, and yes the Knicks did still have Porzingis at this time but we all know how that turned out. This season Collins has averaged 21.6 pts and 10 .1 rebounds on 58% from the field and a MONSTER 40% from 3. Collins has also worked on his defence massively as he averaged 1.6 blocks this season which is much higher than the 0.6 blocks he averaged last season. 

    With the Ninth Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the Dallas Mavericks select Kyle Kuzma 


    Original Selection: Dennis Smith Jr 

    I know Kuzma slander is very popular but I still think Kuzma's a solid player who can contribute as a role player on a good team as is just finding his spot for the Lakers. No matter what you think of Kuzma however, you still have to admit he's a better pick than Dennis Smith Jr and would also be better for the Knicks than Dennis Smith so wins all round. While like I said Kuzma has struggled this season just last year he averaged 18.7 pts on 46% from the field. Kuzma still has shown he's a good player this season as when he's started this season for the Lakers he's averaged 20.3 pts on 47% from the field which is even better than last year. 

    With the Tenth Pick in the 2017 NBA Draft the Portland Trail Blazers select Jarrett Allen 


    Original Selection: Zach Collins 

    While I know the Blazers have Nurkic there's nothing wrong with competition and if you look at the draft board not taking Allen here would just be foolish. Allen is an incredible shot blocker who will jump at everything and isn't scared of getting dunked on or throwing down dunks on other people. This season he's averaged 10.6 pts, 9.5 rebounds and 1.3 blocks and while those numbers are drop your jaw incredible its on only 26 mins per game which is what you'd expect him to play mainly if he went to Portland. While Allen isn't enough of a different maker to say that with Nurkic hurt in the 2019 playoffs Portland would've made the finals with him instead of Kanter but I do think he's superior defence would help Portland get.a game so thats another positive. 

    That's all for today make sure to join me next time when I'll redraft the 2016 NBA Draft. 

  4. I really dig everything about this diary so far from the idea to the look of it all. Like Hans said its easy to figure out who's in some stables but others such as Bad Omens and BDC I couldn't say I have any sort of idea. Really looking forward to more of this diary whenever you add to it. 

  5. Men's Superstar of the Year: Drew Mcintyre

    Women's Superstar of the Year: Bayley

    Men's Match of the Year: Royal Rumble 2020

    Women's Match of the Year: Io Shirai vs Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley - NXT Takeover In Your House

    Men's Rising Star: Otis

    Women's Rising Star: Sonya Deville

    Best Pay-Per-View: Royal Rumble

    Most Memorable Moment: Edge return at Rumble

    Best Feud: Orton vs Edge

    Best Heel/Face Turn: Orton

    Most Extreme Moment: Kevin Owens elbow drop off mania sign

    Best Promo: Orton night after he beat Edge

    Biggest Surprise: Just the way the firefly funhouse match went.

  6. League of Legends December.png

    Top Teams 

    2013-14 LA Clippers (10-4 in December)


    Going into the month the Kings were the top team in the west but not anymore LA has come to play or at least the Clippers have. First up we've got the 2013-14 Clippers who currently sit 2nd in the conference. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have been leading the charge for Lob City, as CP3's been averaging 23pts, 12 assists, 6 rebounds and 2 steals on 53% shooting from the field. Meanwhile Blake's been averaging 28pts, 14 rebounds and.6 assists on 50% from the field. Deandre has also done exactly what is needed from him averaging 13pts, 15 rebounds and 3 blocks on 60% efficiency. 

    2019-20 LA Clippers (9-3 in December)


    Now let's talk about the other Clipper team in the league in the current day LA Clippers featuring Kawhi Leonard and Paul George who currently sit on top of the Western Conference. While the Clippers have been good offensively there defence is what has truly given them the edge and this begins with Kawhi and PG13. Kawhi is averaging 22pts 8 rebounds and 5 assists on a poor 45% from the field and a bad 31% from 3 but on the defensive end he's averaging 3 steals and a block. Meanwhile PG hasn't struggled on either end averaging 23pts 7 rebounds and 4 assists on 53% from the field and 48% from 3 alongside 3 steals and a block a game. Not only does the elite defensive help but so does the elite bench as Montrezl Harrell has averaged 20pts and 9 rebounds on 60% from the field as well as 2 blocks. 

    2010-11 Dallas Mavericks (11-5 in December)


    The Mavericks just like in real life were underdogs in this league but they're proving they belong as after a strong December they sit 3rd in the Western Conference. Dirk has been leading the way for the Mavs averaging 29pts and 8 rebounds on 51% from the field and a monster 46% from 3 alongside Dirk 2011 Finals hero Jason Terry has showed up this month averaging 18pts and 5 assists on 50% from the field and a great 43% from 3. Tyson Chandler has also showed up being the Mavericks's anchor on the defensive end averaging 13pts, 10 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks on 63% from the field. 














    Players of the Month 


    Giannis Antetokounmpo: 33.6 PPG, 16.6 RPG, 6 APG, 2 SPG, 1.9 BPG, 54 FG%, 30 3P%, 60 FT%


    Kobe Bryant: 39.1 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 7.5 APG, 1.5 SPG, 1.1 BPG, 56 FG% 41 3P% 82 FT%


    Players of the Month 


    Giannis Antetokounmpo: 33.6 PPG, 16.6 RPG, 6 APG, 2 SPG, 1.9 BPG, 54 FG%, 30 3P%, 60 FT%


    Kobe Bryant: 39.1 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 7.5 APG, 1.5 SPG, 1.1 BPG, 56 FG% 41 3P% 82 FT%

  7. Smith vs Bart vs Sameer - just would be cool

    Flynn vs Neece vs Slim - just would be cool as well 

    Bailey vs Meko - don't ask me why but I just get a feeling this match would be 10/10 

    Flynn & Necce vs Arius & Kenji - 4 incredible kayfabers going to battle 

    Ropati vs Yelich vs Ark vs Alyx - gotta do the nexus fatal 4 way one day

    On 6/30/2020 at 7:12 PM, BobdaBomb said:

    Inner Circle vs Death Riders vs CTC vs Creed - Let's make it happen 3 from each cause why the hell not. Would be a toxic as fuck voting but would be something different for sure.

    But how can the mafia advantage work then?



    ROUND 1:

    Ron Miller vs Strong Machine

    Andre The Giant vs Canek

    Tatsumi Fujinami vs Mike Sharpe

    King Kong Bundy vs Adrian Adonis

    The Masked Superstar vs Ken Patera

    Kengo Kimura vs Riki Choshu

    Dick Murdoch vs Big John Studd

    Seiji Sakaguchi vs Masa Saito



    Miller/Strong Machine vs Andre/Canek

    Fujinami/Sharpe vs Bundy/Adonis

    Masked Superstar/Patera vs Kimura/Choshu

    Murdoch/Studd vs Sakaguchi/Saito



    Andre The Giant vs Bundy

    Masked Superstar vs Big John Studd 


    FINALS: Andre The Giant 

  9. Similar to Bart I really enjoy these topics and you did a great job on this Hans especially as a person who post mania didn't watch any of WWE in 2019. I think you chose the perfect year for a wrestler to begin with as you start off with massive highs with him being the 2nd most over person in the company and winning the rumble which in turn made him the beast slayer, to having a MOTY candidate with AJ Styles. Then in came the lows with Rollins feuding with Corbin and WWE introducing the Rollins Lynch relationship on screen which was an absolute disaster for everyone involved. Then the highs return as yet again Brock got Seth over and he had a pretty basic solid feud with Braun. Then the lows returned as the Fiend entered the title picture FOR NO REASON, honestly stupid decision from WWE here as if you give the Fiend the belt its so difficult to have him drop it which WWE found out pretty quickly. Then I'd say Rollins ended on a high with the heel turn which from the little I've seen looks fire. 

    Overall I'd have to say 2019 was an above average year for Rollins as while he did have his lows I think the highs outweighed them as his feuds with Brock were great and like I've said I've really enjoyed his run as a heel even the little part at the end of 2019.  

  10. like bart said this show is all about the potential surprise former WWE superstars appearances. I haven't seen too many of the teases but I did see EC3 teased big time with his theme even playing during a show so I think he's a lock to return to TNA. Gallows and Anderson seem set to go to TNA which is a great add, Now in terms of other wrestlers I don't think we'll see someone like Rusev but I could see a Erick Rowan show up, plus it'll be fun to see Ken Shamrock do stuff so I just might watch this show.

  11. Honestly I always thought Corbin was a pretty chill guy IRL. But this man is being such a dick and a dumbass. Like what be smart Baron, It's clear Riddle's more over than you and is destined to be a bigger star than you, hell he just beat Aj Styles last week. So that comment is absolutely hilarious from Baron. Baron really just is a gatekeeper to the upper midcard scene now but seems to have the ego of a main eventer.   

  12. If they want to have a show vs orton feud, thats fine Orton squashing Show would be fun but having Show beat Almas and Garza? In a handicap match????? WWE what were you thinking. Not surprised by a mixed tag match with the heels winning gotta make them look strong before they lose to the faces at Extreme Rules. Didn't really care about anything else on Raw so I can't give my thoughts on that. 

  13. so this kinda died.... 

    No but for real I thought I'd bring this back but don't expect many NBA and wrestling related things as I really only use photoshop for photography stuff at school now so I decided I'll share my favourite things here. 

    phone suck edit.jpg edit.png

    The photo on the left is probably my favourite edit I've made and while it makes a lot more sense with the rest of them pretty much he's getting sucked into the phone. The photo on the right is much more of a basic edit but I still quite like and then it gives off a nice simple vibe.  


  14. image.png

    Hello folks Adrian Wojpati here and today I'm here to review Valor bracket for the King of the Ring tournament and say how I'd book it. 

    Valor Quarter Finals


    Hans Clayton vs Addy 

    So first up we have Hans vs Addy. Addy has just won the NXT championship and is making a good name for himself in the Mafia as well and has a big future ahead of him. Now Hans Clayton has just lost his Undisputed Championship to Slim and needs to bounce back and this tournament can certainly be used to do that. So Hans has to win this match as even if he doesn't win the whole tournament he can't go out in the first round so he must win here. 


    Mikey vs Sheridan 

    Next up we have a rematch of US title match at Mayhem in Mikey vs Sheridan. Both these two have a ton of momentum in being Premium and US Champion as well as being in Mafia and Cut Throat Crew. Mikey also just had an impressive showing in the Power Trip Cup and BPZ needs to continue to capitalise on his momentum. For this reason, I'd give Mikey the win in this match although I wouldn't be against Sheridan winning and setting up a Cut Throat Crew match up in Hans vs Sheridan. 


    Bart vs Bob Sparks 

    Well, its time for yet another incredible match in Bart vs Bob. Our first meeting between Cut Throat Crew and Creed. Bob is a bit stuck right now he fell short in the Valor finals of the Power Trip Cup and now he's facing one of the favourites to win the whole tournament in Bart. Bart hasn't wrestled. a singles match since Survival Games since then he's just been a tag team guy, don't get me wrong I love Creed but Bart needs to show everyone what he can do as a Singles wrestler so he needs to get the win in this match. 


    Gunner vs Austin Mirage

    Next is the match of Gunner vs Austin Mirage. Austin was a surprising but welcome entry into this tournament, he's gone without a win since well his one win vs Owen Dalton. Meanwhile, he faces Gunner who's always just been a guy who's good but not good enough to take on the big guys. Now I'm a big fan of Austin but Gunner needs this win a lot more than he does so he's gotta get the win in this match. 

    Valor Semi-Finals


    Hans Clayton vs Mikey

    In our first Brand Semi-Final match and Quarterfinal for the overall bracket, we've got Hans Clayton vs Mikey. These men both picked up impressive victories over the others stablemate in Addy and Sheridan. Now while Mikey is the Premium champion and is valued highly by BPZ he can't get the victory here the redemption story of Hans Clayton to try and get another top championship must continue and he must make it to the Valor final to face Gunner or Bart. 


    Gunner vs Bart 

    In the other Brand Semi-Final match and Quarterfinal for the overall bracket, we've got a match that hasn't happened in a while in Gunner vs Bart. Gunner just picked up a victory over Austin Mirage and Bart picked up a big win vs Bob. Gunner winning here would not be smart in my opinion as while I do like Gunner Bart just needs the victory here. Every member of Creed but Bart has had some sort of big singles match recently Smith in the World title match at Mayhem and Sameer just won PTC and is IC Champion. 

    Valor Final


    Hans Clayton vs Bart 

    Honestly, this match could go both ways. Both these men are not only fine winners for the Valor bracket but I'd have one of these two win the whole thing. On one side you have Hans Clayton who can win here win the tournament and get his rematch vs Slim who just took his Undisputed Championship and lead him on this whole redemption storyline. But I fully believe Bart needs to win this match, BPZ has made It clear with Sameer winning PTC and Slim winning Undisputed they love this Mafia/Creed feud so it must be ended at Summerslam with Bart vs Slim. Slim at this point would've faced every starting member of Creed 1 on 1 but Bart, he also has the most history with Bart as he took Bart under his wing back in early 2018 so it makes sense for these two to finally face in a big event's main event and to be the match that ends this Mafia vs Creed feud for at least a little while. 

    That's all I've got for today make sure to join me next time when I'll review the first round of the King of the Ring tournament. 



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    If I'm be honest New Orleans or Philly are probs my 2 favourite Takeovers but since they've both been said let me throw in a different one. NXT Takeover War Games in 2017. To open the show you had Lars vs Ohno which was a solid affair then you had an absolute barn burner in Black vs Dream which was exceptional. Then we had a fatal 4 way between Ember Moon, Kairi Sane and the Iconics with the winner getting the vacant women's championship, yet again this match was good. Then you had Almas shockingly beat Drew for the NXT championship. Then in the main event we had the first NXT Wargames match and it didn't disappoint all 3 teams were great and it was a great match.Overall it was a great show and is certainly up there as one of the best takeovers of all time.

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