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    Welcome to BPZ Talking Smack, While I'm sure when most people hear my name they think of My numerous reports in sports such as NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB. However I have now arrived to the wrestling scene and more importantly BPZ. Here on Talking Smack I will review Booking decision's made by BPZ from winners of matches and how they won to matches that are made for PPV's to just how I would book the upcoming show as well as Interviews with the top stars in BPZ. 

    Next time on Talking Smack I'll be reviewing BPZ Backlash and go through the 6 matches and give my thoughts on the winners and if it was the right move or if BPZ should've done something differently and what that is. 

  2. while i think i watched this show i only remember berg vs ziggler and the fiend (there's a good chance i only watched those matches) however both those matches are easily 5 stars so its a shame to see you hating. Now I've seen Brock vs Seth went over 10 mins so its obvs an incredible match cause Brock's the GOAT oh and good review and all that like how you gave out your feelings on the matches. also i suggest Survivor Series 2016, Summerslam 2016, Survivor Series 2014, Royal Rumble 2018 and Royal Rumble 2019

  3. Name: John Smith

    Nickname: John Smith

    Figurehead: Miz

    Theme Song: Whatever his boss says it is

    Short Backstory: He's a personal assistant and he can't function without commands from a master. like he can breathe but thats about it his master needs to tell him what to do at all times

    Finisher: Whatever his boss says to do

    Favorite Weapon: Well he always has a pen on him. 

  4. PRE SHOW - John Morrison vs Cesaro - Winner Faces Rusev For The United States Championship it'll be a tie

    PRE SHOW - Austin Aries and Kalisto vs Breezango

    Braun Strowman vs Mark Henry - Last Man Standing

    Baron Corbin vs John Cena

    Alexa Bliss vs Trish Stratus

    Mickie James (C) vs Becky Lynch - WWE Smackdown Womens Championship

    Charlotte Flair (C) vs Sasha Banks - WWE Raw Womens Championship

    American Alpha vs The Usos vs The Vaudvillains - WWE Smackdown Championship 

    The New Day (C) vs Jeri-KO - WWE RAW Tag Team Championship

    Rusev (C) vs The Winner Of Morrison/Cesaro - WWE United States Championship

    The Miz (C) vs Shelton Benjiman - WWE Intercontinental Championship

    Dean Ambrose (C) vs Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship Match

    Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns - WWE Universal Championship Match


    Will Any Returns Happen? Yes // No

    Will AJ Styles Get Involved In The Baron Corbin/John Cena Match? yes

    How Many Title Changes Are We Going To See? 1

  5. NBA HEADER.png



    The Lakers have gotten revenge for the 2004 finals where the underdog Pistons defeated them in 5 games. All eyes were Kobe in this series as he had a chance to prove he could win without Shaq and in game.1 it wasn't Kobe who won the game of the Lakers as Pau Gasol had 30pts and 17 rebounds but Kobe did have a great game with 17pts, 13 assists and 8 rebounds in a 108-88 win. In Game 2 Pau was the headliner yet again with 29 pts and 19 rebounds but Kobe was also great with 26pts and 11 assists in a 124-89 blowout win. After losing the first 2 games which were in Detroit it looked over from them but they bounced back in LA for game 3. As while with a minute to go they were down 6 and it looked over 2 middies from Billups and a 3 from Prince puts them up one, from there they just had to hit the free throws as they won 100-96 in LA with 26pts from Billups. 

    Come game 4 and the Lakers truly established dominance taking a 3-1 lead in the series with a 98-89 win. Kobe with have 31pts while Pau had 19pts and 18 rebounds. Come game 5 and Detroit finally got a win at home and showed that they hadn't lost just yet as they won 111-105 despite Kobe having 30pts 10 rebonds and 9 assists meanwhile Billups had 31pts and 7 assists and Richard Hamilton had 23pts and 13 assists. This set the stage for the Lakers to win the title in LA in 6 and they did just that winning 106-100, Kobe had 35pts and 8 assists, Fisher had 21pts 8 rebounds and 12 assists, Trevor Ariza had 19pts and 9 rebounds, Gasol had 19pts and 11 rebounds and Odom had 6pts 12 rebounds and 8 assists. 

    The Finals MVP award went to Pau Gasol in quite the shocking turn of events as he put up averages of 21pts 16 rebounds 1.5 steals and 3 blocks. So now while Kobe did just get his 4th ring tying Shaq he still has 0 Finals MVP's and limits him from really jumping higher on the All Time Rankings. 



    Lakers beat Spurs in 4


    Pistons beat Cavaliers in 7


    @Julius 17/28
    @sameer 306 13/28
    @Bart 14/28
    @Slim 10/28
    SO JULIUS HAS WON so he gets the 10000 BPZ cash

    playoffs 3.jpeg


    Kobe Bryant has a chance to finally prove he can get it done without Shaq. He's gone through a tough west dominating the Spurs and Jazz after a struggle in the first round vs the Yao Ming-less Rockets. He hasn't done it alone of course, he's had quite the solid supporting cast consisting of Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza. Over in the east the Pistons have returned to the finals for the first time since 2005 and will try and win it for the first time since 2004 against the Lakers again. Chauncey leads the line again for the Pistons along side Rasheed Wallace, Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince. The biggest storyline for this is can Kobe redeem himself for his horrible play back in the 2004 Finals. Who Will Win?, How Many Games? tell us down below. 

  7. Match 1: Strikeforce (Nathan Clarke, Overheel & Brett Storm) VS Ropati & The Future Starrs (Liam Starr & Gary Kirby) 

    Match 2, Number One Contenders match to the Continental Championship: Alex Costa VS Sailor Meko VS No Way Arrow

    Match 3: Kin Takeshi & Benjamin Wolfe VS Angelo Catio & CJ Sellers

    Match 4: Tamer & David Haskins VS Crescent Fall

    Main Event: Yelich Anderson VS Daniel Vice



    Lakers beat Jazz in 4


    Spurs beat Mavericks in 7


    Pistons beat Magic in 4


    Cavaliers beat Celtics in 5

    @Julius 14/24
    @sameer 306 12/24
    @Bart 12/24
    @Slim 9/24

    playoffs 2.jpeg

    Lakers vs Spurs


    Key Player; Kobe Bryant

    Key Injuries: None


    Key Player; Tim Duncan 

    Key Injuries: None

    Who Wins? How Many Games?

    Pistons vs Cavaliers 


    Key Player; Chauncey Billups 

    Key Injuries: None


    Key Player; Lebron James

    Key Injuries: Zydrunas Ilgauskas 

    Who Wins? How Many Games?

  9. Bart Hoogveld vs Strong Style Pro
    King Slim vs James Ropati
    Julius Jones vs Nanovirus 
    Sheridan Mueller vs “Yaju” Joyce
    JoshsNow vs Bailey Justin

    [Night Two]

    Rebirth Match: Echo Wilson vs FDS vs Rei Smith vs The Silk vs Ty Heller
    Rebirth Match: Austin Tyler vs Epic McDonald vs Marker vs Storm vs Ross Haslam

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