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    Danielle: "The winner of the match and the winner of the 2020 King of the Ring tournament, Ropati" 

    We'd see the closing scene of BPZ's most recent PPV KOTR, as Ropati and the rest of Mafia celebrated in the ring as we closed on a shot of Ropati on both Bailey and Slim's shoulders. We'd now see the scene continue past, where we went off the air, and Mafia continued to celebrate before they went backstage. 

    The camera would follow Ropati who was ambushed by a spray of multiple champagne bottles from all members of Mafia. While Ropati at first looked annoyed upon seeing it was his stablemates who sprayed the champagne he laughed it off as he walked off to the locker room to dry himself off and change out of his wrestling gear.  

    We'd see Ropati in the locker room as all the emotions of what had just happened seemed to hit him all at once. Ropati would begin to tear up as he just looked up at the ceiling while whispering.

    "I did it, I did it, I fucking did it" 

    The scene now changed again as we cut to the inside of a pub, where we saw every member of the Mafia minus Addy sitting at the pub. All 7 men would down a drink after Slim proposed a toast to "King Ropati". After all the men downed the drinks and ordered another round Slim opened up the conversation. 

    Slim: "So where are you Death Riders going from here?"

    Bailey: "Well I've got Kenji at Summerslam and Buddy and Jason have those North American qualifiers to look forward to. So we're heading back to America tomorrow."

     Ropati: "Count me out, I'm gonna stay in the UK for a bit so Slim, where's the Inner Circle heading to from here?"

    Slim: "Chapter 2 is in Egypt so I guess that's the next location for us and the rest of Valor. According to Bart, we're heading there tomorrow." 

    Ropati: Eygpt.. interesting. Well, I've got a King of the Ring after-party to head to but I'll leave you, boys, to it since you've all got flights tomorrow.  

    Ropati would grab his jacket from off the barstool before he paid for his round of drinks. Ropati then said bye to his fellow members of Mafia as it seemed he was out to party. 



    We'd open back up to a shot inside a hotel room, the Shard to be exact. We'd see a man with his head down packing up his suitcase mumbling something to himself not realising that the cameraman he had let into the room had begun filming. The cameraman would inform the man that we were filming which cause him to jolt up revealing his identity to be none other than the winner of the 2020 King of the Ring tournament, James Ropati. 

    "Man, it feels good to be the king. No seriously, do you know how many places will let you drink and party for free when you're the king? Let me tell you from experience, a lot. Enough partying, it's time for finally get serious I have the biggest match of my career at the end of the month and I need to be prepared for it."

    "I'll be honest I know barely anything about what's going on in the company right now, I seem to remember a text from Bailey telling me that Buddy and Jason lost their North American qualifying matches which is a shame. I did also ask my PA to keep tabs on everything Arius does and I've been informed he's been involved in a segment recently where I can only assume he'll talk about how hard he's been training"

    Ropati would now pull up Arius's recent segment on the TV in his room as he began to watch it. While Ropati started watching the segment with a determined look on his face it slowly changed to a look of disgust. Once Arius's segment ended Ropati's face was screwed up as he began to fire off multiple texts to different people before he turned to face the camera again.

    "Are you kidding me? The biggest match of my career and the Summerslam main event and this man doesn't even mention me in his segment? Also what the fuck is a tournament match? Whatever it is I hope Arius loses. Now, Arius, you seem to not be taking this match serious I guess to try and show me how much you don't care about these big matches since you're a big star"

    "But guess what buckaroo, two can play that game. Originally I had a plane booked to go to America where I would begin my training camp for our match but I've just cancelled all of that and booked a new flight because it seems clear training just doesn't matter. How the hell did this man beat Slim? Well somehow, he did. So I've still gotta take him somewhat seriously, I've gotta find out his weakness so I can expose him."

    "I'll be honest I've barely watched any tape on Arius, I really thought Slim was going to beat him but I already know my next destination will suit me perfectly. Speaking of Slim let me send him a message he can help me out big time with my plan. Regardless, Arius, you can be focused on this Tournament match bollocks but I'll be focused on the match that matters. The match for the World Championship at Summerslam where I'll walk out victorious. Arius, I'll see you soon, sooner than you think.

    Upon these final words, Ropati would pick up his suitcases before he wheeled them through the day as he followed seemingly off to catch a flight to somewhere in the world.


  2. image.png

    Adrian Wojpati reviews BPZ King of the Ring 2020

    Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to The Inside Scoop! It's me Adrian Wojpati and I'm back after my short holiday in Fiji. I'll be honest with you folks I didn't keep track of anything from BPZ during my Holiday so I guess we'll find out about the results together. 


    Intercontinental Championship Sameer (c) vs Alex Costa vs Prince. Winner: Sameer

    To open the show we had the IC title match where Sameer defeated both Alex Costa and Prince. This is a smart choice in my opinion as with Sameer having a massive Undisputed title match vs Slim in just a few at Exodus he can't afford to lose momentum by losing his IC belt. Now before I talk about Sameer any further I think Prince or Alex should become North American Champion. It seems perfect for one of these two men to become champ as there both very talented and could use a belt. As for Sameer well who knows what BPZ does with him vs Slim the only issue is if he does beat Slim then him losing IC could make Valor look a little weak. 


    United States Championship Sheridan (c) vs Yelich vs Austin Mirage. Winner: Sheridan 

    Next up we had the US Title match as Sheridan looked to continue her reign vs Yelich and Austin Mirage. Sheridan would continue her reign and the sky is the limit for not only her but all of Cut Throat Crew. As for Yelich a win the tournament match would do him.alot of good but I think a tag title reign in M.A.N Global will be the next step for Yelich. Now Creed won't face another Valor team till Chapter 3 which will be between Bad Blood and Halloween Havoc if they still have the belts of course. Now for Austin, I think he just needs some small victories before he gets a title shot for Valor's new belt and maybe wins. 


    Premium Championship Mikey (c) vs Akki Mahal vs Bob Sparks. Winner: Bob Sparks

    Next, we had another member of Cut Throat Crew trying to claim some gold as Bob Sparks faced Mikey and Akki Mahal for the Premium Championship. Bob would win here as like I said the Sky is the Limit for Cut Throat Crew AND HE IS PRAYING THAT BOB WILL BREAK THE CURSE OF THE PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP. Which brings me to my next point BPZ PLEASE STOP THE HOT POTATO ON THE PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP, LET SOMEONE HAVE AN ACTUAL REIGN, PLEASE. Hopefully, Mikey can get something in the way of momentum, but I'm not sure what he can do. Akki needs to be pushed by BPZ, he's soo entertaining so give him something BPZ, from US to the new Valor belt just something. 


    NXT Championship Addy (c) vs Austin Omega. Winner: Austin Omega

    Next we had the NXT title match, where, as you'd expect Addy beat Austin Omega because why would he only have a one month reign BPZ hates those. Yeh you caught me Austin won BECAUSE WHY HAVE GOOD REIGNS WHEN WE CAN JUST HOT POTATO THE BELT RIGHT GUYS. So Austin should have a great reign but let's be real Amai, Addy or someone will beat him BECAUSE WHY NOT AM I RIGHT BPZ. I hate this company. 


    Universal Championship Flynn (c) vs FDS. Winner: FDS

    Wow, BPZ actually followed through on an FDS push, that's a first. Reports say BPZ made the decision to give FD the belt because Flynn is a draw with or without the belt so having 2 big draws on Carnage is much better than one. I agree with this call it's about time FD got a big-time push in BPZ and hopefully, this means all of FD-Gun gets pushed as well. Uni, SG winner and North American sounds good. For Flynn he'll be fine man has this whole BMF thing going so he'll be fine and he'll beat FD at Summerslam to get his win back. 


    World Championship Slim (c) vs Brad vs Arius. Winner: Arius

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA, Fuck you Slim. Slim's about to lose to Sameer as well, and then he'll retire. EVERYONE IS INVITED TO THE SLIM IS OVER PARTY AFTER CHAPTER 2. Congrats to Arius as well nice to see him get his win over Slim after he was robbed of his first title reign. Why was Brad in this match? It would've made way more sense for him to do his world title match at Bad Blood so we could get more cringe Brad Blood promos. 


    King of the Ring Final Hans Clayton vs James Ropati. Winner: James Ropati.

    Well, I said in my KOTR Semi-Final review that if Arius beats Slim then Ropati should beat Hans so it's nice to see BPZ listen to me for once. Now the question is do we really have Ropati beat Arius? Nothing against Ropati but a one month reign for Arius would really be a shame so he's gotta win, to be honest. As for Hans, I would suggest an IC title reign for him now but its come out that he's taking an extended leave from the company which may be the reason behind Ropati's victory. Now let's say Ropati does lose to Arius then lets give him an IC title reign the man deserves something after this fire KOTR run, also KEEP THE KIWI KICK STRONG BPZ. 

    That's it for KOTR review overall it was a great show because Slim lost, make sure to join me next time where we review the most recent Valor with Eric Shun vs Austin Mirage, Wojpati out. 

  3. What does Sheridan want?: To fuck Sameer

    Who will make their first appearance next episode? (Feel free to put as many as you like): Ropati

    We will see a monarch reach out to another for a potential alliance. Who will reach out to whom?: Toxik to Arius

  4. image.png


    The Golden Role Models have amassed all the titles, but the controversy hasn’t escaped them. Bayley & Sasha Banks continue to stake The Boss’ claim to the Raw Women’s Championship, but the contentious conclusion to her match against Asuka at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules has created confusion around the title.

    The Women’s Tag Team Champions plan to address the blue brand and clear the air on the championship landscape. Bayley & Banks promise to even redefine greatness in the process, as the pair will hold all the gold when they walk into SmackDown.

    What will the duo have to say about Sasha’s looming rematch against The Empress of Tomorrow?

    Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown on FOX at 8/7 C to see what the champions have to say!


  5. BPZANDIAA.png


    In a recent news article released by the creators of BPZ's newest TV show, BPZANDIA announced more cast members for the show. 


    First up Ben Affleck was announced to be playing the role of Arius. We barely know anything about Arius's role apart from the brief info we got given in this article which was that Arius is one of if not the richest man in BPZANDIA and is a man that political leaders strive to keep happy due to the power he has in the city. While when many hear this role they'll think of Afflecks time as Batman but we're pretty confident that he'll just be a billionaire not a vigilante. 


    Up next we had the first cast announcement for the Cut Throat Crew as it was announced that Colin Farrell will be taking on the role of Hans. With what seems to be the case for practically all the characters we had cast announced for in this article we don't know much about Hans's character outside of the fact that he's in the Cut Throat Crew. We do know Farrell is one hell of an actor so that's good. 


    Next, we had another casting announcement for a member of the Cut Throat Crew as Michelle Rodriguez was announced to be playing the role of Sheridan. Sheridan is seen as the chick that doesn't take anyone shit and will kick your ass so Michelle fits her perfectly. We still know nothing about the CTC aside from the fact that there the 2nd biggest gang in the lower third. 


    Next up, the third and final cast member for the Cut Throat Crew was announced as Dwayne Johnson or the Rock was announced to be playing Bob. Dwyane was recently apart of another BPZ show in Pizza Place where he played Bailey. He seemed to plan to return to WWE but after that return fell through it seems he's returned to BPZ to play Bob in BPZANDIA. 


    Next up is quite a shocking announcement to many retired UFC fighter Conor Mcgregor was confirmed to be playing the role of Nate. Nate's a cage fighter in the middle third of BPZANDIA, the only thing bigger than the man's ego is his alcohol addiction. Nate dreams of one day making enough money to he can retire to the upper third but for now, the middle third will do. 


    We next had another member of the Inner Circle party announced as Chris Evans will be taking on the role of Amai. While Evans is best known for being Captain America a role very very different from Amai it's his performance in Knives Out that got him this role as it seems he'll be playing pretty much the exact same character just also a politician now. 


    To close out this article of cast announcements we had another member of the middle third announced as Daniel Craig will take on the role of Alex Costa. Alex was born into the top third as a member of the 10% but he left to go to the middle third to learn about life where he joined the Ichiban Dojo and trained under FDS and learned to arts. Alex is now a proud investor in the Ichiban Dojo as he also helps train people from time to time as well. 

    That's it for this article of cast announcements for BPZANDIA we're not sure how many more of these we'll get but the first episode is rumoured to premiere very soon.

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